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References available, Non smoker, Experience with Domestic Animals, Experience with Farm Animals


At present I am available from 04/03/19!

Mature-Minded, Professional, Responsible & Experienced House/Pet Sitter! Single - 37 Years Old - Non-smoker - Social Drinker (rare) - Pescetarian.

Having experience in UK, WA, SA and Vic and NSW again, with a variety of animals including dogs, cats, birds, fish, rats, horses, a pony and chooks, I offer you and your pets the care-free companionship they require when you take off for work or pleasure... I did previous holiday sits in Sydney and the UK, with a big continuing stint in Sydney for two years (from 2010 - 2012) and I returned to house sits to travel from WA to NSW then (from end 2015 - date). A lot of ongoing relationships have occurred due to my time sitting for singles/couples.

Being both an animal lover and home-body, I can dedicate plenty of time to offering all furkids as close to their usual home life as they are accustomed, whilst ensuring any of the other needs around your home and property are met; according to any pre-arranged agreement upon meeting. I've taken on sits without meet and greets also so I am as flexible as possible depending on location when booked.

Testimonials/endorsements are previous sits in NSW, Vic, SA, WA and the UK, and available for you to review prior to discussing or meeting in order to assist with your decision making. Below will be a link to another profile I use (Aussie House Sitters) in order to review additional references that are posted by owners... Recent sits since returning to NSW have resulted in a great deal of call backs, repeats and/or referrals to friends and family; after a lot juggling trying to make unique/long term offers work, I aim to stick to one or two regions that are approx. an hour or so to the general area I am familiar with (South Coast) in order to gear up to live and work in a more stable fashion.

As you may notice from my pictures, I do also come with a little dog and this has not been a problem in securing sits along the way... including pet free sits. I can provide more images and some videos of Sammy with other animals to help reassure you and my references speak for themselves about his behaviour in other peoples homes, but I avoid applying for any I don't think would work on our end and never accept any if I feel the animals won't gel!!! He's not a fan of most big breeds... and cats can be hit / miss; but I've been able to do many sits that required cats/dogs to warm up to each other by cleverly using space. Sam was a rescue but has lived with me with other dogs for nearly 5 years... he is almost 7, healthy and vaccinated, house trained, and mellow within home when it's just us (i.e. not other people). We've just revisited training in a longer term sit and, although he's kept on a lead if there is no enclosed garden, his recall has been great in recent house sit where he's been able to run around in mature gardens! He is a lone wolf... but will enjoy a play with other little dogs and tends to be careful / submissive in other dogs homes and happily shares his beds and toys around. He's a lap dog but, if not allowed 'up', stays on floor.

You'll see from my references just how diverse the homes and animals; in terms of 100 acre property in SA with many horse, 100 acre pet free near Maitland and a variety of pet free in Sydney and coastal or country homes with dogs and cats (including 5 acres in the country and a home opposite the beach). These references do also highlight how I will maintain and leave your property (generally the cleanliness is appreciated and has often been noted as 'better than we left it' which is rewarding when owners return home). I've previously worked as a Community Support Worker where I assisted people in the community and in their homes as well as supplementing previous study periods as a cleaner.

I have studied and/or worked during my house sit periods and, currently, studying casually waiting for my Citizenship ceremony. I am a Permanent Resident and lived here 10 yrs.
I've provided this comprehensive profile in order to swiftly reply to advertised sits and feedback has suggested this is very helpful and reassuring for owners. I appreciate your time reviewing my personal information. Here is a link to my Aussie House Sitters profile:

We look forward to hearing from you!
Nicola (& Sammy)

PS The 'pink hair' picture is the most recent snap of Sammy and I in August 2018.