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  • Melb. Inner suburbs, Melb. NE suburbs, Melb. NW suburbs, Macedon Ranges


My name is Lucinda,
I live and have grown up in Melbourne.
I am quiet, respectful 35 year old and a lover of all animals. It would be a honour for me to give your animals, home and garden love and attention.
My lease is about to run out and I would like to build later in the year so I would love the opportunity to look after your home/pets in between.
Please do not hesitate to contact me with anything further you would like to know.
I am available from March 2017



  • Sydney


I am a Melbournian law student looking for a place to mind in Sydney during my semester break. I am looking in Sydney as I have an internship as a volunteer legal assistant for an Indigenous-focused organisation. I am tidy, a non-smoker and absolutely adore animals. I have a Rhodesian Ridgeback of my own and would love to spend my time away from home by looking after someone else's animal friends! I have great attention to detail and will ensure all your needs are met.
References can be provided upon request and I am always happy to have a chat about any queries or concerns.

Hope to hear from you :)


phyllis & roger

  • ACT, NSW, Alice Springs, Darwin, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC

My husband and I are a retired English couple whose son is now living in Melbourne Victoria. We want to explore Australia with a view of emmigrating to Australia and we see house sitting as a way in which we could do this. Looking after someones house and or pets would help us get a real feel of the area.
We have experience in looking after dogs and cats having had our own and looked after family members pets when they go on holidays.
We are in our late 50's early 60's and are fit. We love walking and are houseproud, so would look after your home. My husband is very practical, a handyman around the house able to solve most maintainance issues.
We could supply references if required however, communication between us, potential sitters and house owners will put both our minds at rest..
We will be available from November 2017 until July 2018.
We would be very interested in a housesit over the Xmas New Year that would be open to us inviting some of our family to stay over. We would be very responsible and respectful of your property and pets at this time.

Roger and Phyllis

I have attached below a character reference from my colleague at my place of work for 23 years.
To whom it may concern.

I have known Phyllis Austin in excess of 23 years both as a work colleague and as a friend.

She was employed by Tesco Stores Limited in various managerial roles including Customer Service Manager responsible for the well being and training of over 120 staff, before ending up as a Compliance Manager in Newton Abbot store,

This role involved ensuring that the store remained safe and legal at all times. This meant liaising with the rest of the management team from Store Manager down to make sure that they completed all of their legal training such as Health and Safety, Fire and Pest Control.

During my time working with Phyllis she was always diligent and thorough and had a way of ensuring that everything was completed to tight timescales through her manner, encouraging others to do their best, and coaching/training whenever necessary. Part of her duties included being in charge of the store as a duty manager, and this task she completed with ease.

I would have no hesitation in recommending her for any role that she applied for as I know that her integrity and honesty are second to none.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Paul Foster
Customer Experience Manager
Newton Abbot 2920

This is a confidential email. Tesco may monitor and record all emails. The views expressed in this email are those of the sender and not Tesco.

Tesco Stores Limited
Company Number: 519500
Registered in England
Registered Office: Tesco House, Shire Park, Kestrel Way, Welwyn Garden City, AL7 1GA
VAT Registration Number: GB 220 4302 31



Hi There!
We are Mimi & Kurt and we have a great passion for travel, philanthropy work and are big animal lovers. We are planning towards opening our own animal shelter & adoption centre in the near future.

We currently receive a steady income working online and this flexibility allows us to travel the world - generally for both volunteer work and leisure. However, no matter where we are we will always call Australia home :).

We are huge foodies and love spending most of our time at home relaxing, cooking and cuddling up with any fur babies in our care. As we both work from home we can guarantee that all pets will have company 24/7. We have extensive experience looking after animals within the family as well as volunteering at the RSPCA in QLD. When we are not home we love spending time getting fit outdoors at parks or the beach. If your pet needs a lot of exercise we are definitely the right choice for you!

We are very house-proud people and non-smokers who like to keep a very clean home. Kurt also has had many years of experience as a landscaper and as a result he will be able to tend to your garden and ensure it is maintained where required.

We look forward to taking care of your home and pets! :)


  • NSW

My name is Sam, I'm 22 and a qualified emergency vet nurse and current vet student at Sydney University. I am quiet and clean, and spend most of my time studying, working or doting over animals. I love caring for animals of all types, particularly cats and dogs, and am trained to know when something is wrong with your pet- meaning you can enjoy your holiday knowing your beloved fur baby is in good hands!

I love pet sitting and experiencing the wide variety of personalities I see in the animals I look after- no pet is ever the same as another and I love getting to know them all!

I am looking for both long and short term house/pet sitting opportunities that ideally are located closer to my work and/or university, as I live quite a distance from both. I am always happy to accommodate and tweak my services for any special needs, be it those of your pet (medications, physiotherapy requirements, etc) or those of your home (watering plants, mowing lawns, etc).

I hope to hear from you soon!

