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Kristin & John

  • Sydney, Central Coast, Hunter Valley, North Coast, South Coast, Melbourne

We are an energetic couple who have grown up with many different types of pets and absolutely LOVE all animals! Currently, we own 1 small dog with a BIG personality- a peekapoo named Knox (will not be present during house sits). Knox brings us a lot of joy and we hope to adopt more animals in the future but until then, we would love to care for your pets!

In terms of personality, we are extremely clean and organized as well as very reliable. We maintain a healthy, active lifestyle and are both non-smokers. Traveling, meeting new people, and experiencing new cultures is a huge passion of ours and is really what spiked our interest in house sitting. Our other hobbies include outdoor activities, photography, trying new cuisines, and of course, enjoying a nice glass of wine on our deck when the weather is nice.

We have lots of experience with both house and pet sitting for various friends and family members. We would love to be your next sitter!

References & police check available upon request.


  • Melb. Inner suburbs, Melb. NE suburbs, Melb. NW suburbs, SW Vic

Hi, I like new experiences and the quiet life. I have grown up caring for animals and particularly love dogs. I have house-sat for a family friend and I am happy to look after and care for your pets in whichever ways they need.. I am fit and healthy and I am happy to mow lawns as needed too. I am looking forward to enjoy different experiences while I am studying librarianship part time. I am a non smoker who is content with the simpler things of life and I am happy to provide references. I look forward to hearing from you.


  • Adel Southern suburbs

After teaching internationally in Japan, Indonesia, China and USA... I am returning home to Adelaide! I'll be working as a substitute teacher part time, so my days aren't too long and have plenty of time to take pets for walks and keep the house clean and tidy! I have a 5 year old daughter who has travelled the world with me and is very responsible, mature and knows how to respect other's things and houses. Looking for long-term stays (anything from 1 month - much longer!) close enough to drive to Woodcroft area, where my daughter will attend school. During school holidays any other location is an option.

I'm organized, responsible and have great references! Taking this opportunity to give my daughter the experience of having "pets" as we haven't been able to do this living abroad - and also a chance to save up for a home deposit!


  • Melbourne, North Eastern, North Western

Experienced house/pet sitter. 38 yr old female nurse, currently looking to pet and house sit while studying psychology. My love of caring for animals began at an early age, growing up on my family's sheep farm in North East Victoria, where I cared for small & large, livestock, native and domesticated animals. I am single, a non-smoker and live a quiet life. I am caring, honest, reliable and respectful of the properties I house sit. Police check and references can be provided upon request. Please feel free to contact me should you have any pet or house sitting needs.

Adam & Yvette

  • Melbourne, Macedon Ranges, North Eastern, North Western

Adventurous Homebodies - We are a stable couple without any encumbrances, never brave enough to have human children, however more than compensated by the pets with whom we have shared our lives. Traveled extensively, owned and maintained homes in a few different countries - love Melbourne. Only really two requirements from our side - internet reception and off-street parking. I work mostly from home (computer-related) and my partner works in Armadale as a Travel Consultant.
We have owned various properties, from apartments, town houses, residential 1/2 acre and a 2 and 1/2 acre country estate. Always had pets whom have never ever spent a night unaccompanied. A Weimaraner, Doberman, Beagles, Dachshunds and a few crazy cats who all lived out their lives in comfort and gave us great joy.
We have not house sat for years (used the service when we built 2 of our homes) however the service is now relevant to us. We will get to enjoy the presence of some furry friends whilst there parents are away and also to further our longer term goals of traveling in between house sits without the complications of creating any limiting encumbrances.
We hope we will be able to fill in as "parents and custodians" whilst you are away pursuing your own life choices.
Thank you.


