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  • Syd. Eastern suburbs, Syd. Lower N Shore

I am an open, friendly and honest northern beaches local.
I love being home in a tidy comfortable environment. I enjoy yoga, cooking, art and drawing.
I don't have pets of my own but I like the company of cats and dogs and enjoy plenty of exercise so am always more than happy to get outside in the fresh air.
I have previously dog/house minded in Mosman and Freshwater.
I work 9-5 in Barangaroo and work from home once a week.


  • Melb. Inner suburbs, Melb. NE suburbs

Frances & Bronwyn

  • Melb. Inner suburbs

We are a professional couple, in our 50's, non-smokers. We have just sold our home of the past 16 years and are looking for a house to sit for approx 8 months from April, whilst our apartment is being built. We nurtured our two dogs Monte and Clary for 15.5 years. Sadly they have passed away. We love all animals and enjoy gardening and walking. We have assisted neighbours with care of their houses and pets when they have gone away. We are house proud and would look after your home with great care. We can provide references on request.


  • Brisbane, South Eastern


My name is Rosalie, and I am mid/mature age, but not old. I really enjoy caring for people, animals, and the home.

I spent some time house/pet sitting in New Zealand and also in Brisbane, Gold and Sunshine coast, Toowoomba etc. I had the opportunity to be able to train the little dog, a Shi Tzu cross Griffin. She was great fun and had a good sense of humour. We went for long and short walks along the river and at the beach, which she loved. I have cared for many breeds, sizes and ages of both dogs and cats. Some owners say that their pet misses me when I leave which is a lovely compliment and testimony as to our mutual respect and empathy, and understanding. We both (I and the pets) enjoy walks, grooming, tummy tickles, massages, pats and cuddles; leaving them happy and content..
Homes ranging from kit homes to a $7million home are all treated as a sanctuary, with respect and care, leaving them sparkly clean.

My background is in personal transformation, health, teaching movement, yoga, Pilates, fitness; nutrition and bodywork.
Having spent two years in Japan teaching English as a 2nd language, I learned a lot about myself at the same time as experiencing another culture.

Since a child, our family had pets, so I can relate to and understand their needs. I have had cats, German Shepherd dog, birds and mice (courtesy of my daughters when they were young), and generally have a good rapport with all animals, and people.

I am confident that you will feel secure and at ease while on your trip, knowing that your pets and home will be well cared for.


  • Central Coast, Melbourne

Hello. I'm a warm, kind, full of life, single woman that loves, animals and the outdoors. I keep fit and live a clean, healthy lifestyle. I am a very clean individual who takes pride in my appearance, my work and my home life. I love all animals with a fondness for dogs and cats. I love walking, playing, interacting and cuddles with beloved family pets and have always treated my adopted furry families with the utmost TLC.
I am a business professional also loves nothing better than to unwind in peaceful surroundings inclusive of cuddles from the family pets.
I have house sat numerous properties and can provide references upon request.


  • Hunter Valley, North Coast, Sunshine Coast, Cairns

We are an active. non-smoking, retired professional couple. My husband Ted was previously ACT Treasurer and Deputy Chief Minister. He is now trying to lower his golf handicap. I ended my 30 year career in the Commonwealth Public Service working for Austrade and have enjoyed a couple of short term postings in Mauritius and Paris. We love to travel, and live in a beautiful apartment in Canberra. We have had two sits on the Sunshine Coast where we looked after a lovely dog called Roger. He got to go for walks every morning along the boardwalk at Alexander Headland.
We have also enjoyed two house sits on the Mornington Peninsula, looking after a beautiful black Labrador and a small poodle.
We have both been active Rotarians but not at the moment.

We are particularly keen to get out of Canberra during the winter months and are mainly interested in coastal areas as we love the ocean. Open to other suggestions though.

Reference available.

Paul & Nicky

  • Brisbane, South Eastern, Central Coast (Qld)


we are a couple in our 50's who are wanting to start house sitting. At this stage we are both working but that is likely to change in the next year or so. We intend to travel throughout Australia, and maybe more overseas travel, in future and think house sitting would be a great way to do this.

While we live in Eight Mile Plains now we are thinking about moving into the inner Brisbane suburbs in the future. We think it would be great to combine house sitting with inner Brisbane living while still working.

Two of our four children are still living at home while they complete their uni studies, and are able to look after our house if we are house sitting.

We don't have a pet at the moment but have looked after our nephew's family dog many times. We don't have references now but can get them if required.

