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Johan & Chaewon

  • Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne

Hello there! We are a young couple in our early 20´s thats planning to do a working holiday in Australia and are now looking for a stable place to live the next upcoming months.

My name is Johan and i'm coming down to Australia the 13 of November I'm 24 years old and i'm currently working as an assistant nurse and part time waiter in Sweden.
I like animals and i'v had experience with them since childhood with caring for our family dog and being animal guard for friends or relatives pets.
I'v been living by myself for 2 years and i'm aware of the work and care needed to maintain a household.

Hi My name is Chae.
Im looking forward to find a special place that Will bring me wonderful memories of our time in Australia.
Im sure that we Will be right for YOU ;) and for your household.
For me My experience with animals has been with My beautiful Border Collie called Lime!
She was a very active dog so i had to get her active everyday and I loved it.
Taking her for long walks and playing with her whole days with frisbee etc.
Other fun facts about me is that I used to be a housemother for My old high school dormitory and I know how to maintain your house clean and tidy.

We are eager to get to know you and your lovely pets.
If you want to get to know us more feel free to contact us and ask us any questions.

Best regards / Johan & Chaewon

Jenny & Scott

  • Melb. Inner suburbs, Melb. SE suburbs, Bendigo

Jacquie & Michael

  • NSW, QLD, Melbourne, Perth

House sitting has been a great experience for us. We are experienced, police checked house sitters with 5* references who have travelled a lot. We have looked after many different dogs and cats, from Blood Hounds and Dobermans to Chihuahuas and jungle cats. The thing they all had in common was that we loved them all. They all had their own little personalities and none were any trouble at all to look after.

Our long term ambition has always been to travel the world. We would love the opportunity to do this now we are retiring so as to experience new cultures. We feel we could achieve this by spending more time in the same place and getting to know the local community. We are really interested in getting to know the local history, cultures and people of the regions we visit and making new friends along the way. Travelling at a slower pace would enable us to see more of the regions we stay in rather than passing though as tourists on the short weeks that we have had previously, so house sitting would provide an ideal opportunity for us to do this. We are both semi retired with healthy pensions which would more than cover living expenses. House sitting though would be ideal to subsidise our accommodation.

We are both real animal lovers and have had animals of our own (and other peoples) so are experienced with different animals and breeds of dog. Mike is retired now and I am still working from my lap top so we would be around during the days to look after any pets. We are a reliable and fit non-smoking couple in our 50’s (we love running and keep fit ) We’ve both had high powered jobs and feel we now want to break free and travel before settling down in one place. I was an operations director for 25 years for a craft company and am still working and Mike a broker in London. We miss all our animals over the years and would love to have some more animals friends back in our lives. We have a wealth of experience with property management and are confident we could look after your home and or pets with the same loving care as we look after our own.

Between us we have a variety of practical skills. We bought our own house as a shell and then subsequently more apartments that need complete renovations. Between us we have refurbished them all including plumbing, decoration, tiling, simple electrics new kitchens and bathrooms and even a couple of double glazed units. We have pretty much put our hands to all these DIY jobs and learnt so much over the past years in renewing and renovating that we feel sure we could tackle most problems if these should arise.

We are very house proud and reliable. We don't smoke and we can promise to leave any property spotless and well maintained.


  • Sydney


My name is Jono and I work as a sustainable building and design consultant. I love architecture, bushwalking, animals, reading, playing board games, AFL and the ocean. As a result, I try and surround myself with these as much as possible!

I am currently living with a friend in the Northern Beaches and I am fortunate enough to be paying cheap rent. As a result, I am looking to meet and care for different animals (as my unit doesn't allow them), and get away to see and experience new areas of Sydney. I have house sat before but not through websites such as these, more just casual arrangements with friends, family and while I have travelled overseas. Don't be put off by this as I have a flawless rental history and I have lived in a number houses that were not mine and I know how treat and be respectful of ones home. I am responsible, reliable, and clean, and I am also pretty handy around the house. I do not smoke and do not come with any other pets. I grew up with pets including dogs, cats and rabbits so I am very familiar with animals. My sister also fosters for the RSPCA so every time I go home to see her I get to meet a new friend!

I am willing to share bills and other expenses, and provide bond if needed. I can also provide references.

If there is anything else you would like to know please get in contact with me, or if you are close, I am happy to meet.



