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  • TAS, Melb. Inner suburbs, WA



I currently live and work in Melbourne, living in a share household. I house sit as I also enjoy having time to myself. I also love caring for pets. Over the past years I have sat on many occasions with many homeowners asking me back to sit for them.

I will take really good care of your pets. I genuinely enjoy both cats and dogs. I Like taking dogs for walks and offering lots of affection. Same for cats too...except the walking.

Will also take good care of your property and leave it in an excellent condition.

I have excellent references. A police check. I don't smoke.
I am a friendly respectful guy who is very clean and tidy
Cheers, Patrick


  • Sydney, VIC

Hi, I'm a very experienced house sitter and genuinely love the company of animals and pets.

I work from home mainly paperwork and online work and I am very clean, tidy, non smoker, police cleared and have excellent references. I also have many contactable very happy house sitting hosts I've house sitted for on repeat occasions if you require more references.

I am very experienced with cats, dogs, aquariums and have also looked after horses, farm animals and kangaroos.

I am very experienced in looking after many breeds of dogs, cats, aquariums and also farm animals, horses and kangaroos. It doesn't take me long to form a special bond with a pet. I like to keep pet owners updated with pictures/videos of their pets whilst you are away for your peace of mind so you know your pet(s) are happy and content.

Im also very experienced in DIY, maintenance, gardens, swimming pools from being a home owner and self managing a rental property.

Look forward to hearing from you and looking after your home and pets.

Kind Regards


Julia & Travis

  • Brisbane, Northern QLD

Travis and I are experienced house sitters and work well as a house-sitting team. I grew up in a rural area with all the animals under the sun to look after including horses, dogs, cats, ducks, chickens, mice and guinea pigs. Travis is very handy around the house with fixing any problems that may arise, and general maintenance. We are no stranger to yard work, maintenance and of course providing lots of love and attention to the animals.

We live in an apartment without our own pets, so relish the opportunity to look after the animals at our various house-sits. Happy to dog-walk on a daily basis and go that extra distance with the other pets.

Happy to provide references from our previous, varied house sits including acerage, apartments and suburban houses.


  • Melb. Inner suburbs, Melb. NW suburbs, Ballarat, Geelong, Otway Ranges/ Great Ocean Rd

Julika & Isabel

  • Sydney, TAS

Hey there!
We're two german backpacker girls who are searching for a nice stay. Next to Australia, we also travelled together through Russia (host family), Denmark (by a sailing boat) and the Netherlands (by bike). We're very clean and organised, that's why we need a break from sleeping in hostels. Due to our experience with animals (farm and domestic) we would like to care for your pet while we're sitting your house. Next to our domestic animals in Germany (cat, dog, rabbits), we also cared about farm animals while we were woofing in Australia. We like to walk through the beautiful parks of Sydney (we're both very active) and we would love to walk your dog or just petting your cat.

Therese & David

  • Sydney, Central Coast, Southern Highlands, Wollongong & Illawarra

Married couple in 50-60 age range, self-employed (engineering services - have a website you can view if needed). Work from home. Caucasian Australian. Responsible and reliable.
Completed more than 400 days of house sitting in the greater Sydney area to date ( more than 16 house sits) and have excellent references and police clearance.
Non-smokers, non-drinkers, no children and do not have our own pets.
Pet Minding/Walking experience;
Very experienced and caring with pets and capable of walking dogs with athletic predispositions (including ball throwing/catching or playing chasings) or strolling leisurely at the dogs preferred pace while they gather all scent based neighbourhood "gossip" as required.
Cats (Burmese, Tabby, Moggies)
Large Dogs (German Shepherd, Labrador, Labradoodle, Doberman, Bulldog, Boxer, Newfoundland, Mastiff, Greyhound, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Poodle, Kelpie cross)
Small/Lap Dogs, (Daschund, cavoodle, spoodle, Jack Russell, Silky terrier, Maltese Shitsu, Staffy, Spaniel, King Charles)
Experienced at "Making a fuss of pets" ;
Quite comfortable around large or "sookie/cuddly" pets and very experienced at tummy rubs, administering vet prescribed medications, feeding (fresh meat cooked etc or dry food) adding vitamins, worming tablets/chewies, water, administering flea remedies, washing, nail clipping, hair trimming and so on.
Have experience caring for dogs from young puppy to those in their later years and with infirmities.
We know how to put the needs of your pets first and are happy to do so.
Also experienced with feeding and caring for fish, birds and chickens.
Gardening/Pool Minding Experience;
We are more than happy to water garden, and/or pot plants, mow lawns and/or clean pool/change filter as agreed. We both have lots of experience maintaining pools, mixing chlorine etc.
Please don't hesitate to send us a message if you have any questions or would like to discuss your requirements.
We prefer a telephone chat in the first instance. References can be provided on request.

