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  • Sydney, Central Coast



Im retired(well as retired as I can get) Im presently living in Thailand volunteer teaching english and organics.
I have to return to Australia for 2 years to make my pension portable and cant afford to live there paying rent while doing so, house sitting seems a good alternative.
I have never house sat before(unless house sitting for my wife, we have been separated for 4 years I sat for her in Sept while she went on a cruise and small trip in America).
I have had cats and dogs nearly all my life, even now in Thailand I have a couple of dogs in my Soi(street) who wait for me to comeback from my walk for a scratch and rub.
I have had many homes during my 66 years and have taken good care of them all, mine that I owned or rented while in the RAAF for 20 years.
I dont smoke and drink very little if at all(unless after a hard days work I may have a bottle). A tidy and clean person, the RAAF taught me these. I walk at least 5 klms each morning rain willing, I have been involved with sporting clubs most of my life and like watching local Rugby League when I can.
I cannot supply references at this time(unless my wife counts as she said she can supply me one), but will Im sure be able after my first house sit.


  • Central Coast

Hi. My name is Cherie, I am 42 years of age, a non smoker and would love to look after your home and pets! I work as a Property Manager in Erina so you could say 'Accommodation is my Business'... I am an extremely responsible and respectful person that treats your home and your pets as if it was my own.
I grew up with animals (mainly dogs/cats and birds) and do love being around them - its that unconditional love a pet brings to a home/family!
I started house/pet sitting when I relocated from Sydney early 2017 - initially for 6 months but have loved it so much that I'm still doing it nearly 2 years later!
I can provide you with regular updates, pictures etc of your pets and property while away, I am also happy to liaise with any contractors if you have work that is being carried out while away.
If you have any other further questions or queries then please do not hesitate to contact me.


  • Syd. Eastern suburbs, Syd. Southern suburbs, Central Coast

Hello, my name is Sam, im a clean, tidy, responsible, non-smoking 41 year old animal lover and retired pilot!
My hobbies are tennis, swimming, golf and flying aeroplanes.
Our family always had cats and dogs while growing up, and I continue to enjoy the companionship of pets.
I'd be honoured to look after your place as if it were my own, feed and walk your pets and water the plants.
References from previous housesits and police report available upon request.
Thank you


  • Melbourne

Animals are my favourite people! With over 3 years of solid house sitting experience and many great references, you can be confident that your precious companions will receive the best of care while you are taking a break.

To date, I have cared for over 150 animals including a variety of dogs, cats, miniature horses, chickens, fish, guinea pigs, goats and even a pair of emus!

I am a non-smoker who is clean, tidy and considerate of your home. I bring my own bedding and all consumables with me too; you can rest assured your home will be just as you left it on your return.

A current police clearance and many references are available on request.


  • Melbourne

I am a single, 30 year old non-smoking professional who works as a Teaching Associate at Monash University. I am currently living in Mentone though as my lease expires early July, I am looking for an alternative option to renting as I am also undertaking my PhD candidature at Monash so my funds are rather limited. I love the company of pets - I rescued my last two animals. However, this is not a prerequisite. I am extremely neat, clean and house proud. My work, studies and my regular exercise routine (Pilates and hiking) keeps me busy so I really enjoy my space and quiet time. Looking forward to having a chat. Thanks :)


  • Melbourne

Hi, my name is Veronica, I am a 32-year old non-smoking female. I am originally from the UK, but am working at the University of Melbourne setting up Science Gallery Melbourne. I have house sat privately in Melbourne, London and Warsaw.

I am currently based in Brighton East but would like to get back in to house sitting as I really miss looking after sweet and adorable pets. Back home in London, I have a cat who I miss very dearly but luckily my Mum is taking care of her. I've grown up with cats, and dogs have always been a big part of my family. I really enjoy going for walks and walking is the best way to explore Melbourne so taking your dog for a walk will only be a pleasure. What I cherish and find fascinating about cats and dogs is that each pet has its own individual character and habits which results in different needs and requirements. Having lived in shared accommodation in the past, and also having the opportunity of taking care of someones house or flat in Melbourne, to which I sometimes still feel like a tourist, means that I would carry out domestic responsibilities as if the house was my own! I am quiet and respect neighbours.


