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Dean & Jeanette

  • Brisbane, South Eastern, Northern QLD

We are an Australian couple in our early 50’s who recently were lucky enough to retire early. We visited Mexico in March 2018 and returned in July 2018 on a semi-permanent basis. We visited Merida, Progresso, Tulum, Mahahual, Oaxaca City, Puerto Escondido and Mexico City, to see were our first port of call would be. We decided on Puerto Escondido and we have been loving the lifestyle and people here.

Prior to our retirement we were in Australia working full time, Dean in private schools in IT and Jeanette is an ex Bank Manager, and more recently a Business Systems Trainer in the Healthcare industry. We have a personal reference from a business / personal associate who has known us for over 30 years and we have taken care of their family pets when required.

Jeanette and I have owned our own homes for over 25 years and will treat yours well. Our family home of 17 years was on the Gold Coast had a large inground pool, and we have renovated 5 homes in both Australia and New Zealand. Dean especially is a handy man and would definitely be able to arrange and supervise any works/repairs on your property.

We are generally home bodies of an evening, so we like to do some site seeing during the day occasionally, but would be home each evening for your pets.

Our medium term plans is to head back to Australia in late November 2019, to visit my parents, children, dogs and extended family.

We look forward to speaking further with you and please let me know if you have further questions about us that we haven’t covered off.

We have two dogs back in Australia who are now homed with our sister (Charlie a chocolate toy poodle and Missy a toy poodle cross) we miss them a lot and have lots of love to give your pets.
Missy is our lap dog so we are very used to giving lots of pats and having her sitting on us for hours at a time. Charlie is high energy ball chasing boy, both our dogs like to have walks and playtime everyday. So getting the opportunity of spending time playing with other pets is something we love.

We are relatively new to house sitting, however we have done several in Mexico including travel to Lake Chapala in August 2018 to house sit for a lady with 2 dogs and have her as a reference available on request. In September 2018 we completed a 3 week house sit in Cuernavaca, caring for 3 dogs and 2 cats. Homeowners are happy to have people contact them for a reference also. Both of these recent sits have been through House Sit Mexico site. Both sits have been great and given us time with great pets and also given us the opportunity to see more of Mexico.
We took a break from housesits from October to March, as this is peak season in Mexico and we had visitors, so spent our time in Puerto Escondido. We have 3 upcoming housesits over April and July 2019, in San Miguel de Allende and Lalr Chapala, Chetumal (all beautiful locations in Mexico).

We look forward to hearing from you.
Instagram - @jeanette_abbey
Dean and Jeanette

Jeanette & Michael

  • Melbourne, SE Vic, SW Vic

Hi, my name is Jeanette (known as Nettie) and my husband is Mike. We are retired and enjoy travelling especially to Australia where our only daughter lives. We are an active couple, Mike enjoying cycling and I’m a member of a local walking club and gym and love gardening too. We have a cat called Ditten who we have had since a kitten and is now nearly 18years old and we love him to bits. We have also had past experience of dogs. We are non smokers and tidy people and respect other people’s homes and possessions.

Lee & Mike

  • Perth

We are a married couple in our early 60's, travelling Australia in our motorhome on a working holiday, predominantly in the Eastern States of Australia. Work takes us to different parts of Australia (driving and flying) but Perth is our home.

We are happy and energetic people and like to keep our home (wherever that may be) clean and tidy. With our previous residences we have also maintained a well-kept garden and swimming pool.

Both of us are have grown up in families with pets and we have had the pleasure of a number of pets in our family over the years. We miss not having pets and are very much looking forward to new experiences with house/pet sitting.


  • Sydney, Central Coast, Hunter Valley, North Coast, South Coast

Over the past 3ish years Morgan (41) and Izzy (37) have provided security, love and care for both homeowners’ furry family members, and their homes.

We look after your home as if it is our own, thankfully we’re both tidy, responsible and genuinely value leaving a place better than we found it.

Professionally we are both video producers and biz consultants (emphasis on Morgan), and copywriters and video editors (emphasis on Izzy). We often work from home, meaning we’re able to provide company for both your 4 walls, and your pets.
Morgan is also an avid DIY’er and enjoys helping with certain household tasks &/or fix-ups you might need done while you’re away.

