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Janet & Brendan

My partner Brendan and I live out in the country at Healesville, a beautiful place to live! We have done a lot of house sitting over the past s years and thoroughly enjoy the inner city living experience. We are both non smokers, animal lovers and into a bit of fitness . I am a consultant which means I am around most days. The reason we do house sitting is because Brendan works in the city and has spent the last 8 years commuting 5 days a week which takes an extra 3 hours out of his day on top of the 8-10 hours he works and he is a bit over all the travelling, so to be able to stay in the city is beneficial to both of us, but we are just not quite ready to give up our lovely country home yet so this is a great way to enjoy the best of both worlds!


  • Syd. Eastern suburbs, Syd. Lower N Shore

Hi there!
My name is Julia, i'm a 27 year old woman from Sydney. I have experience house sitting, I have house sat places with both cats and dogs before. I'm a very active/sporty person and more than happy to walk your dog every day! I'm a writer so I work from home pretty much every day. I don't smoke, and I will keep your place clean :)


  • Sydney, Central Coast, Hunter Valley, North Coast, South Coast

Over the past 3ish years Morgan (41) and Izzy (37) have provided security, love and care for both homeowners’ furry family members, and their homes.

We look after your home as if it is our own, thankfully we’re both tidy, responsible and genuinely value leaving a place better than we found it.

Professionally we are both video producers and biz consultants (emphasis on Morgan), and copywriters, video editors and artist (emphasis on Izzy). We often work from home, meaning we’re able to provide company for both your 4 walls, and your pets.
Morgan is also an avid DIY’er and enjoys helping with certain household tasks &/or fix-ups you might need done while you’re away.

We’re cinephiles, explorers of new places (whether around the corner, away from the city lights or across the globe) and avid foodie adventurers - both in and out of your kitchen :) .

We both grew up with various pets: dogs, cats, rabbits, and even a horse for Izzy, and genuinely miss all the care and engagement they encourage.

Feel free to get in touch and query away if you feel we’d be a good fit for your needs.

Morgan & Izzy


  • Sydney, Central Coast, Hunter Valley, North Coast, Southern Highlands, Rural/Regional NSW, VIC

Mature caring and capable female. Love animals and worked with large animals and native animals for over 20 years. Plus caring for my own Husky, my best mate through his many illness's due to his poor immune system, so administering medication to him is a daily routine for me. Run my own business for the past 17 years in tourism and farming in Central Australia. Now sold up and travelling with my Husky and enjoying house sitting. Capable of numerous tasks

Toni & Darren

  • Sunshine Coast

Hi! My name is Toni and I am happily married with 2 beautiful daughters. We live in Hervey Bay and own 2 Businesses here and also in Bundaberg and Melbourne. We have had house sitters before at our own home to look after our dogs and we want to give our daughters the experience of doing this for someone else and looking and loving there pets as someone did for our family. We don't smoke, We are a very sporty outdoor family that is up early and ready to start the day. You are probably wondering why we are wanting to leave Hervey Bay and who will look after our dogs?? We need some downtime and family time together and its best to get away from our normal surroundings! My in laws will be caring for our dog. I'm happy to come and meet you anytime that suits. Many thanks.

Chris & Lyn

  • Central Coast, Port Stephens, North Coast, South Coast

We are a retired couple who love bushwalking, fishing, our national parks, beaches and coastal headlands. We are clean and tidy and respectful of other people's property, respect the neighbour's right to privacy, peace and quiet, and love pottering around our garden, vegi patch and orchid greenhouse. Non smokers/drinkers. We have an affinity with dogs (and wildlife) having recently lost our third dog, an Alaskan Malamute, the previous dogs being an English Springer Spaniel and a German Short-Haired Pointer. All our dogs have been members of the family.

We would love to house mind in the same high manner we love and respect our own house in and around the Central and North Coast of NSW, including South West Rocks, Hat Head, Nambucca, Port Macquarie, Foster, Laurieton,North Haven, Urunga, Coffs Harbour, Yamba and Iluka. We have previously house sat and have engaged house sitters. See references.

Below, however, are copies of responses from our most recent house sits:

# South West Rocks, June (and August) 2018.

"Hi Lyn & Chris
I hope you arrived home ok, the boys were watching the door all day waiting for you to come back.
Thank you so much for a fantastic job with the house, gardens & looking after the boys (dogs - Ollie and Baz).
I'll let you know when next I'm holidaying, hoping to get to Cairns soon, so I'll let you know my dates.
Lovely meeting you both & catch up again soon.
Di, Ollie & Baz."