  • Melb. Inner suburbs, Melb. NW suburbs

Hi my name is Karen, I am a healthy, mature nurse with a young attitude (58yrs), looking for an alternative to renting. I have 2 adult children & try to divide my time between Melb (during footy season) & Adelaide (first grandchild), so that I am in their lives without cramping their space!!!!!

I know how stressful it is to choose the most ideal person to take care of your pets, home & personal possessions while you are away.

You need someone you can rely on to treat your pet/s with love & care, exercise them, feed them & be responsive to their unique, sometimes quirky personalities. Someone who will maintain your home in the manner you prefer, respect your privacy & security, be able to find appropriate solutions to problems that may arise in your absence. Choosing from the many applicants makes that decision even more difficult, I'm sure.

So let me make the decision easier for you!

I am a healthy, fit, responsible, mature Registered Nurse with outstanding referees, testimonials from people whose homes & animals I have cared for, & a current police clearance, due to the nature of my employment. My employment is flexible & I spend a large portion of my time at home. I am a solutions orientated woman - which comes in very handy in the event of an 'emergency'. I have extremely high integrity & can assure you of the highest level of respect for your personal property & privacy.

I consider myself a valuable resource providing a quality service for families to relax & enjoy their holidays, confident in the knowledge that ALL will be taken care of in their absence, & that on their return EVERYTHING will be 'as if they'd never left'.

I'm the woman you will want to have on your contact list for future sits, & will find yourself recommending me to your friends & family.

Housesitting appeals to me as I am able to provide a useful, cost effective service to others whilst saving money myself & learning my way around Melbourne, & being closer to my son. I love the company of animals, & being able to allow people to leave their beloved pets & home with peace of mind, to enjoy their holidays gives me joy. I would be happy to chat or arrange to meet up to discuss your requirements & to determine if we are a great fit.

As of 12/6/19 I am looking for sits in Melbourne from 29/7/19 to 22/8/19, & 18/9/19 to 30/10/19 - preferably western suburbs of Melbourne.

Should you require any further information, feel free to text or call me on 0437293709 - as email is slower for me to access.

I look forward to hearing from you

With love & light

Kayleigh & Daniel

  • Sydney

Being a dog owner myself, I know what it’s like to have unconditional love for your pet. I am a 26year old woman from London who moved to Australia in December 2016 with my boyfriend, Dan. Since moving to Australia we have completed the below house sits:

- 2016 - Bristol UK (Chickens/dogs/ cat)
- 2016 - Gerrards Cross UK (dogs)
- Christmas 2016/17; 20 Days - Rhodes. (2 small dogs)
- January 2017 - August 2017; 8 months - Marsfield. (1 small dog)
- August 2017; 7 days; Zetland (1dog & 1 cat)
- January 2018; 20 days; Hunters Hill (2 dogs / Fish)
- April 2018 1 week - Newtown. (1 dog & 1 cat)
- August 2018 1 week - Newtown. (1 dog & 1 cat)
- Dec 2018 - 2 weeks Campsie (plants & gardening)
- Jan 2019 - 4 weeks Hunters Hill (2 dogs / pool maintenance)
- Feb 2019 - 3 weeks Campsie (gardening)
- Feb 2019 - 10 days Bondi (house maintenance)
- March 2019 - 4 weeks Campsie (plants and gardening)
- April 2019 - Hornsby (2 cats / 1 dog)

Booked for 2019:

- May 2019 Marrickville - 2 weeks (3 Cats / Fish / Chickens)
- June 2019 - 4 weeks Mount Kuring-Gai (2 dogs)
- July 2019 Marrickville - 3 weeks (2 Cats)


- August 2019 / NSW Sydney Only
- Sept 2019 until 25th / NSW Only

We are experienced house sitters, comfortable looking after one or more animals at any given time - we've looked after dogs, cats, fish, chickens and birds. We're tidy people, and provide an excellent duty of care to your house and garden.

Dan has pool experience and would be happy to help with basic pool maintenance if needed.

With all our housesits, we treat the animals as our own with the upmost love and attention. Will be sure to send photos and updates to you throughout our housesit (if wanted), to give you that peace of mind you need to enjoy your holiday.

Before any house sits we would request that we meet and get to know one another. We think it's important for us to meet your pets and ensure we are the right fit. We understand that every animal is different with differing needs and routines; and we are happy to adjust to suit.

