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Merilyn & Geoffrey

  • Sydney, Central Coast, Hunter Valley, South Coast, Melbourne, Macedon Ranges

WE ARE A MATURE, NON-SMOKING COUPLE (with four adult children and seven grandchildren who are spread between Hobart, Melbourne and Canberra and Portland, Oregon). We are experienced pet and house-sitters and caretakers, with some small acre and farm experience. (Geoffrey has an Ag Science degree from way back). We are also available to relief manage accommodation businesses (e.g. Airbnb on an income share basis), act as property caretakers, and perform other paid duties beyond the regular duties associated with pet & house sitting.

Geoffrey is the Managing Director of two (inter-related) start-up companies in drainage and irrigation. He is easing himself into a retirement/consultant role. Merilyn is fully retired from being a teacher of pre-tertiary biology and environmental science. We both assist as volunteers with the Landmark Wisdom Course, and we are keen on building supporting communities of people who want more out of life.

We have been house-sitting since 2004, mostly in 9-month stints for the same owners who were living in the United States and would come back to Tasmania for 3 months or so every year. In the three-month gaps we usually had one, two, or three shorter house-sits. These included minding a hobby farm with sheep and chooks, as well as the usual household dogs and cats. We have also minded an Airbnb on several occasions. Many of our house sits have been repeats.

Our long-term house owners’ circumstances have now changed, and the house has been sold. So, we began this new phase of our life at the beginning of 2018. We seem to be fully booked well in advance with just a few days break every now and then in which we visit our family.

We both enjoy walking. In fact, we attempt to walk 5-7 kilometres a day for 5 or 6 days a week so walking dogs is a breeze. We also go to Yoga classes 3 times a week, but I don’t think pets are allowed!

Merilyn has very green fingers. One of our major responsibilities in our long-term house-sit has been to maintain the gardens which we have not only carried out, but we have also greatly improved them.

We originally went house-sitting when we sold our house in preparation for building a new one. When it came time to start the build, we decided to build closer to where we were house-sitting, so we sold the block – and the plans, and the building contract – and embarked on the new project. Alas, the Global Financial Crisis was the final straw in a series of financial battles and we lost everything.

Fortunately, we have been house-sitting all this time and have been able to regain some lost ground. Now, we are looking to continue house-sitting to consolidate our financial position while the business is growing! We enjoy travelling and living in different places (Australia and overseas) and look to do much more.

Apart from that, we have found that we enjoy being of service to our house-owners. In some cases, we open their mail and alert them of accounts to be paid and so on. We’re happy to say that we have become friends.

In summary, we bring a lot of experience, great responsibility and care, and above all a genuine love of animals who we thoroughly enjoy looking after.

Please check the Calendar on the Mindahome website.


  • Sydney

Hi, my name is Hanna and I'm a 30 year old single female, originally born in Sweden but have lived here in wonderful Australia all my adult life and am a dual Swedish/Australian citizen.

I absolutely adore animals of all kind and have always had animals in my life; hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, fish, gerbils, horses, cats and I had my own dog for several years. I also have experience volunteering at a dog shelter in Perth, Western Australia for several months.

I would love to get to know and care for your pet and will shower it with love, care and affection!

I am a non-smoker and very responsible, trustworthy, reliable, organised, friendly and house proud - I'm super clean and tidy and will treat your home as my own. I'm also very happy, positive and love meeting new people, and of course animals and pets! I love art, culture, nature and going for short and long walks.

With me as your house sitter you can be sure in the knowledge that your pet won't be lonely: I have my own online business, a digital agency assisting other businesses remotely, meaning I work from home on my laptop and choose my own work hours. Hence: I will spend a lot of time in the house with your pet and I'm sure we will become best buddies :)

I am also of course happy to look after your garden and indoor/outdoor plants.

Although I do not have formal house/pet sitting experience through this website, I have looked after other people's pets previously and am more than happy to provide references.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Kind regards,


  • Melb. Inner suburbs

Reliable, honest, and easy going! A single full time professional commuting to Melbourne CBD after time spent living in the Northern Territory and Fiji, getting back into the swing of things within the city lifestyle. Coming from a family of 7, looking after a home is a big task and something I take pride in! Experience in house sitting with the ability to care for beloved pets, having many in my family myself and minding your home as if it were untouched, with great attention to detail. Outside of work, I like to spend time playing sport and keeping active! Police check and references available upon request.


  • Syd. Eastern suburbs, Syd. Lower N Shore, Syd. NW suburbs, Syd. Upper N Shore, Central Coast, North Coast

I am a mature Australian woman who married a Kiwi and now lives mainly in Auckland with my lovely understanding husband. He minds our beloved cat while I return to Australia to reconnect with my homeland and see family and friends, twice yearly, for a period of up to two months in winter and in summer. I am self-employed, and my work involves a lot of writing, so it moves with me, and I am flexible with advance notice. I have owned a house in Australia and now in New Zealand, so I appreciate and enjoy being house-proud of your house while I am in it! I have been house sitting in this manner since 2014 and have some glowing references, choosing to leave a place as good or better than I find it. Since I have always loved animals, it is very much my pleasure to bond with your pets, to walk with dogs, cuddle up with cats and ensure their diet is excellent. I am a fit and healthy non-smoker, who most enjoys walking and swimming. I love healthy cooking, quiet times at home, and also gardening. Your garden, home and pets will be safe in my hands.


  • Central Coast, Port Stephens, North Coast, South Coast, Hobart, Burnie, Devonport, Rural/Regional Tas, Geelong, Otway Ranges/ Great Ocean Rd

Someone you can absolutely count on! 38 references available.

Hello, I am Clare, 65, retired ABC radio broadcaster and experienced house/pet-sitter of many years (see references for details). Although I have cared for a delightful variety of farm and domestic animals in the past, my preference these days is to care for cats, or other, not too demanding or boisterous animals.

