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Jacqueline & Harry

  • Perth

We are a professional non- smoking couple who plan to spend three months of every year in Western Australia where our 2 grown up sons have lived for ten years. We have used sitters who look after our house whilst we have visited Australia in the past ten years, and appreciate the need to have your house and garden looked after and kept safe. As we plan to spend longer visits we would prefer to live for part of our trip independently, hence our interest in house sitting. We have a dog and cat at home and have always had pets who we look after well, enjoying walking on the beach and park and spending time with them. We have up to date PVG checks and can provide references. We have access to Skype / face time to discuss any potential house sitting opportunities.


  • Melbourne

Hi my name is Alicia, I'm currently booked solid until the 18th of October 2019!

I'm a 39 year old professional who works full time in finance in the CBD. I am originally from Melbourne, sold my home in October of 2017 and have been housesitting since. Doing a great job on your sit is very important to me as its how I get referrals for further house sits. Once committed I will never cancel (and never have), a feature that can be a rarity!

I'm a non smoker, who loves animals and have previously owned dogs (various Labrador X's) including a number of rescue dogs (which come with their own unique challenges, but I love). I have kept tropical fish and have shared houses with lizards, cats and a variety of birds (chickens, canaries, love birds and a cockatiel). I also have experience looking after marine fish, rabbits and guinea pigs. I work full time, however I am able to take your pets for up to twice daily walks with ease. I also have the ability to work from home at times (normally once a week), however, if you need someone to be at home with your pet all day every day, then, unfortunately, I am not the right sitter for you. I will give your pets lots of love and attention before and after work though, as well as weekends! I will live in and keep your home as I would my own, I prefer to always meet you and your pets in person prior to a sit and will ask you lots of questions to ensure your pets (garden and home) are looked after, not only to my high standards, but more importantly to yours. I will seek to understand your expectations on updates and contact whilst you are away, any health issues your pets may have had or currently have and anything I need to know about your home. 

I have experience with administering numerous medication to animals, including injections, creams and twice daily tablets. I've attended dog training with all of my previous dogs and am happy to help out if your pets have minor behavioural issues. Happy for pets to sleep either inside with me or outside as required by you and your normal routine. I have previously used housesitters to care for my dog and so understand the potential nervousness you can feel when leaving your home and pets in the hands of a stranger. I would love to be considered for your next housesit and look forward to speaking with you.

I have references and a police check that can be provided on request.



Ian & Sussan

  • Adel Southern suburbs
  • Reduced Contact

Hi we are a non smoking married couple aged in our early 40s, we love going to the movies, shopping and going out for dinner. We also love to travel and found house sitting a great way to save for our holidays.
We have been mostly house sitting for friends and their families and found it really suited our lifestyle. We don't have any children so we have the freedom to house sit whenever we are needed.
We have owed our own home before and are very house proud, we would look after your home, pets and garden as if they were our own. We love animals of all kinds, shapes and sizes and would take wonderful care of yours.
I work 36 hours a week and Ian works split shifts so the longest your beloved pet would be alone is 3 hours.
We would love the chance to house sit for you.
We are very caring and responsible people
Ian has a police clearance and we have references on request.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Sussan and Ian


  • Melbourne

Hello! I always loved animals, but never had the chance to have my own. Always absolutely love when I'm staying at friend's homes where they have pets. Recently I worked at The Dog Lovers Show in Melbourne, and it was one of the most rewarding experience, to be able to enjoy the whole weekend surrounded by dogs and all their happy owners. I've never felt so much love in one place. Even after my shifts finished, I didn't want to leave. The best energy ever. Animals really do make people happier, they are just beautiful and make us smile for no reason.

A little bit more about me, I'm a writer, filmmaker, blogger, editor, and manage most of my creative work working online, which gives me the flexibility to work from home from everywhere, which makes easy to adapt into helping someone by taking care of their pets!

I'm just moving from Sydney to Melbourne, something that I've been wanting to do for very long time, but something always get on the way, then now one of my best friends suggested that I should make the most of my caring nature and start house sitting.

A little bit more about my lifestyle and values, I'm a very caring person, and always strive to do my very best in everything I do. I'm trustworthy and reliable, and whenever I commit with something I'm there, you can absolutely rely on me.

