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Till & Sandra

  • Sydney

Hey there!
We are two friends who love animals and have experience taking care of them. Till has a 8 years old dog called Filou and Sandra has a 4 years old cat called Snowy back home with our families in Germany. So the well-being of your pet(s) is our number one priority. Furthermore, we're backpackers and both calm, clean, non-smoking and respectful of your home and privacy. Moreover we're looking for housesitting jobs, because we want to experience the real Australian way of life.

We're available upon request from 22nd September.

Why not give us a call so we can meet and you can decide for yourself?
Looking forward to hearing from you, Sandra & Till

Jennifer & John

  • Central Coast, Mid North Coast, South Coast, Southern Highlands, Murray & Riverina, Snowy MTS, Central Coast (Qld), Western QLD, Flurieu Peninsula, Melb. Inner suburbs, WA
  • Reduced Contact

We are a recently retired, non-smoking, clean living couple who enjoy all aspects of home renovation including routine maintenance and gardening. We have renovated and sold homes our entire married life. We now have time and wish to do more travel within Australia and, whilst new to house sitting, can see that this is a 'win-win' situation ie the home owner has their property and pets cared for and we get to see a new area relatively cheaply.
Over the years we have had our own cats, dogs and poultry. We now look after our son's English Springer Spaniel when he and his family are away. We also have Police Clearances available - necessary for our previous work.
We look forward to starting this new and exciting period in our lives.


  • ACT, NSW, Alice Springs, Darwin, South Eastern, Central, Bundaberg & Wide Bay, Mackay & Whitsundays, Northern QLD, Western QLD, Mid North, South, Spencer Gulf, West Coast, TAS, VIC

Hello. I am a retired, mature (sadly!), married woman looking to do some house sitting. I live with my husband in our own home on the Gold Coast and we currently have a dog and a cat. I am an experienced "pet" person, having had all manor of animals in my home, from mice, birds, fish to cats and dogs. Our own dog (a kelpie) is currently 7 years old and a very crazy young thing, needing lots and lots of exercise. He was supposed to be an outside dog, but somehow that rule hasn't been fully applied! Our cat is almost 4 and is very much busy with chasing the dog around. I am able to garden, clean the pool, look after the house and pets. I am a non smoker. Though I plan to "house sit" usually by myself, there would be times when my husband would join me for a short break. We are both thoroughly house trained! We are planning to formally retire in a few years and I feel that house sitting in different places would help me to get a feel for various districts by living like a local, rather than as a tourist. I am most happy to look after pets and would look after your home well. I have now done many house sits (and many return sits) and can forward names and contact details for these house owners as references. I have a written personal character reference that I can send on to you as well. Hopefully all will tell you how wonderful I am. Oh, and also that I am honest, reliable and trustworthy. You can email me on anytime. My preference is for short breaks, up to three weeks or so, and around the ACT or anywhere in NSW. Thanks. Eeva

Yvonne & John

  • VIC

Hi there, we are a friendly mature couple who love animals. Over the years we have owned and loved cats, dogs, goats, chickens, rabbits, sheep, & horses while raising our 3 kids.

John has recently retired from the security industry, I am a voluntary ESL teacher. With John's recent retirement we have begun this housesitting journey to enable us to travel and experience new places. We are available for any length of housesitting.

John and I are a non-smoking couple who consider it a privilege to care for your home, pets and garden. We enjoy gardening, reading, swimming and spending time with family. We have had many employment situations where we have looked after property - Camp Managers, Relieving Caretakers of a large Apartment Building, and Caretaker of a large community organisation. We also have current Police Checks and can supply references on request.

We hope to hear from you soon,
John & Yvonne


  • Melb. Inner suburbs

Hello :)
A bit about myself...
I moved back to Melbourne (from a stint in Canberra) in March. Since then I've been living with my folks (which has been nice!) but I'm keen to try out living in some different areas.
I'm a non-smoker, respectful and quiet. I work full time Monday to Friday and generally consider myself a bit of a home-body, although I do sometimes catch up with friends on weekends.
I love dogs (have lived with at least one dog most of my life) and am very happy to provide walks and cuddles!
Also happy to provide references if needed.
Thank you for considering me to mind your house.

