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Toni & Marg

  • Perth, S. West

'My Home In Me'

For all the world I've traveled
and still places call me more,
it's now that my return to home
calls me louder
than ever I've been called before.

I used to dream up precious plans
of new homes found
in newfound lands
but nothing felt as home and free
as when I found my home in me.


'Tis true, I love being at home...

Over the past 28yrs I've raised three gorgeous daughters and four precious poodles. My last little soul mate finally passed on at 16yrs of age, one year ago. I still miss my little Muse immensely as she used to sit with me every morning as I wrote my morning pages. Then she'd follow me everywhere I went just waiting for me to sit so she could snuggle up again.

Animals seem to gravitate toward me. I've never raised cats however they still seem to like being around me, and I've had lots of experience kitty-sitting my grand-baby cats.

I am at home most of the time during the day, leaving only for 2-3hrs at a time for scheduled visits with clients. And then when the sun goes down, I love settling in at home.

I love to read, write, and watch films. I love to study the planets, creativity and positive psychology. It's my passion to act as an anchor for women who are in the process of creating new lives or renewing their existing lives. I love inspiring people to discover their natural gifts and talents and to find ways of incorporating them more into their daily life to achieve a greater sense of satisfaction, success and peace.

It is my loving intention to bring to your home and your pets the love and joy I have spent a lifetime nurturing and nourishing.




Integrity & Experience...with a dash of sparkle.

I know your home is precious to you...and I aim to grace it with loving care.

As a house sitter with 15 wonderful years experience, I understand that this can be a daunting prospect for you. Let me put your mind at ease.

I'm a caring and heartfelt yoga enthusiast and lover of animals, with whom I have a gentle, intuitive connection. I have a current police clearance, and glowing references from previous house sit owners.

A clean and tidy non-smoker, you'll find that I'm a very quiet tenant as my creativity finds its joy in writing, drawing and design.

I'd be delighted to pamper your precious pets, giving them individual love and attention, keep your gardens smiling and provide security for your home...ensuring peace of mind for you while you're away...after all, you want to enjoy your well earned holiday.

I'd be delighted to connect with you and chat about your house sit, so I look forward to hearing from you.



***Marg and I will independently take extra special care of your pets and home for the duration of your time away, or when required, in tandem for longer stays. We provide support to each other in our happy house sitting adventures. Feel free to send either one of us a message directly.


  • Melb. NE suburbs, Melb. NW suburbs, Macedon Ranges

I am a widowed, non-smoking retired medical practice receptionist. I have previously owned my own home, and currently live in my own unit at the rear of my elderly mother's residence. I volunteer at the Salvos and local Information Centre each week, and love gardening, the cinema and belong to the local Scrabble group. I am extremely clean and tidy, and very well organised. Since retiring I have done a lot of house-sitting, mainly by word of mouth. I enjoy the company of animals and am happy to walk and care for them. Personal and professional references can be provided on request.


  • Sydney

Hello, I am a 57 year single woman, retired (used to be a business owner). I took care of several homes. I have had cats (4) my whole life since I was a little kid. For my friends I took care of their home and pets while they were on a holiday several times, (Beagle, cat and a budgie) (walking and feeding, grooming), took care of their garden (mowing the lawn and watering the plants etc.), kept the house clean, collected the mail. (reference available if needed)
I am a non smoker, non drinker. I take my responsibilities very serious. I am a trustworthy, quiet and relaxed person, tidy and clean. Knows how to take action in stressful situations. Very security conscious.
Animals are my passion as you can see in the pictures (even the exotic ones). Love to cuddle them. Love photographing animals. Love gardening. I am available for a longer period of time.
If you prefer, I am happy to discuss the do's and don'ts so that everything goes the way you like it to go. Am I your next housesitter? Love to hear from you.


  • Melb. Inner suburbs, Melb. SE suburbs, SW Vic

My name is Liz and I am missing having my dog, but I am ready to enjoy looking after yours.
I am looking for some dogsits around Albert Park especially early March next year so I can be around for the birth of my first grandchild.
I am reliable and honest and have a police check. I would love to sit a dog on the peninsula, where I grew up. I like having time in Melbourne and visiting my adult children who live there.
Short visits are fine. I have good housesitting references and I used to run a charitable foundation.
I am clean and tidy and like to leave the house as it was when you left. I have been enjoying time in Melbourne and walking the dogs. I love bushwalking so I am happy walking your dogs and I enjoy photography so there is always something to photograph in your area.
I am basically happy to spend time in your home with your pet as I am a contributor to ABC open and I write and take photos for the website.
This means I spend time at home with your pets.


