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  • Melbourne

Hi. My name is Geoff and I'm hoping to be able to help people out as they go on their adventures. originally from the UK, I moved to Melbourne almost 6 years ago and loving living in Victoria with a passion - so I'm happy to help anyone else have time to explore whilst I look after your house - and pets if you have any!

I'm 39 creative professional working in Fitzroy area, not only do i love creating designs but also love my role as a mentor and advisor. I have been based living in Northcote for the past 6 years since I landed on these soils so more than happy to remain in this area - but also looking to venture into other areas of Melbourne to enjoy the offerings there.

I'm a self confessed clean-conscious person (thanks to my mum and also to my desire of design aesthetics!) and would clean and maintain a property whilst you are away. At the Northcote house we have a front and back garden, pretty large vege patch and a number of trees that require me up a ladder spiking myself as I tidy them up! Particularly I enjoy spending a little bit of time in the garden and outside so a nice yard is an added bonus!

Pets - I have always had a cat in my houses over the past 15 years and am a massive fan of dogs (just never really been able to have one in shared houses!). Felix is my current best buddy and will be staying in Northcote as he loves it there with his cat buddies so looking for another furry pal!
My job keeps me pretty busy during the day so morning/evening pets are best suited to my routine.

Having been in shared houses for almost 20 years I have learnt some wonderful tricks to keep clean, tidy, and considerate. The current household works fantastically smooth and I'm proactive at making sure bills are paid, chores are completed and everyone and everything is happy and safe! (basically a little bit of guidance for the other housemates along the way!). Overall I like to feel that I am a solid reliable person / tenant for you.

I'm available for short or mid-length house sits - I am venturing to Europe in July/August and might be looking for a house sitter myself for Felix during that time.


  • Melb. Inner suburbs, Melb. SE suburbs


Barnaby here! I am a Melbourne based actor (and no that doesn't mean 'waiter') currently touring Australasia in a major musical. I get large breaks where I come home and am looking for short/medium length sits for anyone who can understand why I don't want to be staying with my parents...

Due to the nature of my work I live a very quiet, healthy and clean life - an avid animal lover and miss having one of my own, extreamly happy to spoil any pets from puppies to parrots (I draw the line at spiders). Bit of a neat freak so I promise to leave the place cleaner than you left it and almost definitely smelling like baked goods!

Have references, police check and such available upon request.

Feel free to have a look at my instagram (@barnabyreiter) if you'd like to know more about me

Looking forward to hearing from you



I am a non-smoking, active and easy going Graduate Architect/Research Assistant from Perth, Western Australia. I love Melbourne, travel there often and find house sitting to be a really great way to get a different feel for the city. I have previous experience house sitting in Perth for extended stays and loved it! I was also house sitting in Melbourne, earlier this year for a Happy House Sitters member, with great success. I love animals having two cats of my own, Tiny and Toffee, and have grown up with dogs and other pets so I am conscious of the time and care needed to keep happy pets!

Being a renter and also an avid gardener I keep a tidy, clean house and take pride in the upkeep and maintenance of my home, as I would yours. I am looking to housesit anytime from August 2017 - December 2107, in Melbourne and can provide references and police check on request. I am reliable, considerate and will take extra care of your pets and property! I look forward to hearing from you.




  • Sydney, Central Coast

I'm a 38yr old nature and animal lover. I've been a personal in-home aged carer for the past 9 years, and am currently completing my studies in Art Therapy and Counselling. I'm responsible, trustworthy and reliable, and can provide great references and a current police check.

I've been the carer of a beautiful adopted English Staffy for 10 years. I've also enjoyed looking after a wide range of animals, including cats, birds and rescued wildlife whilst house sitting .

I understand the special place pets hold in our lives, and the attention and love they require and deserve.
Any requirements re: exercise, dietary needs, or special care, I'm more than happy to maintain and provide, along with lots of affection and play.

I generally attend college 2 days a week, which gives me plenty of time to spend with your furry or feathered family members.

I'm active, down to earth, enjoy the outdoors, and would love to share regular walks with your dog(s).
I'm also capable of attending to any general household or garden tasks that need to be done (have previously worked on a farm and in a plant nursery for several years).

I'm happy to answer any questions you may have and to meet you in person.