Bet & Col

  • Central Coast, Hunter Valley, North Coast, South Coast, Rural/Regional NSW, Alice Springs, Darwin, QLD, SA, TAS, WA

We are a fit and healthy retired couple in our mid 70s living in Adelaide. We are interested in house sitting and caring for pets.We have references from past sitting.Prior to retiring we owned a farm and then a business. I have a police clearances for caring and volunteer-work. I like to keep a neat,tidy house and love craft.Col is a handyman and an ex- grader Both of us enjoy the outdoors and gardening.
2017 we plan to travel around Australia beginning with WA. We have a 16 foot pop top caravan and enjoy travelling this wonderful country we live in. We are both non smokers.

Erin & David

  • Sydney

We are a non-smoking, fit and healthy couple who would love to look after your pets. Dave works from home as a web-designer and can give your pets lots of attention and walks throughout the day. Erin works as an Executive Assistant at St Vincent's Hospital

Erin is a born and bred Sydney girl and Dave is from Nottingham, England. Dave has just emigrated to Australia last year and passed all the strict character and police checks that the government use before granting de facto visas. We both have police clearance checks that we can provide for you.

Erin has been the proud owner of some beautiful staffies and a pet boxer who was on daily medication for stomach issues, a budgie and a Maine Coon cat. We love all pets and would love to look after your pets and enjoy the chance to treat them as if they were our own. We travel a lot ourselves so we don't have the chance to have our own pets.

We have taken care of a lot of rescue pets and understand that sometimes they can be a bit shy at first, we love winning them over as we have done on a few of our past housesits. We have looked after stick insects, pet fish, worm farms, guinea pigs, chickens, fish, dogs and cats. One of the cats had arthritis and required daily medication and a lot of special attention. We have given medication to a lot of dogs including one elderly dog that was on 8 tablets a day due to heart and kidney issues.

We're both very responsible, clean and have lived in flats and houses. We both like pottering about in the garden and are very happy to help with any gardening duties or pool maintenance as required.

We have been housesitting for friends and family for years and are now doing it through a couple of websites, we have a lot of references that we can provide for you on request. We like housesitting as it allows us to save for a deposit for a house while enjoying pseudo-pet ownership. We are available for housesits from 23rd January onwards.

Jenny & Peter

  • Bris. Northern suburbs, Gold Coast & Hinterland, Sunshine Coast, Mackay & Whitsundays, Melb. Inner suburbs, Perth, S. Western

We have sold our lifestyle block, dream home and animals, preferring to travel and the good company of new friends. We are currently undecided about our final destination. We resigned from our jobs in November 2015 and have spent the last 18 months or so travelling the world and house sitting. We have enjoyed the hospitality of many kind, like minded people across the world, leaving wonderful memories and enjoyed finding our way in new lands and communities.We love life, people, animals, good wine, good coffee, good food and great company.

Our pet-caring experience is extensive and varied - dogs (large & small), cats, fish, ponies, sheep, quails, chickens etc.

If you have pets, be assured that we truly appreciate the security they feel with a familiar schedule/exercise/playtime routine and promise you that your customs, requirements and feeding schedule will be adhered to.

However, we know from experience, it's not just animals who can suffer from separation anxiety! To remedy this we send regular updates of your pets.

We are practical people and as experienced house sitters are used to dealing with a wide variety of issues - blown fuses, power outages, water issues, pools, security, etc.

In summary: -
- We offer honesty, reliability and commitment.
- We guarantee security-conscious, respectful care of your property.
- We assure you that your pets will have plenty of attention and loving company whilst you are away.

We are always keen to Skype or Facetime to get to know you and answer any important questions.