We are very proud home owners and treat other units and houses that we rent on holidays in the same way we do our own.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Paul & Nicky


  • Melb. SE suburbs


  • Sydney


  • Melbourne


I am a single, non-smoking professional currently working in South Melbourne , so would prefer not to be too far from public transport to get to/from work (or if Bayside i could drive). Having owned a house myself in the past I am conscious of the care and security needed in keeping a house maintained, and am a house proud person in general.

I love all animals and grew up with my house being nicknamed "the zoo" as we had dogs, chickens, ducks, guniea pigs, rabbits, budgies, rats, fish and a galah! (as well as horses but they were not in our back garden). So am more than willing to sit with pets that need looking after. Though i had family dogs (schnauzers and boxers) growing up, when i moved out of home at 19 i had my first fur-baby, a red heeler who (despite being diagnosed with epilepsy at a young age) I was lucky to have as part of my life for 13 years. I was devastated when she passed 6 years ago and really miss having that companionship and happiness that dogs bring to your life. I am not in a position to have another dog as yet (but do plan to soon) so love to look after house where i can get some doggy cuddles (or any other animal too!). As you would imagine a red heeler required regular walks and with her condition, regular medication and treatment. So I am well versed in the importance of both.

I am just about to end my current lease, and on return from a work trip to Sri Lanka will be staying with a friend short term while I secure any house-sitting arrangements. Therefore I am available for any length of house-sitting (longer the better) and can provide personal or professional references as required. I am also getting police check which i can forward as required.

I am a responsible and reliable - and love a quiet environment. I'm a bit of a home body so would be around a lot to look after your property (and any pets) when i am not at work (which is normal Monday - Friday hours, no weekends) Though i work in travel i have not further trips planned after this one in April.

I have done some house/petsitting (2 x staffies) in the past and also used to voluteer at Save-a-dog shelter.

I am available from June 2017.

I look forward to hearing from you.


  • Shepparton & Central North, Perth


  • Melb. Inner suburbs, Melb. NE suburbs, Melb. SE suburbs

I am a single middle-aged academic who teaches at the University of Melbourne. I am a very reliable person, with a quiet lifestyle, who will conscientiously look after your home and pets as I would my own. I have been living in a family duplex in an inner suburb for some years, but am now planning to buy a place of my own and would like to explore other areas of Melbourne and other house types (apartment, suburban house, unit, terrace house etc.) before deciding on what to purchase.
I am an animal lover, and have lots of experience caring for cats, dogs, guinea pigs and rabbits. Animals respond well to my affectionate nature and quiet temperament. Growing up my family had poodles, so I'm particularly familiar with them, but I love all dogs. As an adult I've enjoyed being a cat owner as well.
I am experienced in maintaining gardens and would diligently look after yours following any particular instructions you might care to provide. I am an orderly, neat person and a non-smoker. You will be able to relax and enjoy your time away knowing you'll return to find your house as clean and tidy as when you left.
I am seeking opportunities to house-sit for periods of a fortnight or longer from Wednesday 13th September. If you would like to consider me as a reliable carer for your pets and responsible house-minder please get in touch.
Please note: I have house-sat for friends and friends of friends before, but my first house-sit through a provider will be from 2 August to 12 September. So I don't have any recommendations through this site yet, but will soon. In the meantime I am more than happy to provide contact details of professional and personal referees upon request and have a current police check (required for volunteer work I do driving my neighbour, a WW2 veteran, on ANZAC Day).


  • Central Coast, Newcastle, Port Stephens, Upper Hunter Valley, Mid North Coast, Northern Rivers, Murray & Riverina, Snowy MTS, Southern Tablelands
  • Reduced Contact

