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Anne & Peter

  • Melbourne


  • ACT, NSW, QLD, SA, TAS, Melbourne, Northern Vic, Lakes area, SW Vic, WA

I currently live and work in Melbourne, living in a share household. I house sit as I also enjoy having time to myself. I also love caring for pets. Over the past years I have sat on many occasions with many homeowners asking me back to sit for them.

I will take really good care of your pets. I genuinely enjoy both cats and dogs. I Like taking dogs for walks and offering lots of affection. Same for cats too...except the walking.

Will also take good care of your property and leave it in an excellent condition.

I have excellent references. A police check. I don't smoke.
I am a friendly respectful guy who is very clean and tidy
Cheers, Patrick


  • ACT, NSW, Alice Springs, Darwin, South Eastern, Central, Bundaberg & Wide Bay, Mackay & Whitsundays, Northern QLD, Western QLD, Mid North, South, Spencer Gulf, West Coast, TAS, VIC

Hello. I am a retired senior federal public servant, mature (sadly!), married woman looking to do some house sitting. I live with my husband in our own home on the Gold Coast and we currently have a dog and a cat. I am an experienced "pet" person, having had all manor of animals in my home, from mice, birds, fish to cats and dogs. Our own dog (a kelpie) is currently 7 years old and a very crazy young thing, needing lots and lots of exercise. He was supposed to be an outside dog, but somehow that rule hasn't been fully applied! Our cat is almost 4 and is very much busy with chasing the dog around. I am able to garden, clean the pool, look after the house and pets. I am a non smoker. Though I plan to "house sit" usually by myself, there would be times when my husband would join me for a short break. We are both thoroughly house trained! We are planning to formally retire in a few years and I feel that house sitting in different places would help me to get a feel for various districts by living like a local, rather than as a tourist. I am most happy to look after pets and would look after your home well. I have now done many house sits (and many return sits) and can forward names and contact details for these house owners as references. I have a written personal character reference that I can send on to you as well. Hopefully all will tell you how wonderful I am. Oh, and also that I am honest, reliable and trustworthy. You can email me on anytime. My preference is for short breaks, up to three weeks or so, and around the ACT or anywhere in NSW. Thanks. Eeva


  • Melbourne

I'm a mid-40s, single, non-smoking woman who has just moved from Brisbane to Melbourne to take up a post-graduate place studying Art History at Melbourne University. As I haven't spent much time in Melbourne before, I am house and cat-sitting to get a feel for different neighbourhoods, before eventually choosing a neighbourhood to call home.

I adore cats and have lived with about 14 or so over the years, including my beloved Merry who crossed the rainbow bridge when she was 18 years old. Before Christmas I cat-sat the incredibly handsome and huge black Maine Coone Astro who completely wrapped me around his front paw (see photo and reference from owner Megan in Richmond). Over Christmas it was the lovely and contented Billy who snuggled her way into my heart in Highett (see photo and request a reference). And then it was the turn of Milly (owned by Natasha in Windsor - reference pending) who nose-rubbed her way into becoming my sweetheart. In the past, I have house and cat sat many times for Robyn who has two cats Lily and Oscar, and 5 chickens. I also house sat a couple of times for Jane (a friend of a friend) and took care of her amazingly affectionate cat Mandu who was a strictly indoor cat and a diabetic so needed a special diet.

You can be assured that any instructions you leave for your cats will be strictly adhered too. I'll also talk to them all the time, play with them if they want, take them for walks in the garden (if allowed) and, of course, give them lots of pats, scratches, cuddles and belly rubs (if permitted). Door opening on demand is a specialty and I come with my own laser pointer for your cat's red dot hunting entertainment. I hope they will snuggle up to me whenever they want and sleep on my bed; I'm experienced at cleaning up hairballs and cat chuck; and I've scooped out a fair amount of litter in my time. Anything smelly gets dealt with pretty quickly.

I love gardening and find it very relaxing so I'm happy to take care of your plants too.

