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Paul & Alexander


We are Paul and Alexander - a young (30+) couple who have recently relocated from Norway to Australia.

Paul is Australian, and grew up on the open plains of the Monaro in New South Wales. Alexander is Swedish (also a permanent resident of Australia) and grew up on a small hobby farm surrounded by dense forest in Värmland.

Until recently, we were happily living and working in Oslo, Norway - not too far from Alex's family in Sweden. We decided to leave Scandinavia in order to be closer to Paul's family and friends and to travel around Australia. In July of 2016 we embarked on a camping trip, starting in Darwin and taking us through the Red Centre and all the way down to Hobart, via South Australia and Victoria. We have seen some amazing places and our trip and look forward to seeing more of Australia in the coming year. We have our own transport.

Paul practised as a Landscape Architect for 3 years in Sydney before moving to Oslo 6 years ago. Paul has a Bachelor degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of New South Wales in Sydney and a Masters' degree in Landscape Architecture from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. Prior to commencing his full-time professional career, Paul was employed as a Horticultural Labourer at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney and at The Mosman Gardener (a nursery on Sydney's lower north shore). These positions involved regular maintenance and one-off improvement works at properties in suburbs such as Kirribilli, Kurraba Point, Cremorne, Mosman, Clifton Gardens, Seaforth and Balgowlah Heights, in addition to the Lower Garden and Government House at the Royal Botanic Gardens. Paul has, therefore, extensive practical experience maintaining and improving manicured gardens and large publicly accessible grounds. This underpins his 10 years of professional design experience dealing with public and private clients and various stakeholders. Your garden will be in good hands!

Alexander is GREAT with dogs, having grown up with several show dogs trained by his mother on their property in Sweden. He is quick to establish rapport and assert authority as appropriate. And, both of us have grown up with cats, so we know they can be both kind and cunning.

We are also able to perform extra duties & labour for those small home improvement projects that you’ve been wanting to get done for years, such installing shelving, re-painting the hall, cleaning and oiling of timber decks, intensive weeding, planting a new garden bed, composting, demolition of light structures (a chook shed, for example) and garden beds, light tree pruning, garden edging and much more. Talk to us if you have a project around the house that you’d like done while you are away!

We are avid users of AirBnB and have enjoyed staying in private dwellings across Europe, Iceland, North America and Australia. There are 19 reviews of our stays available on Paul's AirBnB profile. These can be collated and made available upon request.

A copy of our most recent tenant's reference can also be made available upon request.



  • Melbourne

With an extensive and varied house-sit and rental history alike, I bring considerable experience and versatility to caring for your home, companion animals and garden. I have house-sat everything from apartments with pot plants, to small farms with alpaca herds. Added to this is my experience as a houseguest while travelling in Europe and Australia, from which I received consistently positive reviews.

I am a professional woman, mid-thirties, employed part-time at the University of Melbourne. I value house-sitting for its flexibility and opportunity to experience new parts of Melbourne. I love the city of Melbourne, and as much as possible indulge its arts, circus and live jazz. I genuinely enjoy the company of animals, having lived with animals of all kinds since childhood. I am willing and able to provide especial care to animals with specific medical or welfare needs. I am sensitive to requests to refrain from using particular foods in the kitchen (pork, gluten, kosher, vegan etc) and strive to leave a small eco-footprint as a matter of principle. Basic maintenance, postal pick-ups and other errands are a given. I happily contribute to utilities.

House-proud and trustworthy, I would be delighted to care for your home. References available.

Current House Sit ending May 9th.
Upcoming House Sits: May 16th - May 29th; June 9th - July 21st; and Aug 25th - Sept 23rd.


  • WA

I am a 34 years old Police Auxiliary Officer.
I arrived as an international student to Perth in September 2007 with my ex-husband.
We had been sharing a house with a lady for a year, and since 2008 we were doing house-sitting for others, who can all give their recommendation: we kept properties clean and tidy, and we are both reliable and trustworthy.