I'm also very clean, I love everything very nice tidy and clean, so you can be certain that I will take good care of your home with great respect.

Funny facts about me, I'm not scared of snakes nor any reptiles, I adore them, whenever I see a lizard in a park, I gently go after them to say hello and admire the way they move, I find them super cute. In the other hand, if I see a big spider is heart attack lol

I remember friends knowing of my fear of spiders warning me about big lizards on the back yard thinking I would be terrified, but I was like, oh yes I saw them and was playing around with them, my friends looked puzzled lol

More interesting facts, I don't smoke, I'm not a big party person either, most of my going out involves going to film festivals and film related events. I'm a very creative person and love to write, including writing new scripts, writing blogs, writing books, managing online projects, etc. Also, love watching movies, just love everything about movies! I also manage an independent film event which takes place in October in Sydney, so my schedule is very flexible, as long as I'm in Sydney in October to welcome everybody from all around the world!

I have police check and references available.

Feel free to ask more questions. My life is very public and I have worked with very high profile artists from all around the world. I'm also happy to send you links of many places where you can find out a little bit more about me, so you can travel in peace knowing that your pets and home are well taken care by someone who will take care with them with love, because I just love doing good things in life.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


  • Melb. Inner suburbs, Melb. SE suburbs

Jenny & Scott

  • Melbourne, Bendigo


  • Melbourne

Hi! I am originally from Scotland and have lived in Melbourne for the last 10 years. I have an apartment in Kensington and at the moment I am looking to spend some time on my own, so house-sitting is the perfect solution! As a home owner I am very house proud, tidy and clean, and I have the utmost respect for others.

I have grown up with cats, living in a small apartment in Hong Kong. And I work in an office with a beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback cross who I adore.

I love to exercise and walking/hiking is one of my favourite pastimes!


  • Adelaide

Hi my name is Peter Holden and I am a retired publican. I have lived in Adelaide for 19 years and have owned and cared for pets all my adult life. Predominantly dogs and cats; however I believe that other animals wouldn't be a problem.
I am a "neat freak" who loves living in a tidy environment. I am a non-smoker and a social (once or twice a week) drinker.
I have run an Adelaide AirBnB called Studio 44 for the last 18 months and if you look on AirBnb you will see that I have 100% 5 star reviews. My interactions with my guests have been very positive and I have given them all the privacy they required.
Due to my long career in hospitality I am very security conscious and I have lived in a rented property for the last 4 years in the city and can provide both as landlord and business references on request.
I am handy with minor maintenance issues and can do minor garden maintenance.
I am happy to meet and discuss any house-sitting opportunities.
I am new to house sitting as my personal circumstances have changed. My landlord is returning to Adelaide and wishes to resume occupancy of her property. I believe that house sitting would offer me an opportunity to use my experience and reduce my living costs as I am on a pension. However my long career in hospitality has given me much experience in property management.

I do not currently have a Police Check but am happy to get one.

Jack & Sue

  • Sydney, Central Coast, South Coast, Central West Slopes, Far South West, Murray & Riverina, Snowy MTS, Southern Tablelands, Adelaide, Mid North, South, Northern Vic, SW Vic

We are a happily retired couple who love to travel. Our other interests are family, bushwalking, gardening, music. sport and movies.
We have been housesitting the last 2 years as a way of seeing areas new to us and have really enjoyed it.
It's also a good way to get a pet fix as we don't have our own at the moment as we are travelling so much.
We prefer stays of 1-3 weeks.

Kayleigh & Daniel

  • Sydney

Being a dog owner myself, I know what it’s like to have unconditional love for your pet. I am a 26year old woman from London who moved to Australia in December 2016 with my boyfriend, Dan. Since moving to Australia we have completed the below house sits:

- 2016 - Bristol UK (Chickens/dogs/ cat)
- 2016 - Gerrards Cross UK (dogs)
- Christmas 2016/17; 20 Days - Rhodes. (2 small dogs)
- January 2017 - August 2017; 8 months - Marsfield. (1 small dog)
- August 2017; 7 days; Zetland (1dog & 1 cat)
- January 2018; 20 days; Hunters Hill (2 dogs / Fish)
- April 2018 1 week - Newtown. (1 dog & 1 cat)
- August 2018 1 week - Newtown. (1 dog & 1 cat)
- Dec 2018 - 2 weeks Campsie (plants & gardening)
- Jan 2019 - 4 weeks Hunters Hill (2 dogs / pool maintenance)
- Feb 2019 - 3 weeks Campsie (gardening)
- Feb 2019 - 10 days Bondi (house maintenance)
- March 2019 - 4 weeks Campsie (plants and gardening)
- April 2019 - Hornsby (2 cats / 1 dog)