# Ocean Shores, November 2017

Lyn & Chris looked after my house dog & chooks for 2 weeks in November
They cared for them well spoilt & fussed over my border collie & kept me up to date with everything.
On my return LYN had a lovely meal waiting which was wonderful after a long drive.
I would recommend them to care for your pets & home with total confidence.
My dog took to Chris instantly he fussed over her played games with her.. she is often very reserved around strangers.
Clearly they love dogs.

Thank you both


  • Canberra, NSW, Brisbane, South Eastern, Central Coast (Qld)

Hi guys! This is me...................
* REFERENCES - National Police Clearance, References from real estate agents who have sold my previous homes, character references, homeowner references - all available on request.
I am a professional, full-time housesitter. I DO NOT charge a fee. I love travelllng, meeting people & making lots of furry friends! This is not a holiday for me, but my dream lifestyle, & I take my housesitting responsibilities very seriously. I was "born to housesit" & I absolutely love it!
I am non-denominational in religion but lead a Christian lifestyle, with good family values. I do not smoke or drink, do not have parties. I am vegan, very health-focused, love exercise & being outdoors in nature. I am home a lot, so can spend lots of time with your animals, maintain property security & attend to all houseshold / gardening chores. I rarely go out at night.
I am very capable, independent, healthy, happy, friendly, reliable & extremely organised. I have always owned my own home & always had pets. I enjoy a "simple life" - much happier with less material things & more quality time spent with family/friends, exercising, eating well, being in nature, being with animals. I love meeting people from "all walks of life" - especially people from different races, cultures, age groups, religions & lifestyles.
I spent many years working full-time in a NSW government department doing legal work. I spent two years working as a part-time cleaner in a high-security bank. I spent the last two years studying.
I absolutely adore all animals & believe they are a big part of any family - you can be assured that I will treat them very well & include them in all family activities. I can do grooming, give medication, am confident with disabled or elderly pets. I can handle big dogs who pull on the lead. I can walk dogs twice per day - to the beach / park / around the neighbourhood. I will give all animals lots of company, play love & attention - whatever they need to keep them happy & sticking to their routine. I can send you daily photos / texts / emails of your pets playing / walking etc, to show you they are being well cared for & to give you peace of mind. I carry an RSPCA Pet First Aid Guide, to give immediate first aid to pets if needed. I have a stationwagon with a pet/cargo barrier to take your doggies on outings if they like. I have cared for rescue pets, dogs, cats, chooks, rabbits, cows, goats, bees, fish, wild birds, caged birds, alpacas, a pony & horses - all of which I have photos.

I am very house-proud & keep a spotless home. Your home & surrounds will be immaculate upon your return. I never wear shoes in the house, never put feet on furniture, always use coasters/tablecloths. I never eat on the lounge or walk around the house with food. My family has over 100 acres on NSW Mid North Coast - so I have experience with ride-on mowers & regular mowers. I can do whatever you need me to - collect mail, forward important mail to you, take phone messages, be home for tradesmen, put bins out, start car engine so battery doesn't go flat, water plants, gardening. weeding.
I will not use your car, phone or computer - I have my own. I will not use your microwave or dishwasher - I just don't like them. I very rarely use a dryer.
Prior to your return, I leave a Gift Basket as a Thankyou Gift. I can do some basic grocery shopping if you like.
I would never have guests over without your permission.

pillows, pillowcases, rice cooker, blender, water filter, kitchen tidy bags, tablecloth, household items (dishwashing liquid, handwash, toiletries), I just need sheets, towels & blankets please.

I am happy to sign an agreement.

I have 2 wonderful children - aged 12 & 10. They are extremely well-behaved, mature, very clean & tidy, do not break things, do not run around the house, do not wet the bed, are very respectful of other people's property & absolutely adore all animals! They are very gentle & kind to animals, do not play rough & do not hurt them in any way. They have been brought up as vegan with Buddhist values & understand the importance of treating all living creatures as equals. All of my previous homeowners will testify that my children are no problem at all - they are an asset - with all the love & attention they will give to your pets. You will see for yourself how well-behaved they are. It also means that we can walk three dogs at a time, not just one! They have their own references & their photos are attached.
* BEDDING - we only need a double & single bed / or fold out bed please. And we are minimalist, which means we don't need a lot of living space.
Thankyou & look forward to hearing from you soon!


