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House-sitting is becoming increasing popular in Australia nowadays. While many house owners see it as a cheaper and secured way to leave their property and pets while on vacations (by avoiding expensive pet boarding fees), many young Australians see it as an opportunity to save some cool cash on rents. Due to the benefits to both house owners and sitters, the industry has seen an increase in both the numbers of house-sitting job seekers and the respective clients.

Benefits of Being a House and Pet Sitter

While many people see house and pet sitting jobs as a part-time job, you can choose to become a professional house-sitter and exploit all the benefits this job has to offer. Benefits of house-sitting include:

Save money on rent

This is obvious since you are required to stay in the house you are house-sitting. This allows you to save the money you would otherwise use in paying rents.


Besides savings on your rent, you also save money for transportation to work as you live in the same house you work in. It is like working from home, only in this case you don’t own the home. Choosing to be a house and pet sitter, therefore, allows you to live in a house at no rental cost or mortgage bills. To put it simply, you live for free though you might be required to pay for your feeding.

Knowledge of properties

House sitting can be very helpful to you in the future especially in making certain decisions relating to buying a house. House sitting allows you to live in a different environment. It gives you the opportunity to explore a property which might just be completely different from the ones you are used to. Such experiences can inspire you in making decisions on where to rent or buy a house in the future.


House sitting is a fantastic opportunity for house sitters to make new friends. Most people agree they will only choose someone to live in their house if they trust them. Living with others gives you the opportunity to explore new characters and also understanding the behaviours of the pets under your care. Most house and pet sitters have been known for appreciating the time spent with different families.

No utility bills

That’s right, no any bills. You are usually granted open access to all amenities in the house you are house-sitting. You get to use free wifi, central heating, landline and more. However, some restrictions may apply when it comes to using personal belongings like the owners PC and similar gadgets. Don’t get too comfortable its a job, not your new home.

How To Increase Your Chance to Get a Job as a House and Pet Sitter

With many house owners looking for a trustworthy house and pet sitters, a brilliant reference will be of great help in securing a house-sitting job. Joining Happy House Sitters will increase your chances of getting a house to work in. This is because we have been connecting house and pet sitters to many clients for over 17 years.

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