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My name is Kathleen and I have been with Happy House Sitters for about 15 months.
Ruth & Malcom have done a great job putting together this site for house owners & house sitters it is a win win situation both parties are happy, house owner get thier home & animals looked after while away and the sitters get to have some were to stay with all the comforts of home. This way you get to have a holiday were ever you like, how great is that.

Ruth & Malcom are always ready to help if there are any problems that may pop up along the way, they are always there for you no matter what and fix the problem in quick time as posible.

We are booked out till September, with some lovely people and their dogs.

Kathleen, NSW   see original

happy house sitters organisation, thank you for a lovely year of house sitting.   my reason for joining was to be able to visit my dear husband who was in a nursing home at forster (he died 20/2/14) and it saved me money for 3 weeks house sitting there (the only one forster in a year to house sit) usually I pay to stay at the nursing home.   I also house  sat at Newcastle.
Betty, NSW  see original

I have had such a fantastic time over the past 5 years with my house sitting it has been an incredible experience, I have made so many wonderful new friends.
I have also had other house sitting sites, but your site is by far the best, very easy to use and understand
Aileen, Perth    see original

Ruth and malcolm, Happy xmas to you.  Thanks for great site and service from you.  Been a great year for us as we clock up our 78th housesit.  Just love retirement and the opportunities, travel and friends we have gained.  All the best for 2914
Jenny and wayne
Jenny and Wayne, QLD   see original

Thanks for the great service. I had a fabulous time wimth house minding I now own a unit and no longer need to sit,, thanks for the service and help along the way. Keep up the good work

Ray, Melbourne    see original

Many thanks for your email letting us know that our subscription is about to expire.  We fully intend to take up another one, as we were completely satisfied (and more!) with how this last one worked. Many thanks for your brilliant service.  I have recommended you to many friends. Cheers Suzette

Suzette, Canberra  see original

Hi Ruth,

We have been fortunate to arrange many house sits via Happy House Sitters and I have recommended the site to countless people who have all gone on to become customers as well. We are currently sitting in the wealthiest area in the whole of Australia thanks to Happy House Sitters. 

Just wanted to say thank you for providing a great service, we have been sitting for 18 months full time and never looked back. Best Wishes 
Frances, Travelled Australia   see original

We have just returned home to Spain after house sitting in Australia back to back for the past 5 months....we would like to say thank you as two sits were undertaken via your site and we have become firm friends with the house owners. We would be unable to spend as much time visiting our son and family without sites such as yours so thank you and we will be back again in the very near future. Kind regards Patricia and Howard
Patrica and Howard, Sydney see original

Firstly, I want to thank you for the service your business has provided for me. The success of my house sitting opportunities in the last year has allowed me to get out of debt and save enough money to quit my job in Sydney and take a year off to volunteer around Central and South America.  I am very VERY interested in continuing my membership but will not be returning to Australia until April 2014. 
Anna, Sydney see original

Our subscription is just about finished after a wonderful 12 months - firstly we thank you for such a great web site and also for providing us with the necessary tools to meet new people, help them out and see some of the country as well in the process.  Can you please advise us on another 12 months subscription but this time in rural Victoria.

Mike, Victoria see original

My wife and I recently spent 4 months in Melbourne visiting our daughter and family who live in Mordialloc. For the whole of that time,except for 2 weeks, we became very happy houseitters in homes near Frankston, at Beaumaris and close to Aspendale Beach, a short walk from our daughter's home. On one occasion we saw a very similar property advertised as a holiday let for $3,000 per week, albeiit in high season, the same time as ours. On the other two properties we were afforded the use of a vehicle, one of which was a Holden Executive, the other a Subaru Outback AWD.

Needless to say that we would not have been able to afford to stay as long as we did without housesitting and the independence that it gave us was valuable both to ourselves and our daughter and family.
David and Vivenne, Melbourne   see original

I have had a couple of wonderful sits in homes close to where they live. Means I can spend time with them through the day, have somewhere to recharge my batteries when they wear me out and a happy face to welcome me home in the evening. I have even taken the dog with me to visit the children for the day.
Because I fly in I have been fortunate to have the people I am sitting for give me the use of their car while they are away, such a bonus, as I was able to take them to the airport and take my charge to the dog park to play with his friends and visit my daughter with ease.
So far I have only used your service in Queensland but I have a growing family in NSW and plan on useing your services around Newcastle soon as well.
Bernice, Melbourne, QLD, NSW, WA & NT,      see original

Hi,  My husband and I have been house sitting for apx 2 years now and are really enjoying the experience.  We intend to take house sitting around Australia in the not too distant future but in the meantime thought we would try it out locally.  When not house sitting we share a duplex home with my mother.  House sitting has given us the opportunity to experience living in a different part of our city as well as a scrumptious holiday right on the beach at the Sunshine Coast just for looking after 2 very cute puppies.  We have met some wonderful people, all with their own individual stories as well as their much loved pets. 

