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  • Syd. Eastern suburbs

Hello to all Pet/Home owners,

My name is Tamara. I was born and raised in country NSW where an integral part of my upbringing. My family bred Golden labradors but i also took care of cats, chickens, goats, pigs and birds. Nothing frightens me.

I work in childcare in the Eastern Suburbs so i am trying to find sits within the area, but also including the inner west. I am a non smoker, I'm extremely reliable, honest, and can provide a police check and references.

I am definitely available for the shorter housesits, 2-5 day stays are no problem.
While caring for your precious ones and home i will also happily undertake a range of tasks such a collecting mail, bring in and taking out bins, and maintaining your garden. I will groom and walk your pets, can assist with medication and will spend quality time with them, making them feel safe and showering them with the love and affection they will be missing while you are away.

I have just finished looking after two little delightful dogs in North Bondi, and enjoyed every single moment bonding with them. This was the first time these owners had employed a house/pet sitter and were understandably nervous to start with but when they returned home they were delighted with the job i had done, seeing their little furry ones happy and the house lovely and clean. I am always willing to have regular contact with clients so these first timers appreciated me emailing updates and sending photos of two very playful and content furry ones. It is very important to me that you feel safe and confident in my ability.

I would relish the opportunity to get to know your beloved pets, I am just as comfortable playing fetch with a dog in the park, as curling up on the lounge with a cuddly, smoochy cat and for you to know without a doubt that they will be secure in my loving and gentle care.

Look forward to hearing from you.

SUE : 13** years house-sitting experience

  • Melbourne, Bendigo, Macedon Ranges, North Eastern, North Western, Gippsland, Ballarat, Geelong, Otway Ranges/ Great Ocean Rd

Metropolitan Melbourne/ ( Country areas = longer sits i.e. 6wks plus ) ****Devote 90% of my time to your home & cats (pets) fish etc...:-)

************************THE CAT WHISPERER :-) ************************************* [[ NO DOGS * PLEASE NOTE ]]

MELBOURNE SUBURBS. COUNTRY/CITY FRINGE PREFERRED' I SPEAK ALL FELINE DIALECTS' Experience with the peculiarities of Pedigree breeds plus domestic/moggies. NON-SMOKER/DRINKER AND I BRING NO PETS/CHILDREN. Quiet, Mature, Clean living christian woman 50 plus.
Clean, Smoke free homes with Tumble Dryer and WIFI Internet connection.

Excellent reputation; many repeat clients; which have been Cat-People :-) and I have been house sitting for several years full-time.
Home owner / renovator / decorator for several decades
Decades as a pet owner; mainly felines
Gentle & Compassionate animal/nature lover

I am a Polite, Friendly and Respectful, Quiet natured lady.

Capable, Friendly, Conscientious and helpful.

Strictly a Non-Smoker / Drinker/clean living
Extremely neat, clean and house-proud
Green Thumb
Light household / garden duties (no lawn mowing)
1-2 cats preferred

Excellent security as home 90 % of the time.
Security conscious and Vigilant; thus homes with good security i.e. working deadlocks/lights and off-street parking required.


  • VIC

Dear Home Owners,

I have been house sitting for a number of years now and I thoroughly enjoy taking care of other's homes, pets and gardens when it is necessary for them to be away traveling for work or leisure. It is my belief that if home owner's know their pets and homes are being cared for they are able to go ahead with their plans in a relaxed manner.
I have done house sitting in a number of suburbs in Melbourne; Hampton, Mont Albert North, Kew East, Glen Huntly and Collìngwood. I have also completed house sitting in Castlemaine, a small city located in Victoria's Goldfield's region, approximately 170km from Melbourne, and the beautiful Macedon, approximately 62km from Melbourne. Apart from house sitting in Victoria I have also done some house sitting in Bridgeman Downs, in Brisbane.
I have lived a rural lifestyle and taken care of many animals while doing so. For the past 22 years I have lived in Mildura and I have worked part time as a Canteen Assistant and a Library Assistant. After 15 years of working at a secondary school and a primary school and 4 daughters growing up, moving away and getting on with their own lives, I am now taking on some more Library Study as a mature aged Off Campus student and I am therefore able to travel around and experience some new places.
I am a non smoker and I have some documents for home owner's to have a look at to get to know me a little better. The following home owners are who I have completed house sitting for:

Referees for House Sitting:

