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We are a senior couple, honest reliable and hard working. I was a high school teacher for 30 years and have taught in cities, small towns and remote areas all over Australia and am now wishing to further extend my explorations of our beautiful country. We are non smokers, fit healthy and active, enjoy gardening and love animals and very community minded.
I believe in sharing resources, skills and experiences, that honesty and simple Aussie hospitality is still alive and well. I believe in trust and giving a helping hand. I keep a neat and very tidy home, enjoy home baking, meeting people, walking, reading and generally enjoy a peaceful and active lifestyle.


  • Melbourne

I am a single, recent UNSW graduate. I am looking for alternative housing while I explore the various suburbs of Melbourne before I commit to buying a house of my own. I've just made the move to Melbourne after living in Jervis Bay where I was looking after my parents house and two amazing kitties during their time abroad. I have grown up with cats my whole life and have experience in giving medication, feeding, grooming etc. While I have never owned a dog, I love them just as much and would be open and willing for the experience.

I am booked for most of the remainder of the year however I am still available from the 17th of November to December 1st (approx.) and any time after 12th of January, 2020!

As I work full time from home, I will always be there for your pets. I am a responsible, clean and considerate person, and would love the opportunity to take care of your home and furry children.

Nikki & Sia

  • Sydney, Central Coast, Mid North Coast, South Coast

Hello! My partner, Sia and I are a friendly, reliable and respectful couple born and bred in Sydney.

Sia works in North Sydney in insurance, and I work at an online retail company in Ultimo. We do work 9-5 but can work from home if need be. We are using housesitting as a way to save up to buy our own home.

We are an animal-loving couple, who enjoy long walks (hopefully with your adorable pet!) and cuddling up on the couch watching movies. We have both had dogs all our lives.

We guarantee to leave your place neat and tidy, your plants well looked after and your animals happy and stress-free. We are non-smokers and treat our home as a place to rest and unwind. We pride ourselves on being considerate neighbours.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me anytime. Thanks!


  • Brisbane

My name is Nicole and I absolutely love and adore all animals and have many years experience working with and being around all types of animals (I grew up on a farm where everything was a pet).

My current situation prevents me from having my own pets so this is the next best thing while I save for a house deposit. I particularly have a lot of experience with big dogs (I used to have 2 Great Danes) as well as being an experienced pet/house-sitter, so am fully aware of what is involved. I can provide references and a police check.

If you think I might be a good fit, I would love to hear from you.


Gary & Vanessa

  • ACT, Central Coast, Hunter Valley, North Coast, Rural/Regional NSW, Alice Springs, Darwin, South Eastern, Central, Central Coast (Qld), Northern QLD, Western QLD, SA, WA

Gary: 51, Naturopath / Vanessa: 49, Writer / Alfred: 19 Student

Hi I am Gary of a family of three. We are very loving and family orientated. Over the decades, we have had many animals in our family, so far: dogs, cats, guinea pigs, a bird, chickens, fish and mice. We are still looking for a forever-home dog after our rescue-dog, Bella, died in 2017.

We believe in sustainability and alternative environmental options instead of industrial/chemical options - if we have to use a mainstream option we don't mind, but obviously environmental is our first choice. We love and accept all the people and culture that embodies our beautiful Earth. Our lives are simple and we aren't too radical when it comes to our social life. We do like meeting new people, however.

We have owned our home in the past and are conscious of maintenance and upkeep to ensure the house retains its value. We always leave the home in the way we found it. It would be an honour to care for your home, your pets and your garden. We take pride in our housekeeping.

We are new to House Sitting and are on our second assignment. Both assignments were personally offered to us. Please see our reference from the first assignment. Our current assignment is complete on 11 July – we can supply a reference when the homeowners return from being abroad. We are happy to discuss any issue regarding your needs. Please contact us.

My interests are fishing, gardening, spiritual matters, natural medicines, reading, walking, cooking and renovating. (Police clearance)

Vanessa's interests are arts and crafts, religion/mythology/spirituality/fairytales, Wisdom Crosswords and cryptograms, gardening, home preserves, board games/cards, bargain hunting, upcycling/recycling, music and family. (Police Clearance)

Alfred's interests are gaming, reading, creative writing, film, family movie night, entomology (insects) and neuroscience. He is on his Gap Year 2019.