We very much look forward to hearing from you.

Police checks and additional references are available on request.


  • Syd. Eastern suburbs, Syd. Southern suburbs, Syd. SW suburbs

I am a fit and active, non smoking, single lady in my early 60s who retired a few years ago after working for 38 years as a high school English teacher. Since then, I have travelled extensively and worked as a casual teacher. I have previously owned 4 houses in Sydney and a holiday house on the NSW south coast. Three years ago I sold my Bondi home to live in my holiday house. However, I have now decided to return to Sydney and to would love the opportunity to do some house sitting while I am waiting to purchase a property. I have always taken great pride in decorating and caring for my home, as is evident in the attached photos of my most recent home.

What I have to offer:
Responsibility, honesty, and reliability - my long and successful career as a teacher and Head Teacher, are evidence of my reliability and sense of responsibility. A clear Police Check dated 19 September 2016 is attached.
Excellent housekeeping skills - people often compliment me on the tidiness and cleanliness of my home and my well kept gardens.
Genuine love of animals - for most of my life I have had a pet cat or dog (and sometimes both!). Our pets have always been greatly loved and treated as members of the family. I have bonded quickly with each of the pets I have minded when house sitting, given them lots of attention and love and have been very sad to leave them!
Extensive house sitting experience - I have house sat for a month in Sydney and 5 times recently for 1- 2 weeks each in Melbourne. All of the owners were extremely happy with the way I cared for their home and pet and gave me very positive references. I am sure I would be a great housesitter for you.


  • Syd. Eastern suburbs, Syd. NW suburbs, Syd. Southern suburbs, Syd. SW suburbs, Syd. Upper N Shore


I'm an experienced house sitter, having done so for numerous family members and friends. I have experience with many different types of pets and a general affinity with animals. I enjoy house sitting as an opportunity to catch up and reading, writing and study. I work as a teacher's aide in special education. I spend my leisure time either studying or watching films. I am a non-smoker. I'm willing to travel within the Sydney region.

Please contact me for referees
Amy Scully
Sandy Smith
Simone Denmead


  • Sydney

Hey Guys!

My name is Kylie, I am 34 years old and work as a personal trainer in the city.

I am currently living in Many Vale in my parents apartment who spend 6 months in the UK summer and 6 months in the Sydney summer. They are moving over for the summer between November - April so I am looking for long term house sitting (between 1 - 6 months) between these months while they are here.

I did the same thing last year and spent my time between two apartments in Manly Vale and Manly and will be more than happy to get references for you if you wish.

I love animals and plants and happy to look after either or both! In fact I would prefer it - both make me very happy.

I am an OCD neat freak who is very house proud, and would look after your place as if it was my own - and by that I mean impeccable cleaning! I live a pretty quiet life working early mornings from 6am with spare time during the day and afternoons and spend my spare time cooking, going for walks and sleeping so definitely not a party girl!

I would be open to anything on the Northern Beaches, Eastern Suburbs or Greater Sydney during Nov - April for a minimum of 1 month (ideally longer). I don't have any pets though would love to look after them! (the dogs in my picture are my boyfriends who lives out west - hence being open to location).

If you want to get to know me a bit better then the easiest way is on social media so feel free to check out my Instagram page which gives a pretty true representation of me: kylielgilbert.

Look forward to hearing from you :)


  • ACT, NSW, South Eastern, Central Coast (Qld), Northern QLD, SA, TAS, WA

Hi I am Katrina and I have been living in Tannum Sands for the past 8yrs. I owned and operated the Tannum Sands Fish and Chip shop for over 6 yrs of this time. Since the building was demolished I have enjoyed a little travel time.
I am a non smoker, I like to walk in peaceful environments(mostly beaches or maybe rainforests).
I love gardens especially edible ones. I also like being around animals of all shapes and sizes.
I love cooking and juicing etc. I am happy to take care of your house and property (pets).
I have my own fifth wheeler.
I hope to hear from you if you would like a reliable housesitter to care for your valued home and property