Fiona & Chris


We love to meet new pets and visiting new places and have been enthusiastic house sitters for over six years - many repeat sits with the same owners. We are dedicated pet carers and gardeners, understanding that your pets, garden and house are very special. We would look after them with kind enthusiasm taking excellent care and paying attention to all the things required. We are both fit and well, are non-smokers and are very tidy and organised.
We live in Victoria, love to travel and can do any duration of house sit whether in city or country. We are university graduates and take a keen interest in gardening, graphics, art, books, bird watching and walking. We are familiar with pumps, tanks and the workings of mowers etc as well as computers and have good problem solving skills.

Full references with contact numbers can be provided upon request but here are a few:

Rod and Lining - Cherrybrook NSW
Chris and Fiona looked after our house and cat for about two months at the end of 2016. They were excellent house sitters and I can warmly recommend their services.
They took great care with our possessions and treated the house as their own. They showed initiative to maintain the house and the garden. They kept the house spotless and the garden has never looked better than after Chris had applied his "green fingers".
Throughout our absence they regularly informed us about any issues and this helped us to have enjoyable and worry-free holidays.
Chris and Fiona are very good with animals and they took great care of the cat, goldfish and all.
We thank them for everything and would have no hesitation to trust them with our property and animals in the future.

Bob and Joan: Mullumbimby NSW
Chris and Fiona have been house sitters for us on 12 occasions. We have a 3 bedroom house and a flat attached to the garage. Our property is 1 1/4 acres.
At all times they treated the house as their own and cared for it and the yard as if that what the case.
They are both honest, caring, genuine people. We would recommend them as house sitters.

Annie and Stefan: Hanoi, Vietnam
Fiona and Chris stayed at our apartment in Hanoi, Vietnam to look after our cats and plants. They were fantastic! They were organised and conscientious house guests and our cats had a great week with them. We had some flooding right as we were leaving, and they were able to help us dry out and air out the space! We would highly recommend them for another house sit!

Fred and Monica: Northern NSW
I would like to offer this reference for Chris and Fiona, as they looked after our house and cat on 3 occasions and we were very happy with the outcome. We can definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a house/pet sitter.

Sara and Leo - Repton NSW
Chris and Fiona house-sat for us for eight weeks taking care of our pets (chickens, rabbit, cat and fish) and home. We would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone else looking for thoughtful and responsible house-sitters.

Maree and Pat - Hervey Bay, QLD
We recently met Fiona and Chris for the first time when they accepted our request to house sit for us. It was a pleasure to get to know them before we left on our holiday, as they are a very genuine, cheerful, friendly and caring couple. Their sincere interest in caring for our home and Sir Winston (our inside ragdoll cat) was a reassurance to us to enjoy our time away without worry. Our home was left spotless and Sir Winston was content/happy - he usually has a temper tantrum and hides for a couple of days when we return, but this holiday, he didn't.
We have no hesitation in recommending both Fiona and Chris for any house sit they may request to undertake, and we will be looking for them again in the future.
A big THANK YOU to Fiona and Chris.

Karen - Acacia Hills, Tasmania
Fiona and Chris were house sitting for me for 3 and a half weeks in 2017.
They cared for my 17 year old burmese cat Sara. She was so well cared for and relaxed you wouldn't have known I'd been away! I loved the way they kept her routines and allowed her to be herself (dominate the household and rule the roost!) I think she was in a better health than when I left, which for an old cat is wonderful!
They were very respectful and caring of my home and property. I came home to find a beautifully presented yard and a very clean tidy house.
I really appreciated having Fiona and Chris as my house sitters and would thoroughly recommend them to anyone who was considering sitters who love caring for cats and a semi rural property.