Although we have no experience, we are willing to train regarding the care of farm animals and horses.

Bonnie & Emmanuel

  • Melb. Inner suburbs, Melb. SE suburbs

We are an active, professional, neat, non-smoking, animal-friendly, French-Australian couple in our thirties. I'm a French-to-English translator and work from home (so can keep a good eye on your place!) and Manu is a barber/hairdresser working in the CBD. We've just moved from Lyon, France, and would love to house sit while settling in to Melbourne. We are both originally from country areas and have experience with animals ranging from rabbits to horses. References available upon request.


  • Syd. Eastern suburbs, Syd. Lower N Shore, Syd. Southern suburbs, Syd. Upper N Shore, Gold Coast & Hinterland, Melb. Inner suburbs

I am a health conscious, sporty, non smoking, single guy who has decided to try housesitting for 1-2 years to save some $$. I have been doing this now since November 2018 (many house sits via direct request or a network of friends-of-friends - hence why there is only one review so far on this site - thats all I have done here so far) so I have considerable experience. I am a business owner so I work from home most days. I am fastidiously clean and hygienic, extremely security conscious and I have excellent references from 3 highly regarded individuals -these are available upon request. I am also happy to provide mobile numbers from recent house sits who will give me a glowing recommendation. I love animals and I believe they naturally gravitate toward me; I will treat your pet as I would my own. I am also happy to do some gardening whilst at your home. I would be looking for medium - long term arrangements as a first preference. I.E minimum 2 weeks (I'm still definitely open to shorter though IF I'm free). I look forward to hearing from you soon.


  • Sydney

Hi and thank you for taking the time to view my profile.

When choosing pet sitters to come and do any job for you, it is important you follow up references. I have been pet-sitting now close to 5 years and in that time I have amassed an abundance of happy home owners all of whom are glad to take your call.

Here are some of our references.
Mel, Manly Vale - one cat - 0410 419 998
Katrina, Queenscliff - two cats - 0404 872 072

I follow the routines, set by you for your pets. This means, little disruption to your loved ones habits and sometimes quirky behaviour :)
I ensure they are safe, sound and secure when in my care.

As it can be hard to decide on the right person to look after your requests, I invite you together in touch and meet for coffee in the first instance.

Emma 0481 545 914
I look forward to meeting you

Thomas & Tayla

  • Melbourne, Geelong

Hi there, we're Tom and Tay. We're a young professional couple seeking house sitting availabilities in and around Melbourne and Geelong between October 2019 and March 2020.

We're both exceptionally clean, respectful of other people's property, and are both animal lovers. Unfortunately, as we're renters we aren't able to have our own pets but we still think our four legged friends are the best. Tay has a golden retriever/kelpie, Bondi, back home in WA, and Tom has a tabby cat, Louis, at home in regional Victoria.

Tay is a civil engineer working in Geelong and Tom works in the Melbourne CBD in communications. Outside of work we both love cooking and eating, travelling, and sport. Tay is an accomplished hockey player and Tom is a far below average footballer.

We're looking for house sitting opportunities to help build our savings and would be happy to speak with you about looking after your house while you're away.

Jon (40) & Marianne (37)

  • VIC

We Have: * Police Checks * References * No Pets * No Children * Non-smoking
* We are very honest & great communicators * We are super clean & organised
* We check our inbox regularly & respond in a timely manner * We love animals
* We have green thumbs * Your home/pets routine, rules Supreme!

We view the opportunity to house sit and look after other people's pets as a privilege, one which will assist us in advancing towards our long-term goals. Therefore, we take it very seriously and always approach it with respect, honesty and integrity.

We love animals and enjoy gardening, so we are more than willing to look after pets and gardens whilst we house sit. However, one of us is severely allergic to cats . . . so we can't look after cats, Apologies!

A little About Us . . .

Jon is in IT and works 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday and is home week nights and on weekends. Marianne has a medical background, is studying full time from home and works one part-time shift every Saturday. For pet owners, a 4-hour block is the most we are ever away from the home. Most of the course is online with 9-hour face to face contact per week, which is spread out over three days (3-hours per day).

