Testimonials About our Trusted House Sitters

Jen, Brisbane

Thank you for your fantastic site, I have some great houses to sit bringing me up to the middle of January 2013. This is all I require, can you please delete my profile.
Warm regards

Ana, Melbourne

Happy House Sitters has been an opportunity of a lifetime! I have been house sitting permanently for nearly 6 months now, every house sit through this website, and have enjoyed every minute. The website is user friendly and sends me prompt updates, which is key when you need to arrange the next sit. I have developed friendships that will be long standing, both with the owners and their pets, and it wouldn't be possible without a service like this. Thank you :)

Christine, Sydney

My name is Christine and I have had many rewards from house sitting and not only that if saving money. I am an animal lover first which really has to be one of the main reasons for house sitting.
I have met wonderful people who have opened their homes to me and even more, I felt their warmth and gratitude. I want to continue house sitting mainly because I understand the positives and the rewards I have from doing the housesitting. I have become close to some of the homeowners so I am enlarging my circle of friends.
Thank you Ruth and Malcolm for providing these opportunities via you website. I always recommend your website to others.
Regards Christine

Christine, Perth

Hi, My husband and I have been house sitting for aprox 2 years now and are really enjoying the experience. We intend to take house sitting around Australia in the not too distant future but in the meantime thought we would try it out locally. When not house sitting we share a duplex home with my mother. House sitting has given us the opportunity to experience living in a different part of our city as well as a scrumptious holiday right on the beach at the Sunshine Coast just for looking after 2 very cute puppies. We have met some wonderful people, all with their own individual stories as well as their much loved pets.

For anyone considering house sitting I would say "Go For It". House sitting has been a very positive experience for us.

Bernice, Melbourne

I have had a couple of wonderful sits in homes close to where they live. Means I can spend time with them through the day, have somewhere to recharge my batteries when they wear me out and a happy face to welcome me home in the evening. I have even taken the dog with me to visit the children for the day.

Because I fly in I have been fortunate to have the people I am sitting for give me the use of their car while they are away, such a bonus, as I was able to take them to the airport and take my charge to the dog park to play with his friends and visit my daughter with ease.
So far I have only used your service in Queensland but I have a growing family in NSW and plan on unseeing your services around Newcastle soon as well.

Dave & Vivian, Melbourne

My wife and I recently spent 4 months in Melbourne visiting our daughter and family who live in Mordialloc. For the whole of that time,except for 2 weeks, we became very happy houseitters in homes near Frankston, at Beaumaris and close to Aspendale Beach, a short walk from our daughter's home. On one occasion we saw a very similar property advertised as a holiday let for $3,000 per week, albeiit in high season, the same time as ours. On the other two properties we were afforded the use of a vehicle, one of which was a Holden Executive, the other a Subaru Outback AWD.

Needless to say that we would not have been able to afford to stay as long as we did without housesitting and the independence that it gave us was valuable both to ourselves and our daughter and family.

Mike, Victoria

Our subscription is just about finished after a wonderful 12 months - firstly we thank you for such a great web site and also for providing us with the necessary tools to meet new people, help them out and see some of the country as well in the process. Can you please advise us on another 12 months subscription but this time in rural Victoria.

Anna, Sydney

Firstly, I want to thank you for the service your business has provided for me. The success of my house sitting opportunities in the last year has allowed me to get out of debt and save enough money to quit my job in Sydney and take a year off to volunteer around Central and South America. I am very VERY interested in continuing my membership but will not be returning to Australia until April 2014.

Patrica & Howard, Sydney

We have just returned home to Spain after house sitting in Australia back to back for the past 5 months....we would like to say thank you as two sits were undertaken via your site and we have become firm friends with the house owners. We would be unable to spend as much time visiting our son and family without sites such as yours so thank you and we will be back again in the very near future. Kind regards Patricia and Howard

Frances, Traveled Australia

Hi Ruth,

We have been fortunate to arrange many house sits via Happy House Sitters and I have recommended the site to countless people who have all gone on to become customers as well. We are currently sitting in the wealthiest area in the whole of Australia thanks to Happy House Sitters.

Just wanted to say thank you for providing a great service, we have been sitting for 18 months full time and never looked back. Best Wishes Frances