Warmest Regards
Katrina Karhula


  • Sydney

Hello :)
I am an animal lover, clean, quiet, caring, honest, responsible & respectful.
I am a Sydney girl, x-qantas hostess for over 10 years who's been living abroad and am home for a short period of time. I have just co-produced my 2nd show for the Sydney Opera House and am seeking safe, house/pet sitting opportunities while I'm home. Ive had pets most of my life and also worked as a nanny. I use to host international students in my old home as well as house sitters whilst I travelled abroad. I completely understand the need for a trsustworthy person in your home while you're away :)
I would love to look after your home & beloved pets! :)
Tamarind x

Chantal & Roelof

  • Sydney, Central Coast, North Coast, South Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast & Hinterland, Sunshine Coast, Melbourne

Hi there! We are Chantal and Roelof, an active, healthy and happy couple in our late twenties who are exploring the world together. After travelling in our camper van through Australia we arrived in Brisbane at the end of May. At this moment we are house sitting Hawthorne till the 1 of October but after that we are heading to Sydney and Melbourne and we are looking for new house sits in that area. We love to stay close to the cities of Sydney and Melbourne, but our schedule is flexible, making it easy for us to plan our itinerary around your travel needs. We hope you will contact us, but first we tell you a little more about ourselves.

We started travelling because we want to get to know the local lives of other people in cities around the world. House sitting provides the perfect setting for this, plus the fact that we love having animals around us. We have lived with - and taken care of - a variety of animals:
horses, cats, fish, dogs and chickens. We both enjoy having our own spot and taking care of the place we live in. We are familiar with basic repair and gardening work, are responsible, quiet and clean and love taking care of the pets.

Chantal (27) grew up on a small farm and she has always been surrounded by animals. She really loves cats and horses. In 2011 she went to Denmark as an au pair. The family she was staying had three children and a dog. She end up staying there for 9 months and she had an amazing time! She was responsible for the kids and all the housekeeping. After she came back in Holland she took care of a house and pets of acquaintances who were on holiday in South Africa for five weeks (there is a reference from them attached to our profile). When they came back she could afford to rent a house and started living on her own. She owned two cats for several years who she really adored.

I (30) grew up in a big family (5 kids!) and we always had a dog and some chickens. The house my parents live in has a big garden and I like to help my father maintain it. At 22 I moved out of my parents house and starting living on my own. So I have been taken care of myself and my household for years now. I have been abroad for half a year in 2008 (Curacao) and I have been travelling quite a lot lately.

We both quit our jobs for this trip. We worked full-time for several years and realized there was more for us in life. So we decided to give up all of our possessions and go and see the world together! We already did some house sits in the region of Perth and Brisbane and we would like to get to know more of the Australian culture and people. If you are interested, we would love to hear from you in order to set up a phone or Skype call to see if we are the right fit for you or just have a nice coffee and meet! Just send us a message and we'll be in touch.

P.s. the dog on the pictures is not travelling with us ;)

Nicole & Jack

  • Sydney, Wollongong & Illawarra, Melb. Inner suburbs, Melb. NE suburbs

Myself and my partner Jack are currently travelling around Australia in our Toyota Troopcarrier, from Perth WA. We both love the ocean, swimming, surfing, and fishing. We both have mellow, chilled out personalities and adore animals, particularly dogs. I have a beautiful golden retriever x border collie at home who I miss terribly. We have a job placement in Richmond for the next month, roughly, so would be keen to find a housesitting position that works well with this.

We are reliable, trustworthy, honest people.