Current Living Situation:

For 2018 we had a 6 month lease agreement, which will be finishing up in November 24th. As we went home (UK) for Christmas we are looking for a short term house sit from 24th November - 18th December.

Since then we have been housesitting and looking for additional house sits in the months provided above.

Current Work Situation:

Both myself and Dan work full time in marketing; in St Leonards & City. Both our jobs are very flexible giving us the opportunity to work from home if needs be. We often work from home 2 days a week each to ensure we can look after the animals we are looking after.

As mentioned above, this flexibility allows us to work around the needs of each of our housesits. Our work are very understanding about our situation and have let us in previous house sits pop home to visit dogs throughout the day. OR take animals to the vet for appointments if needed.

Visa situation & Police Checks:

As we are both British we went through a rigorous visa application. I was luckily enough to get sponsored by my company allowing us to extend our visit.
Part of the sponsorship process is a police check to ensure we have no criminal records or convictions. We can supply all our visa information upon request if you wish.

If you would like any more information, please don't hesitate to reach out. We'd love to hear from you & happy to help. Either drop me a message or call me on 0432876521.

*If your house sit is not in Sydney but still need a house sitter we would be still more than willing to help. We would love to see more parts of the country!

Michael & Judy

  • North Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast & Hinterland, Sunshine Coast, Bundaberg & Wide Bay, TAS

Michael, retired graphic artist 62 and Judy, retired schoolteacher 56. We have owned our own homes and have had small and large pets for the majority of our married lives so we understand why you want your home properly maintained, and your pets looked after. We sold our home in Noosa Heads in November last year and have been house sitting and travelling since, with plans to continue until we feel the need to settle again. We currently have no pets and are empty nesters. We have had experience house sitting, and are both active people. Michael still surfs and we both enjoy walking, cycling, and travelling to new places. Michael requires internet access as he still does some part time work from home.


  • Melbourne

Hello there!

I am a mature, mid 30s professional who would just love to care for your fur babies!

I have been house sitting for over a year within my local community and love getting to hang out with the animals - which is why I'm now trying to make it a much more regular thing. Everyone I have sat for has been very happy with their experience and I have become their regular go to sitter. I have even made friends with a few!

I grew up with cats and even had rabbits for a few years. I love looking after these and dogs too, big or small, I can usually handle them all. So long as dogs are fairly well behaved on the lead I can handle most. I have looked after terriers, beagles, and an America Bulldog so far and have had no problems.

I will gladly walk your dog daily! I also love giving cats and dogs a good brush and watching them get blissed out by this. I love cuddles with them and will happily let them sleep with me on the bed if they're allowed. I love when cats curl up purring in my lap - nothing sweeter than this I'm sure!

I work full time in community health so if your pet has significant care needs, I may not be the best option, but I have certainly looked after special needs pets before with medication regimes and have had no problems with this. I may occasionally have a late night due to the nature of my work but this also means I start later in the day so will be able to walk etc earlier in the day. Working in this industry means I also have a Working With Childrens Check and all the checks and clearances this requires.

I'm neat and tidy around the house and will always try to leave the house as clean as I found it - if not better. I'm pretty quiet so I will spend lots of time cuddling your pets and will send you regular updates of our time together. I love getting out for a walk or a run and so will have no problems in regular walks for dogs - I'll even check the temperature of the pavement to make sure it's not too hot in the warmer months!

I can supply references on request, just let me know and I have a number of people who will be happy to oblige.

Please get in touch, I would love to arrange a time to meet you and your fur babies - gotta make sure I pass the sniff test first!


Debra & Tom



We are a non-smoking, mature aged couple who will look after your home and pets as if they were your own. We are willing to travel to most areas of Australia. At the moment we are looking for a house-sit in NSW, Victoria or Q'ld, but are willing to consider/travel other states. We are experienced house sitters, having done many sits over recent years including many return requests.

Our reasons for house sitting are simple. It gives us the opportunity of seeing different parts of this beautiful country, and it also to gives us the opportunity to provide the home owner with peace of mind that their home and animal/s will be extremely well cared for, should we be granted that privilege.

We take pride in what we do, being both neat and tidy. We enjoy a quiet life, are very capable, employ common sense and take care of things the way we would hope some-one would do for us.

