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  • Melbourne


My name is Lisa, I am 44, and looking to house sit for at least the next 12 months. I currently live in Melbourne and have been for the last 10 years, I am originally from Sydney. I am a non smoker, I am conscious of the care and security needed in keeping a house maintained. I have grown up with pets and taken care of cats and dogs and fish on other sits as well as my own pets. I believe that I would be able to take great care of yours. I am available for any length of house sitting and can provide both personal and professional references, as well as a police clearance. I am a responsible, reliable and considerate person, and would take excellent care of your property.

I have been house sitting now for almost 6 months full-time but - however in the past have house sat whilst still in my own apartment.

I love taking them for walks and they are well loved by me.
I know lots of great parks and ovals and have friends who have pets so they can socialise together.

The dog on my profile is Gus, the one that belongs to the family I work with, he's a Spoodle - such a great dog.

I am from Melbourne and I have a recent police clearance (November 2018) and even Working with Children Check (2019)

I know this can be a difficult decision for you and I can provide references for you if needed and also meet with you.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.



  • Adelaide

I am currently an international student, I am in Australia improving my English level, I am from Peru, and I am 32 years old, Also, I am a great lover of animals.
In Peru I currently have 4 cats, but since I was a little girl I grew up surrounded by animals and they are my passion. Also in my country I am an activist in the care and protection of homeless animals. In Adelaide I live with my sister, who has a dog named Marley, in my free time I go out with her on the beach, I love all animals in general.
I consider myself a calm person, responsible, honest, I like cleanliness and order. Non smoker.


  • NSW

Am mature aged, fit and healthy.
Have farm, animal and house sit on and off for Many years.
I travel with a pure bred choc lab. He has a beautiful nature.
We love road trips, meeting new beings, and love the freedom.
We love to clean up, and surprise the owners, when they return. Good at organizing and neat as well.
Non smoker.
References available.


  • Brisbane, South Eastern, Bundaberg & Wide Bay

Available to look after your home and pets. Have recently sold my home and will not be buying another just yet, as I am not sure where I want to settle. Teacher Aide working with Special needs students. Currently on leave so you won’t have to worry about your pets being alone. Friendly, caring, extremely trustworthy living a healthy life with a positive outlook. Am house proud, so you can be assured your house will be kept clean. Not new to pet sitting. Have a Working With Children Check and several satisfied referees available.


  • Central Coast, Hunter Valley, North Coast, South Coast, Rural/Regional NSW, Alice Springs, Darwin, South Eastern, Central, Central Coast (Qld), Western QLD, Adel Southern suburbs, Adel. Inner suburbs, TAS, Melb. Inner suburbs, Melb. SE suburbs, SE Vic, SW Vic

Hello, my name is Barb. I am 59 years old, single, and don't smoke or drink. I lead a fairly quiet life, am respectful and reliable and very aware of the sense of responsibility required in caring for someone else's home and pets. I also love gardens and plants so I would also enjoy looking after your garden.
I am a very tidy and clean person who has respect for all environments. This is my first venture into house-sitting so would love the opportunity to prove myself. As I am a pre-school teacher I have a valid teacher registration (which means I have been police checked and thoroughly screened). I am happy to provide personal references. Looking forward to my first sit!!

Annie Frances & Michael William

  • Syd. Eastern suburbs, Syd. Lower N Shore, Syd. SW suburbs, Syd. Upper N Shore, Lower Hunter Valley, Upper Hunter Valley

Hello, I love all animals and nature. I am healthy (non smoker), sporty, energetic and a professional mature lady. I enjoy keeping a neat and tidy house and I would love to take care of your beloved pets.

I am an Australian and my partner Michael is English. Saying that, Michael has committed to an on going assignment in Mosman until the end of 2019. There may be occasions, where he can assist me when required.

Our first assignment through Trusted House-sitters, was an 18-month pet sit in Manly in 2016, taking care of two beautiful cats. This was a very successful long-term position. During this sit we also took care of our neighbours blind dog, Zephyr.

In August 2018, we completed a month pet sit in Rome, looking after dachshund's, Pepe & Nina and a cat, Rudolf. We had a wonderful time reconnecting to the city where we lived for 20 years.

We have taken good care of lots of animals over the years, including Holland, America, France, UK & Australia. We are also cat owners ourselves, and in the past have gone out of our way to find suitable pet sitters to take good care of them whilst apartment swapping abroad.

