Coffee with your pooch, so Melbourne

There’s not much that can beat going for a walk with your dog and stopping off at a local café. Dog-friendly cafes in Melbourne are the rage. Sitting down and enjoying a coffee as the cool air surrounds you and other people are busy heading off to work. Oh those poor suckers. But in that you are left with a slight conundrum, what if the café doesn’t let you sit with your dog? Even in the alfresco area many café’s just do not permit dogs at all. However, the good news as always many are seeing the light and starting to permit dogs as a part of their custom. Some are even providing special menu items that specifically cater to our furry mates.


Probably the biggest element stopping many café’s to converting to pooch friendly spaces is the hygiene requirements. For example, dogs cannot be permitted inside where food is prepared. This means that even though your pooch is welcome for the most part they must remain outside. This law has seen many cafes install side entrance that lead to garden areas at the rear of their properties. You could expect to see a secluded garden café with many doggy mates enjoying the area together.

Even though pet ownership in Australia is one of the highest in the world we yet have a long way to go in terms of catering for the animals in our lives. Coupled with our unique environment, it is unfortunate that our pets are not allowed in many areas. Therefore it is a must to plan out any day that will involve our poets, other than simply going for a walk! 

If you are not local to an area it can be difficult, especially if your furry companion has special needs. A search online could reveal many places in your area that are ‘dog friendly’. Planning is key to finding the perfect day out. Any business that is truly dog friendly will have no issue with a quick phone call. Especially if you are interested in finding out what they expect from owners and their animals.

If you’re staying in Melbourne here is a selection of our favourite dog-friendly café’s. You can get something special and perhaps a little something for your mates.

Old Man Drew – Ascot Vale

The Old Man Drew offers a special sectioned off area in the garden for dogs and their owners. This creates a perfect space for those that love dogs and those that’d rather be on the other side of the fence. If you want to meet up with other like-minded people then give Old Man Drew a visit.

The Dog House – Collingwood

The Dog House is a little bit different to most dog-friendly cafes, in that it is more of a dog café! The menu items are specifically catered for our four-legged friends. It has a limited menu for humans (coffee and juices), so it’s perfect for a stop by to get your pup something special. Here you can bet it’ll be a tail-wagging time!

The Tipsy Cow – Port Melbourne

When you are looking for something a bit more than coffee and a light snack The Tipsy Cow might just suit. Offering a full bar, pizza and pasta dishes. You can sit here and enjoy an excellent meal with your dog by your side.