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Debra & Tom



We are a non-smoking, mature aged couple who will look after your home and pets as if they were your own. We are willing to travel to most areas of Australia. At the moment we are looking for a house-sit in NSW, Victoria or Q'ld, but are willing to consider/travel other states. We are experienced house sitters, having done many sits over recent years including many return requests.

Our reasons for house sitting are simple. It gives us the opportunity of seeing different parts of this beautiful country, and it also to gives us the opportunity to provide the home owner with peace of mind that their home and animal/s will be extremely well cared for, should we be granted that privilege.

We take pride in what we do, being both neat and tidy. We enjoy a quiet life, are very capable, employ common sense and take care of things the way we would hope some-one would do for us.

We have cared for many different animals, cats (many varieties including Ragdoll, Himalayan, Russian Blue, Birman, Burmese, Siamese, much loved long haired and short haired moggies, all with different personalities and requirements, some indoor only felines), a few dogs both small and large, fish, chickens and cows a herd of 20+. We have looked after suburban properties and rural/semi-rural with water tanks and septic systems, pumps and bio-cycles.

We can provide excellent references upon request. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Debra and Tom


  • Melbourne

Hi, I am non-smoking female. I am a registered teacher who works part time as a Learning Assistant in a South-East Melbourne primary school.

I am looking to housesit between my lease ending (March) and travelling overseas (June).

I also study a Master of Special Education meaning I am available to be at home a lot with pets. I have lots of experience in house-sitting and pet-sitting with all sorts of cats, dogs, fish and even rescue dogs and can provide references on request. I am looking for house-sitting opportunities for the next six months. I am very tidy and am a big fan of sausage dogs!

Barbara & Stuart

  • Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast & Hinterland, Sunshine Coast, Melbourne

Me and my partner are experienced house and pet sitters. We are both 25 year old graduates who are into fitness and love animals.
We are outgoing, want to meet new people and see new places.
Barbie is the far more experienced with animals, having in the past owned: four horses, three cats, five dogs (German/Hungarian vizslas) and two rabbits. She has also held work positions of teaching horse riding, caring for horses and looking after farm animals (alpaca,lama,goats,sheep, pig, chickens).
Stuart has less experience, instead owning only house hold pets of cats and dogs.
We are both here for one year and bring only our luggage as we are new to the country. We hold a drivers licence and are open to travel to a house sit as it will allow us the see more of the country. :)


  • NSW

Helen 29yr old: Health Professional & full time student currently.
I am an experienced house/pet sitter and animal lover and i would love to take care of your home and pets.
* What kind of person am I?
I am a responsible, trustworthy, tidy and clean Australian born non-smoking woman and I love meeting new people. I am a young but mature Sydney city woman (29 years old). I am an experienced house/pet sitter, and have over 1.5 years of full time house/pet sitting experience. I am currently undertaking my 15th House/pet sit and i have future ones booked in. I am down to earth, reliable, practical, friendly and take great pride in providing a fantastic service. This means that you come home to a clean and tidy house and happy well looked after pets.

Helen: I am a Registered Psychologist and I am not currently working. Instead I have returned to full time university study in the city to complete my Masters in Clinical Psychology and I often study from home. This means that you will have excellent home security, and i can spend lots of time with your pets. I will be finishing my studies in 2017. I have a National Police Certificate and working with childrens check. As a psychologist I have a very high level of security clearance- one that is just under ASIO so you can be assured that i am a trustworthy person.

• What kind of service do I provide?

- I am 24/7 house sitter, so i provide excellent home security and often spend time at home.
- I am a pet carer who loves animals just as much as you do and will go above and beyond to make sure that your pet is happy, healthy and not disrupted in their routine. I only take on 1 house sit at a time to provide a thorough service.
- I will take thoroughly good care of your pets and their needs as requested (meals, any medicine, brush them, give them any worming tablets, keep them company and spend time walking or playing with them).
- Of course in an emergency situation, I will contact you and drive them to their personal vet.
- I will send you regular email/texts/ photo updates of your place and pets so you can see how they are travelling and so you don't miss them too much.
- Collect the mail daily & send you any mail that you’ve requested via email.
- Maintain any indoor or outdoor plants, water, remove leaves from pathways & pools etc as needed.
- I will clean your home before you arrive so that you come back to a nice clean home.
- I leave fresh food in the fridge before your arrival so you can relax once you’ve come back home (I will ask you what you would like e.g. milk, bread, fruit)
- I will start your car if needed to ensure that the battery doesn’t go flat. I won’t be using your car as I have my own
- You even get a little surprise to say thank you :)
- I provide a comprehensive service as I create a task checklist for each day so that I ensure that all daily tasks are completed. As I like to be thorough in my work, I also have a written out agreement of instructions that we both fill out and sign so that all duties are clear and so I have authority to be staying in your home (detailed instructions, vet and emergency contact numbers, pet quirks)
- Any extra tasks feel free to ask me

* Why am I house/pet sitting?
I have been asked this question & it's a fair question! Well house sitting is allowing me to save money as a full time student so that I may buy my own home one day. I also love pets and I don't have my own (other than the family cat, dog and budgies :) ) so it is wonderful to be able to spend time with the beautiful pets that I mind. They provide such companionship. Also, I absolutely love the adventure and variety of living in new places around Sydney and meeting new people like you! Even though I intended to house/pet sit only whilst I studied, I plan to continue house/pet sitting in the future even once I stop studying, because I now LOVE the lifestyle, variety and adventure of it all.