Hi there. My name is Renae and I am looking to start house sitting very soon. I have been renting for about 8 years and was living in university accommodation for 2 years prior to renting. I am very clean and am often cleaning up after my house mates or nagging them to clean up after themselves. I love animals and have had pets since I was a kid, as well as farm animals, having grown up in rural WA. I like to keep active, I love sports and being out and about, but I also like chill out time and time to myself. I have been living in the Pilbara for the last 15 months and have just moved back to Perth. I am looking to start house sitting after Christmas until around April of 2018 when I move in with my partner. I crave being close to the ocean and love the idea of exploring new areas of Perth, meeting new people and spending time with and looking after people's beloved pets and homes while away. I have also fostered several cats for long periods while living in Port Hedland. I am a non-smoker and have a a recent criminal record check, working with children check and current driver's licence. I can provide personal references/referees if needed.


  • NSW

Professional, Respectful and Responsible House/Pet Sitter! Single - 36 Years Old - Non-smoker - Social Drinker (rare) - Vegetarian.

Having experience in UK, NSW, WA and now SA and Victoria, with a variety of animals including domestic cats, dogs, birds, fish, horses, a pony and chooks, I offer you and your pets with the care-free companionship they require during your time away. Being both an animal lover and home-body, I can dedicate my time to offering all furkids as close to the usual home life that each are accustomed, whilst ensuring any other needs around your home and your property are met according to any pre-arranged agreement. For the most part this is verbal, with written instructions, but happy to sign a contract and provide my ID in addition to the references/referrals.

Testimonials are relevant to previous sits in NSW, Vic, SA, WA and the UK, and available for you to review prior to discussing and meeting in order to assist with your decision making. Recent sits since returning to NSW have resulted in a great deal of call-backs and most of '17 came from repeats/referrals, as did a previous stint in Sydney for two years from 2010 - 2012, and I've only had one challenging experience in all my time as a sitter. A great deal of ongoing relationships have occurred due to my time sitting for singles/couples and, on occasion, through those referred to me via my Mother; she's also a house sitter with sits in NSW, Qld and the UK.

As you may notice from my pictures, I do come with my own little dog and this has not been a problem in securing sits along the way. I can provide more images and some videos of Sammy with other animals to help reassure you but references speak for themselves about how Sam behaves in other peoples homes and how I will maintain and leave your property (generally the cleanliness is greatly appreciated which is a rewarding part of my role when owners return after a busy work trip or rested holiday). Sam was a rescue but has lived with me with other dogs, in addition to our house/pet sits; 2 x JRT's and a Greyhound, and before adopting him he lived with other dogs in at least one foster home. He is 6, healthy and vaccinated, and I have had him over 4 years. After a great deal of moving round, through Jan and Feb, we are revisiting some dog training to help him better gel with some medium-larger breed dogs and to improve his recall for properties that are not fenced!

Sam and I have helped on a 100 acre property in SA with horses, that was 30 mins away from a local town, in a small rural town in Victoria with inside cats and outside dogs, approx. 90 mins to local shopping options, as well as being central in Sydney with no animals, and the perks of everything being very accessible. Most recently, in Orange, we've been on a 5 acre property with sheep to oversee and then chickens to tend to on a daily basis. I've also looked after a menagerie of animals on a farm property in the UK prior to moving over to Australia in 2008. All these sits identify the variety of homes, gardens and animals I have successfully managed whilst working office hours OR from home and/or studying in the past. I can provide a comprehensive list of the diverse sits I have had over the past couple of years traveling across Australia or around NSW.

I commenced a part-time role in the beginning of June. I was booked for a solid year (or more) in Orange but this is now coming to an end in mid February 2018 unexpectedly. My preference would be to remain local to Orange, to continue as per my current arrangements at work part time, or re-locate back to Sydney for the short-medium term sits, as I can return to my old office hopefully. For another long term offer I would consider anywhere in Australia though and focus on full time online studies instead of juggling a house sit around work and study. I am comfortable with another semi-rural/rural setting but would also jump at a coastal sit too.