I look forward to hearing from you :)


  • Sydney, North Coast


I'm a mature, responsible, reliable house sitter with excellent references. I love animals and will lovingly take care of your animals and home as if they were my own. I'm caring and houseproud & would consider it a privilege to care for your home, pets and garden. Please contact me anytime to discuss your needs.

Josh and Beck

  • Sydney

Hi, we're Josh and Beck. We are in our late 20s-early 30s. We have rented together for our around four years and now we are keen to give house sitting a go.
We both like animals but aren’t able to have pets of our own at the moment, so would love the opportunity to look after yours for a while!
We are clean and responsible and both work full time. Josh mainly works at home so he would be good company for pets.
We would be respectful of your place and are happy to accommodate any requests you may have.
We would be able to obtain police checks if required. As house sitting is new for us we don't have official references however we have a perfect renting history and have always had our full bond returned.
Please get in contact to discuss your needs.


  • NSW, WA

I am a single, non-smoking professional currently working in an ideal set-up for house-sitting. I am a freelance graphic designer who would consider it a privilege to care for your home, pets and garden. I have a healthy, quiet and relaxed lifestyle and am very flexible / can reassure you I would be home a lot of the time with my work set-up and have had a lot of experience in house-sitting over the past 15 years with excellent references (please read through these attached to my account for your review!). Why not give me a call to discuss your needs! I love animals, take regular walks for my own fitness, am very clean and tidy and would have the utmost respect for your home, ensuring your time away is worry free and you can count on returning to a happy, tidy household.


  • Syd. Lower N Shore

House, Garden & Pet Sitter ( May 2017 ongoing)
Cats, dogs, chooks, birds and other small creatures.
I welcome the opportunity to look after your home and care for your beloved pets as you require. Lower North Shore and Northern Beaches preferred.
I'm now pet free for the first time in many years with lots of experience looking after pets, my own as well as other peoples. I’m very reliable, trustworthy, non smoker, also with many years of experience working as a support worker within the community.
I do love a vegetable garden so I can tend to your plants while you’re away.
Police Check State and National
References available
Happy to discuss further over the phone,email, or Skype.


  • Melb. Inner suburbs, Melb. NE suburbs, Melb. SE suburbs

Hi, I'm Sharon. I am a non-smoking, single, mid-40’s woman who lives a quiet but social lifestyle, is responsible, clean and tidy and likes things in their place. I am experienced in caring for pets of my own (now sadly no longer with me) and other peoples pets through petsitting, including of pets with special needs.

As a past tenant, my landlords wishing to renew my lease, and having been a home owner myself I know the importance of looking after a property.

I have also had a police check done, and have references from past pet sit roles, my own vet, and from a past landlord.

House and pet sitting is something I’m looking to do as I have just returned from 18 months living and working in Samoa as a volunteer with a small youth advocacy not-for-profit organisation. I am currently studying a Masters of International and Community Development part-time and looking to return to the workforce back in Australia.

If you would like more information then please read below, and if you think I sound like a good fit for your home and furry friends, please do be in contact.

I’m experienced with animals, growing up with dogs, cats, and even a budgie, and I have been a dog owner for 20 years, owning 2 Siberian Huskies (Whoopi, the mum, and Shabam, the son) until just a few years ago when it was time to euthanize my 14.5 year old beautiful boy, Shabam (or Bammy), who had been mine since a puppy. My Whoopi girl needed to be euthanized at age 15 a few years earlier. Obviously I take very good care of my pets to have them reach such old age, and am experienced with challenging and sensitive pets as Bammy had anxiety and health issues that needed managing.

I have already had several petsitting jobs (one for a small, older Jack Russell, one for a middle aged spoodle, and one for 2 cats of which one was a bit shy and nervous but came to love me). I'm really missing some pet company and am ready to own another dog but am not in a position to commit to one until I know I am settled somewhere. In the meantime, I would love to care for somebody else's pets and look after their home.

In the past, I have rented houses in Australia, most recently for 4 years, and another for 2 years prior to that. Both owners wished to renew my lease as I paid my rent on time without variation, and cared for their homes like my own, doing things like maintaining the garden, cleaning out gutters and even repainting a picket fence! As a homeowner myself (in regional Victoria), I appreciate and understand the importance of caring for a home.