1. Aimee Maxwell: Kenmare St, Mont Albert North, Vic 3129 0425 736 468
2. Sue Stone: Earlesfield Street, Hampton, Vic 3188
3. Annabel Giles: Wattle Ave, Glen Huntly, Vic 3163 0414 859 964
4. Katrina & Jason Van Dombough: Montague St, Castlemaine 0431 328 555
5. Rony Caspi: McGrath Street, Castlemaine Vic 3450 0401 668 710
6. Louise Francis: Gold Street, Collingwood Vic 3066 0403 922 040
7. David and Julie Collen: Goldberg Place, Bridgeman Downs, Qld 0429 038 921
8. John and Yvette Brierley: Macedon Vic 0429 425 736

Kind regards,
Loretta Ward


  • Brisbane

I am a mature, honest and responsible female, currently a home-owner myself of an investment property. I have recently moved after a rental lease period expired and put my possessions in storage until I purchase a property for myself. House-sits of long term period preferred but any period considered.

I have previously owned and lived in my own home until moving to Brisbane in 2012 and would care for yours as if my own.

I am an animal lover and have considerable experience with all types of animals having run my own small farm in NZ and volunteered at Taronga Zoo for 2 yrs. I was an owner and rider of horses in my earlier years. I had a very loving, elderly female cat whom passed last year and miss not having a pet to care for.

I am very fit and agile with a great interest in road cycling and mountain-biking. Gardening and lawn-mowing would be no problem if needed.
I can provide references if required . A Police Clearance is available if required also.

Hope to hear from you soon. Tracy

aisha and jake

  • Perth

Hello home and pet owners! We're Jake and Aisha a friendly,respectful, part-time working couple who love animals and travel.
We are currently living in Perth (Jake's from Perth,I'm Italian) and we are planning to travel overseas for 6+ months at the end of this year.

We are both big animal lovers and we both grew up with pets (Jake had 3 Boxers and I still have 2 European cats currently living with my mum in Italy).

Our first 'official' petsitting experience was in Melbourne over Christmas and New Year's Eve period(2015/2016). We looked after a two storey house and we took good care of Jaspie, a gorgeous staffie with some challenging social skills. we housesat for a family in Karrinyup from the 1st til the 15th of July 2016.
We also have been taking care of Jake's sister chihuahua Atlas several times whilst she and her husband were away.
During my 88 days of regional work in WA i've volunteered in an olive farm in Collie and looked after dogs,chooks and cows.
Jake is also an expert in turf management and horticulture( in case you have a garden that needs work).

We are clean and respectful and we will be taking care of your beloved pets as if they were our own.

We have references for all our previous sitting experiences and have police checks as well.

Any questions welcome! We'd love to hear from you soon!



  • Melbourne

Ballet Dancer just moved to Melbourne from Perth. Also a part time Occupational Therapist. Looking to housesit while I decide if Melbourne is the place to stay :) Fairly quiet by nature, non smoker, love animals particularly cats. Happy to provide references and police check if needed. Have had experience pet/housesitting in Perth off and on.

Annemaree & Chris

  • Sunshine Coast


We are a Mature Aged Couple & Professional House Sitters, Caretakers/Relief Managers of B&B, Boutique Resorts, & Small Businesses - within Sunshine Coast Region (SC). Negotiable & flexible, we prefer 6-12+Months, & will consider shorter & permanent assignments.
Note: Annemaree is at SC University, so we can only consider assignments outside SC during Semester Breaks, subject to availability.

Our aim is to assist Property & Business Owners in taking that much needed break, until we find our dream property &/or next adventure. Self Employed with 2 businesses we mostly work from home – one is mainly weekend events, the other is our Property Investment & Improvement Brokerage.

By way of our backgrounds... Chris is a Farmer’s Son & had various pets over the years. He’s ex-military, ex-corporate, & moved from Victoria to SC in 2004, & worked with numerous start-up & small businesses to develop their operations & sales team. Chris is also a great handyman who loves to be busy working or tinkering with hobbies.

I grew up in a large family in Brisbane suburbia with a variety of birds, chooks, & dogs, then travelled & lived abroad & in Sydney. Ex-corporate, I’ve coached, educated, & redeveloped start-up & small businesses, moved back to SC 10years ago, & developed an appreciation for mother-nature, quiet semi/rural living, & a minimalistic ‘low maintenance’ lifestyle.