I lead a simple life - studying (French language and literature), walking, swimming and seeking to maintain good health in aesthetically pleasing environments within 10 mins of the sea. To this end, I alternate between the coastal areas of Tasmania (Oct - May only) and mainland Australia, often returning to the same homes at the ongoing request of their owners.
I have numerous references and my referees are happy to be contacted personally.

Anne & Peter

  • Melbourne


Hello and welcome!

I am Belinda – a professional, full-time house-sitter; animal lover, tidy, respectful, non-smoking and in my late-thirties.

I am a 'professional' house-sitter, in the sense that I house-sit full-time. I treat the activity seriously and in the manner of a small business – but the exchange is not a monetary one. Rather, it is one based on trust, care and the companionship of wonderful pets!

I was born in NZ, but have lived, studied and worked in Italy, NZ, Sydney, Singapore, the UK, and Melbourne; I have house-sat in all but Italy. Historically, it has always occurred as a casual arrangement with friends or acquaintances, but I have developed the lifestyle into something of an art and I now house-sit full-time. I have recently returned to university to complete my Masters as a mature student. The course allows me to be at home as little or as much as pets require - my timetable is flexible, and I spend most of the day studying, which can be done either at home or at uni.

Because, historically, I have moved so often, I have not been able to have a pet of my own. As such, I relish building relationships with the cats, dogs, fish, rabbits and chickens that I meet through my house-sitting assignments. I invariably develop strong bonds with the animals I look after - when I first moved to Melbourne in November 2014, I found the animal companionship to be an unexpected bonus as I adjusted to my new home, and house-sitting was a wonderful way to get to know the city!

I am clean and tidy and take pleasure in living in a well-run home. I have always rented, and pride myself on being an exceptional tenant; I have never, until now, sought out a house-sitting assignment, having always been approached on the basis of my character and reputation. I enjoy routine and stability in my home environment, which animals also respond to very positively; in particular, my focus on nutrition and health means that I spend a lot of time at home and in the kitchen.

I worked in the theatre for much of my life and, in the great tradition of the jobbing actor, have had a huge variety of other work, and experience in many different sectors. Often, I was called in as a 'temp', a position which I have found to be comparable to that of house-sitter, requiring great flexibility, adaptability, and a character which inspires immediate trust.

Dogs in my care enjoy two full walks a day. I find these to be a very important part of our bonding process, and I have no doubt that it helps them adjust to their new 'pack leader.' I also love cats, and am experienced with both moggies and other breeds, understanding and enjoying their varying characteristics and needs. I am very comfortable administering medication as required.

I am happy to take on light gardening duties and am comfortable with lighter equipment, such as lawn mowers. I understand rainwater catchment requirements, composting toilets and solar power. I have taken care of pest control (rats, mice and possums - mmm, I guess that's a NZ-specific requirement!) and I am sensitive to summer watering needs. Longer assignments have also required me to consider fleas, worms and ticks for both cats & dogs, and the mucking out & drenching of chooks, as well monitoring security and safety within the hen-house.

I ensure that the home is pristine for the owners' return and am both practical and capable in the domestic environment. I respect and honour your transferral of these most precious assets and companions into my guardianship while you are away.

I have wonderful written References available for you to view, as well as a current Police Check. Do get in touch, if you would like to know more!


  • Perth

Mature lady, responsible, friendly, caring with animals and people, and with plenty of time to care for your pets and home. Previous dog owner and experienced with cats and chickens. Looking for a house-sit/ pet-sit for 1 year beginning between September/November 2019 until the same 2020 around the Perth area. Non-smoker, Visiting Australia for 1 year; please consider me if you need a longer term sitter. Get in touch if interested to chat to Alison.

Georgina & Peter

  • Syd. Lower N Shore, Syd. Upper N Shore, Melb. Inner suburbs, Melb. SE suburbs, Bendigo, North Eastern, Ballarat, Otway Ranges/ Great Ocean Rd

Peter and I are a mature couple, both non-smokers with no children. We have looked after a number of homes and we're experienced in maintaining indoor plants, outdoor gardens, patios & pools, etc. We can look after fish, chooks, cats and dogs who will be played with, walked and loved as you would yourselves.

We are semi-retired and spend most of our time at home and love to cook healthy meals, listen to jazz, watch movies and go for walks, plus we present a 2-hour weekly radio show on a north shore community radio station but can take time off for 'out of Sydney' assignments as necessary.

Both in excellent health, we would be delighted to maintain your property (and pet/s) while you are away, ensuring you will have peace of mind as we are responsible, reliable, considerate, efficient and organised.
Although we're prepared to look after one or two pets we'd prefer smaller or older rather than large or boisterous dogs as we aren't spring chickens any more. Cat's of course generally look after themselves, but we're happy to feed and give them as much attention as they desire!!

We will consider short (1-2 week) sits, although we'd prefer longer periods and happy to travel to central coast, northern NSW, southern highlands, or interstate (Southern Qld during cooler months or Melb during the summetime) for assignments.

Excellent professional/personal and previous house sit references are available on request.
We also have friends who house-sit (and love it), who are happy to give character references for us.

If you're looking for self-sufficient, friendly, capable and trustworthy house-sitters who will treat your home as our own (respectfully), and look after your pets, we'd love to meet or Skype-call to chat about your house-sitting requirements.

Note: we are past the 'party' age, so no parties or extra guests will invade your home while we are in situ.

We look forward to hearing from you if we fit the bill.
Georgi & Peter
(Mr & Mrs Sitter)

Hayley & Manuel

  • Melbourne

Hello pet mammas, pet pappas and garden lovers, we are Hayley and Manuel and would love to take care of your home and loved ones.

Hayley is a wildlife carer and formally a zookeeper, so can keep a close eye on your pets with a skilled eye. She loves to travel, learn new things, and animals of course! Manuel (originally from Germany) is an all-round animal lover, and a very responsible person, while being an engineer by trade. He has a passion for photography and nature, and loves to go for a run with a dog. We will care and love your pets in your absence and cater to their every need!