Toni & Paul

  • Syd. Eastern suburbs, Syd. Lower N Shore, Syd. NW suburbs, Syd. Southern suburbs, Syd. SW suburbs

We, for many years, have lovingly cared for our own homes, children, pets, gardens, fish and now we'd like to do the same for you while you're away since we have plenty of time to attend to your needs.

We are quiet, retired, vital, honest and respectful of your ways in your home , also we're Vegan and do not smoke or drink.
I, Toni, have had years of house and pet sitting experience (with great references) in the Nambucca Heads/Macksville area.
We've now been with Happy Housesitters for over three years.

We absolutely adore cats and dogs, in fact, all animals, plants, trees and nature. If your pets have special needs, Paul is wonderful at attending to them. Walking is high on our list of activities.
Gardens, especially vege, are something we also like to do !

Our daughter lives in Randwick so we like to stay near her family and our grand daughters
as often as possible
and our son and family is in Marrickville with another little angel.

We have a couple of references on this site but can also give phone numbers of other
people we've house sat for.


  • Central Coast, North Coast

I currently Live in Berowra and work in Hornsby. I am new to house sitting but I am a very responsible, houseproud 39 year old who loves animals! I have recently split up from my wife and will have to give up our rented house; I think house sitting would be a win/win solution to my accommodation issues and I look forward to getting started.


  • NSW

Helen 29yr old: Health Professional & full time student currently.
I am an experienced house/pet sitter and animal lover and i would love to take care of your home and pets.
* What kind of person am I?
I am a responsible, trustworthy, tidy and clean Australian born non-smoking woman and I love meeting new people. I am a young but mature Sydney city woman (29 years old). I am an experienced house/pet sitter, and have over 1.5 years of full time house/pet sitting experience. I am currently undertaking my 15th House/pet sit and i have future ones booked in. I am down to earth, reliable, practical, friendly and take great pride in providing a fantastic service. This means that you come home to a clean and tidy house and happy well looked after pets.

Helen: I am a Registered Psychologist and I am not currently working. Instead I have returned to full time university study in the city to complete my Masters in Clinical Psychology and I often study from home. This means that you will have excellent home security, and i can spend lots of time with your pets. I will be finishing my studies in 2017. I have a National Police Certificate and working with childrens check. As a psychologist I have a very high level of security clearance- one that is just under ASIO so you can be assured that i am a trustworthy person.

• What kind of service do I provide?

- I am 24/7 house sitter, so i provide excellent home security and often spend time at home.
- I am a pet carer who loves animals just as much as you do and will go above and beyond to make sure that your pet is happy, healthy and not disrupted in their routine. I only take on 1 house sit at a time to provide a thorough service.
- I will take thoroughly good care of your pets and their needs as requested (meals, any medicine, brush them, give them any worming tablets, keep them company and spend time walking or playing with them).
- Of course in an emergency situation, I will contact you and drive them to their personal vet.
- I will send you regular email/texts/ photo updates of your place and pets so you can see how they are travelling and so you don't miss them too much.
- Collect the mail daily & send you any mail that you’ve requested via email.
- Maintain any indoor or outdoor plants, water, remove leaves from pathways & pools etc as needed.
- I will clean your home before you arrive so that you come back to a nice clean home.
- I leave fresh food in the fridge before your arrival so you can relax once you’ve come back home (I will ask you what you would like e.g. milk, bread, fruit)
- I will start your car if needed to ensure that the battery doesn’t go flat. I won’t be using your car as I have my own
- You even get a little surprise to say thank you :)
- I provide a comprehensive service as I create a task checklist for each day so that I ensure that all daily tasks are completed. As I like to be thorough in my work, I also have a written out agreement of instructions that we both fill out and sign so that all duties are clear and so I have authority to be staying in your home (detailed instructions, vet and emergency contact numbers, pet quirks)
- Any extra tasks feel free to ask me

* Why am I house/pet sitting?
I have been asked this question & it's a fair question! Well house sitting is allowing me to save money as a full time student so that I may buy my own home one day. I also love pets and I don't have my own (other than the family cat, dog and budgies :) ) so it is wonderful to be able to spend time with the beautiful pets that I mind. They provide such companionship. Also, I absolutely love the adventure and variety of living in new places around Sydney and meeting new people like you! Even though I intended to house/pet sit only whilst I studied, I plan to continue house/pet sitting in the future even once I stop studying, because I now LOVE the lifestyle, variety and adventure of it all.

* House/pet sitting experience
I have been pet/house sitting since April 2015. Also, I have lived out of home before & I have had many pets (cats, dogs, chickens, fish, birds, guinea pigs, rabbits, the odd insect.. ) my whole life so I understand the responsibilities of looking after a household and pets. I am happy to send you my references.