Susan & David

  • ACT, NSW, South Eastern, TAS

David and I have been house sitting for 2 years now and truly love this lifestyle. We have been fortunate enough to be continually on the move over this time and have returned to our first house sit a second time. David and I were original Sydney dwellers for 30 odd years and have always owned our own homes up until 2000. We had a hobby farm in Tasmania for 15 years, with farm animals including sheep, goats, chickens a horse, dogs and cats etc. We are familiar with living with tank water/ water pumps,wood heaters, septic systems and basic requirements for rural living. Leaving Tasmania in 2000 we rented in Sydney for a couple of years then moved to the Central Tablelands, NSW for 11 years where we rented a cabin on a 90 acre goat farm. During that time I did volunteer work on a regular basis for 8 years which involved 6 month periods away from home at a time staying with different families every week, so I am very accustomed to living in other peoples' homes. David worked as a full time carpenter in the local area accompanying me regularly on various trips. After leaving the central tablelands we both volunteered on a 7 acre retreat centre in Victoria for 7 months maintaining the property and looking after 3 acres of garden. We have been on the South Coast, NSW for almost 6 months now. I have a background in admin/bookkeeping and David is a carpenter. We are responsible and mature adults and have experienced many different lifestyles including living in Asia and Tibet. We enjoy the experience of new lifestyles and locations and feel that house sitting would be a great opportunity for us to do what we love and benefit the home owner do what they wish to do. At the moment we are on our 8th house sit and we have been invited back to our first house sit for another 3 months.
Ideally we would like long term sits of 3-12 months or more preferably NSW and South East Queensland.
Our interests include travelling, walking/hiking and water sports. We are both fit and healthy, don't drink or smoke and enjoy the outdoors. We feel that we are able to fit into a city or rural environment as we have lived in both and would certainly care for your home, garden and pets as if our own.
We are more than happy to discuss any house sitting jobs, answer questions, provide references, police checks, photos etc and anything else you would like so as to feel comfortable and secure with the house sitter you have chosen.
With kind regards
Susan and David Kirkwood

Sue & Gerard

  • Perth

We are a couple, aged late 50’s-ish, who have been married for over 30 years and arrived in Perth in September 2015 from the UK on a 4-year working visa as a result of a job opportunity in the medical profession. We started house sitting as a way of saving sufficient funds to allow us to take time out to explore Australia in greater depth before we return home. We are reliable, house proud, non-smokers who would treat any property with respect and in accordance with the owner's wishes. Our own property in the UK is currently being looked after by our son in his 20's who is very trustworthy but we know how anxious it can be when you are away from your home for any length of time! We began house sitting in February 2016 and have sat for a number of house owners around the Perth area, some of whom we have returned to several times. Sue works full-time at a variety of clinics around Perth while Gerard is not employed so would normally be around any property throughout the day; both are keen gardeners and since Gerard has plenty of time on his hands, extra duties over and above the norm should not be an issue. We have never been dog owners but generally like animals and have looked after the pets our three children had as they grew up - rabbits, mice, guinea pigs, fish and birds. We have references from previous sits available for your perusal.


  • ACT

Louise & Zane

  • VIC

Hello, we are a young family with a beautiful (and very well behaved) 2year old girl and are expecting another baby due at the start of January 2017.

We are starting renovations of our house at the end of January 17 and will need to move out during this renovation for approximately 4-6 months.

We are looking for house sits preferably for at least four weeks or more but are flexible for the right place.

We are very honest and reliable and will care for your house, garden and animals as if they were our own.

We have never house sat before so are not sure of the rules but are happy to be interviewed, provide references or whatever else you need.

Happy to also pay for any bills such as rates, electricity, gas and water etc during our stay.

We are a fit and healthy family who love the outdoors and do not smoke. There will certainly be no parties as we have a newborn, we are just looking for a nice and quite place to call home while we create our new forever home for our family.

Hope to hear from you.

Louise and Zane


  • Syd. Eastern suburbs, Syd. Lower N Shore

Hello my name is Victoria, I am a Semi Retired 54 year old lady. I live in a Unit in Mosman and miss my home
that I lived in at Seaforth. All my darling pets are now in cat and dog heaven and we are not allowed pets in the unit where I live.

I have had a lot of experience in house sitting, lovely homes in Longueville, Seaforth, Mosman, Bellevue Hill, Rose Bay,
Point Piper and Kingsford. I am an extremely houseproud person, and keep an excellent household. I am a non smoker
and non drinker. Ex marathon runner, now a bushwalker/ medium runner.

I am fortunate that most animals like me and I feel the same about them. People have said " wow, minksie never comes to strangers and does that ? " I think I must have been a cat and a dog in past lives.

I am happy to give you any references upon request.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

Victoria 02 9969 6047

Julie & Neil

  • Sydney

I am a professional working in Sydney CBD. My husband & I live in Hawkesbury area. I would love a location closer to work for short -mid term stays.
I am a cat & dog lover and would look after them as my own. We are both non smokers. Would keep house clean & tidy for you.
Neil would stay a few night per week.
I am ready to start immediately, so look forward to hearing from you.


  • Melbourne


I'm a 46 year old single professional working on my PhD and working on a pilot project (a Mental Health Crisis Team with Victorian Police) as well as part-time contract lecturing at university. My job is very stressful so when I come home I want a quiet place to unwind and relax (and study after some procrastinating).

