Testimonials About our Trusted House Sitters

Janet & Noel, Brisbane

We have just completed our first house sit at Wakerley, Brisbane. It was hugely successful.....so much so that the owners would like us to go back next year!!! it was ideal for us ...just ten mins away from our son at Capalaba and one cat to look after who adopted us, especially Noel, like we were his family.

We so appreciate your website and have spread the word about it to lots of folk in NZ and Australia. Especially appreciate the regular up dates letting us know what is available.

Diane, Perth

At present we are doing a long term housesit. The home is very well cared for, the owners have been very thoughtful and supplied everything we could possibly want for a very comfortable stay (we chose to use our own sheets and towels). We have certainly saved money, all in all it has been a very positive experience and one we shall certainly be repeating. We met with the owners three times prior to the sit commencing, the last time was purely for a social lunch as we had all become friendly over the previous visits. As we will be travelling around Australia, we will be increasing our membership to take in more areas.

Terese, Sydney

I had petty much given up on the house-sitting idea, and was planning to move back to my own home after living in a gorgeous rental apartment for over 12 months. Then I received an invitation to house-sit for an extended period (12-18 months) not far from where I am renting. I was thrilled. Looking forward to starting that house sit (my first) in 2 weeks time. Being on your website gave ‘fate’ the opportunity to work its magic!!!

Marj, Melbourne

Hi Malcolm,
I have had about 4 or 5 house sitting jobs through the website! One house in particular has asked me to house sit again and have also referred me to their friends which is great! I moved back to my parents place so I could save money but they live over an hour from my work. With the Housesitting I can be specific about areas so that it suits me better! It is definitely worth it!!!!
Thanks, Marj

Gaye, Brisbane

I am very happy with Happy House Sitters. I have had very good house sits and have made many new and wonderful friends and pets. When you return to visit the pets get so excited to see you it makes you feel so good. Previous house owners have been so happy with me, that they have passed my name onto their friends and family.

Daryl, Melbourne

We have been very pleased with the way that you operate your business. The web site is easy to use and the ability to store communication with the home owners, is worthwhile. It is certainly true that we have become friends with the home owners, and have received repeat business as a result.

Jamie, Sydney

Will definitely be renewing my registration in August 2011 and seriously thinking about extending my area to the whole of NSW. Your Agency is fantastic, by far the better of all the agencies available., also very friendly and patient and helpful when I spoke several times on the phone last year after having my email address stolen along with many other people, because it was on the news. Your website is perfect for me and everything I find is very efficient. I have saved money already and intend to save a whole lot more. Funny things have happened and pets personalities are just amazing sometimes and I will email in the future of any funny 'happenings' with the housesittings I attend through your agency. Have a wonderful year and I will renew my registration along with new ones at the appropriate times.

Karli, Melbourne

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for setting up such a wonderful company. Housesitting has saved me thousands of dollars and the clients I have sat for have been fantastic and now regularly contact me to help them out. I have recommended your site to many people and will definitely be using your site in the future if needed.
Kind regards Karli

Steven, Sydney

It’s now time for me to renew my registration for the third year. I originally joined Happy House Sitters when suggested by a friend after my divorce as a short term accommodation provider. However, I have found the experience so rewarding that I now consider myself a fulltime permanent house sitter. Travelling from house to house you get to meet interesting and different people and their pets. The site works perfectly and I find most of my clients retain my services for additional housesits. The flexibility of the site also allows me to travel up and down the east coast of Australia which fits in well with my contract type work. Whenever the website has required intervention your service has always been prompt and courteous. Thanks for your wonderful service and I look forward to our continued positive working relationship.

Kelly, SA

I have been house sitting for almost two years now and I can say it’s been a fabulous experience! My partner and I have saved almost 30 thousand dollars since house sitting. This money will go to buying our first home at the end of the year. House sitting has made our dreams come true