We’ve lived on acreage & (ride-on) mowed it, dealt with pumps, tanks & septic systems, raised chickens & puppies, & lovingly cared for chooks, birds, dogs, cats, fish, cows, sheep, goats, horses, & donkeys! Unfortunately, I am allergic to cats, & whilst I’ve lived with them, fed them, & cleaned up after them, I need to keep a healthy distance. So providing your's is an outdoor adventurer, we'll get on just fine.

Between Chris & I, we can pretty much handle anything to do with property, business & pets. We are house & garden proud, pretty fit, non-smokers, enjoy a quiet life, healthy food, & the rare glass of wine - so you can rest assured, we will respect your home & neighbours as we would our own.
We have great character, business and housesitting references, and police clearances. Since May 2014 (when we sold our Mooloolah home), we've:

• Assisted a retired couple with their 32Acre/5 Star B&B in Bald Knob for 5.5Months until sold - caretaking when they ventured away;
• Been entrusted with a family's new Caloundra home & pool for the school holidays;
• Looked after a retired couple’s Sandstone Point home for 2Months while they toured Australia;
• Managed a 20Acre Landsborough Horse Property with 6Horses+1Cat for 3Months while the retired owners visited NZ family;
• Looked after a Palmwoods home +2Dachshunds+1Cat (twice) while the owners travelled interstate & abroad;
• Looked after a Beerwah home + a Cocker Spaniel for 4Months while the retired owners travelled Australia;
• Looked after a Pelican Waters home for 18Months while the Family took an extended Business/Family trip in Europe;
• Looked after a 4Acre Mapleton property + 2 (very cute) Papillion dogs+4Chooks+2Goldfish for 1Month while the owners travelled overseas; & are currently...
• Managing a 10Acre Palmwoods property + 1BorderCollie+6Chooks+Orchard for 2.5Months while the Retired Owners travel overseas.

Due to our high standards, diligence & flexibility - our services are held in high regard & demand – which we trust you will also appreciate! And our 'Standard' Professional House Sitting Services are FREE OF CHARGE in exchange for use of your home & utilities. 'Standard' is an Urban Lot to 1Acre Semi-Rural Residential Property with low-maintenance lawns, gardens, + (only) day-to-day maintenance. However, we are negotiable re looking after small-to-medium pets &/or farm animals, mowing acreage, landscaping, property renovation & maintenance; Caretaking/Relief Management of Medium-to-Large Semi/Rural properties, B&B’s, & Small Businesses. Just let us know your specific requirements, and we will advise any estimated fees applicable. As you may appreciate, any such fees for Pet/Farm Animal Sitting are 'nominal' to cover our extra time, expertise, & responsibility required. And of course we are happy to discuss, negotiate & confirm when we visit… 

Our Housesitting/Caretaking References & Business Profile are available on request, although we will bring these when we meet to discuss your assignment in detail. We prefer to meet at your property, so you can ask whatever questions you feel are relevant to us sitting for you, & we can get a better understanding of your property & requirements!

Let us know ASAP if our profile is of interest and you would like to explore us Housesitting, Caretaking or Relief Managing for you, either immediately or in the future.
We are looking forward to hearing from you soon…


Annemaree Cotterell & Chris Goldsworthy


  • Sydney

I am a Veterinary Neurologist, and I am starting a job in Sydney at SASH (you may have seen it on Bondi vet). My Boyfirend and I are looking for a house sit between December and march, while we find somewhere to live and get settled.

Being a vet I am good with all sorts of animals, and am able to deal with any medical requirements. We are both extremely house proud individuals. I like surf boat rowing, and outdoor pursuits. We are non smokers.

We are looking for house sits throughout December to March, I have included a link to my bio where I currently work.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me.



  • QLD, Melbourne

- National Police Crime Certificate. Issued 7 Jan 2016
- Commissioner for Declarations (CDec) Queensland
- 44 - 55 years
- Respectful of others personal privacy.
- Non smoker.
- Enjoys animals.
- Many years walking dogs.
- Many years caring for other peoples pets in my own home and theirs.
- Confident in giving medications.
- Cared for blind dogs and very senior pets.
- Current home owner and for the past 30 years.
- 15 years in at current residence.
- 30 + years of my own pets.
- I have no pets now as they have all passed from age.
- ONLY sits in non-smoking homes, thank you.


  • Melbourne, Geelong, Otway Ranges/ Great Ocean Rd

Hello everyone!

