Cats are naturally nocturnal creatures; they normally spend all day sleeping and then during the night they’re out hunting and causing mischief. It is during the night hours they can be very hard to handle and entertain. During the daylight hours they are doing nothing and sticking to their 15+ hours a day sleeping habit. However, they can become bored quickly and then start to chew up, or scratch at your furniture, plants, and in some cases your laptop or phone! 

For a cat that is kept indoors there needs to be a few choices for entertainment. They can become bored and will start to do things that might be considered a little crazy. If you have seen your cat do any of the following, it might be a sign that they’re bored and need something to do.

Excessive Meowing

As a general rule cats will only meow to get a human’s attention. If your cat is meowing it needs something from you. This could be they want to go outside or they’re hungry, unfortunately, like a crying baby until you figure it out, they’ll keep doing it. However, most of the time meowing can be resolved by giving your cat attention.

Scratching Furniture

Cats will scratch at furniture as a means of marking their territory. They are leaving their scent over the object to make sure that everyone knows it is theirs. If you have recently bought a new piece of furniture for your home, have a new cat, or strangers are in your home, your cat may scratch areas to indicate what they ‘own’. You can buy spray to deter unwanted cat scratching, or try double sided sticky tape to make it unpleasant for your cat to touch.


Fighting between cats is fairly normal as cats have a natural hierarchy, and often lesser cats will challenge the more dominant one. Between cats that live in the same home, this can look like playing and usually the ‘fights’ are over quickly. 

Outside the home cat fights can be more vicious and result in injuries that can cost thousands of dollars to fix. Usually, the only way to stop outdoor cat fights is to keep your cats inside or provide them with a contained outdoor play area. Outdoor play pens are excellent as they protect your cat, other cats, and the local wildlife.

Sprinting Around the House

Sprinting around the home is often a sign that your cat has excess energy to burn. It relieves this by play running around the home. It is usually over quickly and does not hurt your cat or yourself. If you have a lot of items that may break when your cat runs about them, you should pack them away so they do not get damaged.

The only way to stop your cat from sprinting around the house is to give them more opportunities to expel excess energy. You can use laser pointers to play with them, or give them toys with catnip inside.

How to Raise A Cat Indoors?

Raising a cat indoors is an excellent way to have a well-adjusted cat. There is some misinformation that cats need to go outside, but this is simply not true. While cats like to go outside, by keeping them indoors you’re protecting them from anything that might harm them (e.g. other cats and cars) and you’re protecting the local wildlife from being killed. Domestic cats are one of the only other animals besides humans that like to kill for sport. So, even if your cat is kept well fed, they will still kill other small animals indiscriminately.

Many cats are more comfortable being indoors and will not venture outside. However, for those cats that are constantly trying to escape or turn into devils during the witching hours, you can install an outdoor cat enclosure so they can get their moonlight experience.

How to Keep Cats Entertained?

Cats will sleep for around 15 to 20 hours a day, and they are mostly active at night. To keep your cat entertained and happy you need to provide them with the right items to keep them active and interested. As most cats enjoy ‘hunting’, you can give them toys that help stimulate this activity. A mouse or bird shaped toy is perfect for mimicking prey and providing a suitable hunt. Most cat toys are filled with catnip, so if your cat is a little anxious, you should try to avoid these; if possible open the toy and remove the pouch of catnip and this will lessen the effectiveness.

If you’re not around or awake while your cat is active there are many automatic toys available on the market. Some of these will operate similarly to a remote-controlled toy, it has a home base and will periodically leave and roam the house and then return. Other examples include a randomized laser pointer that will prove hours of ‘red dot’ excitement for your cat and toys that act similar to the arcade ‘whack-a-mole’ style games.

How to Keep Your Cat Busy?

Keeping your cat busy during the day can be a tough task, especially if they prefer to sleep during those hours. Many cats may get angry if you bother them too much during their naps, but by playing games with them you can keep them active, hopefully they’ll change their sleeping habits to be more in line with your own.

You can use a variety of toys to get their attention. Some toys you can try are hand held laser pointers, wand teasers, and interactive style toys. Only by trying many different toys can you find the one that apparels to them the most. Cats are sometimes interested in unusual items, even something as stale and seemingly boring as a cardboard box can provide many hours of entertainment for your cat.

Cat Care Tips

With better care and a high-quality food your cat can live for many years. In fact, cats are now averaging in life expectancy of around 18 years old, with the oldest age recorded at 38 years.

To keep your cat living a long and healthy life, they need suitable food, a good home to live and the correct medications. There are many options for food, and finding one that suits your cat can be a challenge. However, most high-end cat foods will offer guarantees and if your cat does not like it, they can be returned. To keep your cat in the best condition, they should be brushed regularly. Most cats do not like to be ‘human’ groomed but as long as you’re consistent and gentle they will come to tolerate it.

All pets should be treated for parasites, and cats are no exception. Actually, cats are more prone to catching parasites, as they eat small animals and tend to roam well outside the confines of your home. Use an appropriate flea, tick and worming control, and make sure it covers heartworm, as once they get that it can be fatal unless properly treated.

Looking after your car should not be considered a chore, you can have fun with your cat while still giving it the best possible life. A cat will be with you for a large portion of your life so enjoy them and have fun!