Hello. I have been a house sitter for just over 3 years . Most of my house sits have been by referral in Tasmania, and I have had requests to be on the Mainland too. I work mainly from home and therefore, I am able to move freely between house sits. Most of the house sits I have been asked to do have been to look after people's precious little dogs and/or cats and I have had the odd rabbit, horse, sheep, cows and chickens :) I grew up on a farm with a love of animals and a knowing for what they want. Sometimes, people just want me to be a presence in their home for security while they are away. I have been both home owner and a landlord and I have a healthy respect for both positions. I am looking forward to connecting with home owners who value my experience and what I have to offer. Those who I've house sat for ,would be delighted to provide a reference for you and I am happy for you to call them once we have made contact. Warm regards, Joanne.


  • Melbourne

Hi There,
Michelle & James here. First of all, thanks for the opportunity to look after your beloved house, plants and animals! How lucky you are to be traveling, it's a fun adventure.
We are a professional married couple who have recently sold our home. Our search for a new home is going to be a long one therefore have shifted in with the in-laws while we look. We, hope to house sit in between. Using the in-laws space for storage will allow us to be flexible house sitters to pick up house sitting jobs as needed.
As mentioned we are previous house owners and take great pride in house up keep both in the garden and in the house.
We both love animals and exercise regularly so are keen to have a companion in a pet while doing so.
We own a German Shepherd Bonnie who we love dearly. She will stay with our in-laws unless sitters pets are welcomed.
We are saving, so therefore will be home a lot to look after the house and pets. We have both grown up with dogs (German Shepherds and Labradors amongst others) and are very comfortable with all aspects of looking after dogs, medication, grooming etc.
We are looking at most parts of Melbourne.
We are happy to chip in for bills & of course meet up for a chat.
Of course we will answer any specific requests of home owners.
We hope you enjoy your travels knowing your animals, house and plants are being looked after.
Please contact us if you think we would be of service to you.
Michelle & James


  • Sydney, Wollongong & Illawarra

Hello! I'm a Clinical Psychologist working part time at a Community Mental Health Centre in Sydney and working from home writing and researching (4 days per week).

As I am working in Sydney in permanent jobs, I can be completely relied upon with any house sitting arrangements made. I am a non-smoker, non-partyer and also a very quiet, clean, tidy, and honest person by nature, and I show a lot of care and respect towards others and the things they hold dear (which includes homes and pets!). I love being physically active and outdoors - walking when I can, but am eager for some quite space in a cosy home to read and relax. Having grown up on a farm, I miss having animals in Sydney, so it would be a privilege to take care of someone's pets while they are away.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. I have completed recent police checks and working with children checks (a requirement of NSW Health) in February this year, and can hopefully dig up a copy if anyone requires it. I can also provide character references from people I have house sat for in the past.

SUE : 13** years house-sitting experience

  • Melbourne, Bendigo, Macedon Ranges, North Eastern, North Western, Gippsland, Ballarat, Geelong, Otway Ranges/ Great Ocean Rd

Metropolitan Melbourne ****Devote 90% of my time to your home & cats (pets) fish etc...:-)

************************THE CAT WHISPERER :-) *************************** [[ NO DOGS * PLEASE NOTE ]]

MELBOURNE SUBURBS. COUNTRY/CITY FRINGE PREFERRED' I SPEAK ALL FELINE DIALECTS' Experience with the peculiarities of Pedigree breeds plus domestic/moggies. NON-SMOKER/DRINKER AND I BRING NO PETS/CHILDREN. Quiet, Mature, Clean living christian woman 50 plus.
Clean, Smoke free homes with Tumble Dryer and WIFI Internet connection.

Excellent reputation; many repeat clients; which have been Cat-People :-) and I have been house sitting for several years full-time.
Home owner / renovator / decorator for several decades
Decades as a pet owner; mainly felines
Gentle & Compassionate animal/nature lover

I am a Polite, Friendly and Respectful, Quiet natured lady.

Capable, Friendly, Conscientious and helpful.

Strictly a Non-Smoker / Drinker/clean living
Extremely neat, clean and house-proud
Green Thumb
Light household / garden duties (no lawn mowing)
1-2 cats preferred

Excellent security as home 90 % of the time.
Security conscious and Vigilant; thus homes with good security i.e. working deadlocks/lights and off-street parking required.


