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Bryan & Seanna

  • ACT

We are a family of 4 who are looking to house sit during the months of January through to May 2018.
I am a full time secondary teacher (PE, Maths, SOSE, Disengaged Youth) located at Canberra High School and Seanna is a chartered accountant currently working as a project manager with the University of Canberra. Brienna (9) and Jack (7) are students at St Thomas Aquinas Primary School in Charnwood. We own a four bedroom home in Dunlop and have resided there for the past eight years (see photo).
We are planning to complete some minor upgrades to our home early next year so we can rent it as we travel Australia from May, 2018.
We do not have any pets of our own but would love to care for any that you may have.
Our family interests include most outdoor pursuits and sports, reading, board and card games, beach and skiing holidays.
We are able to provide contact numbers for personal or work related references.

Daniel & Taryn

  • Syd. Eastern suburbs, Syd. NW suburbs, Syd. Southern suburbs, Syd. SW suburbs

We are a married couple who are saving money for a house and travel, but we would like to live independently. We both come from a quite rural area in the Hawkesbury, so we are used to maintaining larger properties and gardens, but are also excited to experience suburban life. Taryn is 27 years old and works as a registered nurse while studying in her final year medicine at Western Sydney University. Daniel is also 27 years old and works as a teacher and researcher at Western Sydney University and in retail. We both lead healthy and active lifestyles where we are non-smokers, clean and enjoy playing many sports and outdoor activities. We love caring for animals and have experience house and pet sitting over the last couple years. We have been proud owners of dogs, a cat, birds and fish in the past. We currently have a healthy 5 year old labrador, but he stays with our parents while we are house sitting. We are a responsible couple who would love to take great care of your house and pets as required. Taryn has a police check available, as she requires as a member of NSW health. References are also available on request.


  • Perth

Hello, I am a friendly, respectful and honest female. I pride myself in being clean, organised and reliable. I am 34 years old, with no children or pets and am a non-smoker. I enjoy latin dancing and yoga and study in my extra time. I have returned to Perth after traveling on and off for a few years. I understand what it is like to leave your home and your fur babies behind whilst you travel the world. I can ensure you that I will look after your home and love your fur baby while your away, enabling you to have a stress free and wonderful holiday. I would be honoured if you would welcome me into your home. Thank you

Odette & Bruce

  • Melb. Inner suburbs, Melb. SE suburbs


  • Sydney

I’m a mature woman (52 yrs), full-time employed by two corporates as a magazine art director, looking for an alternative to renting.

Recently moving out of a rental, this seems a great way to conserve my funds and save to buy my own home for future security. I love the company of animals, although it’s not a pre-requisite.

I love going out to socialise, but at home I love peace and quiet and my own company. I enjoy travel, cooking, music, reading, movies, and am an extremely efficient, clean and organised person.

I've looked after two x two storey homes... one in St Ives on the North Shore of Sydney which also involved feeding, watering and letting in and out of two cats and two rabbits. With lots of cuddles in between. The rabbits roamed free in the garden during the day, but needed to be brought into the pool house during the night. The other house sit was in Turramurra, also on the North Shore of Sydney... looking after two younger dogs and one older dog... feeding and watering all three, walking the two younger dogs, letting in and out, loads of cuddles and cleaning up after them :) Both homes needed to be kept clean, have mail collected and some plants/garden watered.

Non-smoker, excellent references which I can send through on request, happy to meet face to face so that you can decide for yourself.


  • QLD, Barossa Valley, Clare Valley, Riverland, SE Vic, Geelong

Have been travelling and house sitting for friends and mostly through "bush telegraph". We prefer to stay in our van and use toilet/shower in house... if available. We have farm sat at Oura, via Wagga for the last 3 years , Longest period 4 months'. Have assisted with cherry orchard. . picking, packing, sales etc. Gardening. pruning, general maintenance, lawn mowing. Monitoring small flock sheep, llamas, and caring for the girls, two kelpie dogs!!! We have also cared for house/farm property at Culcairn. As we have to travel back to Wagga on a regular basis to assist and care for elderly relative we can no longer travel to far away. Our family live on South Coast NSW and Bairnsdale Vic and our plan is to eventually settle in the Bairnsdale area so would be very interested in finding house sits there. We are both non smokers, hubby enjoys the occasional beer, plays social bowls, loves yarn especially with retired truck drivers.. working with machinery. We both love animals and enjoy caring for them, we have had our own fur pets, but when our little dog had to be put to sleep we decided .. no more until we settled down.. I enjoy gardening, movies, reading and have done volunteer work ( not so much, since we been travelling) scrapbooking, card making. walking. We are both very tidy and particular how we care for our own and other peoples possessions. We are happy to try most chores on farm and Ron usually is the worker, I do what I can to support him. He also likes fishing and we enjoy visiting new places, meeting the locals and the occasional visit to local club. Have written references.