We’re cinephiles, explorers of new places (whether around the corner, away from the city lights or across the globe) and avid foodie adventurers - both in and out of your kitchen :) .

We both grew up with various pets: dogs, cats, rabbits, and even a horse for Izzy, and genuinely miss all the care and engagement they encourage.

Feel free to get in touch and query away if you feel we’d be a good fit for your needs.

Morgan & Izzy


  • Brisbane, South Eastern, Bundaberg & Wide Bay, Mackay & Whitsundays, Cairns

Hi, I'm Joanne (Jo).
Originally from Darwin NT, I relocated to QLD in Oct 16 to be closer to family.
I have 3 gorgeous kids who've all grown up and still live Darwin.
I've been blessed with rewarding Housesitting jobs over the past 2 years, and made great close friends along the way!
I love being with my children whenever possible, travelling, gardening and the outdoors. I miss having my pets with me, so being outside and having the company of fur babies around me gain is comforting. Its like being "home away from home".
As a home owner myself all my life, I respect your home and treat it as if it were my own!
Your Fur Babies Too!!

Katharina (Tina)

  • Melbourne, North Eastern, North Western

Hi I'm Tina,

I grew up in the foothills of the yarra valley surrounded by the array of wierd and wonderful pets my family had including peacocks, mini pigs, ducks, chickens, rabbits, ferrets and always dogs. I have lived out of home for the last ten years both overseas and interstate renting and have recently moved back home to save for future goals such as buying a house and a salon, I work for myself in Northcote and Melbourne as a hairdresser 4 days a week. I would love to house sit your pets for you so that I can be closer to work and always have furry friends to look after. I have house sitting and dog/cat sitting experience and would be happy to pass these reference contacts on to you upon request. I love to take the dogs out for walks and plays at the dog park and whatever exercise they require I will be happy to meet, my work hours vary from 7 to 10 hrs per day typically I will be home morning and late afternoon/evening - as a contractor I can be flexible if your pet requires a midday visit on working days I would be happy to discuss and arrange. It is important that I meet you and your pets prior to sitting - please feel free to contact me.

I look forward to hearing from you

Warm regards

Katharina (Tina)


  • Rural/Regional NSW, Alice Springs, Darwin, South Eastern, Central, Central Coast (Qld), Northern QLD, Western QLD, Adel Southern suburbs, Barossa Valley, Flurieu Peninsula, South East, Spencer Gulf, West Coast, TAS, North Eastern, North Western, Shepparton & Central North, Perth S.E suburbs, Perth S.W suburbs, Northern, S.E & Central, S. Western


  • Melbourne

Claire & Jeremy

  • TAS
  • Reduced Contact

Dear Homeowners,

We are Jerry and Claire, a couple of early retirees (61 and 58), who decided to sell up and leave home (before our grown up children decide to move back). We spend our time travelling, sightseeing and generally having a good time while we still have some energy and reasonably working body parts. I, (Claire) ran my own arts outlet for 19 years, and Jeremy was a Service manager and Mechanical Engineer for a shipbuilding firm in Hobart. Jerry is especially handy and can fix most things that go wrong in the house. He is good with pools, all things mechanical and he does love gardening and watering, I prefer watching him at work from the sun lounge...

We had our dog Polly for 17 years, and have also been cat owners, and can now add to our list of pet care, bearded dragons, blue tongued lizards and parrots, and a pony. We have had chooks for many years and now have extensive experience with all breeds of cats and dogs big and small, of every temperament. You can rest assured that we would care for your pets as well as you would yourself, and we try to keep to their normal routine with walks, feeding etc. We enjoy a quiet lifestyle, we are at home a lot of the time, and don't go out at night very often. My hobbies include painting, reading and writing. Jerry read a lot and is keen on any form of sports being a typical Australian.

We have been homeowners for 27 years, living just outside Hobart by the sea , we enjoy country life, city life, anywhere new is fun and exciting and we are comfortable in all environments.
Since we decided to change our life and travel more, we spend some of the year in Asia (and have settled on Hoi An in Vietnam, and half the year in Australia, where we return regularly. Both our children are now living in Melbourne, our favourite city, and housesitting allows us to visit wherever and whenever we like. We feel very at home wherever we aer and find it easy to fit in to any routine or lifestyle.

