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  • Melbourne

I'm a mature woman, non-smoker, pet-lover and currently completing a Master of Social Work and working part-time as a research assistant in Nursing and Midwifery. I own a home with my husband in Brisbane, but our two daughters are now studying full-time in Melbourne. I am undertaking a social work student placement in Melbourne from September till December to give me a chance to visit with my two daughters who live in university accommodation. Our house is on 2 acres so I am used to caring for variety of animals (dogs, cats, horses, goats, birds, fish). I lost my beloved Border Collie 18 months ago and miss her companionship, so would love to have the company of your loving pets. I am new to house sitting but am used to maintaining a 4 bedroom home. Hubby will join me for weekends on occasions. We are non-smokers, I have police clearance, working with children cards for Queensland and Victoria and can supply character references. Thank you for your consideration.


  • Melbourne

You need not look any further, you have found a caring, trustworthy sitter to mind your home and precious, loved ones, including collecting the mail, taking out / bringing in bins and general house cleaning, as required. I keep an exceptionally clean and tidy, secure home, to ensure you peace of mind while you are away!

I am a 49 year old woman, and very experienced in pet / house sitting and tentatively mindful of home owners houses and precious pets in their absence! Please note that I am a non smoker and have no pets of my own.

Having grown up in a friendly pet loving home and having always been privileged to have pets close by, I have a genuine love and natural affiliation with animals and have responsibly cared for them in the past as I would my own. I regularly reassure owners of their pet's progress and house upkeep during their absence. Looking after your home / pets would be as much of a benefit to you / them as it would be to me.

Being locally based I am very familiar with the area and flexible with potential meeting times. Therefore, it would be easy for me to meet with you, at your convenience, to discuss your requirements further.


  • Adelaide, South, Northern Vic, SE Vic, SW Vic

I'm a fit active 73y.o. retired pharmacist. Home owner in suburban Melbourne. Sober and non-smoker. Don't use drugs. Divorced, living alone. When married used to have 2 Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Love dogs, especially large ones. Fine with cats. Used to own chooks.

Looking to house sit just to provide an inexpensive change of scenery. My previous experience in looking after other people's houses includes occasional weekend home swaps with friends who live in country Victoria, and looking after their dog. They will vouch for me (contact details on request) and I can provide additional references.

Summary of experience:

Dec 2017/Jan 2018, completed a 6-day sit looking after a house on 5 acres in country Victoria plus 2 Border Collies, 2 cats and about 20 chooks and ducks.

In April 2018 I did a two-week sit of house and large dog in far north NSW.

(see reference on this website)

July 2018 10 days looking after house and small dog in Barwon Heads Victoria

September 2018 5 days near Whittlesea (Vic). House on 25 acres, medium sized dog, galah, 6 chooks, and 3 horses. Reference from this one can be viewed on this website and I have excellent references (available on request) from all of the others.

Jan 2019 and March 2019 - two return visits of approx 5 days each at the same property.

Nov 2018 7 days at rural property near Alexandra looking after large dog and 3 cats.

Dec 2018 five days at semi-rural property at Cannons Creek looking after 2 horses. (see reference on this website)

I live a quiet lifestyle. Not a party person. I look after my home with great care and would do likewise with others.

I'd suggest arriving a day prior to your departure to facilitate an effective handover and help us both to feel confident in the arrangement.

I had a police check before starting some voluntary work and could provide confirmation of that. Also have a Working With Children Check card.


  • Sydney

Dear House Owner,

My name is Claire and I have recently moved back to Sydney three months ago from New Zealand. I am single and in my late thirties. I work as an Executive Assistant to Senior Directors and my office is located on the North Shore.
I have four years experience doing house sitting jobs in NZ. Mainly for family and friends while they travelled overseas. I love housesitting as it gives me an opportunity to live in different suburbs and get to experience a different part of a city I would not normally go too. I love looking after pets, (dogs and cats). Taking the mail in, watering the plants, keeping the house clean and tidy. I treat each place I have housesit as if it were my own home.
My lifestyle is mainly working, keeping fit, reading, cooking, catching up with friends, going to shows and movies, and keeping in contact with family and friends back in New Zealand.

I am also a non-smoker.