Booked for 2019:

- May 2019 Marrickville - 2 weeks (3 Cats / Fish / Chickens)
- June 2019 - 4 weeks Mount Kuring-Gai (2 dogs)
- July 2019 Marrickville - 3 weeks (2 Cats)


- August 2019 / NSW Sydney Only
- Sept 2019 until 25th / NSW Only

We are experienced house sitters, comfortable looking after one or more animals at any given time - we've looked after dogs, cats, fish, chickens and birds. We're tidy people, and provide an excellent duty of care to your house and garden.

Dan has pool experience and would be happy to help with basic pool maintenance if needed.

With all our housesits, we treat the animals as our own with the upmost love and attention. Will be sure to send photos and updates to you throughout our housesit (if wanted), to give you that peace of mind you need to enjoy your holiday.

Before any house sits we would request that we meet and get to know one another. We think it's important for us to meet your pets and ensure we are the right fit. We understand that every animal is different with differing needs and routines; and we are happy to adjust to suit.

Current Living Situation:

For 2018 we had a 6 month lease agreement, which will be finishing up in November 24th. As we went home (UK) for Christmas we are looking for a short term house sit from 24th November - 18th December.

Since then we have been housesitting and looking for additional house sits in the months provided above.

Current Work Situation:

Both myself and Dan work full time in marketing; in St Leonards & City. Both our jobs are very flexible giving us the opportunity to work from home if needs be. We often work from home 2 days a week each to ensure we can look after the animals we are looking after.

As mentioned above, this flexibility allows us to work around the needs of each of our housesits. Our work are very understanding about our situation and have let us in previous house sits pop home to visit dogs throughout the day. OR take animals to the vet for appointments if needed.

Visa situation & Police Checks:

As we are both British we went through a rigorous visa application. I was luckily enough to get sponsored by my company allowing us to extend our visit.
Part of the sponsorship process is a police check to ensure we have no criminal records or convictions. We can supply all our visa information upon request if you wish.

If you would like any more information, please don't hesitate to reach out. We'd love to hear from you & happy to help. Either drop me a message or call me on 0432876521.

*If your house sit is not in Sydney but still need a house sitter we would be still more than willing to help. We would love to see more parts of the country!


  • WA

My name is Michael Mathews. I have been house and pet minding since 2008
I do have a web page which has many testimonials:
I am a mature male, single, very strong and healthy and very experienced with all types of animals.
I am a non smoker, non drinker and have a current police clearance certificate.
I am neat and tidy and take the house sitting commitment very seriously. An attitude of "she'll be OK mate" does not belong in the house sitting industry.
I am meticulous and thorough and I always look upon myself as the "Occupational Health and Safety Officer" for your pets.
The reason I got into pet minding was because I had been living with my partner for many years.
She had 4 lovely pets. When we went our separate ways she took all her pets. I rented a unit and whenever I arrived home and opened the front door, I would experience a feeling of loneliness. There was just no life force, no pets to play with, no happiness, no laughter. It is not much fun watching TV without a cat on the couch and a dog at your feet.
To get my daily "pet fix" I started house sitting and I can honestly say that the last few years have been the most joyful, blissful and rewarding years of my life.
Over the past few years I have looked after hundreds of pets, including 26 Alpacas, big dogs like Rottys, little dogs like Chihuahuas, fast dogs like Huskies, asthmatic cats on ventolin pumps, ducks, fish ponds, chickens, bird aviaries, horses and elephants (only joking... but I would be happy to give it a go...imagine picking up their daily poo in a yellow poo bag!!!)
I recently looked after a vets pets...3 cats, 2 dogs, 2 birds and 2 ferrets...they peed and pood everywhere but that is part of the job.
I have looked after pets in the suburbs and on farms, even had to learn to drive a tractor to pick up all the Alpaca poo, and mow the grass with a drive on mower.


