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  • Melbourne, Macedon Ranges, Geelong, Grampians, Otway Ranges/ Great Ocean Rd

My partner and I are both retired and live in North East Victoria. We have both of us cared for and loved many dogs, birds,cats of our own over many years and have come to a stage in our lives where it would not be fair to get another pet permanently, but as we both enjoy being with animals, caring for them so their owners can be away without feeling stressed about leaving them, it will be a two way benefit! We are planning to do as much travelling with our caravan as we can fit in between house sits in the coming year. I prefer to live in a clean and tidy home and would treat your home in like manner. Please make contact if you would like any further information, or if you think we would suit your needs.

Cheers for now Jan and Chris

Eleanor & Andrew

  • SA

We are a couple in a mid-forties with a four-year old son who are taking a break from our uni careers and embarking on a working holiday round Australia before the routine of school starts for our boy.

As home owners ourselves , we fully appreciate the level of trust required to leave your home (inc.pets and garden) in the hands of people you've never met. We are no strangers to looking after animals and homes, both our own and those of friends and family.

We are reliable, trustworthy and respectful and can provide references if required. We have both had police checks for work purposes.

Thanks for considering us!

Lyn & Peter


We have experience with pet and home sitting, are non smokers, reliable, tidy, caring.

We have phone references and would care for your pets and home as we would our own.

We are happy to meet with you to see if we are suitable for your pet and house sit.

Kind regards


  • Perth

Hello! I am a non smoker, non drinker, clean living, early to bed, early to rise, tidy, fit & active woman that is looking for house sits for current financial reasons. I have house sat many times over the last 25 years at various times. I have been actively house sitting again since 2016 without any problems.
I consider myself to be reliable, responsible, respectful and honest.
I do have a 3yr old daughter who would be with me. She loves being outside most of the day though and absolutely loves all kinds of animals. She will happily throw the ball to dogs for literally hours at a time so if you have a dog that loves attention then we are your house sitters! I do come armed with portable shelf/cupboard/drawer locks if needed. Upon saying this, she is very well supervised by me and I am very careful in instructing her, as such we have not to date had any problems. Please note we only need 1 bedroom as she sleeps in the bed with me.
Usually the dogs we sit have a lovely time as she gives them so much attention! We love to walk at the beach (&dog beach) and also in parks / nature every day. That is my exercise and grounding, so it is a given that we will definately walk your dogs. I do have a Standard Poodle, Shiloh who is 12 yrs old, is extremely well trained, gentle and quiet does not bark or dig or fight with other dogs as she is very non threatening and passive. She is very friendly with other dogs and she loves a very little play and then sleeps. She is just fine with cats, chickens, rabbits etc. she just ignores them really and finds an out of the way place for a sleep which is most of the time now that she is older.Being a poodle she doesn't drop hair either and can happily stay and sleep outside if need be. I can easily walk her and another dog at the same time as she walks right next to me and is very obedient, I do walk her with other dogs often. I am also experienced with cats, guinea pigs, chickens, rabbits, fish and birds.
I do study from home on the internet so we are home quite a lot. Also I am pretty quiet and routined, having a toddler. I don't give out addresses or invite people over without prior consent, usually only my adult son will visit, if at all.
I do have a National Police Clearance and references.
So if our situation sounds like it will work for your home and pets please consider us! I am happy to come and meet you, obligation free. Thanks so very much! Kind Regards, Holly


  • Macedon Ranges, Otway Ranges/ Great Ocean Rd


I am an Insurance Professional currently working full time in Melbourne CBD. I love new experiences and travel and have really enjoyed using Airbnb (for which I have excellent references).

I own my own home in Balwyn North and have a 5 year old Ragdoll cat, named Cola.

I have previously minded people's homes/pets and enjoyed the experience.

I am fastidiously neat and tidy and have the greatest respect for other people's property.

I love all pets and have grown up around cats (Siamese and Ragdoll breeds) and dogs (Shetland Sheepdog, German Shepherd and Rhodesian Ridgeback breeds), birds (canaries, quails, budgerigars, doves), rabbits, guinea pigs and fish!

I enjoy short stays in different locations as I believe that "a change is as good as a holiday."

I hope to hear from you soon.

Best of luck! Gabrielle.

