Testimonials About our Trusted House Sitters

Leo, Melbourne

Thanks, I find happy house sitters very professional,and helpful,

Canberra, Vikki

Hi, many thanks for your great service. I was very happy with the site and the great sits we found.

Wendy and Mike, Bega

Many thanks for a delightful experience. We have bought a home in Bega,and no longer on the road. Your service was superb.

Liz, Ballarat, Vic

We have been a member of HHS for about 2 years. We have met some wonderful home-owners and pets during our time. Congratulations on the wonderful service you provide.

Suzanne, Brisbane

I wanted to start by saying that I loved being part of the house sitting community and want to thank you and your website for existing. I had some lovely housesits and met some lovely homeowners and pets via you.I would love to continue house sitting in the future using your site.

Jacki, Melbourne & Brisbane

I've done 36 back to back pet sits in Melb and Brisbane over the past 2 yrs, using this site ..it is a system where everyone wins, especially the pets.They get to stay safely in their own home.

Naomi, Melbourne


We became happy house sitters in April 2015. A friend we hadn't seen for many years was in our area at the time & told us what he was up to. He and his wife had been house sitting for 5 years, saving a large deposit for a home loan. They were currently house sitting nearby that's why we bumped into them.

We had already been signed up with another house sitting agency for more than 6 months, as we wanted to save money to do overseas volunteer work. Unfortunately we had failed to secure one house sit with that agency. So when our friend told us he was house sitting our first question was, "Who with?" Of course it was Happy House Sitters!

We joined almost straight away. Within 24 hours we were contacted by a home owner who had seen our profile & wanted to meet us to see if we would be suitable house & pet sitters in a few months time. The interview went well & we were given approval to house sit. In the meantime we had contacted another home owner whose house sitting dates fell before the first booking we already had. We were also successfully approved for that house sit as well.

The two bookings we had fell June-July & July-Sept with only a weekend to separate them which gave us time to go visit family & return for the second sit. Our experiences have only been favourable & enabled us to save for our trip. We are currently 6 months into our 9 month sojourn & it's been going exceptionally well.

We continue to receive the email updates from Happy House Sitters just in case we need to house sit again on our return.

Thank you to your team,

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Janina and Brad, Sydney


I'd like to cancel my membership we've left Australia and can't house sit there any longer :( We've had an amazing house sitting experience through your website and we were really happy with your service :) Keep up the good work!

Janina & Brad

Marie, Melbourne

Over Christmas I had a most successful house sit for 3 weeks for a lovely family (and dog) in Melbourne. It was so successful that we have become great friends!
Thank you ‘Happy Housesitters’

Michael, Perth

I have looked at your new website and find it to be so nicely presented and wonderful in appearance and functionality; well done. I'm confident that it will continue to attract more interest from new users as well as retain loyalty of current users