I am in a transition stage this year, having put my home in storage at New Year and I'm undertaking full time house sitting while I live in different suburbs and the surrounding areas of Sydney. Eventually I aim to buy an apartment and will either rent it out or live in it. In the last twelve months I sold a business after building it up over twenty years and moved out of a townhouse where I had lived for twelve years. I am undertaking a masters degree by research this year and next so I have a lot of time to stay "in" if required which will suit pet owners. I have been enjoying the house sitting community and it suits my current life of studying and doing much less work.

I love animals and, apart from the last 5 years, have had pets of all descriptions most of my life. An inner-city person now, I have lived in different places over the years including by the ocean, on a river and on a farm over twenty years ago and raised animals of all kinds from baby lambs and calves to cats, dogs and birds. I pet sit for friends when they are away and the pets always take to me quickly as I do them.

I have worked in the arts and business for twenty five years and now run a small home based business as well as my study which does not require attendance at class. I have grown children who are totally independent and I feel this is my time to explore new ideas and live in new areas. House sitting is a great way to live in new areas and transition to a new home eventually for myself. I am very responsible, a garden and pet lover. I do need to stay within commuting distance of Sydney for study and family.

Dominic & Wennie

  • Sydney, Hunter Valley, Wollongong & Illawarra, Gold Coast & Hinterland, Sunshine Coast

We are a professional, non-smoking couple currently living in NSW and hoping to house-sit in Sydney to be closer to work. Having rented an apartment ourselves, we are conscious of the care needed in keeping a house well maintained. We have both grown up with pets (cats for Wennie; cats, dogs, chickens and horses for Dominic) and have experience with stray and adopted pets. We are available for any length of house sitting and have a car. We are responsible, mature, considerate and will treat your pets as if they were our own.


  • Syd. Eastern suburbs, Syd. Lower N Shore, Syd. Southern suburbs, Syd. SW suburbs

Hi there house owners/renters!

I'm Sarah, 27, a local from Sydney who is available to housesit from October to early January. After finally graduating from Uni and having just arrived back from 2 months in Thailand, I am hoping to spend a few months working (Swimming Teacher in Tempe) before heading to Canada in early 2018. No point in getting a new lease! Hoping for minimum 7 day sits, but flexible. Preference for the Inner West/Inner City with easy public transport access to Tempe/Sydenham.

I am very well housetrained having rented for over 7 years, am responsible, very active, tidy, quiet, non-smoker, non-partier and animal lover. I grew up with a cat and a dog, and love all animals, big and small. I've since looked after 6 different foster dogs, rescued through Sydney Animal Rescue. I am currently house sitting for my Dad's partner's 3 fluffy cats (reference or phone number can be provided) and hope to hang out with your furry friends soon too. Number one hate of Sydney renting: so hard to find a pet friendly rental!

Jacqueline & Georgina



  • Sydney

Hello all Pet-lovers and Sydney-siders (inner-city for minding pets and houses/apartments), my name is Carol and I am currently living in Cairns and I am a big dog lover.

Please see my references for house and pet-sitting - one includes 3 Chihuahuas (this reference is "in the post" as the person is overseas at the moment and she will write the reference when she returns next week). I have two uploaded references at present.

My overall objective is to take up long pet/house minding positions in inner-city Sydney where I can also bring my 4 yr old (non-yappy) long-haired Chihuahua Mack. Mack gets on with doggies but not cats. Fish are ok I have previously lived in Sydney for most of my adult life (25-30) years. I would like to organise pet-sit and go to another without any time (if possible in between). BUT if I do have to spend time somewhere with my dog (without a petsit placing) I am wondering if other pet sitters or pet owners could let me the owners know where I could do this around the inner-city Sydney area if possible please and they would maybe pass this information onto me?