Wayne & Jennifer


We are experienced Aussie housesitters, retired accountant and agricultural scientist, grey nomads, non smokers, and both dog and cat lovers, having owned our own pets all our lives, and looked after numerous and various animals as housesitters for other homeowners, like yourselves. My husband and I were introduced to the concept of housesitting when we retired in July 2005. Since then, we have combined travel with housesitting in Australia, New Zealand, England and Europe and made lifelong friends along the way. So far, we have undertaken 100+ housesits over the past 12 years since retiring from full time employment. For ourselves during the course of our life, we have owned large dogs; boxers and german shepherds – all obedience trained - also cats, fish and poultry. We both retired from our jobs in the Northern Territory and sold our home, with a swimming pool, owned for 20 years. We plan on continuing to travel whilst we are healthy and until we get the travel bug out of our system. Our motto is to treat your home and pets as we would expect our own home and pets to be treated - with respect, love and care.
I was born and bred on a farm in South Australia, lived there for 21 years before moving to the Northern Territory, where my working life continued as an accountant. My husband is a Queenslander, and worked as an agricultural scientist in 2 Australian states, during the course of his working career.
We can provide written references, photos and police clearances, if you require further info. – but basically, we are just ‘grey nomads’ – enjoying retirement and travelling around England, Europe and Australia whilst we still have our health and are able to travel. Thanks for your time

Paul & Alexander

  • Brisbane

**Actively seeking sits in / around BRISBANE commencing start Oct. 2017.**

We are Paul and Alexander - a young (30+) couple who have recently relocated from Norway to Australia.

Paul is Australian, and grew up on the open plains of the Monaro in New South Wales. Alexander is Swedish (also a permanent resident of Australia) and grew up on a small hobby farm surrounded by dense forest in Värmland.

Until recently, we were happily living and working in Oslo, Norway - not too far from Alex's family in Sweden. We decided to leave Scandinavia in order to be closer to Paul's family and friends and to travel around Australia. In July of 2016 we embarked on a camping trip, starting in Darwin and taking us through the Red Centre and all the way down to Hobart, via South Australia and Victoria. We have seen some amazing places and our trip and look forward to seeing more of Australia in the coming year. We have our own transport.

Paul practised as a Landscape Architect for 3 years in Sydney before moving to Oslo 6 years ago. Paul has a Bachelor degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of New South Wales in Sydney and a Masters' degree in Landscape Architecture from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. Prior to commencing his full-time professional career, Paul was employed as a Horticultural Labourer at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney and at The Mosman Gardener (a nursery on Sydney's lower north shore). These positions involved regular maintenance and one-off improvement works at properties in suburbs such as Kirribilli, Kurraba Point, Cremorne, Mosman, Clifton Gardens, Seaforth and Balgowlah Heights, in addition to the Lower Garden and Government House at the Royal Botanic Gardens. Paul has, therefore, extensive practical experience maintaining and improving manicured gardens and large publicly accessible grounds. This underpins his 10 years of professional design experience dealing with public and private clients and various stakeholders. Your garden will be in good hands!

Alexander is GREAT with dogs, having grown up with several show dogs trained by his mother on their property in Sweden. He is quick to establish rapport and assert authority as appropriate. And, both of us have grown up with cats, so we know they can be both kind and cunning.

We are also able to perform extra duties & labour for those small home improvement projects that you’ve been wanting to get done for years, such installing shelving, re-painting the hall, cleaning and oiling of timber decks, intensive weeding, planting a new garden bed, composting, demolition of light structures (a chook shed, for example) and garden beds, light tree pruning, garden edging and much more. Talk to us if you have a project around the house that you’d like done while you are away!

We are avid users of AirBnB and have enjoyed staying in private dwellings across Europe, Iceland, North America and Australia. There are 19 reviews of our stays available on Paul's AirBnB profile. These can be collated and made available upon request.

A copy of our most recent tenant's reference can also be made available upon request.


Taiyla & Myles

  • NSW, QLD


We are Taiyla & Myles.
A married couple, in our mid twenties, with a beautiful daughter.

We are well travelled, lead a healthy lifestyle and are non-smokers & non-drinkers.

We are extremely clean and experienced house sitters and would love the opportunity to take care of your home and animals, whilst you are away.