  • Melb. SE suburbs

Hello, my name is Pamela and you have just found your "Go To House Sitter"!

I am a very happy, positive, mature, easy going non smoker who has been house sitting on and off for the past 2-3 years and loving every minute! I prefer stays anywhere between 3 weeks up to 3 months.

I consider it a HUGE privilege to take care of someone's beloved home and precious fur, feathered or finned babies. I always receive extremely positive feedback at the end of my stays and have had numerous repeat house sits due to the home owners being so pleased -

"on the regular occasions she house sits at our family home. On all occasions we returned to find our home immaculately maintained and clean. She is considerate of the surrounding residents ensuring the dwelling she is caring for is not taken for granted. Additionally, we have a pet dog who is very fond of Pamela. She was well cared for, walked daily with all daily needs responsibly satisfied. I have recommended Pamela to other friends requiring a house sitter and they have been similarly delighted with the outcome. None have had a negative experience."
- Ollie & Sonia ( Malvern East)

My most recent house sit was for a lovely family in Malvern. I took care of their home for 3 months which included watering the garden, sweeping and tidying the courtyard, mowing the small section of lawn, collecting mail, staying in contact regarding any home updates, and caring for the outdoor pond and goldfish -

"Our house looks AMAZING!!! It's unanimous that you're a keeper as a house sitter!!! Everything was immaculate. Thanks ever so much again"
- Brett & Ange (Malvern).

I hugely value the opportunity to house sit as I work part time and spend my other days in volunteer work. House sitting enables me to live on my own while saving money to go overseas to volunteer, something i am very passionate about. I love animals and have had experience looking after dogs, cats and fish as well as owning and loving my own Shetland Sheepdogs and cats in the past. I love to stay active so daily walking of dogs is perfect.

Should you require references these are available and I can also provide you with a police check for your peace of mind. I look forward to meeting you and your fur, feathered or finned babies.


  • South Eastern, Central Coast (Qld), Northern QLD, Melbourne, Bendigo, Macedon Ranges, Macedon Ranges, North Eastern, North Western, Shepparton & Central North

I'm a mature woman, have been renting for a long time and recently moved back home to my parent's place and I am looking to house sit as an alternative to renting. I love travelling and seeing new places, so house sitting is a good way of moving around and getting to see many parts of Victoria and Queensland for now.

I was running my own pet minding business whilst I was living in my previous address, so I have a lot of experience with animals. I have looked after a number of animals that include dogs, cats, chickens, guinea pigs, rats, birds and fish. I love the company of all animals, giving lots of cuddles and playtime. You can look me up on Pawshake I have about 50 references and also Mad Paws where I have 20 references.

I love nature, flowers, growing my own vegetables, so really love gardening and your plants would get the best care. This also seems a great way to conserve my funds and save some money whilst I go on my next adventure.

I am an extremely efficient, clean and organised person, I look after people's homes as I would my own. Non-smoker, excellent references, why not give me a call so we can meet and you can decide for yourself?


  • Sydney

I am a recent skilled migrant from Russia with permanent residency status, and am looking to house sit until I am joined by my wife and our cat. The cat has to undergo a long and expensive process before he too will migrate to Australia in October!

I have passed all tests set by the government, including my language skills. I have a very strong sense of responsibility both in my work and personal life and have broad experience with pets. In particular we had fish, a ferret, a small dog (dachshund) and cats. I am also a good gardener, having spent two months with my grandmother every summer in my childhood learning to help her and was rewarded with my own plot.

I am neat and living a very quiet life in these first months in my new country. It is of the utmost importance to me to create good relations with people in my new country and I think this makes me an excellent prospect as a house sitter. I miss my cat very much and it gives me much pleasure to look after the pets and gardens of others. I can be relied upon completely to take your instructions and treat your home and animals as if they were my own. This has been proven by a number of Australian families so far. Very happy to supply excellent house sitting references:

At the moment I am working for Cochlear Limited as a software engineer, and have already been granted one day work from home and flexible hours. Which means I can pay as much attention to your pets as needed. In addition to that my wife is arriving in August, and will provide extra care and security for your house as she will stay at home most of the time.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

P.S. Non-smoker, of course.


