Testimonials About our Trusted House Sitters

Happy House Sitters talk about their experiences:

  • The success they have had in regularly finding homes to sit
  • The wide selection of quality homes available in desirable areas
  • All the money they have saved in rent!

Elizabeth, Melbourne

Hi again,

Thankyou again for your phone call this morning -it made such a difference to my day!
I'm very happy with Happy House Sitters, and have had some great experiences over the last two years house sitting.

I would like to re-commence my membership and re-open my account.

Again, I really appreciate your warmth and such immediate help this morning -absolutely brilliant customer service,

Kind Regards,


Sally and Ben, Brisbane

Thank you for facilitating our really enjoyable experience of house sitting. We had just moved to Melbourne and weren't sure which area we wanted to live in. House/Pet sitting gave us a wonderful (and affordable!) opportunity to stay in different parts of the city before deciding where we wanted to settle. Plus we got to cuddle many fur-babies along the way. We definitely recommend Happy Housesitters for those looking to do some sitting.

Best wishes,

Sally and Ben

Jacqui, Sydney

Hello Malcolm

Thanks for this. I have found your site very good in enabling me to find suitable housesits. I have had mostly very positive experiences.

I am sorry that for the foreseeable future I won’t be seeking housesits as my husband is seriously unwell.

I shall certainly recommend your site to anyone I meet who may be interested.

Kind regards

Mary-Anne, Around Australia

"Our experience has been excellent! We lived in a beautiful home for nearly 3 weeks and had the added bonus of 2 dogs, 2 cats and 2 fish. The home had a pool, wonderful outdoor facilities, in for theatre room and room for our caravan and we were able to bring our own dog to play with the little boys! The home owners had a great trip away together with the knowledge that we were caring for their home and loved ones. Thank you "Happy House Sitters".

Gene & Cecily, Sunshine Coast

Good day,

We've secured six house sits since landing in Australia on the 8th May 2018, and are extremely happy with your website.

We are now heading home to South Africa for a few months and request that you please suspend our account until we'll need it again on our return.

Kind regards,

Eugene & Cecily

Lissa, Sydney

I have been a member of Happy House Sitters for twelve months or more and can highly recommend them to anyone looking for a quality run, easy to use site for either sitters or home owners. After two years of FT house sitting I am on my final and longest sit but will be back in future if I take up the lifestyle again.

Sharon, Sydney

Thanks for doing such a great job with the site. It really is the best one I've used!

Sharon :-)

Brit and Monash, Melbourne

Am writing to thank you for your well organised site. Also your availability to solve even the smallest problems is appreciated. It feels like the personal touch is there, in a genuine way.
So thanks for looking after us.
Much appreciated.
Britt and Monash

Leo, Melbourne

Thanks, I find happy house sitters very professional,and helpful,

Canberra, Vikki

Hi, many thanks for your great service. I was very happy with the site and the great sits we found.