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Geelong is located about a 1hr drive or 1hr 45min train ride, south-west of Melbourne. Geelong is Victotia's 2nd largest city. It sits in the beautiful Corio Bay area.

Would you like to go on a holiday without having to worry about your pet and your house? With Happy House Sitters Geelong, you can enjoy your holiday for extended periods of time without having to board your pet or hire expensive contractors to look after your garden.

Our network of reliable house sitters loacted in Geelong will care for your beloved pets whilst you're away. They'll even take good care of your home so everything remains exactly the way it was when you left. Long term house sitting in Geelong is very popular because it gives homeowners the freedom to travel as and when they need without requiring them to make too many last minute arrangements.

House and pet sitting in Geelong, Australia

The Waterfront esplanade has an old world carousel, as well as a curved art deco boardwalk and the sea bath at Eastern Beach. Scattered along The Waterfront are the colourful sculptures of the Baywalk Bollards.

What home owners need to know about house sitting in Geelong

  1. Sign up with Happy House Sitters to gain access to our network of experienced & registered Geelong house sitters. Our Geelong members are dedicated dog sitters and cat sitters. Create and post a free ad with information on what you’re looking for.
  2. Negotiate all tasks and duties that you require directly with the sitter, and offer free boarding in exchange for completing these tasks. Geelong has Long term house sitting and short-term house sitting.
  3. On top of all the convenience, it gives both the homeowner and the house sitter plenty of opportunities to save money.

  4. Geelong house sitters get to experience all the features of Geelong.

    You are only required to offer the Geelong house sitter free boarding in exchange for the wonderful work they do. You also get to negotiate all tasks and duties that you require directly with the sitter. Whether you want your mail collected, pool kept clean, plants watered or pet groomed, you can make your expectations known at the beginning.

    We have long-term house sits in Geelong and short-term sits. They can be long term or short term arranged for any duration. On top of all the convenience, it gives both the homeowner and the house sitter plenty of opportunities to save money.

    The Geelong Cats

    House and pet sitting accross Geelong

    Geelong is home to the mighty Geelong Cats AFL team. You'll be hard pressed to find anyone in Geelong who doesn't support the Cats.

    What house sitters need to know about house sitting in Geelong

    Demand for Geelong House sitters is always growing. Dog sitters and cat sitters in Geelong are always in demand. Singles, couples, retirees and people from all walks of life look for sitters throughout the year. We have long term and short to medium term house sitting in Geelong.

    As a long term house sitter in Geelong, you get to:

    1. Live in rent-free accommodations without having to worry about buying furniture and appliances or setting up utility connections
    2. Use the house sitting job to save money to buy your own home
    3. Be around and look after pets without paying rent
    4. Explore new suburbs & country towns
    5. To contact available house-sitting opportunities in Geelong, you are required to pay a small registraion fee, but once you've setup your account, you can get in touch with UNLIMITED house owners who have placed ads for home sitters. You'll also have the chance to directly talk to homeowners about their expectations, terms, and conditions, before agreeing to look after their pets and properties. Your member's page remains valid for the entire membership period and you can start looking for house minding opportunities immediately after you register.

      House minding opens many doors of opportunity. You get to explore new suburbs, maybe even temporarily relocate to a new city. From Victorian cottages to villas by the ocean, you may come across fantastic properties that need to be looked after. Victoria offers long beach walks, surfing, rural sites or the bustling city life.

      Hot Air Ballooning over Geelong

      House and pet sitting & hot air ballooning Geelong

      Hot air ballooning in Geelong is a wonderful experience. If you’ve always wanted to experience the calm thrill of soaring above land in a hot air balloon, Geelong is a great place to do it. After taking off from the launch field you’ll float over the city, the coastline, and the Bellarine Peninsula taking in the sights.

      What is unique about Happy House Sitters?

      Here at Happy House Sitters, it's our goal to make it as easy, and simply as possible for both homeowners and house sitters to find each other, connect, and negotiate states. Over the last 20 years we’ve helped thousands of homeowners in Geelong to find reliable and experienced users to mind their homes and look after their pets.

      Finding the right house or pet sitter in Geelong isn’t easy. This is why our online platform allows house sitters to apply for positions that match the dates they are available for, as well as the tasks that they are happy to carry out.

      If you’re ready to kick off your journey with Happy House Sitters, sign up here.