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SUE : The Cat Whisperer ^_^

  • Melbourne

** 55 PLUS/OVER 17 YEARS EXPERIENCE **** I Devote 90% of my time to your home & pets :-) ^_^ Glowing References from actual Clients/Reputation of Reliability and Care.. *** An abundance of time to devote to your Cat(s) Day and Night. A Quiet, Mature, Clean living christian woman . *** I Speak all feline dialects :-) Experience with the peculiarities of Pedigree breeds plus domestic/moggies. Strictly a Non-Smoker/Drinker and I bring NO CHILDREN OR PETS, AND NO PEOPLE BAGGAGE.

** FELINES 1 - 2 Only. ^_^

Clean, Non-Smoker Only homes with Tumble / Electric Dryer and strictly on premises off-street parking (neither negotiable )
and WIFI Internet connection ( I bring my own devices)
****** [ Out of courtesy, I would appreciate not being contacted if you cannot meet my requirements, please! ]

Excellent reputation; many repeat clients; which have been Cat-People :-) and I have been house sitting for several years full-time.
Home owner / renovator / decorator for several decades
Decades as a pet owner; mainly felines
Gentle & Compassionate animal/nature lover

I am a Polite, Friendly and Respectful, Quiet natured lady.

Capable, Friendly, Conscientious and helpful.

Strictly a Non-Smoker / Drinker/clean living
Extremely neat, clean and house-proud
Green Thumb
Light household / garden duties (no lawn mowing)

Excellent security as home 90 % of the time.
Security conscious and Vigilant; thus homes with good security i.e. working deadlocks/lights and off-street parking required.


Full marks to Sue for coming at such short notice. We found Sue to be very easy to communicate with; being both friendly and down-to-earth. The house was spotless upon our return, which meant we could just relax after our long drive home. Our cat was very contented and was even searching for Sue for a few days afterwards; which was very much out of character for him.
MICHAEL (Camberwell VIC)

Sue has cat-sat and house-sat for us several times, and I can unreservedly recommend her. Sue is trustworthy, takes excellent care of pets and houses, and we can be sure that everything will be fine while we're away from home. We always come back to a clean house and a happy cat!
DONNA (Gisborne VIC)


  • Darwin

I love Darwin.. I have family both in Darwin and Victoria .. to housesit in Darwin is a great reason for me to come to Darwin
I love animals ,
I am a dog lover, large and small.
I have done quite a bit of housesitting in Darwin..
I have a current police check
Can easily obtain references
I am reliable ,honest ,and kind
Regards Kathie

Mary & Suha

  • Syd. Lower N Shore, Syd. NW suburbs, Syd. SW suburbs, Syd. Upper N Shore

We are a professional couple who would love to care for your pets and your home and garden, while you're away.
We are back in Sydney after living and working overseas in Europe.
Waiting for our home to sell there, so we can buy a home in Sydney.
We love animals and while we don't have any pets at the moment, we have had many in the past.
We are non-smokers and non-drinkers.
We will love and care for your pets like they are our own.
We are responsible, reliable, neat and tidy and will take care of your home and garden
References are available
Kind regards


  • Melb. Inner suburbs, Melb. NE suburbs, Melb. NW suburbs, Macedon Ranges


My name is Lucinda,
I live and have grown up in Melbourne.
I am quiet, respectful 36 year old and a lover of all animals. It would be a honour for me to give your animals, home and garden love and attention.
I have been house sitting full time for over a year now, I absolutely love the interaction with all types of animals.

I have a police check and positive endorsements/references that I can provide you with.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with anything further you would like to know.



  • Melbourne

I'm a 28 year old single professional female - I am house sitting between now and January to save money for a year of travelling abroad :)
(And it's tricky to get such a short lease!)
I also wanted to explore a few different areas, as I intend to buy shortly after I return home, and it would be good to have explored as many different suburbs as I can.

I'm originally from the Eastern suburbs; I grew up in Wantirna, but have rented in South Melbourne, Southbank, Glen Iris and Ringwood.
I have house sat in Croydon, and am currently housesitting in Chirnside Park.

Previous housesitting experience:
3 weeks at a family home with a Golden Retriever, fish, and a cat.
4 nights at a house with a mastiff puppy and cat.
3 nights at a family home with a cat.
3 months at a family home with a Border Collie and Siamese cat.

Growing up we had 2 small dogs, rabbits, fish and mice.

