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  • Melb. SE suburbs, Gippsland

House and Pet Sitting!

If you live in the south east suburbs and need a house sitter to look after your home and your special fur babies then I can help.

Summary: 30 years old, full license, reliable, non smoker, punctual, good communicator, non drinker (except for the occasional gin and tonic). Can supply both personal and professional references.

My name is Jessica and I’m available for house sitting as of October 6th as I’m currently finishing up a seven month sit. I work full time as a primary school teacher and love the outdoors. I have extensive experience with numerous animals, growing up on my families farm. I also have extensive experience with horses as I compete in dressage.

I would prefer a minimum of a week long stay, though I’m trying to house sit as much as possible while saving for my first house so the longer the stay the better.

As your house sitter, I promise to:
- Leave it cleaner than I found it
- Change and wash all sheets and towels before I leave
- Communicate clearly on matters that are important (animal health, utilities emergency etc) but otherwise leave you to enjoy your holidays in peace
- Ensure your fridge and pantry are stocked with essential groceries for your return
- Follow any instructions you leave with meticulous attention to detail

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to message me.


  • Melbourne

I'm a reliable, considerate & tidy, 41-year-old non-smoker. I began housesitting in May 2017 and I've built a solid reputation as a trusted house and cat sitter, see my profile for references, police check available also.

I've owned and sat all sorts of cats, including some with special needs like anxiety and illness, so I'm an experienced cat carer adept at administering feline medication in various forms if required.

I'm seeking sitting arrangements for 2019 and I have a preference for longer sits (minimum 1 month) in inner city areas. I would enjoy caring for your cat/s with the devoted affection of a true cat-lover. I can also assure my commitment to watering plants and maintaining a high standard of cleanliness.

I am employed full-time with the Victorian State Government and my office is located in the CBD.

If you are seeking a capable, considerate and respectful house sitter, please contact me. For reference, some of my previous cat-sits include: 

  • Ernie, Mia & Lilly in Northcote, (Ernie required twice daily medication for a heart condition);

  • Celeste, a shy, sweet British Blue recently rescued from a breeding farm, in Hawthorn;

  • Little Man, affectionately nicknamed 'The Voice', in Heidelberg (daily anxiety medication);

  • Miss Goblin, a delightful black puss with the shiniest fur (she insists on being brushed twice daily) in Fitzroy;

  • Gatsby the Bengal & Aida the Maincoon in Heidelberg; and

  • Rambunctious Russian Blues, Moscow & Sputnik in Richmond.

Lynne & Juliet

  • Upper Hunter Valley, Rockhampton

From December to March each year we stay at our home in Rozelle, Sydney, with my partner's adult children so when we both return it gets a bit cosy. When in Sydney I miss the family dogs back in England so much we often go down to the Callan Park beach to swim with the dogs there and get our fix. Then last year it suddenly occurred to me to Pet Sit. My own children are back in England so from March to December I divide my time between them, the grandchildren, dogs and cats ( See pic above!) and having a bit of peace away from it all in our home in rural France. My youngest daughter now lives in Freshwater so things are getting even more complicated.

We both therefore understand and appreciate the value of family and home life and the balance between that and the enriching experience of travel.

I grew up in Yeppoon, Queensland and went to UNSW in Sydney where Dale and I first met, before returning to England to work in the theatre. I eventually had a large family and I became a teacher. My first job was as a kennel maid for Guide Dogs and my second was as a Veterinary Assistant. Dale is an original Balmain boy and has been a journalist for most of his life. We have both had dogs and cats our whole life and occasionally birds, fish, and hamsters. Once the children were grown we began our travels once more, Dale and I renewed our friendship and now we have homes in England and France as well as Sydney

Last January we enjoyed two weeks House Sitting two delightful Westies also in Rozelle, accompanied by my youngest daughter Juliet and her boyfriend Joe who are now living in Freshwater. This year I would like to find a house near them rather than cramp their style as well as their unit.