  • Sydney, Central Coast, Hunter Valley, North Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba & South Eastern, Bundaberg & Wide Bay, Mackay & Whitsundays, Adelaide, Hobart, Launceston, Devonport, Melbourne

I am a dependable mature age retired lady who would like to explore other destinations in Australia, while enjoying the company of pets. I have owned pets (and a house) all my adult life and enjoy the companionship a pet gives. I live slightly inland on the Sunshine Coast and I have experienced several successful house/pet sits. I am quiet living, responsible and trustworthy & and enjoy having a tidy house. I have always been a devoted dog owner & so much appreciate their companionship and find pleasure in walking them. As gardening is an interest I am aware of watering needs etc. Other interests include singing (with a choir), travel & other cultures and being passionate about the environment. I volunteer with a Greening Aust. group. I have been a registered sitter with Happy House Sitters for some years (this can be verified with Ruth) and have had several successful sits caring for pets and their homes, mostly in Qld. I can supply contact details for a Referee if required.

Marilyn & John

John and I are retired. We are both 69 years young fit & healthy. I was an Office Manager for a carpet emporium and John worked with Telstra for nearly 50 years finishing in a Project Managerial Position.

We sold our beautiful home on the Gold Coast in 2012 and bought a Fifth Wheeler to take on Australia wide. We have been doing just that for just over five years. We now have firm friends whose homes we have looked after.

We will look after your home as you would yourselves. We are both house proud, John did love his garden and he is a very handy guy to have around. We have loved and lost our beautiful Alaskan Malamute "Tully" so we realise how important pet(s) are.

John has laid pavers, created a rubble drain, fixed a leaky roof. Maintained acreage, trimmed hedges. Generally hands on with the unfinished project or two. If a pool has to be cleaned he is the man to do it.

We have looked after chooks, birds, cats, fish, dogs, cattle, 1 horse and 2 ducks and guinea pigs.

I love keeping the house in tip top condition and I am able to do bookkeeping/office work if it is needed.

We pride ourselves with the excellent references that we have received.


  • ACT, NSW, Alice Springs, Darwin, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, WA

I have been an owner of dogs for 20 years. I am pet friendly, responsible and reliable. I am of good character and trustworthy both with your home and your pets - something that is very important to me, and I empathise with the decision to have someone in your home taking care of your precious pets. When I go away I have pet sitters come to my home so my dogs are in a safe familiar environment in my absence. I am fit and healthy (non smoker) and am able to walk dogs and maintain a clean house. I will respect your home and your privacy.
My partner is a stock agent. He is very capable with all requisites re the land and animals. He has cats and aviaries and Ollie the cockatoo. He is a real farm gem. He also works as a gardener on a property in the Western District. He is very capable and versatile and can and will turn his hand to anything.
I am interested in house sits by myself, or with Wes, depending on your requirements.
Hope we can assist each other .

Erik & Annette

  • Darwin, WA

Annette and I left Sydney 8 years ago and worked as volunteer Rangers in the N.T. and assistant teachers in an aboriginal school. Then we house-sat twice in Swan Hill and while Annette completed a Masters in Medical Science looked after 3 properties in Tasmania. We looked after 4 properties on Kangaroo Island minding a vineyard/farm (finch, dog, 73 cattle, 1 poddy-calf; we love animals) until March 2015. We then moved to Western Australia where we have cared for another 5 places, all with farm or domestic animals, taking us through until April 2017.
Non-smokers, we are active, love the outdoors, bushwalk, jog, participate in flora & fauna surveys, swim but we also enjoy reading, theatre and cinema.
We have police clearances and recent references, which we are only too happy to supply.
The house that we still own in Sydney is rented out and, as owners, we have an awareness of the property situation from that perspective. We can guarantee that that any house, animal and/or grounds that we mind will be looked after with the utmost attention, respect and care. Thank you.


  • North Coast, Brisbane, South Eastern

Myself and my two adult daughters Katie and Rebekah, would love to look after your home or home and animals. We are very clean and respectful people with a love for all animals and dogs. We would love to house sit your home so we can get away for a break more often and to look after animals is a bonus too.
As I am a school bus driver we would be available to house sit your home anytime during the school holidays. My daughters Katie is studying primary school teaching and school holidays are good for her too. The other daughter Rebekah works assisting my husband (who is her father) in his landscaping, lawn-mowing business so if your home requires any garden maintenance we are well equipped to do so.
We are all non-smokers who love a clean and tidy house and would ensure your house and property is treated as our own.
I can supply references if requested.

