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Maria & Bill

  • Syd. Eastern suburbs, Syd. Lower N Shore, Syd. SW suburbs

Bill and I are a very active semi-retired couple who love to travel and to spend time in nature. We live in our own home in Samford Queensland on 3 1/2 acres with our cat and 6 chickens. We love gardening and animals, and would enjoy having that responsibility in our housesit situation.
In July 2017 we completed a Housesit in Newtown (loving and looking after two gorgeous cats) for a month over the time our daughter gave birth to our granddaughter. Then in 2018 we Housesat for about 6 weeks in July/August to support our daughter as she went back to work. Then in May/ June 19 we looked after a gorgeous dog for 6 weeks whilst his owners travelled the world.
Our daughter lives in Newtown so for future house sits we would like to be in reasonably close proximity if possible.
Whilst we have only done three Housesits, we have also had several house-sitters from this site mind our house whilst we've travelled and are very conscious of what is involved in house sitting. I'm sure the owners of our last three sits would be willing to give us a reference.
We are a clean, tidy and organized couple who appreciate and value having a home and would treat anyone's home as our own. We would be very happy to travel to Sydney to meet anyone offering us a position.
We love animals and your pets would be lovingly cared for, spoken to and cuddled daily!
Please feel free to contact us if you think we match your needs.

Jacqueline & Georgina


Ian & Jocelyn

  • Melbourne

We are a retired couple living in our own home on Queensland's Sunshine Coast.

About Us
We have been listed with for a number of years and also minded pets for people listed with

Our past history includes 6 years managing a 30 unit residential townhouse complex called The Outlook, Manly, on Brisbane’s bayside. Our responsibilities included the screening of potential tenants the, rentals and maintenance of those properties as well as the upkeep, maintenance and security of the complex and welfare of its community.

We are experience home and pet carers.
We have happily cared for family dogs- from labradoodle, Groodle, Westie, Jack Russell, Standard Poodle, Boxer, Springer Spaniel, Maltese and a variety of terriers and nondescripts, a variety of pussycats of various ages with a variety of temperaments, as well as fish, chickens and birds – some infirm, some on medication, some needing regular exercise and all needing love and affection in their owner’s absence. We have managed lawns, gardens micro herbs gardens and swimming pools, collected mail, collected eggs and put out bins.

We enjoy road travel and in recent years have looked after pets and properties at Mornington (4 occasions) and Brighton, Arundel on the Gold Coast, Toogum on Queensland’s central coast, and Lisarow on NSW’s north coast., This time last year we were minding Sox and Rory; a Jacky Russell and Westie in Portrush, Ireland followed by 2 weeks with Rogers, a lovable senior citizen pussycat at Cottingham, Cambridge UK for a most enjoyable 2 weeks.

We like pet minding because….
Like many travellers, we know what it feels like to see the sad face of a pet being farewelled at the pet motel. It’s something you don’t forget! And we know how it feels to go away and leave home unattended. But on the happy side, we also know the pleasure of looking after homes for people and being there for pets in need of good company and friendly support.
Now, with time on our hands, we would like to make things less stressful for you and your family pets by providing genuine care and attention in your absence; to offer you the peace of mind that your home is responsibly occupied, gardens well-tended and pets well cared for while you are away.
Our goal is to pleasantly exceed your expectations! Your satisfaction will be our reward.

Ian is originally from Melbourne.
He grew up in Burwood and East Burwood and in his younger days enjoyed the Bayside beaches. His sister lives at Farm Road, Cheltenham.
We assure you; We will care for your home and your family pets will receive a great deal of time, attention and affection while you are away.

Our references may also be seen at

Steph & Jon

  • Melbourne


We are Steph and Jon, a couple who are both 30. Steph is originally from Brisbane and has spent the last 4 years living in London. She is a Social Worker and has been working in child and adolescent mental health. Steph loves hiking, baking, travelling, sports (yoga, netball tennis), reading, going to the beach, and all animals. Jon is a Management Consultant and has been working in Finance in London. Jon is originally from the Isle of Man and loves conservation, working on various projects around the world e.g. whale shark and manta ray research in Mozambique, with orangutans in Borneo, and large jungle cats in the Amazon, Jon also enjoys DIY, sustainable living, cooking, making sourdough bread, single malt whisky, hiking, rugby, being outdoors and playing with his nephews.