We are reliable and responsible, and respect that we will be staying in your home. We do our best to live in an environmentally conscious way, with the belief that less is more. You can trust that we will keep your home in good order and secure while you're enjoying yourself, wherever you might be off to!

Reliable and caring, we are looking for housesits in the inner-northern and eastern suburbs of Melbourne and during our travels. Please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a meet-and-greet if you feel we would be a good fit. Note: We speak English and Manuel speaks German. Further references and police checks can be provided on request.

We love the win-win of housesitting!

We understand the importance of having someone you trust to care for your furry loved one or your precious home, and we can help you with that. We are keen to explore a new places in Melbourne and around the world, and what better way than to share it with a furred or feathered friend.

Our Experience:
We have completed housesits for dogs, cats, horses, fish, ducks, chickens, rats, and Hayley has worked with birds, reptiles and many mammal species within a captive setting.

We are experienced in caring for animals with special-care needs, particularly with medications and staying with rescue animals who have had traumatic pasts.

We completed housesits independently before meeting each other, and are now housesitting permanently throughout Melbourne. We have completed almost 20 housesits as a couple and several prior to this individually.

Previous housesit locations:
Williamstown (AUS), Papamoa (NZ), Glentui (NZ), West Ereyton (NZ), Donvale (AUS), Berwick x3 (AUS), Narre Warren (AUS), Narre Warren South (AUS), Fitzroy (AUS), Caulfield North (AUS), Armadale (AUS), Coburg x2 (AUS), Dandenong North (AUS), Croydon (AUS), Menzies Creek (AUS), Wantirna South (AUS), Sandhurst (AUS).


  • Melbourne


Who are Jack and Laura hey?! We are both genuine & super friendly people that are experienced & trustworthy house sitters with a great love for animals and the outdoors.

We are both 28, employed full time working Monday to Friday, Jack is a primary school teacher in the local area and Laura is a Front Office Manager, working for a boutique hotel in the city. We have recently moved back home to Thornbury so that we can save for the ever elusive house of our own.

We take pride in keeping clean and tidy spaces around us and have always looked after the houses, gardens and animals at previous house sits just like they were our own. We are used to walking the family dog twice a day so the doggos we have baby sat previously have always loved us as well as the endless cuddles and attention we give them.

If you would like to know more, we would love to hear from you!

Jacob & Flora

  • Syd. NW suburbs, Syd. Upper N Shore

My name is Jacob from Penrith NSW and my partner, Flora from Portugal. We are looking forward to returning to Australia, after living in Portugal throughout the European summer.

We are intending to make The Northern Beaches our new home, as I have received a new engineering contract in the area. Flora will being continuing to give energy in building her own sustainable clothing brand, and will work from home.

We are both tidy house keepers, passionate gardeners and animal lovers. We are seeking our first house sit, but are able to provide character references if requested.


  • Syd. Eastern suburbs, Syd. Lower N Shore, Syd. NW suburbs, Syd. SW suburbs

I am a semi retired music teacher currently living in Italy. I am looking to return to Sydney for a month to take care of business and reconnect with my previous life where I lived and worked for the past 25 years.I am accustomed to taking care and organising people and animals. I have experience with animals of various sorts including birds (parrots) dogs, cats, rats and even a pet tarantula. Having been raised in the country I am comfortable with farm animals such as horses, hens, sheep, rabbits. I have huge empathy for animals. I've made many happy homes in numerous continents and will happily take responsibility for the maintenance of your home and garden with loving energy.


  • Alice Springs, Darwin, South Eastern, Central, Central Coast (Qld), Northern QLD, Western QLD, Adel Southern suburbs, Barossa Valley, Flurieu Peninsula, Spencer Gulf, West Coast, TAS, North Eastern, Perth S.E suburbs, Perth S.W suburbs, Northern, S.E & Central, S. Western

Dianne & Peter

  • North Coast, Bris. Northern suburbs, Bris. Southern suburbs, Gold Coast & Hinterland, Sunshine Coast, Bundaberg & Wide Bay, Mackay & Whitsundays

Animal lovers, lovers of travel, Peter and I have been living and working recently in a very remote part of Papua New Guinea for 18 months. Our home is in Northern NSW, on the beautiful Clarence River.
We returned to Australia at the end of our contract in December 2018 and would like to travel in between future contracts.
When we moved to PNG, we had to re-home our 2 beautiful cats, which was one the most difficult things I have ever had to do. We were fortunate in that our good friends, who had also been house sitters for us on and off over the previous 2 years, decided to take them into their home. Our cats are adored by their new owners and have never looked back.
We are a healthy, friendly and active couple. Both keen golfers and beach lovers. Peter enjoys road and mountain bike cycling, tennis, wake boarding and water skiing, and I enjoy walking, swimming laps, bird watching and gym workouts. We love to snow ski. We love sailing and motor boating.
Peter is a very capable handyman, and I am passionate about gardening and growing food. We are both non-smokers and keep a very tidy and clean home. We will respect your home and treat it as our own.
I am a retired School Administration Officer and Peter is a Sugar Technologist, managing Sugar Mills and Refineries.
We have loved having free ranging chickens for the past 25 years, all with names and our flock has consisted of many beautiful breeds over the years.
Growing up on a sugar cane farm, Peter has lots of experience with dogs, having had many pets throughout his childhood. Dogs respond to him in a special way.
Whilst I have not owned a dog, I have taken a big interest in various neighbours’ puppies and dogs, helping their owners by walking them daily, assisting with training and generally enjoying their company and loving their antics. Also providing complete care when their owners are away. I aim to have a dog one day when we settle down again.
As a teenager, my family had a very large tropical fish tank, which I maintained and cared for the fish. As a mother, I bought a small fish bowl for our children, who were taught to and enjoyed caring for the 4 goldfish, with great success and longevity.
And of course, we have loved and cared for our two beautiful cats, 14 and 12, who were rehomed. We are fortunate to be able to stay with our friends when we are not travelling and we therefore get to spend treasured time with Milly and Oliver. And I have been known to chat to our cats over video skype ??.
My previous cat, Nella was found by Peter at a sugar mill at 10 days of age with no mother in sight. I bottle fed her and took her to work with me, until she was independent. She lived a wonderful 17 years with us.
I have been a wildlife carer with WIRES Australia (Wildlife Information and Rescue Service) in my 20s, prior to having our own children. I cared for possums, birds and a flying fox.
I love all wildlife and in PNG I raised orphaned baby birds (peaceful doves, pied bush chats, chestnut breasted mannikins), and rehabilitated injured birds (quail, black kites, barn owls, grass owls) all with successful releases. This was a highlight of my time in PNG.
We have always been resourceful people and living in a remote region like PNG, we have felt very comfortable in our ability to adapt to local conditions, traditions and culture.
We love to travel and have been to China, Japan, Hong Kong x 3, Taiwan x 2, Singapore, Micronesia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, USA x 3, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Swaziland, Kenya, Malawi, Zimbabwe, UK, Greece, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands and Brazil. Peter has also been to South Korea, Dominican Republic, Hawaii and France.
We have police checks.
We would be delighted to look after your home, garden, pool and pets as if they were our own.
We are flexible with dates and locations and look forward to discussing your requirements.