New to this site, I'm moving home to Victoria after several years living abroad in the UK and Europe. I'm a school teacher and writer, planning to spend some months developing side projects, which enables me to be quite flexible on location.

Having lived in a variety of shared houses and independent rentals over the last decade, I'm very conscious and considerate of maintaining a clean environment. Very happy to help out with a spot of gardening too, especially during the coming spring months.

By nature I'm caring and affectionate towards all animals, but especially dogs, having always grown up with our beloved family dogs as furry best friends. Not having a pet has been one of the big sacrifices of living aboard and instead I'm a very proud auntie to my sister's adopted Pomeranian! I can assure that your pets will be pampered with attention, exercise and cuddles when in my care, and I would be available to be present at home during most of the day if desired.

Happy to provide references on request. If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a line! I'm eager to explore new areas whilst looking after both home and precious pets, and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Jenny & Scott

  • Melb. Inner suburbs, Melb. NW suburbs, Melb. SE suburbs


  • Adelaide

I am a 62 year old medical receptionist, enjoying my house sitting adventure after becoming an "empty nester" a few years ago. A houseproud, clean and tidy non-smoker, I love an organised home and a quiet lifestyle. I love animals, have experience with various kinds of pets and enjoy a little gardening. I would conscientiously look after your home, as I have been away for longer periods of time myself and know how important it is to have peace of mind about the care of your home in your absence. Excellent references and a current police clearance are available on request.


  • Syd. Eastern suburbs, Syd. Lower N Shore

Hello, thank you for taking the time to read my profile. I'm a caring and conscientious housesitter who would consider it a privilege to look after your home, pets, and property. I'm a single professional who works as a business consultant during the week and teaches meditation on weekends. I am a non-smoker, reliable, tidy, love animals and nature, very much into health and wellbeing.

I have provided a written reference pertaining to my ongoing house-sitting experience looking after a three-storey home along with two fur babies, a Burmilla cat named Zeus and a Golden Retriever named Huddy. I've been looking after them for the past three years whenever the owners are away on holidays or on short business trips. I've also been a frequent user of Airbnb over the past four years and rent out entire homes where I can. The common thread of the reviews from my hosts is that I'm very clean, considerate, house-proud, friendly, and a great communicator. They have all said I am welcome back at their homes anytime.

I am available for any length of house-sitting and happy to provide additional references upon request. Please feel free to contact me and perhaps we can meet to discuss your requirements to see whether there is a fit. I look forward to meeting you and being of service.


  • Melb. Inner suburbs, Melb. NW suburbs, Ballarat, Geelong

Ready for a move but am uncertain about where that will take me, I'd enjoy house sitting in a range of locations to get a feel for a new area.
Currently working from home, though usually visit clients one or two afternoons a week.
For the most part I enjoy exploring new areas on foot, though I do have a car as it is required for my work.
Love most animals of the furry kind, but do not currently have my own pet due to Landlord restrictions.
I am familiar with caring for dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and birds, having had my own pets in the past and helping extended family with theirs.
I look forward to caring for your house and pets in a manner in which they are accustomed.
I am just beginning my house sitting journey and look forward to getting to know some new neighbourhoods.
While I am waiting for a current police check to be processed, know that I have a current Working with Children check, that includes regular police checks.

Kate & Jai

  • Sydney


After doing this gig for sometime now, we have been dubbed the cat whisperers. We are both very calm when it comes to the animals and have settled the craziest of cats.

We are looking for cat only house sits. (Save the dog ones for the doggie lovers!)

A little about us - We are a married couple in our mid 30s with no children or pets and run our own gym in Sydney Olympic Park however we can work remotely and spend most of our time working from home.

We are a plant based couple that LOVE animals, nature, sunshine, fitness, health, gardening, cooking and relaxing.

We have been minding houses/animals for friends over the last few years as well as using AirBNB for little getaways and we thought this would be a great way to help look after animals and get to see different places around NSW.

We both have a real soft spot for cats! When we aren't house sitting, I am always walking around the local area giving love to any outdoor cats I can find :p. I grew up with dogs, cats, birds, guinea pigs and chooks and Jai grew up with cats.
Being on happy house sitters has given us the chance to spend time in lots of different places with amazing cats and also save for a house! We put so much effort into making both the owners and animals feel comfortable.

