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Michael & Bernadette

  • Brisbane, South Eastern
  • Reduced Contact

We are an active and mature non-smoking professional couple who run our own internet businesses and we have reached a stage in life where we have the freedom to be able to travel and be inspired by new experiences and locations.

Both of us are animal lovers and have had many animals over the years. House-sitting provides us with a great opportunity to travel and meet new people, care for their homes, pets and gardens while they are out there having a well deserved break!

Michael has spent the majority of his life as a Singer/Songwriter/Entertainer and now promotes his songs and jingles on the internet. You may want to watch our song video "Follow Your Dreams" link below which is exactly why we have now changed our lifestyle to be free to travel in the prime of our life.

I have been involved mainly in Sales and Marketing but my passion is video and photography production.

We have properties in Australia that are currently rented and fully understand the concerns that your home will be lovingly cared for.

Being a mature and responsible couple, we can assure you that your home, pets and gardens will be looked after and your neighbours will still be talking to you when you return home.

We are currently enjoying discovering Queensland around the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Gold Coast.

Please do not hesitate to contact us and we look forward to meeting you in the near future. Police check available on request.


Hello! I've recently completed my first housesit through this website, please see reference.

About me: I’m an Executive Assistant, I work for the CEO of a Life Insurance Company (don’t hold that against me!). It’s a high pressure job so on the weekends I enjoy quiet time at home - cooking, listening to music, watching TV and going for walks. I live with my partner in Fairfield, he has 3 kids who stay with us every second weekend. Sometimes our house can get a little hectic so I sometimes need to escape to a quiet place to restore my energy for the working week.

Growing up we always had a dog in the household- Labrador, Dalmatian, Weimaraner, Cattle dog. Back in my share house days there was a Jack Russell in the house, so I’ve come to love dogs, big and small!

I lived in Europe for 4 years and while living in Estonia, looked after a Labrador for 2 months while the owners were overseas. It was the middle of winter so that meant daily walks in the snow! During my dog sit, Maks sustained a bleeding toenail due to the extreme cold conditions so that meant a trip to the vet – in a foreign country. Thankfully the vet spoke English! I have a good understanding of the needs of dogs (daily exercise, companionship and affection) and when vet care is required.

I’m passionate about dogs and look forward to owning my own when the time is right. In the meantime I would like to explore some new areas, while looking after your pets and attend to any household chores as required.


  • Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, Mid North Coast, Tweed Coast, Alice Springs, Darwin, QLD, VIC, Perth, Kimberly/North

Hi I am a single, mature female. This is a time of exploration for me, I work as a casual, agency, theatre nurse, a job that can take me all around Australia. My children are grown and I am free to enjoy different places and people. I have always had animals and love nothing more than the unconditional love they bring to life. I am vegetarian, I neither smoke nor drink and I have practiced and taught yoga and meditation for the past 30 years.
I look forward to the opportunity to house sit for you,


  • Melbourne

Experienced sitter looking for long or short term house sits in NZ.

Hi there,

My name is Trish, and I'm the ideal choice for caring for your home and pets whilst you are away.

I am a 37 yr old, non-smoking female who is responsible, attentive and honest.

I spent most of my twenties and early thirties travelling the world. I see house-sitting as a great solution for seeing NZ and saving my pennies for my own home.

I have a fair amount of house-sitting experience having looked after and cared for people's homes and pets in Sydney for a year in 2014, with proven references, and also in Auckland in 2017.

A few helpful things to know about me:
- I'm an animal lover and grew up with cats, dogs, pigs and guinea pigs
- I generally work full time Mon-Fri
- I am well-traveled and spent 3.5 years working on luxury super yachts so have a high standard of cleanliness, always leaving the homes I look after in great appearance
- My friends would most likely describe me as diplomatic, loyal, responsible, honest and caring

When you choose me as your sitter, you can rest assured that your home will be well looked after, your plants will continue to flourish and your pets will be loved as if my own.

Don't hesitate to ask me any questions. Please let me know if you would like to chat further and I can call you. I think house sitting is a wonderful idea and I look forward to meeting amazing people and furry friends along the way, and being able to help in whatever way I can.

I have references and police check on file.