Kind regards Henriette


  • Syd. Eastern suburbs, Syd. SW suburbs

At home in Emerald Beach I live with my mother, nephew Simon, and our domestic cat, Alice. I love cats. I often take care of my son's 2 cats when he needs me to help him. I have always had cats in our family. Our cats are always indoor cats and I would prefer to only house sit indoor cats ( for safety).


  • Alice Springs, Darwin, Brisbane, Gold Coast & Hinterland, Sunshine Coast, Northern, S.E & Central, S. Western

We would love to look after your pets and home while you go on vacation, we are tea total, non- smokers, honest with a healthy life style, we love animals, we would treat your home and look after your beautiful pets as if they were our own.
I have excellent references for your perusal and we have police checks should you require them
I look forward to hearing from you in the near future
Kind Regards
David & Sue Turnbull

Miriam Isabel

  • Brisbane, South Eastern


  • Sydney


I've recently returned to Sydney from competing around the world as an elite athlete. I'm single, organised, and a non-smoker. I'm hoping to start house sitting in an attempt to save on rent and begin saving for my own house. I'm an animal person, love both cats and dogs, although I much better with small dogs than big ones. I have only just begun my adventure of house sitting so I have no experience, however, I am a very very clean and tidy person, I like no mess, and am conscious of the care needed to house sit a home. I'm very into fitness and eating healthy. I believe I would be a great house sitter, and would be more than happy to supply any supporting documents to support my house sitting requests.


  • Syd. Lower N Shore

You need not look any further, you have found a caring, trustworthy sitter to mind your home and precious, loved ones, including collecting the mail, taking out / bringing in bins and general house cleaning, as required. I keep an exceptionally clean and tidy, secure home, to ensure you peace of mind while you are away!

I am a 46 year old woman, and very experienced in pet / house sitting and tentatively mindful of home owners houses and precious pets in their absence! Please note that I am a non smoker and have no pets of my own.

Having grown up in a friendly pet loving home and having always been privileged to have pets close by, I have a genuine love and natural affiliation with animals and have responsibly cared for them in the past as I would my own. I regularly reassure owners of their pet's progress and house upkeep during their absence. Looking after your home / pets would be as much of a benefit to you / them as it would be to me.

Being locally based I am very familiar with Sydney and flexible with potential meeting times. Therefore, it would be easy for me to meet with you, at your convenience, to discuss your requirements further.

Loreto & Gonzalo

  • Sydney

We are a young and quiet couple from Chile, we are here in Australia with a working holiday visa.
I am a veterinary in Chile, I love take care of pets and I have the skills to face any emergency situation.
Gonzalo is an economist in Chile, and he is an animal lover!
We are experienced housesitters and We will look after your home and pets as you would.
We are working only weekdays until 3 pm.
We have two cats in Chile, and we miss them so much !! So we will be happy if we can take care of your four babies and house!
We are really clean and tidy, we do not smoke and we love sports!
We have references if you need.

Kind Regards,

Loreto and Gonzalo

Pearl & Barry

  • Melbourne

Kia Ora.

My names Pearl, I'm from New Zealand and am fast approaching my 28th year. I currently work full time warehousing as well as in events in the CBD. Prior to this I was an Instructor for Outward Bound Australia and an Expedition Leader to third world countries for Antipodeans Abroad.
My partner Barry is 30 years young and is a manager at Staples Warehouse in Port Melbourne. Barry owns his own home in Mill Park (near Uni Hill) and I have rented in 4 different countries. We are currently house sitting in Doreen and are conscious of how to maintain a beautiful home.

I love animals with all my heart, even snake's and lizards! My uncle had a pet snake and this is why I love Australia so much for its diversity! In New Zealand we mainly have birds. We have both grown up with dogs cats and birds, hedgehogs and mice and would love to look after your fury friend !
I spent sometime growing up on a farm with 400 cows so were comfortable around farm animals.
We both work a lot as we are saving to buy our first home together which is one reason we joined house sitters, I am also saving for a trip to Egypt and South Africa to volunteer at a lion sanctuary. When we are not working we both love exercise, which if you have dogs would be brilliant to run with!
We are non smokers and non drinkers, I have a Police check available and we can supply referees upon request.

Thanks for reading!