We have decided after 4 years in London, to move to Melbourne. We are looking to house-sit when we first arrive so we are able to get a feel for the area and begin to set up a permanent home base. We are ideally looking to find a house-sit from the beginning of October 2019. We thought we would give an official house sitting website a try for the first time, after doing it informally for our friends and family and being inspired by Steph's Mum who has been house-sitting for years as her retirement hobby!

We are big animal lovers. We both have experience caring for our own pets: guinea pigs, fish, cats (Burmese and Russian Blue), and a Labrador. Steph's grandparent's owned a big farm in N.S.W where she spent most of her holidays as a child, this is where she fell in love with all creatures big and small from collecting the eggs and taking care of the chickens, helping birth a calf, to learning to ride and falling in love with horses! While in London we had our own cat called "Moon" and have been part of a great website called "Borrowmydoggy" where you borrow dogs in your area for walks (we regularly looked after a Portuguese water dog cross poodle called "Boots" and a sausage dog called "Slinky"). We also look after our friends pets (dogs and cats) when they are away on holidays.

Thanks for taking the time to read our profile :)
Steph & Jon

Venessa & Mark

  • TAS

We are a couple - together 28 yrs. Both fit and healthy and exercise regularly.
Work History
Venessa- Midwife/ Registered Nurse 36yrs more recent Technical Assistant Southern Cross Uni (Health Science Dept)
Mark- Worked in forest management in NSW 23yrs. Past 8yrs Furniture Designer/ Maker + pool Lifeguard
We have experienced a lot of overseas travel and are now very keen to travel more in Australia.
Especially Tasmania- available to housesit commencing Mid December 2019 til late April.
We are highly responsible, dependable and respectful of other people and their property.
We have experience caring for dogs/ goats (Wales UK)
Mark is a terrific gardener especially veggies.
Character references can be provided

Andrea & David

  • Bris. Northern suburbs, Bris. Western suburbs

We are Australians, currently located in Brisbane QLD!

Our bags are packed, and we are awaiting your call, your home is our home and your fur babies are our children. Happy to do most household tasks, right down to making sure there is fresh bread and milk in the fridge waiting for you. We pride ourselves on being very organised.

We are happy, healthy, energetic, non-smokers and non-drinkers with police clearance and references which can be requested at any time. Our most recent house sits have been in Brisbane, Queensland (6 years) Perth, Western Australia, Middle East (Qatar) and Darwin, Northern Territory.

We are a financially secure long-term couple and have been together for 27 years. When living our own life, we enjoy Ballroom dancing, Picnic’s, taking care of other people’s children (4 legged), walking, gardening, and doing odd jobs around the house. We love the variety that house sitting gives us, meeting new people and exploring new areas.

We are a couple that move frequently as my husband works on IT projects. We love animals but find it difficult renting when you have a dog or a cat. We have both always had animals in our lives, from a canary, to dogs and farm animals, all creatures great and small.

We have a long history of renting, with no issues raised by the property managers.

Being homeowners ourselves in WA, we know all the concerns you might have about other people living in your home. As such we always respect the home we are living in, is someone else’s property. We like to keep our living space as we would our own home, or as we would like our tenants to keep our property. Clean, tidy, well maintained.

While David works, Andrea is the fortunate one who gets to have no commitments, and be a full-time house sitter, which enables plenty of time for walking, cuddling and giving attention to your pet's and keeping house.

We both come from families with fathers who are/were master builders, so most tasks around the home we can handle.

We supply all our own consumable goods and bed, so we don’t need to inconvenience the homeowner in any way. If you need to get work or maintenance done while your away we will be there all the time and supervise to make sure your jobs are getting done.