For anyone considering house sitting I would say "Go For It".  House sitting has been a very positive experience for us.
Christine, Perth  see original 

My name is Christine and I have had many rewards from house sitting and not only that if saving money. I am an animal lover first which really has to be one of the main reasons for house sitting.
I have met wonderful people who have opened their homes to me and even more, I felt their warmth and gratitude. I want to continue house sitting mainly because I understand the positives and the rewards I have from doing the housesitting. I have become close to some of the homeowners so I am enlarging my circle of friends.
Thank you Ruth and Malcolm for providing these opportunities via you website. I always recommend your website to others.
Regards Christine
Christine, Sydney    see original

Happy House Sitters has been an opportunity of a lifetime! I have been house sitting permanently for nearly 6 months now, every house sit through this website, and have enjoyed every minute. The website is user friendly and sends me prompt updates, which is key when you need to arrange the next sit. I have developed friendships that will be long standing, both with the owners and their pets, and it wouldn't be possible without a service like this. Thank you :)
Ana, Melbourne    see original

Thank you for your fantastic site, I have some great houses to sit bringing me up to the middle of January 2013.  This is all I require, can you please delete my profile.
Warm regards
Jen, Brisbane     see original

Hi there,

My name is Kendall, I have been using and absolutely loving your site since the start of the year! I have had many successful, fun and uncomplicated house sits!
I have spread the word of how amazing you guys are at work.. I'm a beauty therapist- we talk,alot!
Kendall, Sydney     see original

Perhaps we'll continue house sitting indefinitely it is so good. Take the plunge: you have nothing to lose except meeting new people and living in different areas. I highly recommend house sitting with Happy House Sitters for their notifications and easy to use web site.
Pauline, Central Coast  see original

I recommend this site to all I speak with, my Family say I am never home and that's just how I like it,who knows next I year will Travel interstate to spread the word, The references I have obtained show the reliability of myself and this site.

Keep up this great site
Judith, QLD  see original

We were so grateful to house/puppy sit  as we live in the Fiji Islands and with limited funds we had to find a way that we could find good accommodation at a reasonable cost.  We could not have done this but for the opportunity through HappyHouseSitters. 
Elizabeth, Fiji Islands   see original

 It only takes a short time for them to bond to their 'petsitters' and I think they enjoy being spoilt! I've been invited back for future housesits and am now booked up until the end of the year. This is by far the best housesitting website I've found, I would highly recommend it.
Emily, Melbourne  see original

I have been a housesitter on and off for about 3 cumulative years as the result of engagements from your website.   
It has been a wonderful opportunity for me to not only save money, but also experience different areas in my geography, live in some beautiful homes and meet new friends and care for their lovely pets. I cannot speak too highly of the service you provide in giving the ability to match up homeowners and housesitters.
Katrina, ACT   see original

What I love is that if I call the house sitting phone number you get a real person on the phone and your details are updated there and then. wooo hoo, that is amazing in this day and age.
Heather, Lismore  see original

I can totaly recomend House Sitting as a way of life.... We are now ssettled in our new home up here, and if it wasn't for happy House Sitters, I don't know what we would have done. it saved us so much stress and money.
Thank you 
Evie, QLD  see original

I am absolutely blessed to have found HHS and decided on doing pet and home sitting.  It is a wonderful, peaceful experience.  I am sitting for one couple for the 2nd time now and will again in June.
Francien, Perth    see original

Dear Happy House Sitters,
Please remove me from your mailing list.  Through your service I have been able to save enough money to put a deposit on a unit.  I think Happy House Sitters is a wonderful service and I have had some wonderful experiences and met some nice people and some adorable pets. Many thanks, Maureen
Maureen, Melbourne   see original

I have been house sitting for almost two years now and I can say it’s been a fabulous experience!  My partner and I have saved almost 30 thousand dollars since house sitting.  This money will go to buying our first home at the end of the year.  House sitting has made our dreams come true

