Waiver + Terms and Conditions

We aim to be as transparent as possible. Before you join as a paid member you can have a free guest account. This allows you the same search privileges as a full member without being able to contact the home owners.

Refund Policy

You are entitled to a refund if ...

 1.  The goods or service do not work as described to you. This means, if the service does not work as described on the web site.

2.  The goods or service does not match the sample shown. This would occur if the ads on the members page are not the same as the ads on the guest page.

3.  If the goods or service are faulty.

You are not entitled to a refund if...

1. You cannot provide proof of purchase.

2. You have simply changed your mind.

3. You discovered the goods or services cheaper elsewhere.

4. You were not selected for a house sit. We have no control over which sitters owners select to house sit for them.

5. Your circumstances change.

6. A home owner did not open/return your email(s).

7. The home owner failed to remove the ad after the sit has been filled.

8. You have sent a message to a home owner or responded to a message from a home owner.

9. The home owner removed the ad. We don't sell memberships for specific sits. Memberships last for a period of time.

10. Your membership has not yet expired.

11. The owner cancelled the sit.

12. If you use HHS to solicit customers for another business or via a competitor website and/or charge home owners for your service.

13. You have left Australia and can't use the service. However, your membership can be suspended or transferred to another person of your choosing. 

14. If you can not use your chosen email because the email provider has temporary sending issues eg. It is common for Yahoo and Outlook to have lots of issues. You are welcome to change to another email provider. We recommend Gmail as it is the most reliable. Note: We do not have any control over email providers.

15. The owner charges for utilities. An owner may charge for utilities used but can not charge rent.

16. If there have been multiple complaints about you. 


 Source: Adapted from Consumer Affairs Victoria   www.consumer.vic.gov.au


Suspending your account

12 and 18 month memberships may be frozen and reactivated if you are going away or decide to rent and are unable to house sit, but you can not freeze your account while you are house sitting. Four (4) month memberships can not be suspended.

Our Guarantee
12 and 18 month memberships are eligible for a $30 refund if the member does not find a house sit to apply for by the end of their membership.
1. You must have a detailed profile
2. You must have uploaded at least 1 photo
3. Guarantee does not apply to discounted memberships

Delivery Policy

You will receive an activation email from us as soon as your registration form and payment (except Free Trial sitters and home owners) are received.

 Termination / suspension of service

 Happy House Sitters reserves the sole right to suspend or terminate access to the Happy House Sitters web site without notice if:

1.  a person using this service is found to have stolen, caused accidental or non accidental damage to a person's property without replacement of said property; or

2.  a person fails to return a person's property at the end of a house sit; or

3.  causes/allows, through their action or inaction, an animal in their care to suffer any form of animal cruelty or neglect; or

4.  if a member allows a non member access to the site via their member's account or

5. A person uses HHS to solicit customers for another business for via a competitor website and/or charges home owners found on HHS.

A person's membership may be suspended or terminated, at the sole discretion of Happy House Sitters if they post inappropriate content on the site or breach any of the terms and conditions outlined on this page. If a member's account is terminated, said member shall forfeit their membership fee.

Web site content and privacy

 Happy House Sitters, in its absolute and sole discretion and without notice, reserves the right to edit, remove or restrict any content posted on the site at any time and for any reason.

 Your contact details will not be provided to other members.

Members can only contact each other through the site's internal messaging system or if you give out your contact details.



HAPPY HOUSE SITTERS does NOT 'screen' anyone who lists with us.  We make no endorsement, warranty or representation as to the qualifications or credentials of any person listed with our service.  We do not check the accuracy of or make any representation as to the correctness of any information placed on the site by a house sitter or home owner.  It is the responsibility of our customers (whether they be house sitters or home owners) to verify the information provided by and ensure they are satisfied with any house sitter and or home owner.  You agree that HAPPY HOUSE SITTERS is not responsible or liable for any loss that may occur because of your dealings with a house sitter or home owner as the case may be.  

All persons listed with HAPPY HOUSE SITTERS are independent of and not in anyway to be considered employees or agents of HAPPY HOUSE SITTERS

All listings are entered by the house sitter or home owner. No responsibility is accepted for the truthfulness of said information.

HAPPY HOUSE SITTERS, its owners or staff is not liable for any direct or indirect consequences of any action or inaction made by anyone using this service.