  • Rural/Regional NSW, Alice Springs, Darwin, South Eastern, Central, Central Coast (Qld), Northern QLD, Western QLD, Adel Southern suburbs, Barossa Valley, Flurieu Peninsula, South East, Spencer Gulf, West Coast, TAS, North Eastern, North Western, Shepparton & Central North, Perth S.E suburbs, Perth S.W suburbs, Northern, S.E & Central, S. Western


  • Adelaide, Far North, Mid North, Flurieu Peninsula, South East, Spencer Gulf, West Coast

Hola! I'm Danissia, 34 years old, from Chile!
I arrived in Adelaide 2 weeks ago to study for a Bachelor's Degree in Community Services. And I was living in Sydney and Newcastle for the last 5 years.
I have made the decision to live for the next years in this beautiful city and make it my new home.
I found this application and I find it fabulous because I can provide my help, being something that I am passionate about, and I will also be able to receive the help I need. Basically I think this will be a great experience since first of all I need to know the city, I need to be in different suburbs before choosing the place where I will settle to live and rent a property in the next months and I am also fascinated by animals, they are the joy of home and the company that I will need in this odyssey!! It will also be a perfect experience to take my studies because I need an appropriate place to become the best student.
At the same time I will work on a part-time basis and the rest of the time I will dedicate it to study.
I am a generally active person, I like to do sports activities in my free time such as yoga at home sometimes, pilates and also a lot of trekking, and also watch movies, who doesn't!. And of course, I will need a lot of time for my Bachelor's degree.
In the other hand, I am a very clean person, exaggerated with the future of this planet and therefore very conscious in every aspect, and also very careful with everything that surrounds me, because I value work above all things.
If you want references you can ask me for them since I have been living in a place with also pets and taking care of them as if they were mine.
I would love to hear from you as well!
Many thanks

Lucie & Martin

  • NSW

Hello! We are couple - Martin and Lucie (29 and 23 years old) who moved to Australia from Czech Republic in April. We are both working at hospitality industry.
We are both tidy, reliable, non-smokers and definitelynot party people.
At our home in Czech Republic we had cat which is now living with my mother. So we are both animal lovers and we would be glad to take care of your pet (pets).


  • Perth N.E suburbs, Perth N.W suburbs, Perth S.W suburbs, S. West

Hi, I am currently in between homes, so thought I would do some house sitting till my new home is organised.
I am an animal lover, dog groomer, alternate therapist for animals, Massage, Bowen TTouch Reiki.
I am a home body, love to potter around garden.I have a 5 year old grand daughter, who I adore. Lives in Scarborough.
I am a widow, lived in Singapore for 28 years, as well as London, Scotland, USA.
Hope to meet you soon. Your home will be in good hands
This is my first house sit.
Happy to get a police check

Kind Regards
Cherie Holder


  • Brisbane, South Eastern, Bundaberg & Wide Bay

Available to look after your home and pets. Have recently sold my home and will not be buying another just yet, as I am not sure where I want to settle. Teacher Aide working with Special needs students. Currently on leave so you won’t have to worry about your pets being alone. Friendly, caring, extremely trustworthy living a healthy life with a positive outlook. Am house proud, so you can be assured your house will be kept clean. Not new to pet sitting. Have a Working With Children Check and several satisfied referees available.


  • Perth
  • Reduced Contact

Hi everyone I'm Judi...
I have lived in Perth all my life. I started Housesitting almost 6 years ago and it's been an amazing experience. I've met some wonderful people and cared for some very special animals. I have been asked to come back to many of my sits a second, third and fourth time and I think that's the best reference I can give you, knowing people like and trust you and are happy with the job you've done is a very good feeling..
I'm a bit of a neat freak, a non smoker and lover of all animals.
Originally from Glen Forrest, I moved to High Wycombe where I raised 5 beautiful children who are all out and about now so I feel free to go pretty much wherever I want.
I work from home a few hours a day so having access to your wifi will be great, and this also means I'm home a lot and the animals like that (and so do I)
I have a few years veterinary nursing experience (from way back) and I am confident in administering medications, injections etc
I understand the need to continue the bond you have made with a rescue animal and have dealt with many special needs dogs and cats..
I grew up on a poultry farm so I just love chickens. I have cared for pigs fish and ducks and horses and can probably still even milk a cow :)
I owned and maintained a swimming pool for many years and I love going for walks. I take part in several Fitbit challenges every week so walking your dog means lots of steps for me.. win win
I look forward to meeting you and your pets and would be happy to take care of your home with as little invasion to your privacy as possible.
I love the experience each house sit brings and I'm more than happy to meet up with you and your pets as many times as you like before I come and stay. It's important to me that you have full trust in leaving me with your house and your pets.
Looking forward to meeting you,


