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  • NSW

Am mature aged, fit and healthy.
Have farm, animal and house sit on and off for Many years.
I travel with a pure bred choc lab. He has a beautiful nature.
We love road trips, meeting new beings, and love the freedom.
We love to clean up, and surprise the owners, when they return. Good at organizing and neat as well.
Non smoker.
References available.


  • Perth, S. West

A little bit about me: I love travelling, learning and experiencing new things, and being my own boss!

I have 2 adult children who have each blessed me with a granddaughter. I love my little girls (1 and 3 years) and taking care of them and admit that I probably spoil them rotten (in a good way).

I've had 3 careers: firstly as a scientist, then as a lecturer at a Perth university and currently as a USA TODAY Bestselling author (under a pen name).

What I love most about being a writer is the flexibility it gives me. All I need is my laptop and my brain to do my work, plus an Internet connection (for research). It means I can literally work anywhere in the world, which is a fortunate position to be in. I've traveled extensively and plan to do more in the near future. I enjoy moving around Australia and overseas to keep the creative juices flowing and also to meet readers and fans.

I was born in South Africa, but call Australia home (for 19 years) and always return to Perth as my base because that's where my family are.

Mainly I work from home (occasionally in a cafe over a coffee and cake), which is ideal for your pets and I to keep one another company.

I've always loved having furry friends (both cats and dogs), but since I travel internationally frequently for book signings, I currently don't have pets and that's the part I miss most. I frequently help friends out with house-sitting when they go on holidays l and found it really suits my nature. So house-sitting is a win/win situation!

I'm single, mature (in my fifties), responsible and reliable, kind and caring. And I believe in Karma.
Habit wise I'm a non-smoker and very light drinker (an occasional glass of wine with dinner or bubbly to celebrate) and have never taken drugs.
I'm sensible, independent and honest. My friends call me a "mother hen" because of my nature to take care of everyone.

I am neat and tidy and take pride in my appearance, as well as where I live and work. I always treat other people's property with respect.

I prefer longer stays (3 weeks and over) as I like building a relationship with your animals in your absence.
Police clearance and references available on request. I also have my own transport.

I'm flexible with time to meet when suitable for you.

Jessica & Ella

  • Perth, S. West

Hello, my name is Jess and my partner is Ella. We are 4th year Education students at Notre Dame University. I (Jess) have over 6 years experience in house sitting a variety of different homes across different suburbs of Perth with a variety of pets!
I am very responsible and would love to look after your furry family members and your home!
I have a police clearance and can provide you with references! Feel free to message with any questions!

Jess and Ella

Melissa & John

  • Launceston, Perth

Our availability is mostly from late January 2018 but why not drop us a line and ask. We have a few days here and there. For longer sits we are happy to pay our way with expenses so no one is out of pocket and we all win.

We have run our own business for the past thirty years and now have over seven year's full time house and pet sitting experience.

House-sitting has kept us very busy and has become a way of life looking after all kinds of furred, feathered and scaled friends while their families travel. We have places that we go back to on a regular basis but love the adventure of meeting new families as well.

Our home is Maleny in Queensland just north of the Glass House Mountains inland from Caloundra and we love to visit our family now that their work has moved them to the other side of the country.

House-sitting allows us the opportunity to visit and experience all manner of Aussie spots. Some off the beaten track and others in the thick of city living.

We love helping travelers by looking after their homes and extended family while they're off traveling sometimes for extra long periods of time. Because we are home owners we have plenty of experience looking after pools and gardens of all shapes and sizes. We also come from rural and farming backgrounds and have several farms sits to our credit and are happy to supply phone numbers for these or any other house sitting referees for you to contact.

We will treat your home and belongings with respect and give your pets plenty of love and affection. We enjoy a relaxed casual lifestyle and tend to stay around home rather than being out and about.

Our many references from around the country are available upon request as are our police clearances.

So if you'd like to have a chat send us a message or email us and we'll call you. It's a good idea to get together with you before accepting a house sit so you can decide if we are the right sitters for you.