Here are some examples of my house sitting experience so far for the 21 months.
1. Frenchs Forest: 4 rescue cats, hermit crabs and a fighting fish.
2. Kirrawee: 2 rescue cats
3. Cammeray: House/pet sat a ragdoll cat and maintained the home for 3.5 months (May, June, July, August). This included mowing their lawns (The cat got in a fight so I immediately drove the cat to the vet in the night and he recovered well).
4. North Manly: Took care of a 14 year old dog, 21 year old cat, 2 fish ponds, a cockatoo and maintained and watered the tree dense garden regularly. Also feed the animals their daily medication at specific times.
5. Frenchs Forest: House sat for the same Frenchs Forest family again over Christmas and New Year’s Eve upon their request and they even paid for the service.
6. Belrose: House sat in Belrose in January 2016 and looked after their cat and dog. Walked their dog twice a day.
7. Cammeray: Returned to Cammeray a 2nd time for 3 weeks looking after their ragdoll cat and mowed their lawn
8. Maroubra: House/pet sat for 2 cats from 15.3.16-14.4.16.
9. Cammeray: House/pet sat at Cammeray for a 3rd time and their ragdoll cat.
10. Cammeray: Through word of mouth, I house sat the next door neighbour's place from 24.08.16 - 19.10.16 to look after their house, garden and frog pond
11. North Manly: I looked after their pets and garden for a 2nd time from the 9th Nov-28th Nov 2016.
12. Mosman: Through word of mouth, I looked after a house and garden in Dec 2016 for 4 weeks
13. Charlestown Newcastle: I looked after a dog and the garden here from the 28th Dec-9th Jan 2017. daily walks
14. North Turramurra: I looked after 2 dogs, a bearded dragon, garden and pool from the 9th Jan-22nd Jan 2017. This included giving one medication twice daily and daily walks
15. Cammeray: I looked after another cat from the 22-26th January 2017.
16. Newcastle Medowie: Here I looked after 1 dog (Brittany breed) chickens, the pool and garden in Jan/Feb 2017
17. Cammeray: I am looking after Des and Megan’s place and cat again for the 4th time in Feb 2017.

I also have upcoming bookings set in place. Feel free to ask me if i am free for your house/pet sitting dates.

Many have asked me to come back at other times, however the timing has at times not worked out as I only commit myself to doing 1 in-depth house/pet sit at a time.

* A little more about my love for Animals.
At the moment I don't have any pets but I LOVE animals. Over the year I have saved, looked after and fostered out 23 stray kittens which I am very proud of. Also, I have had pet sitting experience with dogs, kittens, cats, birds, fish, hermit crabs, frogs & experience with worming, kitty litters, baths, sick pets & some difficult pets. I understand that each pet has their own unique personality and requirements, in the same way people do.

Thus hopefully you will notice that I have a lot of house/pet sitting experience.
Notes: Also, I have a car so I would be able to take your pet to the vet quickly should there ever be an emergency.

* Do I sound like the kind of house/pet sitters you would like?
If so, then I hope to help to look after your home and pet. I would love to talk over the phone or meet you so we can get to know each other.
I also have a photo of myself so you can start to get to know me :)

I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind Regards


  • Melbourne

I am a recently separated, 40 year old non-smoker. I'm mature, reliable, resourceful & considerate (reviews available, further references & police check to come).
As a home owner myself, I have engaged house sitters many times and I appreciate the reassurance provided by a responsible house sitter. I look forward to affording other home owners with this confidence.
While I have no children, I have owned a cat for the last 16 years (although it's probably more appropriate to say that he owned me) and I have experience administering feline medication.
I would enjoy caring for your cat/s with the devoted affection of a true cat-lover. I can also assure my commitment to watering plants or maintaining small gardens as necessary.
I am tidy by nature and would leave your home in the same condition I found it.
I am employed full-time with the Victorian State Government and my office is located in the CBD.
If you are seeking a capable, considerate and respectful house sitter, please contact me.

Christina & Reiner

  • ACT, Sydney, Central Coast, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, WA