  • ACT, South Coast, Snowy MTS, Adelaide, Flurieu Peninsula, South East, West Coast, Melb. SE suburbs, Otway Ranges/ Great Ocean Rd

Hello my name is Sara :) I am very happy to be here on Happy Housesitters. I have been enjoying many wonderful times caring for homes and pets continually since October 2017! This is such an enriching and enjoyable thing to do!

Laughter, care, kindness, well-being, and happiness are such important things in life. Travel is a wonderful thing, and I am aware that sometimes we cannot easily go on holidays or have time to ourselves when we have pets, gardens and homes to look after. It is a great pleasure, therefore, to help home and pet owners spend time away, safe in the knowledge that their home and pets are being looked after and loved while they are away. House sitting also allows me to spend time in a homely and welcoming environment, writing, exploring, and discovering new areas.

House sitting and looking after pets is a wonderful focus, now that my 2 sons are young adults. House sitting enables me to travel, to meet new people, discover new places, and to also spend time with my sons with house sits close to Adelaide and Canberra. This has been a wonderful blessing. I am so grateful that life has presented me with this wonderful path of expanding my work and life into new areas.

I particularly love cats, and grew up with them. I also adored looking after my son’s cat, Arthur, when he left home to go travelling. It is lovely to meet new home owners and to care for their home and pets, from cats to dogs, horses, chickens, and fish! Pets bring such happiness and joy! I have also made some wonderful friends in this way.

Owners have commented that their pets seem to gravitate towards me, and are happy to approach me, and often want to sit close to me - or on me! - soon after we are introduced :) I find this is wonderful!

I came to live in Australia in 1995 (from England), and life here has brought me many wonderful experiences :) I have a wealth of experience with looking after homes, gardens and pets of many different sizes, and in many different locations, from neighbourly suburbs, to remote areas, and in farming/wine growing communities. I am an experienced gardener, having built several from scratch, with local native as well as exotic plants. I truly love nature, animals, birds, and Earth, and enjoy the ways in which they help to nurture and heal mind, body and soul.

When my sons were little, we had a hobby farm for 8 years in the Adelaide Hills. I learnt so many wonderful new things during this time of my life! Shearing, bush care, slashing, weeding, fencing, planting veggies and fruit trees, watering sheep and plants - all this alongside caring for the home and family :) It was also great when we began to have WOOFERS (Willing Workers on Organic Farms) come to stay and help.

When the children were young, we also enjoyed a lot of family time travelling and camping around Australia. More recently, for 3 years I looked after all aspects of a wonderfully romantic bed and breakfast Cottage in Aldgate, in the Adelaide Hills. This enabled me to meet many new guests, and feel the joy of providing them with a wonderfully relaxing and welcoming retreat to celebrate special occasions. I serviced the Cottage to keep it sparkling and spotless, ran online bookings and promotions, and sourced delicious local provisions.

In my work life - for more than 20 years I have been providing intuitive guidance, energy healing, and reflexology, to help clients find greater peace, wellbeing, and happiness. I specialise in healing and releasing trauma, depression, anxiety, and grief. I have often found that during my house sitting pilgrimage, I have be called to assist with healing, guidance and support, and this has been a great blessing and source of happiness. My work with clients (in clinics in different areas, and by phone) enables me to continue to travel and to house and pet sit, so the two come together very well :)

I am now in the creative process of writing and preparing books for publishing on the subjects of healing and wellness. For this reason, I particularly enjoy house sits in natural settings, with gardens or acreage. I also find that longer house sits from 3 weeks to several months are very good for the process of writing :)

Travelling and house sitting together offer wonderful new experiences. I continue to have many amazing times, filled with growth and gratitude, with wonderful support and encouragement from my sons and friends and home owners along the way. This journey brings me immense joy, and I feel truly blessed!