Caring for a home comes naturally for us…

Diane & Glen

  • Bris. Southern suburbs, Sunshine Coast, Bundaberg & Wide Bay, Mackay & Whitsundays

We have worked hard all our life and have now just retired.
We are setting off on a journey around Australia and would love the chance to House Sit as a way to explore our country.
We are flexible with dates, pet-free and don't require special parking.
We have owned our own home since the early eighties and have cared for a variety of pets over the years. We currently live in our recently renovated townhouse in Port Douglas, our home for the last 8 years.
We are in our 50's, clean, tidy, organised, fit and active non-smokers, I have experience as a House keeper for magnificent mansions/villas around Port Douglas and have high standards and an eye for detail for home cleanliness and presentation.
I have worked over the years as a Child Care Educator and have a Blue Card, Police Clearance and First Aid certificates.
Glen is very practical and handy, a jack-of-all-trades, able to maintain and fix most things around the house.
Not being able to have pets ourselves we relish the opportunity to spend time with other people's pets.
We look forward to caring for your home as we would our own.


  • Geelong

Hi, we are a mature couple who have sold our house and are looking to housesit while building our house in Barwon Heads. We love all animals and have had Jack Russell Terriers and sometimes have the grand dogs over (boxer and rescue dog) We are active non smokers, work full time so will not be home during the day


  • Melbourne

I have been house-sitting throughout Melbourne for over 4 years - virtually full-time, and have house-sat for dogs and cats - sick and fit, old and young. I have also looked after chooks and an aviary of birds. I love it.

I am a non-smoking, reliable, trustworthy pet-lover, I teach English to international adult students on a casual basis so I am usually home a fair bit. Renting out my house in Queensland I fully appreciate the responsibility involved in looking after owners' homes and I really enjoy providing love and care to people's pets.

I ensure: homes are kept secure, clean, neat and tidy; plants watered; pool monitored; mail collected and rubbish bins put out. I don't charge anything to house-sit and, in return, home-owners let me stay rent-free and cover regular bills such as electricity, gas etc.

I’ve also looked after cats and dogs of my own for over 25 years and love having them around. I'm trying to get fitter so walking dogs is great for me and them. I'm happy to initially meet with you and your pets – obligation free. So why not contact me to arrange a mutually convenient time. References and Police Check also available.

Please also view my YouTube video to hear bit more from me -

Kind regards,

David & Louise

  • VIC

We are a healthy and active retired Melbourne couple, married for many years, who have been both home owners and renters. During the past two years we have completed several house sits in Victoria, and we are now looking for another position, preferably for a period of three months plus.
We very much appreciate that the secret of good house sitting is to care for the home, garden and any pets involved as if they were our own, and are confident that we can do so as required.
References are available upon request. Please contact us if you wish to consider us as your house sitters
Louise and David Thackray


Hi! My name is Danielle, but most people call me Dani :)

Born and bred on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland and currently living in beautiful Melbourne. I'm 33 years old, I work in Finance part time and one of my biggest hobbies is pet sitting :)

Currently offering house and pet sitting services all over Melbourne!

I've been house and pet sitting for 7 years now and loved every moment of it. For me this is more of a lifestyle that allows me to quench my thirst to see new places and get my animal love fix whilst helping people feel comfortable and relaxed that their home and pets are in good hands while they're away.

I'm an animal and environment lover, with a massive soft spot for pooches and kitties. I am also more than capable of handling great big pooches! I'm short, but I'm strong and know how to handle the big kids! I'm very affectionate and patient with animals and I take great care in making sure they're well looked after. As an avid animals rights activist, I live a vegetarian lifestyle and I've worked with abused animals (Mostly cats and dogs as a foster parent for rescued abused animals) and understand special needs very well and am able to cater to those needs with understanding and knowledge. I am also able administer both oral and injection medicine.

I'm also capable of looking after a variety of farm and hobbie animals, ie: cows, chooks, ducks, sheep, goats, rodents, birds and reptiles as well as horses as I grew up on a cattle farm with my Grandparents and kept horses for leisure riding and my Grandparents kept generally around a dozen rescue racing greyhounds at any one time to re-home, as well as chickens, ducks, cows and goats.

I don't smoke, and very rarely drink the odd wine with a good bowl of pasta.

I'm not much of a party animal, nor do I go out very often. I'm more of a one on one kind of person who prefers dinner, relaxing music and wine with a close friend at home, rather then going out. I'm a bookworm, night-owl type, who prefers peace and quiet, over loud music and parties.

I treat other peoples homes like my own, with care and respect, and I have quite the green thumb for those who are concerned about their plants, having grown up on a farm you can imagine the size of our veggie patch!