We are also hosts to a 5-star Airbnb and we understand what it takes to consistently maintain and lovingly care for a home.

Take a look at our extensive reviews on our Airbnb profile, as both hosts and guests!
Here is the link for you:

Please don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have.
We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Kind Regards,
Taiyla & Myles


  • Brisbane, South Eastern, Central, Central Coast (Qld)

Currently travelling towing a fully contained 21 foot caravan ( full size fridge, queen bed, separate shower and toilet, washing machine and full cooking facilities air and heating. Also with a very well trained 8 year old King Charles Cavalier Ruby non aggressive female does gets on well with other dogs. I am a very fit non smoker and non drinker male in my 50s with a love and a deep respect of all animals.
I usually complete a daily yoga routine no more than 40 to 50 minutes a day. I have a deep passion of surfing, swimming, paddle boarding, mountain biking and hiking but are not a prerequisites.
Happy to reside in my van if house sitting as it is fully contained or your house in the case of house pets.
References are available which include two long term stays, 90 plus days on farming properties with large numbers of live stock including cattle, sheep, goats,chickens, and pigs. I do work on line maybe an hour a day at worst.
I am extremely reliable with a love of gardening and promise you will return with a well kept garden and lawns.
If there is a project you wish completed am happy to discuss, i am not a tradesperson but handy with tools and prepared to give most things a go with a little advanced planning.

Theresa & Geoff

  • South Coast, Melb. Inner suburbs, Macedon Ranges, North Eastern, North Western, SE Vic, Ballarat, Grampians, Otway Ranges/ Great Ocean Rd

We are Theresa and Geoff, a couple of empty nesters, who reside in our own home in coastal Victoria. House sitting would enable us to indulge in our love for travel and adventure, and visit our daughter and son in law, who live in Brisbane. With a love of "all creatures great and small", over the years we have enjoyed the companionship of many pets (mostly dogs, with the odd cat, mouse, fish and lizard thrown in - as our son's interests gained momentum!). Each of our dogs and cats have been special to us, and as such, a part of our family. As we understand and appreciate your love for your pets, we would care for them as if they were our own. Being reliable and highly responsible, we are often called upon by relatives to care for various cats and dogs, including two very smart and energetic kelpies. When you go away, you will have peace of mind knowing we will honour and respect the routines you already have in place for your pets. We are fit and active, enjoying outdoor activities and everything about the natural world. We are keen walkers and enjoy fishing, particularly Geoff. Alas, most often we have to resort to fish'nçhips from the local shop! Upside - we're doing our bit for the local community! Reading, playing scrabble, cooking and going to the cinema (who doesn't love a good choc top) are other enjoyable pastimes. On the home front, we are fastidious about the care and upkeep of our home and garden, fully appreciating what needs to be done to keep a home clean and tidy and a garden alive and green.


  • Sydney, Central Coast

I am a single female over 55 (non-smoker) employed in education (part time) where I am generally at home. As well I have over 1.5 years experience with house sitting three cats at one sit, three dogs at one house sit, birds and cattle with seven references indicating excellent care for both home and pets. My goal is to provide excellence in the care of your pets and home. As well I have a police check.

My house sitting service offers an option for my early arrival. During the preliminary time I can spend as much time as you like learning about the routine you want me to follow for your pet and home. I can organise my own accommodation during this pre-house sitting period.

In the past I have had the opportunity to house sit/manage a bed and breakfast, where home owners were happy with my care of their home. As well I have been house and pet sitting for over a year and one half and receive excellent recommendations from this. Additionally, I have both rented and owned a home with positive comments on the care of my home and garden.

I grew up with all types of animals including dogs and cats. Animals seem to know I will care for them and react positively to me. My experience with pets includes obedience training.

If you are especially interested in my care of your home, I would say that some of my friends might say that I spend too much time cleaning/organizing my home and taking care of my yard-- but I enjoy it. For one home, the neighbors labeled my beach yard the best cared for with its green grass (that I grew from almost nothing) and lovely flowers.