* House/pet sitting experience
I have been pet/house sitting since April 2015. Also, I have lived out of home before & I have had many pets (cats, dogs, chickens, fish, birds, guinea pigs, rabbits, the odd insect.. ) my whole life so I understand the responsibilities of looking after a household and pets. I am happy to send you my references.

Here are some examples of my house sitting experience so far for the 21 months.
1. Frenchs Forest: 4 rescue cats, hermit crabs and a fighting fish.
2. Kirrawee: 2 rescue cats
3. Cammeray: House/pet sat a ragdoll cat and maintained the home for 3.5 months (May, June, July, August). This included mowing their lawns (The cat got in a fight so I immediately drove the cat to the vet in the night and he recovered well).
4. North Manly: Took care of a 14 year old dog, 21 year old cat, 2 fish ponds, a cockatoo and maintained and watered the tree dense garden regularly. Also feed the animals their daily medication at specific times.
5. Frenchs Forest: House sat for the same Frenchs Forest family again over Christmas and New Year’s Eve upon their request and they even paid for the service.
6. Belrose: House sat in Belrose in January 2016 and looked after their cat and dog. Walked their dog twice a day.
7. Cammeray: Returned to Cammeray a 2nd time for 3 weeks looking after their ragdoll cat and mowed their lawn
8. Maroubra: House/pet sat for 2 cats from 15.3.16-14.4.16.
9. Cammeray: House/pet sat at Cammeray for a 3rd time and their ragdoll cat.
10. Cammeray: Through word of mouth, I house sat the next door neighbour's place from 24.08.16 - 19.10.16 to look after their house, garden and frog pond
11. North Manly: I looked after their pets and garden for a 2nd time from the 9th Nov-28th Nov 2016.
12. Mosman: Through word of mouth, I looked after a house and garden in Dec 2016 for 4 weeks
13. Charlestown Newcastle: I looked after a dog and the garden here from the 28th Dec-9th Jan 2017. daily walks
14. North Turramurra: I looked after 2 dogs, a bearded dragon, garden and pool from the 9th Jan-22nd Jan 2017. This included giving one medication twice daily and daily walks
15. Cammeray: I looked after another cat from the 22-26th January 2017.
16. Newcastle Medowie: Here I looked after 1 dog (Brittany breed) chickens, the pool and garden in Jan/Feb 2017
17. Cammeray: I am looking after Des and Megan’s place and cat again for the 4th time in Feb 2017.

I also have upcoming bookings set in place. Feel free to ask me if i am free for your house/pet sitting dates.

Many have asked me to come back at other times, however the timing has at times not worked out as I only commit myself to doing 1 in-depth house/pet sit at a time.

* A little more about my love for Animals.
At the moment I don't have any pets but I LOVE animals. Over the year I have saved, looked after and fostered out 23 stray kittens which I am very proud of. Also, I have had pet sitting experience with dogs, kittens, cats, birds, fish, hermit crabs, frogs & experience with worming, kitty litters, baths, sick pets & some difficult pets. I understand that each pet has their own unique personality and requirements, in the same way people do.

Thus hopefully you will notice that I have a lot of house/pet sitting experience.
Notes: Also, I have a car so I would be able to take your pet to the vet quickly should there ever be an emergency.

* Do I sound like the kind of house/pet sitters you would like?
If so, then I hope to help to look after your home and pet. I would love to talk over the phone or meet you so we can get to know each other.
I also have a photo of myself so you can start to get to know me :)

I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind Regards


  • Brisbane

I am a mature, honest and responsible female, currently a home-owner myself of an investment property. I have recently moved after a rental lease period expired and put my possessions in storage until I purchase a property for myself. House-sits of long term period preferred but any period considered.

I have previously owned and lived in my own home until moving to Brisbane in 2012 and would care for yours as if my own.

I am an animal lover and have considerable experience with all types of animals having run my own small farm in NZ and volunteered at Taronga Zoo for 2 yrs. I was an owner and rider of horses in my earlier years. I had a very loving, elderly female cat whom passed last year and miss not having a pet to care for.

I am very fit and agile with a great interest in road cycling and mountain-biking. Gardening and lawn-mowing would be no problem if needed.
I can provide references if required . A Police Clearance is available if required also.

Hope to hear from you soon. Tracy


  • Sydney, Central Coast, Hunter Valley, South Coast, Hobart

Dear Homeowners,

My name is Annie and I'm 53 years old. I would love you to choose me to look after your beloved pets.
I'm Australian and recently married a wonderful man who lives in Florence, Italy. I sold my home in Australia 4 years ago and moved to Florence. Since moving to Italy I come back to Australia every year as I get very home sick...

We have decided that we want to purchase an apartment and live in NSW in approximately 4 years, so I'm looking for a pet sit whilst I look for a potential apartment to purchase to rent out. My husband will stay in Italy as he needs to work, so it will just be me.

I will be home every night, only out some days whilst looking at apartments.

I'm extremely clean and tidy and would look after your home as it was my own. In Australia I worked as a Marriage Celebrant and an Image Consultant for over 20 years. I was a home owner for 30 years. I pride myself on being reliable and trustworthy. Your pets and home would be lovingly cared for by me. I don't smoke or drink.

I have been petsitting for over 10 years now all over Australia and now in Europe. I have also worked for a professional pet sitting service based in Tasmania, called Kimberly's pet sitting service for the last 5 years. I have had 4 dogs and two cats of my own. After my last pet passed away I fostered dogs from the dog's home to enable them to be adopted. Such a rewarding experience! As a longtime homeowner myself I can deal with any practical problems that may arise.