We would most definately maintain your home and garden as well as you would yourself, (maybe even better), and we always keep in contact with owners regarding their pets when they are away to allay any worries, you can have as much or as little contact as you wish. We know that your pets are part of your family and we give them a lot of affection, plenty of walks and the best care possible, so that you can holiday in the knowledge that everything is perfectly well cared for.

*We have over 28 excellent 5* references and police checks and have been housesitting for over four years


  • Melbourne

I am a 37 year old female who has had experience in house sitting for the past few months. Prior to this I owned my own home where I had a dog, cat, 2 house bunnies and 4 chickens. I am responsible, quiet, trustworthy, love animals and very clean! I work from home as a writer/communications coordinator 3-4 days per week so will be home a lot of the time, which means your pet(s) and house will be safe and kept company quite a bit!


  • South Coast

At present I am available from 04/03/19!

Mature-Minded, Professional, Responsible & Experienced House/Pet Sitter! Single - 37 Years Old - Non-smoker - Social Drinker (rare) - Pescetarian.

Having experience in UK, WA, SA and Vic and NSW again, with a variety of animals including dogs, cats, birds, fish, rats, horses, a pony and chooks, I offer you and your pets the care-free companionship they require when you take off for work or pleasure... I did previous holiday sits in Sydney and the UK, with a big continuing stint in Sydney for two years (from 2010 - 2012) and I returned to house sits to travel from WA to NSW then (from end 2015 - date). A lot of ongoing relationships have occurred due to my time sitting for singles/couples.

Being both an animal lover and home-body, I can dedicate plenty of time to offering all furkids as close to their usual home life as they are accustomed, whilst ensuring any of the other needs around your home and property are met; according to any pre-arranged agreement upon meeting. I've taken on sits without meet and greets also so I am as flexible as possible depending on location when booked.

Testimonials/endorsements are previous sits in NSW, Vic, SA, WA and the UK, and available for you to review prior to discussing or meeting in order to assist with your decision making. Below will be a link to another profile I use (Aussie House Sitters) in order to review additional references that are posted by owners... Recent sits since returning to NSW have resulted in a great deal of call backs, repeats and/or referrals to friends and family; after a lot juggling trying to make unique/long term offers work, I aim to stick to one or two regions that are approx. an hour or so to the general area I am familiar with (South Coast) in order to gear up to live and work in a more stable fashion.

As you may notice from my pictures, I do also come with a little dog and this has not been a problem in securing sits along the way... including pet free sits. I can provide more images and some videos of Sammy with other animals to help reassure you and my references speak for themselves about his behaviour in other peoples homes, but I avoid applying for any I don't think would work on our end and never accept any if I feel the animals won't gel!!! He's not a fan of most big breeds... and cats can be hit / miss; but I've been able to do many sits that required cats/dogs to warm up to each other by cleverly using space. Sam was a rescue but has lived with me with other dogs for nearly 5 years... he is almost 7, healthy and vaccinated, house trained, and mellow within home when it's just us (i.e. not other people). We've just revisited training in a longer term sit and, although he's kept on a lead if there is no enclosed garden, his recall has been great in recent house sit where he's been able to run around in mature gardens! He is a lone wolf... but will enjoy a play with other little dogs and tends to be careful / submissive in other dogs homes and happily shares his beds and toys around. He's a lap dog but, if not allowed 'up', stays on floor.

You'll see from my references just how diverse the homes and animals; in terms of 100 acre property in SA with many horse, 100 acre pet free near Maitland and a variety of pet free in Sydney and coastal or country homes with dogs and cats (including 5 acres in the country and a home opposite the beach). These references do also highlight how I will maintain and leave your property (generally the cleanliness is appreciated and has often been noted as 'better than we left it' which is rewarding when owners return home). I've previously worked as a Community Support Worker where I assisted people in the community and in their homes as well as supplementing previous study periods as a cleaner.

