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Happy House Sitters on YouTube

See a three minute video about house sitting and Happy House Sitters.

Oz Doggy

An online directory listing over 200 pet related businesses. Dog washers, groomers, carers, trainers, massagers, and even dog photographers. Here you'll find everything your pooch could possibly need.

diggidydoggy daycare

A luxury indoor dog daycare centre in South Melbourne. The  centre manages dog activities, exercise programs, grooming and plenty of love and attention throughout the week.

The dog whisperer. Dog and Puppy Training

Compare House Sitting

Top saving ideas
This is a great site to get ideas to save money on just about everything pet related and otherwise.



A great Australian owned and operated site where you can get all your pet supplies.

Pet Supplies Online
Vet Shop Australia is Happy House Sitter's choice for the best pet supplies online!.