Having an eye-catching profile is the perfect way to make you stand out from the crowd and make sure your profile is viewed by many potential clients. You want to find that specific point of difference that makes you sing! In this article we’ll uncover some ways you can plan and write out your profile in an appealing manner. The better your profile reads the more likely you’ll be successful in obtaining a house sitting opportunity. Let’s talk about How to Write A Great House Sitter Profile

If you’ve uploaded a profile, but you’re not getting much of a response. It’s likely that your profile is not completely telling your whole story and needs to be rewritten and adjusted. While you should not fabricate anything in your profile, optimising it for a purpose is a great way to connect with other like minded individuals. House sitting can be a very personal thing. Often people want to be involved with others that think in a similar manner.

Just like any writing, try to tell a story. Make it have a beginning, a middle and an end, and above all keep it interesting. Don’t forget to add in some of your personality. People don’t want to hear from robots, they need to see that you’re a real person and the perfect person to boot! Finding a house sitter can be challenging for those that need their home looked after, and when loved pets are involved it can become even harder. They need to find someone that can look after their home and their pets, therefore it’s an excellent idea to mention what animals you have looked after in the past. All of this can go a long way to securing that perfect home sitting opportunity.

Your house sitter profile

The content you write for your house sitter profile should be about you. Imagine that you are looking for a sitter. What would you like to hear about? Do you have any past experience in looking after homes and pets? You can mention all of this in your profile. Try to keep everything coherent and broken up into sections so people can quickly read through your profile. Then they will see if something simply clicks.

When picking a house sitter, people will be looking for very different things as they all have individual likes and dislikes. Therefore, it can be very hard to write a profile that appeals to all. The best method is to be genuine and open about yourself and your experiences. If you haven’t done a lot of house sitting before, you shouldn’t say that you have. Instead, be honest and talk about what you would do if given the opportunity. Try to go for short weekend stays to build up your reputation and to learn what you can expect (and what you need to do) when looking after other people’s property.

When you include a picture when you write your house sitter profile it allows people to see the person that may be looking after their home. As they say a picture tells a thousand words, ideally take a photo specifically for your profile. If you’re interested in looking after homes and pets, take a photo that includes your pet, or a pet that you’ve looked after before. You can even write a little about your pet and some of the things that you like to do with them. This will demonstrate to your potential clients that you understand the needs of different animals and that you’re willing and able to give them the best care possible.

How to write a great house sitter profile

In crafting your perfect profile there are three main things that you should consider including to make your page pop!
Write about any specific skills
People want to know that you’re the right person for the job. If you have any special skills then you need to include these in your profile. Try to focus on the most important ones and include these in your opening paragraph. If you have any animal training, or horticultural skills, or expertise in home maintenance and care make sure you mention these.

Try not to go too overboard and list everything you can do. Rather focus on a few key ideas and skills. If you list a lot of special skills, people may think that you’re not being entirely truthful and skim past your profile.

Keep it positive!

Your profile should reflect a positive attitude. Everything needs to be upbeat and interesting. Talk about what interests you and how you tend to live your life. Avoid common no go ‘dinner party’ topics, like religion and politics. Your profile is not the place to be spruiking any products either!

The profile you write is the first thing that people see about you. Making it interesting and personable will give you the best shot at securing that house sitting opportunity. Have a focus on what you like to do and avoid any negative words or thoughts. If there is something you don’t like to do, try to spin it and focus on what could be a positive. For example, instead of saying, ‘I don’t like cats’, say, ‘I have a preference for taking care of dogs.’.

Keep it short and simple

There is a common saying for all things written for the internet; TLDR, or Too Long Didn’t Read. If your profile is a bit of a slog to get through, most people will simply give up halfway through.

Try to keep your profile to around 250 words for the best results. You can make use of lists (which people love) to keep your profile neat and short. Start a new paragraph every two or three sentences, as this breaks up the information into easily digestible chunks.

Writing a trusted house sitter profile

The style of your profile should be a good mix of friendly and professional. Try to write as if you’re applying for a job (which technically you are). You want to show a little of your personality, but still come off as responsible enough for the position.

If you have any reviews from past house sitting jobs, you can include these in your profile. Pick two or three of your best reviews and add these in. Never make up reviews, as often these are easily checked and a false review is the quickest way to eliminate all trust. If you don’t have any reviews to share you can simply not include them.

Choose a photo that has been specifically taken for your profile page. Try not to use a photo that is on your personal social media pages. However if you have a professional social media page you can include those. Often people may reverse search an image and unless you’ve carefully curated your social media content it can go against you.

Plan out your profile into simple bite sized pieces. Start at the beginning and make notes for what you want to include. Then flesh out those ideas into workable sentences. When you finish writing be sure to edit out anything that sounds unusual or is repeated. For the best results in checking your writing, read your work out loud. This will show any bad spots that simply don’t work. Keep going until it reads smooth and everything you need to say is in there.

Before posting you can have someone else read over your profile. Then you’re all done! If your skills change you can edit your profile at a later date to update it. Hopefully this article has helped in getting your house sitter profile up to speed, and soon you’ll be wading through offers from people wanting you to sit for them!