I interested in house sitting jobs on the North Shore, City, Eastern Suburbs, and Inner West.

I am available to start immediately.

References available on request.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards

Michael & Bernadette

  • Brisbane, South Eastern
  • Reduced Contact

We are an active and mature non-smoking professional couple who run our own internet businesses and we have reached a stage in life where we have the freedom to be able to travel and be inspired by new experiences and locations.

Both of us are animal lovers and have had many animals over the years. House-sitting provides us with a great opportunity to travel and meet new people, care for their homes, pets and gardens while they are out there having a well deserved break!

Michael has spent the majority of his life as a Singer/Songwriter/Entertainer and now promotes his songs and jingles on the internet. You may want to watch our song video "Follow Your Dreams" link below which is exactly why we have now changed our lifestyle to be free to travel in the prime of our life.

I have been involved mainly in Sales and Marketing but my passion is video and photography production.

We have properties in Australia that are currently rented and fully understand the concerns that your home will be lovingly cared for.

Being a mature and responsible couple, we can assure you that your home, pets and gardens will be looked after and your neighbours will still be talking to you when you return home.

We are currently enjoying discovering Queensland around the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Gold Coast.

Please do not hesitate to contact us and we look forward to meeting you in the near future. Police check available on request.

Sarah & James

  • WA

Hey, my name is Sarah and I’m from 1770/Agnes Water, QLD! I’m 25 and currently travelling Australia in a camper van with my partner who is also 25. We are responsible, reliable and clean! and we don’t party.. we love the outdoors and lead a healthy lifestyle. We have both had experience in house sitting before and can supply a reference upon request. We are also very good with animals as we have grown up around them.

Also, I can provide photos of us upon request as the website isn’t showing my photos for some reason...



I'm a mature aged, non-smoking female who has chosen to housesit as an alternative to renting. I've been housesitting since September 2011 and I really enjoy the lifestyle. House-sitting is a great way to save money until I can afford a place of my own, plus I enjoy experiencing different places. I love animals (was raised on a dairy farm), and am experienced in dealing with all their cute little quirks (and messes!) and providing a load of pats and affection if required. However, having a pet is not a requirement for me to house-sit.
I keep the homes I house-sit for in good condition and am very respectful of the homes I care for.. Owners have been very happy with the condition I leave their homes, gardens and pets in and I've had many return house-sits and referrals as a result. Any tasks that need to be done in your absence - like mail collection and putting out the bins - are part and parcel of the house-sitting lifestyle and I'm happy to do them for you.
I work at home part time for a super company and I also do some writing so I spend much of my time working on my computer. The good news for you is I'll be around to keep your pets company and hold down the forte, so your pets will be well looked after and your home will be well attended. I enjoy my own company and peace and quite around the house. When I'm at home it's just me, so you can rest assured that there won't be a continual procession of visitors stampeding through your home. Of course, I can go on about how responsible, reliable and trustworthy I am....but why not get in contact with me so you can decide for yourself. I have great referrences and a police check...what more can you ask for in a sitter?


  • Central Coast, Hunter Valley, North Coast, South Coast, Bris. Northern suburbs, South Eastern, Central Coast (Qld), Northern QLD, TAS, Melb. SE suburbs, Northern Vic, SE Vic, SW Vic, Perth
  • Reduced Contact

I am a happy, friendly, 63 year old semi-retired house-sitter who is a fit, non-smoking, mature female; honest, reliable, house and garden proud. I grew up on a farm thus have familiarity, experience, patience and love for animals and pets, having grown up caring for many various pets of my own.
I have a passion for gardening and landscaping; I have the time to care for, walk and empathize with your pet/s missing their owner/s while keeping your home safe and as you left it. I have always owned my own homes and worked in responsible professional positions; married for 40 years to an electrician who works away six months of the year, with adult independent children living interstate pursuing professional careers.
I will respect your home, garden and beloved pets with the care I show my own. I can supply a Police Check, Working with Children Check (pets are our children!), House Owners and character references when required.
I am willing to listen carefully to your instructions, preferences & requirements. Thank-you, Dianne :)


  • Melb. Inner suburbs

Reliable, honest, and easy going! A single full time professional commuting to Melbourne CBD after time spent living in the Northern Territory and Fiji, getting back into the swing of things within the city lifestyle. Coming from a family of 7, looking after a home is a big task and something I take pride in! Experience in house sitting with the ability to care for beloved pets, having many in my family myself and minding your home as if it were untouched, with great attention to detail. Outside of work, I like to spend time playing sport and keeping active! Police check and references available upon request.

