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Elizabeth & David

  • North Coast

Greetings all Hounds (and owners) in Need!
Doggies are such beautiful people. Ever present loyal companions and selfless givers of licks and cuddles and boundless personal training discipline to the human members of their pack. Quick to forgive our human transgressions, they will invariably be overjoyed whenever we return from an absence whether it’s been 3 minutes, 3 hours or 3 days. Doggies make us feel we are the centre of the universe and to them we indeed are. So, of course, such devotion deserves to be repaid with the kindest consideration possible when a doggie must face the temporary stress of separation from the pack he or she is accustomed to.
All this we know very well. As ex-owners of two beautiful hounds (a German Shepherd and a Blue Heeler….now passed away), we are ever so grateful for having experienced their beautiful companionship as well as for the very kind assistance of loving dog carers who so ably filled our spots in the pack whenever we needed to be away.
So now it’s time to both fill the void and to give back. We need to give back to the doggies who have so enriched out lives and to the good people who gave us temporary respite. Thus far we have limited ourselves to enlisting our neighbourhood dogs to take us for walks and to be our sometime sleeping companions. (Their owners think they are the lucky ones but we know better!) But now one of us is retired and the other is in transition so finally we have the ability to move further afield.
So, who are we? Elizabeth is an architectural illustrator working from her home computer and David is a newly retired academic, now a volunteer JP and Firefighter. We are both non-smokers and have both been long term members of the RSPCA.
We do own our own home and so fully understand how important your personal refuge is to you. We respect your right to privacy and we aim to meet all your home maintenance expectations. We have references attesting to our integrity and reliability should you be interested.
We do hope our profile meets with your Hound’s approval (and that of yours of course!).


  • Perth

I love to maintain your home, keep your animals and gardens healthy and happy.

"Sammi has looked after my home in several occasions and what a blessing it is to have her. She gives my dog, bobby, as much love as i do, she keeps my space in a beautiful energy and you can feel her love in here. She also showed me how to use natural cleaning and house holds items which i am very thankful for. "
"Sammi stayed in my home and looked after my animals and my garden while i went away for 4 days, very thankful we found her at the last minute as she did more then we could have asked in loving our home and animals"
"Sammi always loves my home as she would her own and really looks after it and our dear animals with so much love and care. I feel comfortable that she makes this her home."
"I can't recommend her enough for the beautiful job she did with my garden and my home, it felt so loved and refreshed when i came home."
"My garden is so happy after the few weeks with Sammi, and my home was certainly left in beautiful hands. Thanks Sammi."

I am a passionate and warm-hearted Yoga Teacher + Mind body and soul coach.
I am a naturally enthusiastic and vibrant person.
I have a lot of experience house sitting and looking after gardens and animals.
I have worked in garden maintenance and love gardening and being in nature.
I have looked after a range of animals.
I am naturally outgoing and active.
Love to get outdoors so exercising dogs is a bonus.
I have experience with natural health, love growing my own vegetables, I am a healthy eater, non smoker and non drinker.


  • Syd. Eastern suburbs, Syd. Lower N Shore

I am an open, friendly and honest northern beaches local.
I love being home in a tidy comfortable environment. I enjoy yoga, cooking, art and drawing.
I don't have pets of my own but I like the company of cats and dogs and enjoy plenty of exercise so am always more than happy to get outside in the fresh air.
I have previously dog/house minded in Mosman and Freshwater.
I work 9-5 in Barangaroo and work from home once a week.

Marija and Beran & Cheryl

  • Melbourne

Hi my name is Marija,

I am a mature age student completing my honours year at R.M.I.T. university studying a double degree in social work and psychology. As I am from the Mornington Peninsula I have teamed up with my best buddy from uni, Cheryl. to look after properties whilst completing our final honours year. Cheryl work is rostered, so that we make a great tag team able to ensure your property is attended almost 24/7 by one of us. We quietly study or rest from work and love the company of pets which makes us not miss home so much.

I am from time to time, depending on the location, teaming with my son to support him through his first year of engineering at Swinburne as he has early starts and long days. He is 18, quiet focussed and respectful. He also has been house, pet sitting and child minding.