We have cared for many different animals, cats (many varieties including Ragdoll, Himalayan, Russian Blue, Birman, Burmese, Siamese, much loved long haired and short haired moggies, all with different personalities and requirements, some indoor only felines). We have cared for number dogs (Malamut-cross, Border Collie, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Staffy, Flatcoat Retriever, Labradoodle, Swiss Shepherd to name a few), fish, chickens and cows a herd of 20+. In recent times we can add sheep and goats. We have looked after suburban properties and rural/semi-rural with water tanks and septic systems, pumps and bio-cycles.

We can provide excellent references upon request. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Debra and Tom


  • Sydney

Hello! My name is Lara-May and I am here to help you. I am a single, responsible, and reliable 50 year old lady available to look after your home and pets whilst you go away.

I will look after your home the way you would. I am a homeowner myself in New Zealand and I do understand how important it is to you that your home is looked after with great care. I have experience house sitting over the years. Currently I am in Queenscliff. I was delighted that this couple contacted me to come back for a longer term this year (7 weeks).

I have had to move here because there was no work opportunities where I owned my home in a country town. I had a small organic orchard, garden and cat called Sweetie. Locally there is an estuary to sail and swim in, as well as a the sea nearby. It was a great place to live in, but not be able to live.

So with little choice, Sweetie has moved in with mum and dad, and I have come to Sydney to find a job. Over the last six years I have been coming over regularly to volunteer for the Sydney Heritage Fleet. Some of the activities I am currently involved in is looking after scouts on sleepovers onboard the 1874 ship called James Craig. Soon I have 4 days as a crew member helping to train Naval and Army cadets.

When I am not looking for work, I am reading, or figuring out the next sight to see and explore around Sydney. I love photography, and my camera takes photos underwater, so I tried snorkelling recently in Manly.

You will find that you can trust me inside your home and that your pet (s) will be well looked after. I am clean and reliable. I don't go poking my nose around in other people's business. I like peace and quiet and my own company.

I have grown up with pets. My cats Puss and Kitty lived until 20 years old and were rather spoilt. I love playing and cuddling our fur babies, and be rest assured, yours would be treated lovingly as if my own.

I am available for any length of house sitting term and can provide both personal and professional references, as well as a police clearance. I will take excellent care of your property. I am available from July 7th, 2019.

Please call me at any time to discuss your needs.

Tom & Claudia

  • Sydney

Hi everyone!

Claudia and I are from Italy and the UK respectively, both 27-years old. We have been living in Sydney for almost three years now: Claudia undertaking her PhD studying freshwater turtles at the University of Sydney, and myself working as a scuba diver and underwater photographer. We have been together for almost 6 years now, and whilst being both huge nature and animal lovers, and having both grown up surrounded by dogs and cats, we unfortunately cannot commit to having our own animals to look after, as we have moved around the world a lot in recent years. House sitting for us is a fantastic way of being able to take care of other peoples' animals with as much love and attention as if they were our own! (Leaving them behind at the end is the heart-breaking part.)

After growing up in the south of France, I spent a lot of time house sitting for the British ex-patriate community living there. Over the years I've experienced managing many different properties, ranging from pet sitting in small houses to maintaining 10-bedroom mansions with extensive land and livestock. This has primarily taken place in rural France, but I've also been flown across to Scotland to undertake a long term house-sit and have been active in Sydney recently.

Claudia has accompanied me on many of these adventures, and the commitment which we have shown to the animals and houses which we've looked after has helped us develop great friendships with owners, and a trustworthy reputation. We are both very friendly, responsible and organised, and are able to independently deal with any situations which can arise during a house sit.

I am very practically minded, and have lot of experience gardening and cleaning all sizes of properties. Claudia is particularly besotted with the animals she looks after, and will always go above the call of duty to make sure they are properly cared for! She is currently writing up her PhD, so she will be able to work from home, if/when necessary. We are both clean and tidy people, do not smoke or do drugs, and we are not party animals.

We would love the opportunity to meet with you, in order to get to know each before you entrust us with your house and precious furry friends. Please let us know when the most suitable time for this is. I have multiple English-speaking references whom are happy to speak to you also, so feel free to ask and I will forward their written character references to you and put you in touch directly.

