If you feel that your dog is a little bit extra and you need to find the best toys for overly energetic dogs to help them calm down. then hopefully we can provide some examples of what you can try. This article will cover several different toys that you can use to keep them calm and discuss where to get dog toys.

While using dog toys is perfect for answering how can you calm down a hyper dog, it is important to note that a destroyed dog toy is one that has been enjoyed. This can lead to the answer for why does my dog destroy toys, in that they are simply loving them! After all, what is worse, a dog toy that is destroyed because your dog has loved it? Or a toy that sits in the backyard watching on while your dog digs up the veggie patch! We know which one we’d prefer!

Why some dogs are energetic

In learning how to calm down an energetic dog, you’ll need to understand what makes them energetic and what steps you can take to change their behaviour. Some dogs are naturally highly active because of what they were bred to do. Most dogs have been bred for a specific job or purpose. For example, a Kelpie is a working dog, and they were bred for herding sheep in Australia. Kelpies can be highly active for up to eight hours per day! When you take a dog like a Kelpie and put them in a suburban setting, they can become restless easily. In addition to being a working dog, a Kelpie is highly intelligent; probably thanks to their Dingo blood (which was illegal at the time). If they’re not stimulated, they’ll get up to all sorts of mischief.

When it comes to choosing any dog, it is best to find one that fits in with your lifestyle. But occasionally, a dog will develop personality traits that are not exactly consistent with their breed, and you have to learn how can you calm down a hyper dog? If you have a dog that was supposed to be a couch potato, but instead, it is a little bit too much of a lounge room terror, then keep on reading!


Why does my dog destroy toys?

Believe it or not, dogs don’t intentionally destroy toys. A dog’s teeth and jaws are incredibly powerful, and mouthing objects is usually the only way they can ‘touch’ an object. So, when you’ve bought a new dog toy, and it is in pieces within a few days, it can be easy to think, why does my dog destroy toys. But all that your dog has done is enjoyed the toy so much that it simply was not up to the challenge!

Like many things in life, the more you spend on a dog toy, the longer it will last. Some dogs tend to go through toys quickly. If this is the case, it may be best to look for where to get dog toys and buy lots of smaller priced toys. Consider that if you buy a $5 dog toy that lasts a week, this is much better than buying a $20 dog toy that only lasts 3 weeks. Sure, the toys are still destroyed, but at least it isn’t costing you that much. Some dog toys on the market are sold as ‘tough’ or ‘chew resistant’. These will generally last longer than a standard toy. But many soft or material based toys won’t hold up to the needle-like teeth of an eager young puppy!

Tough toys for dogs

To get the best toys for overly energetic dogs that will last the ages, you can purchase some toys that have solved the answer to – why does my dog destroy toys? However, be prepared as some people may consider these toys expensive. But if it saves your garden from being torn up, they can be worth every cent. For some brilliant and nearly indestructible toys, have a look at the range created by Aussie Dog. The toys from Aussie Dog are interactive and will last for a very long time; they also make toys for zoo animals! When looking for hardy and tough dog toys, you can read the instructions on each toy; look for guarantees and suggested use. For example, if you’re looking for a chew toy, you can try the Tasty Bone Trio. These toys are guaranteed against breaking and they are available at most specialty pet retailers.


Where to get dog toys for an active dog?

In Australia, the pet industry is worth about 13 billion dollars. This is mostly thanks to the fact that, pets are becoming a part of the family home and often treated as equals. Our pets were once seen as something you got to entertain your children. But now pets are often taking the place of children or being treated as an equal member of the family. Much of this is driven by a fresh understanding of what our pets need from us. Older thinking was that dogs were happy sitting outside and being left alone. However, with new research, dogs are known to be much more comfortable being a part of the family. Dogs like to be with all members of the family and they’ll actively seek out our company. 