  • Perth
  • Reduced Contact

Hi everyone I'm Judi...
I have lived in Perth all my life. I started Housesitting almost 6 years ago and it's been an amazing experience. I've met some wonderful people and cared for some very special animals. I have been asked to come back to many of my sits a second, third and fourth time and I think that's the best reference I can give you, knowing people like and trust you and are happy with the job you've done is a very good feeling..
I'm a bit of a neat freak, a non smoker and lover of all animals.
Originally from Glen Forrest, I moved to High Wycombe where I raised 5 beautiful children who are all out and about now so I feel free to go pretty much wherever I want.
I work from home a few hours a day so having access to your wifi will be great, and this also means I'm home a lot and the animals like that (and so do I)
I have a few years veterinary nursing experience (from way back) and I am confident in administering medications, injections etc
I understand the need to continue the bond you have made with a rescue animal and have dealt with many special needs dogs and cats..
I grew up on a poultry farm so I just love chickens. I have cared for pigs fish and ducks and horses and can probably still even milk a cow :)
I owned and maintained a swimming pool for many years and I love going for walks. I take part in several Fitbit challenges every week so walking your dog means lots of steps for me.. win win
I look forward to meeting you and your pets and would be happy to take care of your home with as little invasion to your privacy as possible.
I love the experience each house sit brings and I'm more than happy to meet up with you and your pets as many times as you like before I come and stay. It's important to me that you have full trust in leaving me with your house and your pets.
Looking forward to meeting you,

Kathy & Des

  • SA, Hobart, Melb. Inner suburbs, Melb. SE suburbs, SW Vic, Perth

We are a retired couple from country SA where we have lived all our lives. We have a very small hobby farm with a few sheep and cattle and in the past have had a dog, cat and chooks. We have a cockatiel bird. We are community orientated people who put a lot back into the community.
We have a mobile coffee van that we operate at events to earn a bit of extra money. I have been secretary of our local show society for 20 years and worked at our local paper for 32 years. My husband worked at a timber mill for 30 years prior to retiring. We take pride in our home and respect other people's property.
We love touring the countryside and know that we would love housesitting.


  • Melbourne

Hi there! I am a friendly, considerate, clean and responsible single 39 yr old professional. I work as a paediatric nurse, have recently graduated as a child counsellor, and volunteer as a yoga teacher and with teens on meditation retreats. I love all animals, and grew up with a number of dogs, cats, birds, guinea pigs and lizards at home. I have house sat many times for friends, family, and professionally. I am reliable and trustworthy and I pride myself on taking extra care of pets and houses as if they were my own. I will be respectful of your home and privacy, and will definitely not be throwing any parties, I can assure you. I will water your plants and maintain your garden too! I have a lot of love to give to your beautiful animals, and will always ensure they are well looked after with plenty of walks if required and lots of love! I have decided to try the house sitting lifestyle, as I love change, and I love to explore different suburbs and corners of Melbourne. Also, the idea of non-attachment to a house is something that really appeals to me! Given I already work as a paediatric nurse, I am required to have working with children’s checks up to date, and therefore police checks.

I am always happy to have a phone call, or meet you in person so you can decide if I'm a good fit for you and your home.

I have references attached and I look forward to hearing from you!

Tanya & Rod

  • Bris. Northern suburbs, Bris. Southern suburbs, Gold Coast & Hinterland, Sunshine Coast, Central Coast (Qld)


We are a married, healthy, retired couple, both non-smokers who have been house sitting full time for over 3yrs. Having sold our business (in Port Macquarie, NSW) we are now catching up on lost time to indulge in our love of travelling.Prior to running our own business, we were both long term Military personnel and then worked in the Corporate Sector.

We are responsible people who have owned and rented properties, have previously maintained a pool and garden and are used to dealing with any issues that may arise.We are conscious of the care and security required to maintain a property.

We are experienced with animals having had numerous pets (large and small) over the years and know how to deal with both young & older ones.    We enjoy gardening and look forward to tending the different gardens that come with house-sitting.

Being retired gives us lots of time to look after your home, garden and pets.

We have travelled extensively around Australia & in parts of Europe and love the experience new places can offer. When travelling overseas we always tried to stay in places where the locals went for holidays rather than the tourist orientated areas.