My availability is maintained as best as possible on my profile but please run dates past me and I'll ensure I get back to confirm if I can accommodate. You can also find me on Aussie House Sitters for further references/testimonials/endorsements:

We look forward to hearing from you!
Nicola & Sammy


  • VIC

Hi, I am a 55-year-old professional looking for house sitting opportunities in Melbourne and nearby rural areas. I have extensive experience house-sitting and can provide references from many house-sits (over 30 to-date) as well as a national police check.

I own a family home in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne and have owned a number of homes over the past 20 years. My family has always had pets - dogs, cats, rabbits, fish - and caring for yours and showing them the appropriate amount of care and affection would be a pleasure.

My profession is writing and I have a flexible work schedule that allows me to spend my days either working from home or from a city-based office depending on requirements and my preference. That means I can often be around the house during the day to keep pets company and ensure your home is occupied from a security perspective. I have worked for the one company for 20 years - which I guess demonstrates a stable (not boring!) professional life.

I am a non-smoker, light drinker, clean living guy who likes a quiet lifestyle. I'm also a bit of a fitness fanatic, which means walking energetic dogs is a joy. I'm very security conscious and like to keep things clean and tidy.

I'm quite comfortable with pets that need lots of attention having looked after a Jack Russell in his senior years with daily medication, a strict food regime and plenty of pampering. Our family cat also likes plenty of attention - but only when it suits her!

You will find me to be a reliable house-sitter who is very respectful of your property and committed to exceeding your expectations.

Look forward to hearing from you.



  • Melbourne

Hi everyone,

I'm a 23 year old Nutritional Medicine and Naturopathy Student from Hurstbridge, VIC who also works part time as an equine nutrition consultant and a clinic receptionist. I love animals and have grown up with cats, dogs and horses and understand the TLC our fur babies need on a daily basis.

I currently have a border collie who is very easy going with other dogs and adores cats, ideally she will be accompanying me while house sitting. However, this is only if they are compatible.

I have had plenty of house sitting experience over the years looking after; dogs, cats, chickens, birds, horses and rabbits.

I am a very clean person and will ensure your house is kept clean and tidy, as I would my own. Non-smoker, police check and references available.

I also enjoy being outside and being active, so I am more than happy to take dogs for walks or runs if they need :)

Monica & Danny


Hi we are a reliable, trustworthy, mature, non smoking couple with excellent references.

As former homeowners we understand the need to hire great house sitters who can be trusted with the daily maintenance and care of your home, pets and property while you're away from your home.

We are a professional couple, Danny loves gardening and has extensive experience maintaining pools and Monica loves any and all 4 legged animals.

We would love the opportunity to look after your home and/or pets so you can go away with peace of mind knowing your home and 4 legged loved ones are being lovingly looked after.

Justin & Parmita

  • North Coast, Gold Coast & Hinterland

Dear Friends,

We are a married couple in our early 40's with property in the Hinterlands of Northern NSW. Our house is rented and we are living in the Studio when home because we love to travel and experience new places; and because we work predominantly online - house sitting is a perfect way to achieve this. Up and till recently we have frequently looked after homes and pets for family and friends, but in order to expand our connectivity we have decided to join the happy house sitters club!

We have plenty of experience in all matter of things required for looking after your home and pets. Having property of our own which is partially owner built we are very handy in all matters house and garden. Although we don't have pets of our own, animals always love us and we enjoy giving them the love and attention they need to be happy while their folks are away. We are artistic people and love living in beautiful spaces and are very clean and considerate of our environment. We are vegetarian, non-smokers, love walking and bike riding in nature, gardening, music and healthy lifestyle.