  • Syd. Eastern suburbs, Syd. Lower N Shore, Syd. NW suburbs, Syd. Southern suburbs, Syd. Upper N Shore

LOVE animals
I am a clean, tidy and quiet person.
Non smoker
Full time professional with flexible work hours
References available upon request


  • Sydney, Central Coast, South Coast

Hi, I work 9 to 5 and have been housesitting for 2 years and love it. I live a quiet life and am very happy to care for your house and pets while you are away. More than happy to meet you to see if I'm suitable for house sit. I've sucessfully cared for cats, dogs, chooks, bunnys, birds, swimming pools and gardens. If your pet is happy and safe during the day, I will be available to tend to their needs every morning & night and weekends.
Hope to meet you soon
Cheers Chris

Tey-Marie & Emma

  • Melbourne

We are a couple Tey (29, from America) and Emma (27, from Scotland) currently on Working Holiday Visas in Australia. We've house sat three other times so far in the past. Once in Florida, USA, another time in San Agustin, Colombia and most recently in Newcastle, Australia.

We absolutely love animals. We have a rescue dog back home in the U.S. who is being lovingly taken care of by a close friend while we are gone. His name is Jangso and we rescued him from a shelter in South Korea, where both were teaching English at the time.

We view house-sitting as a win-win situation where we get to love on pets while looking after people's property, providing an economical option for us in terms of accommodation as well. In turn, home-owners can rest assure we will take the utmost care of their loved ones and home. We lead a very clean and tidy lifestyle. We are also very active, so if your loved one(s) require long walks, runs or a lot of play we will be happy to make sure they have plenty of opportunity to get all the exercise they need. We also love nothing more than to snuggle up with a furry friend for a nice cuddle and movie.

If you'd like any other information, please feel free to ask. We'll be happy to supply references or further information upon request.

Jason & Desley

  • Bris. S W suburbs, Bris. Southern suburbs, Bris. Western suburbs

There's no question about it; house sitting is a job that needs to be taken seriously. We are being asked to take care of your worldly possessions and beloved fur babies.

Our family can give your family all the time and freedom you need to go away and have peace of mind without having to worry about your home and pets. While you take a break, we will take care of everything as lovingly and carefully as you do.

Maybe having a family in your home never really crossed your mind? Many home owners have families themselves, and have no problem handing over the keys to other respectful family house sitters. So we would like you to see it as a bonus!

We are a healthy, clean, non-smoking family who will look after your home and pets as you would expect. We have lived in the suburbs and on acreage and can happily manage different size properties (including those with pools, water tanks, HSTP's) and all sizes and varieties in pets.

We are self-employed and home educate. So what does that mean for you?
More time, flexibility and most importantly, the ability to be at home during the day, keeping your home even more secure and giving your pets lots of love and attention both day and night while you're away. Having owned pets in the past we understand the responsibility and most importantly the love that all animals deserve!

Desley is a Justice of The Peace (Qualified), a Hairdresser and Beauty Therapist (Self Employed) and also holds a current Working with Children (Blue) Card.
Jason is a Self Employed Independent Contractor and also holds a current Working with Children (Blue) Card.
Jarrod (16) is a member of the Australian Air Force Cadets and is employed full time as an Apprentice Boilermaker after completing his home schooling.
Joel (9) just loves life being able to experiment with all things he loves on his home schooling journey.

We have strong, stable, family and moral values and this will show when you meet us.

Our family is comfortable giving your pet medication or dealing with a special needs pet. We also love being able to take your pet on outings with our family (if you allow).

We have been booked consistently for house/pet sitting since middle August 2016 and have looked after dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, geese, guinea pigs and fish (marine), suburban and acreage properties. We believe this reflects the trust that people have in us.

References are available and we are happy to talk over the phone and/or meet up for a chat to see how you feel about inviting us to look after your pets and home, taking the responsibility seriously.