I have studied and/or worked during my house sit periods and, currently, studying casually waiting for my Citizenship ceremony. I am a Permanent Resident and lived here 10 yrs.
I've provided this comprehensive profile in order to swiftly reply to advertised sits and feedback has suggested this is very helpful and reassuring for owners. I appreciate your time reviewing my personal information. Here is a link to my Aussie House Sitters profile:

We look forward to hearing from you!
Nicola (& Sammy)

PS The 'pink hair' picture is the most recent snap of Sammy and I in August 2018.

Karen & Russ

  • Alice Springs, Darwin, SA, VIC, WA

Hi, we are a semi retired couple in our late fifties taking some time out to travel this beautiful country of ours. Completing the lap in our caravan we are looking for opportunities to stop, park up and explore and housesitting provides an ideal way to do so.
We are experienced housesitters, are very trustworthy and dependable, we are both non smokers and only light social drinkers. 
As home owners we understand of the importance of looking after your house and we will treat your property and personal things as we would treat our own - with the utmost respect, keeping your property clean, tidy and secure, caring for it until your return home. We are also very happy to look after your lawn and garden whilst your house is in our care.
We are both animal lovers and will look after your pets in accordance with your directions and just like your house, we will treat your fur babies like they are our own. We have extensive experience with dogs, in particular greyhounds and up until starting our journey we were fostering rescues for GAP.
We are happy to send you updates and pics of your pets to show you they are happy, safe and well cared for.

Jacqueline & Harry

  • Perth

We are a professional non- smoking couple who plan to spend three months of every year in Western Australia where our 2 grown up sons have lived for ten years. We have used sitters who look after our house whilst we have visited Australia in the past ten years, and appreciate the need to have your house and garden looked after and kept safe. As we plan to spend longer visits we would prefer to live for part of our trip independently, hence our interest in house sitting. We have a dog and cat at home and have always had pets who we look after well, enjoying walking on the beach and park and spending time with them. We have up to date PVG checks and can provide references. We have access to Skype / face time to discuss any potential house sitting opportunities.


  • Sunshine Coast

Hi, I was raised on a country property surrounded by animals. I have spent my adult years living primarily in Sydney & Melbourne. I have been a home owner in both cities. I love outdoor activities and I have had dogs of my own.
I am single, employed & lead a quiet life. I enjoy Theatre & the arts, yoga, swimming, walking, reading & the company of pets.
My children are now young adults and living independently. I am in a transition stage of my life and am seeking house sitting with the company of pets whilst I save and prepare to travel.

Taylor & Pamela

  • Melbourne

Hiya, we are Pamela and Taylor. We are dedicated to providing people a worry-free time away from home while being able to temporarily love on and care for a pet (as Pamela's current lifestyle doesn’t allow for pets of her own). Your pets will be deeply cared for and your home will be kept secure and tidy (some have commented even cleaner than when they left (: )

We have combined experience in pet and property care as we have done it for varying lengths of time - from just a few days to over 6 months.

In order to make sure that we are the right fit for each other, we would be happy to provide references and/or meet you in person.

-- Attentive, reliable, self-sufficient and clean living non-smokers
-- Committed to keeping you informed
-- Caring, professional, and responsible

Looking forward to providing you with a stress-free time away from home!

Hope to hear from you,
Pamela and Taylor

Chayse & Emily

  • Bris. Northern suburbs, Bris. Southern suburbs


We are a young, newly wed couple looking to move up to Brisbane. My partner and I have finally saved up enough money for our first home and are ready live back in our favourite city.

House sitting is the perfect way for us to move up from New South Wales and give us time to search for our dream home and new jobs. I work as a preschool teacher and my husband is an industrial spray painter on the rail.

We have house sat for close friends before who have a cat and two dogs. We live in there home for a week or two at a time when they work away and go on holidays. We have also been renting the same place for three years and our landlord is happy to be contacted for a reference.

We are a tidy and outgoing couple who spend most of our time at the gym, enjoying the beach and cooking/meal prepping.

We can't wait to look after your fur, scale or feather babies and will take amazing care of them while you are away.


  • Sydney, Central Coast, Mid North Coast, Tweed Coast, Adelaide

My name is Alida and I live on the mid-north coast of NSW in a small regional town. I house-sit because it allows me to help home owners enjoy a stress-free holiday while I look after their homes & pets, and I get to enjoy being back in a big city again whilst doing so.
I am retired from the workforce (ex long term Military) and am a non-smoker. I have completed many housesits during which time I have cared for dogs, cats (including rescues), rabbits, birds and fish.
I am very house proud and my aim is to leave your home in excellent condition and ready to welcome you back.
If you think I could be the kind of House and Pet Sitter you are looking for, please feel free to send me a message through this site.

