Walking on the beach can be a perfect way to get some much-needed exercise for your dog. Even on the worst days, the beach can offer excellent opportunities to run and swim, and a sandy path can give that added interesting texture for them to walk on, great for soothing sore paws caused by constant walking on hard and hot pavement. Make sure to take along lots of snacks and water so you can have a rest along the way and hopefully enjoy the sunshine! Read about  great Sydney Coast Dog Walks

Even though it’s the largest city in Australia, Sydney has some excellent beach walking trails, and most of them are open to dogs. As with all outdoor areas you need to bring clean up equipment for when nature calls! Some trails offer heavy traffic, especially on weekends, so make sure your dog is okay around other, or try to stick to the less frequented trails – there are plenty to choose from. 

Finding the perfect Sydney coast walk for you and your pooch can difficult so it is best to try several out and then choose from those as to which one is best. There could be many reasons why you favour one over the other. Look for facilities and location as your starting point. If you like to walk as a family perhaps one dotted with playgrounds is ideal, or if you’re more of a hiker, choose one that offers a variety of terrain. Whatever your needs, we’re sure you will be able to find a coast walk that suits you. Here is a selection of our personal favourites to visit when you are staying in Sydney.

Greenhills Beach 

Greenhills Beach is the only dog friendly park in Sydney that faces the open ocean instead of the harbour. Dogs are only allowed in the area from 10 am to 4 pm every day. It is about a 5-minute drive to the nearest eateries and pubs.

Flora and Ricthie Reserve

While not exactly on the water, the Flora and Ritchie Reserve offer grassy dunes for your pooch to run freely and a lagoon is available if they feel like a swim.

Silver Beach

Silver beach is available all day for free running and swimming, but only between the third and fourth jetties at Bonna Point. For other areas, a leash is a must. This beach is perfect for doggie socialising as it is popular.

Rose Bay Beach

 With pale sands and shallow waters, Rose Bay Beach is excellent for water loving dogs that may not be the best swimmers. It is available all hours of the day and offers views of the harbour bridge, that is when you can take your eyes off your pup! As a bonus, there are free two-hour parking spots nearby. A wonderful Sydney coast dog walk 

Rowland Reserve

The beach a Rowland is small when compared to the others in this list, but it also offers a park that is leash free. There is regularly a groomer that visits the area, and this could save you from a sand covered vehicle. As a bonus the Newport pub is dog friendly, so you can stop off for a cold one after a long day on the dunes.