Marieke & Simon

  • Melbourne

Hello fellow pet lovner, I have been an Australian resident for 35 years, originally from Holland and 60 years young. My husband Simon may or may not be accompanying me for any or part of the time due to work commitments. I no longer work and other than some social engagements, the gym and occasional daytime minding of my granddaughter I will have ample time to walk and spend time with your pet (s).
I have owned pets since my childhood; dogs, cats, horses & chickens and regard them as an integral part of my life. Sadly my last dog Jedda (14 yo Staffy) had to be euthanesed recently due to an inoperable brain-tumor. This has left a huge void in my life. Anyone who knows a Staffy and their somewhat challenging but endearing characteristics will realise I am a dedicated pet lover! Of course I am more than happy to walk your pets too.
We are in the process of staging our family home in preparation for sale and would love the opportunity to house-sit and have any amount of pets to keep me/us company (incl mini pigs - my favourite!). It will be a pleasant change from being in a 5-bedroom home/worksite.
As far as looking after your property, I am typically Dutch when it comes to reliability, security, cleanliness and being tidy. I will respect and treat your property as if it's my own, You will not be dissapointed! We do not smoke or drink and for plant/garden owners you'll be pleased to know I have a green thumb!
As I've had a dog myself and am only doing this temporarily I only have the references for the three sits I have done so far. Two of these can be viewed on www I'm looking forward to meeting you and your pet(s).


  • Melbourne, Northern Vic, SW Vic

Hi! I'm a mature (39 y.o.) international student in my final year of doing a PhD. I have been in Australia for approximately 3 years. I'm originally from the Philippines. My PhD work is on education, and I have been a teacher for roughly 6 years.

I'm looking for a house to whilst in my final stage of PhD. I look forward to this opportunity with happyhousesitters. I've housed sit for friends in the past, and I'm a very tidy person. I've also lived with housemates in the past 10 years, and I've never had any problems.

I'm a disciplined, well-structured and responsible person. I try to do exercise at least 3x a week through running or riding my bicycle. I am organised, non-smoker, and a home-body. I would enjoy the occasional night outs and hanging out with friends over the weekend.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Kevin & Joy

  • Central Coast, Hunter Valley, North Coast, South Coast, Rural/Regional NSW, South Eastern

Married professional couple, Early 60's, non-smokers and used to having animals around as we have both grown up on rural properties and cared for animals in the past. Looking to assist others with house sitting now we are nearing retirement. We are a healthy, clean, nonsmoking family who would look after your home in the same manner that we love and respect our own home. We owned and maintained a large garden for many years and received numerous prizes in local garden competitions. We have house sat in the past and the owners have provided us with references. We have had our house sat and appreciate what people desire when engaging house sitters themselves.
As we move into retirement w are looking for the opportunity to house sit across New South Wales and Queensland.


  • VIC

Hi there! I’m Kelly, an experienced and very reliable housesitter in Melbourne.
Over the years, I’ve realised that the animals (especially dogs) I’ve looked after are actually all part of the Melbourne music scene...!

There's Pohni the Staffy is very enthusiastic roadie: works hard, friendly and always up for a knock off drink with the boys.
- Mathilda the Border Collie is the booking agent: she’s very efficient but gets annoyed if anyone strays away from the crowd.
-Chilli & Patch (Maltese & Jack Russel) an oddly matched folk duo. Patch had such energy on the banjo!
-Rex the Alsatian is Melbourne’s most respected music historian. He specializes in Jazz and can often be found strolling around the local park sniffing out new urban riffs the young, designer dogs have left for him..

AND...Rooster Brown the Tabby cat whom I thought was a Blues hound -it turns out he prefers to sit on the heating vent and create random esoteric play lists on my Spotify...
Even though we may have different music taste, I will be sure your animals get to band practice on time and continue their daily routines as if you’d never left! I’m very respectful of your home and will love all over your animals as if they were my own (I will totally go to their gigs and buy all the merchandise!)

I look forward to hearing from you...!


  • Hobart, Hobart, Launceston, Launceston, Burnie, Burnie, Devonport, Devonport, Rural/Regional Tas, Rural/Regional Tas

Hi ... I'm a fit non-smoker who housesits as a single. Ten years ago I retired from the Queensland Symphony Orchestra in which I played clarinet for the best part of forty years. These days I work as a freelance graphic artist which allows me the freedom to ply my trade from practically anywhere. So from my point of view, housesitting is a great fit.
Your interest most likely involves finding a responsible person to look after animals, maintain a garden, collect mail and the like.
I'm someone who can do all that. Over the years I've had experience with all sorts of pets and I've always been a keen gardener.
In 2016/17/18 I've completed housesits in various areas of Tasmania - Cambridge, Wynyard, Richmond, Wilmot, Hobart city and Huonville.
All those house owners were completely satisfied with my efforts.
Having left Brisbane in early 2016, I'm now resident in Launceston.
.... and should you like some sort of reference, please give Dan and Lori a call on 0448 127 553. They were the people for whom I sat at Wilmot, October 2016.