I always keep in contact with owners regarding their pets when they are away to allay any worries. I usually send photos or videos, or use skype or facetime if preferred. You can have as much or as little contact as you wish. I know that your pets are part of your family and I will give them a lot of affection, plenty of walks and the best care possible, so that you can holiday in the knowledge that everything is perfectly well cared for.

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile.

I have attached references, photos and a police check.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Dates available, Anytime between November 2017 and April 2018.

Regards, Annie

Marianne & JC

  • Perth

We are a neat and tidy mature couple, Civil Engineer and Sales Professional/artist who work from home. Non-smoking, pet loving, police clearance and references available.
We have lived in Perth since 2007 – been house sitting since 2015.
We are experience in all aspects of house and garden maintenance as we have been home owners ourselves.

Melissa & Andrew


Hi pet lovers and lovely home owners,
We are trustworthy, reliable, caring, friendly & house-proud housesitters.
We will treat your beloved pets & home like they are our own. We are quiet and like to hang out with the animals and rest ...
We are non-smokers and only sit non-smoking homes for health reasons. We prefer secure homes as we need to feel safe and keep your beloved pets safe.
We adore animals & will treat them kindly & with respect. If they have special needs we understand that and can discuss your needs.
We have extensive experience caring for cats, kittens, dogs, puppies, chickens, chicks, some farm animals, birds, fish & gardens. We are happy to consider reptiles (secured where necessary obviously! :-) ) and all other cuddly/crazy critters.
Unfortunately, we can't care for cats anymore (unless they are hairless) as Melissa developed an allergy to cat hair ! :-(
Melissa has a current working with vulnerable people check (full background & police check). Andrew has a current police check & security clearance through his work in the government. We have previous police checks, through Govt careers & neighbourhood watch (Previous NHW Area Coordinators).
Melissa has RSPCA experience where she investigated animal cruelty and helped protect animals in danger. We take the care of animals very seriously, we know how much they are loved and need to be looked after.
Housesitting written reference available and multiple housesitting referees happy to speak with you :-).
**Although our children are respectful, love animals and have done many successful house-sits with us, we understand that some people prefer no children. One of us adults are able to do occasional house-sits without the kids, so are available for house-sits which request no children.**
We hope to hear from you.
Warm regards,
Melissa & Andrew


  • Central Coast, Newcastle, Port Stephens, Upper Hunter Valley, Mid North Coast, Northern Rivers, Murray & Riverina, Snowy MTS, Southern Tablelands
  • Reduced Contact


  • Sydney

Dear Homeowner, I am a 50 year old female, I love animals and am meticulous about maintaining a clean and organised house. I am the Head of Marketing for a large financial services company and own a property in Mosman.
I am looking to do some house-sitting and am available from 22 May 2017 onwards.

Why I want to house sit
I love animals and have just ended a long term relationship so thought some house minding with lovely pets and different locations within Sydney would be an exciting experience.

What I bring to the assignment / relevant experience
I have minded houses and pets for many people over the years whilst they were away on holidays. Primarily in Sydney, I have looked after houses on the upper and lower north shore, inner west and eastern suburbs. Growing up I had a toy poodle named Brandy who I loved very much.

Anneline & Corline

  • TAS, Melbourne, SE Vic

Looking to house sit in Melbourne eastern suburbs and surrounding areas also interested in inner suburbs. Also keen on housesitting in Tasmania.
We are two friendly responsible ladies who love spending time together and meeting new people and explore new places while caring for your house and pets. Thanks for taking the time to read our profile.
I (Anneline) work flexible hours online, I am happily single, a mother of two fantastic young people, organised and a meticulous housekeeper, past pet owner, cat lover, non smoker and drinker, who loves to volunteer for a good cause.
Corline joins me on house sits. She is employed as a professional cleaner, single, very caring and passionate about animal welfare, very organised and a meticulously clean house keeper.
Our values are honesty, being reliable and trustworthy as well as treating others the way we would like to be treated, in other words we like to do good to all people.
We are full time house sitters who likes to blend our love for animals and our caring nature with the responsibility of looking after your house and pets while we explore new communities and get to see other parts of Australia and the world.

We have 3 years official house sitting experience but have house sat for friends and family and in places like South Africa and New Zealand before listing with a service. We love animals. I (Anneline) grew up on a farm so enjoy farm life and have experience with farm animals (horses, chooks, sheep, cattle, etc.) Both Corline and I also have experience with dogs and cats as well as birds including parrots. We have had our own pets (cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, birds). We have lots of experience with animals of almost all kinds. We are also good with taking care of the garden, lawn and swimming pool if required. We are a friendly conscientious and dependable pair that will take care of your home and your pets with integrity and compassion.
References and Police check available.
Non-smokers and non drinkers.

A sample of some of our references:
Review by:
Referee: Teresa MacDonald (Yarra Glen), 6/5/2017
Corline and Anneline were kind enough to look after my two cats and my house for 5 weeks. The cats were lovingly cared for and the house was beautifully clean and tidy upon my return. I would heartily recommend them to anyone requiring pet sitters.

