Being a professional house sitter has a whole host of benefits. It not only allows you to travel the world, but you can also stay in some really luxurious houses, whilst being paid for it! What could be better than that?Not much! So, if you are tempted to find out what it takes to become a house sitter, we have put together all the ways that you can become a professional house sitter.

Put together a tempting profile to attract clients

Much like any other service or business, having a profile that presents your skills and attributes is the best way to attract potential clients.
However, many who want to become a house sitter struggle at this initial hurdle.
Putting together a profile needs not be difficult. If you know what to include and how to best present yourself.
When putting together your information make sure that you think about what you are writing from the homeowner’s shoes. What would you want to know if someone was staying in your home and possibly taking care of your pets?

This is the important information to include.

You should present your skills, experience and personal qualities you have. Tell them why you make the ideal professional house sitter. Always present yourself in a positive, engaging and warm light. You should always try to provide references where possible too.

Be flexible in what you are looking for. There is likely to be particular locations, places or types of houses that you will want to house sit for. However, it doesn’t pay to be fussy. This is especially true at the beginning of your house sitting career, where you should try to be flexible in the clients that you take on.
That way you can build your experience, build your references and make sure that you are ready when the all perfect house sit comes up.

Know how to put together a great application

Whilst you have a profile or website that will allow people to contact you. You can increase your chances of securing a sit by applying for house sitting opportunities directly.
This means that you should learn how to put together a high-quality application. It is important that you read through any advert fully before applying. This ensures that you understand exactly what the owner is looking for and that you have the perfect skills to match this. You should only apply if you are sure that you can meet everything that they need.

Try to stay away from sending ‘template’  applications. Instead, tailor each one to suit the opportunity. This means that you improve your chances of impressing the owner. Finally, proof readh everything that you have written and see whether it matches what they want and that there are no spelling errors.

Found yourself thinking I want to house sit?

Hopefully our top tips will help you to take those first few steps to becoming a professional house sitter. In no time at all, you could find yourself embarking on a new career, and discovering more of the world around you.