Alice & Ian

  • Melbourne

Hi, Alice here!
Ian and I have been house and pet sitting almost continuously since December 2016 and this has enabled us to stay in Australia as we explore ways to divide our time and work between Melbourne and London, visiting the places we love and spending time with those special to us. Many of our sits now are repeat assignments and word of mouth referrals from satisfied clients.
About us:
I am Australian born and after completing my nursing training in Victoria, took off to explore my northern hemisphere roots and ended up staying for 38 years where I trained as a midwife, raised my children and worked as an independent midwife for almost 20 years until returning to Australia with my London born husband, Ian. After retraining in London as a counsellor, I now work part -time in Melbourne. Ian worked full-time as a teacher for most of his working life, retired as an IT consultant a few years ago, and now teaches computer coding classes on a very casual basis. We have tenants in our London home, an Edwardian house that we spent years renovating, learning the skills we needed from friends, evening classes, books and YouTube. We love exploring new places and finding the local markets, museums, exhibitions, swimming holes and decent coffee. We enjoy walking, reading, gardening, cooking, and sharing meals with friends and family.
After spending several months travelling up and down the east coast in Alan the Campervan, when we started house sitting, it was quite a novelty to stay in a space where we could walk more than two steps before bumping into a wall, overhead cupboard or bulkhead, and sleep in a normal bed without gaps and ridges that didn’t have to be converted to seating each morning. It was great not to have to get dressed, find the torch and walk 200 metres to and back from the nearest loo while avoiding flying, biting, squidgy or buzzing wildlife.
Now that both the back pain of living in Alan for so long and the novelty of living in more comfort has worn off somewhat, we approach each new assignment with professionalism and a friendly, can-do attitude, utilising the skills gained from our increasingly extensive experience to provide a highly individualised service to the best of our ability. We enjoy meeting our clients and their pets, and finding ourselves living in places that we may not have discovered otherwise. We have become highly adept at figuring out different heating and cooling systems, kitchen and laundry appliances and multimedia systems, enjoying the challenge of conquering new ones. We are incredibly efficient packers and movers and adept at familiarising ourselves with the local amenities especially dog friendly parks, beaches, cafes and coffee shops.
Relevant experience we bring to the house sit:
I grew up with pets (a dog and a cat and snake-necked tortoises), and my two children (now adults) had cats, hamsters, rabbits and fish. My now adult daughter has horses and dogs and we have often been called on to assist. Our pet sitting charges have included chooks and newly hatched chickens, birds (love birds, rainbow parakeets, budgerigars), fish, guinea pigs, rabbits, cats and dogs. Being keen walkers, dogs we care for get plenty of exercise and are often fitter and leaner (as we are too) by the time they are reunited with their owners.
We understand how much pets and their owners miss each other when parted and so we strive to provide continuity of care by following any instructions left. We work as a team, bringing our complementary skills and attributes to each house-sitting assignment: our ability to follow instructions; our attention to detail; our ability to set and maintain clear boundaries with our charges to provide a safe and secure setting alongside providing warmth, attention and play; our ability to deal with the unexpected and any emergencies in a calm and professional manner. If desired, we are happy to send intermittent updates and /or snapshots to our absent owners using their preferred method - SMS, Messenger, WhatsApp or email. All owners we have done this for have expressed how reassuring they find this practice.
As homeowners and renovators, we know how important it is to respect and care for our clients' homes as carefully as they would themselves.
With backgrounds in nursing, midwifery small business ownership, teaching, first aid, building renovation and gardening we bring a wealth of experience in organisation, flexibility and practicality to the task at hand.
Why we want to house sit:
Without a permanent home in Australia house sitting is a perfect solution for us. We can satisfy our gardening urges and care for animals. We enjoy meeting and getting to know our furry, hairy, feathered or scaly charges and while familiarising ourselves with their characters and quirks, work on building a trusting and affectionate relationship.
We get such a thrill when owners return to find their pets content and thriving, their gardens happy, and their homes even neater and tidier than when they left.