Karen & Michele


Hello Myself and my partner currently live in Brisbane Queensland. We both moved here 4 years ago to study and work. Parents of 3 beautiful grown up girls.We have in the past been parents and carers of cats/dogs, chickens, goats, sheep, snakes, lizards, birds and rabbits to name a few. Now the girls have grown and moved out of the family home we find ourselves with time to explore. So combining our love of travel and respect/ love of animals here we are.
We take great pride in our family home and your home will be looked after and as tidy as you left it. We like to be busy so are happy to do some gardening, mow a lawn and small jobs around the home with your permission.
Great references.
Short notice usually ok depending on travel costs.
Happy to sms pics of your fur babies for reassurance if requested.
Karen and Michele


  • Bris. Northern suburbs, Bris. Northern suburbs, Bris. S W suburbs, Bris. S W suburbs, Bris. Southern suburbs, Bris. Western suburbs, Bris. Western suburbs, South Eastern

Very warm hello to all. My name is Jamie and I am a very respectful, honest, attentive and particular 40 year old. I live a healthy lifestyle and am a quiet non smoker/non drinker. I have an immense love for animals and consider it an absolute honor to look after people's homes!

Am currently trying to build an online business and am content chipping away at that or going for walks/exercising and attending house sitting duties. I would truly appreciate the opportunity to sit for you and make sure everything is 100% safe, secure and perfectly maintained. Thank you so much.

Wishing you all the very best.


Charlotte & Jon

  • Sydney

Hi, we are Charlotte and Jon, a British professional couple in our late twenties/ early thirties. We started house sitting as a way to get to know different areas of Sydney after relocating from Bristol in June 2018. We have been house sitting back-to-back ever since and have had the most amazing time travelling, making great friends with homeowners and experiencing the beautiful personalities of the pets we look after.

We have just completed our 14th house sit!

Charlotte is a Veterinarian and has worked in the whole range of vet practices from companion animal, exotic pets and out-of-hours emergency work to farm, equine, specialist zoo and wildlife; as you can imagine she is more than happy to care for ANY pets, domestic or exotic! Jon currently works at the University of Sydney and has a passion for animal care, from a childhood full of happy memories of much-loved family dogs, cats and rabbits, to our recent experiences caring for rescued pangolins and other wildlife in the jungles of Vietnam!

We are clean, tidy, non-smokers and proud homeowners and will respect and look after your home and garden in the same manner as our own. We pride ourselves on making our home owners feel comfortable and reassured that their furry friends are in great hands, with regular updates and photos and - of course - leaving an immaculate home ready for your return.

We are both practical, sensible and very reliable people and can provide police checks (from our sponsored visa applications) and excellent references on request.

So far we have had the pleasure of caring for an Italian greyhound, Maltese terriers, a Labrador, a German shepherd, a groodle, a poodle, cocker spaniels, a Staffordshire bull terrier, a British blue cat, domestic short and longhairs, and several moggies, as well as a Netherland dwarf rabbit, guinea pigs, rats, chickens and various fish!


House sitting reference from Virginia (Mosman) (contact details available on request):

Jon & Charlotte house sat our home in Mosman for one month in July 2018.

This was our first experience with house sitters and we weren't sure what to expect, but our faith was well rewarded - they proved to be outstanding caretakers. As well as walking and feeding our three-year-old German shepherd and feeding our five-year-old British Blue cat, Jon & Charlotte looked after our six-bedroom home as if it was their own.

When we returned, the house was immaculate - freshly vacuumed and dusted, plants watered, all the sheets and towels washed and replaced - even the fridges were sparkling.

While we were overseas, Jon sent regular updates on our pets and alerted us to any important looking mail that we were expecting. It gave us great peace of mind knowing our beloved pets were in the care of a veterinarian and her partner who so obviously genuinely love animals. We were truly touched by an amazingly lifelike pencil portrait Charlotte drew of our dog as a thank you gift (and amazed at her many talents!).