  • ACT, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast & Hinterland, Sunshine Coast, Rockhampton, SA, TAS, Melbourne, WA

I'm Cheryl an honest mature female who is clean trustworthy, non smoking and a respectful house sitter.

I work in financial services and have very flexible work hours working from home a few days per week in the Sydney CBD.

I have recently sold my home in Paddington and am wanting to house sit for a while before I eventually relocate to Brisbane to be with my family.

I can offer excellent references and am a very experienced dog /cat sitter.

My recent sits have been for Shih Tzu, Labra-Doodles, Sharpeis and Maltese Poodles.

Recent cat sits have been for Siamese, Maine Coons, Norwegian Forest, Persians, Burmese and most loved moggies!

I have no issue with helping with house work or light gardening and would treat your home as my own.

Warm regards,



  • Sydney, Southern Highlands

I am a non-smoking animal lover currently looking for a house to sit before I join my partner in New Zealand in January 2018. Currently working in Sydney 3 days per week and the Southern Highlands the other 2 days, so am looking for somewhere in either location. I enjoy gardening and like to keep the house tidy. It's my first time on this site but I frequently dog-sit for my current boss, please contact me for references.

Amelia & Sarah

  • Melbourne

Experienced house and pet sitters available.

We are two friends (Amelia and Sarah), young professionals in our late twenties. We are currently on career sabbaticals from our fulltime jobs in London.

We will be spending January and February 2018 in Melbourne and would love to look after your home for you. We have previous house-sitting experience in Melbourne, and have got to know the area well.

As a home owner myself back in the UK I understand the importance of having a person you trust to care for your home while you are away.

We are both very clean, tidy and houseproud! I clean my house back in London nearly every day!

I love animals and have experience pet-sitting too.

We are also happy to water the garden/other housekeeping tasks that need doing.

References available for both house and pet-sitting.

Please do contact us to discuss your individual needs:


  • ACT, Tweed Coast, Gold Coast & Hinterland, SA, TAS, WA

We are a happily retired couple who have been happily housesitting since 2013. We are fortunate to have cared for many beautiful pets, homes and gardens. Many of our sits now are through referrals or repeat house sits. We can readily arrange phone or email references if required.
We are seeking a house sit close to our aunt and uncle who live in Banora Point in The Tweed area. The house sit we are seeking is for 17th May to 17th June,or thereabouts, as the aunt and uncle's emergency contacts are overseas at this time.

If you are interested in contacting us, our details are as follows. We would love to hear from you if we are able able to help you too.

Names:Theo and Colleen Richter
Phone: 0488208786 or 0488581877

Email: theoandcolleen @

Peter & Robyn


Peter & Robyn are married and recently retired.
Peter is a qualified Accountant who held General Manager and National management positions with the NRMA, Brambles and TNT.
Robyn previously worked in Child Care and bringing up our three lovely children.
We have outstanding credentials and references.
Peter is very handy around the house and is able to take care of all minor repairs.
Robyn loves gardening and will look after your garden as if it were her own.
We are both pet lovers and will take very good care of your pets and or farm animals.
References and police checks are available on request.

Anne & Peter

We are a responsible, caring couple in our early 60;s, very fit and active, who now consider
ourselves to be full time professional housesitters.
We originate from North Sydney, however
we have been 'on the road', sitting long term.
We are from a social services background, hence we have a police check and (WWCC).
Also we can furnish very good references.

We enjoy maintaining a homeowners residence in their absence to a high standard,including
residential and acreages. This has included, outdoor tasks, lawn mowing, garden, watering systems, etc.

Peter is a bit of a dab hand when things need fixing.
We will forward mail, keep in touch with
you via email, phone, Skype etc, in your absence, and keep up to date with your home, sending
regular updates and photos.

We are fastidious house keepers, and like to keep everything spic and span.

Both Peter and I enjoy using the internet, reading and researching and are adventurers by nature.
We are very social, enjoy meeting new people, walking, and the gym.
We neither smoke, nor drink.

If you would like further info, you are very welcome to contact us.

Look forward to hearing from you, about your potential housesit.