  • Sydney

My name is Aaron. I'm 44 years old who enjoys a healthy lifestyle, a non smoker & am single. I’m not working at the moment due to a back injury, which means I can be very flexible with my time & the dates you would like your house sat.

Fortunately, this allows me to travel to new cities & towns to experience a different lifestyle & at the same time help other people out, by looking after their beloved pets & home.

In my previous house sit, I cared for a whole host of animals on a hobby farm in Ocean View QLD. They had 4 ducks, 6 cheeky chickens, a cocky rooster, a rampaging bull, cow & a crazy cat; along with a gentle little old wolfhound terrier cross named Maisie & a beautiful German shepherd called 'Rasta'.

While the dogs were very lovable, Rasta demanded special attention. He became very frightened during storms & could be harmful to himself & you, if you weren't careful. He needed to be tied up on a short leash during such times & comforted to calm him down.

I have encountered such problems during my many years of looking after peoples homes, over short & longer periods. I also have a bit of a green thumb & find it relaxing watering the garden each day & enjoy a clean & tidy place.

In my professional career, I've worked in the television industry for over ten years & also as a primary school teacher & more recently as a holiday park caretaker.

I pride myself in being responsible & reliable in my professional & personal life & would look after your home in the same manner that I love & respect my own home.

Upon request, I am able to supply you with a police check & the phone numbers of past employers & people who I have house sat for previously, to help you in assessing my suitability for the role.

I look forward to speaking with you & hopefully we are able to help each other out in the future.

Thank you

Kate & Finn

  • Sydney, South Coast

We are tidy, respectful and thoughtful people, completely down to earth, and are massive animal lovers (vegetarian too).
Myself (Kate) grew up in Wollongong and Finn further down the south coast, we are currently living the city life and are after a bit of an adventure.
As you can tell we appreciate city & coastal life for different reasons and we are very adaptable people.
We look forward to meeting you and taking care of your home & pets whilst you are away.

Ian & Sussan

  • Adel Southern suburbs

Hi we are a non smoking married couple aged 43 and 41, we love going to the movies, shopping and going out for dinner. We also love to travel and found house sitting a great way to save for our holidays.
We have been mostly house sitting for friends and their families and found it really suited our lifestyle. We don't have any children so we have the freedom to house sit whenever we are needed.
We have owed our own home before and are very house proud, we would look after your home, pets and garden as if they were our own. We love animals of all kinds, shapes and sizes and would take wonderful care of yours.
I work 36 hours a week and Ian works split shifts so the longest your beloved pet would be alone is 3 hours.
We would love the chance to house sit for you.
We are very caring and responsible people
Ian has a police clearance and we have references on request.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Sussan and Ian

David & Louise

  • VIC

We are a healthy and active retired Melbourne couple, married for many years, who have been both home owners and renters. During the past two years we have completed several house sits in Victoria, and we are now looking for another position, preferably for a period of three months plus.
We very much appreciate that the secret of good house sitting is to care for the home, garden and any pets involved as if they were our own, and are confident that we can do so as required.
References are available upon request. Please contact us if you wish to consider us as your house sitters
Louise and David Thackray


  • Melbourne

Hi my name is monique, 26 born and raised in Melbourne
i love animals i have a cat and dog at home. I am clean, tidy, respectful dont smoke. I can supply references.
I work and study and always flexible to do what is ever needed.


  • Melbourne

Hi! I have just completed a Bachelor of Environment and Society at RMIT and am currently looking for industry-related employment. In the meantime, I am a nanny with a reputable nanny agency and spend a lot of time looking after kids aged anywhere between 0 and 13. As a result, I am very experienced in looking after other people's houses! I also have a Working with Children check and a Police check. I have spent years renting houses and know what is required to keep a house in a good, clean condition. I have a keen interest in health and fitness, sport, film and cooking/eating! I am a very tidy person and enjoy cleaning/undertaking domestic tasks. I absolutely love animals, I grew up with dogs and a very soft spot for cats. I am able to provide both personal and professional references upon request and would be happy to answer any other questions you may have for me.