Kellie, South Australia    see original

It’s now time for me to renew my registration for the third year. I originally joined Happy House Sitters when suggested by a friend after my divorce as a short term accommodation provider. However, I have found the experience so rewarding that I now consider myself a fulltime permanent house sitter. Travelling from house to house you get to meet interesting and different people and their pets. The site works perfectly and I find most of my clients retain my services for additional housesits. The flexibility of the site also allows me to travel up and down the east coast of Australia which fits in well with my contract type work. Whenever the website has required intervention your service has always been prompt and courteous. Thanks for your wonderful service and I look forward to our continued positive working relationship.
Stephen, Sydney   see original

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for setting up such a wonderful company. Housesitting has saved me thousands of dollars and the clients I have sat for have been fantastic and now regularly contact me to help them out. I have recommended your site to many people and will definitely be using your site in the future if needed.
Kind regards Karli
Karli, Melbourne   see original

Will definately be renewing my registration in August 2011 and seriously thinking about extending my area to the whole of NSWYour Agency is fantastic, by far the better of all the agencies available., also very friendly and patient and helpful when I spoke several times on the phone last year after having my email address stolen along with many other people, because it was on the news. Your website is perfect for me and everything I find is very efficient. I have saved money already and intend to save a whole lot more. Funny things have happened and pets personalities are just amazing sometimes and I will email in the future of any funny 'happenings' with the housesittings I attend through your agency. Have a wonderful year and I will renew my registration along with new ones at the appropriate times.
Jaime, Sydney  see original

We have been very pleased with the way that you operate your business.  The web site is easy to use and the ability to store communication with the home owners, is worthwhile.  It is certainly true that we have become friends with the home owners, and have received repeat business as a result.
Daryl, Melbourne    see original


 I  am very happy with Happy House Sitters. I have had very good house sits and have made many new and wonderful friends and pets. When you return to visit the pets get so excited to see you it makes you feel so good. Previous house owners have been so happy with me, that they have passed my name onto their friends and family.   
Gaye, Brisbane, 03 May 2011   see original


Hi Malcolm,
I have had about 4 or 5 house sitting jobs through the website! One house in particular has asked me to house sit again and have also referred me to their friends which is great! I moved back to my parents place so I could save money but they live over an hour from my work. With the Housesitting I can be specific about areas so that it suits me better! It is definitely worth it!!!!
Thanks, Marj 
Marj, Melbourne    see original

I had petty much given up on the house-sitting idea, and was planning to move back to my own home after living in a gorgeous rental apartment for over 12 months.  Then I received an invitation to house-sit for an extended period (12-18 months) not far from where I am renting.  I was thrilled.  Looking forward to starting that house sit (my first) in 2 weeks time.  Being on your website gave ‘fate’ the opportunity to work its magic!!!
Terese, Sydney   see original

At present we are doing a long term housesit.  The home is very well cared for, the owners have been very thoughtful and supplied everything we could possibly want for a very comfortable stay (we chose to use our own sheets and towels).  We have certainly saved money, all in all it has been a very positive experience and one we shall certainly be repeating.  We met with the owners three times prior to the sit commencing, the last time was purely for a social lunch as we had all become friendly over the previous visits.  As we will be travelling around Australia, we will be increasing our membership to take in more areas.  

Daine, Perth   see original

We have just completed our first house sit at Wakerley, Brisbane. It was hugely successful.....so much so that the owners would like us to go back next year!!!  it was ideal for us ...just ten mins away from our son at Capalaba and one cat to look after who adopted us, especially Noel, like we were his family.

We so appreciate your website and have spread the word about it to lots of folk in NZ and Australia. Espeically appreciate the regular up dates letting us know what is available.
Janet & Noel, Brisbane   see original

We are currently in our first house sit and have the pleasure of looking after two wonderful dogs in Maida Vale. The only down side is we will have to say goodbye to the dogs, we are having way too much of a good time with them. We have several house sits organised to cover us for accommodation from April - Nov 2011.  As our new home is scheduled to be complete late November, we thought this would be a great opportunity to live in some different areas, and also save money as we where renting previously. 

We are having a great time, and have recommended the site to friends contemplating the same. 
Kylie, Perth   see original

We have been house sitting for about nine months now and really enjoy the sitting. We have saved money on rent and utilities for most of that time which amounts to a great saving. The service is great we have very good updates on prospective house sits and I would recommend the service to anyone.

Thelma, ACT   see original

We have had the most amazingly good time \through house sitting for Happy housesitters.  We have looked after some beautiful animals.  We love animals so this has always been a thrill.  We took our small shi itsu x poodle Carlos with us and he got on so well with all the animals.  I think it was a thrill for the house animals to have another dog visiting them.'...I recommend the fun and experience of looking after the dogs for people who seek house sitting.  It is the best thing.