Please don't hesitate to contact us regarding your position as we are very happy to provide references to verify our identity and happy relations with previous hosts. Although we are looking mostly for positions in the Northern NSW and South East QLD regions - if you have a long sit in another part of Australia we will definitely consider it if you think we are the best qualified!

best regards

Justin and Parmita


  • Melbourne

Hi :)

I am a single, well-travelled mid-30s female, who loves animals, is trustworthy, extremely clean and tidy, and very respectful of other's space and belongings :)

I am an experienced house/petsitter, having done so steadily for the past 2 years, solely through word-of-mouth! I've decided it's time to join a reputable site as well, to expand on my fantastic existing home/pet owners' network :) I was inspired to start by my mother, who successfully house/petsat for over 8 years on the Sunshine Coast! I grew up surrounded by animals, and love to be around them. I have experience administering medication to animals as instructed, as a couple of my past petsits have involved older animals that require daily medication. I can provide general maintenance of plants/gardens, and I have also looked after homes without animals.

Currently, I am an admin and project management contractor, who works from a laptop/home the majority of the time, with the occasional weekend graveyard shift on the side. Due to my flexible schedule, I tend to be at home during the day more often than a 9-5 worker. I like a chilled, relaxed home environment so you can be assured there'll be no parties or shenanigans in your home while I'm there :)

I am an outside only smoker, and never near open windows or doors. I don't drive, so homes' in Mebourne's central/inner city areas, up to 15 minutes walk from public transport such as trams and/or trains, would suit best.

I am a very 'low footprint' tenant in terms of other's space, and would care for your animals as you do :)

References are available. For extra peace of mind, I can also provide a recent Police Check.

I look forward to meeting you!

Grace & Edmond

  • Syd. NW suburbs, Syd. SW suburbs, Lower Hunter Valley, West Lake Macquarie, North Coast, Central Tablelands, Central West Slopes, Far West, North West Slopes, Bris. Northern suburbs, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba & South Eastern

We are a retired couple current active with house and farm sitting,
Fit and able for animal care for pets have owned cats, dogs, birds, chooks, willing to learn as required
Recent activity has been with private house / pet sitting,
I was in Retail Service and Ted is former Truck Driver
We have stayed at a property in Lightning Ridge helping with rounding up of Sheep for 1 month,
In Western Australia we worked a paid position , I was housekeeper cleaner for 76 rooms with one girl assistant, Ted work outside areas , at a workers accommodation, this business has now closed down so no reference available,
Ted and I have experience with customer service as our life experience has always be with face to face contact with people from all walks of life,
We are calm in all situations and work to find the best outcome,
Ted has experience with tractors trucks etc( likes to ride quad bikes)
We have our own Caravan and Toyota Workmate car, gravel/dirt roads no problem
Non Smokers We have no pets,
Police check papers available
Previous house sits for 2 small dogs and 2 Rag Doll cats
also 1 large dog, lots of chooks almost forgot 1 turtle
Current House sit
1 grey hound 2 cats
January 6 to 14 2018 1 Dog
NSW Tamworth to
Brisbane Northern Suburbs to Bribie Island Sunshine Coast March 2018
Then Return to Dubbo NSW from Queensland general direction to Dubbo NSW July 2018
Dates are not set in stone except need to be in Dubbo by 4 August 2018
Regards Grace and Ted

Terry & Sandra

  • VIC

Lisa & Andy

  • Perth N.E suburbs, Perth N.W suburbs

Our family of 3 (Andy 45, Lisa 34, Alex 8) are making our way around Australia in the hope to see some incredible sites along the way- which I'm sure is inevitable.
We love meeting new people and love being socially interactive. We are a very clean and tidy family and very responsible and honest people.
With only one of the adults in the family working at any one time we have plenty of time to look after people homes and pets while they are away enjoying their holidays.
We are non smokers and certainly over the "party" stage of our lives. We would love to be given the opportunity to help like minded people be able to travel without the worry of their home or pets being left behind.
We hope you will consider us for your next house sit opportunity and rest assured we would not let you down.
House sit References available on request.
Lisa, Andy & Alex


  • Perth

I have been housesitting for the past 5 years with Profile ID:BrianJudy
If you check the website you will see that we/I have completed over fifty housesits looking after some fifty dogs,cats,birds,cattle and fish.
My home is in Queensland and I visit Perth as often as possible as I have two sons and and a granddaughter here. You will see that the last few sits I have completed on my own in the Perth metro. My wife is looking after our dog and will be joining me over the Christmas period.
I was a teacher at Christchurch Grammar school for 29 years retiring in 2002.
My latest sit with Aussie housesitters is at the above school looking after a dog when one of the boarding housemasters returns to England during the summer break. This sit finishes on January 19.
Following this I have a sit in Florieat from Jan 23 to Mar 3.
A sit in the western suburbs after this date would be ideal but I am happy to be anywhere in the Perth metro.
Brian Marsland