I've been employed for 8 years at ESTA as a Calltaker and Dispatcher (000).
As a shift-worker on a rotational roster, I live a relatively quiet existence, especially while on shift.
I'm studying medical transcription and terminology as I'll be working remotely as a transcriptionist while I travel, so my time off is spent studying, brunching with friends, visiting my nephew, sisters, and parents, swimming, walking, watching Netflix series and catching the occasional movie.

It would be lovely to fine a home that allows me to stay in one place for an extended period of time, as I'll be moving around so frequently while I'm travelling next year.

I am so appreciative of the opportunity to house sit, that I show my thanks through caring for the home better than as if it were my own.
My intention is for the home owner to always return to their residence in better condition than when they left it.
I am conscious of power / water / gas usage, and would be mortified at the thought of the homeowner receiving a large bill, so I would endeavour to keep the costs down to the best of my ability. As a shift worker, I understand the importance of sleep, and would never incur any noise complaints from the neighbours.

I am able to provide references upon request, and any other information you would like to know :)


  • Melb. SE suburbs

I have just sold my beautiful 5 Br family home in Heathmont, Victoria as everyone has flown the coop but me. My new unit is not ready until April 2019 so now approaching the later half of my 50's I have the time and opportunity to try something a bit different. I am responsible, reliable and honest. I have a longer term house sit until mid July so am looking for something after this.

Although not having any pets currently, I have over the years had dogs, cats, budgies, guinea pigs, hermit crabs, stick insects, mice, rabbits, sheep, a very stubborn Shetland pony, ducks, geese and fish. I can attend to all the needs of your pets as well as giving givng them the care and nurturing that you want them to have especially while you are away. I am a regular house sitter for my daughters both whom have dogs, cats and chickens

I am single, clean, tidy, organised and a non smoker. I have a current Police check, Working with children check and can supply references.


  • Adelaide, Mid North, South, Spencer Gulf, West Coast
  • Reduced Contact

My name is Lian and I have been house sitting for around 3 years and truly love the experiences I have encountered through my ‘house sitting’ journey.
I am a professional woman who works in the finance sector and absolutely love animals.
I am single, a non smoker, with no children and fully aware that your pets and home are assets which need to be respected, so my aim is to look after your possessions as if they were my own.
I travel with my beloved dog Gypsy who is truly a dog Whisperer.
She will gladly become a companion to your beloved dog and play and entertain while you are away. Happiness for all assured!
References can be provided.
Contact me if you want to know more!
Look forward to hearing from you


  • Hunter Valley, North Coast, Rural/Regional NSW, Brisbane, South Eastern, Central, Central Coast (Qld), Western QLD

I am a single woman of retirement age, a non smoker, non drinker, no drugs, no partying (yes regarded as boring by some!) person who would love the chance to look after your property and animals while you are away. I have a collection of contactable references which I can make available if they don't happen to come with my application and I do hold a Police Check which is dated 2016.

I am a home body type of person. I will be at home most of the time keeping your animals company. I might go out now and again to look about or go shopping or visit the grandkids if they are near but mostly I will be staying in your home.

I house sit full time all year round but I do not have a camper or caravan (hope that will change one day). I travel with whatever I can fit in my very small car so I am looking for house sits that offer accommodation. I try to be as self-sufficient as I can be and even travel with my own Halogen Oven. I also carry my own pantry supplies and fridge and freezer supplies (so I need some space left for me in the fridge and freezer!). I try very hard not to use your supplies at all but If I am caught short and need something I will replace anything that I use more than a little bit of. Happy to use up though (and not replace) anything left in the fridge which will go off before your return! (like milk, yoghurt. salad items, fruit and veggies etc)

I am happy to look after any animals, birds, fish. Even donkeys and horses if they only need to be fed and watered and maybe an apple now and again over the fence. With dogs I am probably better at looking after the smaller/medium kind because I may not be able to handle larger dogs if they need to go for walks and they would prefer to walk me instead of the other way around. Quite capable and happy to throw a ball etc (if they fetch ball) to give them plenty of exercise if you don't mind them not actually going for a set 'walk'. I am also a cat lover and can usually get on with any shy reluctant ones. It is really just a matter of patience and love. If you are worried about how your cat may be with me I can highlight which references to contact where I looked after shy and timid cats successfully.

Don't mind if I have to look after chooks or aviaries of birds. Would really like your place if you have wild birds and animals coming near. I do not mind regional areas at all. In fact I would like the chance to go to isolated or 'out of the way places' or to go 'bush' but remember I do not have a 4WD vehicle.

Don't mind looking after a swimming pool and keeping it leaf free as much as possible but I will not likely make use of it myself!