Dale and I have a healthy, wholesome, energetic lifestyle and can do most things around the house that need to be done. Also Joe's an electrician so I have instant access to practical technical local help if ever there was need. Dale has had beautiful homes in Balmain and we now have houses in Cheshire, England and in France as well so we both love gardens and know how to maintain and care for both houses and plants as well as pets.

The most important aspect to any housesit is your pets' safety and health and the keeping of a familiar routine, to ensure their happiness and freedom from separation anxiety. I would honour their unique qualities, likes, dislikes and foibles and respect whatever rules you need me to follow, no matter how big or small. I would give your precious family pets all the love and care and fun that we shower upon our own family pets and in doing so I hope to give you complete peace of mind while you are away from them. I will enjoy keeping you updated on their day's fun and antics - and I will especially love to see your joyous homecoming.


  • Canberra, Syd. Eastern suburbs, Syd. Lower N Shore, Syd. Southern suburbs, Syd. SW suburbs, Northern Rivers, Tweed Coast, Gold Coast & Hinterland, SA, TAS, WA

My name is Rose and I am a mature age PhD student. I am currently living between Sydney, Lismore and the Gold Coast while I complete a professional Doctorate researching early colonial history (Sydney and Parramatta). My husband and dog live on a sheep farm in the northern tablelands of NSW and our children are married with lives of their own. Between us we have 5 granddaughters who we adore.

The reason I do house-sitting is because I love animals and miss my own. I get much pleasure caring for beautiful pets during my time in their life and it is lovely to receive unconditional love while doing my research. I enjoy the new experiences house-sitting gives me and have been inspired by some of the lovely environments I have stayed in. One of the benefits is making lots of new friends and I now have regular house-sitting appointments.

About me, I have always been a home owner, do not smoke and am extremely clean and tidy. I am also very security conscious. I am not into parties and take very good care of the houses/apartments where I stay. I have references and a Police clearance for your consideration.

I am happy to chat with you and also meet in person to say hi to your pet/s and allow you the opportunity to discuss your needs and requirements.

Thanks kindly Rose


  • VIC

We are experienced long term housesitters, house sitting since 2013 and have completed numerous housesits in both Australia and around the world.

We enjoy getting to know the personalities of the animals we care for and giving them affection (if this is something they like). We have cared for a range of animals including cats, dogs, fish, a sheep, parrots and frogs and enjoyed each experience. We have also maintained a range of different houses, including their gardens, pools and spas.

We are both social workers who are active, we love to walk, run, swim and ride our bikes and then hang out at home on the sofa and relax and read books or watch movies! We are non smokers, we do like the occasional drink but we are not party people and when house sitting we are most likely to be relaxing at home enjoying some quiet time, cuddles with pets and enjoying our environment.

We maintain a blog of our housesitting experiences (please contact me for the url details). The blog provides an overview of each housesit and references, our referees are happy to be contacted to verify any details.

We are home owners ourselves, we started housesitting in 2013 before going overseas for 18 months and we carried on housesitting when we returned to Melbourne. As home owners we know how to care for a home, the importance of maintaining a clean home and ensuring that any issues are addressed in a timely manner.

We are both required to have police checks for our employment which can be provided if required.

When in Melbourne we both work and will need to be out of the home from approximately 8.30 to 5.30 depending on location.


  • Brisbane


  • Brisbane, South Eastern

My husband and I are semi-retired and in our early 50’s. We have been happily married for 29years. Our children have all moved out now and living their own lives. We have sold up our home and have been travelling and want to do more travelling this year. We both work from home now on the internet, so we would always be present to keep watch of your home and keep your pet company 24/7. Most pets enjoy company all day, they feel more comfortable. We are fit & healthy and would care for your home as if it is our own. We are extremely trustworthy and non-smokers. We have looked after all sorts of animals, and cared for a myriad of homes, and every owner has been extremely happy with us. The pets usually miss us when we go! We are very house-proud people who like to keep a very clean house, and enjoy gardening. We’ve always had our own vegie garden and enjoy digging around in the garden & watering plants. My husband is happy to mow your lawn or maintain your pool (if you have one) 

 If you require any further information or wish to speak with me, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Best regards

Rayna & Phil

Christine & Jin

  • Melbourne


  • VIC

Hello. I am a mature man, 55, non smoker and have been housesitting now for 18 months.