Since commencing house sitting last year I have had the pleasure of looking after your beautiful homes and fur babies continuously. The experience has been wonderful and owners love the care and attention to detail we offer. Astonishingly, all of our home owners have invited us back, often multiple times and always comment on how the house is sparkling upon their return, with nothing left to do...... some saying it was like walking back into a hotel. We care about your property and fur babies because they become our home and fur babies whilst you are away. I always send photos and updates by sms or fb so you know what's going on....of course if you don't want that, that's fine too. You will see by our references that people trust us implicitly, because we are always upfront, honest, meticulously clean and reliable.

Having grown up on the Mornington Peninsula with a menagerie of pet cats, dogs and free range chickens and ducks, I enjoy down time in the garden playing with my pets or taking them for walks on our property or down at our beautiful Mornington Peninsula beaches. In cooler weather we (Alley and Toto, the dogs) tend to cuddle inside or lie nearby keeping me company whilst I study.

We always endeavour to leave a place better than we find it, so that each household eases back into their daily routine with a minimum of fuss. In the past I have also bred dogs and looked after our friends' houses, properties and pets, including horses whilst they were away for both short and extended periods of time. I also love the serenity of my cold water fish tank.

Trust and flexibility are paramount when you chose to have us house-sit. We have current police and working with children checks. In addition, I volunteer with Red Cross emergency services and we have decades of experience, both as home owners and land lords.We ensure the care of your home and pets the way we would care for our own. I have great, open and collaborative relationships with both my tenants and the agent I employ and would anticipate having the same with you.

As a back up, I have my 24 year old animal loving daughter, Miona who lives in town. She has great house sitting experience and all our house owners have loved the help she has extended them, be it with ensuring maintenance and repairs are finished or snuggling their cats, cuddling their dogs or caring for their horses. Working part time means she is available to be around to keep your animals company and keep your house safe.

I look forward to meeting you and answering any questions you may have.

Charlotte & Filip

  • Melbourne

Hi! I am a university student nearing the end of my Bachelor of Environment and Society at RMIT. In between studying hard, I am also a nanny with a reputable nanny agency and spend a lot of time looking after kids aged anywhere between 0 and 13. As a result, I am very experienced in looking after other people's houses! I also have a Working with Children check and a Police check. I have spent years renting houses and know what is required to keep a house in a good, clean condition. I have a keen interest in health and fitness, sport, film and cooking/eating! I am a very tidy person and enjoy cleaning/undertaking domestic tasks. I absolutely love animals, I grew up with dogs and a very soft spot for cats. I've had to leave my dog behind in Sydney with my parents so would relish the opportunity to hang out with a pet again.My partner Fil works full time as a head barista. We both have high standards of cleanliness and enjoy keeping our living space lovely and tidy. We both do a lot of walking and would love to have a puppy companion join us on our walks! I am able to provide both personal and professional references upon request and would be happy to answer any other questions you may have for me.

Helen & Tony

  • ACT, NSW, Alice Springs, Darwin, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC

We are two retired, active, music and food loving schoolteachers with a penchant for travelling and enjoying new experiences. We have been involved in house and pet sitting for many years and in many places throughout Australia and overseas. While we have a home in Adelaide, we enjoy a nomadic lifestyle in our motorhome, which makes it unfair to have pets of our own. Housesitting allows us to indulge our love of animals and over the years we have cared for many dogs, cats, birds, horses, sheep, goats, cattle and the like, with dogs, whether big and boisterous or small and cuddly, being our special love. We are certainly respectful, house-proud sitters, with Tony being a dab hand at housework and gardening while Helen is something of an expert at quality control, and you can rest assured that your property and pets will be cared for as if they are our own. We will happily provide you with contact details for phone referees if required.


Cal & Yvonne

  • WA

Retired School Teachers...foot loose and fancy free...loving this adventure of ours...seeing the time constraints...been married for 40 years...clean, tidy, responsible, reliable, honest & trustworthy. You can rest assured that we'll act on your behalf and look after things while you're away - animals, of course, included.
References on request.

Martina & Sean

  • Sydney

Sean and I really enjoy house / pet sitting and have had plenty of experience including owning our own pets from guinnea pigs to dogs.
We have references and a police certificate to show if required.
We are pretty flexible where we can house sit but it needs to be close to public transport.
I only work 4 days and Sean is not able to work at the moment until clearance come through from his visa application, so he would have more time to spend with your pets.
Hoping we can help you out real soon with your housesit.
Regards Martina & Sean

Paul & Nicky

  • Brisbane, South Eastern, Central Coast (Qld)


we are a couple in our 50's who are wanting to start house sitting. At this stage we are both working but that is likely to change in the next year or so. We intend to travel throughout Australia, and maybe more overseas travel, in future and think house sitting would be a great way to do this.