I don't mind watering gardens, lawns and pot plants etc. If I have to water by hand I am hoping it will not be an extensive or large garden that takes a long time to complete. More than happy to turn on and off sprinklers etc.

I try to take shorter length house sits these days to avoid the need of mowing lawns and weeding gardens. Happy to take longer sits if lawns do not need to be maintained by me (happy to water them though). (Sorry I just can't do what I used to be able to! The shoulder is just not up to cantankerous pull start mowers and my back complains at bending these days!)

I always endeavour to leave your home as clean and neat as you left it and look after it as if it were my own. I do have my sewing machine with me and like to sew sometimes (not all the time) so I might set up my machine on a table (I always put a towel down to protect your table)

I also like to have internet. Very happy to pay for my own mobile internet if necessary but I need you to be in an area where I can get decent reception. All the better if I can use your wifi. I don't download movies or music.

As you can see I will not be suitable to some house sits and I have tried to be entirely truthful here so if you think I will actually suit your needs and are interested in having me as a house sitter please email me with as many details as you can. I would very much like to have photos of your property and animals. I would prefer an email telling me about your place before a phone call. It gives me time to take it all in before we speak in person.

Where possible I go out of my way to travel to you for an initial meet before the actual house sit so I can see first hand if your house sit will be suitable and you can make up your mind if I would suit your needs. Sometimes this is not possible because of the distances I would have to travel but I if I can manage it I will.

If you have read down this far I thank you very much and hopefully I will hear from you soon

Kind Regards

Anne & Peter

  • Melbourne

Joyce & Brian

  • Sydney

We are a retired couple who stay in the beautiful Isle of Skye in Scotland. We come to Sydney to spend some of our time with our daughter, her partner and our grandson. We are now committed for our visit for summer 2017/18. We do not have dates fixed yet for next summer. As well as our house sitting this year in Sydney, we have house sat in Scotland for friends. My husband and I have completed about 12 house exchanges , 7 of them in Australia. Quite a few of our exchangers have mentioned how clean and tidy we have left their homes.
We have 3 self catering apartments on our property, which can be viewed on our website Reviews can be read on Tripadvisor property no 3676647.
As cat owners jointly for 40 years, we would be happy to care for any cats or other small pets.
In the summer, we spend a lot of time in our garden and are self sufficient in vegetables for a good part of the year and would be happy to water and tend a garden where required.
We both like reading and going for not too strenuous walks and are interested in bird watching and other wildlife. Our other great interest is good food.
You have our assurance that your house would be cared for as our own and any minor maintenance attended to.
References can be supplied on request.

Judith & Simon

  • Sydney, Central Coast, Hunter Valley, North Coast, South Coast

Tom & Agnes

  • SA

Hi there!

We are Tom 34y/o and Agnes 33y/o. Moving permanently from Melbourne to Adelaide. We are married and are both very friendly, helpful, reliable and can be trusted to take care of your home and pets.

We will be available to house sit for you from the 1st August 2018.

We think Adelaide and all that surrounds it are beautiful. We wish to purchase property there one day so we believe house sitting is a great way to learn about and experience the different areas.

This is a decision we are taking very seriously and plan to be involved in house sitting for approximately one year at this point. You, therefore, can be reassured that our main goal is to house sit for you in a very satisfactory manner.

We used to own a Florist business so we have a love for flowers and plants. We love animals and have experience looking after dogs, cats, guinea pigs, mice, birds and you can throw in a turtle too!
We have progressed on to become Security Officers in the security industry which is what we will be working as in Adelaide. In summary, we are hard working, clean, security conscious and know how to look after pets and gardens.

We both hold Victorian and South Australian security licenses. This requires that we both carry out national police and fingerprint checks. We can supply the police checks to you upon request.

Thank you for taking the time to look at our profile and we look forward to possibly working with you.

Kind Regards
Tom and Agnes


  • North Coast, VIC

I am happy to take care of your home, animals and plants, giving you peace of mind whilst you are away.
I own my own home so understand your requirements; having been both a home owner requiring a house/pet sitter and a house/pet/plant sitter, I know exactly what is required when caring for your home. I am a single woman, non-smoker/drinker, '50-ish' and work as a figurative ceramist in my own studio.
I love peace and quiet and enjoy my own company. I have lived in the country for several years, and coming from the coast, miss walking on the beach.
However, country/coast sitting is fine as I love to travel and explore new places.
I am houseproud and would consider it a privilege to care for your home, pets and garden.
Being a responsible, reliable and considerate person, I would take excellent care of your property .
My availability is flexible with both personal and professional references available on request.