Review by Rebecca:(Vermont) January 2016
Anneline and Corline looked after our cat whilst we were away for 6 weeks over the school Christmas holidays. They arrived on Christmas day and waved us off on our trip whilst preparing their own
Christmas lunch. We received updates and photos of our cat regularly and she was looked after very well. The house was clean and tidy when we arrived home late in the evening which was a wonderful surprise!. I would have them back again in the future and would highly recommend both to look after your pets and home.
Skills: Pets well cared for, Followed instructions, Home neat and clean, Maintained garden, Punctual, Resourceful

Review by Andrea - Woori Yallock, VIC, Australia 19 April 2016
Anneline house sat for our 3 dogs for 4 weeks. The dogs settled in with Anneline with no problems and were more upset when she left than when we left. No doubt she spoiled them rotten and looked after them very well. The house was very tidy on our returns and even fresh milk and juice was in the fridge!
Anneline is a very caring and honest person and we would have her back anytime.
Best sitter you can hope for.

• Beatrice Lucas (Gruyere) June 2016 – September 2016.
Anneline and Corline are a true find and the best possible house-sitters. It was very re-assuring to know that our Horses and Alpacas were in the most caring hands. They are totally reliable, easy to get on with, friendly, honest and practical. We would have them back anytime.

• Jane Douglas (Croydon) May 2015
Anneline and Corline looked after my 6 cats and 6 chickens for 2 months whilst I was on holiday in Europe. She was great and I got photos of the animals and updates of how it was all going several times a week. Anneline did a wonderful job and the house was so clean and tidy. I have been very happy with her work and would love to have her back again in the future.

• Sue Houghton (Mitcham) April 2015
Corline house/dog sat for me twice in quick succession during Easter and after Easter. She was very reliable, responsible and my Chaka was extremely well looked after, as was my home. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a genuine caring house sitter.

• Nancy Latham (Tasmania) December 2014
I cannot recommend my new friends highly enough. It truly is a pity from my perspective that they don’t live locally (Penquin, Tasmania) to be able to house sit for me all the time. I highly recommend them to anyone wishing the best care for their fur babies and truly believe they were the best house sitters I could ever wish for.

• Sharon Gawronski (Don Valley) September 2014
Anneline & Corline house sat for me last year, looking after our horses, dogs and other animals. The animals took to them easily and were comfortable in their care.
I have known Anneline for some time now and have always found her to be honest and trustworthy.
Corline is exceptional at home care/housekeeping.


  • Central Coast, Melbourne

Hello. I'm a warm, kind, full of life, single woman that loves, animals and the outdoors. I keep fit and live a clean, healthy lifestyle. I am a very clean individual who takes pride in my appearance, my work and my home life. I love all animals with a fondness for dogs and cats. I love walking, playing, interacting and cuddles with beloved family pets and have always treated my adopted furry families with the utmost TLC.
I am a business professional also loves nothing better than to unwind in peaceful surroundings inclusive of cuddles from the family pets.
I have house sat numerous properties and can provide references upon request.


  • Syd. Eastern suburbs, Syd. Lower N Shore

Hello, thank you for taking the time to read my profile. I'm a caring and conscientious housesitter who would consider it a privilege to look after your home, pets, and property. I'm a single professional who works as a business consultant during the week and teaches meditation on weekends. I am a non-smoker, reliable, tidy, love animals and nature, very much into health and wellbeing.

I have provided a written reference pertaining to my ongoing house-sitting experience looking after a three-storey home along with two fur babies, a Burmilla cat named Zeus and a Golden Retriever named Huddy. I've been looking after them for the past three years whenever the owners are away on holidays or on short business trips. I've also been a frequent user of Airbnb over the past four years and rent out entire homes where I can. The common thread of the reviews from my hosts is that I'm very clean, considerate, house-proud, friendly, and a great communicator. They have all said I am welcome back at their homes anytime.

I am available for any length of house-sitting and happy to provide additional references upon request. Please feel free to contact me and perhaps we can meet to discuss your requirements to see whether there is a fit. I look forward to meeting you and being of service.


  • Syd. Eastern suburbs, Syd. Lower N Shore, Syd. Southern suburbs, Syd. Upper N Shore, Central Coast, Northern Rivers, Tweed Coast, Alice Springs, Darwin, Brisbane, Gold Coast & Hinterland, Sunshine Coast, Cairns, Adelaide, Hobart, Launceston, Melb. Inner suburbs, Perth

Who am I:

I’m Caroline, and I'm now back in Australia after 15 months living in Bali (and house sitting for about 6 months of that time). Prior to living in Bali, I spent 12 months solid housesitting in different parts of Sydney. If you're travelling and don't want to leave your house empty, or simply want someone to water your pot plants every day or two, I'm very happy to look after your place on my own. I've also spent much time with lovely pets as well. I have a strong preference for easy to care for pets (rather than a zoo!). They can be 1 or 2 cats, or dogs, chooks, ducks, guinea pigs, fish or something else I haven't thought of but you can teach me to care for. Please note, I am a non smoker and thus I prefer to stay in homes of non smokers. I am a minimalist and prefer homes that a spacious and clean.

Why I love house sitting:

I love to housesit because I'm a bit of a nomad. Setting up shop in just one location for a long time has never really done it for me. So I travel light and move where I feel called to spend time. It's an unconventional life, but I love it. And the way social media and technology is these days, I can easily stay connected with friends and family wherever I am in the world.

Where I am now: Sydney, NSW
Where I'll be next: Townsville, QLD

When and where I'm currently available:

18th July - 26th July 2017 (Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast or Byron Shire)
27th July - 3rd Sept 2017 (Sydney)
4th Sept - 13th Sept 2017 (Melbourne)
14th Sept - 6 Oct 2017 (Melbourne or Sydney)

(Overseas Oct/Nov co-leading a walking wellness retreat)

Likely to be available again in Sydney from mid-late Nov onwards.