  • ACT, NSW, Alice Springs, Darwin, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, WA

I have been an owner of dogs for 20 years. I am pet friendly, responsible and reliable. I am of good character and trustworthy both with your home and your pets - something that is very important to me, and I empathise with the decision to have someone in your home taking care of your precious pets. When I go away I have pet sitters come to my home so my dogs are in a safe familiar environment in my absence. I am fit and healthy (non smoker) and am able to walk dogs and maintain a clean house. I will respect your home and your privacy. My partner is a stock agent. He is very capable with all requisites re the land and animals. He has cats and aviaries and Ollie the cockatoo. He is a real farm gem. He also works as a gardener on a property in the Western District. He is very capable and versatile and can and will turn his hand to anything. I am interested in house sits by myself, or with Wes, depending on your requirements. I do have references on this site, from previous happy pet owners. Hope we can assist each other ..


  • NSW, QLD

I am a single female (non-smoker) employed in education (part-time). During some semesters and during semester breaks I work at home and other times I work one day per week for a few hours. That means I am at home to care for your pets full time or away only a partial day so I would be at home to care for your pets. As well, I have over two years experience with house sitting, where my experience includes three cats at one sit, three dogs at one house sit, birds, fish and cattle with more than seven references indicating excellent care for both home and pets. My goal is to provide excellence in the care of your pets and home. As well I have a police check. In the past I have had the opportunity to house sit/manage a bed and breakfast, where owners were happy with my work. As well I have been house and pet sitting for over two years and receive excellent recommendations. Additionally, I have both rented and owned a home with positive comments on the care of my home and garden. Pets" I grew up with all types of animals including dogs, cats horses and chickens. Animals seem to know I will care for them and react positively to me. My experience with pets includes obedience training. If you are especially interested in my care of your home, I would say that some of my friends might say that I spend too much time cleaning/organising my home and taking care of my yard-- but I enjoy it. For one home, the neighbors labeled my yard as the best cared for with its green grass (that I grew from almost nothing) and lovely flowers. My past times are simple including walking/jogging, reading, movies/tv, gardening and socialising with friends and family. I enjoy a simple life. You can expect that no parties would be held at your property and my focus will be on caring for your pets/home. Sincerely Maz

Jenny & Scott

  • Melbourne, Bendigo

Timothy & Justin

  • Melb. Inner suburbs, Melb. SE suburbs

We are a professional couple who usually lives in Bentleigh East. I am a doctor (general practice registrar) and my partner Justin is a legal clerk. We will be undertaking renovations on our home in the coming months and would like to move out during this time.

We have two cats, Oscar and Tigger, who will go to my parents' place while we are away from home. We are very happy to look after cats and to look after and walk any dogs as required.

We are both clean and tidy, and clean our home every week. We are both non-smokers.

We have a friend who has undertaken numerous house sits who is able to provide a reference for us, this being our first house sit.


  • Melb. SE suburbs

I have recently relocated to Melbourne from Cape Town, South Africa to be closer to my daughter. I was a Host Mother for about twelve years hosting foreign language students who came there to school to learn English. For the past two years I was house sitting dogs and cats around Cape Town and even looked after a Guest House with three dogs and two birds for three weeks. I spent about a year (coming and going) in a friend's seven bedroom home helping to take care of her students and her dog including ten weeks while she was in Europe last year.

Anna & Tom

  • Melb. Inner suburbs, Melb. NW suburbs, Melb. SE suburbs

My partner Tom and I are about to start a renovation on our house in Flemington. We are in our mid-30’s and both work full time in the city. I work as a town planner and Tom is in finance. We stay active, love animals and so would love to look after any lovely pets you have.

We would be happy to look after your property for both short or longer periods for the next six months.

We are tidy and very respectful of people’s homes and would love to be considered to house sit for you.

Can supply employer references if required.

Thank you, Anna and Tom.