We look forward to talking to you soon


  • VIC

After my last child is now independent and my old dog has also departed ,it is time for me to wander.
I am an experienced animal lover , have lived both urban and rural environments and enjoy what both have to offer.
I am a non- smoking, vegetarian(so no fatty cooking smells in house).
Am respectful of other`s property and have house sat friends and family .`s properties.
I am healthy and active so exercising animals is not a problem.
I grew up with boxers as the house dog, my last two were a Gordon Setter and a Beagle/Foxhound.They departed at ages 14 and 12 after long and happy lives.
I have shared my home with assorted cats,Spotted Tabbies, moggies,etc.(which used to follow me around the paddocks as I went for an evening stroll!}
I have also been involved in rounding up sheep, assisting difficult lambings and have reared 2 lambs whose mother had quads and she claimed 2 abandoned the other 2.They were happily reunited later.

I am looking forward to helping you!

Best regards,


  • Sydney

Animal loving Vegan looking for a temporary to long term home sit

Hello! My name is Wayne and I'm 35, single, and a non-smoker. I work full time as an IT Professional for a software vendor in the Sydney CBD and currently live south west of Sydney.
Having owned my own home, I am aware of the care and responsibilities required to keep and maintain a house hold and will treat your house as my own.
I have completed a number of house sitting roles for several years now, more so for friends relatives who frequently travel, therefore tend to the care of their little creatures and well-manicured gardens. I also spent considerable time house sitting on my travels abroad.
Having grown up with many animals since a child, namely dogs, cats and fish, and still the proud owner of a cute yet mischievous little jug (Jack Russell x Pug) named Dusty, I know what it is to be a pet owner and the love and attention they each require.
I'm fit and super active therefore my weekends are generally spent outdoors either on long walks such as Centennial Park or the Coogee to Bondi coastal; or finding new trails. I love the beach therefore hoping to find a sit close to the ocean; however am fine with both urban and natural surroundings.
The mum recently moved in with me; whom I love to bits; however I do enjoy my own company and would like this opportunity to have some time on my own and be closer to work whilst the little guy (Dusty) has the company of mum.

I am available for any length of house sitting and can provide both personal and professional references, as well as a police clearance if required.

If you would like to know more, please feel free to ask any questions. Would love to hear from you.

Thomas & Mary

  • NSW, SA, Melb. Inner suburbs, Melb. NE suburbs, Melb. SE suburbs, Gippsland

We are an Irish couple who have been travelling to Australia every second year since 2009, usually spending 4-5 months there at a time. Our son, his wife and son live in Melbourne and, of course, visiting them is our main reason for travelling to Australia.
On our previous trips we have taken part in WWOOFING. This is volunteering to work on various farms and properties around Australia in return for food and accommodation. Details can be found on the We have had really positive experiences doing this and have met some wonderful people. Some properties we return to time and time again. It is a wonderful way to travel and see the wonderful Australian countryside.
We have owned our own home here in Ireland for the past 35 years. We are both very houseproud, responsible and reliable and would take excellent care of your home, pets and property.We love the company of animals and have owned several cats over the years. We also have plenty of experience with dogs and farm animals. We live in a rural area in the west of Ireland.
We will be available for house sitting from October 22nd 2017 until mid February 2018. We can supply references upon request.


  • Sydney

I am retired communications specialist who used to contract both here and abroad. I love to travel and spend part of the year with my family in Switzerland and the other half in Australia.

I am physically active, enjoy gardening and am a house proud person.

I love all animals - dogs, cats, goats, horses etc. I grew up with cats and our last pet was Ellie, a drop dead gorgeous (DDG) "Jill" Russell.

I am an honest and caring person who respects the privacy and property of people I know and meet.

carolyn & alicia

  • Syd. Upper N Shore, Sunshine Coast

I am a maths tutor, with a 20 yr old daughter at Sydney Uni. Alicia is studying immunology and hoping to work with endangered Tassy Devils after graduating. We have a beautiful 12 yr old cat, Binky, who will be living with Alicia over the summer.

In our neighbourhood , between us, we have cared for chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, lizards, fish, cats and dogs and can provide referees from friends and neighbours upon request.

I have a current police check and a working with children check .

I have uploaded 3 references from sits I did last summer on that site for you to read. I cared for dogs, chickens and and 2 huge Norwegian cats.

We have one reference this site, caring for a 16 yr old dog in Coogie.

Regards, Carolyn


  • ACT, NSW, Alice Springs, Darwin, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, WA

Hi there!

My name is Nikki, I'm a 28 year old female from Scotland and I am studying my Masters in Landscape Architecture. I came to Melbourne in July 2017 to study and I will be staying in Australia until my final year of uni starts in Scotland in September 2018. My next semester starts in January but it is distance learning, so I will just be studying from home and don't have to attend uni which is why I thought about house-sitting. I've been renting an apartment in the CBD since I arrived but since I spend most of my time studying in the house anyway it would be nice to have a furry friend to keep me company and I would also get to see other parts of Melbourne.