  • NSW


  • ACT, Syd. Lower N Shore, Syd. Southern suburbs, Syd. Upper N Shore, East Lake Macquarie, Lower Hunter Valley, Port Stephens, West Lake Macquarie, South Coast, Southern Highlands, Central Tablelands, Central West Slopes, Far West, Alice Springs, Darwin, Brisbane, Hobart, Rural/Regional Tas

We are a mature couple (56 and 61) and are both retired. We'd be very happy to come and look after your home while you are away and would treat your home and pets as we do ours, with all care. My husband Graeme and I are both active with plenty of bush walking and sailing and have experience with dogs, cats, birds, fish, guinea pigs and even smaller critters. I'm comfortable with farm animals and can ride a horse. I enjoy the garden and would be very happy pottering around, watering, mowing, sweeping - whatever.
Ive just completed a Certificate in Animal Care through TAFE and Graeme is currently studying for his PhD spending a lot of time working on that. Its our idea to have a break from home, get to know an area and help you at the same time. Our son is 22 and still at home so he's happy to mind our own two dogs while we do some travelling. We would be very happy to care for your home and animals and hope that you contact us if you think we're suitable. Thanks
Ps I'm also a JP

Ron & Evelyn

  • East Lake Macquarie, West Lake Macquarie, Mid North Coast, Central Tablelands, Bris. Southern suburbs, Gold Coast & Hinterland, Mackay & Whitsundays, Rockhampton, Northern QLD, VIC

To whom it may concern ,
We have been travelling Australia in our caravan for 5 years, we are originally from Melbourne, we were going to settle back in Melbourne this year, we have 6 grown up children 4 of which live here, they are all busy with their careers, friends and lifestyles, we rarely see them. My daughter lives in Canberra with my twin grandsons, so we do get to catch up regularly with them. The youngest son is in the navy out of Perth, and has 2 young children. Travelling was one way of catching up with them all. Sadly seems they don't have a lot of time for us, so we have decided to continue on travelling while we are young enough and fit enough to do it. We would also like to travel overseas more, so house sitting is a way of saving money for that. We had pets ourselves when we were working, but decided not to take them with us, so we do miss having pets. I have Arthritis, so the cold weather in Victoria doesn't suit me, so the dilemma is easy, GO NORTH again. We are clean, neat and tidy, love gardening, and are very reliable. Ron worked for Holden for 39
years, and I was a nurse for years when I was younger. If we sound like the kind of people you would like to mind your property , please let us know. We prefer Queensland or NSW with longer stays, kind regards, Evelyn and Ron.


  • Melbourne, Bendigo, Macedon Ranges, Ballarat, Geelong, Grampians

Hi there!
I'm a 26 year old veterinarian who is taking a gap year to travel and hence am looking to house sit to fill in the periods between adventures.
Single professional lady, non-smoker, comfortable with medicating animals (yes that includes diabetics), lots of time to play with the animals, and have a car.
Please note that whilst I am a registered veterinarian, I will not be working as a veterinarian during this period, but as a house sitter. Therefore, if I do recognise any medical problems or emergencies, I will take them straight to the nearest or your nominated family veterinarian or emergency centre as required.
This little outline of a profile has just only been started, more information to come in the near future, but I welcome any question you may have in the interim.
Give a shout out if you would like a sitter in the following periods in 2017! This list will be revised as required!
-27/02 - 10/03
-14/03 - 30/05
-14/08 - 30/10


  • TAS

Hello, my name is Lisa. I am a 33 year old, non-smoker who has been living in South-West Victoria for almost 3 years.

I have recently enrolled in a design course at RMIT. Commencing on 20 August, the course will run for a number of weeks. I hope to find a place to call home near RMIT so that I can walk to and from classes, or hop on a tram.

I currently live on a small hobby farm where I love feeding the animals, searching for chook eggs and tending to the veggie patch. I would look after and care for your pets and your home as my own.

Please do get in touch if you would like to ask me any questions. Very best wishes, Lisa


  • Sydney

I am a responsible, caring and trustworthy animal-lover who would love the opportunity to look after your pets and home while you are away. I am a clean, tidy non-smoker who always treats the properties and animals I take care of with the love and respect that I would my own.

I grew up with pet dogs, rabbits and birds and have always enjoyed spending time with animals. Since migrating to Australia from the UK in 2015 I have found house sitting a wonderful way to explore the country and have had the pleasure of looking after dogs, cats, chickens and fish in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney.

Before moving to Australia I spent a number of years renovating my own house and garden back in the UK, which I now rent out, so I fully understand the worry of leaving your home in a stranger's hands. I am more than happy to water plants, collect post and carry out the usual household and garden duties in addition to pet care.