Melissa & John

  • Launceston, Perth

We only have a few spots here and there available now for 2018. There's a week or so in May and a few weeks later in the year so please let us know if you think we can help.

We run our IT business from home and now have over seven year's full time house and pet sitting experience. It's keeping us very busy and has become a way of life looking after all kinds of pets while their families travel. Working from home also means we can give pets extra care when and where needed. We have places that we go back to regularly but also love the adventure of meeting new friends too.

We're Queenslanders but have been in Perth for a few years now and love it vey much. House sitting allows us the opportunity to visit and experience a great variety of homes, some a little off the beaten track and others in the thick of city living.
We love pet and house sitting because we love looking after pets while their families travel rather than see them go to kennels. Sometimes this can be for extra long periods of time and sometimes even for a whole year. We are also home owners with loads of experience looking after pools and gardens of all shapes and sizes and depending on size, caring for larger more time consuming properties is negotiated before agreeing to the sit. Our rural and farming backgrounds have come in handy as we also have a couple of regular farms sits that give us a welcome tree change every so often.

Our references with contact details are there for checking for your piece of mind as are our police

We will treat your home and belongings with respect and give your pets plenty of love and cuddles, yes even the cows if they're willing. We enjoy a relaxed casual lifestyle and tend to stay around home couch surfing rather than being out and about.

So... if you'd like to have a chat please send us a message or email us. It's a good idea to start with a meet and greet so you can decide if we are the right sitters for you. It's the vibe of the thing really. You'll know if it's right.

We look forward to talking to you soon.

Zoe & Luci

  • Adelaide

About Zoe & Luci

Hello! We are Luci and Zoe. A married couple recently returned from a year-long European adventure.

We have extensive house and pet sitting experience, having completed a total of 9 house sits across Europe within the last year in France, England, Scotland and Portugal. We have looked after everything farming properties; with big dogs and cows to small inner city homes with small cats and small dogs, and we've loved caring for them all!

Why we house sit

Both Luci and I just love animals! In fact, we look forward to having our own little hobby farm one day down the track. Cows, goats, ducks, chickens, cats & dogs are all on the top of the list!

In the meantime, housesitting gives us the opportunity to experience new places, meet beautiful people and make furry friends along the way.

We'd love the opportunity take care of your home and pets, and enjoy their company while you're away.

Our experience

We have both grown up living with domestic animals in our households, we also hail from farming families and spent much of our school holidays and weekends tending to an array of animals in South Australia's beautiful farming lands.

My favourite childhood pets were my Netherland Dwarf bunny Pierre, as well as mygrandparents sheep dog Rascal, who came to retire with mein his old age, and was a very loved member of the family.

Luci still talks about her beloved cat Prudy, who loved chicken in sweet chilli sauce (how weird!) and slept at the end of her bed every night. Luci's family have always had one or all of the following in their beautiful family home in metro Adelaide: Chooks (ever since she can remember), cats, fish, turtles as well as dog sitting for friends over the years.

I grew up spending a lot of time at my grandparent's hobby farm - rounding up the sheep alongside the trusty family sheep dog, milking the cows, collecting eggs from the hens and riding horses.

Luci had similar experiences growing up; her grandfather established one of the largest and most successful farming companies in South East Australia. Many a school holiday was spent visiting Aunties and Uncles and working the land with her cousins. This saw Luci help tend to birthing calves and lambs, herding cattle, helping the harvest teams and forever playing with the farm dogs.

As you can see, we both have a lifetime of experience with animals, and we would love your beloved pets like our own!


  • Sydney, North Coast, Rural/Regional NSW, Gold Coast & Hinterland, Sunshine Coast, Hobart, Rural/Regional Tas, Geelong, Otway Ranges/ Great Ocean Rd, Perth

Hello! I'm a single, non-smoking veterinary nurse and I adore meeting new human and animal friends. I accidentally fell into housesitting three years ago and have had non-stop positions ever since - mainly through word of mouth.

I've just sold a heritage-listed home on the far north coast of NSW as I continue my search for a rural property I can transform into a sanctuary for wildlife and rescued farmed animals. For the past few years I've worked as a writing coach and book editor, so as long as I have my laptop, internet access and solitude, I can base myself anywhere. Because I'm a qualified veterinary nurse, you can rest assured that any animals in my care will be expertly handled and observed ... while of course being diligently spoilt!

