With the warm weather soon upon us it’s time to get out and about. One of the best things you can do is visit one of the excellent dog parks that Brisbane has to offer. While there are many places you can take them, the best parks are off leash where your dog has the freedom to run and play. In total there are around 135 off leash dog parks in Brisbane. Here is a selection of the best dog parks available.

Nudgee Beach Dog Park

If your dog enjoys the water, then Nudgee Beach Dog Park is an absolute must. Nudgee beach is best visited when the tide is low. It gives your pup a much larger area to run on firm sand. The area also offers free BBQ’s and paw cleaning services. Only about a thirty-minute drive from the city centre this is the perfect getaway for a few hours, your pup will be begging to come back again and again.

Yeronga Memorial Park

Yeronga Memorial Park has excellent facilities for all visitors and an off-leash play area for dogs. It is one of the oldest parks in Brisbane, established in 1882. It covers an area of just under 225 000 square metres and is suitable for many different events.

The pathways are a mix of bitumen and red brick, it has wide open spaces and offers many trees for shade. Dogs can walk on a leash and must always be under the control
of their owner, except when visiting the dedicated off-leash area.

Oxley Dog Park

Oxley dog park has a dog agility course available for use. The course includes ramps and jumps and is perfect for dogs and owners looking for something a little different from the standard fenced off-leash areas. It includes a large grassy area, and puppy meet ups are a regular event. If your dog needs the company of others this is a very popular meeting space for residents and new visitors.

Neal Macrossan Park

Neal Macrossan Park is a great park that caters to all. It is especially good if your pooch is walked with the family. There is something on offer for all ages in this well thought out and designed park. Covering an area of just over one hectare the park is large enough to suit most events and at times can be quite vacant. Beyond the leash-free areas, the park offers a skate park, picnic areas, BBQ facilities, tennis courts, two playgrounds. It has many large shady trees, perfect for a sit down and unwind after a long day running and chasing.

Newmarket Dog Park

Newmarket dog park offers two separate areas to cater to different sized dogs, one for the little ones and the other for bigger dogs. This leash free area is perfect for the boisterous and the timid dogs alike as you can choose which park to let your buddy run about. Offering bags for clean-up and BBQ facilities, so you and your pup can enjoy a well cooked meal after they have tired themselves out. Great for exercise and gaining that sense of freedom you only get with free play. This park is located 15 minutes north of the Brisbane CBD