We are a responsible, trustworthy, non-smoking freelance/semi-retired couple with plenty of common sense, responsibility and reliability.
We are German born with Australian Permanent Residency/European Citizenship. We both have/had responsible positions in our careers. Reiner enjoyed a managing position for over 15 years at a renowned Public Health Insurance in Duisburg and I was the Managing Director of an Interior Design Company and the owner of a reputable and successful Home and Giftware store with several employees in Sydney. We are currently enjoying some time-out and are possessed by the traveling bug and welcome this alternate lifestyle of housesitting around the world. As we have more time for ourselves and do the things we truly enjoy, we also have the flexibility to travel with or without our caravan (in Europe) and also do the things we really love doing, like walking, riding bicycles, yoga, meditation reading, cooking, crafting, listening to music...
We aim to take a professional approach to housesitting and would like to undertake a variety of housesit assignments around the world. We have many years of travel experience and are easily and quickly comfortable elsewhere. We would feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to housesit in different countries and experience their history and culture and learning a new language is always great fun. Housesitting enables us to experience diverse areas and cultures and getting to know the community we live in.
We have both been brought up surrounded by pets and they played a huge part of our life and they have been treated like family members. Our travelling lifestyle precludes us from having our own pets so we particularly love to spoil your beautiful two or four legged family members that we have entrusted to our care.
As we are new to the housesitting community we would very much welcome the opportunity for us to sit. We are an open minded couple and our time traveling throughout Europe with our Caravan has been introducing us to our nomadic life style. Although we are new to the concept of ‘house-sitting’ we regularly find ourselves taking care of the pets of our camping neighbours and spoiling their dogs and cats with cuddles or walk or sit them.
We feel that housesitting is home away from home. We look after everything as we would if the house was our own. We both own properties and have a good common sense of how and what to be taken care of. We have renovated our own properties and landscaped our gardens so we can put our hands to most things should the need arise in an emergency.
We know that it may be worrying for you to leave your pets and home; we are very conscious of this and we will make sure that we communicate regularly by email or to reassure you that all is well.
We recognize the importance of selecting the right house-sitters to look after your home, pets and garden. We are genuine animal lovers and having pets to look after is a pleasure for us. We are also house proud and we will keep your house and garden looking clean and tidy and maintained in good condition for your return.
We can provide police check and any other information you may wish to know upon request. Happy to Skype also as introduction and a way to get to know us more upfront.
Do contact us as we are always happy to discuss your individual house-sitting needs.

Kind regards,

Christina & Reiner


  • Syd. Eastern suburbs, Syd. Lower N Shore

Hi I retired 6 months ago and have rented out my home in Ballina to travel both overseas and in my campervan. I have been housesitting for friends and also some lovely people via housesit sites. Usually I look after the home and garden as well as the beloved pets - dogs and cats so far. I basically do a lot of walking, yoga and meditation. Also I like to read, go to films, kayak, bushwalk and love latin dance - salsa, cha cha in particular. I sing in choirs when stationary long enough and keep up communications and visits with friends and family in Australia and overseas - pretty average life really. We can talk further if you are considering me for your homesit. I will happily tell you more about myself and anything relevant if that helps.


  • Syd. Eastern suburbs, Syd. NW suburbs, Syd. Southern suburbs, Syd. SW suburbs, Syd. Upper N Shore


  • Perth N.E suburbs, Perth S.E suburbs, Perth S.W suburbs, S. West

Hi Everyone,

I'm Kaelen Rose, I am a 22yo woman currently living around Perth. I grew up in the hills of Perth and I absolutely love it here! I aim to do a lot of travelling over the next few years and I'm finding house sitting is preparing me in a lot of ways.

I mainly like to spend my time on creative projects and amongst nature. I'm used to living on my own, last year I rented a little cottage in Mundaring. Sometimes my partner will come and stay a night with me and I often stay with him between house sits.

I've grown up with pets of every kind; chickens, fish, rabbits, cats, dogs, and birds etc. I think horses are amazing animals, I have some experience with them now and am confident to feed/change rugs.
I love plants and gardening, having my garden is something i really do miss with this lifestyle and I am happy to make arrangements for me to do gardening work for you while I stay.

I am mainly interested in sits in the hills areas or coastal areas- fresh air is a must for me! Plus I like to stay close to my friends and family in the Mt Helena area. I am open to more urban opportunities shorter term, or if there's urgency to find someone I would help.

If you'd like to know anything more about me feel free to ask!

References are available via email as I can't seem to upload to this site.


  • VIC

I am a retired single male, age 67. Healthy, don't smoke or drink. Had a lot of contact with animals, enjoy the countryside and good at fixing things, can put up with the city for short periods ;)

I always had domesticated and other animals around me, at least two dogs at any specific time - Fox Terriers, Rottweiler and some others of which I am not too sure about the breed. At some stage we had a cat or two. My late wife grew up on a South African sheep farm so we always kept a few sheep - with names I might add - not for eating! The result was that a small flock of sheep always featured in my life. I helped nursing the sick ones and often bit the dust when I had to catch one of them. The ram occasionally caught me unawares and I would receive a head-butt...or two. We also kept chickens.

I love to be in nature and have extensively travelled the African wilderness. My hobby is Amateur Radio and the communication part of the hobby comes in very handy. My profession was also in Radio plus industrial electronics.

I migrated to Australia to be closer to my two daughters and two grand kids in Melbourne. My son lives in Canada.

House sitting fits in perfectly with my new independent lifestyle. I agree with the statement that housesitting is a win win situation for both parties involved. I can assure you that your pets and othervanimals will be in good hands and your house kept to a high standard, treated with great respect.

Carey & Madeline

  • Melb. Inner suburbs


Our names are Carey and Madeline, and we are 25 and 26 year old professional and seasoned house- and pet-sitters with references from multiple sits across Australia and New Zealand. In our housesitting adventures to date, we have had the privilege of looking after many different animals; Cats & Kittens, Dogs & Puppies, Chickens, Fish, and even Alpacas!