Anne & Peter


  • Melb. Inner suburbs, Melb. NE suburbs, Melb. NW suburbs, Ballarat, Geelong

Bruce & Lyn

Dunsborough/Bussleton sitters. We are recently retired. Lyn a nurse and myself a teacher. We have had dogs all our married life, and know how to keep them happy, and contented. We have also had cats some time ago. We are both active, lead healthy lifestyles (non-smokers) and wish to spend more time in South West WA as our son now lives in Dunsborough. We both enjoy gardening. Please contact us for photos and more info. We will have references shortly, as we are currently on a house sit with 2 labs until August 5th.
Bruce & Lyn


  • QLD, TAS, Perth N.E suburbs, Perth S.E suburbs, Northern

Danielle & Stephen

  • NSW


Our names are Steve and Danielle and we are a young, professional couple who are currently saving for our first home. Steve owns his own business in Website Design and Danielle is a Primary School Teacher.

We have been house sitting consistently for over a year now and as a result of this, our enthusiasm for house sitting has grown so much stronger! We have completed long and short term house sits, with up to 3 animals and are comfortable with all animals and always ensure we treat them as if they were our own.

We are very friendly, tidy, organised, resourceful, motivated, tolerant and are both non-smoker or drinkers who loves walking dogs, stroking cats and talking with birds. We have house sat for a range of animals including dogs, cats, lizards, birds, fish and poultry.

We are both quite house proud and like to keep our space tidy and clean (We are that couple who apologises for the mess even when others think it's more than tidy enough!), and take extra care when it comes to shared spaces and other people's possessions. We also don't mind helping others out at all and have been known to do the dishes for them while their back was turned... Rest assured that you will return to a tidy home!

Danielle also has a very high demand, one eyed pug who lives at her parents house so we are both very aware and confident when dealing with animals who have health issues. (The pug does not need to travel with us). Her sister is also a vet nurse at SASH and so am used to a range of health issues.

Furthermore, being a teacher and working for myself, we do not work long 12 hour days and so are able to be home to look after your pets.

We both have our own cars, as well as having references and police checks available.

House sitting offers us the opportunity to save for our first home, whilst getting to experience heaps of amazing animals in lovely places. We think it is a great way to find out what living in an unfamiliar area is like, while having the calm and comfort of a home and the chance to smother pets with love and care (if that is something they appreciate, of course). We regularly contact house owners so they can be assured that their house is in the best care possible.

Thank you for reading through our profile and we hope to hear from you!

Patricia & John

  • Syd. Lower N Shore, Syd. NW suburbs, Syd. SW suburbs, Syd. Upper N Shore, Lower Hunter Valley

My husband and I are retired and matured aged and experienced in caring for all animals from goldfish to guinea pigs, cats to 60 kg dogs to goats, sheep and horses.
We have attained skills based on the Parelli Natural Horsemanship principals. We follow the pet owners instructions to the letter.

We can offer references both from happy home owners and a character reference for a highly reputable organisation. . There is a recent reference attached to this site but not everyone can open it so I am happy to send it to you via email. We do not have Police checks as such but my husband has a "working with children" clearance which went through the same process.

We have over the years cared for some very upmarket homes on Sydney's Northern Beaches and harbourside suburbs. We understand the need to care for expensive items in the home.
We have our own lovely home in Tea Gardens at Port Stephens. We are very houseproud and keep it spotless.
Whilst we love animals we do not allow them to sleep on our bed or in our room. We would appreciate being able to bring our caged canary along for our holiday:)

This Christmas we ideally are looking to sit somewhere in the Gladesville/Hunters Hill and riverside areas . Alternatively Sydney's Northern Beaches.

We have children and grandchildren in Sydney as well as an elderly mother in law at Camden so we need to be able to visit them during our time there.
Our children's business is very well known around the Northern Beaches
Throughout the year we are keen to find short sits of weekends or up to 5 days out in the Camden. Macarthur area due to our mother in laws location. Semi rural is nice eg areas around Camden Picton, The Oaks etc.

We are non smokers and extremely light occasional drinkers.

Please call or email if you would like to have any further information. My iPad is always on line so I can answer promptly.

