Testimonials About our Trusted House Sitters

Sharyn & Warren, Sydney

My husband and I have been astonished by how successful the experience of pet/house sitting has been for us since May 2010. We have pet/house sitters in our own home on the Sunshine Coast and we chose to explore your website as a means of getting a pet and “home” to live in instead of using inner city hotel accommodation which has been our usual arrangements during my husband’s interstate and international contracts.......Your service has exceeded our expectations and we will continue the adventures that come our way via your website. We invite you to use any of the above comments on your website.

Nikki & Andrew, Brisbane

Hi Malcolm

We have now used Happy Housesitters on two occasions this year and both experiences have been really excellent. We have two more assignments to come.

ALison, Victoria

Hi Malcolm,

We recently had a wonderful 8 week house sit in South East Gippsland on a beautiful property where we looked after Emma - a lovely 8order Collie. Emma made friends with our 2 small dogs and we all enjoyed our daily walks together. Whilst we saved money by not paying rent the owners saved money by not putting Emma in a kennel for such a long time. The long house sit suited us as we wait for our new house to be built.

Tracey, Brisbane

I have only been with Happy House Sitters for a short time and have already secured a month’s house sitting and I’m awaiting replies from two other respondents. The best thing about this website is, for the majority, you actually get responses whether you are applicable or not rather than wondering whether to apply for another housesit. My previous experiences of housesitting have not been with this website, but I am looking forward to exercising daily with two little canine girls with big personalities and would be happy to update you on that experience once completed. Thank you for the interest shown in my short history with your firm.

Tom & Tina, Sydney

Hi Malcolm - We’ve had a great run with happyhousesitters.com.au, and are so glad we decided to try housesitting while our own house is being built. We’ve had almost continuous housesits for the last 8 months, and met many great families, plants, cats, dogs and goldfish to look after! It’s been a great way to experience new neighborhoods and pets, plus we’ve saved heaps on renting that we can put towards our house when it’s complete. Thanks for running a professional website that really works for housesitting, we’ve already recommended several friends your way!

Susan, Brisbane

Good afternoon Malcolm,

In June this year we did a sit in the Hinterland of the Gold Coast/Brisbane. The property “Jarbaroo” was lOacres of native bushland at Buccan, near the town of Beenleigh. We cared for 6 peacocks, 9 wallabies, approx 200 lorikeets, plus bush turkeys, kookaburras, maggies, an indoor budgie and fish. Each morning it would take about 90mins to cut up the vegetables, as well as preparing other grains and meals for the various animals. We absolutely loved the experience, and our grandchildren who live about 30 mins away, came to stay in the school holidays and really enjoyed feeding the animals.
Prior to the sit, we communicated regularly through email, and learned much in preparation of our visit. By the time we arrived at Jarbaroo, two days prior to Mandy and Jeff’s departure, we almost felt like part of the family. We became instant friends and still email regularly. While Mandy and Jeff were overseas we emailed them every day or so, just to let them know how things were going and they really appreciated this. They even brought us presents from their trip.

Ali, Melbourne

Happy House Sitters has been the perfect solution for us. My partner and I moved back to Australia with no furniture and unclear on where exactly we wanted to settle. We have now spent the year house sitting and have been able to save a considerable amount of money.

Erin, Perth

I’ve house sat continuously, with only a week off last year when I had a holiday of my own. Happy House Sitters was the first website I found, and several of my longer term sits have come through your website. I’ve met a lot of lovely people and animals, and even made some new friends. And I can afford to buy my textbooks every semester!

Marty, Adelaide

I must say that the whole experience has a very rewarding one, apart from an excellent way saving for an eventual property of my own, have made some wonderful new friends, both in humans and animals, some amazing properties. One of the house sits was initially for 3 weeks, ended up 1 8 months, a relationship developed with the lady.

Tina, Brisbane

I got my first house sit through Happy House Sitters in December 2009 and have managed to line up 5 house sits seamlessly, all through your website, except for one, which was a personal recommendation.
I’m currently house sitting (thanks again to Happy House Sitters!) for a couple who live in Sydney but like to keep a home in Brisbane; this is a long-term house sit for an indefinite period, so it is the perfect tuation for me.