Jai and I are house proud, non smokers. We are more than happy to keep in contact during your travels and keep you up to date with pics of your animals and happy for cats to sleep on the bed if that is acceptable at your house! :) We're also happy to keep any gardening up etc.

We love house sitting as we get to meet so many amazing cats and feel like we can make such a difference to their lives, instead of them being in a cattery.


  • Sydney

My name is Maddison, I'm 24 years old and currently living in Brisbane - it is my dream to move to Sydney and work in Recruitment as I have been doing in Brisbane for the last two years. House/pet sitting for you will help me achieve that dream :)
Although I don't have any prior house/pet sitting experience, I have had family pets since I was 12 years old (large breed dogs) and I have also looked after my own pet since I moved out when I was 22 (a large breed dog, I also have a fish). I am more than willing to provide a police check, personal references and any other information you may require to help you make a decision.
When I'm not at work, I enjoy spending time at the beach, doing yoga and socialising with friends.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Olivia & Liam

  • Sydney

Liam and I are a couple and are looking to do some house sitting. We are both nurses, I work and study at the SAN hospital and Liam is a Registered Nurse working at Hornsby emergency. We have looked after a house for a month before which included caring for a dog and maintenance of a large backyard which we absolutely loved! We are happy to provide a phone number for a reference if you would like. Liam and I are very reliable, trustworthy and responsible and promise to take very good care of your house and pets!! I have grown up with a wide range of pets and miss my dog back in Newcastle very much! Please contact us if we sound like suitable house sitters for you. :)


  • Sydney, Central Coast

Hi there,
A bit about me!! I have been house sitting/caring for pets for over a year now and will continue to enjoy housesitting/caring for others. I have a current police check and references from previous house/pet sits available for you to contact. If you have further questions, more than happy to answer them.
Hope to chat to you soon.

Leanne & David

  • Syd. Lower N Shore, Syd. NW suburbs, Syd. Upper N Shore, Central Coast

My husband and I are both quiet, clean, responsible professionals in our early thirties who will take care of your home and loved ones. We usually spend out evenings going for walks, reading, watching TV and won't have any parties in your home.
We work at universities in Sydney, I am usually in the office but can work from home a lot of the time if your pets need company.
We have recently moved back to Sydney from the UK. We are currently living with my parents in law while we save money for the Sydney property market (!), where we're unfortunately unable to have pets.
Sometimes it's nice to get out and explore another part of Sydney while we think about where we'd like to live and to spend time with other people's pets.
Please do contact me with any specific questions!


  • VIC

Hello my name is Stephen and I am of mature age (approaching retirement). I am a very clean, tidy, hygienic and house proud person a non smoker and a social drinker. I currently reside in Victoria and a passionate animal lover, especially Dogs. I have 3 dogs myself, 2 x Whippets and an elderly standard female poodle. I have however, personally owned as well as cared for Cats, Birds, Fish, Guinea Pigs and Rabbits as well as some livestock. I have some horticultural experience looking after orchards and am experienced with some farm machinery and garden maintenance equipment. My professional background was as a Paramedic as well as allied health industry and horticulture trained. I enjoy reading, gardening, renovating and photography and art. I have house/pet sit in Qld in Hervey Bay looking after Jackie a delightful female Shih Tzu . Another sit which was my second time around for the family was "Buddy" another Shih Tzu cross. I also sat for 2 lovely Whippets (Google & Pippa) in Echuca.

I can supply police check and working with children qualifications as well as references. I will look after and care for your residence and animals as if our own and keep you up to date on your loved one's happiness and health as required. My aim is to help you have a relaxing and worry free holiday and return to your home and pets knowing, all have been well cared for. Please call or e-mail me if I can help you and your pets.


  • Melbourne

I am a 32 year old British Veterinary Surgeon working in Melbourne. I am currently working at a veterinary practice in Caulfield South. I am house sitting due to my desire to save some money for traveling around Australia after finishing work in Melbourne.

I am tidy and like to live in a clean environment so I am always happy to don the marigolds and give somewhere a clean! My interests include reading, going to the cinema and running.

One of my main passions, and the reason I became a vet, is animals. I am from a farm in the UK and miss my pets so it would be lovely to come home whilst house sitting and spend the evening with some friendly furry creatures! And obviously I can tend to them if your animals have any medical needs or become unwell whilst you are away.

Do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions!