Having been a long-term home owner, I'm conscious of the attention to detail and practical care that go into maintaining a beautiful property. My tasks during housesits have included maintaining in-ground pools and organic veggie gardens while caring for a range of animals - from the most petulant pig to the snuggliest spoodle. I've single-handedly helped a cow to deliver her calf (hello, little Astro!), and I've made several return visits to a beautiful home overlooking Byron Bay where I care for a delightful little dog who's now one of my best friends (howdy, Buster!).

All my housesitting clients have asked me to return (see written references below), and please don't hesitate to let me know if you'd like me to put you in touch with previous and current clients so you can chat with them over the phone.

In the meantime, thank you for taking the time to read my profile. I look forward to hearing from you.


  • NSW

30yrs old: Experienced House/Pet sitter, Health Professional.

* What kind of person am I?
I am a responsible, trustworthy, tidy and clean Australian born non-smoking woman and I love meeting new people. I am a young but mature Sydney city woman. I am an experienced house/pet sitter having house/pet sat for 25 houses in over 2.5 years full time. I am down to earth, reliable, practical, friendly and take great pride in providing a fantastic service. This means that you come home to a clean and tidy house and happy well looked after pets.

Helen: I am a Registered Psychologist and because I recently finished my Masters in Clinical Psychology, I am not currently working. You will have excellent home security, and i can spend lots of time with your pets. I have a National Police Certificate and working with childrens check. As a psychologist I have a very high level of security clearance- one that is just under ASIO so you can be assured that i am a trustworthy person.

• What kind of service do I provide?

- I am 24/7 house sitter, so i provide excellent home security and often spend time at home.
- I am a 24/7 pet carer who loves animals just as much as you do and will go above and beyond to make sure that your pet is happy, healthy and not disrupted in their routine. I only take on 1 house sit at a time to provide a thorough service.
- I will take thoroughly good care of your pets and their needs as requested (meals, any medicine, brush them, give them any worming tablets, keep them company and spend time walking or playing with them).
- Of course in an emergency situation, I will contact you and drive them to their personal vet.
- I will send you regular email/texts/ photo updates of your place and pets so you can see how they are travelling and so you don't miss them too much.
- Collect the mail daily & send you any mail that you’ve requested via email.
- Maintain any indoor or outdoor plants, water, remove leaves from pathways etc as needed.
- I will clean your home before you arrive so that you come back to a nice clean home.
- I leave fresh food in the fridge before your arrival so you can relax once you’ve come back home (I will ask you what you would like e.g. milk, bread, fruit)
- I will start your car if needed to ensure that the battery doesn’t go flat. I won’t be using your car as I have my own
- You even get a little surprise to say thank you :)
- I provide a comprehensive service and as I like to be thorough in my work, I also have a written out agreement of instructions that we both fill out and sign so that all duties are clear and so I have authority to be staying in your home (detailed instructions, vet and emergency contact numbers, pet quirks)
- Any extra tasks feel free to ask me

* Why am I house/pet sitting?
I have been asked this question & it's a fair question! Well house sitting is allowing me to save money as i was a full time student so that I may buy my own home one day. I also love pets and I don't have my own (other than the family cat, dog and budgies :) ) so it is wonderful to be able to spend time with the beautiful pets that I mind. They provide such companionship. Also, I absolutely love the adventure and variety of living in new places around Sydney and meeting new people like you! Even though I intended to house/pet sit only whilst I studied, I continue house/pet sitting because I now LOVE the lifestyle, variety and adventure of it all.

* House/pet sitting experience
I have been pet/house sitting since April 2015. Also, I have lived out of home before & I have had many pets (cats, dogs, chickens, fish, birds, guinea pigs, rabbits, the odd insect.. ) my whole life so I understand the responsibilities of looking after a household and pets. I am happy to send you my references.