I'm a complete neat and organisational freak, and try to minimise my environmental footprint where I can.

I've been told people feel very comfortable and relaxed around me, as I have a very authentic, open, accepting and compassionate personality. I'm a big believer in just treating people how you want to be treated and I know if I had a house sitter staying in my home, I'd want them to feel just as comfortable with me as I do with them.

I come with references from previous housemates and peoples homes and pets I've looked after. I also have a police check available and can provide copies of formal identification.

I live and work locally, so this isn't something I do because I have to, I just love animals and seeing different parts of Melbourne, there is always something amazing to discover here and earning the trust and love of pets makes me feel fuzzy on the inside!

As I have been house and pet sitting for quite a few years now, I have a handy checklist of important things to remember and go through so that you feel comfortable and reassured as a pet and home owner, that you're choosing the right person for the job. I am happy to provide the document, even if you feel I wouldn't suit and you just need a little guidance.

Feel free to email, text or call me at any time.

I look forward to speaking with you! :)

Bet & Col

  • SA

We are a fit and healthy retired couple in our mid 70s living in Adelaide. We are interested in house sitting and caring for pets.We have references from past sitting.Prior to retiring we owned a farm and then a business. I have a police clearances for caring and volunteer-work. I like to keep a neat,tidy house and love craft.Col is a handyman and an ex- road grader Both of us enjoy the outdoors and gardening.
Although we choose not to own a pet while travelling we love minding pets for others. Cats and small dog are our preference.
We have a 16 foot pop top caravan and enjoy travelling this wonderful country we live in. We are both non smokers.


  • QLD, VIC

Hi, I'm Dan. I'm a 35 year old honest, reliable, homebody who loves dogs.

I began house sitting and dog minding four years ago, when I looked after a beautiful labrador for two months while her owners were overseas. After a few years of house sitting occasionally, I began doing this full time in August 2016 and am loving being able to spend time with some fun dogs and having the freedom to live a more relaxed, healthy lifestyle.

I'm experienced with a range of small to large breeds - from Chihuahuas to Great Danes - through my house sitting and volunteering at the RSPCA kennels. I will happily give your dog plenty of love and attention - I love going for long walks, playing games like tug-of-war, giving lots of pats, snuggling on the couch and I don't mind having dogs sleep on my bed if that's what they're used to.

I'm mature, clean and tidy, and am a non-smoker. I'm not much of a party animal, and prefer quiet nights at home catching up on my favourite TV shows or working on my laptop.

I'm able to provide a police check and references from previous house sits. Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions, I'm happy to answer them!


  • Melbourne

I am a 25 year old, part-time university student in Burwood (with very few contact hours), studying German in East Melbourne and working part-time in South Melbourne.

I have spent the last four years living in Southbank. My lease has come to an end, and I have decided that instead of renewing, I would like to experience living in different suburbs and be able to save to eventually purchase my own home. As I have not been able to own a pet while renting, and my mother has my baby in Bendigo (Jiji - pictured); the appeal of house sitting and
cuddling furbabies suits the needs of my life for the next year or so.

When living in Southbank, I was a member of and had a voluntary administration role with the Southbank Sustainability Group. Here I have received hands on experience with maintaining gardens, composting and worm farms. As well as actively being part of the local community.

I grew up in country Victoria, and have spent my entire childhood surrounded by animals. Consistently cats and dogs but the odd rabbit, turtle and mouse have also made their way into our lives.

I am non-smoking and practice minimal, low-waste living, am very clean and can maintain a high standard in any place. I understand the common decency of respecting someone elses' home. Having sublet my own space when travelling, I am very empathetic to this.

My current usual day involves a predawn gym class, work or study during the day, and a quite evening of downtime. But I am fortunate to have the luxury of a flexible schedule to fit around the needs of your pet.

I have done several housesits and pet sits in Australia, and can provide sit, work, or personal character references on request.

I do not have a car. I commute from housesits and classes on a bike. This means that I travel light with only what can fit into my bikes panniers. This means I do not mind short sits as moving isn't that much of a hassle.

At this point I am probably more suited to cats and small-medium dogs; and of course gardens. If you have any questions, please get in touch. I am looking forward to smoothering your furbabies with love.