Claire & Jeremy

  • TAS
  • Reduced Contact

Dear Homeowners,

We are Jerry and Claire, a couple of early retirees (61 and 58), who decided to sell up and leave home (before our grown up children decide to move back). We spend our time travelling, sightseeing and generally having a good time while we still have some energy and reasonably working body parts. I, (Claire) ran my own arts outlet for 19 years, and Jeremy was a Service manager and Mechanical Engineer for a shipbuilding firm in Hobart. Jerry is especially handy and can fix most things that go wrong in the house. He is good with pools, all things mechanical and he does love gardening and watering, I prefer watching him at work from the sun lounge...

We had our dog Polly for 17 years, and have also been cat owners, and can now add to our list of pet care, bearded dragons, blue tongued lizards and parrots, and a pony. We have had chooks for many years and now have extensive experience with all breeds of cats and dogs big and small, of every temperament. You can rest assured that we would care for your pets as well as you would yourself, and we try to keep to their normal routine with walks, feeding etc. We enjoy a quiet lifestyle, we are at home a lot of the time, and don't go out at night very often. My hobbies include painting, reading and writing. Jerry read a lot and is keen on any form of sports being a typical Australian.

We have been homeowners for 27 years, living just outside Hobart by the sea , we enjoy country life, city life, anywhere new is fun and exciting and we are comfortable in all environments.
Since we decided to change our life and travel more, we spend some of the year in Asia (and have settled on Hoi An in Vietnam, and half the year in Australia, where we return regularly. Both our children are now living in Melbourne, our favourite city, and housesitting allows us to visit wherever and whenever we like. We feel very at home wherever we aer and find it easy to fit in to any routine or lifestyle.

We would most definately maintain your home and garden as well as you would yourself, (maybe even better), and we always keep in contact with owners regarding their pets when they are away to allay any worries, you can have as much or as little contact as you wish. We know that your pets are part of your family and we give them a lot of affection, plenty of walks and the best care possible, so that you can holiday in the knowledge that everything is perfectly well cared for.

*We have over 28 excellent 5* references and police checks and have been housesitting for over four years


  • Melbourne


I am a friendly, experienced and reliable house and pet sitter, (and avid animal lover), looking for ongoing assignments within Melbourne. Raving references attached and more available, plus a police clearance available on request.

I prefer longer term sits (at least one week or more) however can be flexible if/when shorter stays arise and I am available.

To ensure the right fit for all, I like to meet and discuss details of any assignment with the homeowner before committing to a house sit.

Non-smoker, and working full time (Mon-Fri 9-5) on St Kilda Road.

In my spare time I enjoy travelling, cooking (vegetarian), dancing, yoga, and the performing arts.

Follow me on Instagram: inner_city_sitting

I look forward to looking after your pets and home :)


  • Melb. Inner suburbs, Melb. SE suburbs

Hi I’m Hayley! I am 33, single, work part time in an admin job and part time as a yoga teacher. I have been house and pet sitting since I was 17.
I recently spent 4 years living in the UK and during that time, I spent about 6 months dog and cat sitting in London and Bath.
Wen I returned home to Australia I also did 6 months moving between house and pet sits.
I am currently dog sitting a spoodle for 3 months (until Mid August) and so looking for my next sit from then.
I walk the dog twice a day, rain hail or shine. I am highly committed to pets and will keep the home tidy, clean and just like you left it.
I can certainly supply references and would be more than happy to chat over the phone first.
My work commitments make it flexible to look after pets as I am not away everyday for long periods, 1 or 2 days I may be out for 7 hours but other days are varied.