Preferred areas in Sydney; Balmain/Birchgrove, North Sydney/Lavender Bay, Mosman/Balmoral, Bronte/Clovelly/Coogee
Possible areas; anywhere within 30 minutes of Sydney city by public transport.

Preferred areas in Melbourne; within 45 mins of CBD, accessible by public transport & walking distance from shops & cafés

For other parts of Australia, please keep reading.

Why trust me with your home:

I have a bunch of references from people who know me well and can say nice things about me, as well as from people who don’t know me that well, but have had me in their home. (I uploaded a couple of these to this site the last round of Australian house sits I did, but have more if you need them). I take my role as house, home, garden and pet sitter seriously. My policy is… if your place is worth living in, then it’s worth looking after. And I will look after it as if it were my own :)

What I do for work:

I work as a life and business coach helping people improve the quality of their life, relationships and/or business, and I do 95% of my work from home. That means I am at home way more than if you had a house sitter who worked a 9-5 job. It also means any house sit I take on must have fast internet, so I can use Skype (video calls) to conduct my work.

Driving a car vs. Public transport:

I do not have a car, but I do have a full driver's license and am a highly capable and responsible driver (I used to drive small buses full of people for a living many years ago, so I take this responsibility seriously). Often home owners will leave their car and keys with me to use if/when needed. This isn't essential to me looking after your home, unless you live in an area that has almost no public transport. If you live in an area with regular buses and/or trains into the city, and I can easily access a supermarket and other shops, a park and/or bushland, then I'm unlikely to use a car much anyway :) If you have a dog that needs walking and the dog off leash park is a car drive away, then you may wish to leave me the car for this reason.

Length of stay:

I'm happy to consider house sits for as little as a few days if it's an area I'd really love to visit (e.g. Byron Bay area, Sunshine Coast, Melbourne city, Adelaide city, because I have friends in each of these areas), and as long as one month. I'll consider house sits at short notice, and as far ahead as 2-3 months. If you do have a home you'd like me to look after that includes getting on a plane then I will consider anything far flung, or somewhat outrageous if you're happy to pay for/contribute to the travel costs for me to get to/from (within Australia). Never know unless you ask :)

Other things to know:

As someone who has lived in a LOT of different people's homes in my life, I am aware of things other house sitters may not be. If you're vegetarian or vegan, no worries, I won't consume meat in your home. If you're very, very private and don't want me to have any visitors whilst in your home, tell me, because otherwise I am likely to have one of my (lovely, super respectful, darling) friends over for a cuppa or a meal :) If you have particular sensitivities or allergies, or other specific requests, I'm pretty good at all of these things, just let me know.

Contacting me:

I like to have a conversation with people whose homes I might look after ideally a video call (Skype or similar) so we can talk AND see one another before deciding if I will come to stay in your home. Meeting home owners and pets in person, and seeing the home I may live in beforehand whilst nice in theory but is not always easy to arrange. However, if you can introduce me to your pets and show me your home on a video call that can work well.

Things I have found make a house sitting arrangement work well:

1. That we're both really clear on what is expected, what I am free to use and what I'm not (e.g. some people tell me to eat any food they've left in the house, use the home phone as I wish, watch any of their movies, and use their cable tv, etc. Others prefer me not to use any of these. Both situations are fine, as long as we're both clear beforehand)

2. That there are written notes of important phone numbers for both you, vets and anyone nearby you want me to know about

3. That you show me how to secure the house anytime I leave or at night when sleeping (is there a trick to the lock? is there a security door to the garage? etc)

4. That I know how to care for your pets in the way you would want them to be looked after

5. That you show me any particular quirks in the way your house works (e.g. 8 step process to turn on washing machine and it won't work if you don't do it that way)

6. That your home and pets ARE like what you tell me they are (nothing worse for a house sitter who has gone out of her way to care for a home, turning up at a house after being told one thing and discovering that the pets are unmanageable, or the teenage kids have been left at home for me to "keep an eye on", or the house hasn't been tidied or cleaned in years... Did I mention I've stayed in a few houses before? I've seen many things I never wish to see again, hence now I am REALLY clear on what I will and won't live with. My creativity within my business nose dives with clutter, so spacious clean homes are my strong preference.)

7. That I can meet you on the day I move in and spend at least 30-60 minutes with you, perhaps over a cup of tea, getting the keys, contact numbers and the low down on how everything in your home works. (Or in the case you fly out in the wee hours of the morning, I have stayed in guest bed rooms overnight and had that "cuppa conversation" over dinner instead. That works too).

8. That we have a clear plan, for how and when I will move out, ideally again this is over a cuppa, with a conversation about how it all went, how your furbabies (if applicable) are doing, seeing where your mail is, where all your house (and car) keys are, and anything else we might need to discuss so you can settle back in and I can leave knowing everything is as it should be :)

From here:

Want to talk to me about minding your home and caring for your pets? Contact me my mail through this site and I'll get back to you soon! Thanks!



  • Sydney, Central Coast

I am a recent skilled migrant from Russia with permanent residency status, and am looking to house sit until I am joined by my wife and our cat. The cat has to undergo a long and expensive process before he too will migrate to Australia in October!

I have passed all tests set by the government, including my language skills. I have a very strong sense of responsibility both in my work and personal life and have broad experience with pets. In particular we had fish, a ferret, a small dog (dachshund) and cats. I am also a good gardener, having spent two months with my grandmother every summer in my childhood learning to help her and was rewarded with my own plot.