Experience House / Pet Minder, while you take that holiday break or have to go away for a week or so.

I am a single senior lady who will be retiring in early 2017, but at present working on the weekends in Toowoomba.
I am trustworthy, reliable, independent & responsible with a happy / healthy disposition.
I have strong values, respecting other people’s property, belongings and especially their pets.
I have a Police Clearance Certificate and very good references. Further details are given on request.
I have a companion / little kiddo, a small Yorkshire Terrier. He is very well behaved and is good socialising with other dogs which he loves the opportunity to have playmates for awhile. Always does what I ask once he settles down from all the excitement of meeting new friends.
Your pets will be comfortable in their own home / yard, looked after / spoilt and well loved by us both as we love the company of your precious dogs & other pet’s.
We would be the perfect candidates to mind / love your pets, house and gardens while you deserve a break / holiday away

I love gardening so am happy to keep it watered and maintained. Your house will be spic and span when you get home. Previous Home owners believe their house has been cleaner than when they left.
I know how much coming home to a clean, organised home is appreciated and how much the small things matter.
We would be delighted to hear from you.

Valerie & Brian

  • Sydney, Central Coast, East Lake Macquarie, Newcastle, Port Stephens, North Coast, Brisbane, South Eastern, Adel. N.E suburbs, South East

Hi home-owners, thank you for reading our profile. We are a retired Kiwi couple who moved to Aussie 2 years ago to see more of our family who have lived here for 16 years, and to see more of Australia. Even though we have visited Australia many times over the last 20 years, we have really only been on a short holiday breaks as tourists and to visit family. Now we would love to spend time in the suburbs or the countryside, and take our time looking around. The opportunity to live in and care for a family home whilst exploring Australia, is a responsibility we do not take lightly, and we realise that caring for and loving your pet family members will be your absolute priority when choosing a sitter.

We have been home owners for nearly 50 years so fully understand what is expected to keep a clean and tidy, secure home. We've also been tenants when in between building or buying houses and have fantastic references and a police clearance obtained just before we left NZ. We have raised a family of four, always sharing those years with various beloved pets, either rescues from SPCA or inherited cats and dogs who needed a new family. Of course, our family are all adults now, with families and pets of their own.

My husband is a retired maintenance engineer/ex retailer who can fix darn near anything, run pumps, sort emergencies, etc,. I worked for many years at Presbyterian Support Services, lastly helping to establish a day programme for clients before finally retiring in March 2014, and also volunteered at Literacy Aotearoa as a Adult Literacy tutor. We are happy to supply references upon request.

We run a clean, tidy home and will have have as much respect for your home as we do for our own. We are non-smokers and we both drive. We live a pretty quiet lifestyle, and sad to say, mostly in the daylight hours! We're pretty happy to curl up on the couch at night time, and would love it to be with animals again.

Please copy and paste this link to see our YouTube video....

Thank you.


  • Brisbane

Hi, I have recently transferred from Sydney to Brisbane with work and would love the opportunity to look after your pet(s) and your home whilst you are away.

I grew up with dogs, cats, chickens and budgies as pets.

I am an active person and would enjoy taking a dog for a walk around the local neighbourhood or to the local park. As I work standard business hours I would also be at home in the evenings and most of the weekend so any house bound pets would also receive a lot of company and attention.

I have my own transport and am a responsible, single, quiet, clean and tidy non-smoker who is reliable and trustworthy.

Having been a Homestay Host to overseas students I understand what it's like to have others stay in your home and will respect your privacy and requests.

I am confident and happy to attend to any jobs that are required such as gardening and maintenance.

In previous positions I have had experience with cleaners, couriers, electricians, gardeners, plumbers etc. and am able to handle any needs should they arise.

I can provide references that can verify that I am clean, reliable and responsible and I have a National Police Check Certificate for your added peace of mind.

I will take care of your property and pets as if they were my own and ensure you return to a clean and tidy home and happy, relaxed pets.

If it's easier, I am happy to chat with you by phone or organise a time and place to meet as I am currently working and staying in Brisbane.