In some people's eyes we are pretty boring, given we are more interested in puzzles, study and research. We play indoor sports such as soccer or badminton (1-2-hour sessions/per week) and this is the way in which we socialise with our peers. We also tend to go for a 1-2-hour hike once a week (usually accompanied by a furry friend, with owners consent), in a neighbouring national park.

We have a loved one in a nursing home, so family catch ups are done at the nursing home, to accommodate for their illness. Our remaining family is overseas. So, we can assure homeowners, that no one else will be entering your property whilst you are away! If pets are able and pet owners consenting, we would be more than happy to bring them along with us on hikes or to family gatherings at the nursing home. We also walk daily, so accommodating daily walks for pets is not an issue.

We are familiar with dogs whom have illnesses and medication requirements and can expand on that further personally with pet owners.

Please feel free to ask any further questions, via the inbox, phone or email.

Thank You for taking the time to read our profile.

We Hope We Have Found You Well and Life Is Treating You With The Utmost Kindness.

Jon & Marianne

Paul & Pauline

  • WA


We are a retired couple and have been travelling and exploring (housesitting most of the time) for several years. We label what we do as slow travel and for the last year we’ve been in Broken Hill. But we are keen to get back out there and have resumed housesitting.
We are non-smokers and very quiet people. We are doing housesitting as a way to explore new places, meet new people and to have some quality time with animals when the opportunity arises. I (Paul) am a photographer and always welcome being in new places with new people and scenes to record. Pauline is using her time to explore drawing and painting and a little photography as her way of experiencing the new places we are continually discovering.

As mentioned above, we have been pet and housesitting for much of the last few years, both in England and here in Australia. Our housesitting references, as well as a couple of property references are listed on this site (some have been copied from other Housesitting sites we have been registered with over the years). Sharing our lives with animals is essential for us and we have cared for a great many in housesitting assignments as well as having had pets of our own in the past. During our housesitting lives we have cared for all shapes, sizes, and breeds of dogs, and many cats ranging from kittens and very timid rescued animals all the way to the ones who see themselves as ‘royalty’. Also, we have cared for a variety of birds as well as the odd lizard. We understand that each animal is a unique individual with its own specific needs, and we take the responsibility of caring for them very seriously. They are always our number one priority. We are very much ‘home bodies’, which means we are always there to provide security for your home and time for your pets.
In addition we have National Police Certificates which are available for sighting if required.
We look forward to hearing from you and if you need any more information from us, please contact us.
Thank you
Pauline and Paul

Brittnay & Jayden

  • ACT, NSW, Alice Springs, Darwin, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, WA


We are Brittnay & Jay, a professional house sitting couple. We both have a passion for animals and travelling. We have both been raised with family pets. However, since we have made the move to travelling and working remotely full time, we both really miss the interaction with animals.

We both feel strongly that pets are apart of your family and treated in such a respect. We have both grown up with an array of animals, so we firmly believe you can comfortably leave them in our capable loving company.

We love to go for walks every day, which would fit perfectly for people with active pets but also are homebodies so your pets will be able to someone to use as a comfy couch in evenings :)

We both work remotely, therefore we are able to be around the house more often hopefully putting your animals at ease with the company.

We enjoy gardening and keeping a tidy home is something we take pride in. We believe communication is key to providing a situation in which both parties are comfortable with the house sit.

We believe all our personal attributes and experiences can provide you with a fantastic service. We are happy to provide personal and police references. Please let us prove how helpful we can be.

Why we want to house sit
Growing up with cats, dogs, birds and fish as family pets we both have had animals close to us our entire lives. Over the past couple of years, we have been travelling and moving around fulltime. Moving around so much it is very hard for us to have pets of our own so we love house sitting because we can get pet interaction that we both really miss.

There is nothing we love more than snuggling up on the couch with a cat or dog, or going for a run along the beach with a dogs lead in hand!

Our Experience
We have completed 29 house sits, these sits range from 1 week to 3 months. We have looked after everything from chihuahuas, new foundlands, turtles, cats & many chickens.

We have both had extensive interaction with animals growing up, including cats, dogs, fish and chickens. Both of us believe animals are apart of your family and are to be treated as such.