I am neat and living a very quiet life in these first months in my new country. It is of the utmost importance to me to create good relations with people in my new country and I think this makes me an excellent prospect as a house sitter. I miss my cat very much and it gives me much pleasure to look after the pets and gardens of others. I can be relied upon completely to take your instructions and treat your home and animals as if they were my own. This has been proven by a number of Australian families so far. Very happy to supply excellent house sitting references:

At the moment I am working for Cochlear Limited as a software engineer, and have already been granted one day work from home and flexible hours. Which means I can pay as much attention to your pets as needed. In addition to that my wife is arriving in August, and will provide extra care and security for your house as she will stay at home most of the time.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

P.S. Non-smoker, of course.



I am a single, non-smoker and non-drinker who enjoys a quiet lifestyle and loves animals.

I work in Business Improvement, which gives me the flexibility to work from anywhere in between projects and experience our beautiful country whilst looking after pets.

I am responsible, reliable, organised, trustworthy and considerate ensuring neighbours are never disturbed.

I am neat and like an orderly and clean environment. A committed safe pair of hands who can handle most emergencies and would be meticulous in maintaining your home, loving pets and plants whilst you are away.

Excellent References.


  • VIC

Hi there, I am in my early thirties and have lots of pet sitting and house sitting experience. I absolutely love looking after cats and dogs and apart from pet sitting, I have also volunteered at my local animal shelter in the past. I have had a wonderful time thus far, looking after some of the most adorable pets in Melbourne and would like to continue doing so till I foster or adopt pets of my own. In the meantime, I am happy to take on short term assignments as well as those that span over a couple of months. I work close to Melbourne CBD and hence, would need to consider that commute when looking for house sits (unless it is on the weekend). You can rest assured that your beloved fur babies and house will be in good hands while you are away. Happy to provide references!


  • Sydney, Central Coast, Hunter Valley


I'm currently working on Sydney's North Shore in the hotel industry and I'm also studying a Master of Creative Writing at Sydney University. House sitting/pet/plant and pool minding began for me through word of mouth via friends and family, I've loved it so much that I signed up to this site and have been house sitting fairly consistently since April 2016.

I have been working in the hotel/tourism industry for 7 years. This all began in 2009 where I took up a position as Caretaker of a Guest House in Edinburgh, Scotland for two years. I have worked in both Sydney and Melbourne since. It's the sharing of stories that I like most about this profession.

Reading, writing, cooking, traveling, and pets provide me with the most joy in life. We've always had a dog in our family home so I'm more than comfortable playing with/walking/feeding your animal/s. Whilst I haven't grown up with cats I have befriended quite a few over the years and we get along very well, I think cats and I share a similar temperament.

I'd love to meet with you and your pet/s for a coffee/chat before locking in any dates and I have references available for you upon request.
I also have a current "Working With Children" Check.

House sits of 7 days or more are preferred. I will do my best to accommodate shorter stays if it fits into my calendar.

<< To the side you will see me with cuddling with a friend's dog, Bosco. Relaxing with Rory and taking a walk with Sausage Dog, Richard.


  • NSW, Alice Springs, Darwin, QLD, Adelaide, VIC, Perth

I am a reliable, responsible pet and house-sitter with experience and will take great care of your pets and home while you're away!
I live in Melbourne where I am a full time masters student at University of Melbourne. I'm 28-year old and originally from Denmark. I like to house/pet sit as I think it's a great way of explore different cities/places around Australian and have the company of cute animals. I have excellent testimonials from very happy pet and home owners.
I have a valid driver's licence, but not a car.

Please get in touch with me.
References available upon request

Best regards,


  • VIC

Hi, I'm Dan. I'm a 34 year old honest, reliable, homebody who loves dogs.

I began house sitting and dog minding three years ago, when I looked after a beautiful labrador for two months while her owners were overseas. After a few years of house sitting occasionally, I'm now full time and loving being able to spend time with some fun dogs and having the freedom to live a more relaxed, healthy lifestyle.

I'm experienced with a range of small to large breeds, from Toy Poodles to Rhodesian Ridgebacks. I will happily give your dog plenty of love and attention - I love going for long walks, playing games like tug-of-war, giving lots of pats, snuggling on the couch and I don't mind having dogs sleep on my bed if that's what they're used to.

I'm mature, clean and tidy, and am a non-smoker. I'm not much of a party animal, and prefer quiet nights at home catching up on my favourite TV shows or working on my laptop.

I'm able to provide a police check and references from previous house sits. Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions, I'm happy to answer them!

Meagan & ALBERTO

  • Melbourne

Hi we are Meagan and Alberto. We are a non-smoking couple in our early-to-mid 30’s, who will look after your home as you do. We are an excellent team and proud of living an efficient, clean and organised lifestyle. Meagan (30 years old) was born in Melbourne, and is a Health Promotion Project Officer for a community health service. Alberto (34 years old) was born in Rome, Italy, works as a Project Coordinator for a construction company. We have been together for 5 years living both in Italy and Melbourne. We have both grown up with pets (cats and dogs) and we do love, being outdoors and gardening. Meagan already has experience as a house sitter and Alberto coordinates holiday rentals in Italy and so he has a good understanding of property maintenance requirements. Meagan has a shorter working day, so will easily be able to take you dog for walks before and after work. On weeknights we generally like to stay home and cook. On weekends, we like to be outdoors, so weather permitted we’ll look to take your dog on an excursion. Our interests: all things italian, cooking, sport, movies, photography, camping, being outdoors and being with friends and family. We see house sitting as an activity that provides a mutual benefit to the homeowner and to the sitters. We will look after your home, garden and pets they way you would. We are house sitting to save money for a deposit on our own home, to experience various suburbs and communities across Melbourne and to demonstrate that there are different ways of living ie. a) with few possessions and b) with trust in people to look after your best interests without an exchange of money. We are most interested in house sitting roles for at least 3 weeks in duration. For any roles over 1 month we are happy to pay for our use of internet, electricity and gas. We believe this is a fair agreement. What we can provide: Police checks, House sitting, rental, personal and professional references. We are happy to meet you multiple time before you decide that we are the sitters for you. If you would like us to get to know your pets before you leave we’re happy to come over for a play. What we promise: To stay in regular contact with you while you’re away. We can send photo updates of your home, garden and/or pets; Skype is even an option. To do as you ask. Let us know how you do things at home, and we will continue to do them in the same way. We are quick learners and respect that you know what is best. To respond responsibly and appropriately to any unforeseen events, communicating with you along the way. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to hear more about us.


