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Jennifer & Chris

  • Canberra, NSW, Melbourne

We are an animal-adoring, responsible, tidy couple looking to take care of your precious fur babies whilst you enjoy your travel adventures! We absolutely adore dogs, would happily take care of multiple animals and enjoy going for walks together, where your pets can join us! We both are working part-time and will resume studying from March 2019, giving us flexible hours and availability. We look forward to hearing from you!

Spencer & Kerry

  • Hunter Valley, North Coast, Darwin, Bris. Northern suburbs, Bris. Southern suburbs, Gold Coast & Hinterland, Sunshine Coast, Central Coast (Qld), Northern QLD, TAS, Perth, Northern, S. West

Hi, We are a couple 69 and 62. We have just retired and have already done a number of house sits on Magnetic island and in the Brisbane area. We have enjoyed it immensely, we now would like to get more into house sitting to see more of this wonderful country. Our house sitting preference at this time would be Queensland or Northern NSW, however we are looking at all states.
We have lived in our own house in Coffs Harbour for 40 years. We are a very stable couple who pride ourselves on looking after other peoples houses and animals the same as we look after our own.
Although we have not had any dogs or cats at home we do have quite a bit of experience with animals, looking after many different kinds during the house sitting jobs that we have previously done. Spencer has also worked at an animal park for 40 years.
We have bred birds as a hobby for the last 10 years.
We are sure your house and animals would be in good hands with us looking after it while you are away.
We are both non-smokers and enjoy the outdoors. References are available.
Please call us to discuss any needs you may have.

Lynette & Peter


We have experience with pet and home sitting, are non smokers, reliable, tidy, caring.
We love pets and love to pat walk and cuddle them.
We have phone references and would care for your pets and home as we would our own.

We are happy to meet with you to see if we are suitable for your pet and house sit.

Kind regards
Lyn & Pete

Rylana & Joris

  • NSW


We are Rylana & Joris, a young Dutch couple, based in Sydney. We both love spending time with animals, we like outdoor activities, reading books, photography and discovering new cultures.

Because we love animals we believe house sitting is a great way to experience the Aussie lifestyle and helping others to take care of their pets and property.

As a house sitter, we would take pride in treating your home as it would be our own, make sure that your pets are safe and respect your privacy and boundaries.

We will give you updates and are happy to send you photo's/video's while you're away.

Experienced house sitters:
- Experience with cats, dogs, horses, cows, sheep and chooks primarily. Owned rabbits, birds, hamster, guinea pigs, cats and big dogs;
- We have experience taking care of gardens and indoor plants and are keen to take care of this while you are away;
- Happy to help you with small maintenance jobs in and around the house;
- Non drugs users;
- Non smokers;
- Non party people;
- We are honest, clean, and respectable people;
- Happy to provide references;
- Ministry of Justice Criminal criminal history check available;
- For your safety we have a liability insurance that covers damage up to 1.5 million AUD.

We would love to pass by upon front for a visit or have a Skype call with you ahead of time to see if we're a good fit with your home and furry friends :)

Thank you!

Rylana & Joris


  • Canberra

I am a single, non-smoking professional currently living in Phillip and working at Canberra Grammar School in Red Hill. My rental property was recently sold so I am in between a tenancy and decided to house sit. Having owned a house myself, I am conscious of the care and security needed in keeping a house maintained. I have grown up with pets and, until moving to Canberra 3 years ago, had my own pets, consequently I believe that I would be able to take great care of yours. I adore most animals and would love the opportunity to look after dogs or cats. I love gardening so I can help maintain your garden as well. I am available for any length of house sitting and can provide both personal and professional references, as well as a police
clearance. I am a responsible, reliable and considerate person, and would take excellent care of your property. I am available from April 29th, 2019. I have a Police clearance.