Our YouTube Video (cut and paste into your browser) :

We love travel and animals, so the combination of taking care of your pets, home and seeing various parts of this exciting world, is ideal for us. We don't have children, so have the freedom to travel when we want.

We have been animal lovers all our lives. Annie lived on a sugar and dairy farm in NSW when she was a child, and grew up with animals, and feels natural with all species. I also grew up with animals, though your normal domestic pets! Where ever we travel, we always go out of our way to help less fortunate animals, taking care of dozens of cats in colonies in Rome, or feeding homeless dogs when vacationing in Greece. From taking care of pets, we have had some wonderful times, travelling to Australia, France, UK, Holland and America. A lot of these people who have let us take care their animals have become very good friends.

If you wish to know more about my work history, please feel free to view my LinkedIn account. My full name is Annie Frances Gray.

I look forward to hearing from you. with kindest regards Annie

Peter & Anne

  • NSW

We are returning to Australia after a long career in education in the United States. A family member's severe illness precipitated our move, and we wish to re-immigrate. We spent 6 months in Oz during 2017 and 2018, and enjoyed our housesitting experiences while we were there. We came back to the U.S. to sell our home, but will return to Australia on May 18. In addition to housesitting in Australia, we have our own pets in the U.S., and have looked after our neighbors' homes, plants, and pets while they've been out of town for many years. Our acre property in the U.S. was in the high desert, and had a swimming pool, so we understand the maintenance involved. We would strongly prefer to be near public transport as we currently do not own a car in Australia. We have a quiet lifestyle, and will treat your home and pets with care and respect. References are available


  • Gold Coast & Hinterland, Melb. Inner suburbs, Melb. SE suburbs

Reliable, caring, loving, trusted, neat and tidy are all words used by my previous housesit owners to describe the service they get from me when I come to look after their home and furry loved ones. Would you like to join them?

I'm a 35 year old Marketing professional who works for one of the big corporates in the CBD. I work from home 2-3 days per week ensuring your furry loved ones get the extra attention they need, even throughout the workweek. Nothing beats dialling in to a conference call with a warm and cuddly friend in your lap to keep you company.

I have a love of cooking and am known for my wicked brownies. They tend to be my signature dish which I end up baking for every homeowner to come home to after their trip away. I've recently taken up yoga which I enjoy, hope to take up photography soon and I think like everybody else here, have a love of travel (I mean, who doesn't right?).

I'm looking to go on yet another trip and have recently moved out of my apartment so I can save money. Housesitting is amazing, not only do you get to meet the most amazing people and explore new parts of the city, but you also get some temporary furry best friends to hang out with whilst you do it. If you haven't quite noticed, I'm kind of a half glass full kind of gal. :)

I own my apartment and am very house proud. This I bring with me to every housesit and treat it like my very own. You can rest assured that not only your house, but your furry loved ones are in the best of hands when you entrust them with The Caring Housesitter.

I have impeccable references which can be shared on request along with a police check.

I look forward to looking after your home.

Pam & Keith

  • NSW, VIC
  • Reduced Contact

We are a couple in our early 60’s – recently retired who enthusiastically enjoy house sitting because it allows us to provide a valuable personalized service to home owners. Nothing gives us more pleasure than making home owners feel comfortable with being away from home, knowing their house is in good hands until the owner's return. We're very grateful to all our wonderful clients for the opportunities they have granted us through inviting us into their homes and lives. We receive trust, and in exchange, we provide loving care. We are non-smokers who are honest, reliable and dependable house sitters who will respect your property and personal things. Our background was in education. We have owned a home and are fully conscious of the care and security needed in keeping a house (including a pool) maintained. Also we have had pets that lived very long comfortable lives because we treated them as part of our family. We will care for your pets as if they were part of our own family. We have had experience in house/pet sitting before and we have references available on request.

Peter & Kay

  • Bris. Northern suburbs

We are a married couple, 57 years of age, non smokers. We have just sold our home of 20 years and are waiting for our new home to be built approx May 2019. Maintenance will not be a problem as we had a large home with extensive gardens and inground pool.
We are fit and healthy and enjoy walking regularly. Walking pets would not be a problem for us.
We have no experience of house sitting apart from relatives ( we have to start somewhere) therefore we have no references.


  • ACT

Recent Cancellation - available around 12 Feb flexible start.

Experienced, Clean, Peace of Mind.