  • Melb. Inner suburbs

Hello I’m Zoe!

I work casually for a childcare company and just commencing full-time study from July.
I currently live in my family home with a cat and dog both at the ripe old age of 14, I’ve always grown up around pets and helped to care for them.

I am available to house sit until December 2018, preferably for locations close to the CBD (as this is where I will be studying as well as having accessible transport for work). I have never house sat before but I have been an Au pair for a newborn and a toddler, so i can guarantee your pet and place will be in competent hands.

Please feel free to send me a message if you have any questions.

Thanks for considering me!

Mark & Jennifer

  • Sydney, Central Coast, Hunter Valley, North Coast, South Coast, South Eastern, Central Coast (Qld), Northern QLD, Melbourne

We are a retired couple who spend a lot of time travelling both domestically and internationally. We also use our caravan around Tasmania. We live in a seaside suburb just south of Hobart and we have a 2 storey house with well maintained gardens and we are both very house proud. We have had dogs and birds in the past but due to our frequent travelling we don’t have any pets at the moment.
I worked with Tasmania Police for 27 years and can provide a Police clearance if required. Jenny worked with the Health Department for 22 years.
We welcome the opportunity to look after your house and pets if required.

Yvonne & Andres

We are experienced house & pet sitters who will take affectionate care of your home and pets. We are a non-smoking, reliable and mature couple. We will keep your house tidy and clean.

We know how important it is to have your pets in good hands during your holiday. We both had dogs of our own back home and really miss them. We love spending time with animals and we will take care of your pets as if they were our own.

During previous house sits we have looked after various wonderful dogs (some rescue dogs among them), cats, parrots and a lizard. I (Yvonne) used to take care of my own horses, dogs and rabbits before I came to Australia. Andres also had his own dog and looked after three cats in Brisbane for more than a year.

I studied Social Work in Germany and work currently as a casual German Teacher. Andres is studying Carpentry and works part time.

We will keep you updated during your holiday and send you pictures, so hopefully you won't miss your pets too much!

Verbal references available on request.

We are looking forward to meeting you and your pets!


  • Sydney

I was a solicitor but am currently a full-time postgraduate student writing a thesis and looking for accomodation away from the distractions of home (and noise as it is currently being renovated). I am married, have two grown up sons and I live in the Blue Mountains at Glenbrook and have four cats. We have had chickens too, but sadly we have very crafty and persistent foxes. : (( I have house sat twice in two homes in Mosman in Sydney, in both cases having a dog to care for. I don't smoke and I have been complimented for leaving holiday rentals cleaner than they were when I arrived! I am a bit of a cleanliness freak, and can get a glowing reference from one of the people I house sat for fairly quickly if required. I would love a home with pets as I am an animal lover, and I enjoy gardening too.


  • Melbourne

I am looking to get to know the suburbs around before settling down later in2018.
I am have been house sitting in Melbourne a since June 2017. I have a full time job in The CBD.
Your house and pets will be well looked after, I have references and happy to share with you.
I am a mother of four grown up boys who all live in Perth.
We have always owned dogs, cats, birds and fish. I am a home body when not at work.
I am keen to meet you, your pets and assist with looking after your property.
Please call me :)


  • Melb. Inner suburbs, Melb. NE suburbs, Melb. SE suburbs


I'm Grace, I'm responsible and honest.

You can feel confident leaving your fur babies and home for me to sit while you're away.

I've lived in Boronia for some time, working full-time at a University in Burwood.

I am a non-smoker, and I own my own car.

I'm passionate about animals, love movies, art, music and comedy.

I'm happy to provide references and police check on request.

I send texts with photos so you know your fur babies are happy in my care.

I have cared for: cats, dogs, fish, chickens, frogs, goats in previous sits.

I have given medication to both dogs and cats in previous sits.

Note: I'm away
5-23 April 2018


  • Melb. Inner suburbs, Melb. NE suburbs, Melb. SE suburbs

Cal & Yvonne

  • WA

Retired School Teachers...foot loose and fancy free...loving this adventure of ours...seeing the time constraints...been married for 42 years...clean, tidy, responsible, reliable, honest & trustworthy. You can rest assured that we'll act on your behalf and look after things while you're away - animals, of course, included.
References on request.