Unfortunately at this point in my life I can't have a pet of my own because of university and travelling but I love all kinds of animals and I'm especially experienced in taking care of dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, fish and bearded dragons. The beautiful miniature pinscher you see in my pictures is called Benji, my friend saved him from a breeder who obviously didn't care about the wellbeing of her puppies and as a result he developed some behavioural problems and was aggressive and possessive. I offered to foster him for her until he was ready to be around other dogs and as you can see with a little training and a lot of love he turned into the perfect little gentleman and can't get enough of cuddling on the couch.

I worked as an in-home carer for disabled adults whilst at home in Britain, therefor I have been extensively police checked and received specialist training and have certificates that confirm I am legally entrusted with the care of the most vulnerable people in society. I conducted personal care for severely disabled individuals and took them out for activities and assisted with general day to day living like shopping, preparing food, doing chores and I also maintained their homes for them so I am experienced with house cleaning. If you are interested in my references I will provide you with contact details for my previous employer who can verify my police check, that I worked there for over a year (the only reason I reluctantly left the job was because I was coming here to study) and that I am trustworthy and have the experience necessary to care for your house and pets. You also know that I couldn't have a criminal record or I would not have been granted a Visa or entry into Australia and I will provide you with photocopies of my drivers licence (full, manual and clean) and passport so you have my personal details.

I'm more than happy to send you daily pictures or video calls so you can see that your pet is being treated with the love and attention they deserve. I don't drink or smoke, I am a clean and quiet lodger and will provide a reference from my current landlord (who lives in the property with me) to confirm this. I am happy to meet you prior to making any house sitting plans so you can decide if I'm a good fit. I am a warm, compassionate person just looking fsor a furry companion to keep me company during my studies, I'm looking for longer house sits preferably around a month so I can see different parts of Australia but not have to move around too often. I'm happy to sign a contract with agreed terms and will even provide you with a bond to ensure your peace of mind.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Simone & Joshua

  • Melbourne, Macedon Ranges

We are a couple of young working professionals who are house sitting to experience different parts of Melbourne, have some animal interaction while we save to travel to Canada later in 2017.
We have had friends who have house sat while building their homes and have really loved the experience of being in different suburbs of Melbourne which is what prompted us to try it ourselves.

We are currently on bookings through other housesitting websites until February 17.
We also manage our property (which we own) through Air bnb and can provide links so you can see how we maintain our own property and the standards of cleanliness we keep. We also have reviews on Air Bnb.

We have a genuine love of animals, and are great with pets of all kinds. We have both owned a number of animals including dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, birds, fish and aquatic species.
We understand the feeling of having to leave pets while away and wanting to make sure they are safe, so are happy to do whatever is needed for you to have a good time. We are happy to send you updates and photos as often as necessary.

We are quiet, respectable, and reliable people who like to spend our evenings in. We enjoy reading, cooking, and watching films. Josh is self employed and works from home, so is at home during the day to take care of pets, adhere to scheduled walk times etc. Simone works a few days a week in the CBD with a flexible schedule.

We are able to work around your pets schedules, we also own a car, so are able to fetch any groceries your pets may need or drive dogs to certain parks if you like walking them there. We are very flexible and are capable of house sitting on short notice and can provide references on request.



I'm a single, mature, quiet, non-smoking woman, love pets; am a homeowner and houseproud, and would look after your place as if it were my own. I work at one of the local universities in Canberra and like a change of scenery during my holidays.

I have successfully cared for a home and two large dogs for four weeks and can provide references; have experience with and very much enjoy looking after cats as well, and have in the distant past, looked after chickens, ducks and aquariums.

Why don't you give me a call and see if I may be the right person to take care of your home and pets? My phone number is 0413 725 727.

Best wishes,




Dear home owner,
I have enjoyed caring for people's homes and pets for several years.
During that time I have had the pleasure of maintaining landscaped gardens and lawns up to two acres in size.
( Ride-on mower preferred.)

I have experience in caring for a variety of pets and livestock.

Also, I am very experienced with pets that need extra care. EG medications or special care requirements.

Caring for your home and much loved pets is my number one priority.

I am clean and tidy and enjoy living a quiet lifestyle.

Housesitting gives me the opportunity to experience living in interesting and diverse communities.

It also allows me to indulge in my favourite activities, nature photography and bushwalking.