Janet & Brendan

My partner Brendan and I live out in the country at Healesville, a beautiful place to live! We have done a lot of house sitting over the past s years and thoroughly enjoy the inner city living experience. We are both non smokers, animal lovers and into a bit of fitness . I am a consultant which means I am around most days. The reason we do house sitting is because Brendan works in the city and has spent the last 8 years commuting 5 days a week which takes an extra 3 hours out of his day on top of the 8-10 hours he works and he is a bit over all the travelling, so to be able to stay in the city is beneficial to both of us, but we are just not quite ready to give up our lovely country home yet so this is a great way to enjoy the best of both worlds!


  • Sydney


I'm Lauren, approaching 30, originally from Adelaide, and currently pursuing a Master of Environmental Science in Sweden. I'm coming back to Sydney for 3 months (June-August) to work at the University of Sydney and I'm hoping to house-sit and fit in some much needed dog/cat cuddle time while I'm back in Australia.

I'm incredibly clean, tidy, respectful and a non-smoker. I've lived in Europe for 6 years, in a huge variety of homes and with a huge variety of people and pets. I successfully trained a Whippet while working on a narrowboat in the UK, and she was a lovely companion and a brilliant crew member for the two years I was there.

While I love a glass of red with dinner, I'm not a huge party person and would much prefer a meal with friends over a big night out. I love to read, hike, camp, dance, eat, cook and run. At the moment I'm training for the Copenhagen half marathon, so if your pet likes a run they will definitely get one with me! But of course walks are also right up my alley.

This is my first time housesitting through this platform, but I've been babysitting/housesitting since I was a teenager and have have always had animals in my life. I have many families who can provide a reference for my character and cleanliness if required!

Fernanda & Fabrice

  • ACT, Melbourne

We are a responsible, non-smoking, non-drinking couple based in Melbourne.

Fernanda is a 41-year-old biologist, Portuguese teacher and a gardener. Fabrice is a 41-year-old, IT consultant and a social worker.

Fernanda and Fabrice lived in Canberra for almost five months, when Fabrice was working at ACT Health as an IT contractor.

In Canberra, we lived in three houses as house-sitters. We had excellent feedback from the owners.

We are back in Melbourne and we have decided to keep house sitting, as we really enjoyed the experience.

We are tidy and respectful individuals, so you will find your home in the condition in which you left it upon your return. We look after the pets with love, as they are ours.

We can provide house sitting, work and personal references and also police checks and IDs.

We appreciate the value of caring for a property, especially when it is not yours!


  • Brisbane

I am a mature, honest and responsible female, currently a home-owner myself of an investment property. I have put my possessions in storage until I purchase a property for myself at some point in the next couple of years. House-sits of long term period preferred but any period considered.

I have previously owned and lived in my own home until moving to Brisbane in 2012 and would care for yours as if my own.

I am an animal lover and have considerable experience with all types of animals having run my own small farm in NZ and volunteered at Taronga Zoo for 2 yrs. I was an owner and rider of horses in my earlier years. I had a very loving, elderly female cat whom passed a couple of yrs ago and miss not having a pet to care for.

I am very fit and agile with a great interest in road cycling and mountain-biking. Gardening and lawn-mowing would be no problem if needed.
I can provide references if required . A Police Clearance is available if required also.

Hope to hear from you soon. Tracy



I have been pet\house sitting for the past 5years, sometimes for friends and family
and also some by recommendation from other home owners etc.
I am very good with different types of pets and in general caring for homes and gardens, etc.
I genuinely love the animals and I know that they sense this and we usually get along very well with a minimum of fuss.
I am very responsible, reliable and trustworthy
and will take care of your home and pets as I would my own.

Talia & James

  • Melbourne

Mid-20s couple hoping to look after some animals, gardens or plants, and homes as a temporary alternative to renting. We're experienced housemates, renters, and travelers, so we respect the importance of home and would take good care of yours. James works full time as a sustainability consultant in the city and loves to garden. Talia teaches yoga and writes literature study guides for a living, so has a flexible schedule, and spent her childhood cat- and dog-sitting around her neighborhood. References available upon request.


  • Northern Rivers, South Eastern, Central Coast (Qld)

Dear Homeowners,

Thank you for viewing my profile, allow me to introduce myself.