  • SA, TAS, VIC, WA

I am a retired lady who has 6 children and 13 grandchildren.l have come off a farm life style of 16 years. Breeding sheep for 14 years was a great experience. I delivered at least 25 lambs in that time when the ewes needed help. I had 2 alpacas to protect the lambs from foxes . Other animals on the farm over the years included goats cats dogs rabbits Guinea pigs chickens ducks a talking budgie and goldfish. After 30 years of being in the country my life style has returned me to Melbourne . I am a non smoker a tidy person and respectful of people and their property. I like new experiences everyday. House sitting gives me the opportunity to meet new people and their pets in different locations around Australia. I started h/sitting in March 2018 in Victoria and in;mid June had my 1st qld h/sit l am currently in WA and have been h/sitting since 3/8/18 and have been booked until the 27/12/18.l will return to Melbourne on the 28/12/18 .l am currently booked until the 15/10/2019 .House sitting for me is rewarding! I get to meet new ;people and their pets get to stay in their own environment and they help me to be able to explore a new town and surrounding area .l am enjoying travel this way and the security it gives me .I can supply references and police check. Please contact me for any further questions. Regards Lyn


  • Melbourne

Self-employed and working from home, I am easily able to care for your pets (I love dogs, but am allergic to most cats). I'm 38 and have a partner, however he is up north for another 12 months so it would be just me looking after your property. I am a non-smoker, and the oldest of seven siblings so I don't have any kids myself.

I want to buy a house next year, so am really keen to get some house sitting placements to help me save the deposit. I'd love to stay around the South Eastern section of Melbourne or Bayside, however am looking for longer-term sits so will consider all areas. I used to be a police officer and my record is still clean so can provide a recent police check and personal references upon request.

I have lived in many houses over the years and I function best in a clean and tidy environment. I like to walk so dogs will get their exercise! I've had experience house sitting for friends before, but not from this site yet. Eager to start - 22nd May is my earliest available date.

Tara & Theo

  • Syd. Lower N Shore, Syd. NW suburbs, Syd. Upper N Shore

We are a married couple in our 40s, animal lovers, well house trained and non-smokers, quiet, and respectful. We recently returned to Sydney after many years living in Europe and thought that housesitting would be a great thing to do whilst we work out where we want to live and what life in Australia might look like - and pet sitting gives us our animal fix!

Tara is originally a Sydney girl, a creative director and professional artist, with a studio in Mosman. Theo is a lighting designer for international music events. He is also a hobby hanyman - wonderfully practical and adept at fixing things.

We are animal lovers, with plenty of experience in pet sitting. In London we became a kind of dog holiday hotel for people to leave their fur babies with when they went away. The dogs became part of our family and we loved it! Long walk and lots of cuddles. We have also been aunty and uncle to a few cats as well.

Pet sitting is our way of getting an animal fix - we aren't able to get pets of our own as we both travel in long chunks for work. (It usually takes a long time for us to go for a walk as we stop and chat to every dog/cat that we pass. Both of us grew up with dogs and cats and love having them around.)

We are very happy to be around all kinds of animals, and will give them plenty of attention. We have experience in babysitting dogs, cats, chickens and fish.

We have green thumbs and are avid gardeners, happy to keep a garden maintained. We have a home with a garden in London that has been our pride and joy. We are both capable and practical, adept at looking after large and small homes and have experience in maintaining a pool.

References are available and we both have police check certificates.

We welcome a get together over a cuppa so that we can meet and discuss.


  • Darwin, QLD, TAS, Melbourne, WA

Monica 55 ,
I love animals, always fun to play and walk
Have lots of free time, retired.
Neat , clean and tidy

I can maintain pool s , so are aware of priming pumps ,pool care , house care & cleaning
I'm a retired nurse
I'm capable And have good domestic skills
,was raised on a hobby farm

Reference below

23 November 2017 To whom it may concern Re: Monica from Margaret River as house sitter As you are aware leaving one’s home and pets in the care of someone you don’t know is rather daunting, risky and worrying. Monica house sat for us from 2-20 November 2017 and I was delighted with the care she took of our dog and our home. I returned to find a well exercised happy dog, the house looking immaculate, that garden watered, the sheets washed, beds made up with fresh linen, and vases filled with flowers from the garden. I was delighted. I would not hesitate to recommend Monica as a mature, reliable and conscientious house sitter and would be very happy to be contacted to verify this reference. I would also not hesitate to ask her to house sit again if she is available next year. Contact details Janice Hill (Vickery) 540 River Road, Dwellingup. 6213 95381 381 0434 799 694

Different 0lder ref
local pet and house in Prevelley. 2 Spring Terriers
With happy house sitters can call Rob and Lana 08 9757 1937 for a reference

Local pet and house sit in Prevelley caring for 2 beautiful English Spring Terriers ,
With happy house sitters can call Rob and Lana 08 9757 1937 . I have looked after there pets and property twice now.
Monica has been very satisfactory as a housesitter for our two springer spaniels.

