Testimonials About our Trusted House Sitters

Home owners talk about:

  • How quickly house-sitters respond to their advertisement
  • The wide choice of keen, quality and experienced sitters listed on our site from available all over Australia
  • How happy they were with their choice of sitter

Natalie, Sydney

We are just writing to say what a fantastic service you provide. We recently listed our home for a house sit and within a week had a number of responses. After interviewing a
few people we decided on one particular person to care for our home and animals while we were away. This was the first time that we have used a service like this and although we had some 'nerves' about leaving our home to a complete stranger; we followed the guidelines on your website and everything worked out really well.

Cathy, Sydney

I did find that out of about 50 advertised sitters that we contacted only two were available for the time we required as most of the others were house sitting. I would suggest people look early for their sitters, once again thank you as we would not have enjoyed our trip without your assistance from your website in finding a sitter.

Moria, Sydney

also wanted to let you know how incredibly impressed I have been with your service and with the quality of the people who contacted me. I had 12 responses within 24 hours AND I think that almost all of them would have been more than suitable. Choosing between such good people was the most difficult part of this whole experience for me.

Toni, Melbourne

I used a house sitter that answered my ad on your site and she was fabulous, and I will use her again.
Thanks again, your service is great.

Sheryl, Perth

Hi - we have just returned from holidays and used Alana Maddaford, one of your sitters to mind our house and animals. She did a great job and the animals were clearly well cared for - their tummies are quite a bit closer to the ground!! ...Thanks for a great service!

Abbie, Brisbane

Yes I had great service from the house sitters site and I found a wonderful couple to look after my dogs. I was very happy with them and will use them in the future

Marion, Canberra

Received a reply to my ad and was very happy with the people who house sat for me - their name Tony & Jane -I would definitely recommend your service.

Leanne and Michael, Sydney

We have had many house sitters in the past and turned to your site in desperation as we weren't happy with any of them (and I don't think we're that hard to please). The couple we chose from your site (Alex and Jeanie) were excellent.

Melissa, Melbourne

Thank you, I did find a good sitter and found your website extremely helpful. I had many responses and lots of people to choose from.

Sasha, Melbourne

Thanks to your wonderful website and service, I have had an outstanding response and have allocated a superb house sitter.
I am delighted, forever grateful that your wonderful service is prompt and assists all. I'd be happy with fridge magnets even
though I'm hardly home these days and would be delighted to pass them on to those in need. What ever you do, it works,
so stick at it and keep up the great work. I wish you every success in your business and support it thoroughly.