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Hi Ruth, A  ''virtual bouquet" to Happy House Sitters. Your site was easy to follow, we found an excellent candidate
Fiona, Sydney     see original

Following my recent phone call, I would like to take the opportunity of commenting how simple and satisfying the process has been in our first time at using your services. I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for providing this Happy House Sitters service and hopefully you have many others on your data base who are such quality people.
Ian and Julie, QLD see original

We have been very happy with all the Housesitters we have had from Happy Housesitters and would always use them again and always recommend them to our friends. Its always great to be able to go away feeling comfortable that your loved animals are well cared for in their own environment. Thank you,  Kerry and Raelene
Kerry and Raelene, Tas   see original

Dear Ruth and Malcolm,
Yes, I have spoken to some friends about your website and the wonderful service you are providing. My husband and I have found all your house sitters highly satisfactory, giving us peace of mind every time we went away, knowing that our pets - two dogs and a cuckatoo - would be cared for in a special way. Our house and garden were also well maintained during our absence.

Many thanks and more power to you!
Emilie, Vic see original

I have been extremely happy with all the hues sitters I have chosen and am very impressed by the quality of those who are on your web site. Thank you. Lorraine
Lorainne, Tas  see original

We have used the same housesitter from your site on a number of occasions & have them booked for future holidays they are also looking after my sisters place for 10 weeks soon.
My friends son also found a sitter recently through your site & I have passed on your site & sitters names to  a couple my friends.
It is a wonderful service...keep up the good work
Cheers Sue
Sue, Perth, WA   see original

We HIGHLY recommend happy house sitters to anyone. The concept has been well thought out offering a win win situation service in a professional; responsible manner. Our personal experience was one of feeling that it was a legitimate; professional & friendly service provider.  Requiring any personal assistance only a phone call away. The staff have help us out with any query doing so in such a friendly manner. The whole concept has been far beyond our expectations. We will be using happy House Sitters for all our needs knowing that we can have peace of mind that all is well on the home front.
Jeffrey & Marushia, Sydney   See original


Will highly recommend the Happy House Sitters site as they consistently offer sitters who are so nice and really care about your pets and home. I have had three sitters over three years and have
been very happy leaving them in my nice home here for up to 4 weeks. 
The best bit, just pulled my ad out for this year as I found a sitter I actually know and trust whom I did not know was doing sitting! 
Weel done, HHS. Keep up the excellent site.
Theresa, Sydney  see original

We could not have been happier with the job ****** did. Not only did he keep us at ease with a couple of updates throughout the trip, a couple of pictures made us realise our pooch was quite comfortable with ****.
Freya, Jason & Shyla (the pooch), Brisbane   see original

We signed up for Happy House-sitters not having used a web-based service before, however we found the site very user-friendly and efficient.  Our ad was responded to within an hour or so and the first person who replied, Robin, was so good we didn't bother interviewing anyone else.  Robin has been the best house-sitter we have ever had. She has sat for us several times now, lovingly caring for our two dogs, leaving our home and garden in tip top shape.  Thanks again for a great website and for introducing us to a capable and caring house-sitter whom we could not recommend highly enough.
Jodie and Daniel, Perth   see original

I want to tell everyone about my experience with this service. I am nothing short of grateful.
Melanie, Sydney   see original

We were unsure when first signing up for happyhousesitters, however we found the site very user-friendly and received responses to our add straight away. The housesitters Thor and Brigid were the best housesitters we ever had. The house and property was cleaner than we left it and all of our animals were very well cared for. Thanks again for a great website and for introducing us to a lovely couple that we could not recommend highly enough.
Moana and Wade, Sydney    see original

Hi from the happiest home owners in Melbourne, after some initial apprehension in inviting strangers to our home, we have just had the best house sitters possible thanks to you!  After an 8 week holiday we arrived home to an immaculate house, garden and swimming pool, but most of all three very happy and contented dogs, safe in their own home, well exercised and very well loved in all that time,  we've also made some new friends!  Thank you to Happy House Sitters
Alan and Pauline, Melbourne   see original