If you choose me to be your house sitter I will take care of your house as if it were my own. Everything will be put back in its place and will be taken care of and cleaned while you're away. I will very much live on the surface of your house and won't be opening drawers or cupboards unless necessary. Your privacy will be respected. There won't be any parties because, well, I'm a bit over all that at my age - not to mention I don't know many people in Melbourne yet. You can rely on me to be polite and friendly to your neighbours and to be respectful and considerate of them. Loud music is not my thing. A police check is available.

I'm looking for a comfortable home with good WiFi, air con (yes, I have been here for some of those 42 degree days), and not more than a 10 - 15 minute walk from amenities such as regular, frequent public transport.

I am in Melbourne and can come to meet you if you would like to interview me in advance of the house sit. My long career in management consulting and banking demonstrates that I am organised, reliable, capable and trustworthy. You're welcome to check me out by looking up my profile on linkedin (link on request).

I'm more than happy to answer any questions you may have via email or phone. Please do get in touch if you would like the peace of mind of knowing a mature, responsible woman is following your instructions and caring for your home, your pets, your plants and your mail while you're away. I look forward to hearing from you.


  • Syd. Eastern suburbs, Syd. Lower N Shore, Syd. NW suburbs, Syd. Southern suburbs, Syd. SW suburbs

I am a single retired lady 71 years young (don’t look my age luckily) a non smoker and I just love cats but cannot have one where I live at present.
I have had cats many times in my life and am happy to look after yours as if it was my own. I sadly had to have my last cat put down and really miss having a cuddly little person around to spoil.
I am also a home owner, like to keep a nice home and consequently would carefully look after yours. I am responsible, reliable and considerate and would leave your home as clean and tidy as I found it.
I have done one house sit before in Annandale where I looked after two cats while their owners went on holiday to UK, and have also done two house exchanges and had no negative feed back from anyone when they returned to their property.


  • Melbourne

As a mature 22 year old University student from a big, loving family, I like to have a quiet place to study and work. I currently live at home with my family and study whilst working part time (one day a week). House sitting is a lovely break from routine. I am house-proud and will treat any and all household rules with respect and diligence. I'm not your regular 22 year old University student; I enjoy a quieter life, I don't drink (save the occasional glass of wine at dinner) or smoke and I have a strong sense of responsibility. I have lived independently overseas several times. I lead a healthy, clean lifestyle, which includes lots of exercise: I regularly go to gym and do MMA classes weekly. I am a clean and organised person as well as an animal lover. I currently have a cat named Milly, and I look after my dad's dog, Trixie, when he is overseas, a very sweet rescue dog, whom I love dearly. I treat pets as if they are my own, taking care of their daily needs as well as giving them love and attention, with lots of walks, pats and cuddles. I have house sat for friends and family, who were all very happy with the level of service I provided. I take the responsibility of looking after someone else's home very seriously. References are readily available upon request. I can send you photos of your house/pets/garden as often as you would like while you're away, so you can be sure all is well.

Please email or call at any time to discuss your needs.


  • Syd. Eastern suburbs


  • Sydney, Central Coast, Wollongong & Illawarra, Perth

Hello, my name is Emma and I would love to care and look after your home and pets.

As a former property owner, I understand the responsibilities and what it takes to care for a home. I am a single, non-smoking, professional female in my early forties.

I lead a quieter life based around healthy, conscious living. To maintain a clear mind I like to be clean and tidy. I have no pets nor children and am police cleared.

I'm Australian born, well travelled, university educated and had been living in the UK and then relocated back to Australia after receiving a terminal cancer diagnosis for my Dad who then passed away.

I love all sorts of animals and grew up with a wide variety - dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, chickens and ducks.

After many years abroad, house sitting is perfect for me as I've relocated back to Australia and would like to research different areas before deciding on where to buy and saving to buy in the process.

I'm also an animal lover and enjoy having a temporary pet as a friend who I can give love and affection to.

Having owned my own home, I understand the responsibilities and what it takes to care for a home. I am organised and efficient and come complete with a checklist to make sure we have everything covered before you leave. Your home and pets will be cared for and well looked after.

I have experience with dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, ducks, fish, lizards and even a snake (!). I have also administered medication to dogs.

I've looked after all sizes and types of homes from apartments, townhouses, stand alone homes to 1-2 acre off grid properties with reticulation systems.

