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About getting a house sitter and Happy House Sitters

How much does it cost to join?

Nothing! We do not charge home and pet owners (or renters). Sitters' subscriptions cover our costs. That way we can offer you this great service for FREE. Just think how much you'll save.

Why get a house-sitter from Happy House Sitters?

If you have a trip planned, then a house-sitter will let you enjoy it! You no longer have to leave your home empty and unsecured, or your pets sad and lonely. All tasks you require of the sitter should be negotiated directly with the sitter. Since we began in 1999, our experienced sitters have been committed to providing you a first class service.

They keep your home looking 'lived in:

  • You can have peace of mind knowing your home is safe and secure while you're away.
  • Look after your pets:
  • Your pet will be fed, walked and cared for.
  • It will have company and taken to the vet if necessary.
  • Most importantly, it gets to stay at home where it's most comfortable.
  • Save you money: A house-sitter will save you approximately $50 - 70 per day on kennel and cattery fees. That's $1500 - $2100 for a 4 week holiday.
  • Maintain your home:
  • Your mail will be collected
  • Messages taken and forwarded and your gardens watered and mowed.
  • Any home maintenance issues will be taken care of and your home will be clean and tidy when you return (and maybe even leave some flowers on your table!) And all this for free!

This leaves you to ... Enjoy your holiday! Knowing your pets are cared for, fed, walked and groomed. The lawns and garden are maintained and the pool is kept clean. You no longer have to worry about leaving your loved (and expensive) home empty and unsecured. You have the convenience of not having to remove all your belongings to rent out your house. If you need to come back earlier or later you have the flexibility that you would not have from a rental lease. All the things you do around the house are taken care of. All at no cost to you. All we ask, is that when you have found someone you let us know.

How does the service work?

As a home or pet owner (or renter), you can join Happy House Sitters for FREE! Once you join, you can: Advertise your property for house-sitters to find you. Receive unlimited access to our database of house & pet sitters.

There are two ways you can use our service.

1. House-sitters find you: Once you register with us, you get to place a free advertisement on our website. Our registered house-sitters will then contact you via email to discuss your requirements. All you need to do is complete our registration form.

2. You find your house-sitter: Once you register, you can login to our site and search for the 'perfect' house-sitter. All you need to do is complete our registration form.

What types of people house-sit?

The short answer is, anyone can be a house-sitter. House-sitters can be people moving interstate, people waiting for their house to be renovated or retired people on holidays. However, the majority of our house-sitters tend to be professional people saving for their first home and seniors travelling around Australia.

We do not 'screen' the house-sitters. We leave that up to you. You know the type of person you want better than we do.

How long is a house-sit?

That's up to you. However, house-sits of one week or more are easier to fill.

Do I need to insure my home and contents?

Happy House Sitters recommends you insure your house and contents while you are away.

For YOUR Peace of Mind we Offer Sitter Training, ID Checks & Document Verification

Sitter ID Check and Document Verification

Our 'Peace of Mind' Policy

Whilst negative sitting experiences are extremely rare, they do happen. Security and 'Peace of Mind' are important to us all. We want you to be completely at ease when leaving your home and beloved pets with our wonderful sitters, so you can really relax & enjoy your time away. To assist in putting your mind at ease, we have engaged Scantek to provide an extra layer of security. A Sitter ID Check and Document Verification Service (DVS).

What you get
1. The ID Check matches the sitter's documents with their face using biometric facial recognition scanning.
2. The documents are then matched against the issuing agency's database to confirm they are genuine.

The two-step check will
1. Confirm that the person is who they say they are.
2. Advise you whether their documents are genuine or forged.
3. Help weed out people who are dishonest.

How do I access the ID Check?
In 'My Account' next to your ad is a link to access the ID Check

House & Pet Sitter Training

We have the following online training available to our house sitters.

1. Pet First Aid conducted by the Red Cross. 
2. Pet Sitting Certificate

Ask if they have completed them

Finding the right house-sitter for YOU

How do I attract the right house-sitters with my advertisement?

To ensure you attract the right people to your home, give the house-sitters as much information you can about:

  • The general location/suburb of your home and what's close by (e.g. transport, shops)
  • Number of bedrooms and other features about your home (e.g. pool, internet, backyard)
  • A description of your pet, it's temperament and any special requirements.
  • What's expected of them in terms of home maintenance.

  See samples of other home owner advertisements.

Negotiating the house sit

The terms of the house sit are negotiated directly between the sitter and the home owner. They should be agreed upon by the parties. It's best to put them in writing.