We are both responsible and reliable individuals who guarantee your animals and property will be cared for to the highest standard. We like to have strong communication with owners, so both yourself and us feel comfortable at all times.


  • Melbourne

I'm a 31 year old single gal with a passion for traveling the world and experiencing life in new places.
House sitting not only helps me fund my travels, but will provide me with the experience I need to secure house sits overseas while I'm traveling.

I am experienced in home pet sitting for dogs, cats and rabbits. In addition, I have cared for my friends and colleagues dogs while they have been away, doing twice-daily visits for feeds, play time and walks. One of the dogs I looked after needed daily eye drops for 2 weeks, and we got on just fine :)

I've always had pets throughout my life - dogs, birds, rabbits, fish - I have even lived with a pet rat (he was my housemate's, but he loved to cuddle in my scarf) and I cared for my housemate's cat on the 3+ days per week that he wasn't at home.

I work full-time Monday to Friday as a Medical Typist in the CBD, and in my spare time I enjoy exploring Melbourne, seeing live music, catching up with friends or just staying in and watching a good series on Netflix.

I'm available to sit for pets who are comfortable being left alone while I'm at work, but ready to be spoiled in the mornings and evenings, with extra play time on weekends.

Katherine & Nicholas



Our names are Katherine and Nic and we are a friendly couple from Melbourne, Victoria who would love the opportunity to look after your beautiful animals and home for you whilst you are away.

Nic and I both adore animals, we are extremely clean and tidy & consider ourselves to be fantastic sitters with lots of experience who will love & care for your furry sweethearts as if they were our own.

We would love to take care of your pets & home while you are away, leaving you feeling at absolute ease knowing that you have left your loved ones and home in wonderful company with Nic and I.

We have all 5 star references available from our previous house sits, we have police checks available & we are both non-smokers.

If you are keen to have us sit for you too, or to learn more about us, then we would love to hear from you!

Thanks so much,
Katherine & Nic (-:

Dianne & Bruce

  • Cairns, FNQ

The Experienced Carer
Dianne : 61, Retired
Bruce: 64, Retired
My name is Dianne Caldwell & l live in Victoria Australia.
My occupation has been as a personal carer for people with disabilities & aged care for over 12 years now part-time.
I am Certificate 4 trained in disability & aged care with 1st aid & police checks if required.
I love animals & have owned a pet cat & dog ,so feel very qualified to look after animals as well as being a very house proud person.
My husband & l love to travel & particularly love the warm weather & beach areas as well as pools because we have had a pool ourselves & know how to care for them.
We also back onto bushland on our own property & my husband uses a ride on mower & is a very good handyman & gardener.
We are both fit & at the time of life where we want to travel more. We are non-smokers & very reliable sitters with experience & references .
We look forward to your contact.
Dianne & Bruce Caldwell


  • QLD

I enjoy caring for others' pets, and I understand the care/responsibility involved, as I have owned cats in the past. I have had extensive experience looking after cats in particular, having owned 3 cats personally. I am a non-smoker, clean and tidy, organized, honest/reliable, and easy to get along with. I have a current Blue-card/police check, drivers license, and character/work references,and I live at Carina Heights.

I am happy to stay home and look after pets, and I only do the occasional work shift as a data entry Telephonist. I also do a bit of volunteer work at the local church which I attend. I enjoy knitting and crochet as a hobby, reading, and walking.

I grew up on a large country property in Somerville, Victoria, with a variety of pets. I cared for the chickens and the cats, and there were also dogs, goats, guinea pigs, a cockatoo, fish, and a tortoise. I did do some house-sitting for a friend in Brisbane in 2004, and quite enjoyed caring for her cat, plants, and her home.

I am a single person living alone, with one adult daughter who lives in London. I have family in Brisbane, Victoria, and in London. The photos show me, and then my daughter and I, with me being on the right. Also photos of my Blue-card and drivers license are uploaded.
I am available to do house-sitting, and look forward to meeting you, to discuss your personal needs.


  • Melb. SE suburbs

About me and my boys:
I am a single mum with 2 boys (5 and 7yrs old). After my marriage break-up I have moved in with my mother for some help and support. I have had some friends of friends ask me to housesit occasionally so I have decided to make us available on the web for others that we might be able to help housesit and/or animal sit.