I am retired and at present I live in Cairns in my own unit and have been here for 5 years, after a 5 year time of looking after my mother in Hobart, who contracted Alzheimers' disease. At the same time, I worked for "Dog's Holiday Havens" and looked after dog furbabies in our family house while people went on holidays. I had only one or two dogs at a time and had my own dog too. That went well and for example I cured a few dogs from separation anxiety which was a good surprise for people on return from their holidays.

Before that, I ran a film-editing business in St Peters after completing a course at Paddington Metro Screen (to bring out my creative side), and worked for "Don't Fret Pet" at the same - only having one or two dogs at the most to look after at one time while their fur-parents went on leave. I had a dog then too.

Prior to that, having studied and worked as a research consultant and research assistant (plants, neuroscience) - I worked as a sole trader for CSIRO and State Forests NSW as well working at the Medical Faculty at Sydney University, undertaking bio-acoustic research.

I do not smoke. I am very careful with house security issues so always lock up and I keep things in order, neat, clean and tidy.

I have some references to upload and will be requesting a National Police Check so that you can see things are in order with the law.

My aim is to rent out or sell my place in Cairns and be a house/dog sitter full time. My chihuahua is not a yappy dog and will only bark if someone comes to the door. He gets on well with other dogs and stays for a night and day with owner Lida at « Cool Pups » so he can play with other dogs . Lisa has about 6-8 at the most during the day for grooming and a few stay overnight.a reference from Lisa will be added soon as well. I would like to move from place to place in Sydney so ideally longer sits would be great. I will start in earnest in the new year 2018. Thank you. Regards Carol.

Giovanna & Lachlan

  • Bris. S W suburbs, Bris. Southern suburbs

We are excellent young specimens of the house sitter variety. We would look after your home as if it were our dream home. We love animals and have experience mainly with cats and dogs. We are clean, tidy, non-smokers, and love to spend time together reading and watching television. I (Giovanna) can provide references from previous sits. Lachlan is just starting out but he has assisted me at house sits before. We are looking to do house sitting as a way to gain life experience and to save some money before we move out together permanently.

Wendy & Rudy

  • Melbourne


  • Melbourne, Otway Ranges/ Great Ocean Rd

Hi there,

My name is Mel and I'm currently available to house-sit your home and pets in the Melbourne area. I'm single, a non-smoker, very clean, neat and tidy (a benefit of being a Virgo!) and a huge animal lover. I grew up on our family hobby farm where our animals were spoilt rotten and were always the priority in our family home. I've had lots of experience with horses, and have grown up with chickens, cats, dogs and everything in between.

I'm currently starting my own vegan food business and spending my time between country NSW and Melbourne, conducting research and testing my recipes.

I would love to look after your pets and home! Please feel free to get in touch.

References available on request.

Emma & Matthew

  • Sydney, Central Coast, North Coast, South Eastern, Central Coast (Qld), Northern QLD, Hobart, Devonport, Melbourne, Bendigo

Hi there we are Emma and Matthew, we have no kids or animals. We love animals so much! We have looked after cats, dogs, bunny rabbits and guinea pigs. We are very reliable, quiet, capable, organised, non smoker, very clean and tidy, home body, health conscious and we love walking everyday. We treat the houses and pets like our own. We love nothing better than cuddling fur babies on the couch! We are great with gardening. We both work from home as a social media consultants. References available. We would love to meet you and your babies! Contact us anytime to discuss your needs.


  • Perth

Hi! I would be happy to look after your home and pets while you are away. I am a 20 year old female from Melbourne living and studying at University in Perth. I stay at a University College throughout the year. I also love sport- I play hockey in winter and cricket in summer. For the next few summers I would like to play cricket in Perth and so I am seeking a housesit from anytime end November to End Feb or a part of. I am a non smoker and non drinker as I have to be fit to play Premier cricket!
I come from a large family with 2 dogs and a big garden. So I am familiar with what is required to manage a house and look after pets.
I am an experienced house sitter who has housesat 3 homes with cats and dogs last summer in Perth (via another agency), with good reviews which I have attached to my profile. During term I nanny for professional couples (academics/lawyers)in Perth with children and pets.
In addition I am fully police checked and have my own car.
I work very part time during the day and play cricket all day Sunday. I am happy to come and meet you to discuss your needs.