Whilst trying to get back on my feet again I feel that this would be a great opportunity to help out others and see parts of Melbourne that I have never experienced.

I have had pets all my life, and would look after yours as if they were my own.

I have renovated and kept neat and tidy a house so I would treat your property and possessions with the respect they deserve.

I am available as soon as required and would be delighted to look after your pets and home for you.


  • Central Coast, Port Stephens, North Coast, South Coast, Wollongong & Illawarra, North West Slopes, South, Spencer Gulf, West Coast, Hobart, Burnie, Devonport, Rural/Regional Tas, Geelong, Otway Ranges/ Great Ocean Rd

Someone you can absolutely count on! 38 references available.

Hello, I am Clare, 64, retired ABC radio broadcaster and experienced house/pet-sitter of many years (see references for details). Although I have cared for a delightful variety of farm and domestic animals in the past, my preference these days is to care for cats, or other not too demanding or boisterous animals.

I lead a simple life - studying, walking, swimming and seeking to maintain good health in aesthetically pleasing environments within 10 mins of the sea. To this end, I alternate between the coastal areas of Tasmania (Oct - May only) and mainland Australia, often returning to the same homes at the ongoing request of their owners.

Tamworth NSW is the one exception however, where I am always glad to visit, due to previous associations there.

My home bases are Mona Vale, NSW and South Arm,Tasmania.
I have numerous references available and all referees are happy to be contacted personally.

Samantha & Daniel

  • NSW

My preferred housesits are in the Hills area, Blacktown area, Penrith area and Richmond area.

I am a reliable, mature young lady. I am a non-smoker.

I am a primary school teacher living with a noisy family so I use housesitting as an opportunity to have some space and quiet.

I am also interested in buying a house in the future so I find housesitting a fantastic opportunity to get to know the neighbourhoods and functions of different houses.

I enjoy animals, and live a very tidy, active lifestyle.

I also work as a casual employee at a leisure centre.

I am interested in ensuring people have peace of mind that their house and animals are looked after whilst they are away. I have multiple house sitting experiences over the last 5 years and am called upon regularly for future housesits by previous clients.

My partner joins me for house sits. He is 24, currently working as Lifeguard Team Leader and is working towards a career in musical theatre. He was a part of the Mary Poppins production at Riverside Theatre in 2015 and continues to perform in amateur productions.

Lucia Paz & Gonzalo

  • Melbourne

Hi there! 

We are an Argentinian non-smoking couple living at Melbourne,  We'll be travelling with our working holidays visas for almost a year. We love animals as much as travelling! We've been house sitting for 2 months now.

My name is Lucia (26), i am a fashion designer with experience in children clothes and footware. Besides of my work in the fashion industry i used to be a babysitter of 3 lovely kids. I have been surrounded by animals since i was a little child, First we had an irish setter, then a beagle and a french bulldog named Newton. I also had some gerbils when I was a teenager. At the moment, I'm working as a part time babysitter so I have the work with children check, and doing some freelance design work.

About Gonzalo (27), He is an industrial engineer, In argentina worked for several years in the automotive industry. Besides of his professional work he is a handyman, always working in the house maintenance. He also loves dogs, cats and fishes.

He is working as a pool tiler in different areas of Melbourne.

We both love to stay at home and watch some films rather than going out!

Our main goal is to connect with Australian culture, understand how the australian lifestyle is, and be part of this great community!

Please don't hesitate on asking anything you would like to know about us! We can provide some references as well.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Pam & Keith

  • NSW, QLD

We are a couple in our early 60’s – recently retired who enthusiastically enjoy house sitting because it allows us to provide a valuable personalized service to home owners. Nothing gives us more pleasure than making home owners feel comfortable with being away from home, knowing their house is in good hands until the owner's return. We're very grateful to all our wonderful clients for the opportunities they have granted us through inviting us into their homes and lives. We receive trust, and in exchange, we provide loving care. We are non-smokers who are honest, reliable and dependable house sitters who will respect your property and personal things. Our background was in education. We have owned a home and are fully conscious of the care and security needed in keeping a house (including a pool) maintained. Also we have had pets that lived very long comfortable lives because we treated them as part of our family. We will care for your pets as if they were part of our own family. We have had experience in house/pet sitting before and we have references available on request.