We will be available from late July onwards, and we are particularly interested in long-term sittings.

Best wishes,

Tom and Claudia


  • Bris. S W suburbs, Bris. Southern suburbs, Bris. Western suburbs, Toowoomba & South Eastern

I am a mature aged active woman, now retired. I'm just getting started housesitting. Having owned my own home and garden, I can give yours all the care and attention it needs. My own much loved pets, a cat and golden retreiver are in the 'happy hunting ground' now, so I can gladly look after yours. I am a non smoker and can provide references.


  • North Coast, Gold Coast & Hinterland, Toowoomba & South Eastern

My name is Michelle and I am a mature, single, non smoker, no children, no pets. I work as a part-time home based Typist (receive work by email - bring own wifi). I have been doing house sitting on and off for a number of years. I am trustworthy, reliable, clean and friendly. I enjoy mowing the lawns and any light gardening and wander around or go for longer walks with the dogs on regular breaks from any typing work (a job that need to take regular breaks).

Roger & Janette

  • East Lake Macquarie, Lower Hunter Valley, Port Stephens, Upper Hunter Valley, West Lake Macquarie, North Coast, South Coast, Central Tablelands, Snowy MTS, Southern Tablelands, Brisbane, South Eastern, Central Coast (Qld)

A caring respectful duo. We are a happy, quiet, easy going non-smoking mature couple who have raised 3 wonderful children and are now embracing a gradual transition to retirement. Roger spent 35 years working across all three levels of Government and Janette has just wound up a 22 year career with Big W. As we were pet owners most of our lives, and now have chosen to travel for a while, we love the opportunity to spend time and care for animals.

We have a beautiful home base in SE Qld from which we have embarked on a self sufficient camping trip around OZ and several long coastal reef sailing trips up the Queensland coast. These experiences are coupled with an early career for Roger as a Horticulturist and Janettes' great love of animals. Roger also grew up on an acreage with a variety of farm animals. This enables us to turn our hand to whatever tasks are necessary to manage and maintain property, plants and animals. We are honest, resourceful, reliable and happy with our own company and enjoying the environment we find ourselves in. We enjoyed a circuit of Aus in 2017 featuring some wonderful house sitting in 3 states and also as a camp ground host on a small property. Resulting in endorsements from all the home owners.

Our intention is to do some shorter trips in 2019 incorporating house sitting if possible as we loved the opportunity to meet some wonderful home owners, spend time with some lovely animals and get to know and explore local communities in much greater depth. Rest assured we will look after your home and pets as if they were our own and respect your privacy. We are new to this site but can provide references from home owners across Australia whose homes and animals we have cared for.

Previous reference."Roger and Janette were absolutely perfect! They really took care of our place and animals well and were great at communicating ie pictures of happy pets! They also went beyond what was expected and worked hard to clean up our pool and help organise a pool technician to come out. really grateful that we were able to go on a 2 week holiday with great comfort that our house and pets were in good hands... and hopefully they had a nice stay too!" GARTH (Emerald Beach NSW, Dec 2016)


  • VIC

I Love animals and I am very intuitive and affectionate. I find petsitting very fulfilling and I am enJOYing it immensely. Only pets know unconditional Love naturally. I enjoy spending alot of time with the pets I care for so I am home with them alot. I am a non smoker so I am very healthy and fit.
I am honest and have integrity l. I can supply many references as I have lots of experience.
I like to be Happy and joyful ~ it is my daily choice.

Sarah & Andrew

  • Sydney

Hi home owners and furry friends! We are a Sydney based experienced house and pet sitting duo (33 & 39) and also loving friends for your best friend while you are away on holidays.

We both work full time from home so your pets get our 100% full love and attention at all times. We are very active and healthy non smokers who love getting out with dogs to the beach and to the park and on adventures in and around Sydney. We are both houseproud and would consider it a privilege to care for your home, pets and garden and treat this with the upmost of care.

We have house and pet sat in many neighbourhoods throughout Sydney, as well as through QLD and Canada for the past 6 years and have looked after many cat and dog breeds, big and small, young and old, birds, fish, chickens and even turtles!

We provide full up to date police clearances and many reviews and references from happy clients for your peace of mind. I have included some photos of some recent happy furry clients,

We look forward to hearing from you!