Sheibra, Sydney   see original

A friend recommended your site and it was much better than some of the other house sitting sites I've come across. I have been so fortunate. After I signed up with your website, I looked through the different homes that came up. It was important that it suited me as well as the owners. There were only 2 homes I emailed a request to, the first rejected me and the 2nd asked to meet up. They are a lovely English couple with a beautiful place in Bateman. They have a lovely little dog called Lacey who is adored by children and are away for 4 months. It's been such a pleasure to look after their place...they have a pool which I spend more time maintaining/cleaning than being in there (looks great), a lovely garden, great house and lovely ambience.
Each day I am grateful to be staying at my own 'retreat'.
Diana, Perth   see original

I am currently housesitting on a longterm basis.. and this is through using your site... yes... i have made many friends from these engagements.... and have many people who would use me again...  :)
its all good and has been a wonderful journey full of interests and a miriad of experiences... Your service is one that i would recommend both to friends... and home owners looking for help with caring for their pets and homes in the future... I have had many successes and look forward to using your site again...
Helen, Perth   see original

I am now getting a lot of repeat house sits, the owners are really happy with me and ask me to come back instead of advertising again on Happy Housesitters, all of the animals are especially wonderful :) I have loved looking after all of them, no unusual animals just some very spoilt ones, one dog in particular actually walks around with a security blanket in his mouth, I have saved money for sure.
Kathryn, Brisbane   see original

I have only been house sitting for a short time but hope to continue on for some time to come.  It suits my circumstances very much in that I can travel and then have time in comfortable surroundings and get to know a new area. I find Happy House Sitters website great.
Robyn, Newcastle, Hunter Valley NSW    see original

We have had great success with Happy House Sitters whilst in Darwin!
Living and travelling as we do in a caravan, the site was a must for us  because Darwin caravan parks are expensive and very limited with a dog. Without housesits we wouldn’t have stayed here very long. It saves us around $300 a week for a site and power, so the joining fee was excellent value. We’ve enjoyed all sorts of homes both in suburban and rural Darwin.
John & Karen, Darwin    see original

Thank you for the email.  I have already renewed my subscription. Last week I spoke to Ruth and have taken out the Australia wide option as my husband and I are travelling around Australia for 8-10 months.

We're travelling in a campervan and will housesit if something comes up along the way.  This has already happened as we have a housesit in Perth for 2 weeks in late April.
Maureen and Tom, No fixed address-travelling and house-sittin    see original

Just a short note to let you both know how happy we are having joined Happy House Sitters a couple of years ago. Since joining we have had several "free" holidays in wonderful homes and locations in Melbourne,SydneyCanberra & Brisbane so far, and along the way we have met some very nice people, we now call friends. We have recommended HHS to several of our friends who have also discovered the delights of free accommodation holidays Australia wide.

Many thanks for your service...it's been great for us!
Tony & Gerry, No Fixed address-travelling and house-sitting   see original


I’ve been house-sitting pretty much non-stop for over 12 months now.. Having lived in a share- house for way too long I decided enough was enough and ventured into the world of house- sitting. It was the best decision I have made! Not only do I get my own space and privacy, I also get to have the company and joy that pets bring. And there have been several pets (and houses) that I have fallen in love with - it’s hard not to! I also have found that housesitting has given me great insight into what I want for my future in terms of houses, neighborhood, pets, living standards.. and even furniture!
I figure I have saved over $12,000 in the past year. 
Elly, Sydney,    see original

I would like to say that my experience was most definately a positive one. I did establish a relationship with the owners and made friends with their dog, Maxine. All in all I would say definately a worthwhile experience and I’d love to do it again.
Tracey, Perth   see original

I got my first house sit through Happy House Sitters in December 2009 and have managed to line up 5 house sits seamlessly, all through your website, except for one, which was a personal recommendation.
I’m currently house sitting (thanks again to Happy House Sitters!) for a couple who live in Sydney but like to keep a home in Brisbane; this is a long-term house sit for an indefinite period, so it is the perfect tuation for me

Tina, Brisbane   see original

I must say that the whole experience has a very rewarding one, apart from an excellent way saving for an eventual property of my own, have made some wonderful new friends, both in humans and animals, some amazing properties. One of the house sits was initially for 3 weeks, ended up 1 8 months, a relationship developed with the lady.
Marty, Adelaide  see original