Michael & Barbara


We are retired Health Professionals (Radiographer/Nurse) have house-sitting experience over recent years, are mature, clean, responsible, considerate, non smokers, always leave a home in a better state than found. With no commitments at home, we're free to be away for as long as we wish, willing to travel to anywhere Australia wide, & to most overseas locations. We're willing to care for cats & kittens, have had domestic animals in our family. Happy to speak with anyone seeking a sitter, & we have references.


  • Melbourne, SW Vic


I'm Alicia, 25 and studying/working in Melbourne. I grew up on a property in the wombat state forest (central Victoria) and have lived in Melbourne for the last few years. I have been house sitting while I finish my degree and work to save some money. So far I've been enjoying it because I get to explore different areas of the city and hang out with some pretty cool cats and dogs...and fish.

I have been around animals all my life, and while I think I'm more of a cat or echidna person I do enjoy company from any four legged creature. In the past I have looked after two highly energetic boxers, two very silly dachshunds and two really needy terriers. I have a cat of my own Mogwai (pictured sleeping like the big ball of fluff he is) who lives with my Mum for the time being. I have also fostered cats in the past and growing up in the bush had the opportunity to get to know some of our native animals too. I am an avid walker/runner so am able to offer daily walks and exercise. I'm also an avid reader and will always have a spot on my lap for something to curl up on. I have some experience with pets who have special requirements (medication, diet, grooming...) so am confident that I can provide extra care if needed.

My Mum always told me to take my shoes off when I go to someones house and say thank you when I leave- so I will respect your home and look after it as I would my own. I can do light cleaning and gardening( I am pretty good with plants!) if required and bring in the mail, bins etc. I think I'm pretty neat and tidy and do take pride in a healthy happy home.

I work in the CBD doing office admin part time and study writing from home, so I'll be around quite a bit. I like to read, run, cook and dance.



  • Perth

Hello! I am a non smoker, non drinker, clean living, early to bed, early to rise, tidy, fit & active woman that is looking for house sits for current financial reasons. I have house sat many times over the last 25 years at various times. I have been actively house sitting again since 2016 without any problems.
I consider myself to be reliable, responsible, respectful and honest.
I do have a 3yr old daughter who would be with me. She loves being outside most of the day though and absolutely loves all kinds of animals. She will happily throw the ball to dogs for literally hours at a time so if you have a dog that loves attention then we are your house sitters! I do come armed with portable shelf/cupboard/drawer locks and also baby gates to seal off rooms if needed. Upon saying this, she is very well supervised by me and I am very careful in instructing her, as such we have not to date had any problems. Usually the dogs we sit have a lovely time as she gives them so much attention! We love to walk at the beach (&dog beach) and also in parks / nature every day. That is my exercise and grounding, so it is a given that we will definately walk your dogs. I do have a Standard Poodle, Shiloh who is 12 yrs old, is extremely well trained, gentle and quiet does not bark or dig or fight with other dogs as she is very non threatening and passive. She is very friendly with other dogs and she loves a very little play and then sleeps. She is just fine with cats, chickens, rabbits etc. she just ignores them really and finds an out of the way place for a sleep which is most of the time now that she is older.Being a poodle she doesn't drop hair either and can happily stay and sleep outside if need be. I can easily walk her and another dog at the same time as she walks right next to me and is very obedient, I do walk her with other dogs often. I am also experienced with cats, guinea pigs, chickens, rabbits, fish and birds.
I do study from home on the internet so we are home quite a lot. Also I am pretty quiet and routined, having a toddler. I don't give out addresses or invite people over without prior consent, usually only my adult son will visit, if at all.
I do have a National Police Clearance and references.
So if our situation sounds like it will work for your home and pets please consider us! I am happy to come and meet you, obligation free. Thanks so very much! Kind Regards, Holly


  • Melb. Inner suburbs, Melb. SE suburbs, Bendigo, Macedon Ranges, Ballarat, Grampians

I am a single woman, 59 years of age. I am from Melbourne and have a home in Ballarat that I rent out. I am currently working in a remote Indigenous Community in the NT. I am interested in house sitting in my school holidays. I am a non-smoker and very much a pet lover. I have always had animals - dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits and chooks. At present in my community as I have no animals of my own however I care for animals that are a bit neglected. I am trustworthy and honest and have a police clearance for my teaching job here in the NT. I have been maintaining homes, classrooms and schools in the communities that I have lived in and also maintain my own home in Ballarat. I would be respectful of your home and show your animals the love and care that they need while you are away.I am happy to provide referees if required.

