Keep an Eye on Your Furry Friends with a Pet Camera

Leaving your puppy or kitten at home when you return to work can be stressful for both
yourself and your pet. However, with new technology, it is incredibly easy to maintain a
connection and keep in communication with them over almost any distance. This sort of
connection allows you to be a virtual presence in the home, with most units you can see
your pet and even speak to them, the best ones have a two-way speaker so you can hear
them talk back to you!

What is great about Pet Cameras?

  • Ability to check on your pet – with cameras available you can check up on your furry
    family and see how they are doing without you being there.
  •  Motion alerts – using motion sensor technology many cameras will send you an alert
    when your pet is moving and near the camera.
  • Sound alerts – if your puppy is barking at something you can check in and see what
    is happening.
  • Ability to control treats dispenser – some units are available with remotely
    controlled treat dispensers, this is perfect for rewarding Good Boy behaviour when
    you are away.
  • Additional home security – the cameras will record any movement or noise in the
    house, this is added security for your home.
  • Ability to play remotely – some units have a remote toggled laser pointer, so you
    can play with your pets while you are away.
  • Night vision – often cameras are suitable to be used in low or no light situations, perfect if you work nights or just have a dark house.
  • Separation Anxiety – as your pet can hear you in the house, cameras can go a long way in preventing separation anxiety in pets.

What is bad about Pet Cameras?

  •  Potentially not see your pet – with many pets having the entire house to roam,
    there is potential for disappointment in not seeing them.
  • Pet is not active – many pets are just not active when you’re not at home, but eight
    hours of a sleeping pooch can still be entertaining.
  • Misbehaviour – while you can talk to your pet, if they are doing something naughty
    it may be hard to discipline them effectively.
  • Multiple units required – often pets will spend time in different rooms of the house,
    so you may need more than one camera.
  • WIFI network limitations – some units need to be run on the same WIFI network to
    have two-way communication, which generally means you need to be in the same
    area as the camera.
  • Separation Anxiety – it could potentially increase a puppy’s separation anxiety, try
    to limit the use of the two-way communication

Should you Buy a Pet Camera?

Pet cameras are perfect for seeing what your pets get up to while your away. They may not
be perfect as a method of controlling what your pets do, but they can help modify some
behaviours. Try to think of pet cameras as an entertainment device, and you will be happily
watching the antics of your furry family for many years!