While we live in Eight Mile Plains now we are thinking about moving into the inner Brisbane suburbs in the future. We think it would be great to combine house sitting with inner Brisbane living while still working.

Two of our four children are still living at home while they complete their uni studies, and are able to look after our house if we are house sitting.

We don't have a pet at the moment but have looked after our nephew's family dog many times. We don't have references now but can get them if required.

We are very proud home owners and treat other units and houses that we rent on holidays in the same way we do our own.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Paul & Nicky


  • Brisbane, South Eastern


My name is Rosalie, and I am mid/mature age, but not old. I really enjoy caring for people, animals, and the home.

I spent some time house/pet sitting in New Zealand and also in Brisbane, Gold and Sunshine coast, Toowoomba etc. I had the opportunity to be able to train the little dog, a Shi Tzu cross Griffin. She was great fun and had a good sense of humour. We went for long and short walks along the river and at the beach, which she loved. I have cared for many breeds, sizes and ages of both dogs and cats. Some owners say that their pet misses me when I leave which is a lovely compliment and testimony as to our mutual respect and empathy, and understanding. We both (I and the pets) enjoy walks, grooming, tummy tickles, massages, pats and cuddles; leaving them happy and content..
Homes ranging from kit homes to a $7million home are all treated as a sanctuary, with respect and care, leaving them sparkly clean.

My background is in personal transformation, health, teaching movement, yoga, Pilates, fitness; nutrition and bodywork.
Having spent two years in Japan teaching English as a 2nd language, I learned a lot about myself at the same time as experiencing another culture.

Since a child, our family had pets, so I can relate to and understand their needs. I have had cats, German Shepherd dog, birds and mice (courtesy of my daughters when they were young), and generally have a good rapport with all animals, and people.

I am confident that you will feel secure and at ease while on your trip, knowing that your pets and home will be well cared for.



Hi, my name is Jayne. I am 62 and a non smoker. I am conscientious, clean and adore dogs, like cats. I would take the kind of loving care with your home and pets you would take. I walk once or twice a day so dog walking is fun for me. I like watering and gardening and i even love mowing but must admit i can't always get mowers started! I started housesitting in WA about 10 years ago in Perth and Dunsborough for 4 years and have housesat in Queensland, port macquarie and the northern rivers. People have always been happy with the health and happiness of their pets and their house when they have returned home. I have been offered repeat housesits. I have great references. I owned my own business in Sydney for 12 years so you can see i am responsible and reliable. I am semi retired and work mostly from my laptop so can work anywhere. i design and make semi precious stone jewellery and whenever i get the opportunity i make no dig gardens and grow beautifully healthy vegies. I sold my home in New South Wales in 2008 while i was enjoying living in the Margaret River region of WA. I have come back east because my mother is elderly now. I have had the joy of owning 3 Scottish Terriers: Mac, Skye and Kiltie. I would like to housesit anywhere from Port Macquarie up through the Northern Rivers and Queensland's Sunshine Coast. Please contact me if i can help. Kindest regards, Jayne


  • Syd. Eastern suburbs, Syd. Lower N Shore, Syd. Southern suburbs


Im Andy, 48yo professional, working in the CBD. I currently live in Alexandria with a good friend of 25+ years, his partner, a 10yo Jack Russell Terrier - Spot and our pond full of butterfly koi. I like to house sit in areas that are easily accessible to the CBD, to get some alone time, from living with a couple, and to give them their space too.

I have previously house/cat sat, for friends, I look after their cat Cater when they travel, which is regularly, for short and long stays, and for a family friend for a 2 month period, who have requested I look after their home again from March through to May 2017. References can be provided on request.

I am an honest, reliable, active, clean, neat and tidy single guy, non-smoker, I enjoy good food and wine, enjoy cooking and eating out trying new places and having new experiences, I love animals of all shapes and sizes. I love to travel, both locally and overseas, for work and leisure, and I am looking at house sitting in the times between my travels.


I am very house proud and fastidious, you can expect the greatest care for your property and belongings and four legged furry friends. When you return from your trip, you can look forward to a home that is as clean as you left it, and happy, relaxed, stress-free pets. Floors will be vacuumed, hard surfaces mopped, toilets/bathrooms cleaned.