Note: if I'm not involved in a housesit, I can make myself available to sit anywhere in Tasmania at very short notice (because of a late cancellation by a sitter for instance). Message on 30/01/2019 ... Because of a cancellation, I'm available to housesit from now until March 4.

Adam & Yvette

  • Melbourne, Macedon Ranges, North Eastern, North Western

Adventurous Homebodies

We are a stable couple without any encumbrances, never quite brave enough to have human children, though more than compensated by the pets with whom we have shared our lives.

Traveled extensively and owned and maintained homes in a few different countries from apartments, town houses, residential 1/2 acres and 2 and 1/2 acre country "estates".- love Melbourne.

Always had pets whom have never ever spent a night unaccompanied. A Weimaraner, Doberman, Beagles, Dachshunds and a few crazy cats who all lived out their lives in comfort and gave us great joy.

We really only have three requirements from our side - internet reception, parking and house-proud owners/tenants. I work mostly from home (computer-related) and my partner works in Armadale as a Travel Consultant.

We began house-sitting in April of this year after deciding to give up our apartment in Armadale and have so far enjoyed each and every sit we have done.

Although at this point we are not prepared to take on pets of our own long term, we are really enjoying the opportunity again of looking after some furry friends whilst their own parents are away and also been able to experience different areas of Melbourne without creating any long-term limiting encumbrances.

This enables us to fit in some travel as well in between sits (and within leave entitlements), as and when Yvette is able to secure a unique travel package/excursion which is part and parcel of the perks of her chosen career.

We hope we will be able to fill in as "parents and custodians" whilst you are away pursuing your own recreational, adventure or other chosen break from your everyday life.

Thank you and kind regards.

Adam & Yvette

P.S. Attached are pics of some of our own pets, a little grainy, non-digital images copied from photo's, but still good. Unfortunately long gone now - but they will forever live on in our hearts and memories.


Mark Jay - Armadale - 4/9/19
My house-sitting plans changed due to sickness, ending up in hospital instead of on my holiday. Adam & Yvette adapted to this change in my circumstances, ensuring my dog was taken cared for and kept in contact with me throughout. I would welcome them back anytime..

Chris & Barbara Walter - Somers - 31/8/19
Adam and Yvette are a particularly nice couple. They looked after our house and our two very active dogs with wonderful efficiency. We came home to a very clean house and two calm dogs. They constantly kept us in touch with events and sent us reassuring pictures. Despite the fact it rained constantly for the whole time we were away they managed to maintain their sense of humour. We cannot recommend them highly enough.

Megan & Heikki Mohell - Port Melbourne 27/7/19
Adam and Yvette looked after our 12 month old labradoodle (Norbert) and our apartment while we were overseas. When we arrived home Norbert was very happy to see us but also wanted to leave with Adam and Yvette and that is the highest recommendation we could give. We came back to a clean and tidy home and we would happily have them to pet/housesit for us again.

Rebecca Shalepski - Brighton East - 17/7/19
Adam and Yvette looked after our dog and 3 chickens for 3 weeks. They were a pleasure to deal with. They kept in touch and sent photos to reassure us of how our pets were doing. On returning back, our home was just as we left it. The animals were all in good health. They were well looked after. We would recommend the couple.

Lili-Ann Kriegler - Balwyn - 27/06/19
Adam and Yvette Larsson have looked after our home and our two cats, Jasper and Mink, twice this year (2019). Once for a week, in April and once for nearly a month in May /June They are very easy to deal with and cope with the unexpected, taking changes in their stride.
They showed an attention to detail and respected our house owner wishes and requests. They also fed the native birds, watered plants and kept an eye on the garden.
On our return our home and pets were in very good condition. The house was left meticulously clean and the cats very healthy and happy. And there was milk in the fridge!
I highly recommend the housesitting services of this friendly, competent and caring house sitting couple.

Charlotte & Jon

  • Sydney

Hi, we are Charlotte and Jon, a British professional couple in our late twenties/ early thirties. We started house sitting as a way to get to know different areas of Sydney after relocating from Bristol in June 2018. We have been house sitting back-to-back ever since and have had the most amazing time travelling, making great friends with homeowners and experiencing the beautiful personalities of the pets we look after.

We are currently on our 26th house sit! (references below)

Charlotte is a Veterinarian (10 years+ experience) and has worked in the whole range of vet practices from companion animal, exotic pets and out-of-hours emergency work to farm, equine, specialist zoo and wildlife; as you can imagine she is more than happy to care for ANY pets, domestic or exotic!

Jon currently works at UNSW and has a passion for animal care, from a childhood full of happy memories of much-loved family dogs, cats and rabbits and birds.

We are clean, tidy, non-smokers and proud homeowners (in the UK) and will respect and look after your home and garden in the same manner as our own.

We pride ourselves on making home owners feel comfortable and reassured that their furry friends are in great hands, with regular updates and photos and leaving an immaculate home ready for your return.

We are both practical, sensible and very reliable people and can provide police checks (from our sponsored visa applications) and excellent reference contacts on request.

So far in Sydney, we have had the pleasure of caring for an Italian greyhound, Maltese terriers, a Labrador, a German shepherd, numerous oodles, cocker spaniels, a Staffordshire bull terrier, a British blue cat, Burmese cats, domestic short and longhairs, and several moggies, as well as a Netherland dwarf rabbit, guinea pigs, rats, chickens, reptiles and various fish!