I'm incredibly tidy and organised so your place will be spotlessly immaculate when you return. I prefer the company of one or two friends for a quiet meal at a café or restaurant rather than big get together's (which has a lot to do with the fact that I can’t cook to save myself so I don’t inflict my lack of gourmet skills on others). I love animals (so if you have pets they will be well cared for) and I like pottering around the garden (so if you have a garden it will be loved too).

I’m interested in house-sitting as a way of checking out different areas around Melbourne so that when I’m ready to buy I can make an informed choice. It also means that I can work part-time while I’m working towards my PhD. Because house sit full time, I’m good at it and you know you’re getting someone professional and reliable. I have a Federal Police Check and a Working with Children Check for your reassurance too.

I’m a pretty introverted person and like to keep to myself, but I also think community is really important, so looking out for your neighbours and making sure they’re okay is really important to me.

I have outstanding rental, house sitting and Air BNB references that will impress you. I hope to have the privilege of sitting for you one day.

Kind Regards,


Alice & Ian

  • Melbourne

Hi, Alice here! I am Australian born and have spent 38 years based in London where I met my husband, Ian. I trained as a nurse and midwife and had an independent midwifery practice for almost 20 years. I have now retrained as a counsellor. Ian worked as a teacher for many years and retired as an IT consultant a few years ago. We have tenants in our London home, an Edwardian house that we spent years renovating, learning the skills we needed from our friends, evening classes, books and YouTube. We love exploring new places and finding the local markets, museums, exhibitions, swimming holes and decent coffee. We enjoy walking, reading, gardening, meeting new people, and sharing meals (especially if we have all cooked them together) with friends and family.
Relevant experience we bring to the house sit:
I grew up with pets (a dog and a cat), and my two children (now adults) had cats, hamsters, rabbits and fish. I would have loved a dog also but our living space was unsuitable. We have spent many hours helping my adult daughter to care for her horses in West Sussex and have often looked after her dog, on a few occasions for several weeks at a time. Since arriving in Australia in May 2016, we have cared for chooks and newly hatched chickens, fish, cats and dogs. Being keen walkers, the dogs we care for get plenty of exercise. As homeowners and renovators, we know how important it is to respect and care for our clients' homes as carefully as they would themselves. We understand how much a pet and its owner/s miss each other when parted and so we strive to provide continuity of care by following any instructions left for us.
We bring these attributes to our house-sitting assignments: the ability to follow instructions; attention to detail; the ability to set and maintain clear boundaries with our charges to provide a safe and secure setting alongside providing warmth, attention and play; the ability to deal with the unexpected and any emergencies in a calm and professional manner. If absent owners wish, we send intermittent updates and snapshots by sms, WhatsApp or email. Those we have done this for have commented that they found this practice very reassuring.
With our combined backgrounds in nursing, midwifery small business ownership, teaching, first aid, building renovation and gardening we bring a wealth of experience in organisation, flexibility and practicality to the task at hand.
Why we want to house sit:
After spending several months travelling up and down the east coast in Alan the Campervan, it is great to stay in a house or flat rent free, sleep in a normal bed and not have to walk 200 metres to the nearest loo. However, that is not the only reason. We enjoy meeting new people (and their pets), and the surprise of finding ourselves in places that we may not have discovered otherwise. Caring for animals in their own homes is fun and very rewarding as we get to know them and work on building a trusting and affectionate relationship. We get a thrill when owners return to find their pets content and thriving, their gardens happy, and their homes even neater and tidier than when they left.


  • Sydney

Hello !

We are a professional minded couple. My partner and I have no pets or children and both work full time. We are also both non-smokers and non-drinker and prefer the quieter of lifestyles.

I have grown up with pets my whole life from dogs, cats, fish, rabbits, chickens and a few reptiles and I believe I would be more than capable to take great care of yours as well.

New to house sitting, but a house owner myself, i understand the importance of keeping a house clean and maintained and would treat yours like my own. I also have a police check available for your own peace of mind.

The reason we have decided to house sit is to see more of the sights of our own back yard. Being caught up in the daily life of work we sometimes forget about the beauty which already surrounds us.

We would like to talk more to see how we can house sit for you soon : )


  • Syd. NW suburbs, Syd. Southern suburbs, Syd. SW suburbs

I am a married 50 year old female who currently lives in Prestons and has worked in Lidcombe for the last 15 years.

I raised my children in the Croydon area for 20+ years and when I re-married I moved out of the area, with my daughters living with their father due to schooling, university and work.