  • NSW, Melbourne

Dear Home and Pet Owner, I am a designer and educator – so have a Police Check as I teach young adults. I am a reliable and trustworthy, mature woman who loves walking in nature, being active with a healthy lifestyle and cooking. I am at home a lot, researching and writing new course material. I have cared for many different kinds of homes, gardens and creatures and am happy to care for yours as my own. I have experience house sitting and pet minding in many different types of homes and areas. I can supply references upon request, and look forward to the opportunity of meeting with you and caring for your home, pets and plants. Thank you, Desiree DeKlerk


  • VIC


I am a 56-year-old professional with extensive house-sitting experience. I can provide references from many house-sits (over 40 sits to-date) as well as a national police check.

Most of the house-sits I do these days are repeat sits (as many as seven times for one couple) which is perhaps the best form of endorsement, but I'm always looking for new opportunities and experiences. I am interested in house-sitting in Melbourne and nearby rural areas.

I own a family home in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne and have owned a number of homes over the past 20 years. My family has always had pets - dogs, cats, rabbits, fish - and caring for yours and showing them the appropriate amount of care and affection would be a pleasure.

My profession is writing and I have a flexible work schedule that allows me to spend my days either working from home or from a city-based office depending on requirements and my preference. That means I can often be around the house during the day to keep pets company and ensure your home is occupied from a security perspective. I have worked for the one company for 20 years - which I guess demonstrates a stable (not boring!) professional life.

I am a non-smoker, light drinker, clean living guy who likes a quiet lifestyle. I'm also a bit of a fitness fanatic, which means walking energetic dogs is a joy. I'm very security conscious and like to keep things clean and tidy.

I'm quite comfortable with pets that need lots of attention having looked after a Jack Russell in his senior years with daily medication, a strict food regime and plenty of pampering. Our family cat also likes plenty of attention - but only when it suits her!

You will find me to be a reliable house-sitter who is very respectful of your property and committed to exceeding your expectations.

Look forward to hearing from you.


Peter & Elaine

  • Adelaide

Hello to all homeowners
I am Elaine and my husband is Peter. We are currently home owners living in the Mary Valley, which is situated in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland,QLD. We are a senior couple, non smokers, and have healthy living habits. We have a background in housesits during the years 2002 and 2006. We appreciate the peace of mind homeowners have knowing their pets are well loved and cared for, and their homes are secure in our care. We are looking to housesit in Adelaide for part of 2019.
We love to exercise our dogs everyday and any others we have in our care while housesitting. As homeowners, and pet lovers, we appreciate that it is not always possible to take pets when travelling for work or when taking holidays.
A bit about us.
We have two house trained 7 year old Maltese/cross rescue dogs, William and Harry, and both dogs travel with us everywhere possible. Before settling in the Mary Valley, we lived in Glenalta in the Adelaide hills. We both worked for 20 odd years at the Dept. of Transport.
An opportuntity to realise a dream of living and working in Qld arose, so we travelled to Qld housesitting along the way. During our previous housesits we have looked after and loved various breeds of dogs, sheep, horses, lovebirds, budgies and goldfish.
While living in QLD we have owned and operated a successful 10 room B&B Motel, and then a Coffee bar. My husband Peter is retired and I am currently fulfilling a long held dream of obtaining a degree studying as a online flex student at a Qld University.
We are happy to chat with you via any of the social media apps such as Skype, What’s App, Messenger or FaceTime.
We can provide personal character references and other information on request.

Lyn and Janet

* Janet and I have been married for forty- eight years, we are actively involved with volunteer work.

* Myself (Lyn Mr) on a part time basis assist with the running of a small engineering company, secondly, maintenance of historical sites on an Island located on the Auckland Harbour.

* Janets work back ground was primary with Countdown / Woolworths Food Market NZ. Check out manager, length of service twenty seven years.

* Lyn work back ground, Fitter and Turner Apprenticeship. Commercial Catering Equipment (Hobart Berkel), Operated and owned a Home Appliance Business before joining Electrolux Home Products as a Technical Advisor.

* We are both fond of animals, over the last forty five years up until recently owned several cats and dogs.

*We have no objection to basic maintenance to a property and take care of domestic animals.

Reference available by speaking with Mr George Grant or Mrs Grant either Tel : Aus Harvey Bay 420245045 or NZ 0211140330


  • Melbourne

I am a graduate Philosophy student at the University of Melbourne and a violinist with the Melbourne Chamber Orchestra. Experienced house sitter and lover of animals.


  • Melbourne, Northern Vic

Professional teacher, clean, non-smoker, no children. I am here several times per year, as I work in Singapore. I have regular sits and hope to be able to help you out if needed. I have been a house sitter for a number of years for people on this site and externally to this site. I love to look after pets and would care for your home and garden as if it was my own. I have a full police clearance which is required in order to be registered as a teacher in Australia, and no criminal record. I love cycling and simply reading a good book in a relaxing garden with the dog or cat. I am a home owner - it is rented out at the moment, as I have been overseas teaching for a number of years, and I will keep it rented at this stage.