My past times are simple include walking/jogging, reading, movies/tv, gardening and socializing with friends and family. I enjoy a simple life. You can expect that no parties would be held at your property and my focus will be on caring for your pets/home.

Please contact me if you would like further information.

bernice & peter

  • ACT, NSW, QLD, SA, TAS, Northern Vic, SE Vic, SW Vic

Mature married couple, home owners in Elwood Vic, non smokers. We love the company of animals and have lived with dogs for over 40 years. Gemalla (Schnauzer) and Katielina (Airedale) are our mature, friendly and very well trained mates and would like to travel/holiday with us.

We love all animals and believe that we would enjoy looking after your pets and care for them like our own. Being house proud we would look after your home with great care.

We enjoy a healthy environment, are keen dog walkers along the beach, parks and bush areas and share an interest in gardening, healthy living, the outdoors and food and wine.



  • VIC

Meet the world’s most houseproud housesitter! I’m a 39 yo single female experienced housesitter, who loves the domestic life of home, pets and garden. A true homebody and animal lover, I will spend most nights reading and curled up on the couch with furry friends.

Why choose me to look after your home?

* Your house and your pets are among the most precious things in life, so you need to know you’re entrusting them to someone who cares as much as you do.

* I’m a 39 yo single female, quiet homebody. No entertaining. No parties. No coming and going at all hours.

* Non-smoker. Non-drinker.

* Heaps of experience. I have plenty of homeowners who came home to immaculate homes and happy pets who can provide references.

* I LOVE everything domestic. I’m probably one of the most houseproud sitters you’ll ever meet. I adore cleanliness and order and will treat your home with the same care and respect that I do my own.

* Huge animal lover! Because I’m unable to have my own pets, I usually end up best buds with the pets I care for and shower with attention (or not, if they prefer!)

* Garden lover. I spend every moment I can outside enjoying nature and greenery, and love the relaxation of tending gardens.

* I work for myself, so I’m home most of the time to provide lots of companionship for pets used to company, and security for your home.

I house sit to save money and travel. I look forward to talking to you about your housesitting and pet care needs.


  • Northern, S.E & Central, S. Western

Hello, my name is Shirley and I live in Fremantle. I'm single and a grandmother with two older children. I couldn't find a recent photo of myself, so I've included a shot taken just before Christmas with my two kids. Prior to retirement I was a public servant. I love animals, especially dogs, and I have a 6 year old groodle called Mo. I enjoy gardening and will be happy to look after your garden and plants. Unfortunately, I cannot supply references as I'm a novice but I assure you I'm reliable and caring. If necessary, I can organise a police check.


  • Melb. Inner suburbs, Melb. NE suburbs, Melb. SE suburbs


I'm Grace, I'm responsible and honest.

You can feel confident leaving your fur babies and home for me to sit while you're away.

I've lived in Boronia for some time, working full-time at a University in Burwood.

I am a non-smoker, and I own my own car.

I'm passionate about animals, love movies, art, music and comedy.

I'm happy to provide references and police check on request.

I send texts with photos so you know your fur babies are happy in my care.

I have cared for: cats, dogs, fish, chickens, frogs in previous sits.

I have given medication to both dogs and cats in previous sits.

Note: Away

Melissa & Anita

  • Melb. Inner suburbs, Melb. SE suburbs

Hi there!! We are Mel and Anita who have been together for 4 years. Both professionals working full-time in the inner suburbs of Melbourne. We had been living in Elwood for the last 5 years or so and St Kilda prior to that. After booking in a few consecutive sits, we have packed up our belongings and are now embracing housesitting full-time!! It has been so much fun, we wish we started earlier...

We are looking at buying a residence in Melbourne and enjoy doing housesits south side to fully explore other suburbs before committing to a purchase. Having done a number of housesits from this website and a few for Mel's colleagues, we are happy to provide further references if requested. We have completed sits ranging from just one cat up to two cats and two dogs.

