Testimonials About our Trusted House Sitters

Greame & Kaye, Melbourne

Our first sit was a great experience. It went well (as expected), but it was definitely a learning experience. We saved a bunch of money. I also learnt how NOT to approach a house trained parrot!

Teena, Melbourne

Hi Malcolm,

We are still on our first house sit - originally for 3 months but extended to 4. We are looking after a greyhound and border collie x.They are really easy to get on with and as we have a teacup poodle we were a bit worried about the greyhound.Wrong! He is the most laid back and gentle dog and it is great fun taking them to the leash free park and watching the poodle chase the greyhound! The house owner is a lovely lady whose mother lives close by.

Barbara, Perth

Have returned from my very first ‘happy house sit’ & am now hooked! The dog I sat was fabulous
(thanks for the lovely company Bob!) the owners were happy & have decided to let me know when they want to go away again.

Cliff, Brisbane

Hi Malcolm,
I am only new to your site and to house sitting. I am currently on a house sit I found through your site which is close to my family and my business. I have made friends with the home owner and have already been booked for another sit next year as well. Not only that, but when this one is complete, I have another within 20 minutes that starts straight away.
I could not be happier with the service that your site provides.

Cilla, Perth

Through Happy Housesitters we were able to first housesit in WA for 3 weeks, the houseowners were regular users of housesitters and were ry pleased with the results.
While in WA ,we also met up with owners who had contacted us by phone and who lied not lär from where we were already housesitting.We had a few meetings and organised to housesit for 7 weeks this year.These people were lending us their car, pushbikes, internet, a winter’s supply of chopped wood for the lovey open fire and neighbours who would fill in for us if we needed a couple of days away.

Katheryn, Melbourne

Hi Malcolm,

So far I am currently on my first house sit through your site and it has been a great experience

Janelle, Traveling Australia

Hi Malcolm,
I still sing your praises every day. House-sitting has been one of the best things I hay done for myself. I spent two years house-sitting all over Australia. It has been such a phenomenal opportunity for me to discover places I hay never heard of and I thoroughly enjoyed being a “local” in the various places. I have also met the most wonderful people along the way, all of whom I keep in contact with and I now count them as great friends. I’m excited about being able to visit them when I am next in their area. The Happy House Sitters site opened doors to me I didn’t even know were available. The site is vary professional and user friendly. There are endless house-sits available and I have never had a bad experience. I constantly tell people about the site and the opportunities available whether it be to house-sit or have their home house-sat. I want other people to experience the incredible joy I have had with house-sitting. All the best, Janelle

Don & Renata, NSW

Hi Malcolm

We’ve only done one house sit through Happy House Sitters so far, and it was a wonderful experience. We looked after three cute little dogs plus the garden.

Sharyn & Warren, Sydney

My husband and I have been astonished by how successful the experience of pet/house sitting has been for us since May 2010. We have pet/house sitters in our own home on the Sunshine Coast and we chose to explore your website as a means of getting a pet and “home” to live in instead of using inner city hotel accommodation which has been our usual arrangements during my husband’s interstate and international contracts.......Your service has exceeded our expectations and we will continue the adventures that come our way via your website. We invite you to use any of the above comments on your website.

Nikki & Andrew, Brisbane

Hi Malcolm

We have now used Happy Housesitters on two occasions this year and both experiences have been really excellent. We have two more assignments to come.