Sarah and Drew


  • Melbourne

I am a 37 year old female who has had experience in house sitting for the past few months. Prior to this I owned my own home where I had a dog, cat, 2 house bunnies and 4 chickens. I am responsible, quiet, trustworthy, love animals and very clean! I work from home as a writer/communications coordinator 3-4 days per week so will be home a lot of the time, which means your pet(s) and house will be safe and kept company quite a bit!

Naomi & Lachlan

  • Sydney, Central Coast, North Coast, Brisbane, South Eastern


I'm Naomi, a 28yo an Adelaide expat who is exploring this beautiful coast with my partner.

I love nature, art, photograhy, music, sewing, reading, and learning everything I can. I prefer dinner and boardgame nights to parties, but I love finding new places and meeting new people (especially if there are dogs!).

I've had dogs, cats, and an unusual assortment of other animals over the years so am more than happy to look after, train, or just hang-out with any critters.

I am a strong believer in doing right by others, which extends to looking after property as if it were my own. I am tidy, respectful, and confident with problem solving when things need to get done.

If it sounds like I can be of any help, get in touch! I would love to meet you and your fur family :)

Mark & Jennifer

  • Sydney, Central Coast, Hunter Valley, North Coast, South Coast, Darwin, South Eastern, Central Coast (Qld), Northern QLD, TAS, Melbourne

We are a retired couple who spend a lot of time travelling both domestically and internationally. We also use our caravan around Tasmania. We live in a seaside suburb just south of Hobart and we have a 2 storey house with well maintained gardens and we are both very house proud. We have had dogs and birds in the past but due to our frequent travelling we don’t have any pets at the moment.
I worked with Tasmania Police for 27 years and can provide a Police clearance if required. Jenny worked with the Health Department for 22 years.
We welcome the opportunity to look after your house and pets if required.


  • Melb. Inner suburbs, Melb. NE suburbs, Melb. SE suburbs

Hi everyone!

My name is Sarah and I'm a friendly and reliable 30 year old professional, looking for a new temporary home and cute pets to play with and care for.

I work in philanthropy for a charity, love reading, cheese, animals, being active and camping. I'm originally from the country, and grew up with lots of animals and am keen to branch out from the apartment life and stay in different areas of Melbourne, whilst tapping into my of love animals with pet sitting. I’ve now moved out of my place I was renting and will be looking for places to stay from August until December 2019..

I've lived in shared living for the last 11 years and come from a big family, so I'm used to being considerate of other people and their spaces. I am one of those most organised, reliable, respectful and trustworthy people you will ever meet and I promise to apply this to any house sitting job. I’m also a non smoker.

Looking forward to meeting you and making your home and pets my temporary home and pets!

David & Jo

  • Adelaide

Hi, we are a home-owning, non-smoking, couple in our early 50's who love travelling, camping, sport and gardening. We are finally empty nesters after raising 2 boys and are keen for new adventures and doing something’s different. We are both house proud and would care for your home, pets and garden as though it were our own. We are happy to provide references and police check, if required. Please contact us if you would like us to take care of your home/pet(s).


  • ACT, NSW, Darwin, QLD, SA, TAS, WA

I'm an experienced house sitter and have been house sitting full time now for over 18 months and prior to that at various short term house sits for a couple of years. I have experience with many dogs, small and large and up to 3 at a time, cats, chickens and birds. I enjoy walking the dogs and happy to walk them every day, if required, have also been known to have to walk a cat as well! I have also house sat where I have had to look after a pool and spa and watering of gardens. I also consider myself to be a clean freak and will return your home in the same condition that it was when you left and will look after it as though it was my own. In recent years I have been lucky to do an apartment sit in Hiroshima Japan, and a couple of house sits in NZ. I am a non-smoker and am single and have no pets. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.
I have now just completed 6 months of house/dog sitting in Perth Western Australia and Darwin for 2 months and enjoyed every minute of it. I am now heading back south to the Sunshine Coast to where I usually live until the New Year. If you are looking for a house sitter while you have a break over Christmas/new year or school holidays I would love to look after your house and/or pets as though they were my own.


  • Sunshine Coast

Hi everyone! I am Anneke (dutch), a single non smoking 62 y/o house/pet sitter with experience,, Toowoomba, Mapleton, Deception Bay, Sunshine Beach,, Maleny and on the moment I am in Moffat Beach

I like dogs and cats and they like me :-)

Available from 25th of June.