Both Jon & Charlotte are very easy going and enjoyable company. Our neighbours have commented on how friendly they were, with several asking for their details for future house-sitting opportunities.

I would also be delighted to provide verbal references for Jon & Charlotte.


House sitting reference from Keira (Bondi Beach) (contact details available on request):

I highly recommend Charlotte and Jon as outstanding house and pet sitters.

Charlotte and Jon are a trustworthy, caring, communicative, and reliable couple who graciously took care of my senior dog for three weeks whilst I was overseas. Due to his age, my dog requires some special care including the administration of medication and I feel incredibly lucky to have found Charlotte and Jon.

They were thorough and diligent in understanding his requirements and quirky character and I felt completely at ease knowing he was in their very capable hands. Any pet would be fortunate to have experienced and knowledgeable animal lovers like Charlotte and Jon look after them - my dog was sad to see them go.

Their kind and attentive nature extend beyond animals, as they took great care of my flat while they stayed here. It was wonderful to come home to a clean house and a happy dog!

I'd be happy to be contacted as a reference for Charlotte and Jon and couldn't recommend them more.

Thanks so much guys!


House sitting reference from Alex & Fred (Five Docks) (contact details available on request):

Thanks so much for leaving the house so clean and tidy, thanks too for your lovely card!

We really appreciate you looking after Bluey who is now chilled out on the back deck! We really appreciate the time you took looking after her and for being so accommodating with us coming and going for the week you were here. You have been perfect house sitters and we enjoyed having you around! Please keep in touch.

We will be happy to recommend you to other potential homeowners, should they wish to contact me for a reference.


House sitting reference from Claire and Tony (Marrickville) (contact details available on request):

Jon and Charlotte were incredible housesitters. Our place was immaculately well kept & tidy, and they took the time to care for our garden as well as our pet rabbit, Winston, sharing us updates on him regularly while we were overseas.

I would highly recommend them as housesitters, and I am happy to clarify any further questions you may have.


House sitting reference from Shannon and Pete (Mosman):

We could not recommend Charlotte and Jon highly enough. This was our first pet sitting experience and needless to say we are very happy and will continue to use the service especially with people like Jon and Charlotte.

Why did we have such a great experience?

Our little pooch Frankie absolutely loved them. They took such great care of her – frequent walks and constant love and attention. We know she loved them because when we returned home she was so relaxed and happy, when we have picked her up from kennels in the past she has been nervous and anxious and has taken a few weeks to settle back into routine.

On top of treating our furry friend like a princess they kept us up to date with daily photos and updates for the entire 3 weeks.
Jon and Charlotte kept our house immaculately clean – it has never looked cleaner!

I could not fault them and will definitely be having them back again when we go away next.


House sitting reference from Liesel (Mosman)
(contact details available on request):

Charlotte and Jon looked after our house and dog for a week in January 2019. They are a very capable and delightful couple that took great care with both our house and rather needy, but very much loved, dog. The house was absolutely beautiful on our return (better than we had left it!) and the dog was happy. They were great communicators and they were eager to assist with deliveries etc. when needed. We would definitely use them again and would absolutely recommend their services to others.

Happy to provide verbal references upon request.


House sitting reference from Jane (Rydalmere)

Charlotte and Jon were fabulous house-sitters. We needed a sitter with just a few days notice and Jon & Charlotte came to meet with us beforehand and were just perfect. On our return our house was just as we left it and our neighbours commented how lovely they both were too! Our cat Simba is very timid but was clearly at ease in their company and was in good spirits on our return. I won't waffle on because clearly they are faultless and I can highly recommend them to anyone.


  • Canberra, Sydney, Central Coast, Hunter Valley, North Coast, South Coast, Hobart, VIC

I am semi retired and would love the opportunity of looking after your pets, home and garden whilst you are away.
I am extremely fit and active for my age, and I am a non-smoker.
I would like to house sit as I enjoy discovering local communities and prefer to avoid hotels and busy resorts. I would rather find a relaxing place to retreat to.
I am a keen gardener and have a genuine love of animals. I have owned a number of cats over the years and my second language is now “CAT”. To be perfectly honest I’m not sure that I owned a cat really, perhaps it should be the other way round. Nevertheless it’s always been enjoyable.

