When it comes to house sitting opportunities, one of the most sought after has to be the long term house sitting position.
What is so great about long term house sitting?

You have a home away from home.
Whilst going on holiday is an exciting time you may find that after not too long you start to pine for some of your home comforts. There are only certain things that a hotel can provide for you and even the most luxurious and comfortable accommodation is not going to feel anywhere as lovely as your own home.
By taking on a long term house sitting opportunity you will be staying in someone’s home. So, whilst it isn’t your own home, it certainly can be the next best thing!

You can live in a beautiful home
The type of people who may want to arrange for long term holiday by house sitting are often those who live in a beautiful home. This means that if you are lucky enough to take on their house sitting then you can live in their home for as long as they need.

Imagine yourself staying a few weeks in a large, modern home, perhaps one with a pool or other amazing features? House sitting may just sound all the more tempting now.

You can become part of the community
If you are go on holiday to a place, then you are a tourist. This is great, but sometimes you may want to see the local community up close and personal. House sitting is a great way to do this. You will get the chance to live right in the heart of the neighbourhood and if they know that you are new to the area, then there is a good chance that they will want to make sure you feel welcome.

It saves you money
Hotels can be expensive, especially if you want to stay longer than a few days. So, why not save yourself some money and take on a house sitting opportunity? Not only does it give you a fantastic and different option on somewhere to stay, but it saves you spending out on accommodation too.
You will save by taking on the house sitting opportunity, which means that you can spend the money you save whilst you are on holiday!

Now you know that long term house sitting can be the ideal way to save money, explore an area and relax in a beautiful and luxurious home.
Here at Happy House Sitters we have a number of long term house sitting opportunities, so why not take a look through the great opportunities we have online and see if we have the right one for you?