Carey, born and bred in New Zealand, met Madeline (a Melbournian) while living and working in Orlando at Walt Disney World! Since moving back to Melbourne to start a life together, we have both taken the first step onto our respective career ladders, and are saving to buy our first home next year.

We both grew up around a large number of household pets, with Madeline having a puppy, two rabbits, and two guinea pigs, and Carey having grown up with 6 puppies, rabbits, and a cat. We have also done some volunteer work training service dogs in America to help those with mental and physical ailments.

We are responsible, caring, and most importantly, housetrained, having lived in various living situations all across the world. While we are growing our careers and life here in Melbourne, we would love to be afforded the opportunity to housesit for you. If you can look past Carey's accent, we think we are the perfect couple to be looking after your fluffy loved ones and your home!

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Warmest regards,
Carey and Madeline


  • Syd. Eastern suburbs

H E L L O! So, my name is Paula, Im 24 from Penrith. I am a graphic design undergrad, active and creative, Im working part time in hospitality and I love soaking up the out doors and how pets can be the perfect excuse for it.. Ive been traveling for the past few years and now that im back I want to get to know sydney better so I thought that house sitting could be a real way to immerse into different suburbs of Sydney. I am a big animal lover, and ive been blessed to not be biased over cats or dogs haha love them all. Ive lived all over and and am super respectful of my surrounding and have plenty of practice keeping a home in order. The life style I am currently living has plenty of time to give any pet all the attention he deserves, and if it is what you would like i am 100% down on daily/ twice daily walks. I would be more than happy to pass on references of people Ive last sat for just let me know :)


  • Brisbane

Single, mature, house proud lady. Non-smoker. A keen foodie with a love for local produce/markets and the occasional glass of Savi Blanc. I tend to be a quiet, reflective person and enjoy time at home, and I also keep in touch with my adult children and friends who live in and around Brisbane.

What keeps me busy:
As a writer and social media coordinator, I spend quite a lot of time online researching and creating content for multiple social media sites. I work part time in the community and part-time in a business partnership creating inspiration products.

I've been house sitting full time since March 2014 throughout Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. For the past 12 months, house sitting this has been located predominately around the Western Suburbs of Chapel Hill, Anstead, Moggill, Brookfield, Toowong and Kenmore areas. Over the years, interstate house sitting has been a great way to visit relatives while maintaining some independence and flexibility (especially when my children were young), so house sitting has been something I have intermittently done for more than 20 years. My house sitting adventures have included homes without pets, where the home-owner has needed someone to collect the mail, maintain the garden, keep things tidy and give their home a secure, 'lived in' feel. Being onsite comes in handy when the hot water service decides to leak all over the ground floor and die (true story) when the home-owners are overseas, or when parcels need collecting from the post office!!

Excellent references are available. Current Police check also available on request. Please feel free to pop across to my house sitters facebook page to get a feel for who I am.

As a previous cat owner (she lived a long and wonderful 18 years) I have a soft spot for the moggies. Over the years I have cared for large dogs, small dogs, chickens, ducks, lizards, birds, fish and guinea pigs. I have experience in administering medication and keeping flea treatments up to date.

Confident and experienced in Lawn mowing, whipper snipping, watering, indoor and patio plants, basic pool cleaning. Prefer to do jobs that are easy for a single person to reasonably achieve on their own. Any large property maintenance jobs (hedging, ride on mower, spraying) are best taken care of by the professionals!!

I am seeking medium to long term house sits, with or without pets.
I have good local knowledge and familiarity with communities in and around the following areas - Anstead, Brookfield, Kenmore, Kenmore Hills, Chapel Hill, Indooroopilly, Toowong, Graceville, Seventeen Mile Rocks, Jindalee, Oxley, Mount Ommaney, Fig tree pocket. Access to public transport is not so important as I have my own car. Healthwise, I have developed an arthritic condition that makes 'walkies' a bit of a challenge. As much as I love the puppies (and walking), I am mindful that this physical limitation may not suit your pets needs. My preference is to care for cats... I get them and they seem to get me ! Due to my online commitments, access to home wifi/ internet with excellent signal is essential.

If you feel I could be a good match for your needs, send me a message or an email and we can take it from there.
thank you :) Kristin

Mark & Luisa

  • Sydney, Central Coast, East Lake Macquarie, Lower Hunter Valley, South Coast, Brisbane, South Eastern, Melbourne

Dear Home Owner, we know the difference between a house in the home so would look after your home as we would our own. We also believe in karma - do good to receive good.

Dates we are available for house sitting : 19th July end of October 2017

Ideally East or North entrance homes

November December Melbourne House Sits

We are looking to move out of Sydney (want something quieter and over the rat race!) so are looking to save some money to buy sometime as well as get a feel for where might be nice to live. We both love animals, want dogs of our own eventually and are not allowed to have pets where we are so would love to have animals around.