  • Bris. Southern suburbs, Gold Coast & Hinterland

I am an Animal loving, considerate house guest. Looking to house sit on the Gold Coast up to Brisbane. I am Non-Smoker and work part time for a Queensland Insurance Company.

I have a somewhat green thumb and I help out with some beach cleaning every fortnight down at Miami Beach.

I eat a Vegan Diet but am open minded about other peoples choices to eat animal products and feed their pets whatever they choose. I chose the diet primarily for nutritional reasons and ethically I like the philosophy it works for me.

I've had lot's of pets, including: Dogs (Big and Small), Cat's, Mice, Rats, Cockatoos, Cockatiels, Love Birds, Fish, Lizards & Chickens. As much as I love the idea of having another pet/fur family member, I keep moving too often and wouldn't want the crazy life of an insurance consultant to be inflicted on a pet. *This was a genuine attempt at joke.

At the moment I am house sitting to save money for the next 12 months. I have a couple of overseas trips coming up and want to move interstate (hopefully) in a year.


  • North Coast, Brisbane, South Eastern
  • Reduced Contact

Myself and my two adult daughters Katie and Rebekah, would love to look after your home or home and animals. We are very clean and respectful people with a love for all animals and dogs. We would love to house sit your home so we can get away for a break more often and to look after animals is a bonus too.
As I am a school bus driver we would be available to house sit your home anytime during the school holidays. My daughters Katie is studying primary school teaching and school holidays are good for her too. The other daughter Rebekah works assisting my husband (who is her father) in his landscaping, lawn-mowing business so if your home requires any garden maintenance we are well equipped to do so.
We are all non-smokers who love a clean and tidy house and would ensure your house and property is treated as our own.
I can supply references if requested.

Kind regards Henriette


  • Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast & Hinterland, Cairns, Melbourne

Hi! I'm a non-smoker, clean, considerate and reliable. I have been house sitting on and off for a long time and understand the anxieties house owners have about allowing a stranger into their home. I am happy to meet in advance to answer all questions and hopefully allay those anxieties. I enjoy taking care of small domestic animals, cats in particular. I look forward to hearing from you!

Vance & Patsy

  • Sydney, Mid North Coast, Northern Rivers, Toowoomba & South Eastern

We are a fit and active newly retired married couple in our late fifties.
Living in a suburban house with our aged but gorgeous cat we are now free and flexible in our house sit dates due to having no more job commitments!
In my previous life I was the Chief Financial Officer for a Brisbane based construction company.
My wife Patsy was a nursery hand for a native plant nursery on the Gold Coast and she is a still a keen gardener and likes nothing more than pottering around our garden.
Our previous home was on 8 acres which included horse paddocks and formal gardens which we maintained to a high level so the care and maintenance of your garden would certainly be in safe, experienced hands.

From an early age my wife has been besotted with animals and has kept a menagerie over the years which included horses, dogs, cats, chickens, and guinea pigs to name just a few!
Any animal in her care would be looked after with much gentleness and love.
Having had a house sitter to look after our rural property and animals in the past we fully understand the importance of our proposed job as house sitters.

We would appreciate the opportunity to become your house sitters and would meticulously maintain your property and care faithfully for your animals.

We have both character and previous house sitting references for you to view on the website and we also both have a National Police History Check available for any house owners that request it.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Vance & Patsy


  • Melbourne

Hi, I am non-smoking female. I am a registered teacher who works part time as a Learning Assistant in a South-East Melbourne primary school.

I am looking to housesit between my lease ending (March) and travelling overseas (June).

I also study a Master of Special Education meaning I am available to be at home a lot with pets. I have lots of experience in house-sitting and pet-sitting with all sorts of cats, dogs, fish and even rescue dogs and can provide references on request. I am looking for house-sitting opportunities for the next six months. I am very tidy and am a big fan of sausage dogs!


  • Syd. Eastern suburbs, Syd. Lower N Shore, Syd. Southern suburbs, Syd. Upper N Shore, Central Coast, Northern Rivers, Tweed Coast, Alice Springs, Darwin, Brisbane, Gold Coast & Hinterland, Sunshine Coast, Cairns, Adelaide, Hobart, Launceston, Melb. Inner suburbs, Perth

Who am I:

I’m Caroline, and I'm now back in Australia after 15 months living in Bali (and house sitting for about 6 months of that time). Prior to living in Bali, I spent 12 months solid housesitting in different parts of Sydney. If you're travelling and don't want to leave your house empty, or simply want someone to water your pot plants every day or two, I'm very happy to look after your place on my own. I've also spent much time with lovely pets as well. I have a strong preference for easy to care for pets (rather than a zoo!). They can be 1 or 2 cats, or dogs, chooks, ducks, guinea pigs, fish or something else I haven't thought of but you can teach me to care for. Please note, I am a non smoker and thus I prefer to stay in homes of non smokers. I am a minimalist and prefer homes that a spacious and clean.