We enjoy the experience of "living like a local" and welcome the opportunity to be involved in the day to day life and discovering the beauty of the local area which is far more rewarding than ticking all the boxes to say you have seen all the tourist spots. House sitting allows us time to slowly discover new places, meet people and enjoy the company of pets of all varieties, both large & small.

We are able to provide references (from other house sitting sites) and Police clearances.


  • ACT, NSW, Alice Springs, Darwin, Brisbane, South Eastern, Central Coast (Qld), Northern QLD, Adelaide, Hobart, Perth, Kimberly/North, S. Western

I am an and Educator and published children's Author since September 2015. (you can view my website at if interested) I was working full time as a teacher ( remote NT) these last 16 months till Easter which gave me time to completer the second book . Prior to that I lived on the Sunshine coast . From Easter 2019 I will return and run workshops for children on weekends and in the holidays whilst relief teaching. Reief teaching gives me more flexibility to work on the next book project, plus spend time with your animals too.
I am looking for a place to sit whilst writing some more and attending local markets on my way back up to the sunshine coast.
I have house sat before and as recent as September 2016 at Tanawha and October 2015 and then before in 2013 in Twin Waters.
I enjoy looking after animals and love spending time with them. I treat them as my own under the quidelines of each owner of course.
I am tidy neat and quiet. I enjoy the opportunity to practice yoga and became a qualified teacher in 2015 in Canada. I love bushwalking , reading about education and working on promoting the books I have published and writing draughts for future books. I am able to supply references if need so.
I have had a farm background as a child/teenager and have always had animals in my youth. My extensive travel as a teacher these last few years prevents me from having my own, so I would love the opportunity to look after yours.
I look forward to connecting if you feel I would be the right match. Any questions happy to chat.


  • NSW, QLD

I am a single female (non-smoker) employed in education (part-time). During some semesters and during semester breaks I work at home and other times I work one day per week for a few hours. That means I am at home to care for your pets full time or away only a partial day so I would be at home to care for your pets. As well, I have over two years experience with house sitting, where my experience includes three cats at one sit, three dogs at one house sit, birds, fish and cattle with more than seven references indicating excellent care for both home and pets. My goal is to provide excellence in the care of your pets and home. As well I have a police check. In the past I have had the opportunity to house sit/manage a bed and breakfast, where owners were happy with my work. As well I have been house and pet sitting for over two years and receive excellent recommendations. Additionally, I have both rented and owned a home with positive comments on the care of my home and garden. Pets" I grew up with all types of animals including dogs, cats horses and chickens. Animals seem to know I will care for them and react positively to me. My experience with pets includes obedience training. If you are especially interested in my care of your home, I would say that some of my friends might say that I spend too much time cleaning/organising my home and taking care of my yard-- but I enjoy it. For one home, the neighbors labeled my yard as the best cared for with its green grass (that I grew from almost nothing) and lovely flowers. My past times are simple including walking/jogging, reading, movies/tv, gardening and socialising with friends and family. I enjoy a simple life. You can expect that no parties would be held at your property and my focus will be on caring for your pets/home. Sincerely Maz

David & Louise

  • VIC

We are a healthy and active retired Melbourne couple, married for many years, who have been both home owners and renters. During the past two years we have completed several house sits in Victoria, and we are now looking for another position, preferably for a period of three months plus.
We very much appreciate that the secret of good house sitting is to care for the home, garden and any pets involved as if they were our own, and are confident that we can do so as required.
References are available upon request. Please contact us if you wish to consider us as your house sitters
Louise and David Thackray



Hi! I’m a fifty+ single mum and nana. I’m very neat and tidy, living a quiet and serene life. I absolutely adore dogs and enjoy other pets as well. I keep fit with daily walks that I would love to share with a fur-friend. Because I’m taking some time off from the corporate world to revive and refresh myself, I have all day and night to lavish attention on your pets and care for your home. The reason I’m interested in house sitting is to become more familiar with areas that I might like to retire to. I have previous experience in house and pet sitting with references when required. So if you’re looking for someone who will love your pet, care for your home, and not be a nuisance to your neighbours, then I’m the perfect person for you.