We are both very active so walking dogs, even twice a day would be a pleasure. Luisa works casually caring for the elderly or others in their homes or nursing homes and doing massage. I work from home (have my own business writing and speaking on natural health & Ayurvedic medicine). Once or twice a month I go to Sydney or elsewhere for the day. I am wanting to write another book so will be home a lot. Luisa would be home a lot too thus we could give lots of company to pets and/or gardens etc if needed during the day.

Obviously, we both work in the health field so don't smoke, drink much or have parties etc and are mainly vegetarian. We just like being quiet, with pets & preferably near nature. We don't have any kids though have 14 nieces & nephews between us.

Once again, we would love the opportunity to look after your home and any pets, gardens etc. We would be very happy to supply any further references or even contact numbers of people you can talk to directly as we know how important it is to be confident, comfortable and happy with anyone and written testimonials are never as reassuring as speaking with people. We are also happy to come and say hello to you/your pets etc prior to any decision where possible too if it helps.

Thanks for your consideration and hopefully we can connect with you soon.

Have a lovely day. Mark & Luisa

Jaen (Jane)

  • Syd. Eastern suburbs, Syd. Lower N Shore, Syd. NW suburbs, Melbourne

Hi there! :-)

Seeking assurance & trusted help with your pet/s and place?

If you are looking for a great pet/housesitter, that's me! I am an experienced 21- time pet/housesitter. I have looked after dogs, cats, fish, mice and birds (also rambuctious lorikeets and energetic puppies!).

My preferences are cbd, Inner East, inner west or lower North Shore i.e. relatively close to CBD, so that i can stay at home more. If located near CBD, would need off-street or all-day car parking so that I can work from home & look after your pets.

I can provide assurance that I will look after your pets and place like they're my very own. I don't have a criminal record, drug/alcohol problem etc and can verify this with a police clearance certificate. I have housesitted successfully many times before and have references.


Just a bit about me:

I'm very clean, tidy and responsible. I'm a mature professional in my 40's. I'm active and love playing & walking your pets. I'm friendly and vibrant but not a 'party' person at home. I treat home as a sanctuary where your people and pets can retreat to and relax.

I'm a self-employed professional coach/consultant, that works predominantly from home. I'm caring (I have to be for my job!) and enjoy helping people. I LOVE animals, particularly dogs and cats, and enjoy looking after them! I have had my own pets: dogs, cats, rodents and birds, most of my life.


  • Syd. Eastern suburbs, Syd. Lower N Shore, Syd. NW suburbs, Syd. SW suburbs, Syd. Upper N Shore

I am a professional, organised, non-smoker in my 30's. I absolutely love animals, particularly cats! I would love to give your home and animals the same attention and care I would give my own, and would find it a privilege to provide this service to you. I have experience sitting both cats and dogs.


  • VIC

After my last child is now independent and my old dog has also departed ,it is time for me to wander.
I am an experienced animal lover , have lived both urban and rural environments and enjoy what both have to offer.
I am a non- smoking, vegetarian(so no fatty cooking smells in house).
Am respectful of other`s property and have house sat friends and family .`s properties.
I am healthy and active so exercising animals is not a problem.
I grew up with boxers as the house dog, my last two were a Gordon Setter and a Beagle/Foxhound.They departed at ages 14 and 12 after long and happy lives.
I have shared my home with assorted cats,Spotted Tabbies, moggies,etc.(which used to follow me around the paddocks as I went for an evening stroll!}
I have also been involved in rounding up sheep, assisting difficult lambings and have reared 2 lambs whose mother had quads and she claimed 2 abandoned the other 2.They were happily reunited later.

I am looking forward to helping you!

Best regards,


  • North Coast, Alice Springs, Darwin, QLD, VIC

I am a friendly, trustworthy, animal loving person with a beautiful 17 month old daughter, Luna Aurora. We enjoy a healthy and fun loving lifetyle and are well accustomed to domestic pets, from rescue dogs and cats through to rabbits, tutrles, birds and guineas pigs!

I am a photographer who is currently working on online projects. I organise fundraising initiatives for animal rescue organsiations overseas. I also run the 2getherdogs foundation to speak for those who cannot speak for themeselves and help wherever I can to assist the rehomeing of stray dogs finding their furever homes.

Luna is an incredible, sweet natured, happy, pretty much always smiling babe who loves animals too, having just discovered cats and dogs!
Luna is into music & dancing, strolls in the park, food and lots of naps.

Why do we want to house sit?~ We are in Melbourne visiting my parents for an extended period and currently have tenants in our space. Therefore we look at this opportunity to house sit for you as a perfect exchange. I am particularly attracted by the mutual trust that is essential for house-sitting to be successful. Being invited to look after someone’s home is an important responsibility. Your house and animals are precious and are to be treated with love and care.

