Testimonials About our Trusted House Sitters

John & Karen, Darwin

We have had great success with Happy House Sitters whilst in Darwin!
Living and travelling as we do in a caravan, the site was a must for us because Darwin caravan parks are expensive and very limited with a dog. Without housesits we wouldn’t have stayed here very long. It saves us around $300 a week for a site and power, so the joining fee was excellent value. We’ve enjoyed all sorts of homes both in suburban and rural Darwin.

Robyn, Newcastle

I have only been house sitting for a short time but hope to continue on for some time to come. It suits my circumstances very much in that I can travel and then have time in comfortable surroundings and get to know a new area. I find Happy House Sitters website great.

Katherine, Brisbane

I am now getting a lot of repeat house sits, the owners are really happy with me and ask me to come back instead of advertising again on Happy Housesitters, all of the animals are especially wonderful :) I have loved looking after all of them, no unusual animals just some very spoilt ones, one dog in particular actually walks around with a security blanket in his mouth, I have saved money for sure.

Helen, Perth

I am currently housesitting on a longterm basis.. and this is through using your site... yes... i have made many friends from these engagements.... and have many people who would use me again... :)
its all good and has been a wonderful journey full of interests and a miriad of experiences... Your service is one that i would recommend both to friends... and home owners looking for help with caring for their pets and homes in the future... I have had many successes and look forward to using your site again...

Diana, Perth

A friend recommended your site and it was much better than some of the other house sitting sites I've come across. I have been so fortunate. After I signed up with your website, I looked through the different homes that came up. It was important that it suited me as well as the owners. There were only 2 homes I emailed a request to, the first rejected me and the 2nd asked to meet up. They are a lovely English couple with a beautiful place in Bateman. They have a lovely little dog called Lacey who is adored by children and are away for 4 months. It's been such a pleasure to look after their place...they have a pool which I spend more time maintaining/cleaning than being in there (looks great), a lovely garden, great house and lovely ambiance.
Each day I am grateful to be staying at my own 'retreat'.

Sheibra, Sydney

We have had the most amazingly good time \through house sitting for Happy housesitters. We have looked after some beautiful animals. We love animals so this has always been a thrill. We took our small shi itsu x poodle Carlos with us and he got on so well with all the animals. I think it was a thrill for the house animals to have another dog visiting them.'...I recommend the fun and experience of looking after the dogs for people who seek house sitting. It is the best thing.

Thelma, ACT

We have been house sitting for about nine months now and really enjoy the sitting. We have saved money on rent and utilities for most of that time which amounts to a great saving. The service is great we have very good updates on prospective house sits and I would recommend the service to anyone.

Kylie, Perth

We are currently in our first house sit and have the pleasure of looking after two wonderful dogs in Maida Vale. The only down side is we will have to say goodbye to the dogs, we are having way too much of a good time with them. We have several house sits organised to cover us for accommodation from April - Nov 2011. As our new home is scheduled to be complete late November, we thought this would be a great opportunity to live in some different areas, and also save money as we where renting previously.

We are having a great time, and have recommended the site to friends contemplating the same.

Janet & Noel, Brisbane

We have just completed our first house sit at Wakerley, Brisbane. It was hugely successful.....so much so that the owners would like us to go back next year!!! it was ideal for us ...just ten mins away from our son at Capalaba and one cat to look after who adopted us, especially Noel, like we were his family.

We so appreciate your website and have spread the word about it to lots of folk in NZ and Australia. Especially appreciate the regular up dates letting us know what is available.

Diane, Perth

At present we are doing a long term housesit. The home is very well cared for, the owners have been very thoughtful and supplied everything we could possibly want for a very comfortable stay (we chose to use our own sheets and towels). We have certainly saved money, all in all it has been a very positive experience and one we shall certainly be repeating. We met with the owners three times prior to the sit commencing, the last time was purely for a social lunch as we had all become friendly over the previous visits. As we will be travelling around Australia, we will be increasing our membership to take in more areas.