I have cared for modern and older homes with antiques and artefacts. The home owners have been so pleased with the way in which the home is cared for, and indeed the pets. I keep in contact via email during the stay if required, and send pics of the happy pets. I have had to care for pets on medication with tablets / eye drops etc, and this is not a problem. All previous house sits continue to call me prior to looking for a sitter. I have taken pets to their usual vet as required during some sits and owners have been very pleased.

I have multiple sits where I have previously sat and the owners want me back, which I feel quite proud of. During Christmas last year I looked after a very large home in Kew with 2 Burmese cats. This was a word of mouth sit from previous Happy House Sitter homeowners who I have sat for.

I can supply details of previous house sits and my references are available on this site.

Best regards


Georgia & Adam

  • Melb. SE suburbs

My name is Georgia and I'm from Melbourne, Australia, where I work and volunteer as a youth worker and youth-mentor whilst practicing art therapy with my clients who have experienced trauma. I love my volunteer work, being outdoors, art and travelling, and have been Adam's travel-companion and partner for the past three years. Originally from the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, I am a keen traveller, and have been house-sitting throughout Australia, the UK and more recently across Europe since 2013 as it is the most convenient and enjoyable way for me to meet new people, immerse myself in different areas, and help other people as they enjoy their own travels.

Adam and I are both non-smoking, non-drinking house-sitters with over four years of experience. Both of us have valid police checks and excellent references. We're finally based in Melbourne after a year house-sitting overseas!

Adam is a recent graduate of a Science degree and until moving to Australia, lived in Reading, England. Prior to this he spent two years working in Australia whilst house-sitting and volunteering with me. He is a neat, non-smoker and a non-drinker who loves sport, animals, travelling, and house-sitting with me!

We have house-sat in various locations from semi-rural, urban to coastal, with various animals such as cats, birds, fish, dogs, rodents, as well as larger farm animals such as sheep, goats and ponies. As we both love exercise, home-owners can rest assured that any pets requiring walks will be valued company on expeditions and will be well looked after within the home.

A number of our previous house-sits required medication to be administered and specialist treatment to be given to animals under our care, such as lifting older or recovering dogs, administering eye drops, oral medication and injections. We also have experience with rescue animals, or animals requiring trauma-informed care and special treatment.

In addition to this, we naturally have extensive experience with general maintenance of gardens, pools and household upkeep, which is a given for any house-sit we undertake. I am an ex-florist, and enjoy gardening, so plants under my care are always well cared for!

Please feel free to ask us for our list of references: we've got plenty!


  • ACT

We are a retired couple who are moving from our family home of 30+ years to an apartment. There is a gap period of several months between leaving our home and moving to our new home. We don't own a dog but have had our family dogs (2 minature poodles) who, collectively were part of our family for 28 years. Currently we look after our daughter's dogs and walk them quite regularly, so we are experienced in pet care. Our only experience in house sitting, has been for family while overseas. This included care of an ageing Prince Charles Terrier and a Burmese cat.


  • Adelaide

My name is Simone, I work as a receptionist 4 days a week.
I enjoy house sitting because I like to help people and how better than to watch a property and fur babies and give a person or family peace of mind whilst they are away.
I have house sat for friends and family before - looking after the property and animals.
I am good with animals.
I am a clean person and will maintain cleanliness in the house.
I live in Seacliff area but I am happy to go where ever I am needed.

Peter & Heather

We are a experienced house sitting couple who would love to look after your dogs and cat and house while you are away. So far, we have house sat in Princes Hill, Mission Beach, Wongaling, Rockhampton, Ascot Vale, Cairns, Bundanoon and we are booked in for a house sit in Wangaratta.
We are responsible home owners ourselves and we have people mind our house when we travel, so we know what it is like to let strangers into your home. We live in a fully restored 1860’s historic house on an acre in Kiama and are very house proud. I love looking after our extensive gardens and Peter is a general handyman who maintains the 2 houses we have on our property. Over the years we have had a variety of pets, from dogs and cats through to rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, fish and even a horse and we have enjoyed them all. We currently have 4 chooks and a lovely little Havanese dog. We have also looked after lots of cats and dogs in our house sitting and have had a great time, as there is nothing like walking a dog to get to know the area. Last year we looked after two large dogs at Mission Beach without mishap, so we are confident we will be OK with yours! We have always taken very good care of the houses and pets we have minded, taking the dogs for walks, grooming them, caring for the lawns, gardens and pools and keeping the houses clean. The owners have been delighted and we have been invited back to look after their house and pets a number of times.
We are both non-smokers and happy to supply details of referees we have sat for. Before we retired I was a registered nurse and my husband has post graduate qualifications in emergency management and worked for the State Emergency Service. We are flexible with the dates and very conscious of the trust that you must have in whoever you entrust to care for your animals and home.

