Washing and caring for your pet is a great way to bond with them. Doing it correctly will see
bath time being an enjoyable event rather than something to avoid. Remember treat well and
Most dogs will be very excited after a grooming session, so it can be a perfect time for a
walk or play. Here are our top five tips for grooming at home.


Dog grooming at home requires a good quality dog shampoo and lukewarm water. Wash your dog all over and
be careful around their eyes as they are quite sensitive. Try to avoid getting water in their
ears as this can lead to an infection. Dry off with a towel and use a hair dryer on low heat or


Dogs need to have their coats brushed weekly. It will help keep knots from forming,
especially in long haired dogs. Using a suitable brush is key to getting the perfect results,
see a pet care professional for advice on getting the correct brush for your breed.
Cut Nails

Nails can be naturally worn down by walking on pavements and other hard surfaces.
However, you should check them regularly as if nails get too long it can damage their paws.
Nails should not go past their paw pads or touch the ground.

Use appropriate dog nail clippers and avoid cutting the quick (the blood vessel inside the
nail) as this can cause an injury and a vet visit. When you trim nails don’t forget the dew

If your dog does not like getting their nails trimmed, you can try using a file to grind them
down or getting a professional to do the job for you.

Trim Hair

Many people are happy grooming their dogs at home. If you are not that confident but want
to stretch out time between visits to the groomers you can trim the more sensitive areas on
your dog and keep them happy and healthy.

Use some blunt ended scissors that are very sharp. Find some pictures of what your dog
should look like when trimmed. Wash and brush your dog before trimming and have treats
on hand to reward them for being calm.

Start trimming where required and go slow, your dog may move suddenly and being slow will
give you the best chance of not injuring them.

Eyes & Ears

Eyes are very sensitive areas, to clean them use dog eye wipes or a damp cloth for cleaning
these areas. Be firm but gentle and avoid touching their eyes. Start in the corner and wipe
out, repeat if necessary and treat once you are finished.

For cleaning ears use a cotton pad and wipe the inside of the ear clearing out any debris and
excessive oils. Do not use a cotton bud to clean inside the ear canal as this can damage
their hearing. If you suspect something may be stuck in their ears, see a vet.