I’m transitioning from 28 years in the technical field to the field of teaching English as a second language (ESL). I have chosen to housesit while earning my diploma in ESL through an online course. This means I will be home the majority of the time to ensure your home is secure and your pets are happy.

I am an animal lover and when I care for another’s pets I treat them as if they were my own; I keep to their routine to ensure they feel comfortable, and I play with them throughout the day, cuddle, walk, brush and feed them.

I care for their health as well as the happiness of your pets. I have a Level II First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Certification and have experience giving animals medicines, caring for wounds, ear infections and conjunctivitis. If issues arise while I’m sitting for you, I will promptly take your pet to the vet.

With me as your house sitter, your property will be treated as if it were mine—it will be secure and clean, and I will make sure your garden is clear of debris and watered as needed.

I am honest, clean, fit, reliable and health-minded. I am a non-smoker with no children or pets. My references include: 8 Victorian housesitting referrals; a job reference from the Department of Justice, Victoria; a recent National Police Certificate and a Victorian Working With Children Check card.

I have worked for Emergency Management Victoria and am well versed in emergency procedures if issues arise while you are away. I am a trained Montessori teacher; Neuro-linguistic Programming practitioner; and Mediation (conflict resolution) practitioner, and I hold a Certificate IV in Youth Work.

Years ago, I trained my dog (Doberman, Newfoundland, St. Barnard mix) based on Affection Obedience Training method. As a result, there is a mutual respect between me and dogs. They love me because they know I love them; and they miss me after I’m gone.

I've owned 5 cats in my life; I groomed them daily and fed them only the best food. I understand when cats need to be left alone (to sleep) and, when they awake, they love the games I make up like: tag, jump for the paper wrapped at the end of a string and find out how exciting it can be to explore a cardboard box together.

My background includes working at an indoor plant company so, I can tell when your plants need watering and when they do not. I keep them clean so insects are not attracted to them and make sure they have enough light.

When I care for another’s home, I bring my own food and supplies. I message the owners cute photos and videos of their pets so they feel close to them and are assured their pets are happy.

I’m happy to meet with you when it is convenient and will bring my police certificate along. If you have any questions, please call my mobile at: 04 5991 4223.

Kind Regards,
Marsha McGuire

Diana & Robert

  • Adelaide, Barossa Valley

Cat, bird, reptile, fish or dog - any creature attracts a warm response from Diana. Her friends are amused by her habit of conversing affectionately with pets and wildlife alike. After nearly three decades of working as an allied health professional, she recently graduated as an illustrator and would like to write and illustrate books for children.
As custodians of a half-hectare of bungalow and garden, Diana and Robert stay fit and well-occupied. Lawn-mowing, weeding, hedge clipping, rose pruning and planting are all regular duties. They move house very rarely, but when they do, they have no need to rush around spending money to fix and clean up. They just present the property as is and immediately receive good offers. Diana helps friends clean and tidy their properties for sale.
Recently, Diana travelled on a study tour where accommodation was of the share type and she was gratified to note that her personal habits were more orderly, clean and tidy than those of any of her
Diana sketches, writes, tends her garden and its wildlife, maintains her home, dines out with friends or goes to art exhibitions and plays. She's had good responses from the people of two different homes for whom she house-and-pet sat last year - via Happy House Sitters - and can provide reference contacts on request.
Robert is a recently retired product designer and, like Diana, is a non-smoker and non-drinker. Robert has a particular fondness for cats.
In 2019, Robert and Diana would like to house sit in northern Tasmania around April, or near their own home in Adelaide later in the year, when the house painters need them to vacate.


  • Sydney

I am retired communications specialist who used to contract both here and abroad. I love to travel and spend part of the year with my family in Switzerland and the other half in Australia.

I am physically active, enjoy gardening and am a house proud person.

I love all animals - dogs, cats, goats, horses etc. I grew up with cats and our last pet was Ellie, a drop dead gorgeous (DDG) "Jill" Russell.

I am an honest and caring person who respects the privacy and property of people I know and meet.