I just want to say your company is a Godsend! After placing an add on your website I had a response within 3 hours and have now organised for a lovely lady to house and pet sit for us during our break.  We are so so happy with the lady who will be looking after our pets, I just wanted to say a huge thankyou to you for creating such a wonderful service which we certainly hope to use in the future!
Sarah, Sydney    see original

Just want to pass on our thanks and appreciation for your wonderful site, which has just helped me and my husband place another sitter.we used your site last year when we went on honeymoon for a month. we recieved many responses within two days, and found a fabulous sitter to look afier our home and two cats while we were away. This year, when we wanted to go camping for a few days for Easter, we were doubtful about finding anyone  who'd be interested in sitting for such a time, and on a major holiday. We were, of course, wrong. Within three hours of posting our new ad, we had recieved four replies. We took the ad down two days later, and booked meetings with potential sitters. We have just chosen the new sitter who wiil be minding our house foir Easter. Again, 100% fee, 100% easy and our expectations have been 200% met and exceeded.
Izzi and Matti, Sydney  See original

We found the perfect housesitters instantly and they instantly become treasured friends.Ernie and Marion not only kept our city home, country property, two dogs and cat in royal condition, they tended to our pets' considerable medical needs. 
Nick and Karen, Perth  see original

Thank you so much we have found a wonderful couple to mind our home and pets and intend to have them stay at our home on their way to Brisbane in November. You have taken such a load of our minds it is wonderful. Thank you so much. All this happen within two days of us placing the add on your web site. Again thank you very much. This for a over Christmas and New Year housesit.
Trish and Bernie, Brisbane   see original

What a wonderful site this is—I put in an ad in August last year for a house-sitter for June/July this year and received a reply immediately from a lovely woman, Sheena. We met and clicked instantly. I also received many more replies but went with Sheena. The house was just as I left it, everything taken care of—especially my 18 year old cat who needed medicating twice a day and Sheena was just wonderful. She emailed me regularly while I was overseas and nothing was a problem for her to do. We have become friends too. Thank you so much. I will certainly use your site again. Keep up the good work.
Roma, Sydney  see original

I'm sure you get this all the time but I am a new user to your website and really didn't know what to expect.  The whole process was really simple, we got an application within 24 hours and the couple who will be looking after our house seem amazing - I'll give you some feedback once the sit is over.

Thanks for providing a great service.  I'll be recommending you on facebook and would love a magnet (or 3) to give to my friends.  Please send it to:
Joanna, Melbourne   see original

Just wanted to say what a God send your service is. I have been very anxious about what we were going to do with our beloved dog while we are overseas. I came across your website and placed an ad. Wfthin 12 hours I had an enquiry from a lovely couple and after looking through all the people who house sit in our area they were by far the best for our situation

Jane, Brisbane  see original

We have recently been away for 9 weeks and had Alex to house and dog-sit for us. He did a great job and looked after our two elderly girls (Setters) extremely well. I am most grateful to a friend of a friend for recommending your organisation.
We will be very happy to recommend both Alex and your organisation to our friends.
 Janet, Sydney  see original


We were so pleased with the applications we receivad, the ease of use and privacy set up of your website that we wanted to pass on our gratitude for providing this service. Thanks to you we found a fantastic couple which meant we had complete peace of mind whilst we were away. Without it, we would don’t know how we would hay found someone to look after our house and our cats would probably hay ended up in a horrible cattery. HopefUlly we are fortunate enough in the future to need your senAces again! 

Thanks again
The Honeymooners 
Leigh, Sydney  see original

thank you for you wonderful web site. I registed as a home owner on Sunday morning and by Monday morning I had had 4 replies. Thanks again 

Therese, Adelaide  see original

We recently went on a two and a half month driving holiday in Australia. During that time, Rob and Ana Nbouse sat for us in Thornlie, WA. What a lovely couple! They looked after our house perfectly, mowed the lawn, watered the plants, kept the house spotless and safe. 
Dave & Pat. Brisbane  see original

We recently used your web site on the recomendation of a friend. We are happy to report that we were delighted with the number of applications that we did receive and also how quickly we received these applications. We will certainly be more than happy to promote your service. 