Mary & Wayne

  • QLD, Melbourne, Bendigo, North Eastern, North Western, SE Vic, Geelong, Grampians, Otway Ranges/ Great Ocean Rd, WA

We arrived from the States in the 70’s, recruited to teach, and loved it so much we stayed! We are responsible, reliable, non-smokers and will look after your home in the same manner that we have looked after ours.
We have sold our large house (downsizing from 2 hectares to two bedrooms) and are now retired. We are great walkers and love all animals, having had many over the years.
We have house sat in the past (in Ashgrove, Qld. looking after the lovely Lola, two year-old poodle as well as Lucy in Mitchelton and two schnauzers in Fitzgibbon in 2016, 2017 three lovely little dogs in Forest Lake, Gizmo the cat in Carindale and the schnauzers again in Fitzgibbon, all references below). We are happy to be flexible with your dates. We have used house sitters when we have travelled. We understand how invaluable a good house sitter can be. We'd love to look after your precious pets and would treat your house with the respect that we would hope a housesitter would treat ours. Available for Facetime interview if requested. We hope to hear from you at your convenience. Thanks for the opportunity. Mary and Wayne
Police checks, references are available.

Ben & Lily

  • Syd. Eastern suburbs, Syd. Lower N Shore, Syd. Southern suburbs, Syd. SW suburbs, Southern Highlands, Wollongong & Illawarra

We are a couple in our late 20's, non smokers. Ben works in the city as a Sustainability Analyst and Lily works as a Chiropractor in Wollongong. We are wanting to house sit until December, as then we will be working in the same area. We both love animals, yet haven't settled down enough to get own own. We have experience house sitting and looking after animals and can supply references upon request. We are very clean and tidy and will take great care to keep your home this way. We both love to exercise and get out and enjoy nature so if dog walking is on the cards we need no additional excuse to go for a run/walk. Whilst we both have full time jobs, Ben's work is flexible so he can work from home 1 day per week and Lily usually has 1 or 2 half days per week free which means we can spend more time with the animals. Our weekends are pretty chilled and we would make the most of our time with the animals. Any questions please don't hesitate to get in contact.
Lil and Ben

Jane & Adam

  • Melb. Inner suburbs, Melb. NE suburbs, Melb. SE suburbs

My name is Jane and my husband is Adam and we are looking for house sitting opportunities so we can fast track our savings and move into our own home in the next year or so. We view house sitting as a fantastic way to help us save money for a house deposit and also get a feel for living in different areas of Melbourne.

We both love animals and are extremely respectful of other people's property and would treat your home just as we do our own. Adam is a chef and I work with clients with acquired brain injuries and I also have the luxury of working from home sometimes too, so your fur babies would get plenty of attention.

We are non-smokers, both have a current police check and can provide references too. If you would like further information, please contact us.

Many thanks

Jane & Adam


  • Melbourne

Hi. my name is Sue and my partners name is Lloyd. We have recently moved from Perth to Melbourne where my 3 daughters and grandson live. I am a retired Teacher Assistant and Lloyd is a retired University Lecturer. I own my own home in Perth so I am used to caring for a home and gardens. We are very neat. houseproud, health conscious, energetic, and most important we both love dogs. We will be housesitting over the next 12 months until we sell up and buy a place in Melbourne. I have always owned dogs and my last companion was a beautiful cocker spaniel who was with me for 14 years. As we are retired we would be around the house a lot of the time to take your dog for walks, keep him company, and give him lots of cuddles. I am happy to chat on the phone and answer any questions you may have. Cheers Sue


  • Sydney

I am a non-smoking professional currently living in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney and working at the Department of Health. My brother is a Vet so I grew up with a variety of pets and consequently I am able to take great care of yours. I am more than happy to provide updates of your pets well being while you are away - and to do other tasks such as collecting mail, watering plants, emptying the bins etc Having been the leaseholder in a share-house for several years, I am conscious of the care and security needed in keeping a home maintained. I can provide references, as well as a police clearance. I am a responsible, reliable and considerate person, and take excellent care of any home I stay in. I have travelled the world and have been a considerate guest wherever I have stayed.Please feel free to check my air bnb reviews as well:

Pam & Keith

  • Alice Springs, Darwin
  • Reduced Contact

We are a couple in our early 60’s – recently retired who enthusiastically enjoy house sitting because it allows us to provide a valuable personalized service to home owners. Nothing gives us more pleasure than making home owners feel comfortable with being away from home, knowing their house is in good hands until the owner's return. We're very grateful to all our wonderful clients for the opportunities they have granted us through inviting us into their homes and lives. We receive trust, and in exchange, we provide loving care. We are non-smokers who are honest, reliable and dependable house sitters who will respect your property and personal things. Our background was in education. We have owned a home and are fully conscious of the care and security needed in keeping a house (including a pool) maintained. Also we have had pets that lived very long comfortable lives because we treated them as part of our family. We will care for your pets as if they were part of our own family. We have had experience in house/pet sitting before and we have references available on request.

Michelle & Gary

  • Alice Springs, Darwin, WA

Hi we are a family of 4, we have teenage girls 13 & 16. We travelled round Australia for over a year and have done the bottom half. We house sat along the way 2 week just out of Canberra on a 1000 acre property, just looking after their dogs and chickens.
1 month farm sit in vic looking after their dog, 2 cats and 3 horses , one of them needing to be rugged every night.
3 month house in SA. Looking after their ducks and cats
3 months house sit in W.A. looking after their house and garden.
I have experience with horses, as I used to work with and own them, we love all animals and own dogs and cats ourself.
We are interested in short stays around WA.


  • Perth N.E suburbs, Perth N.W suburbs, Perth S.W suburbs

I know how precious your home is to you...and my wish is to grace it with integrity. I'm a caring and heartfelt yoga enthusiast and lover of animals, with whom I have a gentle, intuitive connection. I have over 16 years house sitting experience, a current police clearance and glowing references from previous house sit owners.

A clean and tidy non-smoker, you'll find that I'm a very quiet tenant as my creativity finds its joy in writing, drawing and design. I'd be delighted to pamper your precious pets, giving them lots of love and attention, keep your gardens smiling and provide security for your home...ensuring peace of mind for you while you're away...after all, you want to enjoy your well earned holiday.

I'd be delighted to connect with you and chat about your house sit and look forward to hearing from you. 


tony & penny

  • Central Coast, North Coast, South Coast, TAS, SE Vic

Sage Sitters of the South Coast

We are from Orange, currently house sitting in Merumbula. We are in a transitional stage of our lives exploring the south coast of NSW..

Penny, 57, works in aged care coordinating a team and caring for community clients.
Tony, 60, works in computing and water data systems and teaches Qigong.

Being from the country we have a love of animals and gardening. We work together as a team in life. You will be sure that your house and pets would be cared for with love and compassion.

Our interests are tai chi, qigong, yoga, walking , swimming and healthy living. We are exploring the south coast of nsw to find a home for the next part of our life.

We know you can rely on us while you escape the winter, you can be sure we will be good communicators with you while you travel.

Penny & Tony
Ready for a sea change.

ps. we can provide referee's on request.


  • SA, TAS, VIC, WA

I am a retired lady who has 6 children and 13 grandchildren.l have come off a farm life style of 16 years. Breeding sheep for 14 years was a great experience. I delivered at least 25 lambs in that time when the ewes needed help. I had 2 alpacas to protect the lambs from foxes . Other animals on the farm over the years included goats cats dogs rabbits Guinea pigs chickens ducks a talking budgie and goldfish. After 30 years of being in the country my life style has returned me to Melbourne . I am a non smoker a tidy person and respectful of people and their property. I like new experiences everyday. House sitting gives me the opportunity to meet new people and their pets in different locations around Australia. I started h/sitting in March 2018 in Victoria and in;mid June had my 1st qld h/sit l am currently in WA and have been h/sitting since 3/8/18 and have been booked until the 27/12/18.l will return to Melbourne on the 28/12/18 .l am currently booked until the30/10 /19 ...House sitting for me is rewarding! I get to meet new ;people and their pets get to stay in their own environment and they help me to be able to explore a new town and surrounding area .l am enjoying travel this way and the security it gives me .I can supply references and police check. Please contact me for any further questions. Regards Lyn