I’ve house sat continuously, with only a week off last year when I had a holiday of my own. Happy House Sitters was the first website I found, and several of my longer term sits have come through your website. I’ve met a lot of lovely people and animals, and even made some new friends. And I can afford to buy my textbooks every semester! 
 Erin, Perth   see original

Happy House Sitters has been the perfect solution for us. My partner and I moved back to Australia with no furniture and unclear on where exactly we wanted to settle. We have now spent the year house sitting and have been able to save a considerable amount of money. 
Ali, Melbourne  see original

Good afternoon Malcolm, 

In June this year we did a sit in the Hinterland of the Gold Coast/Brisbane. The property “Jarbaroo” was lOacres of native bushland at Buccan, near the town of Beenleigh. We cared for 6 peacocks, 9 wallabies, approx 200 lorikeets, plus bush turkeys, kookaburras, maggies, an indoor budgie and fish. Each morning it would take about 90mins to cut up the vegetables, as well as preparing other grains and meals for the various animals. We absolutely loved the experience, and our grandchildren who live about 30 mins away, came to stay in the school holidays and really enjoyed feeding the animals. 
Prior to the sit, we communicated regularly through email, and learned much in preparation of our visit. By the time we arrived at Jarbaroo, two days prior to Mandy and Jeff’s departure, we almost felt like part of the family. We became instant friends and still email regularly. While Mandy and Jeff were overseas we emailed them every day or so, just to let them know how things were going and they really appreciated this. They even brought us presents from their trip. 
Susan, QLD  see original

Hi Malcolm - We’ve had a great run with happyhousesitters.com, and are so glad we decided to try housesitting while our own house is being built. We’ve had almost continuous housesits for the last 8 months, and met many great families, plants, cats, dogs and goldfish to look after! It’s been a great way to experience new rieighbourhoods and pets, plus we’ve saved heaps on renting that we can put towards our house when it’s complete. Thanks for running a professional website that really works for housesitting, we’ve already recommended several friends your way! 

Tim and Tina, Sydney   see original

I have only been with Happy House Sitters for a short time and have already secured a month’s house sitting and I’m awaiting replies from two other respondents. The best thing about this website is, for the majority, you actually get responses whether you are applicable or not rather than wondering whether to apply for another housesit. My previous experiences of housesitting have not been with this website, but I am looking forward to exercising daily with two little canine girls with big personalities and would be happy to update you on that experience once completed. Thank you for the interest shown in my short history with your firm. 
Tracey, Brisbane   see original

Hi Malcolm, 

We recently had a wonderful 8 week house sit in South East Gippsland on a beautiful property where we looked after Emma - a lovely 8order Collie. Emma made friends with our 2 small dogs and we all enjoyed our daily walks together. Whilst we saved money by not paying rent the owners saved money by not putting Emma in a kennel for such a long time. The long house sit suited us as we wait for our new house to be built. 
Alison, Rural - Vic   see original

Hi Malcolm 

We have now used Happy Housesitters on two occasions this year and both experiences have been really excellent. We have two more assignments to come. 
Nikki and Andrew, Brisbane  see original

My husband and I have been astonished by how successful the experience of pet/house sitting has been for us since May 2010. We have pet/house sitters in our own home on the Sunshine Coast and we chose to explore your website as a means of getting a pet and “home” to live in instead of using inner city hotel accommodation which has been our usual arrangements during my husband’s interstate and international contracts.......Your service has exceeded our expectations and we will continue the adventures that come our way via your website. We invite you to use any of the above comments on your website. 
Sharyn and Warren, Sydney   see original

Hi Malcolm 

We’ve only done one house sit through Happy House Sitters so far, and it was a wonderful experience. We looked after three cute little dogs plus the garden. 
Don and Renata, Rural-NSW   see original

Hi Malcolm,
Well you sure have asked the right person
- I still sing your praises evary day. House-sitting has been one of the best things I hay done for myself. I spent two years house-sitting all ovar Australia. It has been such a phenomenal opportunity for me to discovar places I hay never heard of and I thoroughly enjoyed being a “local” in the various places. I have also met the most wonderful people along the way, all of whom I keep in contact with and I now count them as great friends. I’m excited about being able to visit them when I am next in their area. The Happy House Sitters site opened doors to me I didn’t even know were available. The site is vary professional and user friendly. There are endless house-sits available and I have never had a bad experience. I constantly tell people about the site and the opportunities available whether it be to house-sit or have their home house-sat. I want other people to expenence the incredible joy I have had with house-sitting. 
All the best, Janelle 
Janelle, ALL Australia   see original