Yours sincerely,

Patricia and John


  • ACT, NSW, Darwin, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, WA
  • Reduced Contact

I am a happy, friendly, 60 year old semi-retired house-sitter who is a fit, non-smoking, mature female; honest, reliable, house and garden proud. I grew up on a farm thus have familiarity, experience, patience and love for animals and pets, having grown up caring for many various pets of my own.

I have a passion for gardening and landscaping; I have the time to care for, walk and empathize with your pet/s missing their owner/s while keeping your home safe and as you left it. I have always owned my own homes and worked in responsible professional positions; married for 37 years to an electrician who works away six months of the year, with adult independent children living interstate pursuing professional careers.

I will respect your home, garden and beloved pets with the care I show my own. I can supply a Police Check, Working with Children Check (pets are our children!), House Owners and character references when required.

I am willing to listen carefully to your instructions, preferences & requirements. Thank-you, Dianne :)

Pearl & Barry

  • Melbourne, Otway Ranges/ Great Ocean Rd

Kia Ora.

My names Pearl, I'm from New Zealand and am fast approaching my 28th year.
We love animals of all shapes, feathers, fur and scales. I have experience rehabhiltating dogs and cats and allways find they have a ton of love to give!
We have house sat in 10 different locations for this website, we allways like to meet all house sits prior to, to see if we match.
If we accept your house sit you can expect a ton of love and genuine care, free walk/runs depending on the breed (we will walk the corgis) and as many updates as you can handle (or none).
You can expect to arrive home to your place just as you left it with all linen washed dried and folded, floors mopped swept vacumed or all of the above and probably some mail.
We like to add all of our house sits on a social media platform so we can send pictures or via txt is just as good.
Please do check out our references!

Barry is a manager at WINC Warehouse in Port Melbourne, he owns a home in Mill Park (near Uni Hill). We rent this out so as to save in preperation for Africa.
I have flexible hours and days as i work a few nights per week for large functions at the grand hyatt and barry works during the day so there is allways someone home.
We are currently house sitting in Brighton with 1 super affectionate cat moo moo.
During our house sit prior to this, we cared for 2 horses a pony and 6 cats!
It was on a Hobby farm in Doreen and so much fun!
We genuinely love looking after animals and choose to house sit in order to save for our trip to Africa where we plan to volunteer with big cats.
I grew up on a farm so combined we have years of experience with most things 4 legged and above : )

Neither of us smoke or drink, I have a Federal Police Check and we have references available.
We'd love to come and meet you and see if we fit!


Pearl Paki & Barry Jenkins


  • Sydney

An experienced house-sitter (short and long term stays across Sydney and the Blue Mountains). I can provide you with excellent references, both personal and professional. I am a sessional urban planning lecturer at UNSW and also work with a NSW State Government department in a senior position. In my downtime I work on my PhD, enjoy reading and cooking, or simply enjoy the outdoors and getting back to nature.
I am conscious of the care and security needed in keeping a house maintained - especially when it is someone else's home. I am mature (38), responsible, consciencous and take great pride in the care and presentation of my own living environments, and would do the same with yours.
I have experience minding animals also - and have a lifelong love of cats and dogs. I am looking to house sit in Sydney's east, or inner west - to be close to work - while I save to purchase my own home. I also love gardening and the last home I cared for - the owners returned to a thriving herb garden that was non-existent prior to to their departure.
If you would like to find out more about my background and interests -


  • Brisbane

Mature, single and responsible. I am currently living in Brisbane looking for work and a place to rent. I love cats and would enjoy some house-sitting while I get myself sorted out in Brisbane. I have a current police check and references.