What can we bring?
We are genuine animal lovers and will treat them like the furperson that they are. We will spend alot of time with your animals being home with Luna for a large portion of each day with plenty of time for walks! I have grown up with animals, and have taken in numerous rescue cats and have rehomed them aswell as have worked with stray dogs in rescue homes. Currently we share a home with rescue tabby TomKat and long time senior resident, gizmo the Maltese. We will bring a caring, reliable, organised touch with us to your home. I have experience during past travels caring for a range of properties, city and rural, all treated with respect for owners homes & privacy. I have also co run a B&B and am very aware of presentation & house related issues involving, repairs & maintenance. My house sit motto is: 'do no harm' I will always return houses to the owners in the condition received- if not better.

There is always the option to keep regular email/skype contact with the owners if desired, I am non-smoking and am able to provide you with references on request.
Looking forward to hearing from you:)


  • Adelaide, Mid North, South, Spencer Gulf, West Coast

Hello :)

My story:
I grew up in country SA in a large family and as the oldest of 6 children had a lot of responsibility including babysitting, cooking, cleaning and grocery shopping. In my early 20's I house sat with Aussie House Sitters in SA as a bridge between moving out of home and trialing city life. I have tried a couple of career paths and in my late 20's my passion for food and nutrition lead to a big but exciting change as I went back to study a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics and over the past two years have lived and worked as a Dietitian in regional SA and VIC. I have recently moved to Melbourne and plan to crack the Dietetic market here. I have packed away the bulk of my belongings and am house sitting my way through this new adventure! My life passions including helping others to lead a healthy lifestyle whilst doing so myself, pilates and continuing to meet and surround myself with people who will enrich my life whilst I myself continue through my exciting journey!

Why I would make a great housesitter:
Your home will be cared for and kept in the same condition as it was found.
I will show attention to detail with cleaning (have also had experience in residential and commercial cleaning).
I will show love and care for your pets as if they were my own.
I am mature and responsible and will not use your home for my social gatherings.

If you have any further questions about me please do not hesitate to ask!

Warm regards,


Ornella & Nicolas

  • Brisbane, South Eastern

We are Ornella and Nicolas, an Argentinian couple experienced in pet and house sitting.
We are both architects and we work freelance. This give us the opportunity to do what we love the most: traveling around the world and at the same time, make new friends, both two and four legs :)
We are a clean, tidy, responsible and non-smoker couple.
After we got married, we decided to explore the world and we have had our first experience in Italy. We have been living in Milan for four years, studying and working to achieve our Master degrees. For us, this was a nice experience; living in a new place, meeting people from another part of the world and get in touch with the local people.
During our days in Milan, we took care of our neighbor lovely dog 'Lucho'. He was our best mate while studying; he used to stay at home when our neighbor was at work.
A bit about Ornella... Dogs are my favorite pets. I grew up with my lovely Dalmatian called 'Nala', she was super frisky and I really enjoyed her company. Our traveling plans mean we have not been able to have our own pet but I will be happy to take care of yours. I think that is the best part of housesit.
I love vegetable gardens! In our small terrace in Milan, I had a nice amount of healthy vegetables and spices. I really would like to have enough space for fruit trees.
A bit about Nicolas... I do not know which animal I prefer the most! When we travel, I always try to meet the local fauna that is why I have photos with monkeys, sheep, deer and more.
A Golden Retriever called 'Tommy' is part of my family; now that my brother and I grew up, he is the spoilt boy of the house.
I am an architect but I work as a designer. I am always thinking in new inventions and products.
One of my hobbies is to assemble and fix bicycles. In general, I am always doing something at home, repairing broken objects and using my tools.
We love animals and we really miss the fact of having pets at home. Is the opportunity for us to merge two things that make us happy: pets and traveling.

What we like about this experience is the mutual trust that is the essential for house-sitting to be successful. Taking care of someone's home is an important responsibility, our house and animals are precious.

House Sitting experience:
- June 2016 (3 weeks) Chardonne. Switzerland
Pets: 1 dog - Marshall (White Sheppard) and 2 cats - Kylia and Rambaldi.

- June 2016 (1 week) Gilly. Switzerland
Pets: 2 dogs - Zora and Banjo

- July 2016 (2 weeks) LeMans. France
Pets: 3 cats - Luke, Tommy, Polly and 5 hens

- September 2016 (2 weeks) Matera. Italy
Pets: 1 dog - Bimba and 2 cats - Molly and Zoe

- December 2016 (4 weeks) Claremont. Australia
Pets: 1 dog - Nne (Ridgeback), 4 cats - Tiger, Pepper, Chloe and Pips, 2 guinea pigs - Bob and Bugsy, 5 fishes

- March 2017 (10 days) Doubleview. Australia
Vegetable garden

- April 2017(10 days) Adelaide. Australia
Pets: 2 dogs - Thilo and Eric and 2 cats - Xavier and Lisette

- June 2017 (5 days) Maianbar. Australia
Pets: 1 dog - Tama and 1 bird - Lou

- June 2017 (3 days) Queenscliff. Australia
Pets: 1 dog - Cujo (Doberman)


  • VIC

Hi there, thanks for taking a moment to look at my profile.