Anthony & Donna

  • ACT, NSW, Alice Springs, Darwin, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Northern QLD, Adelaide, Mid North, South, Spencer Gulf, TAS, VIC, Perth, Northern, S. Western

We are a professional couple located in Canberra and have previously completed a local house sit in between the sale of our house and the purchase of our new one. We have a seventeen year old daughter who loves school and enjoys part-time work. She is a mature young lady who loves animals of all shapes and sizes. We enjoy meeting and looking after new furry friends during house sits and our daughter currently does this in our home for Don't Fret Pet.

We are clean and tidy non-smokers who respect other peoples property and privacy. Whilst we don't have Happy Housesitters references we are happy to forward both of our work histories which include over two decades service in the AFP and an executive HR management role with a not-for-profit.

Our house sitting interest at the moment is for holiday breaks (either in or out of school holidays) as a family, or sometimes individually as I (Tony) don't work full time. Occasionally I am happy to get away for a break by myself. My wife encourages it;-)

If you are after a small family who will take care of your pets and home as if they were their own then we would love to help.


  • Syd. Eastern suburbs

Janeen & Janeen

  • Central Coast, Hunter Valley, North Coast, South Coast, Rural/Regional NSW

Adrian and Janeen are a married couple , Adrian is a builder with a wealth of knowledge as a BUILDING SUPERVISER having been employed by some of NSW leading builders. He has a wealth of experience in building and home maintaince and landscaping .
Janeen is a Registered nurse with 40 years experience in Emergency ,Orthopedics, Immuisation
Nursing and Aged care with the added benifit of Vetanary care.
We have a small Bichon Frise dog .. OSCAR who loves the companionship of other felines and canine . Oscar is a people and animal dog ... very intelligent and loyal , he has a real concern for others like himself on the 4 paws.
We would like to HOUSE SIT as our own home is a holiday rental over the Christmas and holiday period.
We are a very clean and tidy couple who enjoy walking, gardening and fishing.

We own our home in Foster on the MID NORTH COAST and have lived here for 13 years . We are a PROFESSIONAL TEAM and will look after your home and loved pets as if they were ours
Looking forward to hearing from Interested parties
Yours sincerely



  • Perth

Hi there!
I've recently relocated to Perth and looking for some house sitting while I settle in.
I work in events/TV production and I am studying to be a Wellness Coach.
I grew up with lot's of domestic animals - we had five dogs, and five cats as well as ducks, chickens and rabbits - so I am an absolute animal lover and very responsible and knowledgable when it comes to taking care of them. I love walking dogs and like getting out for walks morning an evening.
Prior to going overseas, I lived in a garden apartment in Paddington for four years. I took care of the communal gardens and grew my own herbs and some veggies.
Apart from being an animal lover, I also make a great tennant & house sitter as I am very clean and live a healthy and quiet life.
My main passions are nutrition and natural therapies, yoga, walking, nature and animals.
I would love to take care of your pets and house and hope to hear from you soon!

Kaylene & James

  • QLD, VIC

My husband and I are retired and currently residing in Geelong, Victoria but love to travel. We love dogs, gardening and are general home-bodies.


  • Melbourne

* About me
Hello! I am a friendly and professional 36-year-old woman. I am originally from Hobart and have lived across Tasmania, Melbourne and Scotland over the years, and have plenty of world travel experience. My current situation is that I own a home in Ballarat and work full-time in Melbourne. I'm currently housesitting in Melbourne while my 100-year-old house is restored to its original beauty.

* Personality type
I am friendly, clean, respectful, responsible and tidy. I am an avid reader, creative writer and enjoy peace and quiet. I live a quite healthy lifestyle and enjoy dance classes and long walks. I don't smoke, I live a mainly vegetarian lifestyle, and I indulge in good wine and whisky for an occasional treat.

* Animals
I absolutely adore animals! I have plenty of experience with dogs, cats, birds and fish. I am responsible, warm and caring, and have plenty of love and cuddles to share with your pet. I am more than happy to give your pet their regular medication and take them on walks as required. I'm also more than happy to send you regular photos/texts of your pets being walked and looking happy so that you know they're being well cared for.