Meagan & ALBERTO

  • Melbourne

Hi, we are Meagan and Alberto.
We welcome you to call or meet us in person if you are intrigued by our profile and think that we may be the right fit for you.

We are a professional couple in our early-to-mid 30’s. Lovers of all animals and will look after your home as you do. We are an excellent team and proud of living an efficient, clean and organised lifestyle.

Meagan is 31 years old and born in Melbourne. Professionally she is a Health Promotion Project Officer for a community health service in Altona. Alberto (34 years) was born in Rome, Italy, and works as a Project Coordinator for a construction company in South Yarra. We are engaged and getting married in Italy next July 2018.

All things Italian, cooking, sport, movies, photography, camping, being outdoors and being with friends and family.

We started housesitting to help us save money for a wedding and for a home of our own. We have been House sitting full time since April 2017, with excellent reviews and references from the homeowners of whom we have worked for. Please check out our images, for some of our references.
We see house-sitting as an activity that provides a mutual benefit to the homeowner and to the sitters. We will look after your home, garden and pets they way you would. We are house-sitting to save money for a deposit on our own home, to experience various suburbs and communities across Melbourne and to demonstrate that there are different ways of living ie. a) with few possessions and b) with trust in people to look after your best interests without an exchange of money.
Meagan has a shorter working day, so will easily be able to take your dog for walks before and after work.
We’ve looked after small and large households of pets, our largest was a family of six cats. We are happy to look after all breeds of dogs, and we have the stamina to keep up with larger dogs who may need a bit more exercise than others.

Police checks, House sitting, rental, personal and professional references. We are happy to meet you multiple times before you decide that we are the sitters for you. If you would like us to get to know your pets before you leave we’re happy to come over for a play.

What we promise:
• We promise to stay in regular contact with you while you’re away.
• We promise to send photo updates of your home, garden and/or pets; Skype is even an option.
• We promise to do as you ask. Let us know how you do things at home, and we will continue to do them in the same way. We are quick learners and respect that
you know what is best.
• We promise to respond responsibly and appropriately to any unforeseen events, communicating with you along the way. Please feel free to contact us if you
would like to hear more about us.


  • TAS

I am an Educator, and a Writer, and a former Psychotherapist. I love being close to nature, and I love living in a world with those who are creative, compassionate, and caring about others and about the world we live in. When I am doing home and pet care, I enjoy being in homes that are cared for and I love to care for pets who are loved and who are loving.

I am quite experienced in home and pet care, and I have been doing this for many many years. I have taken care of all different homes, and all different pets, and my main goal is to let the animals feel happy and loved, and let the home be cared for.

I am extremely responsible and caring, and these qualities always are present in every home and pet care assignment that I have. I am mature, neat and tidy and thorough, and I want the best for each home and pet I am tending to. I am quiet, and I do not smoke or drink.

I do have excellent references that I am able to supply.

I thank you for considering me as your next house sitter and pet care expert!

Sophia & Jonathan

  • Sydney

We are a twenty-something couple from the U.K. who will take care of your home (and pets) with the love and attention it deserves. Having lived together for a number of years across numerous countries (with addition to house-sharing), we know the importance of what a home is what it means to both us and other people.

Since leaving blighty two years ago, we have been travelling (and working) our way across New Zealand and, now, Australia.

In that time we have spent extensive periods partaking in WOOFing and HelpX - working for food and accommodation; taking care of people's homes, gardens, cleaning, cooking, pet and child care. This has all been under the watchful eye of the homeowners, of whom we have happily co-habited with.

We have a huge love for animals - both domestic and working. In New Zealand we worked on two farms. The operations of such meant we worked closely with large cattle, small calves, sheep and their new-born lambs and the farm's working dogs as well as domestic pets such as dogs, cats, rabbits... and a fish. All animals were met with the compassion and attention they need. It was a real joy!