I'm also a nature lover and enjoy gardening especially in the veggie patch.

I work in the CBD and sometimes from home, usually a day a week. I'm currently using public transport with no car.

I am available now so please do get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Testimonials from other sites and direct bookings:

"Emma looked after my house for 8 days. She came over wrote notes on what was needed to be done. She was keen on looking after the reptiles as well as my cats. When I came home the house was spotless, fresh sheets, made bed, and bath towels waiting for me in bathroom. Bins were emptied and animals all fed and happy. She was easily contactable and offered to send me updates if needed. Emma also took care of my plants out the back. Highly recommended, trustworthy and very clean neat and tidy. " Brenna, Aveley, WA.

"Emma was great and very diligent. Very happy to endorse her." Oliver, Perth, WA, January 2018

"We had Emma look after our house and 6 year old French Bulldog and we came back to a very tidy house and a happy, well looked after dog. Emma was great with keeping in contact for the time we were away and letting us know that everything was going well. She did a fantastic job and we would definitely recommend her if you are looking for a friendly, reliable house sitter who will take great care of your home and pets." Tim South Fremantle WA.

"I am very grateful to Emma for minding my home. Emma looked after my 2 bedroom second story apartment whilst I was overseas for over 3 weeks. During that time, Emma took care of my beloved plants, which were thriving when I returned home. I received regular communication from Emma when it was necessary, sending photos of my important mail, so I could problem solve whilst I was away, which gave me piece of mind. My home was spotlessly clean and tidy when I arrived home, especially the kitchen and living area, and it was very well cared for by Emma.
I would certainly welcome Emma into my home again, and highly recommend her as a house (and plant) sitter." Helen , Yokine, WA.

"Emma was great, really organized and sent us a pre- sitting questionnaire to make sure we had let her know everything so she didn't have to disturb us while we were away. We came back to a spotless home ad a very happy dog. We would be delighted for Emma to look after the house and Ebony again." Neil & Jean-Claude, Rozelle, NSW.

"While away on holiday Emma house sat my home. She took wonderful care of my home and pets. Max my then ailing dog which I was really worried about as he was in his last days was taken care of and given his medications. I came home to a perfectly tidy house and was really relieved she was there to take care of Max and take such good care of him in his state and Jasper my cat." Annette , Leederville, WA. Direct Booking.

References available on request.


  • Melb. Inner suburbs, Melb. NE suburbs, Melb. NW suburbs

I'm Petrice a 27yr old nurse, currently living in Eltham with my parents and their dog. I am looking for any length house sitting while I save for my own place. I love dogs and have previously house and dog sat. Growing up I have always had some type of animal to look after so I will look after yours as if it is my own. I'm very clean and tidy and a non-smoker. Also very active so if you're pet requires a walking or running buddy I am more than happy to do so!

Henning & Miemsie

  • Syd. Eastern suburbs, Syd. Lower N Shore, Syd. Southern suburbs, Syd. SW suburbs

We are a healthy, clean and tidy, nonsmoking, '40-ish', pet friendly couple, looking to stay in new places. We’re very comfortable with responsibility and love meeting new people and animals. We have experience as house sitters and have excellent references. We pay attention to detail, can follow instructions & take pride in providing excellent service. This involved feeding animals and walking the dogs; maintaining a suburban house and garden. We love animals.

As long-term pet, home & garden owners ourselves, we're very comfortable with looking after your precious pets, home & plants. Having had pets for many years and our last dog [Tarzan and Boerboel] died of old age. We have no pets now, a conscious decision to be able to travel. Meanwhile, we continue to get our pet 'fixes' via house sits, friends, family & neighbours who have pets.

We are both house proud and would consider it a privilege to care for your home, pets and garden. We would look after each home in the same manner that we love and respect our own.

Henning has been house sitting full time for the past 6 months, looking after cats, dogs and chickens. He has plenty of experience taking care of animals! Homeowners can expect their property to be well maintained, clean, neat and tidy. I join him for 3 months at a time or whenever I get the opportunity. Both of us have been invited a couple times to mind people’s houses and various animals prior to the 6 months.