Here are some examples of my house sitting experience so far.
1. Frenchs Forest: 4 rescue cats, hermit crabs and a fighting fish.
2. Kirrawee: 2 rescue cats
3. Cammeray: House/pet sat a ragdoll cat and maintained the home for 3.5 months (May, June, July, August). This included mowing their lawns (The cat got in a fight so I immediately drove the cat to the vet in the night and he recovered well).
4. North Manly: Took care of a 14 year old dog, 21 year old cat, 2 fish ponds, a cockatoo and maintained and watered the tree dense garden regularly. Also feed the animals their daily medication at specific times.
5. Frenchs Forest: House sat for the same Frenchs Forest family again over Christmas and New Year’s Eve upon their request and they even paid for the service.
6. Belrose: House sat in Belrose in January 2016 and looked after their cat and dog. Walked their dog twice a day.
7. Cammeray: Returned to Cammeray a 2nd time for 3 weeks looking after their ragdoll cat and mowed their lawn
8. Maroubra: House/pet sat for 2 cats in March/April 2016
9. Cammeray: House/pet sat at Cammeray for a 3rd time and their ragdoll cat.
10. Cammeray: Through word of mouth, I house sat the next door neighbour's place from Aug-Oct 2016 to look after their house, garden and frog pond
11. North Manly: I looked after their pets and garden for a 2nd time in Nov 2016.
12. Mosman: Through word of mouth, I looked after a house and garden in Dec 2016 for 4 weeks
13. Charlestown Newcastle: I looked after a dog and the garden here in Dec/Jan 2017 including daily walks
14. North Turramurra: I looked after 2 dogs, a bearded dragon, garden and pool in Jan 2017. This included giving one medication twice daily and daily walks
15. Cammeray: I looked after another cat in January 2017.
16. Newcastle Medowie: I looked after a dog, chooks, garden and pool in Feb 2017
17. Cammeray: I returned for the 4th time to look after their in Feb 2017.
18. Neutral Bay: I looked after a large dog from in March/April 2017
19. Vaucluse: I looked after a large house with a cat, dog and fish in April 2017
20. West Pymble: I looked after a greyhound puppy in April/May 2017
21. Glebe: I looked after a cat in May 2017
22. Cammeray: I looked after a cat for the 5th time May-Aug 2017.
23. Dulwich Hill: I looked after a rabbit in Aug/Sept 2017
24. Glebe: I looked after a cat and dog in Oct 2017
25. Vaucluse: I returned to look after a dog, cat and fish tank in Dec/Jan 2018

Feel free to ask me if i am free for your house/pet sitting dates.

Many have asked me to come back at other times, however the timing has at times not worked out as I only commit myself to doing 1 in-depth house/pet sit at a time.

* A little more about my love for Animals.
At the moment I don't have any pets but I LOVE animals. Over the year I have saved, looked after and fostered out 23 stray kittens which I am very proud of. I really love it when people have rescue animals. Also, I have had pet sitting experience with dogs, kittens, cats, birds, fish, hermit crabs, frogs & experience with worming, kitty litters, baths, sick pets & some difficult pets. I understand that each pet has their own unique personality and requirements, in the same way people do.

Thus hopefully you will notice that I have a lot of house/pet sitting experience.

Notes: Also, I have a car so I would be able to take your pet to the vet quickly should there ever be an emergency.

* Do I sound like the kind of house/pet sitters you would like?
If so, then I hope to help to look after your home and pet. I would love to talk over the phone or meet you so we can get to know each other.
I also have a photo of myself so you can start to get to know me :)

P.S. The pictures are of some saved stray kittens I fostered and family pets.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind Regards

Melissa & Anita

  • Melb. Inner suburbs, Melb. SE suburbs

Hi there - We are not taking any more bookings until further notice!!

We are Mel and Anita who have been together for 4 years. We live a healthy lifestyle, are non smokers, vegetarian, keep a clean and tidy house and rarely drink. Both professionals who work full-time in the inner suburbs of Melbourne. We had been living in Elwood for the past 5 years or so and St Kilda prior to that so weren't in the position to have our own animals. After booking in a few consecutive sits, we packed up our belongings and are now embracing housesitting full-time!! It has been so much fun, we wish we started earlier... We have looked after some funny characters along the way :)

Over the previous 10 months, we have completed a number of pet sits with various durations ranging from 9 days to 2 months. We have had the pleasure of looking after just one cat, some tropical fish and one household which had two dogs and two cats. We treat each place we stay at like it's our own and take on all of the responsibilities of housesitting, including mowing the laws, gardening, weekly cleaning, washing dogs etc. We have excellent references after completing a few housesits from this website and as we have done a couple of word-of-mouth jobs, we are more than happy to provide further information from other home owners if requested.