I am highly reliable, considerate & respectful and will take excellent care of your home and pets.
Your home will be kept neat and tidy at all times, inside and out, and will be left in the same condition as you left it.
I would love to house and pet sit for you, and if you require any further information don't hesitate to contact me and I will be only to glad to assist you in any way I can.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Paul & Janet

  • North Coast, TAS, Melbourne

Hi, I'm Paul and I am now retired after finishing my career as a Town Planner working in Local Government. My wife (Janet) is currently working as a Teacher’s Aide. We own our home and have lived on the beautiful Sunshine Coast for 20 years after living in Melbourne, however we love to travel and experience new places! Our 3 children have grown up and have moved on to live in other parts of Australia.

We have had 2 dogs, a Cocker Spaniel (Bella) and an Australian Terrier (Ziggy). Bella lived to 13 years and Ziggy to 11 years. Ziggy only passed away in late 2018. We both shared the “doggy duties” of daily walking, feeding and medicating. We also had a cat (Maisie) who lived lived to the very old age of 21. We like to do house siting as it provides us the opportunity to care and have the company of animals and to help home owners have the peace of mind that their pets and home will be well cared for while they are away.

We have done many house sits in the past few years in different parts of Australia. We have looked after cats, dogs, chooks, birds and other fury animals. Part of the house sitting duties, of course, involves keeping the host's home and garden neat and tidy. We have used house sitters ourselves to look after our pets and home when we have taken a holiday in recent years.

We are house and garden proud and understand what is required to take care of your home and your pets.
We are both non-smokers. References are available on this site for you to read . A Police check and other references can be supplied upon request.


  • NSW

Am mature aged, fit and healthy.
Have farm, animal and house sit on and off for Many years.
I travel with a pure bred choc lab. He has a beautiful nature.
We love road trips, meeting new beings, and love the freedom.
We love to clean up, and surprise the owners, when they return. Good at organizing and neat as well.
Non smoker.
References available.


  • WA

Hi, I'm a reliable 24 years old french girl travelling in Australia and currently in Dunsborough.

I'm an animal lover and a tidy person whom would love to take care of your pets and home while you're away!


  • Melbourne

Hi my name is Sandra. (Mornington Peninsula Local ) I miss having my pets and companions around after they passed at a grand age so its time to start pet sitting again.
I used to do a lot of house sitting/ pet sitting until my daughter moved out of home a couple of years ago. Over the years I have had the pleasure of owning dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles .
I have worked at the Mornington Animal Shelter and started my own cat rescue group
I rescued a litter of puppies, tube feeding them and raising them until they were 3 months old before finding good homes for them. Im a responsible adult, clean and house proud. To me animals bring love and laughter and companionship.
I have references and a police check.
Im happy to house sit around the Mornington Peninsula, Chelsea, Frankston and surrounding areas , remaining close to family. Looking forward to hearing from you
I AM NOW AVAILABLE 22nd April until 10th May for sits 2019


  • Melbourne, SW Vic

Hello there! My name is Samantha, but people call me Sam. I am 46 years old, single and have no kids. I am a hard worker and enjoy the simple things in life. I love to travel, read, watch films and TV. I also enjoy getting out into the fresh air and especially like going for walks along the beach in St Kilda or Elwood.

I'm well known amongst friends and family to be an organised, clean, neat person who can be relied upon and who has integrity, honesty a genuine friendly down to earth nature.

I have recently completed a certificate in Travel and Tourism and am looking for work in this area. Having made this bold move to change careers and return to study has meant I am seeking alternatives to pay my mortgage and therefore have decided to rent out my place and do some house sitting.

Obviously, I value my home and will treat your home with respect and care while staying there, as I do mine! I am a homebody and value a relaxed serene oasis to live in therefore will treat your home as such.

I have had experience with housesitting although it was back when I was younger. But generally speaking my friends and family often ask me to feed their pets when they go away. This is a regular occurrence.

This year back in June I also lost my cat, she went missing and still remains missing. So in a sense this has also triggered me to make this move and do some petsitting/housesitting. I believe it will assist me with going through the change of not having her around anymore, and also I would love to have the experience of caring for a pet again. However, I like the idea of something temporary at the moment, and this seems to fit the bill and serve many purposes!