I am able to spend a lot of time at home giving your pets attention and maintaining their usual routine since I am currently taking time out to work on a novel and build my blog on Australian travel after ten years of working in finance. I am now based in Sydney long-term and looking for ongoing house sits in the area.

I have great references on my profile from previous sits, plus further ones I can send you from another site I use if required. I also have an up to date police certificate. If you are looking for a trustworthy, reliable house sitter in Sydney then I'd love to hear from you!


  • Sydney, Brisbane

Our names are Rune and Jolene and we are a mature aged (60+) active couple who just adore looking after our four legged precious friends.

We have had animals around us for most of our lives and really enjoy their company, as we get the most rewarding memories from all the pets we get to meet and care for.

We are experienced house/ pet sitters, so you can be confident that whilst you are on vacation, that most importantly your pets are being very well cared for, as well as your home. We are very tidy and respectful people who would care for your home as if it was our own. We are both non-smokers.

Jolene works from home and I work as an ICT Project Manager on a short term contract basis.

We are more than happy to meet with you beforehand (or Skype call) for a chat, and we both come with good personal references and police certificates.

Looking forward to hearing from you...real soon.

Cheers, Jolene & Rune


  • Sydney

I am a responsible, caring, mature (57), non-smoking
and compassionate female, who adores all animal's.
When I house pet/house sit I enjoy:
Grooming, walking, playing with pets.
General house work/water plants
Emergency repairs
Phone messages recorded
Turning over the engine of car
Collecting mail
I have enjoyed four year's experience pet/house sitting, with consistent repeat requests. I am an Australian, based in Sydney.
I work from my computer, at home, ensuring plenty of company for your pet's and security for your home.
My lifestyle is quiet. I enjoy walking, reading, yoga. I am saving to purchase a home.
A few reassuring references:
To whom it may concern:
This is to confirm that Diane Penney has looked after our house and Rosie (our dog) on a number of occasions whilst we have been off on holiday.
I have no hesitation recommending Diane to anyone. She is most trustworthy and looked after the house extremely well and left it in immaculate condition.
Rosie is always excited to see Diane who obviously takes her on some great walks and feeds her well.
Please feel free to call me anytime should you wish to discuss any details.
Yours sincerely,
Dave Upton Ph: +61 2 9437 3347
ITbyus Pty Ltd., Fax: +61 2 9437 1232
Suite 1, 52 Carlotta Street, Email:
Greenwich, NSW 2065
Michele and Michael France
99 Cumberland Avenue
Tel: 0414 243 998
To Whom It May Concern
Dear Sir/Madam,
It is with great pleasure that I write this character reference for Diane Penney. Diane has cared for our much loved home, pets and garden on a number of occasions and at all times we have come home to an immaculate and well cared for home, pets and garden. We have a large garden, which can be a challenge to some, however Diane has maintained this much more than we could have imagined.
We are always very happy to go away on vacation when Diane is caring for our home.
I would highly recommend Diane Penney to any person requiring care for their home, pets and garden. She is truly a delightful person and is sincere in her care for other people’s possessions. She is trustworthy, honest and reliable.
Diane comes with the highest recommendation.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.
Kind regards
Michele France
Jane Salmon
Wadenswil; Switzerland
Pet: African Grey Parrot:Houston
Email received from Jayne after pet/house sit:
I think you must be my Fairy Godmother!
Firstly Houston is happy, clean and singing!
But then….
My laundry is folded!
The apartment is cleaner than I left it!
There is no rotting food in the fridge!
All the plants are happy!
AND you’ve made us supper!!!!!!
You win house sitter of a lifetime!
Thank you!
58 Monkton Farleigh
Bradford on Avon
Wiltshire BA15 “QN
To whom it may concern
I am very happy to be a referee for Diane
Penney, and have no hesitation in recommending
her for any house/pet sitting job she chooses to
undertake. I have found her dependability and
responsible attitude faultless and have complete
confidence in Diane’s reliable attitude.
Diane house sat for me for four weeks over the
Christmas and New Year Period. During this time
she proved herself to be trustworthy, honest,
efficient and extremely clean and tidy. I
barely knew I had had a stranger in my home when
I returned!
She cared for my garden birds while I was away,
and if I’d had a pet (I used to own a dog until
he died recently) I would have been only too
happy to leave him in her care. Added to
Diane’s upstanding character is her sympathetic
nature, her kindness and her wonderful sense of
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have
any queries or wish to discuss this reference
Yours faithfully
Caroline Seed
Geneva; Switzerland
Letter of Reference for Diane Penney
Diane looked after our two energetic standard
poodles and our apartment in Geneva for a week
in January of this year. All were in good
condition upon our return. Diane is energetic,
responsible and very tidy.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to look
after a pet, home, or apartment.
Gayle Hermick