We own an apartment in St Kilda and both have properties in other states, so understand the concerns associated with leaving your home/pets in someone's else's care, but rest assured that it/they will be looked after to a high standard! Mel is an ex PE teacher and her 4 years experience as a live in property manager in London, gave her skills and knowledge required for the general upkeep of properties (including unblocking toilets).

Mel has a current Police Clearance and Anita will obtain one if requested.

We look forward to hearing from you.

You won't be disappointed, your pets will be well cared for and your house will be sparkling on your return :)

Bianca & Andreas

  • Sydney, Central Coast, Hunter Valley, South Coast, Central Tablelands, Central West Slopes, Far South West, Far West, Murray & Riverina, North West Slopes, Southern Tablelands, SA, VIC

We'd love to be your housekeepers while you enjoy your holiday and care for your animals.

We are a family including two loveley children (9 and 11) from Germany and travelling around from Sydney to Melbourne for about a year. We love animals and miss our dogs.
We had to leave our dogs at my parents. So we all miss our dogs and would be happy to care for your animals.
Especially to our childen housekeeping and caring for pets and maybe horses is a wonderful substitute for the badly missed ones at home.

We also have experience with horses, dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs and some other animals.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,
Andy, Bianca, Joshi & Lissy


  • Gold Coast & Hinterland, Sunshine Coast

Hello I am a retired pharmacist and a very active joyful older citizen, very caring and careful house-sitter and am a non-smoker, non-drinker. I reside on the Gold Coast and love plants and looking after animals - I can provide excellent references - currently I look after and walk my grandaughter's dogs when required and am regularly booked to look after a farmstay on the Sunshine Coast when called upon . I am available for house-sits on the Gold Coast area mainly.


  • Central Coast, Hunter Valley, North Coast, South Coast, Rural/Regional NSW, Alice Springs, Darwin, South Eastern, Central, Central Coast (Qld), Western QLD, TAS, Melb. Inner suburbs, Melb. SE suburbs, SE Vic, SW Vic

Hello, my name is Barb. I am 59 years old, single, and don't smoke or drink. I lead a fairly quiet life, am respectful and reliable and very aware of the sense of responsibility required in caring for someone else's home and pets. I also love gardens and plants so I would also enjoy looking after your garden.
I am a very tidy and clean person who has respect for all environments. This is my first venture into house-sitting so would love the opportunity to prove myself. As I am a pre-school teacher I have a valid teacher registration (which means I have been police checked and thoroughly screened). I am happy to provide personal references. Looking forward to my first sit!!


  • Melbourne

Hello, my name is Liz and I am a caring, responsible and friendly person. I currently reside in inner city Melbourne where I am house sitting for a family friend whilst they are overseas. I have house sat for numerous friends (new and old) over many years and therefore understand the need to be respectful and trustworthy when you are looking after someone else's beloved pet and home. I have completed a Bach. of Architecture at the University of Melbourne and have over 12 years of experience working in the design industry. I am 38 years old, a non-smoker and have had extensive experience caring for many different pets. Growing up I had two cats, both persians, called 'Sunny' and 'Chase'. I also had a border collie / kelpie cross dog called 'Dixie'. In more recent times, I have cared for a great deal of dogs and cats belonging to friends and family members. Pets in my care have included 'Oakie' an australian sheppard, 'Sugar' a maltese, 'Louis' a toy poodle puppy, 'Smokey' a kelpie, and 'Kiff' a very large ginger tabby cat. I enjoyed spending time with each of them, and certainly got a lot of happiness knowing that that I provided them with the loving care they deserve. I am exceptionally clean and tidy, and take pride in having a well-organised home. I can provide identification, references and a police check if required.


  • Brisbane

I am active and healthy, love life in general, have a love of nature and therefore love walking, I enjoy the company of our little four-legged beings, be that cat, dogs or the two-legged kind in chickens, birds etc.,

I am very quiet, I am loyal and respectful I live a very quiet life I enjoy my yoga and reading and walking, working on my website.

I do prefer at this stage to stay within the Brisbane area and outer suburbs whilst I am still working, but that will change in the next few years.

I understand that your biggest asset, your home, and your treasured and loved pets need great people to care for them. I would love to help.

Please consider my expression of interest, even though I work, looking after your pets and your property, making sure everything is given the utmost attention is of a top priority for me. I have total respect for myself therefore for you and your needs as well.