  • Brisbane


  • Sydney

Hi there. My name is Eliza and I am a 33 year old professional who works full time in events and marketing. I am also studying so am usually around on nights/weekends reading papers and finishing assignments. I am clean, neat and enjoy cooking and going to the gym during the week. I am a non smoker and enjoy time pottering around my house/watching Netflix when I have time. I have references from previous house sitters, room mates and could even get my mother to attest to ability to look after a house :)

Happy to meet in person for a coffee/on the phone for a chat so that you can get a feel for my personality and temperament.


  • North Coast, Gold Coast & Hinterland

I am a retired seventy year old single male, non-smoker, non-drinker, who enjoys the quiet life.
My career was in building and carpentry, but in my retirement I have been more of a handyman.
I'm good with light gardening and maintenance. I like dogs and am happy to care for and walk dogs.


  • Melb. Inner suburbs, Melb. SE suburbs, Macedon Ranges, Lakes area, Grampians, Otway Ranges/ Great Ocean Rd


  • Melbourne

Hi, My name is Sheridan. I am 23 years old and live in the Northern suburbs. I am a reliable, friendly person. I have experience with domestic animals (currently live with 4 cats) as well as have house sat in the past (reference upon request). I enjoy experiencing different parts of Melbourne as well as working in different parts of Melbourne.
I work Monday - Saturday and typically spend my nights watching netflix at home or heading out to dinner with friends.

If there's anything specific you would like to know I would love to hear from you.


  • Brisbane

Hello there :),

My name is Claire. I'm 28 years old and have just completed a degree at QUT. Over the past three years of my degree, I worked as a professional house sitter, pet sitter, nanny/babysitter, a cleaner, dog walker and casual receptionist.
At the moment I am continuing on with house sitting, pet sitting, babysitting, cleaning and dog walking. I can provide references for each.
My partner and I both absolutely adore animals and long to have a fur baby of our own. Unfortunately where we live is not compatible with pets.
As we would love a pet, and also like to move out of our current place, we are looking to house sit fulltime.
I am a very active and healthy person and would love to take care of any animals that are in the home, including taking them for regular walks. I am very experienced with domestic animals such as dogs (small and large breeds), birds, cats, fish and chickens. While my partner works fulltime, I am focusing on my academic and writing career and therefore spend a lot of time at working from home, so I would be available for your pets quite a lot during the day/night.
My partner and I are both very tidy people and take pride in keeping things looking nice. We always ensure we take very special care of any homes and pets we have the good fortune to look after. Some of the homes and pets I look after have quite specific and special needs (such as pets with medical needs, garden care and home maintenance etc.) and I'm more than happy to do whatever the owner requires.
I have excellent references and would love the opportunity to look after your home and/or pet.


  • Sunshine Coast

Hi there, I'm Daniel. I'm an exceptionally experienced house sitter and pet carer, qualified gardener and landscape designer, and a very fit and active person who enjoys the beach, walking and hiking and generally everything the coast has to offer. I work locally in Maroochydore for the Sunshine Coast Council as a specialist in Development Services, and I have a block of land in Pomona where I am (slowly) building my house. In the mean time I am hoping to help someone out to look after their furry friends and their gardens as well when they are away from the home or holiday house. I am a very responsible and reliable mature man, with extensive international experience travelling, teaching and running large projects abroad.

I bring quality experience and references to any potential house sitting opportunities, I have decades of experience caring for animals (dogs, cats, horses, sheep, goats) so beachside and rural opportunities are no problem, and I can also offer a very green thumb if you would like some assistance recommending plants or garden designs for your home. I have also managed volunteer accommodation around the world.

Simone & Barry

  • VIC

My name is Simone Gribble, I'm 37 years old and work as an English language teacher, secretary and freelancer. Originally from Australia, I have spent the last eight years in Edinburgh. Together with my boyfriend, Barry (he's 42 and Irish - we met in Scotland), we travel the world and housesit. We are capable of caring for your house and garden (Barry is especially interested and good at gardening), and any pets you may have. We love country/rural areas as well as cities. We are active and non-smokers.

We started housesitting for friends and have expanded since then, including the following assignments: Melbourne with a lovely ageing rescue dog for three separate assignments of varying lengths, Melbourne for four weeks with two charming Scottie Dogs. Edinburgh for five weeks, looking after a well loved cat and two guinea pigs. Ireland for two weeks, looking after a zoo of four dogs (including a Great Dane puppy), a cat, two rats, and a ferret. Laos for three weeks, making friends with four large dogs and various other small animals. I have also house sat for a friend of a friend who went sailing for eight months. I looked after the property and the builders who were renovating the outside brick work! I have also taken care of a B & B while the owners were away, maintaining the property and caring for guests. I have also house sat a property before selling, including conducting viewings.