I have very good references and a police clearance check.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards


  • Syd. Eastern suburbs

Hello! My name is Melanie. I am currently available to housesit your home and pets in Sydney. I am a child protection lawyer and work in the city. I actually have a home in Little Bay, but I have taken to regularly housesitting so I can spend some time with pets, and it's also nice to have a change of scenery once in a while.

I love the company of a cat or dog in the evenings as I'm a real home body. I grew up with both dogs and cats in our family home. I'm also a triathlete so would be particularly happy to housesit a dog, as I could take take him/her for walks, runs and to play outside.

You can be assured of a stress free experience with me as your house sitter - I am very careful and respectful.

References available, I just haven't uploaded them yet. Happy to provide any further info you need.

Kathryn & Peter

  • Syd. Eastern suburbs, Syd. SW suburbs, Northern Rivers, Rural/Regional NSW

Kathryn is a well known long term resident of the Byron Shire with a house of her own in Suffolk Park. At the moment she is away from home enjoying staying in different housesits in the Shire. For the past year she has housesat various properties in Mullumbimby, Ocean Shores, and Cooper's Shoot. Excellent references can be given upon request.

Peter is from New Zealand, with family in Suffolk Park. He enjoys gardening, has a vegetable garden at his home in NZ, and would be keen to maintain a housesit garden if required.

Both Peter and Kathryn are writers, and enjoy a particularly quiet lifestyle, especially in the countryside. They are both experienced cat and dog owners, as well as experienced carers of other people's animals, including on farms with cows, horses, etc.

They are both clean, tidy, organised, and are non-drinkers, non-smokers and drug free.

Lyn and Janet

* Janet and I have been married for forty- eight years, we are actively involved with volunteer work.

* Myself (Lyn Mr) on a part time basis assist with the running of a small engineering company, secondly, maintenance of historical sites on an Island located on the Auckland Harbour.

* Janets work back ground was primary with Countdown / Woolworths Food Market NZ. Check out manager, length of service twenty seven years.

* Lyn work back ground, Fitter and Turner Apprenticeship. Commercial Catering Equipment (Hobart Berkel), Operated and owned a Home Appliance Business before joining Electrolux Home Products as a Technical Advisor.

* We are both fond of animals, over the last forty five years up until recently owned several cats and dogs.

*We have no objection to basic maintenance to a property and take care of domestic animals.

Reference available by speaking with Mr George Grant or Mrs Grant either Tel : Aus Harvey Bay 420245045 or NZ 0211140330


  • Melb. Inner suburbs, Melb. NE suburbs


  • Brisbane, Gold Coast & Hinterland, Sunshine Coast

Hi there!
I’m Anel, I am new to the Brisbane area and interested in house/pet sitting as it is a great way to experience different surrounding areas, while having the added company of animals.
I have gained invaluable house & pet sitting experience through my travels in Australia, UK and South Africa.
I’m in my late 30’s and work in office management. I have a small dog, Rafa, so cuddles and walks is part of my daily routine.
With maturity on my side I can guarantee that I will treat your home with respect and dote on your animals, attending to their needs as you request.
Some of the animals I have minded include dogs, chickens, cats, fish & guinea pigs and I have seen to the upkeep of a few gardens.
I can provide a Police check and references and would love to meet you and your pets :)

carole & Russ


Hi We are a retired professional couple (nurse/paramedic) who are combining our travels around Australia with our love of animals and therefore are house/pet sitting We are healthy,reliable non smokers who are neat and tidy We enjoy walking and gardening so would be happy to mow the yard etc and walk the dog.We have previous experience and can supply referee details and police checks .We would treat your home and pets with respect and love and treat them like our own .Please message us with any questions or for more details and we look forward to hearing from you .Regards Carole and Russ

Christine & Graham

  • Brisbane, Gold Coast & Hinterland, Sunshine Coast

We are a non smoking couple who ran our companies from Western Australia until our retirement in June 2012.
Upon retirement we sold our Perth home, traveled overseas and bought a large boat which we now live on for 6 months of the year, it is currently berthed at RQYS in Queensland. We also have a caravan which we use to travel inland.
We intend living this lifestyle until we get bored (unlikely) or unable to move around the boat (likely at some point).
We have a lot of experience with pets having had dogs and cats over the years.
Our daughter is a vet nurse and we have also nursed many neglected RSPCA dogs back to health whilst awaiting new owners.
Previously on our return to Melbourne we have house sat for many families caring for dogs, cats, turtles and chickens. We even have past experience looking after a baby ring tailed possum. Our most recent sit has been on a 40 acre property caring for two beautiful horses and two Alpacas (not the nicest of animals!). We keep adding to our list.
This year we would like a change of location and intend to spend more time in Queensland.
We love animals, are very house proud and above all, we are reliable and dependable.
Verbal and written references are available, please refer to our written references on this website.
Christine and Graham