* Home
As a homeowner myself, I understand how important it is that a responsible and caring person looks after your home as if it were their own.
I am immaculately tidy, as I believe a home should be a sanctuary, so my personal standards are very high. I am house proud and spotless and while I love children, I don't have any of my own.
I have a green thumb and plenty of experience in gardens, so am more than happy to water your plants, prune your roses, tidy up leaves and keep your backyard beautiful.
I will not use your computer or your phone, wear shoes in your house, and will check your letterbox daily.
Your home will be immaculate on your return.

* Housesitting philosophy
I believe housesitting provides a wonderful opportunity for two parties to enter into a mutually respectful arrangement. I am happy to discuss and draft up any arrangements or terms and conditions with you. I have both references and a police check.

Robyn & Judy

  • Gold Coast & Hinterland

I am a fit, active 60yr old animal lover, now living in my own house on 2acres near Innisfail, but coming to the Gold Coast to spend Christmas with my 2 sisters. Having grown up on a sheep property, we always had 5 or so cats, 5 or 6 dogs, a few poddy lambs
& calves, chooks & the odd rescued bird, so animals have been a precious part of my family all our lives. As an adult, I was adopted by 2 cats over the years (Whinge, my stately, beautiful Abyssinian, & Topaz my brindle stray/princess!) as well as minding friends' dogs & cats over the years. After working as a volunteer at Friends of the Pound (Tweed) for 2 years, I adopted a beautiful BlueHeeler called Bert in 2002. He moved north with me in 2011, & we shared a wonderful life till sadly he died in July, at the great age of 15 1/2. Now my sisters & I feel we want to celebrate Christmas together somewhere new, in a nice "homey" quiet spot where we have some pets to give cuddles & affection to, as it feels wrong to have a Christmas without animal friends! And staying at either of their homes feels weird without Bertie, just yet. We'd just love to have the company of your precious furry friends for the week, & mind them safely for you while we relax. I am a Reg.Nurse/midwife & now self-employed as a qualified Naturopath. I am happy to speak with you, & provide references if you wish (including from a lady for whom I housesat in Carrara twice in recent years). Hoping to hear from you! Best wishes, Robyn.

Andrew & rena

  • Brisbane

Andrew and Rena have been living in Brisbane since 2001. Rena has been an academic advisor at Queensland University of Technology for over 14 years and has recently begun a Masters degree in Sustainable Development. Andrew worked as a primary school teacher up until 2015. We have a 22YO son who is doing his PhD in psychology at UQ. This year we returned from a 12 month volunteer experience in southern Myanmar with Australian Volunteers International. Rena worked at Myeik University developing language and teaching competencies. Andrew cooked, cleaned, shopped, did some volunteer teaching at an orphanage and tried to learn the language.
Since May this year we have done a 3.5 month house-sitting in Pinjarra Hills, 3 weeks in Teneriffe and 10 days in Holland Park. Our first housesitting experiences have been very rewarding and successful. We are interested in other medium to long term arrangements into 2018. Rena and I are at a great point in our lives where we have the freedom and flexibility to consider new study and employment opportunities. We want to do this while exploring alternative ways to live simply and through learning from new experiences.
Rena is originally form The USA so has family there and my family lives in Tasmania. Our personal preferences and family health issues has meant that we have never been committed in one place so we have always rented which in a real sense is like permanently housesitting. We have treated each house in which we have lived as our home, willing to maintain the condition of home and garden in a caring manner. We are pet lovers and pets seem to like us. We enjoy being outdoors -walking, swimming and the occasional game of tennis. We both do yoga and Andrew has a strong interest in meditation. We both enjoy music and reading and have a intense but friendly rivalry in scrabble. Andrew is learning the ukulele and Rena is keen to advance her knitting skills. We do not smoke. References are available upon request.