Anne and Ian, Melbourne  see original

We were very impressed with our first reply and contacted them to arrange a meeting, this we did about 10 days later, they have their own little dog which they wanted to bring with them to ensure all 3 dogs got along, they did really well and they were impressed with our location. It was a mutual decision by both parties that the position was filled. 
Betty and Alex, Glasshouse MTs, QLD  see original

Hi Malcolm
We have just returned from Easter break to well fed, happy dogs. The house looks great and our house sitter, Leonie, has been lovely and communicative. We’d have her back again, so hopefully she won’t be too booked up by other home owners:) We’ve never used such a service before so it worked out better than I could have hoped.
Thank you for your online support 

Claire, Melbourne see original

I just wanted to let you know what a great site Happy House Sitters is. I was amazed by the number of responses I received to my ad. and very pleasantly surprised with the quality of them, too. I met some lovely people, and feel very happy with the choice of sitters I’ve made.
Nick, Brisbane  see original

With your website, I was blown away by the amount of replies I got and all of them wanted to sit. I had to then sort through them and pick someone. I contacted my house sitter and she came over on Saturday and met with us... We are very happy with how quickly things turned around and the response has been astounding. Please send me a fridge magnet to — Juliana 
Thanks for setting up such a cool website, I will defiantly use it again. 

Juliana, Sydney see original

I placed my ad late one night, and had a reply early the next morning. I have just met the house sitter and we now have arrangements in place. I am wrapped with this service, as it is exactly what I was looking for, to avoid kennel and cattery fees etc whilst away on holiday. Thank you
Eileen, Melbourne   see original

We recently used Happy Housesitters to get in touch with people to look after our Corgi X and house in St Kilda, Victoria. I think I had about 8 emails from all sorts of lovely sounding people within a couple of hours of uploading my house details. I was so impressed because it meant I could book my holiday flights straight away and I wasn't waiting around to hear back from prospective sitters...I just, wanted to thank you for setting this business up because it meant we could go away on holidays without stressing about our dog in kennels or having to pay for them for a couple of weeks while we are away.
Joh, Melbourne  see original

Hi, I recently used your site and found a great house sitter for while we were away on holiday. Made everything very easy for us and enjoyable. Thanks for a great site.
Trish, Perth  see original

Within 10 hours of a late night posting of our ad on Happy Housesitters, we had found the perfect sitter! I write this from overseas and can report our sitter has far exceeded our expectations in every way. Your service provided us with the avenue for advertising and we're thrilled...thank you.
Doug, QLD   see original

Thank you! An absolutely wonderful website! We will definitely use it again & highly recommend it to our friends and family.
Arianna and Troy, Adelaide     see original

I can only say that I was delighted with the person who lived at my house and with the friendly and easy manner with which we communicated. The organisation from your end was excellent because of the simplicity of the process. 
Bill, Perth   see original

We had a very satisfactory response to our add and have just returned from 3 weeks in the Kimberly to a very tidy house and very contented dog. I would recommend this service to anyone.
Frank and Barbara, ACT see original

Thanks to your wonderful website and service, I have had an outstanding response and have allocated a superb house sitter.
I am delighted, forever grateful that your wonderful service is prompt and assists all. I'd be happy with fridge magnets even
though I'm hardly home these days and would be delighted to pass them on to those in need. What ever you do, it works,
so stick at it and keep up the great work. I wish you every success in your business and support it thoroughly.

Sasha, Melbourne  see original

thank you, I did find a good sitter and found your website extremely helpful. I had many responses and lots of people to choose from.
Melissa, Melbourne  see original

We have had many house sitters in the past and turned to your site in desperation as we weren't happy with any of them (and I don't think we're that hard to please).
The couple we chose from your site (Alex and Jeanie) were excellent.