Heather and Peter O’Neill
0429 674 005


  • Brisbane

I am a Critical Care nurse and artist with a love of travelling and creating beautiful spaces. I am well attuned to living in other people's homes, having spent many months in Kenya and Morocco volunteering and living with local families. I love experiencing different cultures and always feel honoured to be welcomed into someone's home!
I have extensive experience house and pet sitting/dog walking for friends and family, and have recently started formally house sitting. I've found it to be extremely rewarding and a delight being able to spend time with different animals while seeing new areas of Brisbane. Having grown up with a menagerie of pets (dogs, cats, chickens, sheep, cattle and a horse) it has brought be a lot of joy being able to interact with so many animals again.

Something travelling has taught me is that I am both very flexible, but also very impacted by my surroundings -- as an artist this means I always put a lot of energy into creating a space which is beautiful, full of light, and clean. I work in a very busy Emergency Department so when I'm home, I love to relax with a coffee or wine, read and paint, and play with whatever animals happen to be near me! (I'm often found singing off-key to them but who's judging haha)

I am able to provide past sitting references, a police check, and a rental history report on request.


  • Melbourne

"I'll take care of your pets and home as if they were my own."

Hi There!
I'm a 32yo single female who has recently returned to Melbourne after living abroad. I LOVE animals and can't imagine my life without them.
So far I have taken care of;
- A larger than life Great Dane and a very intelligent yet goofy Hungarian Vizsler and two budgies.
- Two of the most loving and snuggly Minature Schnauzer's
- A Golden Retriever who was my shadow for 2 weeks and his Kitty friend along with 2 stick insects
- A happy go lucky Staffy and her two kitty sisters
- Vinne the pug, naughty but oh so adoreable
As you can see, I have experience with both dogs (big and small, strong and not so) and cats (I used to have two beautiful fur babes of my own) along with other small pets including mice, fish and insects!
I'm very clean and a bit of a home-body who loves to cook, read and keep fit.
I have glowing references that can be supplied upon request :)!

Hi There,

I'm Adrianna, I joined Marley for most of the housesits mentioned above. I have a Cavoodle Dexter and a orange Tabby cat Winnie at home who will be looked after my parents (in the outer suburbs) while I'm housesitting. I work in marketing and I've just started a new job in Fitzroy so would like to be closer to work. I also love the company of pets therefore looking to house sit. I'm waiting for my European passport to arrive so I can join Marley in the UK.

I'm very clean and will keep your house tidy as if it's my own.
I have a police check which is uploaded to my profile.


  • Melbourne

I'm Courtney - a 27 year old Digital Marketing Specialist with several years experience house and pet sitting. I work two days a week in an office and work from home the rest of the week. I live an active lifestyle and love going for daily walks (especially when i have a furry companion to keep me company) and hitting the gym.

I love animals of all kinds of nature and have been vegetarian for the last 12 years. I am very clean and tidy and am a non smoker.

I've recently moved to Melbourne from Brisbane and live with my brother and his partner (and their fur-baby) in Prahran. I would love the chance to explore more of Melbourne and meet some furry friends along the way!

References can be supplied upon request.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Alice & Ian