Lyn & Peter

  • TAS, Melbourne, Bendigo, SW Vic

My husband (Peter) and I are both in our mid sixties and decided to rent our house and buy a mobile home and trailer to take our Earth and Space Education Programs and Mobile Planetarium to schools in more remote areas.

We have little work, if any, over the school holidays and sometimes need a house to "recharge our batteries". We are looking for a house/animal sit from June 24th to July 14th or part thereof, in the Bangalow to Gold Coast area while we are on tour.

We both are animal nutters and have even bought dog treats to give to animals we meet on our travels. Our last black Labrador, Windsor, passed away 5 years ago and we are unfortunately unable to have a dog on our travels as we can be often in dog-free zones. We are often asked to dog and house sit by our friends who seem to think we're homeless. We have also house sat many other houses and many and varied animals, for people from this site and their friends. We can provide their names and phone numbers on request.

Neither of us are smokers and my husband has a "keep everything spotless" disease which makes me find him often staring longingly at cleaning products at Aldi while I am buying the fresh fruit and veg. We also have Working With Children Licences which include police checks.

One of our "regulars" has recently added a reference to this web site.


  • Melbourne

Hi my name is Sarah.
I'm a Nurse at the Royal Children's Hospital in Parkville, Melbourne.
I've had pets all my life and I know how reassuring it feels when they are left in great care while I'm away.
I have a solid understanding of what it takes to meet the needs of furry friends while their owners venture off for both short and long periods at a time.
I work 9=5 Mon-Thurs 5 days a week and I am home every night after work.
I'm very neat, tidy and respectful of homes I stay in and always leave it as clean as it was when I arrived.
I'm more than happy do basic gardening and chores required of your home while I stay.
I am not a smoker. I can supply references upon request.
I hope to hear back from you!
Thanks for considering.


Moving to Adelaide for work, enjoy cats and dogs or dogs and cats (depending which ones you like the best) Have spent a lot of time baby sitter my girls dogs and cat over the last few years I don't mind doing garden as long as the mower works easy going and not a party person


  • Sydney, Wollongong & Illawarra

Hi there!!!
I am a 35 year old teacher, working in Sydney.
Very easy going, trustworthy, honest and reliable.
Lots of experience with dog sitting in particular.

I'm very respectful and thoughtful of others (and their belongings).
I like to have a quiet lifestyle as I work hard and enjoy spending the other hours of my day going for walks and practicing yoga.

Looking to house sit / pet sit / garden sit, preferably in Sydney (Inner west - east -south), but will be willing to travel for the right match and also during school holidays.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Brett and Lili

  • ACT

My name is Brett and I'm a high school English and Spanish teacher here in Canberra. I was born in Canberra and while I've lived in many places I keep coming back because I just love this city. My fiancé Lili works in a hotel and she is from Colombia. We met while I was teaching over there and she's been living here for just over 3 years and loves it too.

We hope you will consider us as housesitters for your place as we are really quiet, responsible and dependable people who love animals and would do our utmost to take the best possible care of your place while you're away. We are both non-smokers and take pride in being clean and tidy. We're happy to catch up at any time that is convenient for you to have a chat and so you can get to know us better and take the time to make sure we are the right people for the job.

Many thanks and kind regards,

Brett and Lili

Raelene & Joe

  • Bris. Northern suburbs, Sunshine Coast, Bundaberg & Wide Bay

We have both recently retired from the workforce and are looking to do some travelling and exploring in our recently purchased caravan and would like to offer our assistance to homeowners who are wishing to have a break away from home and are needing responsible and reliable carers to house sit their home and care for their pets while they are away.
We have two lovable Papillon dogs as our little fur babies - Shilo (male) 5 yrs 6 mths - Lillee (female) 6 yrs. They are both friendly little dogs who live inside our home with us and are house-trained,
We have always had the companionship of dogs in our home. We keep a clean and tidy home due to our fur babies shedding some fur and playing with their toys.
Raelene is a non-smoker whereas Joe is an outside smoker.
The only previous experience we have had in house-sitting has been through family and friends. Hopefully by offering our assistance to other homeowners, we can satisfy the homeowners' needs for a safe and secure house sit for their precious animals and home while fulfilling our desire for our caravanning adventures.
Character references have been supplied.
Joe had previously applied for a Police Check as a member of a local club in Tin Can Bay and has received his Blue Card (which allows him to work with children).
A Police Check has been supplied for Raelene.
If we can be of assistance in caring for your home and your pets in your absence, please do not hesitate in contacting us.
Raelene, Joe, (Shilo & Lillee).