  • Sydney

I am a responsible, caring, mature (57), non-smoking
and compassionate female, who adores all animal's.
When I house pet/house sit I enjoy:
Grooming, walking, playing with pets.
General house work/water plants
Emergency repairs
Phone messages recorded
Turning over the engine of car
Collecting mail
I have enjoyed four year's experience pet/house sitting, with consistent repeat requests. I am an Australian, based in Sydney.
I work from my computer, at home, ensuring plenty of company for your pet's and security for your home.
My lifestyle is quiet. I enjoy walking, reading, yoga. I am saving to purchase a home.
A few reassuring references:
To whom it may concern:
This is to confirm that Diane Penney has looked after our house and Rosie (our dog) on a number of occasions whilst we have been off on holiday.
I have no hesitation recommending Diane to anyone. She is most trustworthy and looked after the house extremely well and left it in immaculate condition.
Rosie is always excited to see Diane who obviously takes her on some great walks and feeds her well.
Please feel free to call me anytime should you wish to discuss any details.
Yours sincerely,
Dave Upton Ph: +61 2 9437 3347
ITbyus Pty Ltd., Fax: +61 2 9437 1232
Suite 1, 52 Carlotta Street, Email:
Greenwich, NSW 2065
Michele and Michael France
99 Cumberland Avenue
Tel: 0414 243 998
To Whom It May Concern
Dear Sir/Madam,
It is with great pleasure that I write this character reference for Diane Penney. Diane has cared for our much loved home, pets and garden on a number of occasions and at all times we have come home to an immaculate and well cared for home, pets and garden. We have a large garden, which can be a challenge to some, however Diane has maintained this much more than we could have imagined.
We are always very happy to go away on vacation when Diane is caring for our home.
I would highly recommend Diane Penney to any person requiring care for their home, pets and garden. She is truly a delightful person and is sincere in her care for other people’s possessions. She is trustworthy, honest and reliable.
Diane comes with the highest recommendation.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.
Kind regards
Michele France
Jane Salmon
Wadenswil; Switzerland
Pet: African Grey Parrot:Houston
Email received from Jayne after pet/house sit:
I think you must be my Fairy Godmother!
Firstly Houston is happy, clean and singing!
But then….
My laundry is folded!
The apartment is cleaner than I left it!
There is no rotting food in the fridge!
All the plants are happy!
AND you’ve made us supper!!!!!!
You win house sitter of a lifetime!
Thank you!
58 Monkton Farleigh
Bradford on Avon
Wiltshire BA15 “QN
To whom it may concern
I am very happy to be a referee for Diane
Penney, and have no hesitation in recommending
her for any house/pet sitting job she chooses to
undertake. I have found her dependability and
responsible attitude faultless and have complete
confidence in Diane’s reliable attitude.
Diane house sat for me for four weeks over the
Christmas and New Year Period. During this time
she proved herself to be trustworthy, honest,
efficient and extremely clean and tidy. I
barely knew I had had a stranger in my home when
I returned!
She cared for my garden birds while I was away,
and if I’d had a pet (I used to own a dog until
he died recently) I would have been only too
happy to leave him in her care. Added to
Diane’s upstanding character is her sympathetic
nature, her kindness and her wonderful sense of
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have
any queries or wish to discuss this reference
Yours faithfully
Caroline Seed
Geneva; Switzerland
Letter of Reference for Diane Penney
Diane looked after our two energetic standard
poodles and our apartment in Geneva for a week
in January of this year. All were in good
condition upon our return. Diane is energetic,
responsible and very tidy.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to look
after a pet, home, or apartment.
Gayle Hermick


  • Sydney

Being 43 (and female) I come house trained. I like to keep things tidy and appreciate a home that is well loved. Having had my own home and pets, I totally understand the importance of maintaining the home and the responsibility that comes with owning pets such as love, cuddles, litter changing, daily walks and of course the importance of keeping things regular especially around meal times.

I'm an animal lover at heart, always have been - having had animals my entire life (dogs, cats and birds), I couldn't imagine my world without the love or company of a furry friend, they simple make your world brighter.

I am single and a non-smoker and I of course have references and, a smile. I enjoy the change and adaptability that comes with house sitting - it's the ultimate of being in service to one another.

As I work for myself and a small part-time job on the side, my days are varied but generally, I have the luxury of not working the 9-5 and spend most mornings at home.

If you're looking for that person who will treat your home as they would their own then I look forward to hearing from you.