Mature, single, quiet, security conscious, long term ACT resident, police check available, list of great referees.
Non smoker/non drinker.

Referees for house sitting include established, widely known and respected long term local business owners.
Homebody but working professional, sometimes from home.

Light user of appliances and energy - an interest in energy conservation. (I've monitored my water and electricity use. It's less than 2/3 the average).

Established habit of not wearing shoes inside, using surface protectors and like to keep a clean house.

Healthy, sensitive, kind and absolutely respectful.

A diligent and prompt communicator should you have any issues while you are away.

I can set up portable camera monitoring when not there (for medium to long term assignments)

Proactive on house/pet issues.

Previous house sitting responsibilities have included cats, Labrador, Jack Russells, Fox Terriers (pair), Labradoodle (pair), Fish, turtles, Border Collie, Kelpie and Cows.

Other house sitting support has included mail collection, and mail logging/reporting, garden care).

Contactable also on Viber, WhatsApp, Skype and Facetime .


  • VIC

I like the idea...of's really beneficial for me to have a working holiday nearby a beach. I have a bike and so far I have completed house an pet sits nearby a train station and a local beach in Victoria. I prepared to have a sea change taking cake of a house and pets or garden...for a year for exchange ....nearby a train preferably. I have reference from HHS with a child check and a Crim check.., Food Handling Certificate as well. I live in Brunswick with my daughter who attends Melb. University. Im working part time two days a a Community Presenter at local radio station NorthWestfm volunteer ..... I like Mt. Matha Mornington ; Rye Sandringham or Mordialloc Bonbeach nearby locations preferably. You are welcomed to contact via email or mobile 0448726602.

Ocean grove; or whatever beach is nearby aok hear train station I like taking my bike. Im on WhatsUp Facebook look me up..Carmelina Palazzolo...regards

Gayele & Paul

  • Melb. Inner suburbs

We are a busy professional couple, currently renovating our Elsternwick home, and house sitting would be a welcome break from our building chaos.
Dogs and cats have always been a big part of my life and having owned a successful bayside pet care business from 2000 to 2007 I have experience with both dogs and cats. Housesitting was hugely popular, I spent up to 6 months each year house sitting.
We are non smokers,no children and no pets, we are stI'll not over the loss of our much loved Jack Russell. We will love and care for your pets and home as if they if they were our own.


  • VIC

Hi, I am a fulltime professional housesitter and have been doing this now for 4 Years. I do not not smoke or cosume alcohol and also follow a vegan lifestyle. (I am still happy to feed your pets with meat). I just recently had to add the bit about alcohol as people would often leave me a gift of wine and beer which was very thoughtful. I have decided to slow down my life and take a break from the treadmill of work by travelling around the world, slowly. By doing it this way I get to see more of the world through the eyes of the local communities as well as well as help others who do not want to leave their loved ones in a strange environment with people who will not have much time for them. I gave up my full time job as an IT consultant to work on my hobby which is producing videos for youtube. This means that I tend to spend a lot of time indoors so your pets will have me around a lot more then the average person. I have lived on my own for many years but now travel around and meet people from all walks of life which is a truly amazing way to experience life.

I do not follow the average persons lifestyle in that I practice meditation and yoga. I also on average go to bed about 9:30 and wake up around 5:30 as I like to take in the peacefull mornings and go for a walk practicing mindfullness meditation.

Jane & Tony

  • Perth N.W suburbs, Perth S.W suburbs

We finished work as a teacher/computer analyst near/in London around 18 months ago and moved to Dorset. We travelled to Australia (and many other countries) for three months soon after and loved Perth and the surrounding area, particularly the warm/hot weather during our cold, wet winter months in England. We live in a large, beautiful chalet bungalow, which we are very proud of, we work hard to keep it clean and tidy and have spent much of our time changing the layout and decorating. We know we would take care of your home too. We are a non-smoking, 50-ish couple with three children in their 20's and two tortoises. We love all animals, walking in the countryside/by the beach and gardening. We have both grown up with pets and miss the company of our pet Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. This would be our first house-sitting experience in Australia, but we can provide references on request. We are, as before, hoping to escape the winter months at home (while the tortoises are in hibernation) and will be available preferably for a 3 week/month/two month appointment between January and March.


  • Melbourne, Northern Vic, SW Vic

WORK FROM HOME, EXPERIENCED SITTER - more than 50 house sits..