  • Melbourne

Therese & Doug

  • Syd. Eastern suburbs, Syd. Lower N Shore, Syd. Upper N Shore, Central Coast, Newcastle, Upper Hunter Valley, Darwin, QLD, Melb. Inner suburbs

We are a 'senior' couple (non-smokers) and have recently moved to the Sunshine Coast Hinterland area after having sold our rural property in Tasmania late last year.

In 2017 we became "professional house sitters" and enjoyed the experience very much. However we made the decision to become home owners again late 2017, but this does not mean we have "retired" and will always consider any suitable situations.

We would particularly be interested in discussing our suitability for your needs if you live in the Sydney Northern/Eastern suburbs, Melbourne City suburbs or far North Queensland.

We are practical people and have mostly lived on small acreage properties in Tasmania. We've enjoyed the company of many pets over the years including 2 cats, 2 dogs, a pet sheep, 2 goats (so not 'pet'!) and chickens.

We have had work experience related to housesitting placements when we worked on a remote Pilbara island, and in Coral Bay, WA. Doug was responsible for pool maintenance and general groundsman work, and I did housekeeping duties - and kitchen hand! It was a great experience living on a remote island, and fairly challenging coping with a Pilbara summer. We have also worked in a remote Aboriginal Community in the N.T. Doug was the Essential Services Operator and I looked after the Creche in the morning before changing hats to be the Centrelink Agent/general office admin. person in the afternoon. It was another wonderful opportunity and gave us an insight into the lives of Australia's indigenous people.

During 2017 (our 'gap year') we had the pleasure of meeting several home owners and their pets, and now have experience with managing big, bouncy dogs to the little feisty ones, chooks and cattle.
We can supply excellent references with one home owner declaring we would win a house sitter of the year award - if there was one!
We fully appreciate that making the decision to have people you don't know come to your home and care for your pets, garden and house may be a difficult one. We would like to assure you we would take the time to listen to what is required for your 'loved ones' to remain happy in their home, and would promise to care and respect your property as if it was our own. We are honest and reliable people!

Most recently we had police checks done, which is a requirement for people working for the Australian Electoral Commission in OIC roles at State and Federal Elections, and this we have done on many occasions. We are in the process of obtaining our own police checks. Also police checks were done when working in the N.T. and when I did volunteer work for Vinnies (Airlie Beach) and The Red Cross (South Perth).

Our interests are travel, music (member of a Community Band) quilting, gardening, walking and baking. I love to discover new speciality shops, delis, etc. We enjoy concerts and the theatre.

Below are two references, contact details could be supplied once you have made contact with us, and as we receive new ones we will add them as well.

Thanks for taking the time to read our profile, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Thérèse and Doug Boote.


  • Syd. Eastern suburbs, Syd. Lower N Shore, Syd. NW suburbs, Syd. SW suburbs, Syd. Upper N Shore

Hi! My name is Brendan Sav, I have recently returned from an eight month, around the world holiday and now have plans to save for an apartment/house of my own. I work for McDonalds Australia (Head Office) as a Marketing Consultant and given the nature of my employment, I have the flexibility to work remotely from home sometimes. I own a small Cavoodle named Wiggly and he's the most beautiful thing in my life. Since returning from overseas, I have been residing in Carlingford with my parents. I am welcome the idea of house-sitting, as it will allow me the opportunity to enjoy some space whilst also helping others in need. I understand the importance of looking after a loved companion and can empathise with house owners as i was so heartbroken when i left Wiggly to go travelling.

Annamarie & Karina May

  • Sydney

I'm a professional of media background who has a very keen interest in travelling and working overseas in development projects. In my later years (50s),  and now my daughter grown up working overseas, Im much freer to travel and visit places around Australia as well.