I am also a Justice of the Peace in Queensland.

Thank you for reading, look forward to your response.

Enjoy your day.

Best Regards


  • Melb. Inner suburbs, Melb. NE suburbs, Melb. NW suburbs, Macedon Ranges, Geelong

My name is Erinn. I am a quiet and friendly soul who is very caring and compassionate about helping others.
I am a professional trainer in a global corporate company, working Mon-Fri 8.30am-5pm in Tullamarine.
When I'm not at work, I'm primarily at home. I like my solitude.
My favourite past-times are cooking, exploring, sight-seeing, driving, hiking, swimming, nature, and good books.
I am exceptionally clean and tidy and very respectful of others.
I am happy to undertake any tasks around the house and also look after your loveable pets too!
I grew up with animals and love them!


  • Melbourne

Hi! I’m Janice, nice to meet you!

As a professional nanny I began housesitting back in college and have always really enjoyed it. I am here because I love to experience new places and like to move around a lot.

I have housesitting experience that ranges from small cottages with gardens that need tended all the way to enormous mansions with multiple pets. I have looked after fish, cats, a variety of dogs, and even a couple reptiles. I am also a BIG fan of gardens and happy to help with your plants while you travel.

I am an American here in Australia on a skilled worker’s visa as a writer. I work at least part-time from home, so having a nice housesit suits my lifestyle. I am clean, tidy, responsible, and trustworthy. I get along well with animals and am happy to give them all the love I can. I am happy to supply references from multiple families and individuals. I have always received sits through word of mouth, so I am new to this site, but you're welcome to call or email anyone I've sat for in the past.

As a house sitter I can promise I’ll look after your home with attention and respect. It’s exciting and useful to me to get assignments, and I love to return the favour.

I’d love to meet in person if you’d like to chat about me looking after your home whilst you are away and I appreciate you looking at my profile!

Barbara & Rodney

  • Perth

We are a retired active couple. We have been house sitting non stop this year and enjoy looking after dogs, cats, and any animals that require sitters. We have had very positive feed back from those people whose animals and homes we have cared for and have made many friends. We have had experience tending a swimming pool and love gardening and daily walks. We are non smokers , non drinkers and enjoy a quiet lifestyle and like to be independent. We will have our own transport and would look after and cherish your home and pets as if they were our own. References and Police Check can be supplied on request. We really look forward to a response.


  • Melb. Inner suburbs, Melb. NE suburbs, Melb. SE suburbs, Macedon Ranges
  • Reduced Contact

Hi! I'm Sue, I would love to take care of your home, and your pets ('fur children' and other creatures! ) if our needs are in sync. I'm an EXPERIENCED, organised and reliable house and pet sitter. I'm 48, work with volunteers in the Not for Profit sector in Melbourne, and I'm house sitting for adventure and financial reasons. I LOVE animals, and would very much enjoy getting a 'fur fix' through loving and caring for your pets :-)

I have worked at RSPCA Victoria and have thorough knowledge of animal welfare and quality animal care.

Your home and pets would be in the safe hands of a person who is trustworthy, tidy, respectful and capable. Age and experience have equipped me with capability to deal with life's challenges with calmness and a level head. I have checklists I use to establish a clear understanding of your needs to ensure top quality care for your home and pets, and a comfortable and house sit for me.

Please note: I don't undertake house sits without first meeting with home owner(s) and pets. My partner may accompany me at times. References and police checks are available.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me. If our requirements match, I look forward to being in touch.
Happy travels!

Thomas & Anna

  • Syd. Eastern suburbs, Syd. Lower N Shore, Syd. NW suburbs, Syd. Southern suburbs, Syd. Upper N Shore, Port Stephens

Anna and I are a retired couple married for 45 years. We are both healthy and active members of running/walking clubs and are non-smokers. Thomas, a retired architect, now writes shorts plays and Anna is a still-life painter. We have been home owners for many years and will look after yours as we would our own. Our family had a lovely Burmese cat for 14 years and Thomas ran almost daily with our border collie.