Hello, I'm a responsible and house proud non-smoker saving for my own home. I have over 4 years of house-sits under my belt, from inner city flats to a Tasmanian farmhouse.. I work from home full time which allows me to give pets extra care throughout the day. I love the company of animals. I've looked after dogs, cats, birds, chickens and sheep - all with different personalities, medical needs and routines.

You can be assured that I will keep your home clean and tidy. I enjoy a bit of gardening, and have experience with basic pool maintenance.

A police check and excellent references are available on request (some are available below this profile).

PS; Sometimes the Happy House Sitters website does not send an email notification when a message is received from a House Owner. I endeavour to check my inbox on this site every day and will respond as soon as I see your message :)


  • WA

Hi my name is Denise and I'm very interested in house sitting, I'm 53yrs old and have been married for 28yrs to my wonderful husband Peter who works fly in fly out.
We have 2 Adult Children and our daughter Grace has moved back to our family home in Baldivis where we have lived for 10yrs
Prior to this we lived in Serpentine for 10yrs which was a fantastic place to bring up our children in a small community.
I'm really interested in house sitting because I'm looking for a change of scenery and love meeting new people and I especially love looking after animals of all shapes and sizes the only creatures I dont really like are reptiles ie snakes and lizards!
I spent the first 20yrs of my life on a farm so have experience with all animals from Horses and Sheep to Chooks and Duck.
We have 2 female West Highland terriers which I would like to take with me to a sit but if not possible they can stay home with my Daughter.
I am a non smoker and a clean and tidy house proud person and I also love looking after pot plants and the garden as required.
I do have contact details for verbal references on request.


  • NSW, Melbourne, SE Vic

Dear Home and Pet Owner, I am a designer and educator – so have a Police Check as I teach young adults. I am a reliable and trustworthy, mature woman who loves walking in nature, being active with a healthy lifestyle and cooking. I am at home a lot, researching and writing new course material. I have cared for many different kinds of homes, gardens and creatures and am happy to care for yours as my own. I have experience house sitting and pet minding in many different types of homes and areas. I can supply references upon request, and look forward to the opportunity of meeting with you and the possibility of caring for your home, pets and plants. Thank you, Desiree DeKlerk


  • Brisbane, South Eastern, Central Coast (Qld)

Hi, I'm Joanne (Jo).
Originally from Darwin NT, I relocated to QLD in Oct 16 to be closer to family.
I have 3 gorgeous kids who've all grown up and still live Darwin.
I've been blessed with rewarding Housesitting jobs over the past 2 years, and made great close friends along the way!
I love being with my children whenever possible, travelling, gardening and the outdoors. I miss having my pets with me, so being outside and having the company of fur babies around me gain is comforting. Its like being "home away from home".
As a home owner myself all my life, I respect your home and treat it as if it were my own!
Your Fur Babies Too!!

Jean & Andre

  • Melb. Inner suburbs, Melb. SE suburbs

We are a mature married couple currently house sitting around Melbourne and have family living in Richmond. We are on our 12th house sit.with good reviews and many repeat requests.

I am a social worker doing some part time contract work and Andre works early morning and evening shift hours in the security business. This means that there is always one of us around to keep pets company and attend to their needs.

We have both kept animals for most of our adult life and I also cared for a colony of cats in the Pacific often using natural care remedies for the cats when they were unwell as there were no vets on the island.

We have already completed a number of house and pet sits and received some pleasing feedback and references from house owners about our care and attention towards their pets and homes. We have had repeat requests from most owners as they are especially pleased with the care their pets have received..

We are happy to water plants/garden and Andre is able to mow lawns where needed and enjoys walking dogs. We always do a general clean through of the house ( except any private/personal areas) and happy to shop for fresh milk and bread for your return. We also launder our bed sheets, pillow cases etc and return them to the bed ( dependent on your return time). Our aim is to make your return home as 'work free' as possible.

Neither of us smoke.

Written references and police checks can be provided at your request.

We very much look forward to caring for your home and pets so you can enjoy a stress free holiday or time away..

Brittnay & Jayden

  • ACT, NSW, Alice Springs, Darwin, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, WA


We are Brittnay & Jay, a professional house sitting couple. We both have a passion for animals and travelling. We have both been raised with family pets. However, since we have made the move to travelling and working remotely full time, we both really miss the interaction with animals.

We both feel strongly that pets are apart of your family and treated in such a respect. We have both grown up with an array of animals, so we firmly believe you can comfortably leave them in our capable loving company.