Houseminding gives me this opportunity. I try to live simply so I can fund my travels as much as I can, here and overseas. I also work online now or do plenty of freelance projects so I can have more opportunities to squeeze in the travelling whenever possible.

I love meeting people and get to know languages and culture from all over the world!

I also love domestic animals like cats and dogs and happy to take good care of them.

This is the first time I've formally registered as a house minder, although  in the past, I've minded friends and family's homes whenever I could to help out.

I'm a non-smoker, like the beach, do regular yoga and still continue to pursue my love of media work through writing and coaching when I can online. 

I'm happy to supply references when needed.

I'm a proud homeowner who has just rented my place out after renovating it so I can go away and do more places exploring. I truly understand the importance of taking good care of your home and also your pets in the home, as I've been a homeowner for 9 years now. I will be available for home minding and sitting initially for 4 months, then I may do more travels and come back again to do more of it. I also have police checks which are asked for now in all employment in NSW.

My daughter Karina May will also be joining me with the house sitting. She works as environmental development worker in Asia and also currently visiting Sydney. She is working nearby on short term work in Bondi.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


  • Syd. Eastern suburbs, Syd. Lower N Shore, Syd. Southern suburbs, Syd. Upper N Shore, Central Coast, South Coast, Southern Highlands

Great house sitter, very kind and attentive to animals. Happy to walk dogs and give all pets time and can also be there at nights and a lot of the day. I love gardens so will make sure they are watered and also pots. Clean, tidy and reliable and a non smoker.My interests are Design, Gardens , Meditation and Bush walking and enjoy a walk along the beach. I am quiet and love to read and just relax.I am a very professional house sitter and you will return to a lovely clean house. Excellent references.


  • ACT, South Coast

My name is Elaine and I am a complete animal nut great re



  • QLD

Apart from enjoying spending time with family & friends along with their fur, feather & fin "babies". I like to travel, cook, write, watch football (NRL) and attend live theatre productions.
It would be my pleasure to care for your beloved pets in your absence.


  • Melbourne


I'm a 46 year old single professional working on my PhD and working on a pilot project (a Mental Health Crisis Team with Victorian Police) as well as part-time contract lecturing at university. My job is very stressful so when I come home I want a quiet place to unwind and relax (and study after some procrastinating).

I'm incredibly tidy and organised so your place will be spotlessly immaculate when you return. I prefer the company of one or two friends for a quiet meal at a café or restaurant rather than big get together's (which has a lot to do with the fact that I can’t cook to save myself so I don’t inflict my lack of gourmet skills on others). I love animals (so if you have pets they will be well cared for) and I like pottering around the garden (so if you have a garden it will be loved too).

I’m interested in house-sitting as a way of checking out different areas around Melbourne so that when I’m ready to buy I can make an informed choice. It also means that I can work part-time while I’m working towards my PhD. Because house sit full time, I’m good at it and you know you’re getting someone professional and reliable. I have a Federal Police Check and a Working with Children Check for your reassurance too.

I’m a pretty introverted person and like to keep to myself, but I also think community is really important, so looking out for your neighbours and making sure they’re okay is really important to me.

I have outstanding rental, house sitting and Air BNB references that will impress you. I hope to have the privilege of sitting for you one day.

Kind Regards,



  • Syd. Eastern suburbs, Syd. Southern suburbs, Syd. SW suburbs

Hello, I am a 37 year old (animal loving) professional and I would love the opportunity to look after your pets and house while you are away. I primarily work from home so can ensure your pet receives ample attention and care.

The essential info:
- Non-smoker
- Animal Loving
- Experience with dogs, cats, goldfish and reptiles but could and would love to look after any animals
- Experienced home owner

I will treat your home like my own and love and care for your pets, including walking, grooming, feeding (including strict adherence to special dietary needs) and administration of medication. I will keep a watchful eye on their health and wellbeing but above all have fun with them and ease any separation anxiety they might have by being calm, kind and positive.

I am are happy to cater for all needs from very active working dogs who require physical and intellectual stimulation to more mature or infirm pets who may require quiet company, reassurance and cuddles.