To any assignment, we bring love, care and enthusiasm. We are very good communicators. Capable of dealing with minor handyman problems that crop up but we'll always let you know how things are going. We are responsible and respectful of your property and animals. If you have pets we will take care of them to your standard and specifications. We have had house sitters in our own flat in the past so can understand the owners point of view too.


  • ACT, Sydney, Central Coast, Hunter Valley, South Coast, Rural/Regional NSW

Animal Lover and Hermit Crab looking for temporary shell to share with furry friends!

I am a reliable, responsible and down to earth person (female, German, late-thirties, non-smoker) with a big heart, happy outlook on life and broad interests. I've lived in Australia for 6 years and just got back after three years in Germany, ready to live the digital nomad dream.

I love animals (especially cats) and gardens (all kinds) but my travelling life style isn't quite suited to have my own just yet so it would be lovely to care for someone else's for a while. I am honest and have a high standard of cleanliness. I will treat your home and animal/s as if they were my own and look forward to meeting you! :-)


  • Perth

I welcome the opportunity to meet with you with a view to looking after your property whilst you are away.
I would fulfill your requirements including running my own very busy gardening business, so can happily ensure your garden thrives in your absence.
I am accustomed to looking after all types of animals, including farm animals and it is in my nature to ensure they are well looked after.

I am choosing to house sit as it allows me to rapidly grow my business in part by using the money I am saving that would normally go to paying rent.

I am the most domesticated guy I know and have been house sitting for several years, mainly through a Perth based house sitting agency, and also privately.
My house sits tend to be a mix of through this site as well as through the agency.

I can of course provide references from previous home owners as well as the agency if you require.

I prefer longer sits for convenience and welcome you contacting me.

Many thanks

A brief synopsis about me........Originally from the Central Wheatbelt region of Western Australia, my parents owned a large farming property that I spent some years working on after leaving school, before leaving to pursue other career opportunities more relevant to my interests.
This rural community upbringing has given me strong country values, a genuine caring nature for those less fortunate, a solid work ethic and a friendly disposition. Also with both parents having been awarded an AOM for their amazing community work, there is no doubt their giving spirit has been projected onto me.


  • ACT, Southern Tablelands

Hi, I'm Kel. I'm a 35yr old female public servant who loves animals, travel, cooking and being in the country. I am a non-smoker and have my own transport. I work full time so would be out all day but like to spend most nights at home watching tv, catching up on my studies or engrossed in a good book.

I grew up in Goulburn but have spent most of my working life in Wagga and Canberra so I am very familiar with the area. I returned to the Canberra area in 2010 from Wagga to care for my elderly grandparents before they passed away.

I have often left my house unattended while I've been travelling and constantly worried if the house was safe so in order to relieve some of that stress for others, I decided to start house sitting. Your house will be in safe hands - I will treat it like it is my own and make sure that upon your return, there is nothing that you need to do besides unpack and put your feet up.

I love all kinds of animals (except snakes) and treat them all like my own so apologies in advance if I get a little attached to them! I also don't mind a spot of gardening and after growing up helping my pop in his vegie patch, I'm actually giving it a go for myself this year.

Michael & Anna

  • Melbourne

Hi our names are Anna and Michael and we have been house sitting for the past three years.

We are currently exploring a new on-line business venture, whilst doing some casual teaching. This gives us much more time for not only further exploring other passions, but also enjoy giving a generous amount of time to tend to your animal's needs. We take enormous pride in any property we look after.

Every owner we have assisted has been extremely happy with the standard of their property on their return, so all you have to do is just un-pack and relax!

We can provide several excellent references, and also have our police clearances.

Services we provide:
- Live-in house sitting by mature, trustworthy, non-smoking, professional couple.
- Pet minding; walking, cleaning, giving medication, and generally giving them good company and a fun experience.
- Garden maintenance.
- Keeping in touch, we can even Skype.

Upon meeting us, we can assure that you will feel confident your home and pets will be looked after with attention and respect.

