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If you want real piece of mind for your house and pets than you just found the right people for the job.

Dear Pet and homeowner,

thank you for having a look at our profile. As former pet owners we know very well how important it is to be absolutely certain (!) your beloved pets and valuable home is in trustworthy hands. We know it can be very hard to leave everything behind when you go for a vacation or to visit family abroad. Here the Ebachs come into play. We love pets and love to take care of them whenever there is the possibility. For us it is way more than being able to save on rent. Although this is nice, for us, caring for pets brings more routine into our lives. This is something we value very much. As a world-traveling family there is just something missing whenever we just stay in hotels or Airbnbs.

Who are the Ebachs?

We are a german* family of four traveling the world full time. Nicole and Saša, the parents, are in their mid forties and work in their own online business since 2001. We both grew up with having different kinds of pets: dogs (big and small), cats, parrots, hamsters, and guinea pigs.

Our sons Ben (2004) and Martin (2008) grew up with our two cats Moogie and Leeta (if you are a Star Trek fan you might know where these names come from), which were like our first children. Both Martin and Ben learned right from the get go how to treat pets the right way. They are never rough with them. Nowadays they take advantage of every opportunity to socialize with pets, especially with cats and dogs.

They are getting home schooled while we are traveling and enjoy the lifestyle that comes with it. Ben, as a former basketball and handball player, loves to run and play fetch with dogs until they are all tired, including himself. Martin is the master of cuddling and loves to feed the pets. Most pets want to join him if he goes to bed, which we allow if the homeowners are okay with their pets being on the bed.

Our experience as house sitters?

Since we currently do not have a home base, but love having pets around, house sitting is just perfect for us. It combines travel and pets in the best way. For the last year we were not only full time travelers, but almost full time house sitters. We are more focused on long term sits, because we like to get to know the pets better and have the feeling of being at home with them. We found it gives the pets a deeper sense of security and ultimately helps their owners to have the piece of mind, while they are away. Of course, we also do short term house sits with the same engagement and passion. Sits from two days to three months are no problem as long as they fit within our travels.

So far we took care of all different breeds, ages and sizes of dogs: Labradoodle, Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, Shih Tzu, German Shorthaired Pointer and even a deaf Dalmatian. They all have a place deep in our hearts and saying goodbye will probably never be — he saddest part about pet sitting.

Besides the cats we took care of as house sitters, we have plenty of experience from having our own cats for almost 20 years and taking care of cats from family and neighbors in Germany for many years. We even took care of cats with the need of daily medication and injections. There was never a cat we haven't got attached to. It is always a pleasure to get to know their little personalities and be accepted as their current tin opener ;-)

People say we are reliable, trustworthy, tidy and self-sufficient. Because of living in our house in Germany for many years we know exactly what it means to take care of your house and garden. No matter how you leave your home to us, when you come back everything will be clean and tidy. We cannot help it. This is how we were raised.

Since we work from home the pets are never alone for a long time. Even if we are in the region for the first time, we are not the typical tourists. It is not our goal to do as much sightseeing as possible and the pets in our care always come first. We rather want the experience of local living. We are traveling so much because we want to see where else outside of Germany living is great as a family. There is no mission to tick off every country in the world.

We are always open to have a video chat (Skype, WhatsApp, etc.) to get to know you, answer any questions you might have, and discuss any further details about your house sit.

Please consider us.


Yes, we are German. And this — from your perspective — could be one of your greatest advantages when picking us as your house sitters. You might have heard that German society is very much in love with adhering to rules. It's true. They absolute love them. If you give a German any rule, he will be bound by it. More than any other culture world-wide, maybe with the exception of the Japanese people. It is almost like a curse, but also a blessing. It is very much how we operate. Having been brought up in Germany that is something that we will probably never be able to shake off. We don't even want to because — as Germans — we think that this is the right way to act. As house and pet owners you can be sure that we will adhere exactly to the rules you set.

A little more about us:

We are a vegan family. We do not eat any animal products at all. As a matter of fact we try to follow a dieting style that is called “plant-based, no added sugar, fat, or salt.”

When doing day trips only two or three of us will go out. So there is always someone at home. If all leave at the same time we will only go out for four to five hours max. This is rarely more than once a month.

If you have on oven, we will probably use it. Saša is a hobby baker. He bakes almost every day. He usually leaves bread in the freezer before we leave with instructions on how to defrost it so it is like freshly baked. Ask him for the recipe if you like it.

In one of our house sits we broke the big kitchen machine. Actually it gave up on us, but we used it a lot to knead dough, since we love to bake bread. Of course, we replaced it immediately with an identical machine. Now the owner still has one machine, but two of everything else, like mixing bowls, whisks, dough hooks, etc. :-)


I couldn't recommend better house sitters for our cat and dog. They really took the time to get to know and bond with the pets and respected our property and house. If you want to go on holiday and not have to worry about a thing the whole time, this family is the one to go for.

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Selena Smith (10/07/2019)