Jeanette & Michael

  • Melbourne, SE Vic, SW Vic

Hi, my name is Jeanette (known as Nettie) and my husband is Mike. We are retired and enjoy travelling especially to Australia where our only daughter lives. We are an active couple, Mike enjoying cycling and I’m a member of a local walking club and gym and love gardening too. We have a cat called Ditten who we have had since a kitten and is now nearly 18years old and we love him to bits. We have also had past experience of dogs. We are non smokers and tidy people and respect other people’s homes and possessions.


  • Melbourne

I am a mature,fit,non-smoking male, I love all animals and have had a cat , Budiges and Border collie dogs in the past.I dont have any pets at the moment so i look forward to looking after yours.. I love walking to keep fit so enjoy taking you dog for a walk on its usual trek or down to the local dog park to socialize with other dogs. I have the time to devote to your pets to keep them happy and healthy while you are away and make sure your home is secure ,clean and tidy. I live a very quiet lifestyle and am a non smoker and very rarely drink. After my first housesit I received a very positive reference and was asked to come back again. You can find that reference attached to my profile page.


  • Brisbane, Sunshine Coast

We are a professional couple in our 50's. We have just sold our large acreage property and are just about to start building on our new property on the Sunshine Coast. We are looking for a house sit whilst we we will be some months in this process. We are house and yard proud people and I am happy to send pics of our property so you can see how we live. We are respectful of others property, just as we would expect of folks coming to stay in our property. We are pet passionate....we come with one very well behaved seven year old Border collie cross...Pippa, who gets along with dogs, cats,chooks, birds etc., we are very experienced with domestic pets, we have lots of love to share....and I have owned horses for most of my life.
Really happy to have a chat and hope we can help you have a really stress free break.


Jo & Nando

  • Brisbane, South Eastern, Melbourne

Hi my name is Jo and my husband is Nando and we like to think of ourselves as 'worldly travelers'. We both worked for Department of Justice in Victoria, Australia for many years and are now retired. We reside part of the year in Thailand, part in Australia and the rest of the year, wherever the wind takes us.

We had pets of our own for over 15 years (cats, dogs) but have outlived them all and miss their little furry faces very much. We have always owned our own home and had pets and when we traveled it was so hard leaving them at catteries and kennels. We had no real peace of mind and couldn't wait to get home and see them. To have had someone stay in our home and care for our pets would have been great, we just didn’t know that was an option.

So, we have chosen not to adopt any more pets as we are always on the move but instead, we enjoy sharing our 'pet love' with those in need at holiday times. We are pleased to be able to house sit for others and offer peace of mind - knowing that their pets, homes and possessions are in good loving hands.

We have several years experience house and pet sitting for friends, referred friends and via house sit sites. We have completed assignments in Australia, Italy, UAE and Canada. Nando speaks fluent Italian, we both speak some Thai and I speak Canadian (lived in Vancouver for 8 years : ). We have experience caring for homes, pets, gardens, maintaining swimming pools/spas and cars/bikes. We are in our 50s, healthy, happy, active, don't smoke, occasional drinkers and also are experienced AirBnb guests with excellent references. We are a reliable, mature, loving couple, who genuinely care about little furry friends of all shapes, sizes and genders. Happy to discuss any upcoming assignments with you and we can Skype and chat which is a bit more personal than via email.*


  • Northern Vic, SE Vic, SW Vic

I'm a fit active 73y.o. retired pharmacist. Home owner in suburban Melbourne. Sober and non-smoker. Don't use drugs. Divorced, living alone. When married used to have 2 Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Love dogs, especially large ones. Fine with cats. Used to own chooks.