  • Melbourne, SE Vic

Thank you for looking at my profile, I am a fit healthy no smoking lady in my late 70's. I have lived in several countries and in Australia since 1968. I speak fluent English and Dutch and some French and German
I have travelled extensively overseas. In Australia, I bushwalked and camped all over Victoria and the outback with my family. With my late husband I have sailed the east coast of Australia as well as the Solomon Islands and south east Asia. Because of my outdoor life I have no pets of my own but love others' very much
I have 3 children, 4 grandchildren and 3 great grand children. I like looking after pets, and do light gardening. I will look after your house as if it is my own, spotless
I am waiting for a cottage in a retirement village to become available in approx a year's time and live between housesits with one of my children
I prefer housesits of a month or longer. I am at the moment housesitting for the 4th time with the same family. Over the Christmas period i looked after 2 mini schnauzers who were a lot of fun. I have excellent references as well as a police check


  • Perth S.E suburbs, Perth S.W suburbs, Midwest, S. West

Hi I am a single 61 yo male Non smoker Non drinker live a quite life and i have a small dog own 4WD and Caravan retired travelling about Australia currently back in WA Have done house / farm sitting for friends on several occasions looking after property if it was my own ground maintenance of gardens carried out whilst there mail collected and forwarded if required looking to house / farm sit to fill in time whilst not travelling


  • Melb. Inner suburbs, Melb. NE suburbs, Melb. SE suburbs

I'm an easy going, very relaxed country guy. I grew up in a little town called Mirboo North in Gippsland but moved to Melbourne to study when I was 18 and have been here ever since. I've been very fortunate to live with an amazing family who have now sold their house so I'm in need of a new place to live. Having moved house countless times in the past, I cannot think of anything I hate doing more, so house sitting presents a pleasant alternative. I’m planning to bounce from assignment to assignment for the next 24 months in attempt to save some money so if the initial sitting experience goes well I would be open to returning the next time you need a sitter. I'm currently living in a house in Ferntree Gully with a gorgeous cat and dog combo and will be devastated when I have to leave so a few new friends in need of some love would be amazing. During the day I work as a Used Car Salesman at Ferntree Gully Toyota and in my free time I work on my online nutrition coaching business. I'm not big on partying, I did plenty of that in my 20's, so when I'm not working I like reading, watching movies or playing pc games. I also love pets! They provide great company and companionship and a house is just too quiet without them. I grew up on a hobbie farm so I'm experienced at looking after cats dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, chooks, ducks cows, sheep, horses and of course goldfish. Finding a sitting assignment that has a dog that I could take on walks and or a cat that I could cuddle up with in the evening would be amazing.

References and Police check available on my profile but can also be emailed on request.

If you want to know anything else feel free to ask :)

Claire & Jeremy

  • TAS
  • Reduced Contact

Dear Homeowners,

We are Jerry and Claire, a couple of early retirees (61 and 58), who decided to sell up and leave home (before our grown up children decide to move back). We spend our time travelling, sightseeing and generally having a good time while we still have some energy and reasonably working body parts. I, (Claire) ran my own arts outlet for 19 years, and Jeremy was a Service manager and Mechanical Engineer for a shipbuilding firm in Hobart. Jerry is especially handy and can fix most things that go wrong in the house. He is good with pools, all things mechanical and he does love gardening and watering, I prefer watching him at work from the sun lounge...

We had our dog Polly for 17 years, and have also been cat owners, and can now add to our list of pet care, bearded dragons, blue tongued lizards and parrots, and a pony. We have had chooks for many years and now have extensive experience with all breeds of cats and dogs big and small, of every temperament. You can rest assured that we would care for your pets as well as you would yourself, and we try to keep to their normal routine with walks, feeding etc. We enjoy a quiet lifestyle, we are at home a lot of the time, and don't go out at night very often. My hobbies include painting, reading and writing. Jerry read a lot and is keen on any form of sports being a typical Australian.

We have been homeowners for 27 years, living just outside Hobart by the sea , we enjoy country life, city life, anywhere new is fun and exciting and we are comfortable in all environments.
Since we decided to change our life and travel more, we spend some of the year in Asia (and have settled on Hoi An in Vietnam, and half the year in Australia, where we return regularly. Both our children are now living in Melbourne, our favourite city, and housesitting allows us to visit wherever and whenever we like. We feel very at home wherever we aer and find it easy to fit in to any routine or lifestyle.