Depending on your situation, I am happy to assist in all ways around your home, by looking after the lawn mowing, weeding, watering, sweeping leaves, etc. and of course collecting mail and having a presence for security around your home.

You can relax with confidence knowing that your home is secure and your furry friends are loved and well looked after. I am very flexible and accommodating and will work around your needs. I am happy to meet up for a coffee and chat in the first instance, to discuss your requirements.

If you are interested in entrusting me with your home, and four legged family, you will not be disappointed.

Further referees and police check can be provided on request, I also hold a Defence Security Clearance.

Thanks for your time.


Bet & Col

  • Central Coast, Hunter Valley, North Coast, South Coast, Rural/Regional NSW, Alice Springs, Darwin, QLD, SA, TAS, WA

We are a fit and healthy retired couple in our mid 70s living in Adelaide. We are interested in house sitting and caring for pets.We have references from past sitting.Prior to retiring we owned a farm and then a business. I have a police clearances for caring and volunteer-work. I like to keep a neat,tidy house and love craft.Col is a handyman and an ex- grader Both of us enjoy the outdoors and gardening.
2017 we plan to travel around Australia beginning with WA. We have a 16 foot pop top caravan and enjoy travelling this wonderful country we live in. We are both non smokers.

Jo & Peter

  • Syd. Southern suburbs, Syd. SW suburbs

We are a married, professional couple (although not professionally married) from North Queensland in our 40s and are looking to housesit during December 2017 so we can visit with our family in Sydney. I am a high school teacher, while Pete is a laboratory technician.

We have two small dogs (who won't be travelling with us), a pond and two fish tanks of our own and are very happy to look after dogs, or any pets, of any breed and size. Daily walks with dogs would make us incredibly happy! We are homeowners ourselves, and understand how stressful it could be to put it in the hands of strangers. Pete and myself will look after your home as if it were our own, keeping it neat and tidy as well as ensuring it is constantly secured. Any light gardening would not be a trouble for us. We are both non-smokers, reasonably active, but are mostly looking for a place we can quietly potter around in between daily visits with our parents in Menai. We may also be travelling with our adult daughter who is a recently graduated law student.

With previous house sitting experience under our belts, we are happy to provide references upon request.

We are available from 3rd - 28th December, and although we will be leaving Sydney on the 28th, we are flexible with the starting date.

Marianne & JC

  • Perth

We are a neat and tidy mature couple, Civil Engineer and Sales Professional/artist who work from home. Non-smoking, pet loving, police clearance and references available.
We have lived in Perth since 2007 – been house sitting since 2015.
We are experience in all aspects of house and garden maintenance as we have been home owners ourselves.

Henning & Miemsie

  • Sydney

We are a couple from South Africa. We are sill deciding where we will be living and has decided that house sitting will give us the opportunity to experience different suburbs. Henning is working for a company called Young Engineers and works flexible hours, giving classes to youngsters [STEM principles building/playing with LEGO] and is currently using public transport. He's got PR status and I am still in the process to apply for spouse visa which will still take months to complete. Until then I will be travelling to and from South Africa.

We are a healthy, clean, nonsmoking, '40-ish' couple. We have experience as house sitters and have excellent references. This involved feeding animals and walking the dogs; maintaining a suburban house and garden. We love animals and used to have our own little baby [Tarzan] back home, who died of old age.

We are both houseproud and would consider it a privilege to care for your home, pets and garden. We would look after your home in the same manner that we love and respect our own.

References available upon request.


  • Melbourne

Hello, I am a responsibly and tidy sitter who loves animals, especially cats and dogs. After my own cat passed away a couple of years ago I had fostered rescued cats. Now I am looking to save some money by caring for your animal in your home. As a nurse I can provide a police check and I can also provide references from previous house sits. I am available for long and short term assignments.


  • Melbourne

I am currently studying my Master's, came to Australia almost year and a half ago. I am very responsible and clean, non-smoker and animal lover. Having a dog in Serbia, who I miss every day, makes me melt every time I see a pet. Even though I have a dog, I believe all animals have the power of heeling and I would love to have their company while studying. I have lived in my own apartment so I am very much aware of the maintenance. I understand how important it is, and I am more than happy to look after your house as if it was mine.
The reason I am looking to house sit is because I would like to be around animals, which I can't have in current house where I'm renting a room. I would also like to save some money, since managing school fees as international student is quite hard.
I have previous experience with house sitting in Melbourne, so far two. One family had a beautiful dog and the other family had a cat, their references are available on request.