Firstly of course you would need to be open to having myself and my boys stay in your place (they can share a room no problem).
We all love animals and have 2 dogs of our own (they stay with my mum when we housesit).
We prefer to housesit for one month or more and it must be close to Malvern East where my kids go to school.
If you are interested to have us mind your house and pets please message me!
PS- I would treat anyone else’s house better than my own, keeping it clean and tidy.

PPS- I’m a non smoker and references can be given on request

Kind Regards,


  • Sydney, Central Coast

I'm Den, a 35 year old Sydney born/raised non-smoking single male known for my sincerity and compassion, along with being open-minded, accepting and flexible. I speak English, Portuguese, Spanish and French. I work as both a Remedial Massage Therapist (which fur children/animals seem to take advantage of) and Casual/Substitute High School Teacher and was previously a Disability Support Worker. I enjoy walking and exploring new and different places.
If it means anything, I am (according to the Myers-Briggs personality types) an ENFP, making me what is sometimes known as an introverted extrovert (an extrovert with a strong introverted side).

An animal lover, I'm currently housesitting two domestic cats (one shorthair, one medium/longhair) in South-Eastern Sydney.Previous Sydney housesits include...
* Eastern Suburbs: a Schnoodle puppy
* Hills District: two dogs (a Schnoodle and a senior German Shepherd/Kelpie) and four Domestic Shorthair cats
* Inner-City: two small dogs (a Kelpie cross and a Chihuahua cross) and a Bengal cat; two Domestic Shorthair cats
* Inner West: two dogs (a mutt and a Spoodle), two cats (a Burmese kitten and a Siamese) and two guinea pigs; a Domestic Shorthair cat; a senior Italian Greyhound
* Lower North Shore: two kittens (a Tortoiseshell Tabby and a Ragdoll/Moggy)
* Parramatta Area: two large senior dogs (a Husky and a Cattle cross)
* St George Area: a senior Bitzer/Staffy dog and thirteen birds (seven Cockatiels and six Rainbow Lorikeets); a Japanese Spitz
* South-Eastern Sydney: a senior Border Collie and a Domestic Shorthair cat; two Birman cats
* Upper North Shore: two large dogs (a Border Collie/Labrador/Beagle and a Border Collie/Springer Spaniel pup) and a Domestic Shorthair cat; a senior Chinchilla cat; a senior Jack Russell/Kelpie

Having rented with housemates over the years, I like keeping my space peaceful and tidy. Being a Remedial Massage Therapist and Casual Teacher, I am more flexible than the conventional 9-5 Mon-Fri worker. Unlike some house sitters, when I commit to a house sit, I commit - unless unforeseen circumstances force me to cancel, I will not be dropping a house sit (and never have, thus far) and have knocked back house sits which worked better for me out of respect for those I have committed to.
I will need parking (even if simply a driveway or street) for my car as part of any house sit.

Along with several referees, I have National Police History and NSW Working With Children checks which are available on request.


  • Melb. Inner suburbs, Melb. NE suburbs, Melb. SE suburbs

I'm an easy going, very relaxed country guy. I grew up in a little town called Mirboo North in Gippsland but moved to Melbourne to study when I was 18 and have been here ever since. I've been very fortunate to live with an amazing family who have now sold their house so I'm in need of a new place to live. Having moved house countless times in the past, I cannot think of anything I hate doing more, so house sitting presents a pleasant alternative. I’m planning to bounce from assignment to assignment for the next 24 months in attempt to save some money so if the initial sitting experience goes well I would be open to returning the next time you need a sitter. I'm currently living in a house in Ferntree Gully with a gorgeous cat and dog combo and will be devastated when I have to leave so a few new friends in need of some love would be amazing. During the day I work as a Used Car Salesman at Ferntree Gully Toyota and in my free time I work on my online nutrition coaching business. I'm not big on partying, I did plenty of that in my 20's, so when I'm not working I like reading, watching movies or playing pc games. I also love pets! They provide great company and companionship and a house is just too quiet without them. I grew up on a hobbie farm so I'm experienced at looking after cats dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, chooks, ducks cows, sheep, horses and of course goldfish. Finding a sitting assignment that has a dog that I could take on walks and or a cat that I could cuddle up with in the evening would be amazing.