Looking to house sit just to provide an inexpensive change of scenery. My previous experience in looking after other people's houses includes occasional weekend home swaps with friends who live in country Victoria, and looking after their dog. They will vouch for me (contact details on request) and I can provide additional references.

***For the time being I'm available for short-term sits only (up to about 7 days) within Victoria***

Summary of experience:

Dec 2017/Jan 2018, completed a 6-day sit looking after a house on 5 acres in country Victoria plus 2 Border Collies, 2 cats and about 20 chooks and ducks.

In April 2018 I did a two-week sit of house and large dog in far north NSW.

(see reference on this website)

July 2018 10 days looking after house and small dog in Barwon Heads Victoria

September 2018 5 days near Whittlesea (Vic). House on 25 acres, medium sized dog, galah, 6 chooks, and 3 horses. Reference from this one can be viewed on this website and I have excellent references (available on request) from all of the others.

Jan 2019 and March 2019 - two return visits of approx 5 days each at the same property.

Nov 2018 7 days at rural property near Alexandra looking after large dog and 3 cats.

Dec 2018 five days at semi-rural property at Cannons Creek looking after 2 horses. (see reference on this website)

I live a quiet lifestyle. Not a party person. I look after my home with great care and would do likewise with others.

I'd suggest arriving a day prior to your departure to facilitate an effective handover and help us both to feel confident in the arrangement.

I had a police check before starting some voluntary work and could provide confirmation of that. Also have a Working With Children Check card.


  • NSW

Single, non-smoking, quiet, animal loving house-sitter available...everyone catered for - from greyhounds to great danes!
From a country background, I was brought up with all sorts of animals and am a certifed equine sport masseuse.

My first house-sit was supposed to be for one weekend and ended up being a four year stint:))

Currently I work Mon-Fri evenings on my laptop (home based.)

In addition to this, I do a couple of morning and weekend evening shifts in the city so approx 20 hours a week I would be out of the house, so not suitable for anyone requiring a sitter to be home 24/7.

Refs available upon request.

Preferred Location: anywhere handy to transport connections.


  • Brisbane

My name is Chantal, I am a 63 year-old retired teacher from Noumea, New Caledonia. My daughter and grand children live in Brisbane. I am looking to house sit as a budget friendly option for my holiday in Brisbane and for a chance to be closer to my family.

I am looking to house sit between 3 weeks and 2 months between June and November.

I am a non-smoker, I am clean and tidy and enjoy spending time outdoors.

I would be happy to look after cats and small to medium sized dogs. I have always had pets myself until recently when my 16 year old cat passed away.

I am new to house sitting and so I do not have any references to provide unfortunately. But I own my own home and I look after it very well. I would look after your place like my own.

I can organise for a police clearance if required.

Mary Claire

  • Melbourne

Hi, I live in Melbourne and I prove house sitting services including looking after pets (dogs, cats, chickens, fish, rabbits). I grew up with Collies and Labradors and enjoy the company of dogs and cats. I am an engineer and currently working as a Project Manager. I've previously house sat in suburbs throughout Melbourne for anything from 3 weeks to 3.5 months looking after Border Collies, Jack Russels, mixed breed rescue dogs and cats.

I've looked after dogs that require 1 - 2 walks a day, anything from 15mins to an hour at the dog park. I'm experienced at feeding dogs and cats, walking, shampooing, flea treatment, brushing, tick removal etc.,

During the summer, I've taken dogs to work during the 40 degree days. One dog which I looked after really struggled with the heat and our office allows us to bring our dog to work. The border collie which I looked after had an old leg injury so wasn't allowed to run too far. On trips to the park I would make sure I didn't throw sticks or balls and I kept him away from other dogs when they were sprinting around the park. He loved joining in but unfortunately couldn't due to his old injury.
The Jack Russell I looked after was 14 years old and the owner was afraid he was nearing the end of his days. So on days when he seemed out of sorts, I would work from home & ensure he was ok.
Another dog I looked after was a mixed breed rescue dog, possibly with some Rottweiler. He was a lovey dog but his previously life had been difficult so he was sometimes nervous and would flinch if surprised. He wasn't sociable with dogs and would tend to headbutt them so when walking twice per day, I would make sure we kept to ourselves at any park and would keep him away from other dogs during our walks.

