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I'm Den, a 36 year old Sydney born/raised non-smoking single male known for my sincerity and compassion, along with being open-minded, accepting and flexible. I speak English, Portuguese, Spanish and French. I work as both a Remedial Massage Therapist (which fur children/animals seem to take advantage of) and Casual/Substitute High School Teacher and was previously a Disability Support Worker. I enjoy walking and exploring new and different places.
If it means anything, I am (according to the Myers-Briggs personality types) an ENFP, making me what is sometimes known as an introverted extrovert (an extrovert with a strong introverted side).

An animal lover, I recently housesat a Japanese Spitz in the St George Area (a repeat housesit). Previous Sydney housesits include...
* Eastern Suburbs: a Schnoodle puppy
* Hills District: two dogs (a Schnoodle and a senior German Shepherd/Kelpie), four Domestic Shorthair cats and garden
* Inner-City: two small dogs (a Kelpie cross and a Chihuahua cross) and a Bengal cat; two Domestic Shorthair cats and a couple of plants; a senior Domestic Shorthair cat and a couple of plants
* Inner West: two dogs (a mutt and a Spoodle), two cats (a Burmese kitten and a Siamese) and two guinea pigs; a Domestic Shorthair cat and a large number of pot plants; a senior Italian Greyhound and garden
* Lower North Shore: two kittens (a Tortoiseshell Tabby and a Ragdoll/Moggy) and garden; a Japanese Spitz and plants
* Northern Suburbs: two small senior dogs (a King Charles Cavalier/Shih Tzu and a Poodle/Japanese Spitz), three senior birds (a Red-Collared Rainbow Lorikeet, a Scaly-Breasted Lorikeet and a Quaker), eight Goldfish, large garden and indoor plants
* Parramatta Area: two large senior dogs (a Husky and a Cattle cross) and garden
* St George Area: a senior Bitzer/Staffy dog and thirteen birds (seven Cockatiels and six Rainbow Lorikeets); a Japanese Spitz and plants
* South-Eastern Sydney: a senior Border Collie and a Domestic Shorthair cat; two Birman cats; two domestic cats (one shorthair, one medium/longhair) and garden
* Upper North Shore: two large dogs (a Border Collie/Labrador/Beagle and a Border Collie/Springer Spaniel pup), a Domestic Shorthair cat and garden; a senior Chinchilla cat and garden; a senior Jack Russell/Kelpie

Having rented with housemates over the years, I like keeping my space peaceful and tidy. Being a Remedial Massage Therapist and Casual Teacher, I am more flexible than the conventional 9-5 Mon-Fri worker. Unlike some house sitters, when I commit to a house sit, I commit - unless unforeseen circumstances force me to cancel, I will not be dropping a house sit (and never have, thus far) and have knocked back house sits which worked better for me out of respect for those I have committed to.
I will need parking (even if simply a driveway or street) for my car as part of any house sit.

Along with several referees, I have National Police History and NSW Working With Children checks which are available on request.



Georgina York (26/01/2020)


Andrew Barram (10/01/2020)


Lee McGrath (04/12/2019)


Rene Bernard (21/10/2019)


Helen Dodshon (29/09/2019)


Stephanie Trimas (29/08/2019)


Dr Mary Poynten (16/04/2019)


Trevor Huon (16/04/2019)


Karen Wong (27/02/2019)


Jane Lewis (19/01/2019)


Carol & Gary Logan (12/01/2019)


Savanna Rose (26/11/2018)


Sarah Gibbons (31/10/2018)

To Whom It May Concern, 13 September 2018 We recently went for a 3 week holiday and Denis agreed to house sit our home. We have a medium sized dog and thirteen birds (lorikeets and cockatiels) housed in 2 aviaries and two cages. Denis kept our home neat and tidy and made sure our pets were well looked after. He developed a good friendship with our dog and she was taken for a walk daily. The arrangement worked well and Denis was able to look after our home and pets and also manage his own life well. Routine tasks such as collecting mail and putting out wheelie bins weekly were obviously undertaken. We have no hesitation in recommending Denis for a house sit. Regards Gail and Chris Stratford Peakhurst, NSW

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Gail Stratford (13/09/2018)

Denis looked after our house, Abbey (our dog, who requires medication) and Daisy (our cat) while we were away recently. He came on board after the sitters we originally had arranged cancelled at the last minute. We arrived home from our holiday to find happy, healthy animals and a tidy house, our pets having warmed to his calm, quiet personality. Denis is reliable, trustworthy and honest and can be trusted to follow any written instructions you may leave. We would certainly like him to house sit for us again; although he is unavailable for our next holiday, he went out of his way to find a suitable candidate. We definitely recommend Denis and encourage you to take him up for housesitting.

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Rob Wood (15/09/2018)

Denis looked after our house,, two dogs and four cats while we were away recently for about three weeks. We arrived home to find happy, healthy animals and a tidy house. Denis is reliable, trustworthy and honest. Animals like his calm, quiet personality. Although he is relatively new to house sitting, and continues to learn, Denis can be trusted to follow any written instructions you may leave. We would certainly invite him to house sit for us again.. Bob and Margaret Knight, (May, 2018)

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Margaret Knight (14/05/2018)