Hi Malcolm, 

So far I am currently on my first house sit through your site and it has been a great experience 
Kathryn, Melbourne   see original

Through Happy Housesitters we were able to first housesit in WA for 3 weeks, the houseowners were regular users of housesitters and were ry pleased with the results.
While in WA ,we also met up with owners who had contacted us by phone and who lied not lär from where we were already housesitting.We had a few meetings and organised to housesit for 7 weeks this year.These people were leaAng us their car, pushbikes, internet, a winter’s supply of chopped wood for the loeiy open fire and neighbours who would fill in for us if we needed a couple of days away.
Cilla, Perth   see original

Have returned from my very first ‘happy house sit’ & am now hooked! The dog I sat was fabulous
(thanks for the lovely company Bob!) the owners were happy & have decided to let me know when they want to go away again. 
Barbara, Perth   see original


Hi Malcolm,
I am only new to your site and to house sitting. I am currently on a house sit I found through your site which is close to my family and my business. I have made friends with the home owner and have already been booked for another sit next year as well. Not only that, but when this one is complete, I have another within 20 minutes that starts straight away.
I could not be happier with the service that your site provides.
Cliff, Brisbane  see original


Hi Malcolm,

We are still on our first house sit - originally for 3 months but extended to 4. We are looking after a greyhound and border collie x.They are really easy to get on with and as we have a teacup poodle we were a bit worried about the greyhound.Wrong! He is the most laid back and gentle dog and it is great fun taking them to the leash free park and watching the poodle chase the greyhound! The house owner is a lovely lady whose mother lives close by.
Teena, Melbourne  see original

Our first sit was a great experience. It went well (as expected), but it was definately a learning experience. We saved a bunch of money. I also learnt how NOT to approach a house trained parrot! 
Graham and Kay, Melbourne  see original

We joined your company about a year ago and we had two very happy housesites in Melbourne when we came to visit my daughter in Australia.We would happily recommend the site to all our friends Thank you Willow and Tony 

Anthony and Willow, Melbourne   see original

Your website is really great, and easy to navigate, and allows all parties as much privacy as they desire. We are very grateful for the assistance you have given us, and look forward to many more house-sits. We have met some wonderful home owners, and they will no doubt become friends. We have already been invited back to our first “friend”. 

We would highly recommend your web site to anyone who is interested in house sitting.
Kind Regards,
Lesleigh and Da.,
Lesleigh & Daryl, Melbourne   see original


I have only been a member of your website for I month but have already secured two assignments for a total of 7 weeks. I would just like to say thankyou for running such a good website and I look forward more assignments to come.
Thanks, Rebecca
Rebecca, Melbourne  see original

I will not renew my subscription when it expires, as I appear to be booked till mid 2011.
Over the last two years I have booked at least six house sitting assignments through your service, in between the many others from my own contacts and referrals. I will definitely register again If I have need in the future.
Leslee, Sydney  see original

Hi there, 

We have been members of your website for the past couple of years and just wanted to say a huge thank you for such a valuable resource. We have been house sitting full time (just going from house to house with no home base) for two and a half years now, to save money for our wedding and to buy our own place. So we needed to have a constant stream of sits to go to and without your website that just wouldn’t have been possible
Mark, Melbourne, 26 May 2010  see original

Hello Malcolm, Our new home is finished so we don’t need a housesit now. I registered with 3 other agencies as well and apart from 1 housesit, all others came from your well-run business. We’d certainly recommend you to anyone. One agency we actually paid to register and never received 1 offer of a housesit, let alone a ‘phone call from them.
Jan, Perth  see original 

As we have now all the house sitting that we can handle for 2010, can you please stop the emails until further notice. Thanks for your services. We look forward to our 3 sits in 2010 and for future sits with your help in 2011. 
Kevin, Brisbane   see original 

As I have found a delightful house sit to see me to the end of my stay in Brisbane I would like to freeze my account until I have need of it again. I have been very impressed with the service and would definitely recommend you to others. Having been involved with other agencies, yours has been the best. I especially like the way you notify sitters of houses in their nominated areas, this is very helpful and enables a sitter to get in early and apply. Many thanks.
Denise, Brisbane   see original

Thanks for your service over the past (almost) four years. We have had a great time travelling and meeting new people.
Marlene and Gary, Melbourne   see original