We haven’t decide where we will be living yet and has decided that house sitting will give us the opportunity to experience different suburbs and to save up for a deposit.

We prefer to meet you prior to the stay. That way you can meet us and we’re able to hear the important info about your pet/s and their routine, walking routes, special needs etc, also other relevant info about the house and associated duties.

References available on the site. Recent WWC [working with children certificate] provided which includes police checks, Non-smoker, Experience with Domestic Animals.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
Henning and Miemsie


  • NSW

Am mature aged, fit and healthy.
Have farm, animal and house sit on and off for Many years.
I travel with a pure bred choc lab. He has a beautiful nature.
We love road trips, meeting new beings, and love the freedom.
We love to clean up, and surprise the owners, when they return. Good at organizing and neat as well.
Non smoker.
References available.

Joyce & Brian

  • Sydney

We are a retired couple who stay in the beautiful Isle of Skye in Scotland. We come to Sydney to spend some of our time with our daughter, her partner and our grandson. We are now committed for our visit for summer 2017/18. We do not have dates fixed yet for next summer. As well as our house sitting this year in Sydney, we have house sat in Scotland for friends. My husband and I have completed about 12 house exchanges , 7 of them in Australia. Quite a few of our exchangers have mentioned how clean and tidy we have left their homes.
We have 3 self catering apartments on our property, which can be viewed on our website Reviews can be read on Tripadvisor property no 3676647.
As cat owners jointly for 40 years, we would be happy to care for any cats or other small pets.
In the summer, we spend a lot of time in our garden and are self sufficient in vegetables for a good part of the year and would be happy to water and tend a garden where required.
We both like reading and going for not too strenuous walks and are interested in bird watching and other wildlife. Our other great interest is good food.
You have our assurance that your house would be cared for as our own and any minor maintenance attended to.
References can be supplied on request.

Birgitta and Ed

  • Melb. NE suburbs, Melb. NW suburbs, Melb. SE suburbs, Northern Vic, SE Vic, SW Vic

Welcome to our profile!
We’re Birgitta and Ed - a retired energetic pet loving couple.

Are you anxious to ensure your house is kept secure and garden well cared for?
Do you want genuine animal lovers to look after your pets while you're away?
Would you like the peace of mind that comes with mature, responsible house sitters?
Do you want regular updates and pictures of your pets?
Would you like house sitters who are committed to following your instructions?

If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions, you’ve found the right house sitters. It’s what we look for when we have folks house-sitting for us.

We are a clean, friendly, non-smoking, retired professional but energetic and down-to-earth couple. We love all kinds of animals and consider it a privilege to care for your home, pets and garden as we would our own.

We’re from the UK but spend much of our time in Australia since we retired as our only daughter lives in Melbourne. Having owned dogs, cats, hamsters and others, we miss having pets of our own and really enjoy looking after them. However we decided it would be unfair to have more when we started travelling so much after retirement.

What does that mean for you? You get sitters with the time, experience and flexibility to keep your home securely occupied, cuddle, feed and walk your pets during the day and give you the peace of mind you need to enjoy your time away. We can provide excellent references.

We’re happy to care for your pot plants, gardens, pool and lawns according to your instructions. Ed is familiar with all kinds of garden machinery and equipment, loves working with tools and does everything from pool maintenance to wood chopping. Birgitta likes keeping the house tidy and clean and we enjoy gardening together. We also have our own car so don’t mind remote locations.

Whether it's your pets that need caring for, your lawns need mowing, your pool needs maintaining or your garden needs watering, we'd love to help out. Message us for our phone number - you can also initially meet us on Skype or FaceTime and in person if we look like your kind of house sitters.

kelsey & Dylan

  • Melbourne

Hi! Kelsey & Dylan here, we are from the south east suburbs of Melbourne.

We are ages 26 and 29, and have lots of experiences caring for and looking after all kinds of pets, including, cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, snakes, and mice. We would both love to look after your pets and house, whilst you are away and enjoying yourself.

Our aim is to ensure that you don't worry about your home or beloved pets, as we will care for them as if they were our own.

I am a registered nurse, and my partner Dylan looks after animals which involves dog walking, training and minding. We are both clean and tidy people, and will always ensure your home is kept in this way.