I have recently been looking at moving back into the area but it has been very difficult to find something that is affordable so as an alternative to renting a friend suggested that I consider housesitting, if only temporary.

I have previously housesitted for friends as well as taking care of their dogs, I also have a cat of my own.


  • NSW

Emma & Matthew

  • Hobart, Devonport, Melbourne

Hi there we are Emma and Matthew a married couple in our 30s, based in Melbourne. We have no kids. We love animals so much! We have looked after anything from cats, dogs, bunny rabbits, horses, chooks, guinea pigs, sheep and cows. We are very reliable, quiet, capable, organised, non smokers, very clean and tidy, home bodies, health conscious and we love walking everyday. We treat the houses and pets like our own. We love nothing better than cuddling the babies on the couch! We are great with gardening, watering plants and mowing lawns. Emma works from home as a social media consultant and Matthew works in transport in Melbourne. References available. We would love to meet you and your babies! Call anytime to discuss your needs.


  • Melbourne, Northern Vic, SW Vic

Hello. Thanks for visiting my profile. I’m a mature acting 31 year old non-smoker who enjoys the company of dogs over people. Yes, there are more house sitters than there are homes to sit in. And yes, most likely you will be flooded with people offering to care for your pets. Many of them will do a great job, some a better job than me. This brings us to the question of why I think you should consider me to care for your dogs:
1. I’m sensitive to signs of distress or unease in a dog. I never raise my voice and wouldn’t dare make them feel uncomfortable in any way. I’m the guy caring for scared dogs during NYE fireworks.
2. I will follow your instructions to the letter – guaranteed. It’s your house and they’re your pets. I won’t bring in my own ideas about pet discipline with me.
3. I won’t have guests over unless you give me permission to do so.
4. I’m clean and tidy. The house will be in the same condition as you left it.
5. I’m a writer whom spends most of my time at home. This means your pets will have company for the vast majority of my stay – it’s stressful enough for them to be away from their owners, the least I can do is make them know they aren’t alone.
6. I will send pictures and/or videos of your pets regularly while you are away to give you peace of mind. I always do this during house sits. I think all house sitters should do the same – I suggest asking them during the vetting process.
7. I have vast house sitting and dog sitting experience. Ask for my references. It’s only due diligence.
8. I have a car and full driver’s licence – this is important in case of unexpected vet trips.
9. I have passed a WWC check (background in teaching)
10. Finally, and most importantly, I love dogs.

If you’d like to arrange a meeting, or just have a chat, please don’t hesitate in contacting me. By the time of the house sit I want you to feel like a friend is caring for your pets – not a stranger.

Bruce & Lyn

Dunsborough/Bussleton sitters. We are recently retired. Lyn a nurse and myself a teacher. We have had dogs all our married life, and know how to keep them happy, and contented. We have also had cats some time ago. We are both active, lead healthy lifestyles (non-smokers) and wish to spend more time in South West WA as our son now lives in Dunsborough. We both enjoy gardening. Please contact us for photos and more info. We will have references shortly, as we are currently on a house sit with 2 labs until August 5th.
Bruce & Lyn

Arthur & Jenny

  • Gold Coast & Hinterland

We are seasoned House sitters who love love animals and will care for your home as if it were our own. Our little Moodle, Chevy, travels with us sometimes. We are both non-smokers.

We have done house sitting on and off since 2011 - one of which was a long term 2 ½ year house sit - written reference attached. We also have the contact details of other couples we have house sat for and are happy to pass on these details.

Having a suitable place to park/store our Caravan would be appreciated.


  • Hunter Valley, South Eastern, Central Coast (Qld)

Terry & Kath

  • North Coast, South Eastern, Central, Mackay & Whitsundays, Rockhampton, Mid North, South, Spencer Gulf

We are an active couple in our early 70s.We live in Tas on the NW coast. We have cared for 3 farms in central NSW and last year we house sat a.small farm near Rocky, a property in the Lockyer Valley and a home in Brisbane at Alexandra Hills. All house owners had dogs but one property had a variety of 10 animals .We have a caravan so will need room to park it Cats are not an option, but we are OK with other animals. We would prefer a rural setting.
We have booked to travel on the Spirit of Tas on the 16 June and return home on Sept 18 so your required dates need to be within that time frame.
We can supply references by post.or computer
Our preferred areas are: South Aust, northern areas of N S W and in Queensland up to Bundaberg or south of there.
Yours faithfully
Terry and Kath Ferguson