We have been housesitting through your website for over 2 years. I would like to thank you for a wonderful service that you offer. Housesitting for the past 2 years has allowed us to save for our first home. We have looked after many homes and pets and have truly enjoyed the experience.We have often recommended your service to friends and family.
Narelle, Sydney    see original

I’ve had good success with the site and was very happy to confirm my first house sit through the site only seven days after registering. I’ve had a total of four house sits through Happy House sitters in twelve months, but could have had more if I was available. My own contacts and referrals have kept me close to fully booked at other times.  I’m currently booked out until 13/10. With over a years experience, I’m now keen to secure longer term assignments wherever possible. I’m just about to move on to a 5 ½ month assignment.
Leslee, Sydney   see original

We have been house sitting for about the last six months in the Gold Coast area using your website as a source of 'clients'. In thecourse of sitting we have met some great people and pets and have had a really interesting experience getting to know the area south of Brisbane. As we are now in the process of buying a business and start on the 1st July and as a result will be unable to do any more sits. 
Thanks for the website which worked well for us and saved us thousands of dollars!
Peter, Gold Coast  see original

We have recommended your website to dozens of our friends and family and we hope that you have a wonderful year and look forward to re-joining as soon as we can. Once again, many thanks for your wonderful web site and good luck in the future
Brian & Trish, Adelaide   see original

I tell everyone and*'anyone who will listen to me about Happy House Sitters. I am doing as much advertising for you as I possibly can and direct heaps of people to your site. Not only do I feel indebted and grateful to all the Owners but more particularly to you!!!!!! You assisted me
greatly when I was becoming a member and as I tell the world it is the best money I have ever spent. Thank you a million times over. I've met and am about to meet the most delightful people all over Australia as well as being able to enjoy their magnificent properties.
Janelle, Melbourne   see original

Housesitting in the last three months has saved me a stack load of money. I have been setting up business here from NZ and would gladly give you guys a referral - not only have I saved money but have met wonderful people and pets , making very good friends. Couldn't have chosen a better way to do it.
Colleen, Brisbane  see original

I have been living in a house sit I gained from your website for 3 months - thank you! It allowed me to live nearby and finish renovating my own first property.
Natalie, Perth see original

Thank you for the opportunity to housesit while we visited Australia in 2007 and 08. We had an enjoyable experience and look forward to doing it again on a return trip.
George and Patricia, VA, USA see original

We have been recommending your services to other house owners who we have met whilst out walking the dogs in Australia. At times it was hectic trying to get from one sit to another, especially the swap over from Melbourne to Sydney in 12 hours. Thank you once again for your service which we will definitely use again.
Peter, ALL Australia see original 

We have been house sitting through Happy House Sitters for 4 years now and have enjoyed every second of it. We started out in fairly large debt (10k -credit card) and rental issues with one really old car that was constantly breaking down and other residual debt. "We had our ass hanging out of our pants!" for about 1 year after we began sitting, but the improvements were gradual and then we began to start saving only about 2 years ago, so really, the savings can be accomplished in a very short time-frame if you're disciplined and aren't tempted to spend it! We saved one full salary (went straight into an online savings account) and lived off the other.
Danielle, Canberra  see original

I've been having a great time house sitting since September and would recommend you guys to anyone!! I'm heading off travelling overseas now though for quite a while so would like to suspend my membership for the moment.
Jane, Melbourne  see original

Thanks for your service over the past 12 months, it has been fantastic. 

We have had two excellent house sit jobs.
Mary and Peter, Melbourne  see original

Thank you. Your service is an excellent one and has helped me enormously over the last year after leaving a long term relationship with nothing and having nowhere to live. 

I had 
several long term sits that worked out perfectly.
Christine, Sydney see original

Hello my name is amos and I am registered with you but I now have a permanent house sitting arrangement which I found through your network and it has worked out really well. Due to this fact I would appreciate it if I could be taken off the list so far as receiving emails regarding new sits. Thanks for your help, you have a FANTASTIC site.
Amos, Melbourne see original

Thanks for your help Malcolm and I must say I have had quite a few good sits off your site - it is much better than the Housecarers site that I am registered on as well.
Wendy, Sydney see original 

I didn’t realise there would be so many opportunities to house sit. After all the traveling and looking we have found what could almost be described as heaven and we have decided to live here. We have had lots of great house sits with Happy House Sitters. Again thank you but we shall no longer be house sitting, so you can take us off your list.
Linda, Gold Coast  see original    

I'm happy (very!) to have arranged a 12 month sit (via Happy House Sitters) finishing in early August next year.
Kathleen, Brisbane  see original   

