Testimonials About our Trusted House Sitters

Evie, QLD

I can totally recommend House Sitting as a way of life.... We are now settled in our new home up here, and if it wasn't for happy House Sitters, I don't know what we would have done. it saved us so much stress and money.
Thank you

Heather, Lismore

What I love is that if I call the house sitting phone number you get a real person on the phone and your details are updated there and then. wooo hoo, that is amazing in this day and age.

Katrina, ACT

I have been a housesitter on and off for about 3 cumulative years as the result of engagements from your website.
It has been a wonderful opportunity for me to not only save money, but also experience different areas in my geography, live in some beautiful homes and meet new friends and care for their lovely pets. I cannot speak too highly of the service you provide in giving the ability to match up homeowners and housesitters.

Emily, Melbourne

It only takes a short time for them to bond to their 'petsitters' and I think they enjoy being spoilt! I've been invited back for future housesits and am now booked up until the end of the year. This is by far the best housesitting website I've found, I would highly recommend it.

Elizabeth, Fiji

We were so grateful to house/puppy sit as we live in the Fiji Islands and with limited funds we had to find a way that we could find good accommodation at a reasonable cost. We could not have done this but for the opportunity through HappyHouseSitters.

Judith, QLD

I recommend this site to all I speak with, my Family say I am never home and that's just how I like it,who knows next I year will Travel interstate to spread the word, The references I have obtained show the reliability of myself and this site.

Keep up this great site

Pauline, Central Coast

Perhaps we'll continue house sitting indefinitely it is so good. Take the plunge: you have nothing to lose except meeting new people and living in different areas. I highly recommend house sitting with Happy House Sitters for their notifications and easy to use web site.

Kendall, Sydney

Hi there,
My name is Kendall, I have been using and absolutely loving your site since the start of the year! I have had many successful, fun and uncomplicated house sits!
I have spread the word of how amazing you guys are at work.. I'm a beauty therapist- we talk,alot!

Jen, Brisbane

Thank you for your fantastic site, I have some great houses to sit bringing me up to the middle of January 2013. This is all I require, can you please delete my profile.
Warm regards

Ana, Melbourne

Happy House Sitters has been an opportunity of a lifetime! I have been house sitting permanently for nearly 6 months now, every house sit through this website, and have enjoyed every minute. The website is user friendly and sends me prompt updates, which is key when you need to arrange the next sit. I have developed friendships that will be long standing, both with the owners and their pets, and it wouldn't be possible without a service like this. Thank you :)