Testimonials About our Trusted House Sitters

Kathleen, Brisbane

I'm happy (very!) to have arranged a 12 month sit (via Happy House Sitters) finishing in early August next year.

Linda, Gold Coast

I didn’t realise there would be so many opportunities to house sit. After all the traveling and looking we have found what could almost be described as heaven and we have decided to live here. We have had lots of great house sits with Happy House Sitters. Again thank you but we shall no longer be house sitting, so you can take us off your list.

Wendy, Sydney

Thanks for your help Malcolm and I must say I have had quite a few good sits off your site - it is much better than the Housecarers site that I am registered on as well.

Amos, Melbourne

Hello my name is amos and I am registered with you but I now have a permanent house sitting arrangement which I found through your network and it has worked out really well. Due to this fact I would appreciate it if I could be taken off the list so far as receiving emails regarding new sits. Thanks for your help, you have a FANTASTIC site.

Christine, Sydney

Thank you. Your service is an excellent one and has helped me enormously over the last year after leaving a long term relationship with nothing and having nowhere to live.

I had several long term sits that worked out perfectly.

Mary & Peter, Melbourne

Thanks for your service over the past 12 months, it has been fantastic.

We have had eight excellent house sit jobs.

Jane, Melbourne

I've been having a great time house sitting since September and would recommend you guys to anyone!! I'm heading off travelling overseas now though for quite a while so would like to suspend my membership for the moment.

Danielle, Canberra

We have been house sitting through Happy House Sitters for 4 years now and have enjoyed every second of it. We started out in fairly large debt (10k -credit card) and rental issues with one really old car that was constantly breaking down and other residual debt. "We had our ass hanging out of our pants!" for about 1 year after we began sitting, but the improvements were gradual and then we began to start saving only about 2 years ago, so really, the savings can be accomplished in a very short time-frame if you're disciplined and aren't tempted to spend it! We saved one full salary (went straight into an online savings account) and lived off the other.

Peter, Traveling Australia

We have been recommending your services to other house owners who we have met whilst out walking the dogs in Australia. At times it was hectic trying to get from one sit to another, especially the swap over from Melbourne to Sydney in 12 hours. Thank you once again for your service which we will definitely use again.

George & Patrica, VA, USA

Thank you for the opportunity to housesit while we visited Australia. We had an enjoyable experience and look forward to doing it again on a return trip.