Hold a current full drivers license and own a car, am happy to provide a copy of license and passport to house owners.

I have extensive gardening experience and am also happy to keep the flora of the house happy too.

I look forward to the next house sitting adventure and would love to connect with you and your beloved pets.

Warm Regards

suzanne & larry

  • NSW, TAS
  • Reduced Contact

If you are looking for experienced, responsible sitters it would be great to hear from you.
We are a retired Canadian couple and our daughter lives in Manly. For the last five years, we have spent most of your summer in the Sydney area. Part of our visits have included house and pet sitting.
We are currently renovating a cottage in rural Ontario, Canada. Our passion has been to build or renovate our homes. One of these homes was a farm with a small flock of sheep and various other livestock and pets.
Suzanne is a retired registered nurse and Larry a retired firefighter. Our activities include yoga, hiking, cooking and travel. We are responsible, active folks who would care for your home and pet(s) as if they were our own.
We are non-smokers and will provide additional references if requested.
Larry and Suzanne Peacock

Kathryn & Michael

  • VIC

We would love to do house sitting as Kathy and I are both animal loves. We also have police checks. Also we will do house cleaning, pool maintenance, and lawn maintenance.

Mark & Jennifer

  • Sydney, Central Coast, Hunter Valley, North Coast, South Coast, Darwin, South Eastern, Central Coast (Qld), Northern QLD, TAS, Melbourne

We are a retired couple who spend a lot of time travelling both domestically and internationally. We also use our caravan around Tasmania. We live in a seaside suburb just south of Hobart and we have a 2 storey house with well maintained gardens and we are both very house proud. We have had dogs and birds in the past but due to our frequent travelling we don’t have any pets at the moment.
I worked with Tasmania Police for 27 years and can provide a Police clearance if required. Jenny worked with the Health Department for 22 years.
We welcome the opportunity to look after your house and pets if required.


  • ACT, Southern Highlands, Murray & Riverina, Snowy MTS, Southern Tablelands, North Eastern

Hi, I am Robyn. I came to Canberra over a decade ago now for work and fell in love with the bush capital - its nature reserves and the incredible blue sky. I work full time and am studying permaculture and horticulture. I love being outdoors and working towards land regeneration. I grew up on a small property in rural Victoria with chooks and sheep and dogs. Our dogs have always been a major part of the family. I have also cared for cats, fish and a guinea pig in previous house sits, and have had some experience working with larger animals, including sheep and cows.

I am a non-smoker, and don't really drink. I try to get in a run or a walk everyday; even better with a dog for company, particularly in the face of a chilly Canberra winter morning! I love reading, learning, and doing things with my hands, whether it is sewing, or metal work or gardening. For me, housesitting is an opportunity to meet new people and pets, gain new experiences and perspectives. It also helps me towards my goal of buying piece of land where I can put my permaculture and horticulture knowledge into action.

I respect the privilege and responsibility that comes with housesitting and taking care of your pets, and want to feel that you can go away with peace of mind, knowing that they will be well looked after. Happy to provide referee details on request or answer questions you may have.

Dick & Ann


We are a retired, non-smoking, quiet living couple.

We are well-traveled and when we stay in a property anywhere in the world we look after it properly and leave it in very good order, clean and tidy.

Although we are UK based we are always looking for opportunities to stay in Australia.
We have considerable experience of house/pet sitting with cats mainly, but also with other small animals, here in the UK and in Australia. We also had cats for over 35 years!
We have, of course got references and a police check.

We have just ( April ) booked to visit our daughter in Sydney and will be there from the 9th Nov to 11th Dec in rented accommodation.

We will now not be in Australia before then but will be available from Dec 11th in the run up to, and over the Xmas period



  • Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast & Hinterland, Cairns, Melbourne

Hi! I'm a non-smoker, clean, considerate and reliable. I have been house sitting on and off for a long time and understand the anxieties house owners have about allowing a stranger into their home. I am happy to meet in advance to answer all questions and hopefully allay those anxieties. I enjoy taking care of small domestic animals, cats in particular. I look forward to hearing from you!