Leanne and Michael, Sydney   see original               

Received a reply to my ad and was very happy with the people who house sat for me - their name Tony & Jane -I would definitely recommend your service.
Marion, Canberra  see original

Yes I had great service from the house sitters site and I found a wonderful couple to look after my dogs. I was very happy with them and will use them in the future
Abbie, Brisbane   see original      

Hi - we have just returned from holidays and used Alana Maddaford, one of your sitters to mind our house and animals. She did a great job and the animals were clearly well cared for - their tummies are quite a bit closer to the ground!! ...Thanks for a great service!
Sheryl, Perth see original

thank you, I did find a good sitter and found your website extremely helpful. I had many responses and lots of people to choose from.
Melissa, Melbourne see original

I used a house sitter that answered my ad on your site and she was fabulous, and I will use her again. 
Thanks again, your service is great.
Toni, Melbourne, see original

I also wanted to let you know how incredibly impressed I have been with your service and with the quality of the people who contacted me. I had 12 responses within 24 hours AND I think that almost all of them would have been more than suitable. Choosing between such good 

people was the most difficult part of this whole experience for me.
Moira, Sydney  see original

did find that out of about 50 advertised sitters that we contacted only two were available 
for the time we required as most of the others were house sitting. I would suggest people look early for their sitters, once again thank you as we would not have enjoyed 
our trip without your assistance from your website in finding a sitter.
Cathy, Sydney see original

We are just writing to say what a fantastic service you provide. We recently listed our 
home for a house sit and within a week had a number of responses. After interviewing a
few people we decided on one particular person to care for our home and animals while 
we were away. This was the first time that we have used a service like this and although we had some 'nerves' about leaving our home to a complete stranger; we followed the 
guidelines on your website and everything worked out really well.
 Natalie, Canberra  see original 

Thank you for your great house sitter site. It not only consists of Happy House sitters but many Happy House Homeowners too !!
Susan, Sydney   see original

I have returned from my journeying, and happily found everything in good order (and particular items, eg my repaired back gate, in even better order than it was when I left). My house sitter was kind enough also to deliver me to and pick me up from the airport. I would recommend your service to anyone who I thought likely to make use of it at some time.
Di, Melbourne   see original

thank you Malcolm for your interest and for your assistance in making this service available. Our experience of being house sat was very successful and the cat tells me he was very happy with the cat sitter!
Liz, Brisbane  see original

My name is Carmen  and I had placed an ad on your website for a house and pet sitter. I am very happy to tell you that I found a couple who are just perfect for my needs.
Carmen, Hervey Bay, QLD   see original

We were fortunate to have Ann and John sit for us for a month during April while 

we were 0/S. We can only report complete satisfaction with the services provided by Ann, John and Happy House Sitters and we have no hesitation in recommending them 
as not only great house sitters,
but wonderful people as well. 
We were really thrilled with the service from Happy House Sitters. Keep up the great 
Jill and John, Sydney   see original

1 just wanted to let you know what a great site Happy House Sitters is. I was amazed by the number of responses I received to my ad. and very pleasantly surprised with the quality of them, too. I met some lovely people, and feel very happy with the choice of sitters I’ve made.
Nick, Brisbane  see original

Hi, just wanted to let you know that following an advertisement on your website we have successfully secured and trialed our housesitters and are thrilled with the outcome.
Elaine, Melbourne   see original

Thanks to your fantastic website, we have people that will be housesitting over the Xmas holidays for us.
Julian, Brisbane  see original

I placed an ad on your website 2 weeks ago, had 4 very quick replies and have now agreed a house sitting arrangement with 

one of your members, 
Nigel & Beth.
Andy/Fiona, Melbourne see original

Just back from our trip. we had great luck with our sitter. Our puppies were pleased to see us and with no sign of stress. The house was left in immaculate condition. We are very pleased indeed, thank you.
Denis, Brisbane   see original                                               Read testimonials from house-sitters