We are both non smokers. We both enjoy gardening, and would love to keep your garden looking great!

Being a nurse, I can understand how important it is that pets have their required medications for their health and wellbeing, therefore if your pets do require certain medications to be administered, this will be of no issue at all.

We don't have our own pets due to moving around a lot, but like looking after others, and would love to look after yours!

We are always keen and available to chat and meet you at your property to discuss potential house sitting jobs, as we believe a meet and greet face to face is important. We are also more than happy to provide further personal information including references and police checks upon contact.

Kind Regards,

Kelsey & Dylan!

Ps. Cant wait to meet your awesome pets & homes! :)

Duties we can include but are not limited to:
- Pet minding
- Pet sitting
- Dog walking
- Looking after all types of pets
- Feeding
- Medication administration
- Vet appointment attendances
- Garden maintenance
- Pool maintenance
- Bringing in mail & bins
- General clean up and ensure home is tidy
- Checking on property, including gates and fences


  • Sydney

Hi, I'm a 24 year old student, I work as a cleaner and babysitter and looking into getting into housesitting!
I have a one year old Samoyed puppy who ideally I could bring with me to housesit, she is very friendly and great with other animals.
I love animals and non smoker!
Thank you :)


  • Melbourne

Hi there, thanks for taking a moment to look at my profile.

I'm a 51 year old, not a 20 something experimenting with travel.

I've made a very conscious decision to be a nomad, taking in variety of place, people and purpose wherever I can.

I'm primarily in startup mode with my new small business...a supplier of digital business cards (yes, they're a thing !) and I'm into my second year, having survived the all important first year (

I'm lucky to have two great kids (young adults) and two ex wives (also young adults at times).

I choose the travel life and I've gotten rid of most of my possessions. My car, computer and clothing are pretty much all I own.

I'm very comfortable with hard work having owned my own 80 acre property in Tassie for 5 years, off grid, organic vege garden, goats, dogs, chicken, cat, geese and the odd snake or two. Along with the wedge tail eagles they pretty much owned me.

I'm happy around animals of all types and very fit.

I have no 'needs' except wifi and fresh water. If you can house me, and command me to meet your needs I'd love to take care of your precious space, animals and interests, for as long as you require.

Let's start a conversation.

0411 367 890

Judy & Ian

  • ACT, Sydney, Central Coast, Hunter Valley, QLD, SA, TAS, WA

My husband and I are both retired, although Ian does work every now and then for his previous employer (finance area). I retired 3 years ago but had been a School Admonistration Manager (14 years). I still have security clearance to work in schools, therefore have had the full criminal record check.
We did our first house sitting and pet minding "job" in March and April 2015 (6 wks) and we looked after lovely little dog and cat
(See Reference) and we then did another house sit, pet minding (5 wks) looking after another gorgeous dog (See Reference).
Our background in brief: Five adult children. Married 42 years. We now live in an Over 50s complex and are enjoying it very much. We had previously lived at Sylvania, southern suburb of Sydney, for 35 years. Always been involved in community activities (Judy - P&C life member, and raising money for various charities. Ian - Soccer Chairmans award for volunteer work, also local Scout group committee member and volunteer work). We love pets, growing up I had a poodle, and Ian had a Jack Russell. Our family dog was a Staffie called Cypress. She was loved for 14 years, and when the timing is right we will have another Staffie. But we love all pets. We are honest and reliable, and would take good care of your home, inside and out. Ian really enjoys mowing lawns, yes he does. And I love pottering in the garden. We would now like to do more travelling and exploring of this wonderful country. Please contact us if you would like more information.