  • Sydney, Central Coast, Hunter Valley, South Coast, Hobart

Dear Homeowners,

My name is Annie and I'm 53 years old. I would love you to choose me to look after your beloved pets.
I'm Australian and recently married a wonderful man who lives in Florence, Italy. I sold my home in Australia 4 years ago and moved to Florence. Since moving to Italy I come back to Australia every year as I get very home sick...

We have decided that we want to purchase an apartment and live in NSW in approximately 4 years, so I'm looking for a pet sit whilst I look for a potential apartment to purchase to rent out. My husband will stay in Italy as he needs to work, so it will just be me.

I will be home every night, only out some days whilst looking at apartments.

I'm extremely clean and tidy and would look after your home as it was my own. In Australia I worked as a Marriage Celebrant and an Image Consultant for over 20 years. I was a home owner for 30 years. I pride myself on being reliable and trustworthy. Your pets and home would be lovingly cared for by me. I don't smoke or drink.

I have been petsitting for over 10 years now all over Australia and now in Europe. I have also worked for a professional pet sitting service based in Tasmania, called Kimberly's pet sitting service for the last 5 years. I have had 4 dogs and two cats of my own. After my last pet passed away I fostered dogs from the dog's home to enable them to be adopted. Such a rewarding experience! As a longtime homeowner myself I can deal with any practical problems that may arise.

I always keep in contact with owners regarding their pets when they are away to allay any worries. I usually send photos or videos, or use skype or facetime if preferred. You can have as much or as little contact as you wish. I know that your pets are part of your family and I will give them a lot of affection, plenty of walks and the best care possible, so that you can holiday in the knowledge that everything is perfectly well cared for.

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile.

I have attached references, photos and a police check.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Dates available, Anytime between November 2017 and April 2018.

Regards, Annie

Vanessa & Sandy

  • Hobart, Launceston

Hello, we are Sandy and Vanessa. To be trusted to care for your house and animals is an honour and responsibility we take very seriously. We own our own properties so we know how to take good care of spaces. We are calm, quiet and live a healthy, active lifestyle which includes early sleep & rise, cycling and walking (the latter especially enjoyable with dogs). We are financially stable, have a cosmopolitan worldview and run our own consultancy business from anywhere in the world with a good internet connection.

Vanessa is Australian. She spent her early years in Perth and subsequently studied and worked in Europe, Asia, US. She’s a designer.
Sandy grew up in Singapore. She retired from investment banking to start her own consultancy. You can read more about our profiles on our website which also has links to our Linkedin profiles which contains our career history.

We love animals and will eventually have our own. For now, the pressures of work travel and a new house build in Tasmania has meant that we will need to be patient. In the meantime, we derive much joy taking care of other people's pets.

Vanessa grew up in Perth, Australia. As a kid, she was lucky to have her own horse to take care of. Her parents are lovers of birds and they had galahs, cockatiels, and chickens in the house. Now, her parents are in Launceston, Tasmania and have two cockatiels and two budgies.
Sandy grew up in Singapore with two poodles, a Jack Russell, a Shitzu, and a wire fox terrier (not all at the same time). We both love animals and have grown up and taken care of many in our lives.

For us, house-sitting is taking care of someone else's home as if it were our own. We are naturally quiet and will be mindful and respectful of your neighbours and surroundings. In August and September of 2016, we completed two house/pet-sitting assignments in Hobart and Launceston and received excellent reviews which we are happy to share with you. We are currently building a house in Hobart hence are available to house-sit till the house is complete in the third quarter of 2017.


  • Syd. Eastern suburbs, Syd. Lower N Shore, Syd. NW suburbs, Syd. Upper N Shore

Respectful & trustworthy animal lover.
Hi, my name is Yulia. I am a 57 year old female and I work from home on my internet business and enjoy a quiet and clean environment. I am non-smoker, tidy, respectful, reliable & trustworthy animal lover. I will look after your home & pet family as if it were my own! I enjoy jogging and exercising, so should you have a dog who needs walking I would be happy to bring him/her along :)
I have previously owned an amazing cat for over 20 years and who became an important part of the family, as well as a gorgeous golden retriever.
Household pets have always been an essential part of my life since I was a kid, and I miss having them around. I connect easily with animals of all kinds and understand the attention and care that they need. I dearly miss my previous pets and due to my current work and travel I am unable to have my own.
Overall, I would love to be considered as I believe in a healthy and clean lifestyle and would make a lovely sitter due to my relaxed and clean attitude. People say I am a highly organized person.
A number of references (by phone) and a Police Check are available on request.
Also,I make a great house sitter, as I am extremely tidy, lead a healthy lifestyle
I bring positivity, cleanliness and a range of references from previous house owners.