  • Alice Springs, Darwin, Brisbane, Gold Coast & Hinterland, Sunshine Coast, Northern, S.E & Central, S. Western

We would love to look after your pets and home while you go on vacation, we are tea total, non- smokers, honest with a healthy life style, we love animals, we would treat your home and look after your beautiful pets as if they were our own.
I have excellent references for your perusal and we have police checks should you require them
I look forward to hearing from you in the near future
Kind Regards
David & Sue Turnbull


  • Brisbane, North Western, WA

Hi there,
I have been house sitting off and on for the past few mths.I have had some lovely experiences.
I am not working at present so I'm available to be around the pets.This often suits but ofcourse depends on individual circumstances and need.
I have references and police check available for you on request
I look forward to hearing from
you if I am the sitter for you.
Yours kindly


  • QLD, SA, SE Vic

Have been travelling and house sitting for friends and mostly through "bush telegraph". We prefer to stay in our van and use toilet/shower in house... if available. We have farm sat at Oura, via Wagga for the last 3 years , Longest period 4 months'. Have assisted with cherry orchard. . picking, packing, sales etc. Gardening. pruning, general maintenance, lawn mowing. Monitoring small flock sheep, llamas, and caring for the girls, two kelpie dogs!!! We have also cared for house/farm property at Culcairn. As we have to travel back to Wagga on a regular basis to assist and care for elderly relative we can no longer travel to far away. Our family live on South Coast NSW and Bairnsdale Vic and our plan is to eventually settle in the Bairnsdale area so would be very interested in finding house sits there. We are both non smokers, hubby enjoys the occasional beer, plays social bowls, loves yarn especially with retired truck drivers.. working with machinery. We both love animals and enjoy caring for them, we have had our own fur pets, but when our little dog had to be put to sleep we decided .. no more until we settled down.. I enjoy gardening, movies, reading and have done volunteer work ( not so much, since we been travelling) scrapbooking, card making. walking. We are both very tidy and particular how we care for our own and other peoples possessions. We are happy to try most chores on farm and Ron usually is the worker, I do what I can to support him. He also likes fishing and we enjoy visiting new places, meeting the locals and the occasional visit to local club. Have written references.


  • Sydney, Central Coast, Hunter Valley, Mid North Coast, Northern Rivers, Wollongong & Illawarra


I'm Glen, a well-travelled, well-educated, independent spirit of a 29-year-old.

I was a successful full-time classical musician and played in the London Symphony Orchestra. But I've decided to transition to a different life now and the whole story is quite extroadinary. I've seen many parts of society and ways of living now, and gained great wisdoms as a result.

I've always been a careful and meticulous person and keep that quality now into my mid-life. I care a lot as a personality that means I've always been a 'high achiever' - from 98.45 in my HSC, to yes, London Symphony Orchestra.

Since quitting full-time music I've done some travelling (volunteering, 'WWOOFing', couchsurfing etc) and I've really gone on this big journey to discover life and break out from the shell I grew up in, which was ultra-conservative culturally.

I lived in a volunteer community for six months in 2016 where I cleaned toilets and bathrooms (and helped supervise a farm) every day - so I know how to leave your place exactly - no - better, than the way you left it!

I grew up on two rural properties with dogs, an amazing warrior cat who I saw as my older sister (she was born before me and she lasted 19 years), guinea pigs, budgies, cockatoos...and cows! I LOVE all animals, dogs most of all. Others like rats, rabbits, birds, or various farm animals, I will enjoy living with and looking after them all. I'm more than happy to give dogs lots of walks because I love fresh air and exercise as much as THEY do.

And I'm the son of an organic fruit and vegetable farmer (where at one point I wanted to do that myself) so I can look after your veges and plants if you need that too!

My current work is mostly from home over the Internet - I'm becoming a successful blogger online in a new career - but I also have a remaining part-time 'day job' in the meantime which I'm weaning off, but it only requires one 8-hour shift per week during the daytime so I'll still mostly be able to be at home the majority of the time, if need be!

So basically my current work lifestyle suits house sitting perfectly. I've decided to do it for six months to save up for a trip to the USA in mid-2017! win win.

I will be a great looker-afterer of your house and loved ones left at home (both plant and animal), so please see my combined house sitting and personal reference from a classical music colleague and lifelong family friend, Karina, who has known me since I was 8 years old.

I'm a non-smoker, am not big into alcohol and live a very healthy, natural health-leaning lifestyle.

I look forward to hearing from you!