  • ACT, NSW, Alice Springs, Darwin, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, WA

Jonathan & Robbie

  • Rest of ACT, Central Coast, Lower Hunter Valley, Port Stephens, North Coast, South Coast, Bris. Northern suburbs, South Eastern, Central Coast (Qld), Northern QLD, Adelaide, Clare Valley, Flurieu Peninsula, South East, Eyre Peninsula, West Coast, TAS, SE Vic, SW Vic, WA

we are Jonathan & Robbie and would love to look after your home and pets while you are away.
please call us on either 04 222 55 830 or 0408 495 387
we love animals and looking after properties.
we will endeavour to leave your property better than you left it …
we have recently retired from work/life on Hamilton Island - employed in Tourism & Property Management for 5 years.
previously we lived and raised our 4 children in the Nambucca Valley (mid-north coast NSW) over 35 years and always had family pets.
we are fit, healthy, energetic and responsible.
happy with 1-2 weeks or longer sits
please see attached our police checks and references from home owners.
we have a car with roof pod so are fully mobile & both have current driving license
Jonathan has experience with both ride-on and zero-turn mowers.
Robbie loves gardening .
hope to hear from you soon :)

Jean & Andre

  • Melb. Inner suburbs, Melb. SE suburbs

We are a mature married couple currently house sitting around Melbourne and have family living in Richmond. We are on our 20th house sit.with good reviews and many repeat requests.

I am a social worker doing some part time contract work and Andre works early morning and evening shift hours in the security business. This means that there is always one of us around to keep pets company and attend to their needs.

We have both kept animals for most of our adult life and I also cared for a colony of cats in the Pacific often using natural care remedies for the cats when they were unwell as there were no vets on the island.

We have already completed a number of house and pet sits and received some pleasing feedback and references from house owners about our care and attention towards their pets and homes. We have had repeat requests from most owners as they are especially pleased with the care their pets have received..

We are happy to water plants/garden and Andre is able to mow lawns where needed and enjoys walking dogs. We always do a general clean through of the house ( except any private/personal areas) and happy to shop for fresh milk and bread for your return. We also launder our bed sheets, pillow cases etc and return them to the bed ( dependent on your return time). Our aim is to make your return home as 'work free' as possible.

Neither of us smoke.

Written references and police checks can be provided at your request.

We very much look forward to caring for your home and pets so you can enjoy a stress free holiday or time away..


  • Sydney

I am a 23 year old creative professional who loves animals!

I grew up with my dog Kimba (white cavoodle pictured) and am now looking to get some animal love back into my life

I am very clean, organised and responsible, and I do not smoke.

I can easily walk dogs once or twice a day, and I will be only working casually for December/January so can spend lots of time at home or out and about with your pets.

I have been a casual babysitter for 10 years so I am extremely caring and responsible, and I treat animals with as much care as I do children.

I am also able to carry out any garden or pool maintenance and of course standard household tasks like putting bins out, collecting mail, cleaning etc.

Whether its dogs, cats, fish, or plants, you can rest assured your home and your pets will be well taken care of with me.

References available, just ask!



We have recently returned to Australia after a long career in education in the United States. We have been housesitting in various locations in Australia while we decide where in Oz we'd like to settle permanently. In addition to housesitting in Australia, we had our own pets in the U.S., and looked after our neighbors' homes, plants, and pets while they were out of town over the years. Our acre property in the U.S. was in the high desert, and had a swimming pool, so we understand the maintenance involved. We would strongly prefer to be near public transport as we do not yet own a car in Australia. We have a quiet lifestyle, and will treat your home and pets with care and respect. References and police reports are available.


  • Sydney, Melbourne

I am a reliable, non-smoking, single 33 year old professional (lawyer/public servant) with house and pet sitting experience. I love new challenges and adventures but have parents who passed on to me the importance of caring for and creating a haven at home for all occupants (humans, plants and animals alike). I triple check locks and put myself in another's shoes before acting. I am an early riser and have energy and enthusiasm to play with your pets or water your plants as I am a fit and healthy individual.