  • Sydney, Central Coast, Wollongong & Illawarra

We're a non-smoking couple in our mid-30s. We have over 2 years of house sitting experience in Sydney and surrounds, before that we house sat for family and friends in NSW and overseas.

We completed 11 house sits in Sydney during 2015. We completed 11 more in 2016; 3 of those were repeat house sits and we had 2 other repeat house sit offers but were already booked. We’ve already completed 8 house sits in 2017, are booked in for another 3 repeat house sits and had 2 other repeat house sit offers but were already booked. We take our commitment to look after your home and/or pets seriously: we haven’t cancelled a house sit yet, and don’t intend to. We can provide house sitting references (some attached) and police checks; and put you in contact with our referees.

We have a lot of experience caring for pets! During 2015, 2016 and 2017 we’ve cared for labradors, border collies, corgis, rottweilers, pugs, jack russells, poodles, german shepherds, great danes, French bulldogs, Staffordshire bull terriers, golden retrievers, welsh terriers, sausage dogs, schnauzers, kelpie crosses, moodles and beagles; chickens and canaries; rabbits and guinea pigs; and fish (tropical and goldfish). We’ve had 10 house sits with multiple dogs. We’ve kept the dogs’ exercise and social routines, whatever they were: we’ve walked and run; thrown sticks, frisbees and balls; headed to beaches; and visited dog parks… or avoided other dogs if those were the instructions! We’ve also attended to their particular needs: we’ve given them medication (pills, sprays, eye ointments); groomed them; and taken them to the vet. Some have been rescue dogs, elderly or had anxiety problems. We're pretty adaptable and so we’re also interested in discussing your pets if you've got more than dogs, birds and fish (but not if you have cats, mentioned below).

We've looked after plants and gardens in all sits; and pools in many. We’re used to coordinating rubbish, recycling, green waste, compost and worm farms; picking fruit and vegetables; collecting mail and receiving parcels; mowing and raking; clearing and operating pool filters and cleaners; watering indoor and outdoor plants; closing blinds to prevent sun bleaching, airing rooms and emptying dehumidifiers; etc. We speak with you weekly or send weekly update emails so you know these tasks are being done; and that pets are enjoying their routine. We use our own food and personal items and clean up after ourselves (and the pets!) so that you can get straight back into your life when you return.

Some house sits have been for owners keen to have their house ‘lived in’. We’ve done several house sits for security reasons and so have experience with setting alarms, revising security cameras and having our contact details registered with security agencies.

We both work close to the city, and normally each work from home a day a week. We are interested in options North, South, East and West. That will give us the chance to connect with friends and family living all around Sydney and get outdoors on weekends.

Margarita loves dogs, having grown up with a French poodle, a rottweiler and a labrador. She also had fish. She's allergic to cats so that can't work for us... sorry.
Jeremy grew up on 5 acres with chickens and birds; and spent many hours watering veggie gardens and plants. He loves gardening: happy to look after veggies, fruit trees, gardens and lawns. He’d previously cared for golden retrievers and labradors.

We'd love you to contact us to arrange a time to call/skype/facetime to get to know you and/or your pets better! We're in Sydney so would like to meet you and do a practice walk to decide on the sit :)


  • Brisbane

Recently moved to Melbourne for 12 month+ contract. I am keen to explore different suburbs before deciding where to settle. I have been sharing a house in Brisbane for several years with 2 large dogs (Kelpie and Mastiff/ Labadour cross) and miss their companionship.

Last Christmas I minded a house in Brisbane with 3 small dogs, a fish tank and birds which was fun and kept me amused. The dogs enjoyed my company, playing fetch, watching TV with me and sleeping on my bed.

Earlier this year, I minded a house in Ipswich for 10 days which included 2 active dogs and 2 cats.