  • Melbourne

Hi, Alice here!
Ian and I have been house and pet sitting almost continuously since December 2016 and this has enabled us to stay in Australia as we explore ways to divide our time and work between Melbourne and London, visiting the places we love and spending time with those special to us. Many of our sits now are repeat assignments and word of mouth referrals from satisfied clients.
About us:
I am Australian born and after completing my nursing training in Victoria, took off to explore my northern hemisphere roots and ended up staying for 38 years where I trained as a midwife, raised my children and worked as an independent midwife for almost 20 years until returning to Australia with my London born husband, Ian. After retraining in London as a counsellor, I now work part -time in Melbourne. Ian worked full-time as a teacher for most of his working life, retired as an IT consultant a few years ago, and now teaches computer coding classes on a very casual basis. We have tenants in our London home, an Edwardian house that we spent years renovating, learning the skills we needed from friends, evening classes, books and YouTube. We love exploring new places and finding the local markets, museums, exhibitions, swimming holes and decent coffee. We enjoy walking, reading, gardening, cooking, and sharing meals with friends and family.
After spending several months travelling up and down the east coast in Alan the Campervan, when we started house sitting, it was quite a novelty to stay in a space where we could walk more than two steps before bumping into a wall, overhead cupboard or bulkhead, and sleep in a normal bed without gaps and ridges that didn’t have to be converted to seating each morning. It was great not to have to get dressed, find the torch and walk 200 metres to and back from the nearest loo while avoiding flying, biting, squidgy or buzzing wildlife.
Now that both the back pain of living in Alan for so long and the novelty of living in more comfort has worn off somewhat, we approach each new assignment with professionalism and a friendly, can-do attitude, utilising the skills gained from our increasingly extensive experience to provide a highly individualised service to the best of our ability. We enjoy meeting our clients and their pets, and finding ourselves living in places that we may not have discovered otherwise. We have become highly adept at figuring out different heating and cooling systems, kitchen and laundry appliances and multimedia systems, enjoying the challenge of conquering new ones. We are incredibly efficient packers and movers and adept at familiarising ourselves with the local amenities especially dog friendly parks, beaches, cafes and coffee shops.
Relevant experience we bring to the house sit:
I grew up with pets (a dog and a cat and snake-necked tortoises), and my two children (now adults) had cats, hamsters, rabbits and fish. My now adult daughter has horses and dogs and we have often been called on to assist. Our pet sitting charges have included chooks and newly hatched chickens, birds (love birds, rainbow parakeets, budgerigars), fish, guinea pigs, rabbits, cats and dogs. Being keen walkers, dogs we care for get plenty of exercise and are often fitter and leaner (as we are too) by the time they are reunited with their owners.
We understand how much pets and their owners miss each other when parted and so we strive to provide continuity of care by following any instructions left. We work as a team, bringing our complementary skills and attributes to each house-sitting assignment: our ability to follow instructions; our attention to detail; our ability to set and maintain clear boundaries with our charges to provide a safe and secure setting alongside providing warmth, attention and play; our ability to deal with the unexpected and any emergencies in a calm and professional manner. If desired, we are happy to send intermittent updates and /or snapshots to our absent owners using their preferred method - SMS, Messenger, WhatsApp or email. All owners we have done this for have expressed how reassuring they find this practice.
As homeowners and renovators, we know how important it is to respect and care for our clients' homes as carefully as they would themselves.
With backgrounds in nursing, midwifery small business ownership, teaching, first aid, building renovation and gardening we bring a wealth of experience in organisation, flexibility and practicality to the task at hand.
Why we want to house sit:
Without a permanent home in Australia house sitting is a perfect solution for us. We can satisfy our gardening urges and care for animals. We enjoy meeting and getting to know our furry, hairy, feathered or scaly charges and while familiarising ourselves with their characters and quirks, work on building a trusting and affectionate relationship.
We get such a thrill when owners return to find their pets content and thriving, their gardens happy, and their homes even neater and tidier than when they left.


  • VIC

25 year old extremely reliable with lots of house sitting experience!

Experience where I have minded both cats and dogs. I am a very reliable and neat individual who absolutely loves animals.
I have references available upon request and also have a current Police Check and am more than happy to interview.
I would love to hear from you soon.
Kind regards,


  • Melb. Inner suburbs


I am a mature male and a full-time Manager in an ESL College working in the CBD.

Currently living in the southeastern suburbs to save up money to eventually buy my own place and keen to find some places that are closer towards the city to make the commute easier to get to work on a daily basis.

I enjoy looking after dogs and have had a bit of experience looking after a mixture of dogs for friends and family (references available). Although inexperienced, willing to try to look after cats if needed.

I am a non-smoker and tend to be "home" person during the week except for work and gym and the weekends may go out to catch up with friends on the occasion,


  • ACT

*Booked through to 23 December 2019*
Seeking dates from around 20 January 2020 onwards while employed in Canberra - if there is interest please get in touch!*

I am a mature, female IT contractor working in Canberra since May 2015 and located in Canberra. I have a home in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs minded by my son and his girlfriend who love and adore our two rescue cats - a gorgeous ginger cat called Mr Boots and his partner in crime, (Princess) Cienna!

With employment in Canberra, I have found house-sitting to be a convenient way to relax, enjoy the company of a surrogate animal (cats preferred but will mind a dog, and now have added chickens!), look after a home while owners travel and provide a peaceful break from other temporary accommodation options. Another house-sitting website has references from completed house sits as well as an independent character reference (You are free to view via this link (

This website also has Happy Housesitter references for your viewing:

My employment up in Canberra since 2015, in Federal government departments has required a baseline clearance which involved a police check however I have a long history of successful house sits and caring for dogs, cats, tropical fish and now I can add chickens to my repertoire. Many of my house sits now, are return requests or through referrals in my network.