References and Police check available on my profile but can also be emailed on request.

If you want to know anything else feel free to ask :)

Franz & Lynne

  • Sydney, Central Coast, Mid North Coast, Tweed Coast, South Coast, Brisbane, South Eastern

We are a retired couple, both non smoking. We travel in our Fiat Ducati van when not at home on the Far North Coast of NSW. We can provide references if required.

Anne & Christopher

  • Syd. Eastern suburbs, Syd. Southern suburbs, South Coast, Southern Highlands

We are a semi retired couple and both teach part time in regional NSW. We are in our 60’s and are very house and garden proud having owned and improved several properties in various states of Australia. We have 4 adult daughters and 2 grand daughters in various parts of the country and love to visit them whilst exploring new places that we hope to discover whilst house sitting. We have a small dog of our own and love animals and gardens. We are very happy to provide references on request.


  • Bris. Northern suburbs, Sunshine Coast, Melb. Inner suburbs, Melb. SE suburbs

I'm a single, non-smoking woman living the dream, travelling around Australia for a while, working as I go (online). I have come back to Melbourne to do full time postgraduate study at Melbourne Uni for a semester, much to my family's delight. Then I'm heading back up to the Sunshine Coast/Brisbane in 2020.

While classes have now finished for the semester, I still have assignments to complete, so easy access (ie. walking distance) to train or tram into the CBD is a must until the end of November. I don't go into uni often, but I do need that as an option. Preference is along the Frankston or Sandy train lines due to proximity to my people.

I work and study online from home, so if you have a furb'y that needs me to be home a lot, that won't be a problem at all. When not studying, I work for myself online - a proper digital nomad. All I need is a place to plug in - I have my own laptop and internet connection to make the magic happen, so if you have limited data, that's not a problem for me as long as I can get onto Telstra's mobile network. Other than that, all I need is a table/desk and a chair. And a bed would be nice - ha-ha.

Most importantly for me, house sitting & pet sitting lets me combine my love of animals (particularly cats, dogs & birds) with my love of travel. I can't have my own pets at the moment (unfortunately) because a nomadic home wouldn't be fair on any furry/fluffy family members, but I have had cats and dogs most of my life and chooks more recently. Anyway, I'd love to make sure your fur babies have a happy, comfortable time while you are away.

My care responsibilities have ranged from a very active puppies who needed nice long walks every day, a tennis ball obsessed Jack Russell or quite elderly puppies. And, of course, a lots of cats. I do love dogs, but I've got to say if you've got a cat, that's where my first love lies. I love it when I've got a lovely purring puss sitting by my computer while I work or sitting on my lap when it's chill out time. I've also had quite a bit of experience with anxious cats and have been told that I'm a bit of a 'cat whisperer'. So if your fur baby needs extra special care, such as medications, that's not a problem. Standard garden maintenance like watering the plants is not a problem either.

I have a number of passions other than travel, most of them involving nature. On the water in my kayak, in the water on my boogie board, or under the water with my snorkel - I'm a water baby. I also love bushwalking and photography. These things are, without doubt, my soul food. I'm also quite partial to a great coffee and lovely food - bring on a good Thai curry. That said, I'm a pretty good cook too.

I've been using sitting websites since May 2018. Prior to this, my experience was occasional pet/house sitting for friends or "friends of friends". I can provide phone references for these sits on request. I also book through Trusted Housesitters, Aussie House Sitters and Mindahome, so have endorsements on my profiles there too. For ease of reference, I've taken screenshots of those references and attached them to my profile here.

A copy of my police check is in my attachments for your peace of mind. Let me know if you would like to meet me on WhatsApp/Skype or in person to have a chat about what you need.

To keep things simple, I'm just putting where I will be and when, with booked out dates in my availability calendar :)

July 2019 - December 2019 - Melbourne
Jan/Feb 2020 - Bayside Melbourne or somewhere coastal? I'm open to suggestions :)
end Feb 2020 - until further notice - back to Qld - Sunshine Coast or Brisbane Northern Suburbs

Dean & Jeanette

  • Brisbane, South Eastern, Northern QLD

We are an Australian couple in our early 50’s who recently were lucky enough to retire early. We visited Mexico in March 2018 and returned in July 2018 on a semi-permanent basis. We visited Merida, Progresso, Tulum, Mahahual, Oaxaca City, Puerto Escondido and Mexico City, to see were our first port of call would be. We decided on Puerto Escondido and we have been loving the lifestyle and people here.