Jeff & Lelia

  • VIC

Hi – we're a fit, non-smoking couple of Australians in our 60's, retired professionals, been traveling overseas for 11 years on our yacht and are now returned home to Australia. We are available year round, and can be flexible with start and stop dates. We love to travel and we love animals, and we will be happy to pet sit cats and dogs, as we have been pet owners in the past. Birds too! We can do garden and lawn maintenance, and as we have housesat previously, we can provide references. We'd love to hear from you!


  • Melbourne

Animals are my favourite people! With over 4 years of solid house sitting experience and many great references, you can be confident that your precious companions will receive the best of care while you are taking a break.

To date, I have cared for almost 200 animals including a variety of dogs, cats, miniature horses, chickens, fish, guinea pigs, goats and even a pair of emus!

I am a non-smoker who is clean, tidy and considerate of your home. I bring my own bedding and all consumables with me too; you can rest assured your home will be just as you left it on your return.

A police clearance and many references are available on request.


  • NSW

Am mature aged, fit and healthy.
Have farm, animal and house sit on and off for Many years.
I travel with a pure bred choc lab. He has a beautiful nature.
We love road trips, meeting new beings, and love the freedom.
We love to clean up, and surprise the owners, when they return. Good at organizing and neat as well.
Non smoker.
References available.



Quick Sit Alert - I'm seeking a long Sydney sit for most of 2020. I've sitted continuously since Mar2015 with the bulk of my testimonials on If you feel I'm ideal for your needs, I'd be pleased to talk with you. I can connect you with my former hosts and provide my Australian police check record to put you at ease - just ask and I'll email you whatever you require.

MATURE LADY, HOME BASED (Internet Business Owner)
LIVE IN SITTER - Preference for long sits (ie 3mths+)
PREFER LONG SITS 3-12MTH (for shorter sits, always ask me as openings often come up)
I Understand the Value of a Great House & Pet Sitter as I was a FORMER HOST MYSELF FOR 6yr as a HOME & PET OWNER

Hello - I am at a time of life where I am available to be the brilliant house and pet sitter you are looking for. I am a single professional, self-employed Australian with two adult sons (pursuing their own careers). With few family demands, I no longer need to be based in one location. I enjoy the freedom that house sitting offers where I can be a devoted animal lover to other people's pets while enjoying your location. Being agile and moving to different cities suits my Internet based (email traffic, not heavy downloads) work very well and as I have lived in almost all of Australia's capitals & various cities overseas, I am very much at home wherever I am.
I will consider any sit with a preference for long house sits (3-12months). I am open to being in any location, city or region…here are some of my favourites: NZ, NYC, Spain, Malta, Central America, Chile, most countries in Europe. I am self employed as a facilitator, business growth specialist and internet business mentor. I conduct my work 'virtually' via the Internet & Skype. This means I can work anywhere as long as I have fast, reliable Internet & phone reception. Both are critical requirements for me to sit for you. I always try to meet you in person where possible and certainly via Skype in all other cases. It's paramount for you and for me that we understand and respect expectations of one another and that your home and pets have the care you are entitled to.

Why I Want to House Sit
Through past house sitting experience & as a home & pets owner with my own regular house sitter for 6yr, I recognise the value of house sitting to pet lovers & security for your home while giving me flexibility & variety in lifestyle. I have travelled extensively over the years and am resourceful and socially inclusive. Your pets and home will receive my responsible and loving attention and I will be proactive by staying in touch to keep you informed about how everything is going without being a burden. You can learn more about me via my LinkedIn and business websites which I'd be happy to send you, along with my CV, biography and character referees, for information. I live simply and cleanly and will be very respectful of your home, belongings, security and privacy. I don't own a car anymore, so, I’d welcome the use of a car if possible please, especially for overseas or remote/ distance house sits.

My Experience
I promise warmth, openness, transparency and genuine care of your pet family and your home. My 'home based' work allows me to offer a strong presence & companionship for your home & pets. I have been an Australian Army Officer with a top secret positive vet security clearance (21yr), consultant to most Australian Commonwealth Govt departments and 3yrs as deputy chair and director Crime Stoppers & National Trust boards. I'm presently an 'Angel' with the Pyjama Angel Foundation. I pride myself on maintaining high integrity, sound judgement, balance, reliability and being a proactive communicator. I'm also very loving and gentle with animals. You can depend on me to keep you informed and to make decisions about your pets and home with your priorities in mind. I am comfortable with all types of animals and those with special needs. I will reach out to people in your immediate community network, as advised by you, if needed. I've been a home owner for 30+yr, an animal lover for life and I know the value of a quality house sitter. I've had the joy of 6yrs experience as a host to my own house sitter, so I fully understand and respect the responsibility that comes with this position.