I am trustworthy, clean and have great attention to detail (the lawyer in me!) - I have a stable professional career in government in Melbourne CBD as a public servant I don't work long hours so I can BE THERE TO KEEP YOUR HOME and PETS LOVED AND SECURE. I also work flexible hours and can work from home part of the week. I am as comfortable running around with a dog as I am tending to plants or fish. I am friendly and easy to communicate with should you need anything while away. I count turtles, cats, horses and hermit crabs among the animals I've lived with and cared for, as well as being allocated garden tending duties while the family for whom i used to nanny would travel overseas. I have travelled widely around the world from Japan to France to Tanzania to Colombia and such experiences have made me adapt well in new environments and I have good humour to tackle any situation. I enjoy reading and French cinema and am quite contemplative. I love a social beach day but also practice meditation.

If this is what you are seeking for peace of mind, then I am the sitter for you.
I have been living interstate for 7 years and recently returned to Melbourne for work and family. I have landed at my parents place in Parkville and am keen to find a place of my own soon but in the meantime I would like to do some housesits to try different areas of Melbourne. As I have house sitting experience from Perth and Sydney (I did six months in total 2013 / 2014 and also for friends in McMahon's point when i arrived in Sydney), the logical thing seems to put that to good use. I am keen to experience new areas of Melbourne and have a change of scenery.

Elaine & Michael

  • VIC

We are a mature, responsible couple who have had extensive experience over 3 years house sitting. We have looked after a wide variety of animals during that time including dogs, cats, tropical fish and chickens.
I am retired and Michael works part time in the construction industry as a mechanical plumber. We are homeowners ourselves and our home is now rented out on a long term basis as we recently purchased a yacht which we live on in Hobart. Our plans this year are to come back to Melbourne from early May to the end of September to visit family and friends and tie up loose ends before finally cruising full time.
We are both non smokers, house proud, enjoy gardening and exploring new neighborhoods. We are happy to provide references from previous home owners.


  • Sydney, Alice Springs, Darwin, Hobart, Rural/Regional Tas, Melbourne, SW Vic, Kimberly/North, Pilbara, S. Western

I am a professional writer, animal lover and experienced housesitter.

I have been housesitting for a couple of years since returning from 2 years working for an NGO in Guatemala.

I have cared for many animals - old and young cats and dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits, chooks, tropical fish, sheep and llamas -shared the bed with some, given medication to others and fallen in love with many. I have also kept many plants and small gardens alive and well.

Housesitting has been a great and enjoyable way for me to relearn Melbourne and restore some savings after earning local wages in Central America.

In my spare time I like to: walk (ideally somewhere green or near water), practice Spanish, cook, tango, meditate, and read fiction or about architecture.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have about me or housesitting generally and hope to help with your housesitting needs soon.

Have a lovely day.

susan & peter

  • Melbourne

My husband Peter & I have lived abroad in both the UK & the USA for many years and earlier in 2014 we returned to Australia to enjoy our retirement. Our professional lives were in marketing and luxury real estate. When my husband retired he started a pet walking and care business. This was very successful and great fun. Big dogs, little dogs, cats. We have enjoyed our six house and pet sits since returning, including one four month stint on a farm. We have looked after homes & pets in Mt.Eliza, Ashwood, Sandringham, South Yarra and Ballarat. I worked in luxury Real Estate very successfully for 20 years. We are non smokers, big pet lovers and protective of them. We are very tidy and very security conscious regarding our obligations to home owners and their possessions. We are happy to supply both personal & professional references.

Currently we are house sitting in Hawthorn till the end of January.


  • Melbourne

Hi there!

I am a 25 year-old communications professional who has almost a year of experience house and pet sitting. I love animals and view house sitting as an opportunity to get to know and love new pets.

My lifestyle is relatively active and am always grateful for opportunities to take dogs to parks and explore new neighbourhoods with them. I am also employed in a job that often allows me to write from home so there is some flexibility if your pets need extra companionship.

I am a bit of a neat freak which is sometimes a pain but can be great if you'd like your space kept clean and tidy. I am also happy to complete any tasks around your house including gardening, watering and being responsible for any upkeep that your property requires.

References available upon request. :)