To add to the above, both of our childhoods were filled with fun, sparky and loving pets back in the U.K. We're certainly no stranger to taking care of animals!

At present we're just finishing up working in Perth where we're flat-sharing and working office-based, professional jobs. Sophia is experienced in events; Jonny is experienced in Marketing. Both of us are degree-educated. We're a highly responsible, mature yet fun and energetic couple who enjoy life. Whether it's hanging out at home, walking the dog on the beach or catching up with friends over dinner - we love it!

After hearing great things from friends about house-sitting, missing our own pets back in the U.K., we are now seeking the opportunity to house-sit in sunny Sydney. We're intending to remain in Sydney for the foreseeable and our situation of casually working ensures our flexibility and gives confidence that we can give your home and pets the time, love and attention they require. We are a considerate and extremely well-kept and tidy couple who are happy to get stuck in and take pride in caring for your home, garden and pets.

We have references from a previous house-sit in New Zealand as well our HelpX references too.

We look forward to hearing from you.
Sophia and Jonny


Shayn & Yun Mi (Kristy)


We are a couple in our late-30's, house-sitting around the Sydney area for experience so later on when we retire in a few years we we can do it full-time. We have many years of experience with cats and dogs, both of us are non-smoking, non-drinking, quiet people.
We are currently working in Sydney, we currently prefer shorter housesits (2-10 days) around the Inner West - but will consider anything around Sydney. We can do whatever you require, usually pet feeding/walking/company at night & general cleaning/mail collection, garbage bins in/out then we would be perfect to look after your place while you are away.
We started house-sitting 2 years ago & have references on file. We quickly accumulated a healthy list of recommendations. Feel free to ask us any questions. Hope to see you soon. Thanks!


  • ACT, Central Coast, Hunter Valley, North Coast, South Coast, Murray & Riverina, Southern Tablelands, Brisbane, South Eastern, Central Coast (Qld), York Peninsula

OFFERING YOU TOTAL PEACE OF MIND ... (fully booked until approx 13 April 2018)
Entrusting your precious home, gardens and beloved pets to others can create some anxiety.
I fully understand.
Please allow me to assist ...
Devoted animal lover, special affinity with dogs ... all sizes, ages, needs.
Have nurtured variety of pets on prior assignments ... dogs, cats, guinea pigs, birds, fish, hens, ducks, sheep ... and some friendly wildlife including possums, kookaburras, koalas, wallabies, parrots, lizards.
Responsible, loving and gentle companion for your beloved pet/s in their own environment.
Will maintain care, feeding, exercise and play routines per your instructions and preferences.
Have experience with keeping a watchful eye over agisted horses and livestock, water supplies and fencing.
Healthy, fit, active female approaching mid 60’s.
Love twice daily long dog walks, lawn mowing, gardening etc.
Meticulously clean and tidy, very security conscious.
Have owned several of my own homes, will respect your investment and treat it with utmost care, as if my own.
Totally respectful of your privacy, belongings and your neighbours.
Reliable with mail, messages, errands, bins out/in promptly.
Care of pot plants, gardens, lawns, pool, garaged vehicles per your instructions.
Trustworthy, detail-minded person, can also provide dependable, discreet handling of personal/business matters (processing mail, phone calls, paying bills etc.) on your behalf, if required.
Working career includes school teaching, reception and administration in various industries - accountancy, legal and health practices, PA to business executives in advertising/marketing.
Have also managed several of my own small businesses.
Resourceful, intelligent problem solver.
Any unforeseen issues will be handled competently and responsibly.
Friendly, quiet living “homebody” (days and evenings) ... don’t smoke or play loud music. Sober habits.
Currently studying, have my own computer, printer etc. (just need good wireless internet signal/reception).
Flexible, cheerful, positive person.
Excellent references ... some written (can be provided on request) and a list of home/pet owners who are very happy to receive your call to share their experience of having me caretake their properties and pet family members.
Regularly invited for repeat assignments and recommended to friends/family by hosts.
Have my own car.
Having recently finished 5 years of in-home caring/support of my elderly parents, I'm now saving to acquire a "home on wheels", so that I can travel around more of our wonderful country.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Krista & Levente