  • Adel. Inner suburbs, Barossa Valley, Clare Valley, SE Vic

Have been travelling and house sitting for friends and mostly through "bush telegraph". We prefer to stay in our van and use toilet/shower in house... if available. We have farm sat at Oura, via Wagga for the last 3 years , Longest period 4 months'. Have assisted with cherry orchard. . picking, packing, sales etc. Gardening. pruning, general maintenance, lawn mowing. Monitoring small flock sheep, llamas, and caring for the girls, two kelpie dogs!!! We have also cared for house/farm property at Culcairn. As we have to travel back to Wagga on a regular basis to assist and care for elderly relative we can no longer travel to far away. Our family live on South Coast NSW and Bairnsdale Vic and our plan is to eventually settle in the Bairnsdale area so would be very interested in finding house sits there. We are both non smokers, hubby enjoys the occasional beer, plays social bowls, loves yarn especially with retired truck drivers.. working with machinery. We both love animals and enjoy caring for them, we have had our own fur pets, but when our little dog had to be put to sleep we decided .. no more until we settled down.. I enjoy gardening, movies, reading and have done volunteer work ( not so much, since we been travelling) scrapbooking, card making. walking. We are both very tidy and particular how we care for our own and other peoples possessions. We are happy to try most chores on farm and Ron usually is the worker, I do what I can to support him. He also likes fishing and we enjoy visiting new places, meeting the locals and the occasional visit to local club. Have written references.

Karen & Wayne

  • Syd. Southern suburbs, Melb. Inner suburbs, Melb. NE suburbs, Melb. NW suburbs

We are a semi-retired couple from Tasmania with adult children on the mainland. We are experienced with and fond of cats.
We are keen to spend time with our (very) young new grandson and family in the inner North of Melbourne.
We run our own accommodation business part-time in Tasmania and have high standards of home care and maintenance.
We welcome your further questions and are happy to provide references and police checks.
We currently have a sit during July in Melbourne's Northern/inner suburbs but may be after one in Jan/February 2018.
Being relatively new to this we have also used Air B & B and have references there as well, including looking after animals.

Lisa & Matthew

  • Melbourne

We are two 32 year old career driven professionals, who are new to house sitting. We're wanting to save for our own property and thought we would try this. In the meantime we would love to look after your property and pets. We're very houseproud, clean and responsible people from north east country Victoria. We are non-smokers and animal lovers as we grew up on a large property surrounded by them. Happy to meet and discuss any further questions/details.

Thank you.

We will provide police checks, rental and employment references upon request.

Branka & Tomislav

  • QLD


We lived in Slovenia, Europe for around 15 month,where we own a house on a hill overlooking our orchard and grapevines. Recently came back to Australia, Qld again to live and be to be close to our kids.We love to be outside in nature, be it in the mountains or near the sea. Last year, we moved from Australia and New Zealand to Slovenia, where we lived and worked in our younger years, to retire. Now we are back to Australia!We have owned homes all our lives and we understand the care and attention that it takes to maintain a home. In retirement, we love traveling around the world and being active and fit. Our daughters still live in Australia so we would be very interested in house-sitting in Australia and New Zealand. We enjoy gardening and have maintained many gardens over the years. If you have a garden We would love to take care of it. We have been loving dog-owners our whole lives and enjoy caring for and being around all kinds of animals.

Why we want to house sit

We would love to house sit to see many different places and cultures, languages, people. We believe that house-sitting provides a unique opportunity to get to know a new places and new people and culture from the perspective of a local.

What we bring to the assignment / relevant experience

We have owned homes in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. While we have no formal experience house-sitting, ( we set for our daughter Branka), we know how to care for and maintain a home. We would work with home-owners to create a plan for how they want their home maintained and their pets cared for in their absence.

11 October 2016
Branka and Tom have on numerous occasions taken care of both my home and my dogs. Over the period of a few years they house-sat for myself and my husband on 3-4 occasions for time periods spanning anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. They are exceedingly tidy (in fact, our house was always tidier upon our return than we had left it) and responsible. They absolutely adored our two dogs, a boisterous 2-yr old kelpie and an elderly terrier, both of whom require very different care, attention and exercise (the kelpie needs regular exercise in order to address his high energy and our older dog needs regular short walks, regular grooming and occasional medication). We felt completely comfortable with Branka and Tom who took care of our home and pets as if they were their own. Would recommend any time!

Cilka - Bled, Slovenia
03 December - 11 December 2016
Branka and Toma were my first house and petsitting experience and I couldn't have chosen a better sitter.
As they live quite close, they came to visit me two weeks before the first sitting. They are both extremely friendly and considerate. It was very nice to get some photos of my dog while I was away and I came home to a very happy dog and extremely clean house. It was so good to know that somebody is taking such good care of my house and the dog while I was away. I felt as if a grandma from a fairytale was coming. I would highly recommend Branka and Tomo as sitters - I would definitely be very happy if they come again.