We both have properties in other states, so understand the concerns associated with leaving your home/pets in someone's else's care, but rest assured that it/they will be looked after to a high standard! Mel is an ex PE teacher and her 4 years experience as a live in property manager in London, gave her skills and knowledge required for the general upkeep of properties (including unblocking toilets). Anita has a passion for the outdoors and has enrolled in a horticulture course for 2018.

We live a healthy lifestyle, are non smokers, vegetarian and rarely drink. We have a car, but would prefer to be near public transport as Anita works on Chapel Street and Mel in St Kilda.

Mel has a current Police Clearance and Anita will obtain one if requested.

We look forward to hearing from you.

You won't be disappointed, your pets will be well cared for and your house will be sparkling on your return :)

** Our remaining availability for 2017 is from 29 September until November 23 2017 **

Glenda & David

  • Syd. Eastern suburbs, Syd. Lower N Shore, Syd. NW suburbs, Syd. Upper N Shore

We are retired secondary teachers. David English and History then a teacher/librarian and Glenda Mathematics. We are active in a retirees group running garden outings, organising speakers and attending monthly meetings. We also run a 500 card group at our house.
We have 37 year old fraternal twins and three grandchildren two aged 4 and 2 who live in Melbourne about 20 minutes from us. The 2 months old lives in Neutral Bay.We belong to a house swap association and have done swaps in England, Scotland, Germany, France, Italy, New Zealand and Turkey. In Australia we have swapped in Perth, Ulladulla, Blue Mountains and Bribie Island. We can contact these homeowners if you need references. As house swappers we are used to leaving lots of details for those we are swapping with about absolutely everything in the area and the house. We are used to leaving the house exactly as we found it.
We have lived in 4 different places since we were married in 1974 and have resided in this house for 31 years. During that time we have added an extension, subdivided and renovated the older part of the house.
We are keen gardeners and embrace the energy saving technology with solar power and rainwater tanks.
We have had 3 golden Labradors over our married life the oldest living to 15 years. We recently babysat our daughter's 6 month old puppy while they went on holidays and walked it each day when the baby was new and we were in Sydney.

I volunteer weekly at the local primary school cooking with the grade 3/4 Stephanie Alexander Kitchen garden program. I also play tennis and badminton in local ladies competitions. I like to cook and make preserves. We have our own vegetable garden and several fruit trees. I belong to a cottage garden group and have a Diploma in Floral Art.
I was born in Gippsland and lived on a dairy farm for the first 17 years before attending university in Melbourne.
I volunteer at the Genealogical Society and am very keen on family history. I like to swim, kayak and am always trying new little landscaping projects. I am an avid reader and like the old style of books in hard copy. In my younger days I played football, basketball and cricket. I am passionate about red wine and good coffee.
I was born in Ivanhoe in Melbourne and went to university in Melbourne. The rest of my family moved to Queensland in the 1980's.

We are both non-smokers and have joined this group as our daughter lives in an apartment in Neutral Bay Sydney. Her husband's parents live in Belgium. This baby was naturally conceived and we are all so excited for them after a long time on IVF. Now the baby has arrived there is no spare room and bed for us.

Emma & Alan

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Hi and thank you for taking the time to view our profile.

We are a brother and sister team which allows us to be flexible whilst offering you a double assurance that your pets are well looked after.
When choosing pet sitters to come and do any job for you, it is important you follow up references. We have been pet-sitting now close to 2 years and in that time we have amassed an abundance of happy home owners all of whom are glad to take your call.

We follow the routines, set by you for your pets. This means, little disruption to your loved ones habits and sometimes quirky behaviour :)
We ensure they are safe, sound and secure when in our care - that's why we are so successful

As it can be hard to decide on the right person to look after your requests, we invite you together in touch and meet for coffee in the first instance

Alan 0431 918 673 & Emma 0481 545 914
We look forward to meeting you