All I need are simple instructions for your accommodation and contact points for managing any issues or if care is needed for any animals – you can be assured I will provide exemplary care and consideration to home and animals. Many of my house sit contacts are now friends and willingly contact me to return. On occasion, I have helped out by dropping in to feed animals for my house sit network if I am already committed to another house sit and cannot stay.

My personal qualities can be summarised as outgoing, fit, happy, cheerful, of an independent nature, considerate, capable, very clean, tidy, a non-smoker, a virtually non-drinker (occasional glass of wine, only) who loves animals and will care and pamper your cats! I’m a cat owner – I know how spoilt they can and should be! I have looked after dogs as well and happily take them out for a walk. I am respectful of your property and utilities. I do require off-street parking and preferably garaging if that is available.
Some of my house sits have said their animals have actually missed me! That’s a pretty good referral.

All I need from you is a key handover (haven’t lost a key yet!) and written instructions outlining any special requirements such as bin night, watering, alarm systems, etc. I don't need to use your car - but happy to start it up or drive around the block so the battery doesn't go flat.

Other than that, you do not need to worry about anything while you travel secure in the knowledge that property and animals will be looked after. I always stay in touch either brief SMS, WhatsApp or a longer email with cheery updates so you will always be able to contact me. I love to hear about owners’ travels and have received many photo updates and I’ll do the same.

Please feel free to contact me and chat. I would love to meet you and look after your animal/s and home! See if we can work something out.

Here's my suite of successful housesits:

2019 and hopefully ongoing!
Fadden Hills (December) - return invitation
Fadden Hills (October) - return invitation
Mawson (August/September) - return invitation
Chapman (August)
Torrens (June, July, August) - return invitation

Farrer (2 weeks in July) - return invitation
Hughes - for a 16 year old lady cat!
Barton - back to the gorgeous ragdoll for a third time
Torrens - a dog and a cat
Barton - caring for a magnificent ragdoll boy cat! (2 x separate weeks)
Queanbeyan (NSW) – 28/1/2019 – caring for two cats (with their own cat house in the garden) while the owners travelled to the coast for a break

Queanbeyan East (NSW) - 22/12/2018 – 27/1/2019 – looking after a lovely grey cat (the owners said aloof, but absolutely not – followed me everywhere and slept on the bed with me at night) along with four bantam chickens and veggie patches to water
Farrer – 9/12/2018 – 20/12/2018 – looking after a cat (5 years old) and an elderly cocker spaniel (15 years old) while the owners travelled with their son to Western Australia
Waramanga – October - caring for a cat while the owners travelled to Japan (there was a return weekend as well enabling the owners to visit family in Melbourne)
Return to Campbell – 21/8/18-20/9/18 (cat)
Fadden (referral from Mawson couple) - 13/7/18-16/8/18 (no animals, house only)
Return to Page – 18/8/18-20//18 – short stay (cat)
Return to Melba – January 2018 (cat)
Return to Torrens – 30/3/18-3/4/18 (Easter (three cats))
Return to Mawson – 5/5/18-18/5/18 (cat)

Campbell – return visit (cat)
Mawson – 27/8/17to 1/10/2017 (cat)
Torrens – 4/7/17-18/8/17 - three indoor/outdoor cats
Waramanga – occasional help to feed two cats and medicate one with insulin – when the owner travels for conferences
Page – 28/5/17-25/6/17 (cat and dog)
Mawson – 17/5/17-21/5/17 (cat)
Melba – a long housesit - from January to mid-May 2017 (cat)

Ainslie (October 2016-November 2016 – referred from previous Ainslie house sit
Lyons (August 2016-mid October 2016) – (two cats)
Ainslie (June 2016) (cat)
Wanniassa (April 2016) (dog)

Fadden Hills (October 2015) – (cat)
Wanniassa (2015) (cat and two dogs)
Campbell (2015) (cat)
Deakin for an elderly couple with a dog and two indoor cats (referral from a friend)


  • Syd. Eastern suburbs, Syd. Lower N Shore, Syd. Southern suburbs

Hey Everyone

I'm Sharon Luxford, a corporate professional who is also a professional house and pet sitter.

I have been blessed with many new and rebooking clients throughout 2019 and am next available for house and pet sitting in Sydney from 10 January 2020.

So a bit a out me...

I have house, dog and cat sat for friends and friends of friends over many years, deciding to 'turn pro' in March 2018. I rented a garage, set up as a walk in wardrobe and am fully embracing and completely loving the gypsy lifestyle that is house and pet sitting in Sydney.