My experience with cats is with a cat who required feeding twice per day and wasn't allowed out at night (thought was always trying to get out), so I've experience keeping cats inside when they're escape artist. The cat was low maintenance but did like to play hide and seek and chase in the evenings, she also liked to curl up on my lap on colder nights. I have experience give cats flea treatments and also washing & shampooing cats to manage fleas (not an easy task!).

I regularly send the owners photos of the pets and keep them updated on their wellbeing and also any details on the house or garden.

I also carried out some minor home & garden maintenance (repairing cupboard doors, mowing lawns, watering plants, weeding etc.,) when I've house sat. I'm happy to run small errands including picking up parcels from the post office, photographing post & sending to the home owner, jump starting cars to ensure batteries aren't dead, picking up and fitting new car batteries, washing cars and fixing car covers. I've also picked homeowners up from the airport in the past.

I usually work 4 to 5 days per week, 7:30am to 4pm. I am a project manager on contract to a government authority so I usually work 5 days per week but some days are half days and some weeks are 3 or 4 days.

In the evenings, I enjoy the quiet life. I usually spend it hanging out the pet, cooking dinner, watching TV) or reading. I go swimming 1 or 2 per week but in previous house sits, my exercise has been walking the dogs. If I socialise with friends I usually try to get them come visit or go somewhere where I can take the pet (usually if its a dog), to the local park or farmers market or maybe a cafe with outdoor seating.

Mandy & Elise

  • Melbourne

Hi. We are Mandy and Elise, a British Doctor and an Australian working in innovation for Red Cross, both in our 30's. We've been living together for a few years in Melbourne and are great friends. We both grew up with lots of pets (guinea pigs, dogs, rabbits, you name it!) and love all animals. After years of renting and not being able to have any pets of our own we have decided to turn our hats to house sitting - combining our love for looking after animals and also allowing us to save money for house deposits (to eventually fill with all the animals!).

Mandy works shift work and Elise works 9-5 so there tends to always be at least one person at home to spend time with your furry friends. We love being outdoors - hiking/walks on the beach etc - so are very happy to take your dogs with us! Otherwise, we are both neat and tidy (non-smokers) and equally happy sitting at home with a good book, cooking up a little meal or playing some board games.

Mandy is also comfortable giving medications, and both of us are happy to spend extra time with those pets who need a little more care or love.

We love keeping home-owners updated with pictures and little stories about their pets. To see some of our previous furry friends, check out our brand new Facebook page at, or search 'Mandy & Elise house-sit adventures' in Facebook.

So, if you are looking for two people who will love your pet, keep your house clean, keep your plants alive, and be flexible with dates etc. then we would be a great fit!


  • QLD, VIC

Hi, I'm Dan. I'm a 35 year old honest, reliable, homebody who loves dogs.

I began house sitting and dog minding four years ago, when I looked after a beautiful labrador for two months while her owners were overseas. After a few years of house sitting occasionally, I began doing this full time in August 2016 and am loving being able to spend time with some fun dogs and having the freedom to live a more relaxed, healthy lifestyle.

I'm experienced with a range of small to large breeds - from Chihuahuas to Great Danes - through my house sitting and volunteering at the RSPCA kennels. I will happily give your dog plenty of love and attention - I love going for long walks, playing games like tug-of-war, giving lots of pats, snuggling on the couch and I don't mind having dogs sleep on my bed if that's what they're used to.

I'm mature, clean and tidy, and am a non-smoker. I'm not much of a party animal, and prefer quiet nights at home catching up on my favourite TV shows or working on my laptop.

I'm able to provide a police check and references from previous house sits. Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions, I'm happy to answer them!