We love to go for walks every day, which would fit perfectly for people with active pets but also are homebodies so your pets will be able to someone to use as a comfy couch in evenings :)

We both work remotely, therefore we are able to be around the house more often hopefully putting your animals at ease with the company.

We enjoy gardening and keeping a tidy home is something we take pride in. We believe communication is key to providing a situation in which both parties are comfortable with the house sit.

We believe all our personal attributes and experiences can provide you with a fantastic service. We are happy to provide personal and police references. Please let us prove how helpful we can be.

Why we want to house sit
Growing up with cats, dogs, birds and fish as family pets we both have had animals close to us our entire lives. Over the past couple of years, we have been travelling and moving around fulltime. Moving around so much it is very hard for us to have pets of our own so we love house sitting because we can get pet interaction that we both really miss.

There is nothing we love more than snuggling up on the couch with a cat or dog, or going for a run along the beach with a dogs lead in hand!

Our Experience
We have completed six house sits over 2017 & 2018. These sits range from 1 weeks to 1 month. We have looked after everything from chihuahuas, new foundlands, turtles, cats & many chickens.

We have both had extensive interaction with animals growing up, including cats, dogs, fish and chickens. Both of us believe animals are apart of your family and are to be treated as such. We are both responsible and reliable individuals who guarantee your animals and property will be cared for to the highest standard. We like to have strong communication with owners, so both yourself and us feel comfortable at all times.

Jasna & Adam

  • Brisbane

My name is Jasna and my partner’s name is Adam. We are a friendly and easy going couple in our late 30s/early 40s currently living on the north side of sunny Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. I'm a graphic designer and Adam is a customer service attendant. I work full time during the day, and Adam works casual hours at night so there is always someone at home.

I'm from Europe originally and have lived in New Zealand and Australia since 1996. I used to own a unit in Brisbane inner centre which I rented out to tenants for a while and experienced first hand what it's like when someone doesn't respect your property. It's something we would never do to anyone so you can be rest assured your place will be well looked after.

We’d love to look after people’s pets and visit amazing destinations through house sitting. Over the past 8 years we have been together, we have mostly explored Australia (through 4WDing and air travel) and are keen to see more of the world. We feel that the best way to expand your horizons and grow as a person is by experiencing different cultures, places and languages.

We will be in The Netherlands in July next year and would like to house sit in countries such as Italy, Spain, Croatia, Greece etc. so we can experience a European summer. We're open to house sitting in other countries, as well. We'd like to start house sitting locally in Brisbane first to gain more experience and build up our profile.

Adam and I owned a dog whom we adored so we understand how precious and amazing they are. Adam looked after other people's pets through Don't Fret Pet, a pet minding service where owners dropped off their furry kids to him to look after for a period of time. He also looked after an aviary for a couple of years when he was a young boy. I grew up in a town in Serbia with chickens in the back yard, and sometimes turkeys and quails. We have looked after friends' and families' pets in the past for short amounts of time, too.

We have owned our house in Petrie for 5 years now and have experience looking after swimming pools, as well as doing general upkeep such as mowing the lawns and weeding.

We have uploaded a couple of external references and are happy to supply more on request.


  • ACT, Central Coast, Hunter Valley, North Coast, Murray & Riverina, Southern Tablelands, Brisbane, South Eastern, Central Coast (Qld), Clare Valley, York Peninsula