All parties should vet each other.

1. Meet before the house sit, where possible.
2. Visit the house and pets, where possible. At least online
3. Check references, police checks and ID verifications

If the sit doesn't feel right for you, it probably isn't. Just say thanks but no thanks and move on to the next one. No harm done.

NOTE: All arrangements are between the sitter and home owner. Happy House Sitters is not a party to any house sitting arrangements. 

What if I am still worried about my pet?

If you are feeling anxious about leaving your beloved pet and don't like the idea (or cost) of kennels, you are not alone. Our registered house-sitters are also pet lovers. They will play, feed, walk, take to the vet if necessary and groom your pet while you are away.

Most importantly, they will keep your pet company in the very place where he or she is most happy- at home!

Can I still get a house sitter if I'm renting?

Yes. Renters are welcome to use our service, but we do suggest that you get the landlord's OK first.

What if I am planning an extended trip?

If you are planning an extended trip and are considering renting out your home, think again. Many of our house-sitters are looking for long-term opportunities.

I don't know the exact dates I'm going away. Does it matter?

No. Not at all. Just click the 'Approx. dates' box when writing your ad. This tells the sitters that your dates are not yet confirmed

Should I upload a photo?

Yes. definitely. Members with photos always get a better response than those without. In fact we suggest you upload several. Just take a quick photo with your phone if you dont have one handy.

Where can I get more information?

Please  download our free ebook

The house sitting agreement

Should I enter into a formal agreement with my house-sitter?

It's a good idea. Please download and print these two documents.

  1. Welcome to Happy House Sitters
  2. House sitting agreement

Who pays the bills?

Often the sitter will pay the day to day bills-phone, gas, electricity etc. However, if it is  along house sit, the house-sitter may also agree to pay your fixed bills for that period. e.g. rates, insurance.

However, this should only be used as a guideline. All terms must be negotiated and agreed between the parties before the sit starts. 

Can I ask for a bond?

This is a reasonable request. The amount and where it is deposited, until your return should be negotiated between you and your house- sitter.

Your account

How does the Response Rating work?

We have introduced a Response Rating for all members - Sitters and Home Owners. Whilst the vast majority of members reply to messages quickly, this feature is designed to encourage a timely response to messages. It also allows other members to know who is the most active on the site. It is not designed to penalise members!

The Response Rating only applies to initial messages. It works like this...

1. Everyone starts with 5 stars.
2. When you receive an initial message you will receive an email from us advising you have a message. You will also get a reminder at days 1 and 3 post receipt. If the message is replied to within 4 days of receipt nothing happens.
3. If it is replied to more than 4 days post receipt 1 star is deducted
4. If you reply to the next initial message within 4 days of receipt, you regain 1 lost star.

I'm travelling and will be out of phone/Internet range
Reduced Contact function - found in your account under 'My Messages'

In your account there under 'My Messages' there is a checkbox titled 'Reduced contact'. When you click this the words 'Reduced contact' display on your profile instead of stars. This tells other members you are temporarily 'out of range'. It also suspends the Response Rating function so you don't lose stars if initial messages are not replied to within 4 days

Can I review sitters that have sat for me?

Yes. From 'My Account' you can send a review to a sitter who has previously sat for you.

I've used this service before. How do I post a new ad?

There are two ways to post a new ad
First - login to 'My Account' 

1. Click 'Create New Ad' THEN 'save' - this method requires to to rewrite your whole ad  or
2. Click 'Edit Ad' THEN 'save' - this method allows you to just edit the dates and repost the same ad

Will my details be kept confidential?

Yes. We do not publish your contact details at all. Only you can disclose your details to prospective house-sitters at the time you choose.

How do I Edit / Delete my ad?

You can edit / Delete your ad by logging into your account.

I'm not getting my emails from Happy House Sitters. HELP!

The most likely reason your emails are not going to your inbox is because email providers set their security levels very high, due to the increasing number of spam emails on the internet. This is especially true of web base providers like Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo and Live.
If you believe you are not getting Message Alerts or New House Sit Available alerts. Here's the solution.
Search your All mail, Spam and Junk mail boxes for these subject headings.
1. New Message Received via Happy House Sitters
2. You have received a new message via Happy House Sitters
New sit available email alerts
1. HS House Available in
2. New house sits posted today
When you locate your emails
1. Move them to your inbox
2. add these emails to your contacts  noreply@happyhousesitters.com.au  and  admin@happyhousesitters.com.au
3. It's also a good idea to create a filter in your email program. 
Still no luck? Please call us on 0425 722 184