We look forward to hearing from you!
Anna and Michael

Stephanie & David

  • Melbourne, Macedon Ranges, North Eastern, North Western, Gippsland, SW Vic

We are a happy couple with nearly 3 YEARS FULL TIME EXPERIENCE, more than 26 house sits and a BIG LOVE for CATS and DOGS.
Our lifestyle is low key and we enjoy following the ESTABLISHED WAYS that your home and pets are used too. We have been homeowners and landlords over the years, so we fully understand the CONCERNS and EXPECTATIONS relating to house sitting. We have experience with SPECIAL NEEDS for pets including illness and medication.
She really should have been a pet psychologist, but works from home in the field of MARKETING. Steph takes a lot of notes about your home and pet details, she also deals with most communications. Often with regular SMS or email updates as required. Beware - Stephanie LOVES to CUDDLE YOUR PETS.
He works in the ARTS sector doing LIVE THEATRE PRODUCTION. Working varied hours, David is often home during the day. He is good with problem solving and household maintenance so comes in handy on bin day and for GARDENING duties. Also LOVES walking DOGS and relaxing with CATS.

We PRIDE OURSELVES on being CLEAN and TIDY and know how to treat your home with RESPECT, love your FUR FAMILY and ensure all household logistics are well taken care of.

If you would like to see if we are going to be a GOOD FIT for your needs and live in the MELBOURNE area, please either contact us through this site, or call or message Stephanie on 0420 500 581.

Look forward to hearing from you soon,
David and Stephanie


  • Syd. Eastern suburbs, Melb. Inner suburbs

Since 2009 I've been travelling back and forth to New York. When I return to my hometown, Melbourne, my friends, and friends of friends 'book me in' to House/Dog/Cat sit for them whenever they will be away from home and would prefer not to put their much loved pets in Kennels.
I enjoy this somewhat transient lifestyle and company of the pets I mind, many on a regular basis. As this arrangement has suited me very well I decided to join Happy Housesitters back in 2012. It's been wonderful and very rewarding. My travels have kept me from living with my own pets so pet-sitting, whether dogs or cats, gives me great solace and grounding.

I have looked after many lovely cats and dogs - labradoodles, staffies, westies, golden retrievers, jack russells, pugs, etc, and a variety of cats.

As I'm self-employed, have been so for more than 30 years, which suits the home owners, and their pets as I work from 'home'. My laptop/iphone/website are my office. As the majority of my clientele and business are situated between Richmond and Brighton, I try to find pet-sits between those suburbs. Consequently, when I'm looking after your pets they are never left alone for long periods so they don't ever fret or feel abandoned.

I am very active and enjoy dog-walking, especially in off-leash parks where they can interact with other dogs if they are socially able to do so.

And if your pet is a cat...I know they have very different dispositions and make up their own mind about people. Within a very short time they are usually on my lap and sleeping on the bed.

I have genuine affection and care for animals and I can assure you that your beloved cat or dog would receive a lot of attention and petting. Once they know I'm safe -which happens very quickly - we are great friends. Of course, I always meet the pet/s and their family beforehand so they remember me when I arrive to stay with them. Apart from the first visit to meet 'the family' I also visit again 1 or 2 days before the sit so I am fresh in the mind of the pet.

I am in my late 50's, single and definitely a non-smoker.

There are several references on my H.H. profile you may like to read when considering entrusting me to look after your precious pets. By all means please contact me for a chat and possibly to meet in person whether you have specific dates in mind, or just thinking about future travels.
Sincerely, Gwenda


  • Perth

Hi! My name is Samantha but most people call me Sam. I am 42 years old and I love animals. I am currently house sitting in Perth looking after a ginger cat and 2 beautiful dogs. I enjoy walking the dogs and consider it a privilege to stay in another person's house. I respect that it is their house and find it relaxing to keep someone else's house clean and tidy. I am a part time English teacher, working mainly with international and migrant adults. The job opportunities here in Perth are not what they once were and this is the main reason I am interested in house sitting. I have a few hours teaching here and there but there is nothing permanent on the horizon. I enjoy being in a home having a keen interest in writing and drawing and I read a lot. That combined with the fact that I love to travel and move around and appreciate the company of animals makes this a perfect option for me. I have worked in quite a few different countries and I was born in the UK. I already have a working with children check due to my work so I have a police clearance. I can also supply the name of several references including the owner of my current house sit. I am happy to answer any questions you might have. I look forward to taking care of your house!