Entrusting your precious home, gardens and beloved pets to others can create some anxiety.
I fully understand.
Please allow me to assist ...
Devoted animal lover, special affinity with dogs ... all sizes, ages, needs.
Have nurtured variety of pets on prior assignments ... dogs, cats, guinea pigs, birds, fish, hens, ducks, sheep ... and some friendly wildlife including possums, kookaburras, koalas, wallabies, parrots, lizards.
Responsible, loving and gentle companion for your beloved pet/s in their own environment.
Will maintain care, feeding, exercise and play routines per your instructions and preferences.
Have experience with keeping a watchful eye over agisted horses and livestock, water supplies and fencing.
Healthy, fit, active female approaching mid 60’s.
Love twice daily long dog walks, lawn mowing, gardening etc.
Meticulously clean and tidy, very security conscious.
Have owned several of my own homes, will respect your investment and treat it with utmost care, as if my own.
Totally respectful of your privacy, belongings and your neighbours.
Reliable with mail, messages, errands, special requests, bins out/in promptly.
Care of pot plants, gardens, lawns, pool, garaged vehicles per your instructions.
Trustworthy, detail-minded person, can also provide dependable, discreet handling of personal/business matters (processing mail, phone calls, paying bills etc.) on your behalf, if required.
Working career includes school teaching, reception and administration in various industries - accountancy, legal and health practices, PA to business executives in advertising/marketing.
Have also managed several of my own small businesses.
Resourceful, intelligent problem solver.
Any unforeseen issues will be handled competently and responsibly.
Friendly, quiet living “homebody” (days and evenings) ... don’t smoke or play loud music. Sober habits.
Currently studying, have my own computer, printer etc. (just need good wireless internet signal/reception).
Flexible, cheerful, positive person.
Excellent references ... some written (can be provided on request) and a list of home/pet owners who are very happy to receive your call to share their experience of having me caretake their properties and pet family members.
Regularly invited for repeat assignments and recommended to friends/family by hosts.
Have my own car.
Having recently finished 5 years of in-home caring/support of my elderly parents, I'm now saving to acquire a "home on wheels", so that I can travel around more of our wonderful country.
Please contact me if you think I may be a good "fit" for your home/pet sit requirements ... "smoke-free" homes only, thankyou!

Please check my Calendar for current availabilities.


  • Brisbane, Gold Coast & Hinterland, Sunshine Coast

I am a mature responsible person non smoker and animal lover.
I have owned and loved many cats and a dog alll my life.

I would love and care for your fur babies as if they were my own.

I know how important it is to keep your babies in their own home while mums and dads have a holida

You can be assured I will look after your property and your babies and keep you in touch with how they are while you are away.

Jan & Peter

  • Melbourne, Geelong

We are looking forward to house sitting in Victoria because we have two of our children living there and 4 gorgeous grandchildren.
Although we live in Tasmania we do have a reliable ferry link which we use to bring our car to Melbourne.
A little information about Peter and Jan Green:
We are non smokers and currently run a very successful AirBNB in our home. This is very busy between November and April. Through our business we have met many great people from all over the world. We have in fact been very successful and have received the award of Super Host on 9 consecutive occasions. This is quite a prestigious award in the business.
We are very keen gardeners and work hard in that area. Peter prefers the vegie garden, while Jan has interests in both areas. Jan actually has a "picking garden" and proudly sells many beautiful bunches to a local charity shop.
Peter built a 28 foot sailing boat for the family use quite a few years ago and we had 30 years of enjoyment on our beautiful waterways.
Our overseas travel has taken us mainly to Asia and the U.K. in order to visit our family while they worked in these countries. We still have a son who is a mining Engineer in Jakarta with a family base in Bangkok for his family of 3 children and his wife.
We have a son who has just established a business as an architect at Ocean Grove. He has a wife and 2 children. Our daughter lives at Northcote. She has 2 children and is a single widowed Mum. She is a Heritage Consultant, maintaining the grand old buildings of Melbourne as a project manager for the company.
At home Peter and I are very active in an organisation called U3A. It offers the opportunity to further the general education of older people. We have each had a role in running courses.
We are keen animal lovers and we have a very placid Labrador named Vada, a very loving but lazy house cat named Toodles together with an Avery of canaries. Walking Vada twice a day on our local beach keeps us physically active as well. We are very lucky to have a great neighbor who loves to look after our pets when we are away.
Peter is a volunteer driver for Cancer Council, transporting patients to and from hospital for treatment.
Jan volunteers in a church shop and bakes cakes for sale in the shop.
We are quite willing to obtain police checks if our hosts desire. This is our first involvement in House Sitting and no doubt have lots to learn as time goes on.
Regards from Peter and Jan Green.

Marcus & Julia

  • Brisbane

We are healthy, active, non-smoking, honest and reliable professionals in our mid to late 30's looking to explore other parts of Brisbane. Julia's parents are experienced house sitters having completed nearly 100 house sits and they have inspired us pursue house sitting.

We are both well travelled and love getting to know new places, cultures and people. Julia works as a Speech Pathologist in the disability sector and loves helping people to reach their full potential. She loves spending time with her family, yoga, running, camping, hiking and snowboarding. Marcus is a Surveyor by trade with a degree and interest in history and politics. He is a Kiwi who loves a good yarn, the outdoors, hiking, surfing and cycling. Some of his adventures have included hiking the John Muir Trail, snowboarding in Japan and cycling part of the Tour De France.

