House sitting presents great opportunities for both house owners and house sitters. Some use it as a way to get a chance to travel for extended periods, while others find it a great way to save on rent even if they are in their own town or city. It also provides people with a chance to live like a local in different a cities and or countries. There is so much in it for a house sitter, but what benefits are there for someone to open their home and entrust their beloved pet to another? Here are the top 5 reasons why:

Pets are happiest at home

Many pets are much happier at home in their normal environment. When they are taken out of their usual routine they can become unhappy. Some pets can get anxious taken out of their familiar environment. Having a house sitter, come to look after your pet in your home will relieve their anxiety and allow them to have a holiday whilst you are having yours. You’ll return home to a happy content companion. You’ll be able to have a care free holiday knowing your pet is well taken care of and happy.

They Prevent Theft

Letting a house sitter stay at your home will make your property less susceptible to burglary. House sitters give your home the appearance of being lived in and ensure that the property is occupied especially during times of the day when crime might be high. A sitter in your house are responsible for checking your home for break-ins, roof leaks, plumbing, and other issues which may arise while you are away.

It is a cheaper option than the alternative for your pets
Most people hire house sitters mainly to look after their pets. It is a much cheaper option compared to using cattery or kennel for your pets. By registering with Happy House Sitters, you can register your house for free, and find your pet a loving caring for free. It’s even cheaper when you consider the fact that they will not just be taking care of your beloved pets but will also be watching over your property keeping it secure. Compare it with $500 or more for a week that you would otherwise be paying to leave your pet in a cattery or kennel and you will almost see the great value there is in finding a house sitter.

Your plants will be cared for

Plants and garden maintenance can be at risk if left unwatered and uncared for whilst you are away. Having someone take care of your plants and mow your grass while your property is unattended will benefit you from both an aesthetic point of view as well as from a security perspective as an unattended garden can signify an empty property which attracts burglars.

They Keep You Posted

House sitters take care of your pets and property and ensure that you always have an idea about how things are going back home. They save you from all the stress by sending the pictures f your pets or having a video chat over WhatsApp to confirm that everything is under control. You can ask them to take a walk around the premises to help you see that everything is in order.

Overall, getting a house sitter makes great sense because they will do everything – within reason. They will water the plants, get the mail, and may even cut the grass if you are on a long holiday. They do not charge you and ensure that you do not invite burglars by leaving your home unattended. Happy House Sitters has a vast variety of house sitters on their books. There’s a sitter suitable for every property and pet. Signing up to have your house registered is free.