With the pet industry being so large, finding where to get the best toys for overly energetic dogs toys is easy as you can find dog toys almost anywhere. If you’re looking for cheap toys, you can try many variety stores (also called $2 shops) and supermarkets. For interactive and tougher toys, you can shop at most specialty pet retailers. For a list of the best pet stores in Australia, you can look at the listing offered by Canstar. If you’d prefer to support smaller pet retailers, you can shop locally. You’ll find many of local stores by completing a web search using the search engine of your choice.

How to calm down an energetic dog?

When considering how to calm down an energetic dog, think about the age of your dog first. While dogs are through to be an adult after twelve months (or ten months for small breeds). However, many dogs exhibit puppy-like behaviour for years after they are an ‘adult’. If your dog is still young (less than 5 years old), it may have excess energy and still act like a young puppy. A lot of this extra energy can result in destructive behaviours. One of the best ways to safely entertain your dog is by providing them with suitable exercise. But not everyone has the time to take a dog for a 5km walk twice a day. When looking for how to calm down an energetic dog, another excellent method is interactive dog toys.

You can find quality toys for overly energetic dogs are interactive toys found at most pet speciality stores and online retailers. T best toys for overly energetic dogs are designed to engage your dog’s brain and keep them thinking. Most of these toys will use food or treats and may take some additional training. Most dogs will pick up how to play quickly, especially when treats are involved. Popular interactive toys are available from Kong. If you’re looking for one that is nearly indestructible, then go for the Kong Wobbler. On the other hand, if your dog is exceptionally intelligent (Border Collie, Husky, German Shepherd, etc.). Then you may prefer the dog maze style toys available from Nina Ottosson.


Toys for keeping your dog calm

A few dogs can suffer from separation anxiety. Occasionally this can be alleviated by providing them with a suitable dog toy. For example, there are soft toys available that you can insert an old shirt. Then your dog can have a piece of you for the entire day. You can also find toys that can keep your dog stimulated, which can help distract them from you not being around.

As dogs tend to have short memories, you can buy many toys but keep most of them hidden and away from them. For the best setup, have about 20 toys in a sealed tub. You can give your dog about 5 toys to play with at one time. Then, before heading out the next day, take all these toys away. You can replace them with 5 ‘new’ ones from the tub. Your dog will think these toys are all brand new and be excited to see them. Ideally, your dog will be so distracted with the latest toys, they’ll forget all about you leaving. Once your dog has finished playing with the toys, they’ll often be tired and sleep the rest of the day away until you return.

How can you calm down a hyper dog?

The best method for how can you calm down an energetic dog is to train them properly. If a dog is overly excited to see you at the end of the day, it is because they missed you. This is all fine while they’re puppies. However, for a fully grown dog, it can be tough to deal with – especially if they weigh over 20kg! Although it is best to start this training when young, jumping and excited puppies are fun to be around. Therefore, this type of behaviour is reasonably common. To train hyper activeness out of your dog, it’ll take time and discipline. You can use treats or a dog toy to help provide the answer for, how can you calm down a hyper dog?

To start with, have a command that lets your dog know they are doing the wrong thing. A typical command is ‘down’. Say the command every time your dog is not doing what they should. For the best effect, do not praise or treat them until they have complied. When you train a dog using treats, it does not take long to understand what you need them to do. If you prefer, you can use one of their toys as the reward once they’ve learnt what the ‘down’ command is telling them to do. Keep the dog toy by the door, and hold it so your dog can see it. Then when your dog is calm, you can throw it to them and let them play.

The final word about calming your dog with suitable toys

Dogs are intelligent animals, and to keep them healthy and happy, they need to be stimulated. Dog toys are a brilliant method for keeping your dog entertained and away from causing trouble. If your dog struggles to remain calm when you are not home, then taking them for a long walk before you leave is ideal. Dogs will generally rest when nothing is happening, but if their energy levels are sky-high, they’ll need to burn that off before they can relax. Dog toys can go a long way in training and they can show your dog the good boy way of letting off some extra energy!