Testimonials About our Trusted House Sitters

Lisa, Sydney

I’ve had good success with the site and was very happy to confirm my first house sit through the site only seven days after registering. I’ve had a total of four house sits through Happy House sitters in twelve months, but could have had more if I was available. My own contacts and referrals have kept me close to fully booked at other times. I’m currently booked out! With over a years experience, I’m now keen to secure longer term assignments wherever possible. I’m just about to move on to a 5 ½ month assignment.

Narelle, Sydney

We have been housesitting through your website for over 2 years. I would like to thank you for a wonderful service that you offer. Housesitting for the past 2 years has allowed us to save for our first home. We have looked after many homes and pets and have truly enjoyed the experience.We have often recommended your service to friends and family.

Marlene & Gary, Melbourne

Thanks for your service over the past (almost) four years. We have had a great time travelling and meeting new people.

Denise, Brisbane

As I have found a delightful house sit to see me to the end of my stay in Brisbane I would like to freeze my account until I have need of it again. I have been very impressed with the service and would definitely recommend you to others. Having been involved with other agencies, yours has been the best. I especially like the way you notify sitters of houses in their nominated areas, this is very helpful and enables a sitter to get in early and apply. Many thanks.

Jan, Perth

Hello Malcolm, Our new home is finished so we don’t need a housesit now. I registered with 3 other agencies as well and apart from 1 housesit, all others came from your well-run business. We’d certainly recommend you to anyone. One agency we actually paid to register and never received 1 offer of a housesit, let alone a ‘phone call from them.

Mark, Melbourne

Hi there,

We have been members of your website for the past couple of years and just wanted to say a huge thank you for such a valuable resource. We have been house sitting full time (just going from house to house with no home base) for two and a half years now, to save money for our wedding and to buy our own place. So we needed to have a constant stream of sits to go to and without your website that just wouldn’t have been possible.

Leslee, Sydney

Over the last two years I have booked at least six house sitting assignments through your service, in between the many others from my own contacts and referrals. I will definitely register again If I have need in the future.

Rebecca, Melbourne


I have only been a member of your website for 1 month but have already secured two assignments for a total of 7 weeks. I would just like to say thankyou for running such a good website and I look forward more assignments to come.
Thanks, Rebecca

Lesleigh, Melbourne

Your website is really great, and easy to navigate, and allows all parties as much privacy as they desire. We are very grateful for the assistance you have given us, and look forward to many more house-sits. We have met some wonderful home owners, and they will no doubt become friends. We have already been invited back to our first “friend”.

We would highly recommend your web site to anyone who is interested in house sitting.
Kind Regards, -

Anthony & Wollow, Melbourne

We joined your company about a year ago and we had two very happy housesites in Melbourne when we came to visit my daughter in Australia.We would happily recommend the site to all our friends Thank you Willow and Tony