Cheryl & Cheryl

  • Sydney, Central Coast, Hunter Valley, North Coast, South Coast, Gold Coast & Hinterland, Sunshine Coast, Melbourne

Hello, Our names are Ken & Cheryl. We would like you to consider us to take excellent care of your house/pets during your absence. We have police clearances (Blue card) which is clean. Ken has a security licence and is self employed and works out of the Sunshine Coast so we would to stay around that area. I am retired, a keen amateur photographer. We are non-smokers, active, lead a quite life, had a house till the children left home to live their own lives. Over the years we have had numerous types of family pets including, dog/s, cat/s, bird/s fish, so we are happy to look after your loved ones, your home and garden whilst you are away. We have done various house-sits in the past and finished doing a 12 month housesit in early March 2017. After we finished at Gympie we were looking after several hundred canaries, dog, alpaca, fish & cats. We have throughly enjoyed all of our ‘sits’.

References available on request.


  • Perth

Hello, I'm a mature professional - I work 4 days a week as a counsellor/art therapist at a non-profit organisation. I am also studying part-time at uni.
I'm an active person - cycle and yoga and I don't smoke. I have rented for years and currently have a mortgage but am in the process of an amicable separation with my long-term partner so I am looking for house-sitting in this transition period before I move to a permanent home again. I can supply references and I absolutely LOVE animals and they seem to love me. I also love gardens and have a small green thumb.


  • Melbourne


I'm Elka - I'm 33 and a philosophy postgrad at Monash University. I teach units on international justice and human rights (which is pretty much my dream job). I'm a non-smoker and very pet friendly. I'm currently house sitting in Port Melbourne and I'm looking to organise the next house sit.

I'm single and in my down-time I'm an active swimmer and arts gallery enthusiast. I love the freedom house sitting gives me whilst I work, study and save up for my Phd. I have flexible office hours so I can pay extra attention to pets if need be. I've taken care of cats and dogs and I'm more than happy to be your pets companion while you're away. I regard house sitting as a mutually beneficial arrangement which allows me flexibility and independence and you the peace of mind that your home is in responsible hands. I'm happy to answer any questions you have and meet up so feel free to get in touch.



Vance & Patsy

  • Sydney, Mid North Coast, Northern Rivers, Toowoomba & South Eastern

We are a fit and active newly retired married couple in our late fifties.
Living in a suburban house with our aged but gorgeous cat we are now free and flexible in our house sit dates due to having no more job commitments!
In my previous life I was the Chief Financial Officer for a Brisbane based construction company.
My wife Patsy was a nursery hand for a native plant nursery on the Gold Coast and she is a still a keen gardener and likes nothing more than pottering around our garden.
Our previous home was on 8 acres which included horse paddocks and formal gardens which we maintained to a high level so the care and maintenance of your garden would certainly be in safe, experienced hands.

From an early age my wife has been besotted with animals and has kept a menagerie over the years which included horses, dogs, cats, chickens, and guinea pigs to name just a few!
Any animal in her care would be looked after with much gentleness and love.
Having had a house sitter to look after our rural property and animals in the past we fully understand the importance of our proposed job as house sitters.

We would appreciate the opportunity to become your house sitters and would meticulously maintain your property and care faithfully for your animals.

We have both character and previous house sitting references for you to view on the website and we also both have a National Police History Check available for any house owners that request it.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Vance & Patsy

Emma & Matthew

  • Hobart, Devonport, Melbourne

Hi there we are Emma and Matthew a married couple in our 30s, based in Melbourne. We have no kids. We love animals so much! We have looked after anything from cats, dogs, bunny rabbits, horses, chooks, guinea pigs, sheep and cows. We are very reliable, quiet, capable, organised, non smokers, very clean and tidy, home bodies, health conscious and we love walking everyday. We treat the houses and pets like our own. We love nothing better than cuddling the babies on the couch! We are great with gardening, watering plants and mowing lawns. Emma works from home as a social media consultant and Matthew works in transport in Melbourne. References available. We would love to meet you and your babies! Call anytime to discuss your needs.