Naomi & Joel

  • Melb. Inner suburbs, Melb. NE suburbs, Melb. NW suburbs

We are a married couple of 14 years in our mid 30's & 40's. Non smokers & no children. We are working professionals, one full-time the other part-time. We have always been rental tenants and lived in each property for many years - Melbourne 8 years & Darwin 5 years. We have always treated each property as if it were our own & we would do likewise with your home. We take good care & respect peoples property & privacy. We are clean and tidy. We are not party people, but do enjoy a meal with friends. We love to cook.

We have house sat in the past for friends numerous times, usually for 3 months at a time when they've travelled overseas. We began house sitting professionally in 2015 with Happy House Sitters. We have experience with cats, dogs, goats, chooks, fish and horses. We've had our own pets in the past & looked after our friends & neighbours cats &/or dogs while they've been away.

With HHS's we have cared for a Jack Russell for 5 weeks (twice repeat house sit 2015 & 2016); a Kelpie, Blue Heeler & cat for 2 weeks (twice repeat house sit 2016 & 2017); 2 very fluffy & affectionate cats, one requiring insulin injections twice daily & a strict diet (2016 & requested for 2018); 2 horses, Shetland pony, Kelpie & cat (2016); & 2 Whippets (2016-2017) one required daily physio exercises. We like to keep fit so walking dogs is no problem for us.

Since moving back to Melbourne in 2014 we've wanted to keep our lives simple and save money to do self funded volunteer work overseas. House sitting really helps us to achieve that goal and in return we take care of your property and pets while you are away. Our families live in rural Victoria, rural NSW & internationally making it that little bit harder to live and work in the same location and have the opportunity to save.

We have current Police Checks & WWCC. These are required for our employment & volunteer work. We are more than happy to arrange an introduction 'meeting' for your assessment of our suitability. We would want the same if we were in your position. Currently because we are based overseas interviews will be conducted over an online video/chat app. We have done this previously with great success. Home owners have been very happy to book us in & been very satisfied with our service as house/pet sitters. We look forward to speaking with you soon. We will be available in 2018!


  • Sydney, Central Coast, Hunter Valley, North Coast, South Coast, Gold Coast & Hinterland, Sunshine Coast

My name is Rochelle and I’m a 34 year old teacher, currently living and working in a remote community in the NT but am moving back to NSW at the end of the school year (15th Dec ) and looking to house sit over the summer break.
I have a small friendly dog, Lulu, who is a mini schnauzer.

Ralph & Susan

  • Wollongong & Illawarra

Hi, we've recently sold our home and are unable to move into our new premises until February 2018. We are a mature couple both employed in Wollongong area. We are very clean, tidy, non smokers and respectful of others' property. We love animals. We do have a bird which we would like to bring along with us. We have experience in looking after pets as when our friends are away we feed and walk their dog daily. We could provide personal reference contacts if needed - we hope you give us this opportunity and we would be keen to meet in person to see if we are suitable. Thank you


  • Cairns, Melb. Inner suburbs

I am single argentinean traveller who loves animals, to experience new situations and get to know new people and cultures.
As consequence of working in the tourism industry I have been traveling around the world for the last 5 years which helped me to adapt myself easily to any kind of environments and circumstances.
For me responsibility, honesty and reliability are the key aspects that a person must show!
As I grew up in a house surrounded by pets, I believe I am the right person to take care of yours, looking after them with love and affection and paying attention to details of your home too.
I am looking for an alternative to rent and I am available for the length of time that you need.
References are available upon request!

Dr. Michael

  • QLD

Dr. Michael Groner is a former university professor and Special Education Director, divorced with 2 adult children. He is an experienced housesitter having cared for many properties in both Victoria and Queensland including care for many animals - dogs, cats, birds, farm animals. Mike is a most responsible and reliable individual who offers much TLC to all the domestic and farm animals that he is responsible for. He is a very keen environmentalist as well as an avid gardener so that he can attend to any landscaping needs that your property may require.