My aim is to give you absolute peace-of-mind while you are absent while having a cost effective home solution for myself (as a 'local'!) in a new environment. I look forward to getting to know you and your pet family. My previous hosts are all happy to chat with you and I can email you their references if you wish. Wherever possible, if I am in your city, I will always try to meet with you and your pets in advance of the sit so we know that 'everyone' is comfortable. Warmly, Lisa

NOTE: It's always worth checking in with me in case I am free due to hosts' change of plans. I like to make contact in advance with potential hosts so we can see if we're a fit (for your pets, you & me) in advance of a future sit. Let's chat!


  • NSW

Hi, mature retired female Freelance Photographer of people and thousands of children over an 18 year period. Independent experienced housesitter for a total of 14 and a half years, 95% word of mouth.The 13 and half years were between 1996 to 2002 and 2009 until now 2018 caring for much loved and adored fur family pets and homes and at one time, two teenagers. A change in direction with business, and wishing to travel again led me into seeking housesitting positions for the second time. Based on the Northern Beaches for years, references are available for previous house sittings and present ones. Because the vast majority of my house sittings are word of mouth interested persons do not need a written reference, however, through the agency, I do have written references that can be sent to you (I have yet to upload more references to my page yet) and of course you do have permission to phone check any of the references and the homeowners will be glad to talk to you. I love people but I require quiet time alone with animals for company, I am very much an animal person and my top priority is to keep all animals happy and care for your home to the best of my ability. In my personal life, I spend many hours on my laptop, I have my own travelling mini modem, therefore, your pets have my company nearly all of the time. I am not a party person, good friends live in various parts of Australia so I usually go to see them whenever I have free time I have lived with many big dogs, Great Danes and German Shepherds and Labradors, Cats with amazing personalities, a Snake, Horses and a Lamb and pet Chickens. And wild Birds seem to like me. Being patient, responsible and highly respectful of other people,s privacy and property, I would be more than happy to be there for you if you need me. My housesitting at present takes me to the Central Coast and the Blue Mountains and Sydney's North Shore. I have gone further out of that area so I will consider further North or South of NSW. Interstate I will consider also. Clean and tidy, leaving your house as you would like to find it. I am a non-drinker. Excellent References are supplied. I mow lawns when necessary and water pot plants and gardens. I look forward to hearing from you, Kind Regards Jaime.

James & Juanita

  • Geelong, Otway Ranges/ Great Ocean Rd

Hi, we are a 30s-40s couple who currently live in the city. We are looking to move down the coast to be closer to our love for nature, the outdoors, and for a complete change of pace and lifestyle after reassessing our careers, values & priorities, with house purchase and starting a family on the horizon ;)

I am starting to look for work down in Geelong and want to secure work first to make the transition workable. We decided it would be a great idea to try and house sit as part of the transition.

We are a kind, caring, responsible, and clean couple who love pets. We can't wait to settle down the coast so we can get a dog of our own :) We do not smoke.

We have done house sitting for friends of ours before who live in Torquay and they are available on request to chat over the phone and provide a reference. We also looked after their dog during this time. We took great pride in surprising them with a cleaner house on return than when they left :) We can also provide our Airbnb reviews as reference as well.

We would also like to meet the prospective home owner and see the house before we house sit.

Anne & Reg

  • ACT, Brisbane

I, Anne have been house-sitting for over twelve 12 years in the ACT and three years in Noosa Qld and Reg has house sat in Brisbane in the past. We have many happy home and pet owners.

Hi! I'm Anne in Canberra and Reg my partner from Brisbane. We've been house sitting for over 12 years in Brisbane and Noosa QLD and Canberra. We are mature, non-smokers with great references. We are clean, caring and have a strong sense of responsibility toward your house, gardens and pets, have respect for your things and your privacy. I (Anne) am a non-smoking, quiet mature medical technician fully employed on the south side of Canberra. I (Reg) also a non-smoker, is a work-from-home law student and also works from home as well. We are both capable, strong and reliable. We have many repeat home and pet owners.