A bit about me.. I am teacher in art courses, like mosacis, painting, dot painting, mask making, soap stone and a lot more.

I am also a psychic and give readings and healings.

I like to hear from you!



  • Melbourne

Hi Happy Housesitters Community!

I am a very reliable, experienced and trustworthy, single non-smoking Pet lover!

I moved from Sydney last June & have been House/Pet-sitting get a better feel for different areas of Melbourne before I choose a Suburb to call home.

I have always had pets in my life. My 2 Daughters now live in Melbourne & one has our family Cats (pictured) Kimba and Cooper, 2 rescues we adopted when we lived in Mornington back in 2010. I miss them terribly & will adopt another rescue cat or dog when I settle in Melbourne.

Looking after Pets is certainly a perk of sitting. Getting to know their individual personalities and nuances is special. I’ve been lucky enough to have sat many different kinds of dogs and cats and a few chickens too.

I am a homebody and can work from home if your Pet needs company or more care. Happy to follow whatever instructions and routine you instruct. Hopefully they will like pats and a snuggle sometimes, as I do. I am super clean and will keep your place clean as if it were my own. Also, happy to communicate updates as frequently as you like. Also happy to grab you fresh milk and bread or whatever for your return.

I have pet sitting, personal, work references and a recent Police check available. I also have a editable Housesitting agreement document available to use if you like.

Please message or call me for to explore the possibility of sitting for your pet/s. Happy to meet you and your pet/s to see if we are a good fit. The sooner the better to lock in your sit

Hope to hear from you today



  • Melbourne

Hello from the other side!
You can call me Gusta :) I have a lot to tell... deep from my heart. I am overseas Remedial Massage student in Melbourne. Well.. I have my previous Bachelor's degree in Physiotherapy. Though I am not practicing at the moment. And yes.. I am well educated person which is a little bit lost between million thoughts (I guess Gemini sign has something with that). Normal these days. I am not rushing anywhere... enjoying, learning new things, love to have different experiences.
Surrounding myself with happiness and love to share that with others. Sometimes have a "hurt cheeks feeling" - I am smiling too much.
In love with swimming and recently started attend Movement Classes in Melbourne, which I am enjoying a lot!
Ohhhh.... And if you are reading my profile, you have to know that I have my spiritual animal. Llama. They are so cute and even used for therapy purposes (helping to deal with depression). Have so many good stories to tell about them. And wish to share my house with Llama one day. I even know the name for her - Nina. I guess there is no chance to take care of llamas but I love other animals too. AT the moment living with rabbits!
Cheers Gusta

Beth & Peter

  • Mid North Coast, Tweed Coast, Rural/Regional NSW, Gold Coast & Hinterland, Sunshine Coast

I am a Retired School Teacher - mother of 2.
I am now living in an Over 50s Village in Toowoomba Queensland.
My partner who is also retired, will be joining me for some of my house sitting positions.
I would like to spend some time in Melbourne to see my daughter occasionally and get to know my grandchildren.
We are also looking for House Sitting along the coast of NSW and Queensland.
I have house sat previously mainly in Canberra.
I have also had 2 Golden Retrievers for 28 years and a cat while the children were growing up.
My Partner has also had pets when his children were growing up and is very experienced in anything mechanical or requiring a little maintenance wherever we are.
I am sure we would be able to care for your home and your pets.
I am able to include 2 references and I have other Phone call references but my partner has only joined me on one house sit and we did not think to get a reference. We are house sitting over Xmas so will make sure we get up to date references.
Thanking you

Beth Milne and Peter King

I have two References I will try to enclose.

Tess & Dylan

Hello everyone! We are house sitters based in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. Owners of cats and dogs, we are lovers of all animals! We can provide pet care, home maintenance and anything else you should need.

I’m Tess, a professional performer, Pilates instructor and nanny. I have looked after kids, cats and dogs! I also have house sitting experience. My partner Dylan works as a removalist full-time and has experience caring for dogs.

Our work schedules mean that at least one of us would be at home most of the time. We are both reliable, non-smokers and would take pride looking after your house/garden and catering for your pets’ specific needs! We are able to supply references upon request. Hope to hear from you soon!