animal rescue adoption

Happy House Sitters recommends adopting pets from animal shelters rather than purchasing from pet shops, puppy farms or via the internet or newspaper.


The RSPCA is a community based charity that works to prevent animal cruelty. It offers pet adoptions, shelters, clinics and educational resources to the Australian community.
Find out more about their current events and campaigns.

The Lost Dogs' Home

The Lost Dogs' Home is Australia's largest animal shelter. It cares for over 20,000 dogs and cats every year providing a wide range of animal welfare and community services.
Here you can search for your lost dog or perhaps adopt an animal in need.

The Lort Smith Animal Shelter

Lort Smith and Pets at Home have worked closely together to address the issues around pet shops, back yard breeding and the resulting number of unwanted companion animals. Through the partnership, have developed and set up dedicated Lort Smith Animal Hospital Adoption Centres in every Pets at Home store.  These are run in exactly the same manner as their on-site adoption shelters, with all animals vet checked, wormed and desexed prior to adoption. This is a great way to support shelter animals.

Nigel's Animal Rescue Service

Nigel specialises in rescuing trapped animals, especially wildlife.