(Non-smokers,non-drinkers, by the way.)
We became permanent residents in February 2012 and now we are Australian Citizens since 2014.
Unfortunately our marriage did not work out and now I do house-sitting by myself. We still support each other, coming form a different culture it is important for both of us.

A little about me:
I completed a Diploma in
Community Welfare Work, have a Cert IV in Project management and working as a Police Auxiliary Officer since November 2013.
I miss our cats and dogs, who had to
stay at home
Hungary, and I hope we can take care of any kind
of animal(s).
We would be more than
happy to
take care about a house, garden, or your pets!

Please see our references and I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.


  • Melbourne

I am a 32 year old British Veterinary Surgeon working in Melbourne. I am currently working at a veterinary practice in Caulfield South. I am house sitting due to my desire to save some money for traveling around Australia after finishing work in Melbourne.

I am tidy and like to live in a clean environment so I am always happy to don the marigolds and give somewhere a clean! My interests include reading, going to the cinema and running.

One of my main passions, and the reason I became a vet, is animals. I am from a farm in the UK and miss my pets so it would be lovely to come home whilst house sitting and spend the evening with some friendly furry creatures! And obviously I can tend to them if your animals have any medical needs or become unwell whilst you are away.

Do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions!

SUE : 13** years house-sitting experience

  • Melbourne, Bendigo, Macedon Ranges, North Eastern, North Western, Gippsland, Ballarat, Geelong, Otway Ranges/ Great Ocean Rd

Metropolitan Melbourne/ ( Country areas = longer sits i.e. 6wks plus ) ****Devote 90% of my time to your home & cats (pets) fish etc...:-)
MELBOURNE SUBURBS. COUNTRY/CITY FRINGE PREFERRED' I SPEAK ALL FELINE DIALECTS' Experience with the peculiarities of Pedigree breeds plus domestic/moggies. NON-SMOKER/DRINKER AND I BRING NO PETS/CHILDREN. Quiet, Mature, Clean living christian woman 50 plus.
Clean, Smoke free homes with Tumble Dryer and WIFI Internet connection.

Excellent reputation; many repeat clients; which have been Cat-People :-) and I have been house sitting for several years full-time.
Home owner / renovator / decorator for several decades
Decades as a pet owner; mainly felines
Gentle & Compassionate animal/nature lover

I am a Polite, Friendly and Respectful, Quiet natured lady.

Capable, Friendly, Conscientious and helpful.

Strictly a Non-Smoker / Drinker/clean living
Extremely neat, clean and house-proud
Green Thumb
Light household / garden duties
1-2 cats preferred

Excellent security as home 90 % of the time.
Security conscious and Vigilant; thus homes with good security i.e. working deadlocks/lights and off-street parking required.


  • Melb. SE suburbs, Northern Vic, SE Vic, SW Vic

My name is Malcolm Paul, I am single gentleman of 63, I am a financially independent retiree and enjoy an organised, clean, domesticated lifestyle.

I currently live part-time in Cheltenham and in South Gippsland, and I am fortunate enough to enjoy excellent health.
I regularly walk for 30-60 mins each day, and enjoy swimming when the opportunity arises. I am a non-smoker.
I love read and listen to music, and prefer a quiet lifestyle.

As I no longer work or have any personal commitments I can enjoy a lifestyle that allows me to take on either a short or long term house sit, this means that I can be flexible with my commitment to you.

Being retired, I also have the time and flexibility to enjoy traveling and exploring new places, and meeting new people.
I own a reliable late model SUV station wagon (but no caravan) which gives me plenty of scope to house sit anywhere in Victoria.

I have always loved animals and owned had either a cat or dog in our family and experienced first hand how much a part of the family your loved pet is. I now miss their companionship and would love to include a dog in my daily walks if required. Due to travelling it no longer possible for me to own a pet.