Prior to our retirement we were in Australia working full time, Dean in private schools in IT and Jeanette is an ex Bank Manager, and more recently a Business Systems Trainer in the Healthcare industry. We have a personal reference from a business / personal associate who has known us for over 30 years and we have taken care of their family pets when required.

Jeanette and I have owned our own homes for over 25 years and will treat yours well. Our family home of 17 years was on the Gold Coast had a large inground pool, and we have renovated 5 homes in both Australia and New Zealand. Dean especially is a handy man and would definitely be able to arrange and supervise any works/repairs on your property.

We are generally home bodies of an evening, so we like to do some site seeing during the day occasionally, but would be home each evening for your pets.

Our medium term plans is to head back to Australia in late November 2019, to visit my parents, children, dogs and extended family.

We look forward to speaking further with you and please let me know if you have further questions about us that we haven’t covered off.

We have two dogs back in Australia who are now homed with our sister (Charlie a chocolate toy poodle and Missy a toy poodle cross) we miss them a lot and have lots of love to give your pets.
Missy is our lap dog so we are very used to giving lots of pats and having her sitting on us for hours at a time. Charlie is high energy ball chasing boy, both our dogs like to have walks and playtime everyday. So getting the opportunity of spending time playing with other pets is something we love.

We are relatively new to house sitting, however we have done several in Mexico including travel to Lake Chapala in August 2018 to house sit for a lady with 2 large dogs and have her as a reference available on request. In September 2018 we completed a 3 week house sit in Cuernavaca, caring for 3 dogs and 2 cats. Homeowners are happy to have people contact them for a reference also. Both of these recent sits have been through House Sit Mexico site. Both sits have been great and given us time with great pets and also given us the opportunity to see more of Mexico.
We took a break from housesits from October to March, as this is peak season in Mexico and we had visitors, so spent our time in Puerto Escondido.

We have now completed 2 housesits over April and July 2019, in San Miguel de Allende for a month with a gorgeous long haired chihuahua and Lake Chapala for three weeks with two rescue dogs,

We are currently sitting for a month in Chetumal with two rescue dogs and three cats along with looking after a pool and all animals.

We a love the furry friends and have experience in house care.

We look forward to hearing from you.

YouTube : Aussie-travellers
Instagram - @jeanette_abbey
Dean and Jeanette


  • Brisbane

Hi, I am an experienced house sitter and caring pet lover with excellent references. I am honoured to have repeat sits as owners comment that their pets are happy and relaxed when they return. I would love the opportunity to look after your pet(s) and your home while you're away.

I grew up with dogs, cats, a horse, chickens, budgies and gineau pigs as pets. I have cared for small, medium and large dogs as a house sitter including Border Collie, Cavoodle, Dachshund, Jack Russell, Pug, Labardor, Maltese, Greyhound and Staffordshire Bull Terrier; domestic short hair and special breed cats, including Burmese, Russian Blue, Siamese and Persians; horses, parrots, chickens and goldfish.

I am an active person and would enjoy taking your dog for a walk around the local neighbourhood or to the local park. As I work standard business hours I would be at home in the evenings and on weekends so any house bound pets would also receive a lot of company and attention.

I am comfortable administering medication as I have taken care of older dogs and cats that needed tablets on a daily basis for various medical conditions. I understand some pets need some special care during thunder storms and fireworks and am happy to sit with them and reassure them. If your pet is used to sleeping in the room with you, this is fine too.

I have my own transport and am a responsible, single, quiet, clean and tidy non-smoker who is reliable and trustworthy.

Having been a Homestay Host to overseas students I understand what it's like to have others stay in your home and will respect your privacy and requests.

I am confident and happy to attend to any jobs that are required such as gardening and maintenance.

In previous positions I have had experience with cleaners, couriers, electricians, gardeners, plumbers etc. and am able to handle any needs should they arise.

I can provide references that can verify that I am clean, reliable and responsible and I have a National Police Check Certificate for your added peace of mind.