Although, I imagine they would be rare, I am also fine and happy to house sit a place with no pets.

I can provide references on request.

Terry & Kath

  • North Coast, South Eastern, Bundaberg & Wide Bay, Rockhampton, Mid North, South, Spencer Gulf

We are an active couple in our early 70s.We live in Tas on the NW coast. We have cared for 3 farms in central NSW and two near Yeppoon in Qld.All house owners had dogs but one property had a variety of 10 animals .We have a caravan so will need room to park it Cats are not an option, but we are OK with other animals. We would prefer a rural setting, smaller towns and not cities.
We have booked to travel on the Spirit of Tas on the 16 June and return home on Sept 18 so your required dates need to be within that time frame. We enjoy gardening, keep our home clean and tidy, and don't mind minor work .
We can supply references by post.or computer. Kath is a retired teacher and Terry was awarded 'citizen of the year ' in our city of Burnie in 2017.
Our preferred areas are: South Aust, northern areas of N S W and in Queensland up to Bundaberg or south of there.
Yours faithfully
Terry and Kath Ferguson

Rylana & Joris

  • NSW


We are Rylana & Joris, a young Dutch couple, based in Sydney. We both love spending time with animals, we like outdoor activities, reading books, photography and discovering new cultures.

Because we love animals we believe house sitting is a great way to experience the Aussie lifestyle and helping others to take care of their pets and property.

As a house sitter, we would take pride in treating your home as it would be our own, make sure that your pets are safe and respect your privacy and boundaries.

We will give you updates and are happy to send you photo's/video's while you're away.

Experienced house sitters:
- Experience with cats, dogs, horses, cows, sheep and chooks primarily. Owned rabbits, birds, hamster, guinea pigs, cats and big dogs;
- We have experience taking care of gardens and indoor plants and are keen to take care of this while you are away;
- Happy to help you with small maintenance jobs in and around the house;
- Non drugs users;
- Non smokers;
- Non party people;
- We are honest, clean, and respectable people;
- Happy to provide references;
- Ministry of Justice Criminal criminal history check available;
- For your safety we have a liability insurance that covers damage up to 1.5 million AUD.

We would love to pass by upon front for a visit or have a Skype call with you ahead of time to see if we're a good fit with your home and furry friends :)

Thank you!

Rylana & Joris


  • Syd. Lower N Shore

House, Garden & Pet Sitter ( May 2017 ongoing)
Cats, dogs, chooks, birds and other small creatures.
I welcome the opportunity to look after your home and care for your beloved pets as you require. Lower North Shore and Northern Beaches preferred.
I'm now pet free for the first time in many years with lots of experience looking after pets, my own as well as other peoples. I’m very reliable, trustworthy, non smoker, also with many years of experience working as a support worker within the community.
I do love a vegetable garden so I can tend to your plants while you’re away.
Police Check State and National
References available
Happy to discuss further over the phone,email, or Skype.


  • VIC

We are experienced long term housesitters, house sitting since 2013 and have completed numerous housesits in both Australia and around the world.

We enjoy getting to know the personalities of the animals we care for and giving them affection (if this is something they like). We have cared for a range of animals including cats, dogs, fish, a sheep, parrots and frogs and enjoyed each experience. We have also maintained a range of different houses, including their gardens, pools and spas.

We are both social workers who are active, we love to walk, run, swim and ride our bikes and then hang out at home on the sofa and relax and read books or watch movies! We are non smokers, we do like the occasional drink but we are not party people and when house sitting we are most likely to be relaxing at home enjoying some quiet time, cuddles with pets and enjoying our environment.

We maintain a blog of our housesitting experiences (please contact me for the url details). The blog provides an overview of each housesit and references, our referees are happy to be contacted to verify any details.

We are home owners ourselves, we started housesitting in 2013 before going overseas for 18 months and we carried on housesitting when we returned to Melbourne. As home owners we know how to care for a home, the importance of maintaining a clean home and ensuring that any issues are addressed in a timely manner.

We are both required to have police checks for our employment which can be provided if required.

When in Melbourne we both work and will need to be out of the home from approximately 8.30 to 5.30 depending on location.