We would most definately maintain your home and garden as well as you would yourself, (maybe even better), and we always keep in contact with owners regarding their pets when they are away to allay any worries, you can have as much or as little contact as you wish. We know that your pets are part of your family and we give them a lot of affection, plenty of walks and the best care possible, so that you can holiday in the knowledge that everything is perfectly well cared for.

*We have over 28 excellent 5* references and police checks and have been housesitting for over four years


  • North Coast, Gold Coast & Hinterland, Toowoomba & South Eastern

My name is Michelle and I am a mature, single, non smoker, no children, no pets. I work as a part-time home based Typist (receive work by email - bring own wifi). I have been doing house sitting on and off for a number of years. I am trustworthy, reliable, clean and friendly. I enjoy mowing the lawns and any light gardening and wander around or go for longer walks with the dogs on regular breaks from any typing work (a job that need to take regular breaks).

Lisa & Michael

  • Melbourne

Hi, we are Lisa and Michael, a professional couple who are both non-smokers, currently based in South Melbourne.

We have experience in house sitting and can provide references upon request. We have also owned and cared for our own home for over 5 years, and have rented in total of over 3 years without any problems with landlords and real estate agents. Our motto is we will look after and respect your property as if it's our own.

We are both big animal lovers who grew up looking after various pets such as dogs, cats, birds, chickens, horses, sheep etc. We are both experienced in ensuring that your fur babies receive the love, attention and training that they deserve! Having animal companionship is one of the reasons we would like to house sit.

In addition to house sitting and pet sitting experience, we are also experienced animal foster careers. Most recently, we have just finished looking after several guide dogs in training for Seeing Eye Dogs Victoria (all cared for at separate times), so we are comfortable with looking after medium to large-sized dogs. We really enjoyed the companionship and joy dogs bring to our lives through their affectionate yet often clumsy behaviour (even when this means chewing our favourite slippers...).

Lisa also volunteers at the Lort Smith animal hospital and has experience administering medication to animals.

Apart from our work, we enjoy relaxing at home, looking after our plants and keeping a healthy active lifestyle. We would love taking your dogs for walks and keeping your garden or indoor plants lush and healthy.

We are lucky enough to work in jobs where we can start and finish at the times we choose (including working from home occasionally). This means that we are able to look after any urgent appointments or chores in relation to your property or your pets.

In addition to having house sitting references, Lisa has also had a police check and a working with children check completed should they be required.

If you would like to know more about us we are happy to chat through email, Skype or in person. Thank you for reading our profile and we look forward to hearing from you soon :)

Roger & Janette

  • East Lake Macquarie, Lower Hunter Valley, Port Stephens, Upper Hunter Valley, West Lake Macquarie, North Coast, South Coast, Central Tablelands, Snowy MTS, Southern Tablelands, Brisbane, South Eastern, Central Coast (Qld)

A caring respectful duo. We are a happy, quiet, easy going non-smoking mature couple who have raised 3 wonderful children and are now embracing a gradual transition to retirement. Roger spent 35 years working across all three levels of Government and Janette has just wound up a 22 year career with Big W. As we were pet owners most of our lives, and now have chosen to travel for a while, we love the opportunity to spend time and care for animals.

We have a beautiful home base in SE Qld from which we have embarked on a self sufficient camping trip around OZ and several long coastal reef sailing trips up the Queensland coast. These experiences are coupled with an early career for Roger as a Horticulturist and Janettes' great love of animals. Roger also grew up on an acreage with a variety of farm animals. This enables us to turn our hand to whatever tasks are necessary to manage and maintain property, plants and animals. We are honest, resourceful, reliable and happy with our own company and enjoying the environment we find ourselves in. We enjoyed a circuit of Aus in 2017 featuring some wonderful house sitting in 3 states and also as a camp ground host on a small property. Resulting in endorsements from all the home owners.

Our intention is to do some shorter trips in 2019 incorporating house sitting if possible as we loved the opportunity to meet some wonderful home owners, spend time with some lovely animals and get to know and explore local communities in much greater depth. Rest assured we will look after your home and pets as if they were our own and respect your privacy. We are new to this site but can provide references from home owners across Australia whose homes and animals we have cared for.

