Testimonials About our Trusted House Sitters

Janina and Brad, Sydney


I'd like to cancel my membership we've left Australia and can't house sit there any longer :( We've had an amazing house sitting experience through your website and we were really happy with your service :) Keep up the good work!

Janina & Brad

Marie, Melbourne

Over Christmas I had a most successful house sit for 3 weeks for a lovely family (and dog) in Melbourne. It was so successful that we have become great friends!
Thank you ‘Happy Housesitters’

Michael, Perth

I have looked at your new website and find it to be so nicely presented and wonderful in appearance and functionality; well done. I'm confident that it will continue to attract more interest from new users as well as retain loyalty of current users

Lisa, Melbourne

Folks Just a quick note for feedback to say - congratulations on such a clean and easy to use website. Looking very good! I look forward to connecting with more happy hosts through your great service! Regards, Lisa

Jamie, Melbourne

As a Happy House Sitter I enjoy being able to meet people and travel to different locations. Being a house sitter is also a great way to save money as you know. Most times
the home owner I am house sitting for are happy for me to entertain friends and family in their home. I like to introduce my friends first to the home owner. Some times I keep in
contact with the home owners. Other times its strictly professional. In all its a good experience.

Kirsten, Sydney

I have just purchased my own apartment - so the last year of house-sitting has certainly paid off ! I move in on 24th October

Terry, Brisbane

Terry and I have managed to find a house sit through your service with David and Sue in Queensland for the next 12 months and wanted to let you know so you can take our ad out.

Catherine, Brisbane

It was a great way to live very cheaply. My husband and I were going through a very amicable separation and it was a nice way to not add any more debts and financial complications to our lives. I got to stay in a lovely home and 1 know she appreciated having someone there who was very handy in the kitchen - as I always had something whipped up for her when she occasionally would fly back to visit! As a result of my stay in Sheryl's house (Sheryl Scott) we have now become really good friends - a bonus we didn't expect! We stay in touch and talk regularly. Thank you for your service. I recommend this for anyone!

Peter, Gold Coast

Just a quick note to let you know that a couple whose house I sat for three months last year have just contacted me, asking that I look after their place again – this time for six months.

As it’s on the Gold Coast and means I’ll miss a Melbourne winter, I think it’s fair to say I’m ecstatic. Thanks to Happy House Sitters.

Anny, Melbourne

We would just like to let you know that we are currently house sitting in Bulisbrook which we negotiated via your web site & we are having a wonderful time .. The house owners are, very hospitable & we have been able to make ourselves completely at home at their insistence. The animals are very friendly & all is working out extremely well for both sides.