  • Melbourne

Hi. my name is Sue and my partners name is Lloyd. We have recently moved from Perth to Melbourne where my 3 daughters and grandson live. I am a retired Teacher Assistant and Lloyd is a retired University Lecturer. I own my own home in Perth so I am used to caring for a home and gardens. We are very neat. houseproud, health conscious, energetic, and most important we both love dogs. We will be housesitting over the next 12 months until we sell up and buy a place in Melbourne. I have always owned dogs and my last companion was a beautiful cocker spaniel who was with me for 14 years. As we are retired we would be around the house a lot of the time to take your dog for walks, keep him company, and give him lots of cuddles. I am happy to chat on the phone and answer any questions you may have. Cheers Sue

James & Bee

  • VIC

We're a mature, responsible, professional couple in our 30s and are experienced in minding homes and pets. We've lived in various towns and countries and we're currently interested in living in different places as both a lifestyle choice and for work/life balance.

As avid animal lovers, we pay special care and attention to everyone's needs, whether they are of the furry, scaly or the feathery kind. We're patient and compassionate with animals of various ages and various needs, and we're experienced with large dogs, cats, chickens and more. Whether the dog needs to be walked, cats need to be played with, fish need to be looked after, chickens need to be fed or the goats need to be talked to, animals are priority- their health and happiness always comes first. We follow the pets' routines just as they're used to, including feeding, grooming and a good dose of affection- which means allowing them to sleep on the bed if they are most comfortable there! Bee works from home and can provide the care and company that your pets need around most of the clock, and James is also handy around the house and garden.

We're non-smoking vegetarians and can ensure your house is kept clean and tidy, just the way you left it, and you can have full confidence that it will be treated with the utmost respect. We believe homes are sanctuaries.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, and we'll happily provide you with more information on our experience, and references if needed, and how we can help you keep your treasured abode and all its inhabitants safe and protected while you're away.

Happy to offer a series of complimentary professional photographs of your pet for long-term minding assignments.


  • Central Coast, Hunter Valley


My name is Meaghan and I am 28 years old, currently studying a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science at Newcastle Uni and work two casual jobs.

I have recently started house sitting as a way to save money while I study and also experience living in different locations as well care for pets while I can not have my own.
I am mature, respectful and tidy and will look after your home like it is my own.
I am fit and active and love spending time outdoors, therefore love spending time walking and playing with pets.

Pleasd do not hesitate to contact me for a chat.


Vance & Patsy

  • Sydney, Mid North Coast, Northern Rivers, Toowoomba & South Eastern

We are a fit and active newly retired married couple in our late fifties.
Living in a suburban house with our aged but gorgeous cat we are now free and flexible in our house sit dates due to having no more job commitments!
In my previous life I was the Chief Financial Officer for a Brisbane based construction company.
My wife Patsy was a nursery hand for a native plant nursery on the Gold Coast and she is a still a keen gardener and likes nothing more than pottering around our garden.
Our previous home was on 8 acres which included horse paddocks and formal gardens which we maintained to a high level so the care and maintenance of your garden would certainly be in safe, experienced hands.

From an early age my wife has been besotted with animals and has kept a menagerie over the years which included horses, dogs, cats, chickens, and guinea pigs to name just a few!
Any animal in her care would be looked after with much gentleness and love.
Having had a house sitter to look after our rural property and animals in the past we fully understand the importance of our proposed job as house sitters.

We would appreciate the opportunity to become your house sitters and would meticulously maintain your property and care faithfully for your animals.

We have both character and previous house sitting references for you to view on the website and we also both have a National Police History Check available for any house owners that request it.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Vance & Patsy


  • Melbourne

Hello, my name is Rosemary, I'm 30 years old and from a small city in the UK called Hereford.

From December 2017 I will be in Melbourne, VIC giving talks and workshops on a variety of health and wellbeing topics, until at least May 2018. I move around a lot for my job, so I travel light and am very neat and tidy. Your home will be cleaned for you before you arrive back from your trip away, and I love gardening so I'm very happy to keep yours looking neat and tidy, and water any plants you have.

I have done some housesitting both in the UK and New Zealand, and would be happy to provide references if requested. I love animals, especially cats and smaller animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters. I have owned all of these myself, most recently 4 rescue guinea pigs, and a huge 200 litre tank full of goldfish!

For my most recent house sitting job, I looked after a gorgeous fluffy cat called Lucy (see picture) for several months, and a beautiful ex guide dog too for a few days. Whilst at the house, I looked after the vegetable patch and kept the plants watered, as well as cleaning the house.