House sitting reference from Virginia (Mosman) (contact details available on request):

Jon & Charlotte house sat our home in Mosman for one month in July 2018.

This was our first experience with house sitters and we weren't sure what to expect, but our faith was well rewarded - they proved to be outstanding caretakers. As well as walking and feeding our three-year-old German shepherd and feeding our five-year-old British Blue cat, Jon & Charlotte looked after our six-bedroom home as if it was their own.

When we returned, the house was immaculate - freshly vacuumed and dusted, plants watered, all the sheets and towels washed and replaced - even the fridges were sparkling.

While we were overseas, Jon sent regular updates on our pets and alerted us to any important looking mail that we were expecting. It gave us great peace of mind knowing our beloved pets were in the care of a veterinarian and her partner who so obviously genuinely love animals. We were truly touched by an amazingly lifelike pencil portrait Charlotte drew of our dog as a thank you gift (and amazed at her many talents!).

Both Jon & Charlotte are very easy going and enjoyable company. Our neighbours have commented on how friendly they were, with several asking for their details for future house-sitting opportunities.

I would also be delighted to provide verbal references for Jon & Charlotte.


House sitting reference from Keira (Bondi Beach) (contact details available on request):

I highly recommend Charlotte and Jon as outstanding house and pet sitters.

Charlotte and Jon are a trustworthy, caring, communicative, and reliable couple who graciously took care of my senior dog for three weeks whilst I was overseas. Due to his age, my dog requires some special care including the administration of medication and I feel incredibly lucky to have found Charlotte and Jon.

They were thorough and diligent in understanding his requirements and quirky character and I felt completely at ease knowing he was in their very capable hands. Any pet would be fortunate to have experienced and knowledgeable animal lovers like Charlotte and Jon look after them - my dog was sad to see them go.

Their kind and attentive nature extend beyond animals, as they took great care of my flat while they stayed here. It was wonderful to come home to a clean house and a happy dog!

I'd be happy to be contacted as a reference for Charlotte and Jon and couldn't recommend them more.

Thanks so much guys!


House sitting reference from Alex & Fred (Five Docks) (contact details available on request):

Thanks so much for leaving the house so clean and tidy, thanks too for your lovely card!

We really appreciate you looking after Bluey who is now chilled out on the back deck! We really appreciate the time you took looking after her and for being so accommodating with us coming and going for the week you were here. You have been perfect house sitters and we enjoyed having you around! Please keep in touch.

We will be happy to recommend you to other potential homeowners, should they wish to contact me for a reference.


House sitting reference from Claire and Tony (Marrickville) (contact details available on request):

Jon and Charlotte were incredible housesitters. Our place was immaculately well kept & tidy, and they took the time to care for our garden as well as our pet rabbit, Winston, sharing us updates on him regularly while we were overseas.

I would highly recommend them as housesitters, and I am happy to clarify any further questions you may have.


House sitting reference from Shannon and Pete (Mosman):

We could not recommend Charlotte and Jon highly enough. This was our first pet sitting experience and needless to say we are very happy and will continue to use the service especially with people like Jon and Charlotte.

Why did we have such a great experience?

Our little pooch Frankie absolutely loved them. They took such great care of her – frequent walks and constant love and attention. We know she loved them because when we returned home she was so relaxed and happy, when we have picked her up from kennels in the past she has been nervous and anxious and has taken a few weeks to settle back into routine.

On top of treating our furry friend like a princess they kept us up to date with daily photos and updates for the entire 3 weeks.
Jon and Charlotte kept our house immaculately clean – it has never looked cleaner!

I could not fault them and will definitely be having them back again when we go away next.


House sitting reference from Liesel (Mosman)
(contact details available on request):

Charlotte and Jon looked after our house and dog for a week in January 2019. They are a very capable and delightful couple that took great care with both our house and rather needy, but very much loved, dog. The house was absolutely beautiful on our return (better than we had left it!) and the dog was happy. They were great communicators and they were eager to assist with deliveries etc. when needed. We would definitely use them again and would absolutely recommend their services to others.

Happy to provide verbal references upon request.


House sitting reference from Jane (Rydalmere)

Charlotte and Jon were fabulous house-sitters. We needed a sitter with just a few days notice and Jon & Charlotte came to meet with us beforehand and were just perfect. On our return our house was just as we left it and our neighbours commented how lovely they both were too! Our cat Simba is very timid but was clearly at ease in their company and was in good spirits on our return. I won't waffle on because clearly they are faultless and I can highly recommend them to anyone.


House sitting reference from Tabitha & Tom (Cremorne)
(contact details available on request):

Charlotte and Jon looked after our house for 4 weeks. They took care of our two cats and fish. Our cats are rescued and need TLC. They looked after them very well during that period and were good at keeping us informed and sending us regular photos etc. On our return they cleaned the house and even changed our bed sheets which was lovely to come back to. They took care of our place very well during that time and did everything we expected from them. Overall we were
very satisfied. We're happy to be a reference for future. If we go away again we'll look to use Charlotte and Jon again.


House sitting reference from Hillary & Alex (Lane Cove North)
(contact details available on request):

Jon Dunn and Charlotte Day house/cat sat at our apartment for a period of four weeks in June 2019 while my husband, son and I were on an overseas holiday.

They were excellent house sitters, very friendly and warm and were in regular contact with me by messenger, sending us pictures of our two cats and keeping us up to date with their stay. This gave us great peace of mind and we were able to relax and enjoy our holiday knowing our fur babies were in very capable hands.

On our return our apartment was immaculately clean and tidy, the garden was well looked after and our cats were very happy! I noticed over the week following their stay they had replaced any consumables they may have used and everything was set up for our return.

I would be very glad to recommend them as excellent house sitters and would have them back at any time in future. Please feel free to contact me should you wish to discuss further.


House sitting reference from Susan (Randwick)

Jon and Charlotte looked after my very old dog with gentle patience and kindness. They looked after the house well, and I have no hesitation in recommending them highly to people needing dog and/or house sitting.