I also own a house that I rent-out in Melbourne. Therefore, I am aware of the roles and responsibilities of both tenant and landlord. This means I respect other people’s property and rights.

My previous house sits have been an adventure and most enjoyable.
I would love to continue house sitting if i am suited to your needs. It would be a privilege to look after your pets and your house.

I can supply references from previous house sits, also character references, and a valid police clearance if needed.

This is an brief outline of myself, so please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have additional questions, or require additional information. Like most things in life…. there needs to benefits for both parties, so please contact me.

Mal Paul


  • Melbourne


I am a single, non-smoking professional currently working in South Melbourne , so would prefer not to be too far from public transport to get to/from work (or if Bayside i could drive). Having owned a house myself in the past I am conscious of the care and security needed in keeping a house maintained, and am a house proud person in general.

I love all animals and grew up with my house being nicknamed "the zoo" as we had dogs, chickens, ducks, guniea pigs, rabbits, budgies, rats, fish and a galah! (as well as horses but they were not in our back garden). So am more than willing to sit with pets that need looking after. Though i had family dogs (schnauzers and boxers) growing up, when i moved out of home at 19 i had my first fur-baby, a red heeler who (despite being diagnosed with epilepsy at a young age) I was lucky to have as part of my life for 13 years. I was devastated when she passed 6 years ago and really miss having that companionship and happiness that dogs bring to your life. I am not in a position to have another dog as yet (but do plan to soon) so love to look after house where i can get some doggy cuddles (or any other animal too!). As you would imagine a red heeler required regular walks and with her condition, regular medication and treatment. So I am well versed in the importance of both.

I am just about to end my current lease, and on return from a work trip to Sri Lanka will be staying with a friend short term while I secure any house-sitting arrangements. Therefore I am available for any length of house-sitting (longer the better) and can provide personal or professional references as required. I am also getting police check which i can forward as required.

I am a responsible and reliable - and love a quiet environment. I'm a bit of a home body so would be around a lot to look after your property (and any pets) when i am not at work (which is normal Monday - Friday hours, no weekends) Though i work in travel i have not further trips planned after this one in April.

I have done some house/petsitting (2 x staffies) in the past and also used to voluteer at Save-a-dog shelter.

I am available from June 2017.

I look forward to hearing from you.


  • Gippsland

I am a 50 year old retail manager living on Phillip Island. I am available to do long term house sitting. I have been house / pet sitting for the last 10 months in various locations on Phillip Island. I am a well organised, very clean and tidy person who loves walking and being active outdoors. Gardening and art and crafts are a couple of my passions. I have a number of personal references available upon request.

Susan & Michel

  • Sydney

we are a reliable, mature French-Australian couple who are looking to house sit while our new house is being built in the Blue Mountains. Susan is a writer who works from home and Michel is a retired builder/house restorer. We have no pets of our won at present, but love to care for yours - dogs are really attracted to Michel and cats find my lap very comfortable. We are both non-smokers, active, healthy and like our privacy. As proud home owners ourselves, so you can be assured of attention to your house, gardens and pets. Our Leura house is for sale, so we will be looking for a house sit from April. We have our own car and are happy to come and visit you. House sit references available
Best wishes Susan and Michel

Karen & Wayne

  • Syd. Southern suburbs, Melb. Inner suburbs, Melb. NE suburbs, Melb. NW suburbs

We are a semi-retired couple from Tasmania with adult children on the mainland. We are experienced with and fond of cats.
We are keen to spend time with our (very) young new grandson and family in the inner North of Melbourne.
We run our own accommodation business part-time in Tasmania and have high standards of home care and maintenance.
We welcome your further questions and are happy to provide references and police checks.
We are currently looking for a sit mid June- July/August preferably in Melbourne's Northern/inner suburbs.
Being relatively new to this we have also used Air B & B and have references there as well, including looking after animals.