If you would like to get in touch, please send me a message.
Thank you,

Susie & Gary

  • ACT, NSW, Alice Springs, Darwin, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, WA

We are on the road to retirement & looking forward to the next stage in our life, we are still doing some work via the internet & this means that we will be around for most of the time to care & watch over everything for you.

As well as travelling & having new experiences along the way, we have found that house sitting really suits us as it is so comforting to stay in a friendly home environment & if there are pets or animals to look after, then their company is an added bonus!

We love animals & wildlife & have had a long experience in caring for dogs, cats & farm animals. Unfortunately we no longer have our own pets, so we would welcome the opportunity to care for yours.

Over the years we have also had extensive experience in house & garden maintenance having renovated our own properties & also as sitters, we have cared for a number of different types of homes & properties ranging from large farms through to smaller homes & units.

We do understand that everyone's house & pets are different & we seriously take this on board & listen to each individuals requests & we will follow through with meeting your specific requirements while we stay & promise to keep you updated while you are away.

The opportunity to become your house sitter would be a great privilege & something we would not take for granted, as we both understand it is a necessity to respect your house & property & keep it well maintained while in residence.

We are both non smokers, healthy & happy people & look forward to hearing from you.

If required we can provide further reputable references & recommendation contacts.

Hope to hear from you !

Susie & Gary


  • Syd. Eastern suburbs, Syd. NW suburbs, Syd. SW suburbs

I am a mature 32 year old English girl who has made Sydney my home for the past 7 years. I am a personal trainer and also have my own online business meaning I am very flexible with my hours and can therefore accommodate most requests. I began house sitting for my personal training clients whilst they were away on their travels and have found it a rewarding way to live and look after their furry friends. I have owned and rented out properties back in the UK and Australia so understand what it takes to look after someones home and am very respectful of peoples space. The pooch in my picture is my friends dog Ralph, a high maintenance but gentle soul who loves visiting his Aunty Louise! Being a PT, I am active and love being outdoors so no amount of doggy walking is too much. I'm also a non-smoker.


  • Sydney, South Coast

Hi there! Looking for a housesit in Sydney prefer north shore, northern beaches, inner west... but will also consider other Sydney Suburbs from 14th December 2017.

My name is Nicole and I would love a chance to look after your home and pets as if it were my own! I am a responsible and mature 37yr old single female, who works in the City in Tourism. I have been housesitting now since December 2011 and I am having a great time meeting wonderful new people and animals. I am loving experiencing the different suburbs of Sydney, it's allowing me live in neighbourhoods that I do not know and would of never thought to live in which is great fun and exciting. I am currently saving money and have payed off my debts. I would love settle into my own place one day. A goal of mine is to buy my own place someday.

I am very caring and trustworthy. I absolutely love all animals. I love walking, swimming and bike riding. I really enjoy my time at home on my days off or exploring the new suburb that I am in. I have looked after a variety of homes from large family homes to small units. My experience with animals is mainly cats and dogs. I really enjoy walks with the doggies and playing in the park or on the beach. I have looked after other pets including guinea pigs, fish, birds. I love all animals and enjoy their company.

I am a non smoker and like to water the plants and sit out in the Garden, I have had experience looking after pools and am happy to do that too. I am clean, tidy and will be respectful of your property. I can provide you with excellent references from my previous housesits. I am ready to housesit, hopefully for weeks or months, I am ready and available. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further information or questions you may have. I have put down the Northern Beaches and North Shore as my preferences, but am willing to consider other suburbs too, so just contact me. Would like to experience different suburbs, I also like the eastern suburbs and Inner West.

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  • Sydney

I am 55 years young at heart,a retired Care home owner for the elderly of 20 years,and will be joining my daughter who moved to eastern suburbs Sydney 5 years ago. My interests include Architecture,renovating period properties,a real foodie,gardening and long walks,a non smoker and have police checks.
I love the flexibility that house sitting allows me to explore and experience the globe,whilst I want to travel a lot I cant be a pet owner at this moment in time but love the idea I can be a pseudo pet owner and take care of your pets - flexibility great. I also love the fact that house sitting we are both helping each other out :) I have owned and cared for pets of my own and can understand the importance of animals in peoples lives.