Why I love house sitting:

I love to housesit because I'm a bit of a nomad. Setting up shop in just one location for a long time has never really done it for me. So I travel light and move where I feel called to spend time. It's an unconventional life, but I love it. And the way social media and technology is these days, I can easily stay connected with friends and family wherever I am in the world.

Where I am now: Sydney, NSW
Where I'll be next: Townsville, QLD

When and where I'm currently available:

18th July - 26th July 2017 (Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast or Byron Shire)
27th July - 3rd Sept 2017 (Sydney)
4th Sept - 13th Sept 2017 (Melbourne)
14th Sept - 6 Oct 2017 (Melbourne or Sydney)

(Overseas Oct/Nov co-leading a walking wellness retreat)

Likely to be available again in Sydney from mid-late Nov onwards.

Preferred areas in Sydney; Balmain/Birchgrove, North Sydney/Lavender Bay, Mosman/Balmoral, Bronte/Clovelly/Coogee
Possible areas; anywhere within 30 minutes of Sydney city by public transport.

Preferred areas in Melbourne; within 45 mins of CBD, accessible by public transport & walking distance from shops & cafés

For other parts of Australia, please keep reading.

Why trust me with your home:

I have a bunch of references from people who know me well and can say nice things about me, as well as from people who don’t know me that well, but have had me in their home. (I uploaded a couple of these to this site the last round of Australian house sits I did, but have more if you need them). I take my role as house, home, garden and pet sitter seriously. My policy is… if your place is worth living in, then it’s worth looking after. And I will look after it as if it were my own :)

What I do for work:

I work as a life and business coach helping people improve the quality of their life, relationships and/or business, and I do 95% of my work from home. That means I am at home way more than if you had a house sitter who worked a 9-5 job. It also means any house sit I take on must have fast internet, so I can use Skype (video calls) to conduct my work.

Driving a car vs. Public transport:

I do not have a car, but I do have a full driver's license and am a highly capable and responsible driver (I used to drive small buses full of people for a living many years ago, so I take this responsibility seriously). Often home owners will leave their car and keys with me to use if/when needed. This isn't essential to me looking after your home, unless you live in an area that has almost no public transport. If you live in an area with regular buses and/or trains into the city, and I can easily access a supermarket and other shops, a park and/or bushland, then I'm unlikely to use a car much anyway :) If you have a dog that needs walking and the dog off leash park is a car drive away, then you may wish to leave me the car for this reason.

Length of stay:

I'm happy to consider house sits for as little as a few days if it's an area I'd really love to visit (e.g. Byron Bay area, Sunshine Coast, Melbourne city, Adelaide city, because I have friends in each of these areas), and as long as one month. I'll consider house sits at short notice, and as far ahead as 2-3 months. If you do have a home you'd like me to look after that includes getting on a plane then I will consider anything far flung, or somewhat outrageous if you're happy to pay for/contribute to the travel costs for me to get to/from (within Australia). Never know unless you ask :)

Other things to know:

As someone who has lived in a LOT of different people's homes in my life, I am aware of things other house sitters may not be. If you're vegetarian or vegan, no worries, I won't consume meat in your home. If you're very, very private and don't want me to have any visitors whilst in your home, tell me, because otherwise I am likely to have one of my (lovely, super respectful, darling) friends over for a cuppa or a meal :) If you have particular sensitivities or allergies, or other specific requests, I'm pretty good at all of these things, just let me know.

Contacting me:

I like to have a conversation with people whose homes I might look after ideally a video call (Skype or similar) so we can talk AND see one another before deciding if I will come to stay in your home. Meeting home owners and pets in person, and seeing the home I may live in beforehand whilst nice in theory but is not always easy to arrange. However, if you can introduce me to your pets and show me your home on a video call that can work well.