  • Central Coast, Newcastle, Port Stephens, Upper Hunter Valley, Mid North Coast, Northern Rivers, Murray & Riverina, Snowy MTS, Southern Tablelands
  • Reduced Contact

Sharon Moana

  • ACT


  • Melb. Inner suburbs, Melb. SE suburbs

Im a 46 year old mother of 3 teenagers, 2 cats and 2 dogs.
I've been brought up with both cats and dogs and in recent years with kids have had just about every type of small domestic pet known to man (although I don't do rats??). I can guarantee your pets would be given oodles of love and attention and would be spoilt rotten...if allowed!
I like to live a quiet life, at the moment I'm between rental properties and staying in airbnb whilst my kids and pets are staying with my ex full time. I've signed up for happyhousesitters for just a few months in the hope of having a change of scenery and also saving some dollars before I move permanently again.
I'm recovering from major surgery on my spine so not working at the moment. Having said that, I'm out and about most days for a few hours getting excercise or doing social stuff.
I'm definitely more of a cat person than dog person!


  • QLD, Melbourne

- National Police Crime Certificate. Issued 7 Jan 2016
- Commissioner for Declarations (CDec) Queensland
- 44 - 55 years
- Respectful of others personal privacy.
- Non smoker.
- Enjoys animals.
- Many years walking dogs.
- Many years caring for other peoples pets in my own home and theirs.
- Confident in giving medications.
- Cared for blind dogs and very senior pets.
- Current home owner and for the past 30 years.
- 15 years in at current residence.
- 30 + years of my own pets.
- I have no pets now as they have all passed from age.
- ONLY sits in non-smoking homes, thank you.


I am a responsible person, I love pets and where I live at the moment, I am boarding, and I am not allowed to have a pet. I am in transition at the moment, waiting to have a place of my own completed. I love singing. I spent the last three years studying classical singing. You can see on the photo, I am singing at the concert-exam at the end of my Master's in Classical singing. I do not smoke, do not drink. I work as a sales representative and I drive around for work but do not start early in the morning. I like to keep a clean house. I am friendly to pets, I like to cuddle them. I can provide references and I have a police check.

Liz & Kate

  • ACT, Central Coast, Hunter Valley, North Coast, South Coast, Rural/Regional NSW, South Eastern, Central, Central Coast (Qld), Western QLD, Adelaide, South, Spencer Gulf, West Coast, TAS, Melb. NW suburbs, Northern Vic, SE Vic, SW Vic

Two very quiet mature non smoking,non party, women who love classical music, and our beloved 11 year old Lab/staffy boy who is a quiet gentleman, and an inside dog, he travels with us now since we have stopped travelling overseas, we promised him we would never leave again. We have been house sitters over the years and locum managers for B&Bs, self catering cottages and small farms. We would now like to pet/house sit for other people. After lots of travelling during which we have had special people look after our beloved boy, we could enjoy our trips, we would now like to help others to enjoy their travels.
Our beloved boy gets on with dogs, cats, chickens, sheep and horses and of course loves people. References can be supplied, and our police check is up to date Do you need us? We would be very pleased to help you enjoy your adventures.

Michele & John

  • Central Coast, North Coast, South Coast, Alice Springs, Darwin, QLD

Happily married, and still in love after many years of working together 24/7, we decided to retire early and take the time and opportunity to explore this great Southern land. With our four-legged child, a 6 year old Poodle/Maltese X, we like to spend periods of time in places that please us. We've met fabulous folk and seen wonderful sights on our journey. Now we'd love to learn more about the area in which you live!

In our former life we were kitchenware wholesalers and retailers, with a cooking school - where John taught many culinary classes. He is passionate about real food and good nutrition, and continues to cook up a storm on the road!

Michele is a qualified dog trainer. A Certified Training Partner of the, internationally recognised, Karen Pryor Academy she works with private clients and also volunteers at RSPCA centres. Caring for your pets is an absolutely joy for her - and she'll happily train any problem behaviours you may be experiencing ... or just teach your fur baby a few neat tricks in your absence! All just part and parcel of the house sitting service! With Michele in residence, your pets will enjoy the time out and holiday just as much as you will!

