If you are thinking about travelling to Australia, then you will quickly realise that it isn’t cheap. In fact, with transport, spending money, everything you need to buy and of course accommodation whilst you are out there; you will be left with a much lighter wallet.
So, are there any ways that you can keep the cost of travelling abroad down?
Here at Happy House Sitters we believe that house sitting is not only a great way to get paid, but it can also give you an opportunity to see places that you may not usually go, at a fraction of the cost.
But how?

We have put together out guide to how house sitting abroad allows you to travel abroad for a fraction of the cost. Not only this but we summarise some of the other great benefits of worldwide house sitting too.
You save money on accommodation whilst still being in comfort, so this is the most obvious benefit. When you are travelling, one of the biggest costs is the accommodation that you need to book; and this is a cost that you simply cannot avoid. You could try to keep the costs down by staying in one of the most basic hostels, but why have to slum it when you could stay in comfort in someone else’s house.

You may get paid
Not only does house sitting mean that you don’t have to fork out for accommodation whilst you are travelling, but some cases you may also get paid for offering the service too. You may not get paid much, especially if you are living there absolutely free of charge, but anything is a bonus when you have already saved money.

You can learn more about the local community
When you stay in hotels, hostels or other standard types of accommodation, you are often limiting yourself to the more tourist based areas. If you use house sitting for travel, then you are going to get a much better look at the local culture, and spend time living in the community, if only for a short time!

You can do it all over Australia
No matter where you are in Australia, there is a good chance that you will need a house sitter from time to time. Therefore, international house sitters can to travel Australia rent free.
Here at Happy House Sitters we believe that house sitting around Australia is more than just a way to make save money, for some people it can be the difference between being able to travel or not. We welcome international house sitters to house sit in Australai.