All up we have looked after 11 houses of all shapes and sizes over the 27 months that we have been in Sydney. Each one had its own endearing characteristics and we will treasure the times that we have had as well as the friendships established and sustained and the beautiful animals that it was our privilege to care for. Thanks for making it happen. We will of course continue to let people know about the great experience that house sitting can be, not to mention the free accommodation.
Ian, Sydney  see original 

Thank you - we love your website and find it very easy to use.
Kath, Brisbane  see original

Thanks for providing this service. It has worked well for me. Presently my husband and I (now happily reconciled) are sitting in a lovely home with a pool close to the beach at
Mt Coolum and enjoying it immensely.
Sue, MT Coolum-QLD  see original

thanks Malcolm ... but we have our own place now in Melbourne I found the service great though - to be able to quickly ask people about their homes, pets, etc and get back a response was wonderful.
We had three possibilities at one stage! I will happily refer your site to other people.
Eileen, Melbourne  see original

We've really enjoyed your website and have found it to be extremely useful. We'd like to continue using the service. You could give me a ring on XXXXXXXXXX- we leave here on Thursday 26th Jan so please ring before then.
Kath, Sydney  see original

Would you please delete me from your emailing list until March 2006. I am booked up with sits until August next year so would rather not get the listings for a while. 
Have found some great housesits on your site
Judith, Sydney  see original

Just letting you know we have really appreciated your service and have found several stays that have really suited us well, and are now booked until end July 2006. Many thanks for the members website.
It really makes finding a place so much easier and you feel as though you are more in control of your destiny.
Kath and Terry, Brisbane  see original

Thanks for the note regarding our renewal. Please let us know how much we owe for the next period. We will be moving to our ninth house sit next week and after that our tenth sit for a period of 7 months.
We have appreciated the service that has been provided via Happy House Sitters. We have been able to refer others to your service as well.
Ian, Sydney  see original

So you can see that not only do you save money but also build up new friendships '!! We are constantly in touch via email or phone & we are sure this will remain so!!!
Thanks Happy House Sitters. It was great!!!
Anny, Melbourne and Perth  see original

Please be advised that at this time as we are booked for house sits until October 2006. Thanks for all your help and we look forward to contacting you once again when we are
available. We have found your services most excellent.
Norman and Judith, Canberra  see original                   

Thank you for your reminder that my subscription is due to expire. I have secured a house sit for 12 months in Yokine, Perth, and hope that my new home shall be on its way by then.

I have enjoyed a good succession of house sits from your site for most of 2005 and if I should ever need to re subscribe in the future, I shall contact you again. Thank you.
Lois, Perth   see original

We would just like to let you know that we are currently house sitting in Bulisbrook which we negotiated via your web site & we are having a wonderful time .. The house owners are, very hospitable & we have been able to make ourselves completely at home at their insistence. The animals are very friendly & all is working out extremely well for both sides.
Anny, Melbourne  see original        

Just a quick note to let you know that a couple whose house I sat for three months last year have just contacted me, asking that I look after their place again – this time for six months.

As it’s on the Gold Coast and means I’ll miss a Melbourne winter, I think it’s fair to say I’m ecstatic. Thanks to Happy House Sitters.
Peter, Gold Coast  see original

It was a great way to live very cheaply. My husband and I were going through a very amicable separation and it was a nice way to not add any more debts and financial complications to our lives. I got to stay in a lovely home and 1 know she appreciated having someone there who was very handy in the kitchen - as I always had  something whipped up for her when she occasionally would fly back to visit! As a result of my stay in Sheryl's house (Sheryl Scott) we have now become really good friends - a bonus we didn't expect! We stay in touch and talk regularly. Thank you for your service. I recommend this for anyone!
Catherine, Brisbane see original

Terry and I have managed to find a house sit through your service with David and Sue in Queensland for the next 12 months and wanted to let you know so you can take our ad out.
Terrry, Brisbane  see original

I have just purchased my own apartment - so the last year of house-sitting has certainly paid off ! I move in on 24th October
Kirsten, Sydney  see original

As a Happy House Sitter I enjoy being able to meet people and travel to different locations. Being a house sitter is also a great way to save money as you know. Most times
the home owner I am house sitting for are happy for me to entertain friends and family in their home. I like to introduce my friends first to the home owner. Some times I keep in
contact with the home owners. Other times its strictly professional. In all its a good experience.
Jamie, Melbourne  see original                                         Read testimonials from home owners