Tim & Marree

  • Central Coast, North Coast, South Eastern, Bundaberg & Wide Bay, Mackay & Whitsundays

I am 73 yrs of age. Active and healthy. Non smoker. Play golf at least twice a week. Swim twice week and walk most days. Served as a police officer at small stations in rural areas residing at the local police house/station, being at public call 24/7, then did 10 years with Marine Police covering all of Tasmania's coastline. Attached to Search and Rescue for 20 years. Currently managing 55 low cost units for a Not for Profit group requiring a general practical ability day to day. We have had a number of years caravanning the mainland and now look forward to the house sitting experience, Having owned our own home as well as the necessity to reside in police residences from time to time we know what is required to keep a house neat, tidy and well kept. We are able to supply excellent references and/or names of referees if necessary.
I have a similar story as Tim as we have been married for 51 years. .Retired from working about 10 years ago as a Customer Service Officer with the Government Dental Service. During my working life I have had various employment including 17 years as Kindergarten Teachers Aide while my children were growing up. Have needed to deal with the public on a regular basis through my employment and also living beside a police station. Assist with day to day management of the Units. I play golf at least twice a week, walk most days and am generally fit and healthy. Non smoker. I enjoy attending the hydrotherapy pool for exercise . I am a member for the Golf Club ladies committee. I am neat and tidy and take pride in my home.

William & Margaret

  • Perth, Gascoyne

I have had a number of careers from Cadet Surveyor in Tasmania, a Patrol Officer (Kiap) with the Australian Government in remote outstations in Papua New Guinea, and a career in administration and sales in the Aluminium and Timber Industries in Australia.
I am a retired CPA (Degree in Commerce) and am a JP (Qual) in Queensland. I am a very practical and hands on person and able to take on many tasks.
As owner builders Margaret and I built our two story timber home at Hervey Bay where we lived for 20 years prior to basing ourselves at Agnes Water in Queensland. During our seven years in PNG I was posted to very isolated outstations where I was responsible for most government matters including police, magisterial, treasury and local government affecting the local people of a sub district.
We are quite happy to house sit in areas that are isolated.
Margaret as a retired early childhood teacher has taught in Primary schools in Tasmania, NSW, PNG, ACT and Queensland for the past 42 years. She loves gardening and outdoors.
We have owned swimming pools in Brisbane and Townville and know how to maintain them.
We have had many pets over the years. Our last two dogs were a German Shepherd and a three kg toy poodle who were great mates as we had them at the same time. We do not have pets now.
We have our own self contained off road caravan and could be independent.
We have house and pet minded at the town of Seventeen Seventy (near Agnes Water) on two occasions looking after three large dogs.
We are currently travelling our way around Australia and wish to see and experience as much as we can.
We have a son in Sydney and a daughter at Agnes Water and four grandchildren who we love dearly and visit regularly.
Above all we are friendly, have a good sense of humour, active and enjoy meeting people. You can rest assured that we would look after your property in the best way.


  • Sydney, South Coast

I am a single, non-smoker and non-drinker who enjoys a quiet lifestyle and loves animals.

I am responsible, reliable, organised, trustworthy and considerate ensuring neighbours are never disturbed.

I am neat and like an orderly and clean environment. A committed safe pair of hands who can handle most emergencies and would be meticulous in maintaining your home, loving pets and plants whilst you are away.


  • Melbourne

Hello and welcome,
Are you looking for a friendly, reliable and animal loving house sitter?
Look no further!

My name’s Rose and I am Melbourne’s most ‘HouseProud’ Professional House sitter.

I believe ‘home’ is a peaceful and clean place to relax and unwind. In my role as a fulltime professional house sitter I am committed to treating your home as I would my own.

I’m mid 30s and work for myself in an online business.

House sitting for me is a great opportunity to get to know different areas of Melbourne, be able to work and travel internationally as desired, top up my mortgage and enjoy peace and quiet.

On a regular evening I curl up with a book, listen to podcasts, enjoy a movie, practice yoga and meditate.

What about my cat? No problem, I’m an animal lover!
I grew up on a hobby farm in rural Victoria with cats, dogs, birds, chooks, guinea pigs, rabbits, sheep, fish, hermit crabs and a one legged magpie.

I now have experience house sitting for a broad range of home owners.

Get sorted now.
You are welcome to email me via

Please state the suburb you live in, specific dates you require a sit and mobile number.
I will then contact you to confirm the booking.