House sitting reference from Robyn (Newington)

Jon & Charlotte, thank you so very much for looking after our home and pets. Our home is immaculately clean, our pets happy and obviously well cared for.
Really there are no words to express our thanks! Wishing you well on all your future adventures.


House sitting reference from Amy and Ingo (Earlwood)
(contact details available on request):

Jon and Charlotte cared for our two pets, Tash a anxious cocker spaniel, and Mirabelle a British short hair cat with a heart condition, for approximately 3 weeks.

From the moment we met them we felt at ease. The animals seemed to naturally take to them, and they presented as very confident and capable. In addition to feeding the animals, Jon and Charlotte also attended to their daily medications and dog walking. We received lots of updates and photos of the pets and upon our return both the animals and the house had obviously been well taken care of.

We would call on them again in a heart beat to pet sit.


House sitting reference from Barbara and Steph (Randwick)
(contact details available on request):

We are delighted to highly recommend Charlotte and Jon, especially as wonderful dog sitters but also as trustworthy house sitters.

We have 2 very special dogs – a sensitive 8-year-old who rarely takes to anybody outside the immediate family and a boisterous 18 months old pup. This was the first time we had ever left the dogs and we were extremely nervous as we all headed overseas for 5 weeks.

From the first meeting, both dogs warmed to Charlotte and Jon and they made an excellent first impression on us with their calm, friendly manner and obvious rapport with our dogs. They came to our home to meet the two dogs and observe them in their familiar setting and to get to know their routines. They responded to the individual needs of each dog and handled them affectionately and confidently.

We immediately felt comfortable knowing the dogs would be well cared for at home and safely exercised in familiar parks. Charlotte and Jon sent daily updates and photos to us so we could see that the dogs were healthy, happy and well-fed. Our home was left spotless, both inside and out.

We were so happy that I have already re-booked Charlotte and Jon for another stay and several friends have booked them after our very positive experience.


House sitting reference from Katy (Botany)

Jon and Charlotte were excellent pet sitters. They were easy to Contact and great to organise the sit with, they arrived on time and looked after the animals wonderfully. We came home a very clean house, and a happy cat and dog. Thank you so much. They are highly recommended.


  • Sydney

I was new to Happy Housesitters in 2016 but I have been looking after houses and pets for a number of years now and with regular bookings.

I love experiencing new places and being in different environments which is why I love housesitting.

I am a single, professional female, non-smoker, very clean, respectful of peoples properties, responsible, quiet and looking forward to making sure you come home knowing everything has been taken care of - cleaning, basic gardening, security, your pets, etc. As a previous property owner who has also used housesitters, I understand the need to make sure your place is in good hands while you are away.

As far as pet-sitting goes, I especially LOVE CATS! I do also look after fish and small, low maintenance dogs. Sorry, just not very keen on birds, though a previous job had me looking after 10 chickens, 3 ducks and a dog - all went well.

I can provide references and police checks upon request and am open to signing a housesit agreement if required.

Looking forward to hearing from you and keeping your home spick and span while you enjoy your break.


  • QLD

Hi thankyou for reading my profile :)
I am a 33 year old female and a non smoker . I am extremely honest and very careful with other people's belongings. I am very reliable .

I will absolutely look after your house and I will keep your home very clean and respect your privacy and belongings. You can leave your home and have a peaceful mind knowing everything will be just the way you left it .

If you have animals ,I would love to look after your fur babies , I absolutely love animals, I will protect your furry family member or members and keep them safe until you return home safely .if you like I can send photos to your phone of how they are going if you are wanting that peace of mind or we can skype

Please if you like the sounds of me , contact me and I will get back to you :) I look forward to hearing from you really soon .

I have references available if needed

Ben & Lily

  • Syd. Eastern suburbs, Syd. Lower N Shore, Syd. Southern suburbs, Syd. SW suburbs, Southern Highlands, Wollongong & Illawarra

We would love to take care of your pets, home and garden while you are away. We are trustworthy animal lovers who are clean, tidy and respectful.

We are a couple in our late 20's, non-smokers. Ben works in the city as a Sustainability Analyst and Lily works part time as a Chiropractor in Wollongong. We both love to exercise and get out and enjoy nature so if dog walking is on the cards we need no additional excuse to go for a run/walk. Apart from exercising, we love to chill at home, read books, cook and spend time with the animals. We don’t go out in the evening and our weekends are pretty chilled, so we will make the most of our time with your pets.

We both love animals, having grown up with cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, chooks, ducks and fish (amongst other random animals). We have experience house sitting and looking after animals and can provide references upon request. We have looked after animals of all ages, health conditions and nutritional requirements so happy to cater to the needs of your pet.

We are very conscious of our water and energy use, very clean and tidy and will take great care to keep your home this way. Whilst we both have full time jobs, Ben's work is flexible so he can work from home 1-2 days per week if required and Lily usually has 2 or 3 half days per week free which means we can spend more time with the animals.

What you can expect from us:
- to find your home exactly as you left it (or cleaner),
- happy and well looked after pets
- regular communication and updates
- well looked after garden, lawn and pool
-a relaxed holiday knowing your pets and house are in good hands.

If you would like references, working with children checks, police checks or have any questions please don't hesitate to get in contact.

Kind Regards,
Lily and Ben

Venessa & Mark

  • TAS

We are a couple - together 28 yrs. Both fit and healthy and exercise regularly.
Work History
Venessa- Midwife/ Registered Nurse 36yrs more recent Technical Assistant Southern Cross Uni (Health Science Dept)
Mark- Worked in forest management in NSW 23yrs. Past 8yrs Furniture Designer/ Maker + pool Lifeguard
We have experienced a lot of overseas travel and are now very keen to travel more in Australia.
Especially Tasmania- available to housesit commencing Mid December 2019 til late April.
We are highly responsible, dependable and respectful of other people and their property.
We have experience caring for dogs/ goats (Wales UK)
Mark is a terrific gardener especially veggies.
Character references can be provided


  • Melbourne

I am a single, non-smoking Canadian who is exploring what this beautiful country has to offer. I have been with my work company for nearly 4 years in Canada and took the opportunity to transfer to Australia and explore this country. I am interested in house sitting as it allows me to experience Australia through daily life versus the nomadic hostel hustle and explore different neighborhoods in what they have to offer. I am drawn to the quietness serenity of house sitting and the joys of having an animal around through pet sitting.