We now need accommodation whilst waiting for a new apartment in Freshwater to be completed in May. We have taken part in a number of house exchanges and house-sits all with favourable results. We can supply character references and, as voluntary Primary school ethics teachers, both of us have recently undergone a police check. Please contact us to discuss further. 0411601558

Jenny & Neil

  • Perth S.W suburbs

We are pre-retirement age, not smokers. Appreciate pets and walking. Our purpose is to pay off our debts so we can retire in a few years.
We will look after your home, garden and pet/s between us as we both work part time.
We have police clearances, Christian values, mature outlook, hardworking and clean.
As we are just starting out on this venture, we don't have recent references, however, character references will be no trouble.
Best regards

Lorraine & Kalvin

  • Bris. Northern suburbs, Sunshine Coast, Bundaberg & Wide Bay

Hello Home Owners,
We are husband and wife who are retired pensioner's ,after having lived in our home in Qld.for 30 yrs. educationed our two daughter's we decided to do what we have always dreamed of doing and travel this beautifull country of ours of which we have been doing for the past ten years in our off road caravan in which we have lived in permanently for the same period of time ,which means we dont need to reside in your home, just need axcess to electricity,water, and toilet and room on your property to safely place our and Ford F250 vehicle .For the last two years now we have been house sitting in between our travels which we both enjoy doing, as well as being a welcome break.We will take care of your property as if it were our own, collect your mail and redirect it if required, look after gardens and lawns, Kalvin has experience with ride on mowers and has a truck drivers license.
Kalvin and I are both non smokers and drinkers live a clean healthy lifestyle , we have a pet budgie who stayes in the caravan .We have police checks and references for your viewing.
Thank you for taking the time to read our profile and hope to be of some help to you some day while you are absent from your property.
Lorraine and Kalvin .


  • Melb. Inner suburbs, Melb. NE suburbs, Melb. NW suburbs


I'm Asher and I am 34 year old single female.

I work Mon-Fri as a Nurse at the Royal Children's Hospital close to the city and love the lifestyle of being close to cafes, parks, trams, trains and shops.

I have been renting in Nth Fitzroy for the last 1.5 years with my sister and her boyfriend. They have decided to move out together so for the moment I am living with my parents in Croydon Nth until I can find some fantastic housesitting gigs. I housesat through this website throughout 2013/2014 and loved the opportunity to meet different people, there pets and different areas around inner Melbourne. I have also done a lot of housesitting for friends, their families and friends.

I absolutely adore animals of all kind and have housesat birds, fish, cats and big and small dogs. This care included walking, grooming and playing. I have maintained big and small gardens, large and small homes in all different areas around Melbourne.

I am a clean, happy, trustworthy 33 year old and am looking to house/pet sit in areas where I can be closer to work and the CBD. Travelling back and forth from Croydon Nth takes up a lot of time and money and while I have the opportunity to have my things at my parents home, house sitting is a great option for me. References are available.

I am available to house sit from the 1st July 2016.


  • NSW, Brisbane, Gold Coast & Hinterland, Sunshine Coast

I am a single female, 42yo, with no children or pets.

I am a non-smoker smoker and I rarely drink.

I'm a casual worker but work mostly full-time.

I have done housesitting in the past, but recently have only done it for friends and family.

I have police clearance for my job, but I would be happy to apply for a current clearance if you request one.

I have experience with cats, dogs, chooks, mice, lizards. Not much experience with snakes, but I like them, so no problems with handling or feeding them if you show me what's required.

Happy to look after larger animals/stock, but limited experience. Willing to learn.

Happy to mow lawns, water gardens, put bins out etc.

Finally, I'm more than happy to meet or even stay prior to a sit if required.

Geoff & Paula

  • NSW, Brisbane, South Eastern, Adelaide, Mid North, TAS, VIC, Perth, S. Western

Paula and I (Geoff) are a retired couple who like to think of ourselves as fitness enthusiasts. We live in Southern Canberra and fill our days with cycling, bushwalking, going to the gym, camping, traveling and playing with our grandchildren.

We have recent experience with dogs and cats, no pets at the moment though and I have experience with farm life having grown up on 80 acres as a child. On our farm we had sheep and cattle for personal use and my father bred and raced Standard Breed horses.

I should also mentioned we are seasoned pet sitters, we look after our children's pets on a regular basis, 2 x dogs and 1 x cat.