  • Canberra
  • Reduced Contact

My husband and I are mature home owners in our early 60's, honest, clean and tidy non-smokers. We have renovated houses so have a knowledge of problems with maintenance that may occur in any home; admitedly we call in the experts now (much easier than DIY). We both adore animals and I volunteer for the RSPCA. My husband's work is mostly computer based which is ideal for house-sitting. Our pets have been varied over the years, we have cared for budgies, chickens, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, mice, fish in ponds and aquariums, frogs, lizards and axolotyls. My family have a great empathy for animals and they, in return, love us back. At the moment we are without pets as the children have left home and our elderly dog died a few years ago. We see this as an opportunity to travel more and pet minding allows us to cherish and care for pets again. We ARE experienced housesitters- with police checks. We care about gardens and enjoy time tending veges, vigilance is important where your home and garden is concerned. We have a daughter living in the inner northern suburbs of Canberra and woud dearly love to visit her more often, so it is ideal for us to care for your home while you are away. See my first reference for police check (I have 'doodled' out my home address).

Jenny & Scott

  • Melbourne, Bendigo


  • Sunshine Coast, Melbourne

Hi, I was raised on a country property surrounded by animals. I have spent my adult years living primarily in Sydney & Melbourne. I have been a home owner in both cities. I love outdoor activities and I have had dogs of my own.
I am single, employed & lead a quiet life. I enjoy Theatre & the arts, yoga, swimming, walking, reading & the company of pets.
My children are now young adults and living independently. I am in a transition stage of my life and am seeking house sitting with the company of pets whilst I save and prepare to travel.


  • Sydney

Hi there, I am a 34 year old female looking to housesit over the next few months to help save for a deposit on an apartment. I'm a non-smoker and a huge animal lover who would be more than happy to look after any pets as required. I'm currently working in Surry Hills, so anywhere within a 30 minute commute from there would be ideal. Housesitting/petsitting references available. Hope to hear from you. Thanks! Liz

Suzanne Angelique

  • Sydney

Hello, I am a 57 year single woman, retired business owner. (non smoker, non drinker)

I took care of several homes and pets. I have had cats since I was a little kid. So your pets are like your children, I do know the feeling. You like to leave your pet knowing that they are safe and taken care of. I have taken care of animals of my own as well as of others. (cats, dogs, birds) Animals have always been my passion, as you can see in the photo's (even the exotic ones). Love to cuddle and play with animals.

I did a few housesittings for a couple (2017 and 2018) in Sydney, taking care of their Beagle, cat and budgie. (walking and feeding, playing, grooming), (reference available)

I take my responsibilities very serious. I am a trustworthy, quiet and relaxed person, tidy and clean. Knows how to take action in stressful situations. Very security conscious. I don't go out at night. If you prefer, I stay in touch with you on a regular basis. (by phone or Skype etc.)

Besides taking care of the animals other tasks I do are taking care of the garden like mowing the lawn, watering the plants, cleaning the house, collecting the mail, taking out the bin. Your house will be the same as you left it.

If you prefer, I am happy to discuss the do's and don'ts so that everything goes the way you like it to go. Am I your next housesitter?

Love to hear from you.

Suzanne Angelique

Samantha & Allan

  • Central Coast

Hi there
We are gypsies at heart, loving a simple life of meditation, yoga, surf and enjoying all that nature has to offer! We've created a beautiful balance in our lives between work, family commitments and leisure which makes it perfect for us to travel round and care for others homes, gardens and pets.
Sam and Al


  • ACT, NSW, Alice Springs, Darwin, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, WA

We are experienced house-sitters, who are taking a sabbatical from work (Stuart from Save the Children & Dianne from Gartner). We have relocated back to Australia from the UK, and are continuing our house-sitting adventure in this beautiful country. Stuart is an Australian/British dual-citizen and Dianne is Dutch, with Australian Permanent Residency.

We are mature and reliable individuals, who own properties in the UK and Australia. We have completed many house-sits and we're delighted to have received great references for these. Our experience includes providing medicine to cats, and handling veterinary emergencies, as well as looking after dogs, chickens, birds and other small pets. We will follow any specific requirements you have, such as grooming your pets, keeping them indoors when required and any specific needs for your home.

You can be sure that we'll look after your beloved furry friends and your home, as if they were our own.

We have many five-star reviews for our house sitting on TrustedHousesitters - you can view our profile and reviews at the following site: - We also have detailed references and UK & Australian police-checks, so you can be assured of your home and your pet's safety and security by selecting us as your next house-sitters.