Collection of Data

1. How do we collect information?
Happy House Sitters collects Personal information:-
  • directly from you (unless it is unreasonable or impracticable to do so) when you contact our business number or fill in an enquiry form; and

  • third parties – other companies within our group, or affiliate or partner companies that are connected with us, public records or bodies or private organisations. There may be occasions where we need to source Personal Information about you from a third party.  For example, we may collect Personal Information from a credit reporting agency, an information service provider or from a publicly maintained record. We also use third parties to analyse website traffic.

The Personal Information is collected and held only to the extent reasonably necessary for one or more of Happy House Sitters’ functions or activities.  These functions or activities include, but are not limited to, the sale, promotion and distribution of its services by direct to customer marketing as well as on-line advertising and marketing.

Any person may access or use the Website via the internet without registering with or disclosing any personally identifying Personal Information to Happy House Sitters.

Where lawful and practicable, individuals have the option of not identifying themselves (remaining anonymous or using a pseudonym) when dealing with Happy House Sitters. 

What type of Personal Information do we collect?

Personal Information collected and held by Happy House Sitters during our relationship with you may include (and is not limited to):
  • your email address; first name; last name; contact details; postcode; country of residence; telephone numbers; personal information in surveys; testimonials/customer reviews and complaints; and information relating to your dealings with us;
  • Any Personal Information you volunteer while using this Website (including via cookies)
Why we collect Personal Information?
The purposes for which we collect your Personal Information may include providing you with services, information and content or information about Happy House Sitters’ services, promotions or services or improving our services.
Happy House Sitters may place a “cookie” (a small text or pixel file) on any computer you use to access this Website, which, among other things, assists Happy House Sitters to provide you with an easy-to-use Website. When you revisit this Website, the cookie will enable Happy House Sitters to recognise you as a previous user.    More information on cookies can generally be found in the “help” (or similar) section of your computer’s internet web browser.  If you do not want to receive cookies, you can change your browser settings. If you use this Website without changing your browser settings, we will assume that you are happy to receive cookies on this Website.
Cookies help us know who you are so we can show content that is most relevant to you, including features, products and promotions. We use your cookies to improve your website experience and serve you with relevant information and promotional offers based on your onsite behaviour. They help us improve our service features and let us know if someone engages or is attempting to engage in activity that violates our terms and conditions.
Unsolicited Personal Information
If Happy House Sitters receives unsolicited Personal Information about an individual, Happy House Sitters will take steps to afford that information the same privacy protection as solicited Personal Information or destroy or de-identify that information if it lawful and reasonable to do so and only if the information is not contained in a Commonwealth record.

2. Use and disclosure
Happy House Sitters may use your Personal Information:
2.1 for the purposes for which it is collected (primary purpose) and for any related purposes (secondary purpose), including:
  • where necessary or desirable in connection with the provision of this Website, the Website materials and our services to you;
  • to manage Happy House Sitters’ relationship with you; and
  • to obtain professional,  technical, administrative or other advice and services in connection with the operation of Happy House Sitters’ business. For example to provide assistance to you.
2.2 to provide you with information about services and promotional offers available from Happy House Sitters;
2.3 to investigate, prevent or take action regarding any breach or suspected breach by you of the Website terms of use, the Privacy Policy, any law or the rights of any person or to address complaints;
2.4 to research and enhance our services;
2.5 to persons who acquire or expresses an interest in acquiring all or any part of Happy House Sitters’ business;
2.6 as required or authorised by or under Australian  law or a court or Tribunal order;
2.7 as required by an enforcement body for one or more enforcement related activities as defined under the Act; and
2.8 for any other purpose to which you subsequently consent from time to time.
Direct Marketing
If you provide Personal Information you consented to the use and disclosure for this purpose. Happy House Sitters may use and disclose an individual’s Personal Information (excluding sensitive information)  to provide you with information about:
  • this Website, the website materials and the services; and
  • Happy House Sitters’ services and any promotional material in connection with those services.
We may contact you via email, SMS or other means in order to provide you with updated information about the Website, in relation to events or to provide you with other information or promotions about our products.
Please note when you enquire to receive information about our services you expressly consent to receiving marketing communications for our services.  You may opt out of receiving marketing communications from Happy House Sitters by following the unsubscribe instructions on email correspondence to you or by contacting us via the details below (or via this Website).
You may also contact us via the website to let us know that you do not want to receive marketing communications from Happy House Sitters. You may also unsubscribe at any time.
The Act provides exceptions to the use and disclosure requirements such in circumstances where Happy House Sitters is assisting in locating a missing person, for the establishment , exercise or defence of a legal or equitable claim or for the purpose of a confidential alternative dispute resolution process.