  • Syd. Eastern suburbs, Syd. Lower N Shore, Syd. Southern suburbs, Syd. Upper N Shore, Central Coast, Upper Hunter Valley, Northern Rivers, Tweed Coast, Alice Springs, Darwin, Brisbane, Gold Coast & Hinterland, Sunshine Coast, Mackay & Whitsundays, Rockhampton, Northern QLD, SA, Hobart, Melb. Inner suburbs, Lakes area, Grampians, Otway Ranges/ Great Ocean Rd, Perth N.E suburbs, Perth N.W suburbs, Perth S.W suburbs, Kimberly/North, Pilbara

Male aged 62 -

70% Work from home fit and healthy professional.

Have owned and rented homes over many years as a landlord and as a tenant and house swapped on an International basis when I first came to Australia in 1979.

Have been renting & or house/ Pet minding with excellent references for past 7yrs. Also other personal and professional reference available if required. In addition, for your further peace of mind I have a police check available,

Have cared for pets for many years and as a family man in the past have owned my own pets.

Not a handyman, but am a fastidious housekeeper..

Enjoying keeping healthy (walking, running,cycling etc - Have running shoes, will travel :)
Also enjoy cooking, reading, social media. Enjoy my own company, but of course meet up with a few friends from time to time. :)

Professionally - I'm a Mindset Mentor specialising in Helping people Turn a Mid-Life Crisis into Mid-Life Opportunties (See website; fb-Steve Lyddy; fb-Successful Social Media Results; Twitter SteveLyddy; Linkedin Steve Lyddy

- Hope all this helps. :)

Sarah & David

  • Sydney

We are a mature couple looking for house sitting assignments between now and April 2018 when we are relocating to Spain. We love all animals and enjoy their company. We are non-smoking, efficient, clean and organised people and will look after your pets and your property as though it was our own. We have experience in looking after domestic animals having previously had cats, dogs, fish, birds and a horse of our own. References are available on request. We will consider any length of assignment. If you require any further information, please feel free to give us a call.

Bet & Col

  • Central Coast, Hunter Valley, North Coast, South Coast, Rural/Regional NSW, Alice Springs, Darwin, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba & South Eastern, Central Coast (Qld), SA, TAS, WA

We are a fit and healthy retired couple in our mid 70s living in Adelaide. We are interested in house sitting and caring for pets.We have references from past sitting.Prior to retiring we owned a farm and then a business. I have a police clearances for caring and volunteer-work. I like to keep a neat,tidy house and love craft.Col is a handyman and an ex- grader Both of us enjoy the outdoors and gardening.
2017 we plan to travel around Australia beginning with WA. We have a 16 foot pop top caravan and enjoy travelling this wonderful country we live in. We are both non smokers.


  • Melbourne

Hi there.
I'm just a normal woman in her thirties saving for a housing deposit. Living at home/ house sitting. I love animals have always had cats and dogs. I'm super clean and pretty healthy. I'm just starting out at this so no house sitting references yet but I can provide personal references. And happy to answer any questions. Hope to look after your home/ pets as you have a great holiday. :)


  • Melbourne, Macedon Ranges

Hi there,

My name is Lexi. I'm available for pet sits across Melbourne, both long, medium and short term. I work full time in the inner east of Melbourne so I am available anywhere with sufficient time to be able to travel to work and ensure that your beautiful dogs/cats/houses are well loved and looked after! (Essentially anywhere as far west as Yarraville, as North as Preston and East as Montrose and flexible with South locations- happy to chat to you to see what we can make work!).

I am an experienced petsitter committed to your pet's welfare - walks, cuddles, play time, regular meals, training, all of the above! I'm house proud too and will ensure that your home is loved and you return to it in excellent condition. I have been pet sitting for just over a year, and prior to that fostered and owned rescue greyhounds. I have experience with dogs and cats, looking after up to 3 dogs at one time and a cat.

A little more about me, I am a social worker that works in health for the State Government. I love animals of all kinds, keeping fit through swimming, yoga, dancing and hiking. References can be provided upon request.

I have a police check and will be happy to come and meet you and your dog/cat prior to the sit. I find that it really helps the animal if they can meet me first with you there - peace of mind for you both!

I will be completing my Pet First Aid certificate through the RSPCA in July 2017.

Please let me know if you have any questions and please check out my pet sitting page!

Available for short and long term sits across Melbourne.

I look forward to hearing from you!