Currently, Mike is residing, part-time in Saigon, Vietnam where he is teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) to local Vietnamese residents; however, he very often returns to the Queensland area and preferably to Brisbane and Gold Coast in order to visit friends and family still residing there.

For security purposes, Dr. Groner, who is now a pensioner and depending much upon housesitting opportunities, has available, for homeowners, a national police check. He is also willing to offer a security deposit, upon request - if required, in order to reassure home owners that their property and pets will be most thoughtfully and carefully protected.


  • Melbourne

`I am a 50yr old Intensive care nurse, living in beautiful Albury with a lively 1 yr old Border Collie, Louisiana. I work locally part time and several times a year I travel to work in an Intensive care unit around Australia for kicks! The downside of this fantastic opportunity is the impersonal nature of hotel accommodation (and missing Lou). I love travelling, meeting new people, pets and places, they add the colour in my journey, thus Pet and house sitting is a win win situation for all.
I have befriended many a pet; dogs, cats, chickens, lambs, calves and horses, although a tad rusty when it comes to riding! An organised and tidy, non smoking professional, who enjoys gardening, walking and the outdoors mixed with a little city chic and the arts which I miss!
I will be working in ICU during the house sit, however your pet and home will be the major commitment and my nursing engagements will be organised around their needs. Personal references and police clearance available on request
I look forward to talking with you,
Kindest regards

Brenda & Gerald

  • ACT, NSW, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, Perth S.E suburbs, Perth S.W suburbs

Hi - we are a semi retired couple with business/educational backgrounds and really enjoy the adventure of exploring new locations and people. Originally Tasmanians, we settled in Perth more than 30 years ago and have travelled in every State.

We are experienced housesitters and commit to taking responsible care of homes and gardens; pets have always been part of our lifestyle.

We welcome all offers and can provide reference checks etc

Gerald and Brenda Johnstone


  • Northern, S.E & Central, S. Western

Hello, my name is Shirley and I live in Fremantle. I'm single and a grandmother with two older children. I couldn't find a recent photo of myself, so I've included a shot taken just before Christmas with my two kids. Prior to retirement I was a public servant. I love animals, especially dogs, and I have a 6 year old groodle called Mo. I enjoy gardening and will be happy to look after your garden and plants. Unfortunately, I cannot supply references as I'm a novice but I assure you I'm reliable and caring. If necessary, I can organise a police check.

María and Alfredo

  • Melbourne, SE Vic

Hi fellow Happy House Sitters

Maria and I are a married, middle aged couple. Currently living in Queensland but actively seeking to move to Victoria as soon as practicably possible.
After visiting our children, both living and working in Melbourne recently, we saw abundant confirmation of the many reasons why our children had been talking us into moving to Victoria for many years.
We spend a week in Melbourne last August and everything we saw, we liked. Among the many reasons we have for moving to Victoria, the climate is an important one. Surely, being close to our children is also a very powerful reason.
We would be delighted to be able to assist someone who having intentions to travel for a period of three months or longer, would need reliable and suitable people to look after their pet (s). We particularly love dogs and birds but would easily find appealing to care for any other domestic pet (s).
We are both retired, we enjoy the simple things in life, are very homely and enjoy many activities. Maria is an expert in looking after dogs and budgies. I help along in everything. We both enjoy walking although Maria is more energetic and active than I. I prefer a quite time, and write stuff.
We would be happy to receive notices or calls from interested members.

Nicola & Jay Jay

  • NSW

We are a young working couple that met at University 6 years ago, and have been working in London since we left education and started working life. Nicola is a happy and kindhearted individual working as an account manager at Oracle in London. Before that she worked as a cleaner and office manger so is well equipped to take care of any home. She has grown up with dogs and loves taking care of her home, animals and her family. Jay Jay is a hard working, loving individual that loves nature, animals and his family. He has grown up with both cats and dogs and is experienced looking after plants and gardens - from previous work experience. We are looking to move to Australia permanently and want to get a good feel for how other happy-home-owners do things.

"I've grown up around animals, dogs in particular, and believe that the key to a happy house hold and happy pet is to treat them as you'd like to be treated. It really is hard to leave your beloved pets in the hands of others, but our promise is to treat them as our own and look after your home as though it were ours. We are a very positive, caring couple and spend most of our weekends thinking about where the dogs would like to be taken this time rather than getting the food shop done."

References on request if needed.

Thank you for reading, feel free to message with any questions - we are excited to share this experience with you.