Barbara & Stuart

  • Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast & Hinterland, Sunshine Coast, Melbourne

Me and my partner are experienced house and pet sitters. We are both 25 year old graduates who are into fitness and love animals.
We are outgoing, want to meet new people and see new places.
Barbie is the far more experienced with animals, having in the past owned: four horses, three cats, five dogs (German/Hungarian vizslas) and two rabbits. She has also held work positions of teaching horse riding, caring for horses and looking after farm animals (alpaca,lama,goats,sheep, pig, chickens).
Stuart has less experience, instead owning only house hold pets of cats and dogs.
We are both here for one year and bring only our luggage as we are new to the country. We hold a drivers licence and are open to travel to a house sit as it will allow us the see more of the country. :)


  • Melbourne

With an extensive and varied house-sit and rental history alike, I bring considerable experience and versatility to caring for your home, companion animals and garden. I have house-sat everything from apartments with pot plants, to small farms with alpaca herds. Added to this is my experience as a houseguest while travelling in Europe and Australia, from which I received consistently positive reviews.

I am a professional woman, mid-thirties, employed part-time at the University of Melbourne. I value house-sitting for its flexibility and opportunity to experience new parts of Melbourne. I love the city of Melbourne, and as much as possible indulge its arts, circus and live jazz. I genuinely enjoy the company of animals, having lived with animals of all kinds since childhood. I am willing and able to provide especial care to animals with specific medical or welfare needs. I am sensitive to requests to refrain from using particular foods in the kitchen (pork, gluten, kosher, vegan etc) and strive to leave a small eco-footprint as a matter of principle. Basic maintenance, postal pick-ups and other errands are a given. I happily contribute to utilities.

House-proud and trustworthy, I would be delighted to care for your home. References available.

Current House Sit ending June 6th.
Upcoming House Sits: June 9th - July 21st; July 21st - Aug 15th; and Aug 25th - Sept 23rd.


  • Melb. Inner suburbs

I am a 51 year old who sold her apartment in Elwood in 2016 (after 16 years) and has recently returned from Europe and Morocco. I am at the 'in-between' stage of my journey ... I cannot decide where to live, so have not purchased my next sanctuary yet. House-sitting is a great alternative to renting as I am not in a position to commit to a 12 month lease.
Having been a homeowner in the past and shared various properties in my life, I appreciate what is required in looking after a home.
I haven't really had experience in house-sitting per se - I stayed in a house in a French village in July/August last year for 3 weeks and looked after the house & 6 cats whilst the owner was mostly away in the city with work - I suppose it was house-sitting, although the owner would return on the weekends. Needless to say, I love cats - the cats were all fed, watered and appeared happy - they even invited a hedgehog to dinner one night :-) ... and I did a lot of AirBnB ... there are reviews of my stay in the AirBnB site.
I am very reliable, clean, a non-smoker, enjoy my daily walks and like to cook at home, with the occasional theatre show & dinner night out. Please feel free to contact me or alternatively, I am happy to meet to discuss your requirements. Thanx!


  • Port Stephens, Melbourne



I am in a transition stage this year, having put my home in storage at New Year and I'm undertaking full time house sitting while I live in different suburbs and the surrounding areas of Sydney. Eventually I aim to buy an apartment and will either rent it out or live in it. In the last twelve months I sold a business after building it up over twenty years and moved out of a townhouse where I had lived for twelve years. I am undertaking a masters degree by research this year and next so I have a lot of time to stay "in" if required which will suit pet owners. I have been enjoying the house sitting community and it suits my current life of studying and doing much less work.

I love animals and, apart from the last 5 years, have had pets of all descriptions most of my life. An inner-city person now, I have lived in different places over the years including by the ocean, on a river and on a farm over twenty years ago and raised animals of all kinds from baby lambs and calves to cats, dogs and birds. I pet sit for friends when they are away and the pets always take to me quickly as I do them.

I have worked in the arts and business for twenty five years and now run a small home based business as well as my study which does not require attendance at class. I have grown children who are totally independent and I feel this is my time to explore new ideas and live in new areas. House sitting is a great way to live in new areas and transition to a new home eventually for myself. I am very responsible, a garden and pet lover. I do need to stay within commuting distance of Sydney for study and family.


  • Bris. Southern suburbs, Gold Coast & Hinterland, Sunshine Coast