For me, house sitting is a two way relationship...well three or four when you include the pets ;-)

I believe it's important that everyone meets and establishes a relationship before the house sit commences. There needs to be a match..for everyone. The house owner, the house sitter and your furry, finned or feathered babies.

I also have travelled extensively using Airbnb and have often stayed in Host's homes while they were away.

I work in the Sydney CBD as a Project Change Manager. I also have my own LinkedIn Profile Writing, Keynote Speaking and Executive Coaching side hustle, called 'Frock Up & Rock Up'.

I am a non-smoker and have my own car. Wifi and off street or under cover parking (where possible) are always welcome ;-)

In my free time, I like to spend time at art galleries, on and around the harbour foreshore and beaches, at the cinema with Dendy Opera Quays a favourite, op shopping and enjoy cafes in new and interesting locations.

I would love to be of service to you and your friends or family, if you are planning any travel in 2020 and would like your home and/or pets lovingly cared for while you are away and can provide additional references.

I can provide client recommendations and a current Police Check dated 30 October 2018. You can also view several client recommendations on my house and petsitting Facebook page, it's called Sydney House and Pet Sitting Services.

Looking forward to meeting you and your beloved pets.

Speak soon

Sharon Luxford


  • Melb. Inner suburbs

I am a happy, easy going woman in my late 50s and am hoping to do some home and fur baby sitting over the next few months while I work out what's next.

Most recently I have cared for a lovely couple's home and pets in Fitzroy North for three weeks and prior to that, a beautiful home and fur babies in St Kilda West for the whole month of January.

I am a quiet, house proud, non-smoking person who adores animals and enjoys gardening and making my surroundings beautiful.

In return for the trust you place in me, I will care for your home and loved ones as if they were my own, with love and gratitude for the opportunity it allows me.

I have a current Police Check and my most recent house-sitting / character references are attached. I can also provide additional personal references / phone numbers as required.

Thank you for your kind consideration.

MJ & Greg

  • Northern Vic, SE Vic, SW Vic

We're a family of four (2 boys aged: 9 & 11). We love animals and have 2 of our own furry friends at home (not travelling with them) and will look after yours like they're our own. We own our family home in Nth QLD and are looking to move to Melbourne at the end of the year. We're using our holiday time to look at schools and rental houses in the South East area of Melbourne. House sitting accommodation type is not important, just the area that we wish to explore. Happy to look after any type or size of animal.

Ingrid & Lidon

  • Adelaide

We are Ingrid (28) and Lidon (35), a Spanish female couple from Barcelona and Valencia.

We love to travel. Our last places visited are Canada, Mexico, South Africa, London and Rome. We like to meet new people and we are always ready for new adventures.

As we live near the Mediterranean sea we love the sun, good weather and good food.

I work as a Head of Operations in an international agency helping people to go abroad for studying and Ingrid works as a project manager in an event agency.

Both of us used to spend the summer with our families in a house in the mountain surrounded by nature, plants and flowers

My dad was a pet lover. That is the reason why there were lots of animals since I was born and I can´t live without them. Ducks, rabbits, cats, dogs, fishes, goats, hens, iguanas and even a lemur. It was like a farm!
The last pet that I have was Churry, a very smart dog. It was a mix between boxer and retriever and we found her in the middle of the forest, so we didn't doubt to rescue

I remember to have pets at home always. Poleo, Pluto and Braky were 3 dogs that I enjoyed too much.
One day we rescue a cat that was abandoned in front of my house and she has 1 kitten, Trufo, that we live with us from 20 years. It was very special for the whole family.

As soon as we have the opportunity we try to take care of our family and friends pets. Guillermo (a cat) was the last one we enjoy in our house for 2 weeks

David & Louise

  • VIC

We are a healthy and active retired Melbourne couple, married for many years, who have been both home owners and renters. During the past few years we have completed several house sits in Victoria, and we are now looking for another position, preferably for a period of three months plus.
We very much appreciate that the secret of good house sitting is to care for the home, garden and any pets involved as if they were our own, and are confident that we can do so as required.
References are available upon request. Please contact us if you wish to consider us as your house sitters
Louise and David Thackray


  • VIC

I’d love to look after your fur babies! I am an experienced pet sitter with different breeds of dogs, cats, rabbits, fish even worm farms. I have grown up with animals and have experience with chickens and bee hives. I am originally from England and have been travelling around Australia pet sitting so have plenty of references for you to check upon request. Also I am happy to look after your home as I would my own :)