I will treat your home with care and attention as if it is my own. I enjoy I have worked in maintenance when working with Canada's Ontario Parks, and do enjoy garden work or yard maintenance. I am an efficient, detail-oriented and clean individual. I've always lived in a home full of plants (my parent's house easily resembles a small jungle!) and will take care of yours with care and consideration.

Animals are truly a comfort to me, and I have grown up pet sitting, dog walking, and truly trying to hang out with any animal that is around! I have pet sat from hamsters and birds to geckos, cats, and dogs. I am happy to follow any instruction needed and provide frequent updates to keep you checked in with your beloved pet. I am able to provide character references, both personal and professional.

In my spare time, I enjoy a lot of solo time to be able to creatively write, spend time outdoors hiking, going to yoga, and I always have a book or two on the go. My time in Melbourne so far has been spent wandering the city's galleries and museums, having the best coffee (Australian's are not kidding about their coffee), and exploring Melbourne's parks.

I am currently looking to house sit from September 21st and onwards, with flexibility for earlier.

Jenny & Peter

  • Darwin, Bris. Northern suburbs, Bris. Southern suburbs, Gold Coast & Hinterland, Sunshine Coast, Mackay & Whitsundays, Adelaide, Hobart, Launceston, Devonport, Melbourne, Northern Vic, SW Vic, S. Western

We have sold our lifestyle block, dream home and animals, preferring to travel and the good company of new friends. We are currently undecided about our final destination. We resigned from our jobs in November 2015 and have spent the last 3.5 years travelling the world and house sitting. We have enjoyed the hospitality of many kind, like minded people across the world, leaving wonderful memories and enjoyed finding our way in new lands and communities.We love life, people, animals, good wine, good coffee, good food and great company.

Our pet-caring experience is extensive and varied - dogs (large & small), cats, fish, ponies, sheep, quails, chickens etc.

If you have pets, be assured that we truly appreciate the security they feel with a familiar schedule/exercise/playtime routine and promise you that your customs, requirements and feeding schedule will be adhered to.

However, we know from experience, it's not just animals who can suffer from separation anxiety! To remedy this we send regular updates of your pets.

We are practical people and as experienced house sitters are used to dealing with a wide variety of issues - blown fuses, power outages, water issues, pools, security, etc.

In summary: -
- We offer honesty, reliability and commitment.
- We guarantee security-conscious, respectful care of your property.
- We assure you that your pets will have plenty of attention and loving company whilst you are away.

If you want to see what we've been up to for the last 2 years check out our blog There's no advertisements and we're not trying to sell anything. It's just a fun record of our travels and housesits.

We are always keen to Skype or Facetime to get to know you and answer any important questions.

We very much look forward to hearing from you.

Police checks and additional references are available on request.


  • Melbourne

Holding off on buying a place in Melbourne, so thought I'd give formal house-sitting a go. Have done plenty for friends and family in the past: cats, dogs, pigs, goats. I'm more of a dog person now, but still have a real fondness for cats. I work in healthcare at Monash and am usually in the office only three days a week, so have heaps of time for walks, pats and play. Have a reasonably non-existant social life so will be home at nights as well. I do play guitar and so look forward to co-writing some songs with your pets, with a 50/50 royalty split guaranteed! Will take good care of your house, plants etc and keep your worries to a minimum.


  • TAS, Melb. Inner suburbs, Melb. SE suburbs

Hi! I'm Sarah, Melbournian who loves travel, being outdoors, hanging out with pets at housesits and dreaming of my next adventure.

In 2018 I took a year to travel and backpack. I have since returned home and finished my studies in the first half of this year. I'm now undertaking some additional online study and working part-time. I have a lot of flexibility in my days and love to work from home, with a furry friend by my side its ideal!

For now I'm based in Melbourne, but thinking and planning living/working overseas next year.

A bit more about me...

I'm 27 and grew up in country Victoria riding horses, hiking, working in garden and learning to be a devout home cook with a passion for my own grown produce. I moved to Melbourne to study at Monash University and have recently completed my Bachelor Laws / Bachelor of Arts. I have worked previously in childcare, hospitality, consultancy and employment relations. In 2018 I visited South America, Mexico, Spain, Portual, Italy, Germany, Turkey and more. I love being a part of my community, and volunteering in community legal centres. I am a non-smoker who loves cats and dogs, and have experience living with and care for chooks, ducks, birds and horses.

Previous experience:
- House sitting Malvern (October '16)
- House sitting Richmond (January '17) (one cat)
- House sitting Hampton (February- June '17)
- House sitting Elsternwick (September '17) (three cats)
- House sitting Caulfield (September '17) (one dog)
- House sitting Bentleigh (Octoboer '17) (one dog)
- House sitting Kansas, USA (December '17)
- House sitting Dublin, Ireland (July '18) (one dog)
- House sitting Oxford, UK (August '18) (one dog, one cat)
- House sitting Berlin, Germany (September '18) (one dog, one cat)
- House sitting Richmond (January '19) (one cat)
- House sitting Hampton (June- July '19) (one dog)
- House sitting Camberwell (August '19) (two dogs)
- House sitting Cheltenham (August '19) (one dog)
- House sitting Port Melbourne (Septebmer '19 UPCOMING) (one dog)
- House sitting Docklands (September - October '19 UPCOMING) (two cats)

Referee, police checks, passport copies available upon request.