We are very careful with your property, great with animals of all types and sizes. We have our own transport and am physically fit. We have looked after farms, houses, and apartments in the past, and lots of cats and dogs. We like going on walks especially with a dog. We dearly love the company of cats. Anything you need while you are away we can do, collect mail etc.

We coordinate well with your relatives friends and neighbors as or if required.

We have a CV and personal references (also on this website) and am available for an interview as required. I can offer 'peace of mind' while you are away.

Looking forward to meeting you and taking care of your home and loved pets and gardens while you are away.

Kind regards

Anne and Reg


Terry & Amanda

  • Brisbane


My name is Amanda, I'm a 27 year old Wedding and Event Manager working in Southbank and I've been house sitting consistently since March and absolutely loving it!

I chose to house sit because it gives me the opportunity to meet different people, experience difference parts of Brisbane, and have the opportunity to enjoy the company of pets as I'm not in the position right now to have them myself as much as I would love to! 

I walk every morning at 530am before I head off to work and go for longer walks on my day off.

On my days off I like to spend my days off being productive, whether it is going on adventures exploring the local area or Brisbane, heading outside to do the gardening, seeing friends here and there, or spending the day at home completing household chores, preparing my meals or of course, relaxing on the couch watching Netflix. 

I'm and VERY clean person and am very committed to looking after your home and pets and treat everything with respect as thought it is my own. I will complete any tasks that you require done whilst you are away. 

It would be great to have the opportunity to look after your home and pets whilst you are away also.

I hope to hear from you.



We are Kerry and Terry We are married ,retired and are in our late 50,s. We are reasonably experienced house sitters having looked after a house in Trafalgar 4 times probably 3 months in total, A house in yallourn nth for 2 weeks and a house in Trafalgar for 2 months. .House sitting gives us the opportunity to travel around and stay in other parts of Australia at the same time meeting new people,it also gives you the peace of mind to know your pets are in their normal environment and your house is being looked after. We are both non smokers, love animals and extremely trustworthy. We are very clean and tidy very good with looking after pets,houses and gardens. I once house sat for 3 weeks many years ago and the house and garden was better when the owners came home than when they left.
We live in south east Victoria and travel to the Gold Coast often. We have a caravan and within the next 2 years are going to do the big trip around Australia. We are both very active,excercise during the week and rock n roll dance at weekends. We live on a hobby farm and have had cows,sheep,goats birds fish and of course dogs and cats all our life. At present we have one adopted cat and an siberian husky which are looked after by other family members whilst we are house sitting .

Raelene & Joe

  • Sunshine Coast, Bundaberg & Wide Bay

We are both retired from the workforce and are looking to do some travelling and exploring in our caravan and would like to offer our assistance to homeowners who are wishing to have a break away from home and are needing responsible and reliable carers to house sit their home and care for their pets while they are away.
We have two lovable Papillon dogs as our little fur babies - Shilo (male) 5 yrs 6 mths - Lillee (female) 6 yrs. They are both friendly little dogs who live inside our home with us and are house-trained, We have always had the companionship of dogs in our home. We keep a clean and tidy home due to our fur babies living inside with us.
The only previous experience we have had in house-sitting has been through family and friends. Hopefully by offering our assistance to other homeowners, we can satisfy their needs for a safe and secure house sit for their precious animals while they are away.
Police Checks and references are available.
If we can be of assistance in caring for your home and your pets in your absence, please do not hesitate in contacting us.
Raelene, Joe, (Shilo & Lillee).

Janet & Larry

  • North Coast, Brisbane, South Eastern, Melbourne, Macedon Ranges, Geelong, Otway Ranges/ Great Ocean Rd

I have recently retired so I can spend more time writing, and travelling with my partner Larry. I was a Professor of Management, teaching for an Australian university. My partner Larry is Canadian/Australian and also a retired educator, as well as a Cordon Bleu trained cook and landscape gardener, who has built two houses. Our own homes have included two owner-built houses on acreage, and renovating others; inner city townhouses, plus owning and maintaining land. 