We're mature - AND we still know how to have fun! We're energetic, active and interested in everything. Walking every day is important to us, and keeps us all fit. Other than that, we're quite content to stay @ home and enjoy the ambience. Pottering in the garden is always a pleasure - never a chore. We have a travelling, potted herb garden ... essential for the chef! Actually, we're healthier and happier now than ever before.

We're non-smokers and we need a smoke-free environment. We keep a clean and tidy caravan, and will treat your house with due care and respect. We're responsible, reliable and trustworthy.

As former home owners, we understand that you want the peace of mind that comes with the right people caring for your critter-kids and castle. We are those people, and would love hear from you.

Links to Michele's professional training qualifications, and also to our travel blog are available on request. This site will not permit us to include them in our profile.

Character references also available on request.


  • Melbourne, Geelong, Otway Ranges/ Great Ocean Rd

I am a responsible professional (work in local government) who also loves to travel. This is the main reason I have moved back in with my family and enjoy house sitting occasionally. I also just like to get to know new areas, as if I'm travelling again. I have previously house-sitted for work colleagues who will be able to provide a reference.

I am a non-smoker, tidy and active person. More than happy to go dog walking! I have grown up around cats and dogs and I love animals. I volunteered in Thailand at an animal sanctuary called BEES! I generally have a quiet lifestyle and love to go hiking on weekends. I am very independent and have travelled over 40 countries on my own.

I'm more than happy to have a chat with you if you'd like to get to know me more before making the decision to get a house-sitter. I am conscious of the big decision to get a house sitter and would treat your home as I would my own. I hope that by chatting with me I can put you at ease and you enjoy your holiday whilst your house and pets are well looked after.

John & Jean

  • Sydney, Central Coast, Hunter Valley, North Coast, South Coast, Brisbane, South Eastern, Central Coast (Qld), Northern QLD, SA, Melbourne, Macedon Ranges, North Eastern, North Western, Lakes area