David & Rhonda

  • Sydney

We are semi retired currently in Sydney after selling our boat in Fiji. We are both fit and active walk most mornings or swim, people say we are a little adventurous but we just enjoy life and animals are apart of life.

Pearl & Barry

  • Melbourne

Kia Ora.

My names Pearl, I'm from New Zealand and am fast approaching my 28th year.

We love animals of all shapes, feathers, fur and scales. I have experience rehabilitating dogs and cats and always find I have a ton of love to give!
We have house sat for at least 20 different home owners, including this website and

We always like to meet all house sits prior to, to see if we match.

If we accept your house sit and you like us, you can expect a ton of love and genuine care, daily walk/runs depending on the breed (we will walk the corgis) and as many updates via social media as you can handle.
You can expect to arrive home to your place just as you left it with all linen washed dried and folded, floors mopped swept vacuumed and probably some mail.

We like to add all of our house sits on a social media platform’s so we can send pictures or via txt is just as good.
Please do check out our references!

Barry is a former manager at WINC Warehouse in Port Melbourne and currently working in the West. He owns a home in Mill Park (near Uni Hill). We rent this out so as to save in preparation for Africa.

I also work in the west in preparation to save for Africa/Chiangmai where we plan to volunteer and look after big cat (Africa – with Kevin Richardson)

In Chiangmai we will volunteer with Lek Chailhert at the Elephant Nature Park
Potentially Vet Paw aswell.

Neither of us smoke or drink, we both have Federal Police Checks and references available.
We'd love to come and meet you and see if we fit!


Pearl Paki & Barry Jenkins


  • Melbourne, WA

I have recently retired as a University Lecturer at Salford University, UK. I was formally an Officer in the Royal Air
Force. I still have some contact with the RAF so have full security clearance. I have been to Perth WA on 4 previous occasions having contact with RAAF Pearce.
I am coming to Perth WA at the beginning of June 2018 for 6 months.
My sister lives in Sorrento and is a nursing sister at Seacrest Doctors Practice. On previous visits to WA I have undertaken 2 dog/house sits. One for a nursing friend of my sisters in Ocean Reef looking after 2 dogs.
I am looking to find other house sits in WA.
I have owned dogs and look after my daughters two cats (British Blues) and dog (photo of her dog given) when she is away.
I am single (widower). I like to keep myself fit going to the gym. A none smoker and do not drink. My interests are sport. I hold a Private Pilots Licence and enjoy tennis and sailing.


  • Gold Coast & Hinterland, Sunshine Coast

Healthy 72 year old non smoker. X grey nomad/motorhome traveler and it was suggested by friends I try house sitting for a change. I have had a successful time so far and met some nice people and formed new friendships during my stays.
Happy to co-operate with owners wishes whilst minding their house/property and or pets.
Will have my partner most times depending on our family committments. We are both very fussy about cleanliness and will treat your home like our own.
If practical I will meet personally, otherwise would like to talk on the phone.
We are committed, honest and very reliable, please see references for more information.
Kind regards Frank Anderson.


  • Melbourne


I'm 56, currently single, non-smoking, quiet professional living in Kensington and working in South Melbourne. I just rented out my home and I'm looking to house sit for a short period, as this would allow me more time to find a new place without being rushed. My preference is to house sit in a low maintenance home in the inner suburbs of Melbourne and would love to care for a pet / pets. I'm very experienced with caring for high maintenance cats, as I owned a (Persian) cat Hugo, who sadly passed away 2 years ago at the age of 15. I'm less experienced with dogs, as I've never owned one and only ever looked after a house once before which was home to a small Jack Russell. I've lived in my own home for more than more than 30 years, but have had house sitters look after my house and Hugo on quite a few occasions, so I know what's required. I am a responsible, reliable and considerate person, and would take excellent care of your property and pets. At this stage, I am available from 21st May 2017 to 15th July.



  • Launceston, Bendigo, Gippsland

I am a nurse who works night shift in Bendigo. I have been house/pet sitting in Launceston over the last 3 years while living in Tas. I have now relocated to Vic. I genuinely enjoy caring for animals and am extremely trustworthy. References & Police check available. I am happy to undertake long or short sits including at short notice if I'm available. I would be home during day and at work overnight.