  • Melbourne, Macedon Ranges, Grampians, Otway Ranges/ Great Ocean Rd, Kimberly/North

As a past home owner and pet owner I understand the importance of being able to relax and enjoy your time away knowing that your home and pets are left in good care.
I had my own 2 dogs for 16 years and grew up with 3 cats, a galah, rabbit and goldfish; I have a lot of personal experience with pets. Owning my own place in the past, I am used to maintaining a property and dealing with anything that may arise. I have recently moved back to Melbourne after being away for 15 years and am loving exploring different suburbs before settling into my own place again. I have completed 8 or so house/pet sits while residing in Perth, Western Australia and 5 since moving to Melbourne. I am a early riser and walker who loves to cook and create and spend time in nature. I am mature, reliable, consistent, clean and tidy; a quiet living non drinker and non smoker. I am studying counselling online, with 2 contact days a week in the city. I am also writing a novel and do occasional agency work in the CBD. Verbal and written references are available.


  • Syd. Eastern suburbs, Syd. SW suburbs

At home in Emerald Beach I live with my mother, nephew Simon, and our domestic cat, Alice. I love cats. I often take care of my son's 2 cats when he needs me to help him. I have always had cats in our family. Our cats are always indoor cats and I would prefer to only house sit indoor cats ( for safety).


  • Perth

I welcome the opportunity to meet with you with a view to looking after your property whilst you are away.
I would fulfill your requirements including running my own very busy gardening business, so can happily ensure your garden thrives in your absence.
I am accustomed to looking after all types of animals, including farm animals and it is in my nature to ensure they are well looked after.

I am choosing to house sit as it allows me to rapidly grow my business in part by using the money I am saving that would normally go to paying rent.

I am the most domesticated guy I know and have been house sitting for several years, mainly through a Perth based house sitting agency, and also privately.
My house sits tend to be a mix of through this site as well as through the agency.

I can of course provide references from previous home owners as well as the agency if you require.

I prefer longer sits for convenience and welcome you contacting me.

Many thanks

A brief synopsis about me........Originally from the Central Wheatbelt region of Western Australia, my parents owned a large farming property that I spent some years working on after leaving school, before leaving to pursue other career opportunities more relevant to my interests.
This rural community upbringing has given me strong country values, a genuine caring nature for those less fortunate, a solid work ethic and a friendly disposition. Also with both parents having been awarded an AOM for their amazing community work, there is no doubt their giving spirit has been projected onto me.


  • Sydney

Hello, I am Debbie and am excited to be able to offer my love of taking care of a home, and giving time and love to pets, to the wider community. You can be assured that your home, and pets (if you have them) will be my priority and pride during your time away.

Having owned homes myself in both NZ and Australia and travelling widely, I know it can be worrying to need to leave your home and pets behind, and how much difference it makes to time away when you know there is someone you can trust to take care of things. (I am a New Zealander who has been living in Sydney for 7 years)

One of my main motivations for thinking of house sitting as an option over the next 12 months or so is because I do genuinely like to give back to the community and I think providing home owners with peace of mind and an excellent service while they are away is a nice way to give back.

I have just sold my home in Erskineville Sydney to embark on a new phase of life, and I thought housesitting would be a perfect way to continue to give love and care to a home and pets while in this next 12 month phase of life. I am available from mid October after my own travels overseas.

I work but my hours are flexible and I also sometimes work at home, so I can be sure to have time to look after your home and pets.

My job is in the not for profit sector. I am passionate about my work in this sector towards making a difference for people who are vulnerable and facing challenges in life. I have worked internationally and locally in this area for 20 years.

My skills that will matter most to you; I am a very house proud person, love keeping a home looking great. I have had either cats and dogs (at different times) myself most of my life, and always make time in the day for them. I feel I can get in touch with each animal quite quickly and so will know when something is not quite right with your pet. So, you can be rest assured I would know I need to get attention for them right away if something did come up. I have a very high level of integrity and responsibility, and pride myself on going above and beyond and giving of my best.

I am happy to sit over holiday periods, if it is Christmas and New Year, I may have a family member or friend visit me from out of town for a few days with your permission. Otherwise I will respect your privacy by not having social meetings with friends in your home.

I am happy to meet or skype to talk over what your priorities for a home sitter are and how I might meet these needs. It would be great to get to know you better and you me.

Regards Deb.