Hello, we are a married couple in our 50's and both non-smokers. We love dogs and have looked after many in our house sits. We do have our 12.5 year old shih tzu, Baxter, who is very placid,well behaved and trained and gets on very well with all dogs,animals and people, as he is used to the company of all sorts of dogs with our travels. We have been privileged to look after many beautiful homes, gardens and delightful animals in some of Australia's most scenic regions. We are currently on a house sit in NSW till 12th June. Before this, we looked after a beautiful home and gardens in Coffs Harbour, and the house sit prior to this in Brisbane, looking after Kate's home. pool and chickens. Before this, we were on a house sit near Tannum Sands, Gladstone up until Christmas, where we minded their beautiful Golden Retriever Gypsey and lovely Home, pool, Spa & Gardens. Before this, we finished a house sit in Bright Vic, looking after designer ducks and chickens and a Berkshire pig. Before this, Rosebud Victoria, minding a 10 yo Maltese/Shih Tzu, Molly. Previous to this, we did a house sit in Arthurs Seat, minding 2 dogs, an Australian Shepard and Labradoodle,11 chickens, 2 Alpacas and 5 sheep. The house sit previous to this was in Waubra "Eildon Springs" minding 2 retired cattle dogs on their very beautiful 150 year old Merino Sheep Homestead, and before this, a house sit in Mitta Mitta Vic, (The Witches Garden, Botanical Gardens),minding 2 dogs,2 chickens, three horses and Angus cattle on 100 acres. Other house sits we have had the privilege over the last year and a half to mind throughout Eastern Australia include a 2 month stay in The Hunter Valley region, minding a home with pool, Balinese water features, mowing the lawns and tending the gardens and vegie patch, the next house sit was in Austinmer NSW for a 6 week period minding the beautiful home, gardens, lawn and pool and their lovely 2 dogs. We have done a 12 day sit in Millicent SA minding a 9 yo deaf German Shepherd on a 5 acre property, where the ride on mower was mastered and the fruit trees tendered. Portland VIC we minded a 5 bedroom Air b&b for 7 weeks, where we looked after Airb&b guests, 2 dogs, 22 sheep and 2 alpacas on 27 acres and gardening and mowing were tended. Then Manly QLD, a 4 bedroom house and pool where extra cleaning, to get house ready for sale was required as well as bring a dormant pool back to sparkling condition. Then on a house sit in Agnes Water on a lovely 5 acre country beach house, where ride on mowing, gardening, pool maintenance and caring for the Rooster and hens was required. 
As we have owned 10 houses between us, before selling our last one to invest in our business, we have extensive experience with pools and spas, having 6 Pools among our Homes, including two Pools built to our own design and specifications. I am an avid gardener, , light gardening and lawns will be a welcome chore. 
I like our house always to be meticulously clean, especially bathrooms and floors, as all our houses have always been. 
John has a background as a Professional Pilot flying for 28 years, 23 of these as an Airline Pilot with Ansett. At the same time John was flying he was also, designing and building modems in the early 80's before there was an Internet at which time he wrote machine code and assembly language Software, which over the years has evolved into our own IT company. Please click the link for quick overview of our story 
My background - I attended business college after leaving school then into the Banking Industry (ANZ) , then Hospitality and Tourism Industry(including managing resort and restaurants) Modelling (12 commercials and a documentary) and the last 12 years, Public Relations and Communications, which I now do for our company on a part time basis. John Retired just over a year ago but is still the Chairman of our Australian Company and President of our USA Delaware Corporation as is still hands on in operations but can work from anywhere with our own 4G as long as Internet reception is available to the area. 
We have our 12.5 Year old Shih Tzu (small dog) who is very well behaved and trained and used to the company of other dogs, He sleeps a lot during the day in a sunny spot and has two walks daily if your dogs would enjoy his company, as well.
We have Police Checks and very good references . We can organise a skype or phone call as soon as you would like, and if you think we would be suitable. 

Looking forward to hearing from you.
John and Jeanne.


  • Sydney, Wollongong & Illawarra

Hello! I'm a Clinical Psychologist working part time at a Community Mental Health Centre in Sydney and working from home writing and researching (4 days per week).

As I am working in Sydney in permanent jobs, I can be completely relied upon with any house sitting arrangements made. I am a non-smoker, non-partyer and also a very quiet, clean, tidy, and honest person by nature, and I show a lot of care and respect towards others and the things they hold dear (which includes homes and pets!). I love being physically active and outdoors - walking when I can, but am eager for some quite space in a cosy home to read and relax. Having grown up on a farm, I miss having animals in Sydney, so it would be a privilege to take care of someone's pets while they are away.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. I have completed recent police checks and working with children checks (a requirement of NSW Health) in February this year, and can hopefully dig up a copy if anyone requires it. I can also provide character references from people I have house sat for in the past.


  • Melbourne

My name is Katrina, I'm 36 and work as a Disability Support Worker in Malvern East.
I love and have grown up with animals and also house sat lookomg after dogs and cats.
I am a non smoker, have a Working with Children's Check (same as Police Check), am quiet and tidy.
I will care for your pets and home like it was my own.
I'm happy to help bringing in the post, watering the garden or any other jobs you need round the home.
Happy for house sits that are short or long.
Looking forward to meeting you and your furry friends :)


  • Melb. Inner suburbs, Melb. NW suburbs, Ballarat, Geelong

Ready for a move but am uncertain about where that will take me. I'd enjoy house sitting in a range of locations to get a feel for a new area.
Currently working part time in Melbourne's western suburbs so would like to stay in the general vicinity until the end of the school year.
For the most part I enjoy exploring new areas on foot, though I do have a car as it is required for my work.
Love most animals of the furry kind, but do not currently have my own pet due to Landlord restrictions.
I am familiar with caring for dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and birds, and would be more than happy to care for yours in your absence.
I look forward to caring for your house and pets in a manner in which they are accustomed.
I am just beginning my house sitting journey and look forward to getting to know some new neighbourhoods.