I look forward to speaking with you soon,

Janet & Phillip

  • Perth S.E suburbs, Perth S.W suburbs

Phillip & Janet

Hi we are Phillip and Janet a retired Police Officer and Primary School Teacher from England. We have two children; our son lives in Nottingham with his girlfriend, and our daughter is married and lives with her Australian husband just outside of Fremantle, Western Australia. We are both non-smokers and enjoy walking, reading, spending time on the water and generally being outdoors.
We love spending time in Fremantle with our daughter and her husband who are expecting their first child in September 2018. Although we are able to spend time with them in their beautiful home, we also appreciate that it is important to give them time to themselves and we would love to explore other suburbs around Perth; to this end we are looking to undertake house sitting whilst we are in the country. For 2018 we are planning on being in Australia for September, October and November. We have undertaken house sitting previously, in a home where we thoroughly enjoyed looking after 3 gorgeous dogs, two birds and a pool and we are able to provide a number of references. We are extremely tidy and very reliable.
We would love to look after your home and garden as if it were our own and to take care of your dogs, cats, fish and birds with love and attention. Being fit and active, we are more than happy to walk dogs as per their usual routine.

Carlos & Silvia

  • Sydney

We are a couple of professionals, I am a minister of three churches and my wife ex teacher is currently doing office admin. We are respectful and responsible. Good natured and clean. We do not smoke or drink. Easy to get along with. Like cats and dogs

Laura & Charlie

  • Syd. Southern suburbs, Syd. SW suburbs, Southern Highlands, Wollongong & Illawarra

Hi! Laura and Charlie here. We are so looking forward to our next adventure. Here is a little about us and why we want to house sit for you.

We have been married for nearly 3 years and looking forward to growing our family. So currently it is just us as we don't have any pets either.
We are currently living next to my grandfather in Greystanes. We have LOVED and absolutely treasure our time here. Charlie for 4 years and myself 9 years. Our situation has changed as my grandmother sadly passed away in January and is time we move on from our beautiful home. Our next plan is to rent and then buy in the Camden, Campbelltown or Southern Highlands area. Back where I grew up and have many family and friends. We do need to come back in November to care for my Grandfather so have a gap in September and October where we can house sit for you.
Charlie works for our family business in Ingleburn and I work with a laptop and WIFI. I could work from home or the Ingleburn office. If your pets are used to having someone home most of the time we will be a perfect fit.
We are tidy and clean. Actually Charlie is REALLY clean and tidy (lucky me) we often talk about starting a side business cleaning. We spend the weekends relaxing or doing day trips. We take a lot of pride in everything we do and look forward to loving your home and pets just as you do.


  • Melb. Inner suburbs, Melb. NE suburbs, Melb. SE suburbs

I am a single, non-smoking, part-time student with experience house and pet sitting interstate and in Melbourne. I'm currently looking to save some money and housesitting is a great way. House proud and considerate with fabulous housesitting references upon request (and can provide a police check also). I would relish the chance for some animal company having had many fur babies of my own. A homebody who loves good food, it would be a privilege to lovingly care and maintain your sanctuary while you are away. I'm available from March 2 2018 onwards so please drop a line:)


  • Melbourne

"I'll take care of your pets and home as if they were my own."

Hi There!
I'm a 30yo single female who has recently returned to Melbourne from a two year stint living in the UK, I now have the travel bug so I'm only staying in Melbourne temporarily... I LOVE animals and can't imagine my life without them which is why I have been house sitting since I have been back whilst I await my next adventure!
So far I have spent 2 months house sitting a larger than life Great Dane and a very intelligent yet goofy Hungarian Vizsler, I then moved on to Williamstown where I was taking care of two of the most loving and snuggly Minature Schnauzer's for two weeks and am about to start my third house sit in Prahran where I will be keeping a Golden Retriever and his Kitty friend company while their family are away!
I have experience with both dogs (big and small, strong and not so) and cats (I used to have two beautiful fur babes of my own) along with other small pets including mice, fish and insects!
I'm very clean and a bit of a home body who loves to cook, read and keep fit.
I work in retail in Middle Park for 3 days one week, four days every second week.
I have glowing references that can be supplied upon request :)!

Hi there,

I'm Adrianna, I joined Marley for most of the housesits mentioned above. I have a Cavoodle Dexter and a orange Tabby cat Winnie at home who will be looked after my parents (in the outer suburbs) while I'm housesitting. I work in marketing and I've just started a new job in Fitzroy so would like to be closer to work. I also love the company of pets therefore looking to house sit. I'm waiting for my European passport to arrive so I can join Marley in the UK.

I'm very clean and will keep your house tidy as if it's my own.
I have a police check which is uploaded to my profile.