I'm a 51 year old, not a 20 something experimenting with travel.

I've made a very conscious decision to be a nomad, taking in variety of place, people and purpose wherever I can.

I'm primarily in startup mode with my new small business...a supplier of digital business cards (yes, they're a thing !) and I'm into my second year, having survived the all important first year (

I'm lucky to have two great kids (young adults) and two ex wives (also young adults at times).

I choose the travel life and I've gotten rid of most of my possessions. My car, computer and clothing are pretty much all I own.

I'm very comfortable with hard work having owned my own 80 acre property in Tassie for 5 years, off grid, organic vege garden, goats, dogs, chicken, cat, geese and the odd snake or two. Along with the wedge tail eagles they pretty much owned me.

I'm happy around animals of all types and very fit.

I have no 'needs' except wifi and fresh water. If you can house me, and command me to meet your needs I'd love to take care of your precious space, animals and interests, for as long as you require.

Let's start a conversation.

0411 367 890


  • ACT, NSW, QLD, SA, TAS, Melbourne, WA

Hi there-PREFERRED SITS ARE MELBOURNE! BUT I DON'T MIND THE ODD HOLIDAY SOMEWHERE LOVELY TOO!!!! I love animals and regularly donate my time and money to help out animal rescue and the RSPCA, I come with amazing references of people that I've met online and sat for and from good friends who I have sat for, one being Mel Scott of Purrticular Photography, you can find her on Instagram and a cute pic of myself in a fairy costume and her gorgeous cat.
I also work for ARJ BARKER from Flight of the Conchords and other tv, comedy, he is my reference also.
I work in promo, comedy and fitness, my hours vary, I'm 36, responsible, tidy, healthy, non smoker and I have a Working with Children check recently as I work as a babysitter and kids entertainer too.


  • Sydney

I am a responsible, caring and trustworthy animal-lover who would love the opportunity to look after your pets and home while you are away. I am a clean, tidy non-smoker who always treats the properties and animals I take care of with the love and respect that I would my own.

I grew up with pet dogs, rabbits and birds and have always enjoyed spending time with animals. Since migrating to Australia from the UK in 2015 I have found house sitting a wonderful way to explore the country and have had the pleasure of looking after dogs, cats, chickens and fish in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney.

Before moving to Australia I spent a number of years renovating my own house and garden back in the UK, which I now rent out, so I fully understand the worry of leaving your home in a stranger's hands. I am more than happy to water plants, collect post and carry out the usual household and garden duties in addition to pet care.

I am able to spend a lot of time at home giving your pets attention and maintaining their usual routine since I am currently taking time out to work on a novel and build my blog on Australian travel after ten years of working in finance. I am now based in Sydney long-term and looking for ongoing house sits in the area.

I have great references on my profile from previous sits, plus further ones I can send you from another site I use if required. I also have an up to date police certificate. If you are looking for a trustworthy, reliable house sitter in Sydney then I'd love to hear from you!

Leesa & Alan

  • Tweed Coast, Bris. Southern suburbs, Gold Coast & Hinterland

Hubby and I are building a new home so will be homeless for a short period!
We are quiet, mellow, non- smoking caring people.
Our dates are to be determined but to say early Sep to late Dec or early Jan, would be close.
Many thanks


  • Syd. Eastern suburbs, Syd. Lower N Shore, Syd. NW suburbs, Syd. Southern suburbs, North Coast, Southern Highlands

Hi! I'm a Canadian national but Australian Permanent Resident and have been living in Sydney for over seven years - in the suburbs of Paddington and Tamarama. I am recently back from Toronto and currently in transition between houses and so would be very interested in a housesit/dog-sit in the Eastern Suburbs (ideally) or Inner West or Lower North Shore - starting anytime from Jan 18 2017 onwards. I am a professional consultant/lawyer working in the area of business and human rights, and child protection. Happy to provide references. I am very responsible, considerate and love dogs and have had dogs for many years - so understand their routines and needs to stay happy and healthy.


  • TAS, VIC

I'm a 37 year old media analyst from Melbourne who has the better part of 2016 house/dog sitting across Melbourne and Hobart and would love to keep the ball rolling. Houseproud, respectful, and responsible, I can be relied upon to treat your home and pets as if they were my own.

Most experienced with dogs and cats, I am firmly of the 'pets as family' school when it comes to furry companions. I'm known for taking dogs on long walks and talking to them as if they were people. Very comfortable with active dogs, I have the most experience with staffy's and crosses of similar size.

Growing up in regional Victoria with family in dairy farming also means I know my way around a farm, although perhaps not to the point of driving a tractor.

Having wintered in Tasmania, I am returning to Victoria in October and am looking for housesits in the greater Melbourne area.