  • Melb. Inner suburbs, Melb. SE suburbs

Hi there. I am a single, non-smoking professional currently living in my own unit in Aspendale.

A school teacher by trade, I'm working part-time in Berwick and run my own corporate training business from home. Being a home owner myself, I am conscious of the care needed in keeping a house maintained. I grew up in country Victoria with many pets and love the company that they provide. I am available for longer length house sitting engagements and can provide references, as well as a police clearance and working with children check.

I'm about to do two local house-sits: One in Sandringham for 3 weeks and another in Narre Warren for 3 months. I will be free to take on another house sit from 26th October, 2017 onwards.

I've traveled most of Europe and America as a SERVAS traveler - staying in people's homes - so am very familiar with the ethos and processes required. I am a responsible, reliable and considerate person, and would take excellent care of your property.

Tanya & Rod

  • Syd. NW suburbs, Central Coast, Newcastle, Mid North Coast, Tweed Coast


AVAILABLE for NSW from mid November 2017

As of Mar 2017 we will have spent our 1st year of house sitting discovering Perth & rural areas of WA. We have had a wonderful time & met some amazing people/pets. We are now looking to continue our adventure in other states.

We are a married, healthy, retired couple, both non-smokers. Having sold our business we are now catching up on lost time to indulge in our love of travelling.
Prior to running our own business we were both long term Military personnel and then worked in the Corporate Sector.

We have travelled extensively around Australia & in parts of Europe and love the experience new places can offer.
When traveling overseas, we always tried to stay in places where the locals went for holidays rather than the tourist orientated areas.

We enjoy the experience of "living like a local" and welcome the opportunity to be involved in the day to day life, and discovering the beauty, of the local area which is far more rewarding than ticking all the boxes to say you have seen all the tourist spots. House sitting allows you time to slowly discover new places, meet people and enjoy the company of pets of all varieties, both large & small.

We are responsible people who have owned and rented properties, have previously maintained a pool and garden and are used to dealing with any issues that arise.
We are conscious of the care and security required to maintain a property.

We enjoy gardening and look forward to tending the different gardens that we are now not able to have ourselves.

We are experienced with animals having had numerous pets (large and small) over the years and know how to deal with both young & older ones. Most of our animals have been adopted from recuse homes/welfare.

Being retired gives us lots of time to look after your home, garden and pets.

We are able to provide references and Police clearances .

Sophie & Peter


We are a mature couple (68 and 72 year olds) non drinkers and non smokers. Fit and able to do garden and walk pet. We like to ride our bikes to explore whatever region we may visit.
The idea is to head north each year to escape the southern winters.

Lynn & Ron

  • NSW, Brisbane, South Eastern, Central, Central Coast (Qld)

Hi all House owners,

We are an active couple venturing into retirement and see this as a great opportunity to experience more of this beautiful country.

Our plan is to leave South Australia in June and head all the way up to the vicinity of Rockhampton. From there we will head back down the coast to Wollongong for Christmas (we have family there). After Christmas we will continue our travels down the coast through Victoria and hopefully Tasmania before heading back to Adelaide later in 2018.

We have both had pets and would be very confident in managing any of your pets as required. We are non smokers and are also very House proud so you can be assured your property would be looked after as if our own

We currently have secured house sits in Kurrajong NSW from 30th June to 28th July, Beachmere QLD from 6th August to the 19th August and Birkdale Qld up to Sept 12th. We would be more than happy to discuss any sitting requirements you may have that roughly fall into our travel plans after those dates.