Things I have found make a house sitting arrangement work well:

1. That we're both really clear on what is expected, what I am free to use and what I'm not (e.g. some people tell me to eat any food they've left in the house, use the home phone as I wish, watch any of their movies, and use their cable tv, etc. Others prefer me not to use any of these. Both situations are fine, as long as we're both clear beforehand)

2. That there are written notes of important phone numbers for both you, vets and anyone nearby you want me to know about

3. That you show me how to secure the house anytime I leave or at night when sleeping (is there a trick to the lock? is there a security door to the garage? etc)

4. That I know how to care for your pets in the way you would want them to be looked after

5. That you show me any particular quirks in the way your house works (e.g. 8 step process to turn on washing machine and it won't work if you don't do it that way)

6. That your home and pets ARE like what you tell me they are (nothing worse for a house sitter who has gone out of her way to care for a home, turning up at a house after being told one thing and discovering that the pets are unmanageable, or the teenage kids have been left at home for me to "keep an eye on", or the house hasn't been tidied or cleaned in years... Did I mention I've stayed in a few houses before? I've seen many things I never wish to see again, hence now I am REALLY clear on what I will and won't live with. My creativity within my business nose dives with clutter, so spacious clean homes are my strong preference.)

7. That I can meet you on the day I move in and spend at least 30-60 minutes with you, perhaps over a cup of tea, getting the keys, contact numbers and the low down on how everything in your home works. (Or in the case you fly out in the wee hours of the morning, I have stayed in guest bed rooms overnight and had that "cuppa conversation" over dinner instead. That works too).

8. That we have a clear plan, for how and when I will move out, ideally again this is over a cuppa, with a conversation about how it all went, how your furbabies (if applicable) are doing, seeing where your mail is, where all your house (and car) keys are, and anything else we might need to discuss so you can settle back in and I can leave knowing everything is as it should be :)

From here:

Want to talk to me about minding your home and caring for your pets? Contact me my mail through this site and I'll get back to you soon! Thanks!



  • ACT

Pam & Keith

  • SA, WA

We are a couple in our early 60’s – recently retired who enthusiastically enjoy house sitting because it allows us to provide a valuable personalized service to home owners. Nothing gives us more pleasure than making home owners feel comfortable with being away from home, knowing their house is in good hands until the owner's return. We're very grateful to all our wonderful clients for the opportunities they have granted us through inviting us into their homes and lives. We receive trust, and in exchange, we provide loving care. We are non-smokers who are honest, reliable and dependable house sitters who will respect your property and personal things. Our background was in education. We have owned a home and are fully conscious of the care and security needed in keeping a house (including a pool) maintained. Also we have had pets that lived very long comfortable lives because we treated them as part of our family. We will care for your pets as if they were part of our own family. We have had experience in house/pet sitting before and we have references available on request.


  • Melbourne, Macedon Ranges, North Eastern, North Western, Gippsland

I am a qualified dog trainer using ‘positive’ methods for nearly five years. I love animals and have had plenty of experience taking care of them, for example, I have work experience caring for pets at a cattery and dog kennels. As a bonus I can offer behavioural training services for your domestic pets for free.
I have also looked after horses and sheep. I lived on a rural property for 7 years working at a private sanctuary where my animal duties included feed, medication and sanitisation for native wildlife in breeding programs and under Vet care. I also maintained fences, getting around on a quad bike. My current part-time work allows me to be at home most of the week and I can do this from anywhere with good mobile phone service and within a couple of hours drive to Melbourne for the occasional visit. I previously worked as a professional in science. I am a responsible, trustworthy, active female in my 50s. I do not partake in smoking, drinking or drugs and have no interest in partying.
Having owned a house myself I understand the importance of security and respecting peoples private spaces and will take good care of your home. I am very happy to look after your plants and mow the lawn. I have recently been living with Mum and renovating her property and I have a practical hand so I am also useful should the gutters clog up, a tap washer leak or a paling fall off the fence…
Now that my mother’s house is finished and sold, I am currently between homes and available to housesit from November 2016 and will certainly consider extended sits. I am looking for a home that would welcome me and my 6 year old highly trained and well socialised neutered Vizsla x Lab who is playful but mature, has no doggie smell and is beloved by my mother’s cats. He would love to cheer up your dog and offer security to your other pets. He is familiar with hoofed livestock and shows them respect. We can have them meet before you make up your mind.
I won’t use your phone unless for an emergency. I am clean and tidy and live lightly using minimal power and water. I can keep you in touch with your pets’ using Skype or send photos and videos. Referees available upon request.