I would highly recommend her to anyone to house sit for them.
Our house was looked after very well and when she returned a few days later the dogs ran up to her wagging their tails to greet her.
Monica is a very nice person.
Lana and Rob
Margaret River.

I assure you I will take great care and attention looking after your property and Pets.
I am clean neat and tidy always.
ph 0448948876

Further references contact below
House sit15 dec
24 Moran Court Beaconsfield....turn off Lefroy at the chuch onto Livingstone which will become Moran Court and we are the last house at the end....a cul de
Mob 0466 126 736 Helen and Boyd

Criminal Record Clearance: you have been CLEARED & your Screening Clearance Number is SCN2193503050. Your letter has been posted. Ed Dept Screening Unit.

Attachments: IMG_3485.PNG IMG_3480.PNG

Attachments: 83555EA5-B92F-466C-A1F2-85DDFA4D4D52.jpeg  

Back up if no emergency contact of owner
My name is Penelope /pene.
I am responsible, mature,very tidy, and a non smoker .
I love animals , gardening and walking. I will respect your home and pets as I would my own.
I have owned 5 homes and pets in the past, so I understand they are precious.
Over the past 3 yrs I have done house sitting through out Perth and have enjoyed them all .
I have had many repeat requests.
I have many great refs and also a police clearance on request.


  • Syd. Eastern suburbs

I am a compassionate, diligent, mature and experienced house, business and pet sitter./illustrator/artist (great pet pictures),!
Non smoker, fit and tidy all-rounder/garden and house or apartment. Widow and recently settled back in Sydney....people are awesome and so are pets. Most of my house and pet sits have been by word of mouth and referrals . Other references I hold state "with a most pleasing personality"....if that helps :-)



We have had Sherrilyn house and pet sit for us over many years.

We have found her to be an excellent sitter for us. She is very reliable, honest, trustworthy and very helpful in other ways. She has lovingly looked after our dogs (and chickens) and kept our house very clean.

We would highly recommend her for any house or pet sit and has been a joy to know.

Kind Regards,
Jackie and Tony Hosking


  • Melb. SE suburbs
  • Reduced Contact

I am a single, non-smoking professional.
Having owned a house myself in the past I am conscious of the care and security needed in keeping a house maintained, and am a house proud person in general. I love all animals and grew up with my house being nicknamed "the zoo" as we had dogs, chickens, ducks, Guinea pigs, rabbits, budgies, rats, fish and a galah! (As well as horses but they were not in our back garden). Though I had family dogs (schnauzers and boxers) growing up, when I moved out of home at 19 I had my first fur-baby, a red heeler who (despite being diagnosed with epilepsy at a young age) I was lucky to have as part of my life for 13 years. I was devastated when she passed 6 years ago and really miss having that companionship and happiness that dogs bring to your life. I am not in a position to have another dog as yet (but do plan to soon) so love to look after house where I can get some doggy cuddles (or any other animal too!). As you would imagine a red heeler required regular walks and with her condition, regular medication and treatment. So I am well versed in the importance of both.

I have been housesitting for the past year and a half at various homes and am really enjoying trying out different neighbourhoods (which was one of my core reasons for doing this) and of course having the animal companionship

I have looked after breeds of all sizes from labs, boxers, schnauzers, jack russells, staffies, boston terriers, cairn terriers to a rescue kelpie, a bull terrier, a whippet and currently with a lab puppy (as well as many cats and some chickens and a rabbit)
So I am comfortable with all breeds and I am fine with a daily/twice daily walks and have many sits requiring this -particularly the more active breeds.

