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Well, hello!

As a visual artist, based in Sydney, I’ve been pet-loving and home sitting for nearly three years. I also photograph, paint and make pet portraits.

I've always been a dog (cat, bird, fish) owner, and now have an‘extended’ family of pets in Sydney and surrounds. My last 'best mate', a Border Collie, was also a restauranteur, frequent flyer, co-driver, administrative assistant (although not that good at typing), 'serial sniffer' on walkies, and a seriously happy beastie.

Since specialising in pet sitting, I've looked after puppies, and ‘more mature’ furries. Greyhounds, Golden Retrievers, Terriers, Foxies, Staffies, Border Colies, all the ‘Oodle breeds’, Dingoes, and multiple cross breeds. Rag-Dolls, Siamese, Bengals, Vanilla Points, Burmese, Tabbies and run-of-the-mill purr machines. Not to be forgotten, also horses, chooks, fish, turtles and swearing corellas.

As I am my 'own business' I tend to work from my laptop for a reasonable percentage of the day (mundane stuff). Hence, I'm able to do this from your home, while enjoying the company of four-legged and winged sorts, and vice versa. I also do the more serious, and ‘less-mundane' duties of: letting your pets show me around the neighbourhood, undertaking serious human/animal chats, and doing all other jobs associated with loving furry, finned and winged beasties.

About me as a person: my interests include contemporary art, dining (in, or out), gardening, and the beach. It's also fair to say I'm a committed evening ABC/SBS watcher.

In terms of looking after your home, I consider myself a tidy and 'clean surface' person. Housework isn't an interesting job, and I go by the theory that if it can be done quickly, and maintained that way, all the better!

My requirements are simple: pets, (of course!) and bullet-proof instructions for techno objects I'm likely to use, particularly the telly! I have a written Agreement with owners, which outlines all the ‘nuts and bolts’ specifics, and nuances, of your furries’ and home. Oh, there is one thing I can’t do: large volumes of dust! Sorry, am allergic to the stuff.

I generally only do longer house sits (two-four weeks minimum). But hey, if there is a pet-sit that is outside of this time-frame, and I really engage with the owners/animals, I'll certainly consider it!





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