We look forward to hearing from you

Lynn and Ron

Pam & Keith

  • SA, WA

We are a couple in our early 60’s – recently retired who enthusiastically enjoy house sitting because it allows us to provide a valuable personalized service to home owners. Nothing gives us more pleasure than making home owners feel comfortable with being away from home, knowing their house is in good hands until the owner's return. We're very grateful to all our wonderful clients for the opportunities they have granted us through inviting us into their homes and lives. We receive trust, and in exchange, we provide loving care. We are non-smokers who are honest, reliable and dependable house sitters who will respect your property and personal things. Our background was in education. We have owned a home and are fully conscious of the care and security needed in keeping a house (including a pool) maintained. Also we have had pets that lived very long comfortable lives because we treated them as part of our family. We will care for your pets as if they were part of our own family. We have had experience in house/pet sitting before and we have references available on request.


  • Adel. N. suburbs

Adelaide Northern Suburbs.

I haven't any experience as a house sitter yet, but I am a honest, trustworthy person who has police clearance as well as **references available** if required. I will look after your home as it was my own. I have now retired but my husband is still working. I want to visit Adelaide more often as I now have a our Daughter, Son-in-Law and the most beautiful Granddaughter who live in Enfield. I am now able to go to Adelaide on a regular basis as I had to put to my precious dog, Ellie to sleep just over a year ago due to complications from Cushing's disease. She had been part of our family for over 14 years.

I love most family pets, dogs, cats, rabbits etc although I prefer smallish less boisterous dogs as I am not that tall myself but it is not a pre-requisite. I also enjoy light gardening if needed.

I live on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and enjoy doing my craft work in the sunshine, playing cards with the oldies at the local nursing home and I also like going to our local Surf Club for a meal and/or a drink or two with friends although I am quite happy with my own company.

I am definitely a non-smoker.


  • Central Coast, Hunter Valley, North Coast, Brisbane, South Eastern

Susan & David

  • ACT, NSW, South Eastern, TAS

David and I have been house sitting for 2 years now and truly love this lifestyle. We have been fortunate enough to be continually on the move over this time and have returned to our first house sit a second time. David and I were original Sydney dwellers for 30 odd years and have always owned our own homes up until 2000. We had a hobby farm in Tasmania for 15 years, with farm animals including sheep, goats, chickens a horse, dogs and cats etc. We are familiar with living with tank water/ water pumps,wood heaters, septic systems and basic requirements for rural living. Leaving Tasmania in 2000 we rented in Sydney for a couple of years then moved to the Central Tablelands, NSW for 11 years where we rented a cabin on a 90 acre goat farm. During that time I did volunteer work on a regular basis for 8 years which involved 6 month periods away from home at a time staying with different families every week, so I am very accustomed to living in other peoples' homes. David worked as a full time carpenter in the local area accompanying me regularly on various trips. After leaving the central tablelands we both volunteered on a 7 acre retreat centre in Victoria for 7 months maintaining the property and looking after 3 acres of garden. We have been on the South Coast, NSW for almost 6 months now. I have a background in admin/bookkeeping and David is a carpenter. We are responsible and mature adults and have experienced many different lifestyles including living in Asia and Tibet. We enjoy the experience of new lifestyles and locations and feel that house sitting would be a great opportunity for us to do what we love and benefit the home owner do what they wish to do. At the moment we are on our 8th house sit and we have been invited back to our first house sit for another 3 months.
Ideally we would like long term sits of 3-12 months or more preferably NSW and South East Queensland.
Our interests include travelling, walking/hiking and water sports. We are both fit and healthy, don't drink or smoke and enjoy the outdoors. We feel that we are able to fit into a city or rural environment as we have lived in both and would certainly care for your home, garden and pets as if our own.
We are more than happy to discuss any house sitting jobs, answer questions, provide references, police checks, photos etc and anything else you would like so as to feel comfortable and secure with the house sitter you have chosen.
With kind regards
Susan and David Kirkwood