I am available for any length of house-sitting (longer the better) and can provide personal or professional references as required. I also have a police check which I can forward as required. I am a responsible and reliable - and love a quiet environment. I am 40 and a bit of a home body so would be around a lot to look after your property (and any pets) when I am not at work (which is normal Monday - Friday hours, no weekends). I look forward to hearing from you.


  • Sydney, VIC

Housesitter available for consideration/further discussion now!
I am a very experienced housesitter with over ten years experience.I have done repeat housesits for acquaintances and colleagues/friends/through various websites including this one over the years and welcome the opportunity to get to care for and familiarise myself with new breeds of domestic pets. I always ensure I leave the home I housesit in an immaculate condition.I enjoy housesitting as it is a way for me to experience different suburbs of sydney/melbourne. I welcome your enquiries.I have some excellent references/list of referees for you to contact and happy to pass this information on. I welcome the opportunity to meet the prospective homeowner/pet in person before I accept a housesit.

I am interested in talkng to homeowners in Melbourne that are close to public transport and commutable distance to Melbourne and I'm hoping to find a housesit for a period between 2-6 months in 2019....the longer the better!
I have a list of homeowners that you can contact to obtain a phone reference from as well as several written references that can be supplied on request.

I'm mature(55 years),single,non smoking and treat peoples homes and animals with the umost care and respect. I prefer both parties sign a houseminding agreement at the commencement of the housesit(similar to a short term lease) to establish clear conditions for myself and pet/homeowner.

In July 2015 I adopted my former landlords Jack Russell cross Charlie who is well trained and sociable and was living with a mature Kelpie prior to me becoming his Mum.I am looking for homeowners willing to accept and Charlie for a housesit.

Thank you very much for considering me and look forward to hearing from you soon.
regards Anya


  • Syd. Eastern suburbs, Syd. Lower N Shore, Syd. Southern suburbs

Hey Everyone

I'm Sharon Luxford, a corporate professional who is also a professional house and pet sitter.

I have been blessed with many new and rebooking clients in 2019 and apart from 17-26 October 2019, I am next available for house and pet sitting from 10 January 2020.

So a bit a out me...

I have house, dog and cat sat for friends and friends of friends over many years, deciding to 'turn pro' in March 2018. I rented a garage, set up as a walk in wardrobe and am fully embracing and completely loving the gypsy lifestyle that is house and pet sitting in Sydney.

For me, house sitting is a two way relationship...well three or four when you include the pets ;-)

I believe it's important that everyone meets and establishes a relationship before the house sit commences. There needs to be a match..for everyone. The house owner, the house sitter and your furry, finned or feathered babies.

I also have travelled extensively using Airbnb and have often stayed in Host's homes while they were away.

I work in the Sydney CBD as a Project Change Manager. I also have my own LinkedIn Profile Writing, Keynote Speaking and Executive Coaching business, called 'Frock Up & Rock Up'.

I am a non-smoker and have my own car. Wifi and off street or under cover parking (where possible) are always welcome ;-)

In my free time, I like to spend time at the Art Gallery, on and around the harbour foreshore and beaches, at the cinema with Dendy Opera Quays a favourite, op shopping and enjoy cafes in new and interesting locations.

I would love to be of service to you and your friends or family, if you are planning any travel later in 2019 and would like your home and/or pets lovingly cared for while you are away and can provide additional references.

I can provide client recommendations and a current Police Check dated 30 October 2018. You can also view several client recommendations on my house sitting Facebook page, its called Sydney House and Pet Sitting Services.

Looking forward to meeting you and your beloved pets.

Speak soon

Sharon Luxford



Hello.We are a recently retired teaching couple who are active,love animals and nature, and are interested in looking after your home and animals for you while you are away. We have our own home in the Hunter Valley, NSW, where we live with our 3 teenage children who are completing their uni degrees and working.The kids are now old enough to look after themselves and our little dog,and we are looking forward to heading out and seeing Australia.
We are non-smokers; love to walk and exercise;are clean and tidy;enjoy tending to gardens and have prior experience with a wide variety of pets. We have house sat in the past, and can provide references if required.