Previous reference."Roger and Janette were absolutely perfect! They really took care of our place and animals well and were great at communicating ie pictures of happy pets! They also went beyond what was expected and worked hard to clean up our pool and help organise a pool technician to come out. really grateful that we were able to go on a 2 week holiday with great comfort that our house and pets were in good hands... and hopefully they had a nice stay too!" GARTH (Emerald Beach NSW, Dec 2016)

Cecilia & Horacio

  • Sydney

I am Cecilia, a photographer from Spain who is actually living in Sydney. A true animal lover, every time I see one I take a picture or try to pet them. I have family dogs back at home, my two Catalan sheepdogs, Oliva & Roca. I have been a dog walker since I got to Sydney because I missed them so much and have been sitting dogs as well.

Horacio, my boyfriend, he is a chef studying Business. He likes dogs but is a bit more reserved with them (I am too affectionate haha). He has been helping me taking care of the doggies and walking them though.

We love being outdoors, taking photos, cooking and eating delicious food. We are trying to be zero wasters because we care about the environment and love our planet. We would love to help you with your pets and keep you posted while you are away!

*** Police check & references available ***
Once the people I have asked to write a reference about me send it, it will appear on my profile.

Alison & Bob

  • Bris. Northern suburbs, Perth

We are a retired couple from Bunbury in WA, We would like to house sit for 2-3 weeks in Brisbane - preferably near the train line, so we can see friends while we are there. We also like to house sit occasionally to be near family in Perth from time to time prefer north of the river but will look at other locations. We have uploaded our airbnb reference to show we are respectful and caring in looking after other people's homes. We love cats and dogs and will consider other animals who need a sitter. For Perth sits, we would like to meet the pets, home and the home owner prior to taking on a position and are happy to travel to meet you and your special friend/s.
We are non smokers and very clean and tidy and can supply further house sitting references if wanted

Mary & Wayne

  • QLD, Melbourne, Bendigo, North Eastern, North Western, SE Vic, Geelong, Grampians, Otway Ranges/ Great Ocean Rd, WA

We arrived from the States in the 70’s, recruited to teach, and loved it so much we stayed! We are responsible, reliable, non-smokers and will look after your home in the same manner that we have looked after ours.
We have sold our large house (downsizing from 2 hectares to two bedrooms) and are now retired. We are great walkers and love all animals, having had many over the years.
We have house sat in the past (in Ashgrove, Qld. looking after the lovely Lola, two year-old poodle as well as Lucy in Mitchelton and two schnauzers in Fitzgibbon in 2016, 2017 three lovely little dogs in Forest Lake, Gizmo the cat in Carindale and the schnauzers again in Fitzgibbon, all references below). We are happy to be flexible with your dates. We have used house sitters when we have travelled. We understand how invaluable a good house sitter can be. We'd love to look after your precious pets and would treat your house with the respect that we would hope a housesitter would treat ours. Available for Facetime interview if requested. We hope to hear from you at your convenience. Thanks for the opportunity. Mary and Wayne
Police checks, references are available.


  • Bendigo, Macedon Ranges, North Western, Shepparton & Central North

Hi All
I'm a mature gentleman (64 yrs), casually employed. Having house sat for several families over the years from Peregian Beach ,Brisbane Sydney and Melbourne over the years .Animals Yes nicer than a few people I have met. Most recently being a Carer and Driver for a good friend was minding his home with his 2 dogs and cat whilst he was in hospital 'for long lengths of time I maintained the property managed Harry and ,Matilda his dogs and his cat Katie . After four years and since his passing recently have been looking for rentals in Central Victoria as Melbourne is TOTAL Chaos and house sitting looks to be a good option other than renting . Do have my own vehicle so out of Town is Fine. I am fit and healthy. I enjoy gardening, walking , still horse ride and Snow ski when I get the chance so not such an old 64 year old .
Have recently Volunteed in an Animal Rescue for two years Grew up on a dairy property, so do have experience with Dogs , Cats , Rabbits, Chickens , Ducks , Sheep , Cattle and Horses. I am an overly efficient clean and organised person. I do enjoy my own company and tend to socialise away .No parties on my watch. Peace and Quiet and a few chores to keep me occupied sounds great.
Updated Australian Police Check in application stage no change from old one and References . Hope to hear from you soon. Cheers Rob