With love



  • Sydney

Hi, I work 9 to 5 and have been housesitting for 2 years and love it. I live a quiet life and am very happy to care for your house and pets while you are away. More than happy to meet you to see if I'm suitable for house sit. I've sucessfully cared for cats, dogs, chooks, bunnys, birds, swimming pools and gardens. If your pet is happy and safe during the day, I will be available to tend to their needs every morning & night and weekends.
Hope to meet you soon
Cheers Chris

Lorraine & Kalvin

  • Bris. Northern suburbs, Sunshine Coast, Central Coast (Qld)

Hello Home Owners,
We are husband and wife who are retired pensioner's ,after having lived in our home in Qld.for 30 yrs. educationed our two daughter's we decided to do what we have always dreamed of doing and travel this beautifull country of ours of which we have been doing for the past ten years in our off road caravan in which we have lived in permanently for the same period of time ,which means we dont need to reside in your home, just need axcess to electricity,water, and toilet and room on your property to safely place our and Ford F250 vehicle .For the last two years now we have been house sitting in between our travels which we both enjoy doing it as well as being a welcome break.We will take care of your property as if it were our own, collect your mail and redirect it if required, look after gardens and lawns, Kalvin has experience with ride on mowers and has a truck drivers license.
Kalvin and I are both non smokers and drinkers live a clean healthy lifestyle , we have a pet budgie who stayes in the caravan .We have police checks and references for your viewing.
Thank you for taking the time to read our profile and hope to be of some help to you some day while you are absent from your property.
Lorraine and Kalvin .


  • VIC


I am a reliable honest and experienced house sitter who would love to look after your home and pets. I am 45yrs old, non-smoker, clean tidy and responsible. I am about to begin a phd at Melbourne Uni and would like to explore areas around Melbourne to work out where I wish to locate myself for the next 3yrs and save a bit of money towards a house deposit.

I have grown up with animals including gold fish, budgies and our much loved family dog Micky, he was a jack russell terrior who required lots of love and attention which we were more than happy to give him so I understand when a pet is part of your family.

I have references available and a police check. More than happy to chat with you or for you to contact my references if you wish to.

I look forward to looking after your home and pets.



  • Perth N.W suburbs, Perth S.E suburbs, Perth S.W suburbs


  • Syd. Lower N Shore

House, Garden & Pet Sitter ( May 2017 ongoing)
Cats, dogs, chooks, birds and other small creatures.
I welcome the opportunity to look after your home and care for your beloved pets as you require. Lower North Shore and Northern Beaches preferred.
I'm now pet free for the first time in many years with lots of experience looking after pets, my own as well as other peoples. I’m very reliable, trustworthy, non smoker, also with many years of experience working as a support worker within the community.
I do love a vegetable garden so I can tend to your plants while you’re away.
Police Check State and National
References available
Happy to discuss further over the phone,email, or Skype.

julian & Mariko

  • Sydney

My Fiancee and I are available to house sit over the next three to four months, as our property will be undergoing renovations. We have experience in the past of housesitting, in the last few years we have looked after a very lively Springer Spaniel and also a Staffordshire Bullterrier, also a number of cats. We are happy to provide references for these occasions. We have both been brought up with pets, and would enjoy having the opportunity to spend more time with animals.
My partner and I our active people who like the outdoors we are also keen travellers and about to return from extensive travels.
We both keep a clean and tidy home and would keep up that standard wherever we are living.
I have my own cleaning business, my partner Mariko will be undertaking a veterinary course in March. This mean she will also be giving your pets company throughout the day.
Warm regards, Julian and Mariko.


  • Melb. Inner suburbs, Melb. NE suburbs, Melb. SE suburbs, North Eastern

Experienced house/pet sitter. 35 yr old female nurse, currently looking to pet and house sit while studying psychology. My love of caring for animals began at an early age, growing up on my family's sheep farm in North East Victoria, where I cared for small & large, livestock, native and domesticated animals. I am single, a non-smoker and live a quiet life. I am caring, honest, reliable and respectful of the properties I house sit. Police check and references can be provided upon request. Please feel free to contact me should you have any pet or house sitting needs.