Cilka - Bled, Slovenia
15 Dec 2016 - 3 Jan 2017
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Branka and Toma were my first house and petsitting experience and I couldn't have chosen a better sitter. As they live quite close, they came to visit me two weeks before the first sitting. They are both extremely friendly and considerate. It was very nice to get some photos of my dog while I was away and I came home to a very happy dog and extremely clean house. It was so good to know that somebody is taking such good care of my house and the dog while I was away. I felt as if a grandma from a fairytale was coming. I would highly recommend Branka and Tomo as sitters - I would definitely be very happy if they come again.

Rosemary - Brisbane, QLD, Australia
15 Apr - 24 May 2017
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Branka and Tom were amazing house sitters. They cared for and loved Ellie, the chooks were welled care for. Our house was sparkling clean and tidy ( I don't know if it has every been so clean!) The garden had been loved and was in beautiful condition. Branka and Tomislav treated our home with respect and care. Our animals were loved and cared for. I can't recommend them highly enough. Just a lovely caring couple.

Virginia - Gumdale, QLD, Australia
2 - 5 Jun 2017
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Branka was terrific! She cared for our home and dog, Tia, with such care - better than I could have ever hoped for. I would love to have her back (with Tom) if she were available when we next have to go away. Highly recommended!

Patricia - Brisbane, QLD, Australia
27 May - 23 Jun 2017
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Branka and her husband did a very good job looking after our house and garden. We communicated briefly a few times via email and whats app and i felt completely assured that she had everything under control. We came home to a very clean and tidy house, happy plants as well as some food so that we didn't need to shop immediately. Unable to comment about pet care as we don't have one. Highly recommended.

SIT DATE: Jun 2017
Branka and Tom excel when it comes to housesitting. Our house was very well tended and our animals were very happy. Branka checked in with us when she had a question about the animals and the house seemed to sparkle even more than how we left it for them. We'd definitely use Branka and Tom again and highly recommend them to others. Thank you Branka and Tom.

Jennifer & John

  • Central Coast, Mid North Coast, South Coast, Southern Highlands, Murray & Riverina, Snowy MTS, Central Coast (Qld), Western QLD, Flurieu Peninsula, VIC, WA
  • Reduced Contact

We are a recently retired, non-smoking, clean living couple who enjoy all aspects of home renovation including routine maintenance and gardening. We have renovated and sold homes our entire married life. We now have time and wish to do more travel within Australia and, whilst new to house sitting, can see that this is a 'win-win' situation ie the home owner has their property and pets cared for and we get to see a new area relatively cheaply.
Over the years we have had our own cats, dogs and poultry. We now look after our son's English Springer Spaniel when he and his family are away. We also have Police Clearances available - necessary for our previous work.
We look forward to starting this new and exciting period in our lives.

Lynn & Ron

  • NSW, Brisbane, South Eastern, Central, Central Coast (Qld)

Hi all House owners,

We are an active couple venturing into retirement and see this as a great opportunity to experience more of this beautiful country.

Our plan is to leave South Australia in June and head all the way up to the vicinity of Rockhampton. From there we will head back down the coast to Wollongong for Christmas (we have family there). After Christmas we will continue our travels down the coast through Victoria and hopefully Tasmania before heading back to Adelaide later in 2018.

We have both had pets and would be very confident in managing any of your pets as required. We are non smokers and are also very House proud so you can be assured your property would be looked after as if our own

We currently have secured house sits in Kurrajong NSW from 30th June to 28th July, Beachmere QLD from 6th August to the 19th August and Birkdale Qld up to Sept 12th. We would be more than happy to discuss any sitting requirements you may have that roughly fall into our travel plans after those dates.

We look forward to hearing from you

Lynn and Ron

Stephanie & Dan

  • VIC

Hi Everyone!
We are a kind, friendly and quiet couple who are looking to house sit to save for a campervan to travel around Australia.
We run a Freelance Photography business that allows us to create our own schedule and work mostly from home. We are very clean and tidy, we are animal lovers and enjoy gardening - we would love to take care of your home, pets and garden to help ease the stress of your trip away.

While we are only just starting our journey on happyhousesitters we have had previous house sitting experiences (including taking care of pets and garden) and can provide some wonderful references on request. We are non-smokers and have police checks available.


  • Syd. Eastern suburbs, Syd. Lower N Shore

I am an open, friendly and honest northern beaches local.
I love being home in a tidy comfortable environment. I enjoy yoga, cooking, art and drawing.
I don't have pets of my own but I like the company of cats and dogs and enjoy plenty of exercise so am always more than happy to get outside in the fresh air.
I have previously dog/house minded in Mosman and Freshwater.
I work 9-5 in Barangaroo and work from home once a week.


  • Canberra, NSW, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, WA

I love animals, especially cats. I am mid 50's, single, non-smoking professional currently living in Darwin. Having owned a house myself, I am conscious of the care and security needed in keeping a house maintained. I have grown up with pets and had my own. I believe that I would be able to take great care of yours. I am wanting to escape the oppressive heat of Darwin over the Xmas holiday period. I am available during the Christmas School holidays (15/12/17 - 23/1/1 for house sitting and can provide pet sitting references. I have current police clearance. I am a responsible, reliable and considerate person, and would take excellent care of your pets and property.