We are quiet, considerate of neighbours, handy in the garden and have experience looking after pools. We've also owned a variety of small and large animals, and it would bring us great joy to look after your pets as we would our own.

If you are interested in getting to know us more we would love to chat over the phone and provide you with references.

We look forward to hearing from you if we sound like a good fit for your home.

Linda & Sjoerd

  • VIC

Nice to meet you! We are Sjoerd and Linda, 2 happy Dutchies who quit their office careers to travel the world. We love animals because animals make a house a home. Linda grew up with dogs, rabbits and little parrots and Sjoerd never stopped dreaming about taking care for a little friend. ;-)

We began our trip in New Zealand to travel around in a campervan for 10 weeks. In January 2019 we traveled to Melbourne, Australia where we are working part time for half a year.

Being outdoor makes us happy and a lovely kitchen to cook in too. :) Linda used to do a lot of road cycling back home. She participated in a relay team of Ironman Maastricht en rode La Marmotte, a classical European crazy cyclists thing. Sjoerd loves mountains and snow so he climbed Mount Blanc in France. Sjoerd also likes to go for a run and enjoys being Linda's very helpful help chef in the kitchen. Besides being active we enjoy yoga and try to live in the moment as much as possible. We are looking forward to a temporary home and taking care of your pet(s).

Feel free to send us a message to get to know us better. We would like to share videos about our current trip and our previous house sitting references.

Diana & Robert

  • Adelaide, Barossa Valley

Cat, bird, reptile, fish or dog - any creature attracts a warm response from Diana. Her friends are amused by her habit of conversing affectionately with pets and wildlife alike. After nearly three decades of working as an allied health professional, she recently graduated as an illustrator and would like to write and illustrate books for children.
As custodians of a half-hectare of bungalow and garden, Diana and Robert stay fit and well-occupied. Lawn-mowing, weeding, hedge clipping, rose pruning and planting are all regular duties. They move house very rarely, but when they do, they have no need to rush around spending money to fix and clean up. They just present the property as is and immediately receive good offers. Diana helps friends clean and tidy their properties for sale.
Recently, Diana travelled on a study tour where accommodation was of the share type and she was gratified to note that her personal habits were more orderly, clean and tidy than those of any of her
Diana sketches, writes, tends her garden and its wildlife, maintains her home, dines out with friends or goes to art exhibitions and plays. She's had good responses from the people of two different homes for whom she house-and-pet sat last year - via Happy House Sitters - and can provide reference contacts on request.
Robert is a recently retired product designer and, like Diana, is a non-smoker and non-drinker. Robert has a particular fondness for cats.
In 2019, Robert and Diana would like to house sit in northern Tasmania around April, or near their own home in Adelaide later in the year, when the house painters need them to vacate.

Santiago & Denise

  • Cairns, Melb. Inner suburbs

Hello there,

We are Santiago and Denise, better know as "Fla" & "Gor" among friends. We are an argentinean/irish couple that met by destiny in the beautiful city of Melbourne over 2 years ago.

Since then our careers and hobbies took us on different journeys around Asia, Europe, South America and currently Australia.

We have been blessed with so many experiences during this period; caring for people's houses and its beloved pets in places like France, Argentina and recently Victoria. Luckily, most of them have later become close friends.

For us housesitting is a way of connecting people and building trust in a society that usually lacks it.

We look after people's spaces and pets as if they were ours; based on respect, honesty and a clear communication.

Looking forward to make new memories and friends along the way!

Saludos "Fla" & "Gor"

Lindy & Leigh

  • Melbourne

We are trustworthy, energetic and dependable women. We are both clean and tidy nerds, organised and do not smoke. We will respect and care for your home, as if it was ours, and will enjoy looking after your pets. Being homeowners ourselves, we know how important it is to feel confident and comfortable with the people who will be looking after your home.

We have used house sitters for the last 6 years to find and engage people to look after our home when we have been away and now look forward to trying out the other side of this wonderful community exchange.

We are married and both currently work fulltime. At the end of 2018, we will be packing up our home, traveling for 6 months before returning to our respective jobs in Melbourne. Our home will be occupied throughout 2018 so we hope to housesit from July 2019, for 6 -12 months.

We can provide very reassuring references to demonstrate our reliability, trustworthiness and dependability. As a teacher and a public servant we can also provide police checks should you require them.