I will take care of your property and pets as if they were my own and ensure you return to a clean and tidy home and happy, relaxed pets.

If it's easier, I am happy to chat with you by phone or organise a time and place to meet as I am currently working and staying in Brisbane.


  • Central Coast

Hi. My name is Cherie, I am 42 years of age, a non smoker and would love to look after your home and pets! I work as a Property Manager in Erina so you could say 'Homes are my Business...and pets are the added bonus'... I am an extremely responsible and respectful person that treats your home and your pets as if it was my own.
I grew up with animals (mainly dogs/cats and birds) and do love being around them - its that unconditional love a pet brings to a home/family!
I started house/pet sitting when I relocated from Sydney early 2017 - initially for 6 months but have loved it so much that I'm still doing it 2 years later!
I can provide you with regular updates, pictures etc of your pets and property while away, I am also happy to liaise with any contractors if you have work that is being carried out while away.
If you have any other further questions or queries then please do not hesitate to contact me.


  • Melbourne

I am a single, non-smoking female, looking for an alternative to renting. I am moving to Melbourne from Canberra in December to pursue my acting career and house sitting seems a good way to conserve funds.
I have experience in house sitting, including looking after gardens, and pets. I also spent two years living on a farm and have experience looking after horses, chickens and other animals.
I am a responsible, reliable and considerate person, and would take excellent care of your property. I am available from December 21 2019 and have a Working With Vulnerable People Police Check.


  • Melbourne

Hi! My name's Rosie, I’m almost 25 and I work full time at a bank as a Credit Analyst - Monday - Friday.
I’m definitely a home body, books, Netflix and gym is all I really do other than work.
I have recently separated from my long term partner and have moved back in with my Mum so I'm looking to have a little break while looking after someone else's house and fur babies! Living out of home for 5 years I understand the nervousness of leaving your house with someone and I understand the responsibility of this too ie cleaning and maintaining.
I have previously house sat for many family and friends.
Non-smoker – Non drinker - Very active
I have a 3 year old beautiful Border Collie who will reside with my Mum while I’m on my stay.
I love animals almost more than anything and will happily walk twice a day if more exercise is needed for your pets :) I can provide numerous references and have a current police check

carole & Russ


Hi We are a retired professional couple (nurse/paramedic) who are combining our travels around Australia with our love of animals and therefore are house/pet sitting We are healthy,reliable non smokers who are neat and tidy We enjoy walking and gardening so would be happy to mow the yard etc and walk the dog.We have previous experience and can supply referee details and police checks .We would treat your home and pets with respect and love and treat them like our own .Please message us with any questions or for more details and we look forward to hearing from you .Regards Carole and Russ


  • Brisbane, Gold Coast & Hinterland, Sunshine Coast, Melbourne


I'm Damon, 43, divorcee, web programmer and a big fan of animals. I've recently been a live in carer for my mother until she passed away. I also regularly babysit my sister's two Old English Sheep dogs when she's out and about.

I work from home currently and i'm looking for some interesting and quiet housesitting opportunities before getting back into full time work and/or extensive travel.

I'm a non-smoker, who's main interest is music, reading and taking it easy! I can supply references on request and i'm happy to answer any questions you may have.

Anna/Annie & Ankur

  • Sydney, Central Coast

We are non-smoking professionals who love the life of a house sitter! My partner Ankur has also joined me on my house sitting ventures and we continue to enjoy caring for others pets and homes whilst they are away.

We have both grown up with pets and were the members of our families taking responsibility for their care, which we thoroughly enjoyed. I've had the opportunity to house sit since 2007 and taking care of the owners pets has been most enjoyable.We love to care for dogs and cats, both large or small.

We are responsible, thoughtful and would treat your home with the respect you do. We live a pretty quiet and humble lifestyle. At present, we both work in the Government sector and have the liberty to work in different locations. We have found how to easily manage pet sitting whilst working a Monday to Friday job.

We are available for any length of time, nothing is too short or too long. We can provide both personal and professional references, as well as a police clearance.

We would take excellent care of your property and would appreciate the opportunity.

Please note: References are available via my profile, additional information can be provided upon request.

Thank you and Regards,
Annie and Ankur