Wherever we stay or housesit, we like to offer more than just caring for any precious pets or what was requested: in addition to any fur baby sitting we can cook, garden, do basic maintenance and jobs, and keep your neighbours happy with our presence.

We enjoy travelling, meeting people and immersing ourselves like a local; and housesitting gives us that opportunity. We both study and read a lot (writing, gastronomy, history, languages etc) and staying in a home environment allows us to do this in comfort, whilst enjoying many hours in the company of affectionate pets who are missing their family. We also enjoy gardening and this is another reason why housesitting suits our lifestyle.

We have experience house and pet (cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, chooks, goats) sitting in Australia, New Zealand, France and Canada, as well as having had several pets in our family (dogs, cats, goats, rabbits, hens and birds). We are non-smokers. References available.


  • Brisbane

Hello, my name is Emma and I am a responsible and tidy 24 year old, and I would love to look after your home and furry friends! I am a non-smoker.

I have a full time job at a Brisbane hospital, meaning I am out of the house during the day, but tend to spend most of my spare time at home, meaning plenty of company for your pets and time for walks.

I grew up with dogs, but as I am constantly moving for work I haven’t been able to commit to having any pets of my own. Pet sitting gives me the joy of caring for you beloved animals, whilst also giving me a place to stay and the flexibility that I need.

I have experience in house sitting, looking after both dogs and cats in their own home. If your dogs have specific obedience training, I am more than happy to continue reinforcing these behaviours in your absence. I can do light housework and gardening whilst house sitting for you if required.

I am available for both short and long term sits, though longer term is preferable.


  • Alice Springs, Darwin, SE Vic, SW Vic

Hi, my name is Sue. I am a mature responsible semi retired woman and live in Mandurah WA.
I am a non smoker, non drinker who loves animals and gardening. I am still working part time and can take holidays to house sit.
I have house sitted before and can provide references.
I am experienced in looking after cats, dogs, chickens and birds . I have no experience with horses and will not look after snakes.
I am fit and Healthy and am able to walk pets and look after gardens.


Hi, My name is Gus and I'd like to be considered to look after your house. I'm 61, and I own a small business in Slacks Creek. Normally I live in a small flat above my workshop, but I like to do house sits from time to time to get away from the office so to speak.
I have house sat a couple of times, including looking after a small hobby farm with 4 horses, and assorted other animals.


  • Sydney, SA, Melbourne
  • Reduced Contact

I am an independent, reliable, animal loving, professional woman (33), currently house sitting in Adelaide. I like to go to the beach and relax on the weekends. I play sport, I like to keep fit and active, I love coffee and I like to live a healthy lifestyle. I am hoping to gain long term house sits in Adelaide in 2019 to save for an overseas trip. I have had many house sits across Sydney and Adelaide and I offer an invaluable service of taking care and spending quality time with your pets whilst maintaining a clean and tidy home and garden. I’d love to meet up and chat with you over coffee. Police clearance and house sitting references on the site. Can also provide referees contact details for you to speak with them if you need. Thanks, Tara. 0413 466 544


  • Sydney

Toots (Annette) & Ross

  • ACT, NSW, Alice Springs, Darwin, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, WA

Active, healthy non smoking couple - social drinkers only - aged 68. Self employed prior to retiring with a background in family farming followed by tourism when we owned and ran holiday accommodation for ten years where cleanliness was of prime importance. Our business consisted of 10 cottages and 3 acres of grounds and garden which we maintained ourselves.

Wide interests including interior decorating, gardening, reading, music, natural history, bush walking, travel, and how life ticks in general! Since retiring, we are keen to see more of our great country and would love to come to your part of the world and would consider it a privilege to care for your home.

What we offer:
Lifelong experience with and love of all animals. We have always had a variety of pets as well as caring for the farm animals. Enjoy gardening and happy to care for your garden as well as pets. Experienced in general repairs and maintenance if the necessity arises.
Having always owned our own home (except for renting for 15 months following the sale of our business and whilst considering our options), we understand the importance of having someone trustworthy and reliable to care for and maintain and care for your home and pets. We have now been house sitting for over 6 years and looked after 50 homes and various animals.

Happy to provide references and Police clearance.