  • Melbourne

Hi! We'd love to house sit for you! We are moving to Melbourne on 6 January for Leve's medical school and are looking to house sit while find our own place. We be perfect for someone who will be away in January. We've house sat and watch animals in the past and are happy to provide a reference. A little bit about us. We are a married professional couple, early 30's, non-smokers. We live a pretty quite and tidy life. Leve will be starting his 3rd year as a medical student. Besides spending countless hour at the table studying, Leve enjoys crazy long trail runs and eating pizza. I (Krista) grew up on a farm surrounded by dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, and cows - so plenty of experience minding animals. I'm a social worker and have spent the past 5+ years working with asylum seekers and refugees. I enjoy hiking, gardening and minding all of my plants, and cooking. We have a sweet rabbit named Maka (in the photos), but don't worry she'll be staying at a friends. We'd be more than happy to have a chat if you are interested in having us look after your home or animals.



Hello.We are a recently retired teaching couple who are active,love animals and nature, and are interested in looking after your home and animals for you while you are away. We have our own home in the Hunter Valley, NSW, where we live with our 3 teenage children who are completing their uni degrees and working.The kids are now old enough to look after themselves and our little dog,and we are looking forward to heading out and seeing Australia.
We are non-smokers; love to walk and exercise;are clean and tidy;enjoy tending to gardens and have prior experience with a wide variety of pets. We have house sat in the past, and can provide references if required.


  • North Coast, Brisbane, South Eastern

Hi there

I'm a work-from-home graphic designer who loves to take my work with me on my travels. I like to explore and welcome new experiences involving nature and animals.

I enjoy a healthy lifestyle - non smoker, non drinker and find joy in quiet creative ventures.

As I have been both a house and pet owner, I respect the requirements of what is involved when taking care of properties. I'm house proud and like to maintain a high standard of the living environment around me.

Since travelling, I no longer have pets of my own and appreciate the opportunity to connect with and care for furry & feathered friends.

Barbara & Stuart

  • Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast & Hinterland, Sunshine Coast, Melbourne

Me and my partner, Barbara are professional house and pet sitters. We are both 26 year old graduates who decided to take pet sitting from part time role to full time, when we arrived to Australia in 2016.
We are outgoing, sociable people who work in modelling and fitness industry. This allows us to hold a very flexible schedule, catering to the requirements that each pet and home requires.

Our house sitting career within Australia has taken us to various sits across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. We have looked after multiple styles of homes and various breeds of Dogs, Cats, Birds and Fish.

We hold a drivers license, Police checks and can provide multiple references. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us, we are happy to answer any queries and are open to travelling for the right sit.

Best regards,
Stuart and Barbie


  • ACT, Sydney, Central Coast, Gold Coast & Hinterland, Sunshine Coast, S. Western

If you are looking for an experienced house sitter, someone energetic who will look after your home and pets with the love and respect they deserve, then pick me.

I am Reliable, Clean, Quiet and Considerate, a Non Smoker, and I am not a party goer, i’m a bit more of a tea totaller and I won’t hold parties in your home.

I am a great communicator and I can keep you up-to-date with the condition of your house and pets with an email report every few days while you’re away. I’m even willing to Facetime/Skype video conference with you over the internet so you can say hello to your pets if you’re missing them.

I have grown up having lots of pets of my own, I have owned cats and all types of dogs (Poodles, Corgies, Maltese) and a miniature dwarf rabbit, a guinea pig, a mouse, yabbies, budgies and a goldfish called chip. Due to my current Digital Nomadic lifestyle I am unable to own any pets of my own, so i have plenty of love and attention to give to your pets. I’m the sort of person who doesn’t mind letting your cats and small dogs sleep on my bed. I understand your pet is a valued family member.

In my travels I have done paid part-time work cleaning houses, I have done many house sits all along the East Coast of Australia and can supply many excellent references, I also have a current police check certificate to give you that extra peace of mind.

I am currently self-employed as a Website Designer and IT Support professional and I work over the Internet so you WILL need to have reasonable Internet/WIFI for me to use. As I am a Non Smoker I won’t be able to house sit for smokers sorry.

I have family in Portland, Geelong and Canberra and friends in Darwin.

Checkout my website for more info and my availability calendar -