Testimonials About our Trusted House Sitters

Erin, Perth

I’ve house sat continuously, with only a week off last year when I had a holiday of my own. Happy House Sitters was the first website I found, and several of my longer term sits have come through your website. I’ve met a lot of lovely people and animals, and even made some new friends. And I can afford to buy my textbooks every semester!

Marty, Adelaide

I must say that the whole experience has a very rewarding one, apart from an excellent way saving for an eventual property of my own, have made some wonderful new friends, both in humans and animals, some amazing properties. One of the house sits was initially for 3 weeks, ended up 1 8 months, a relationship developed with the lady.

Tina, Brisbane

I got my first house sit through Happy House Sitters in December 2009 and have managed to line up 5 house sits seamlessly, all through your website, except for one, which was a personal recommendation.
I’m currently house sitting (thanks again to Happy House Sitters!) for a couple who live in Sydney but like to keep a home in Brisbane; this is a long-term house sit for an indefinite period, so it is the perfect tuation for me.

Elly, Sydney

I’ve been house-sitting pretty much non-stop for over 12 months now.. Having lived in a share- house for way too long I decided enough was enough and ventured into the world of house- sitting. It was the best decision I have made! Not only do I get my own space and privacy, I also get to have the company and joy that pets bring. And there have been several pets (and houses) that I have fallen in love with - it’s hard not to! I also have found that housesitting has given me great insight into what I want for my future in terms of houses, neighborhood, pets, living standards.. and even furniture!
I figure I have saved over $12,000 in the past year.

Tracey, Perth

I would like to say that my experience was most definitely a positive one. I did establish a relationship with the owners and made friends with their dog, Maxine. All in all I would say definitely a worthwhile experience and I’d love to do it again.

Tony & Gerry, Traveling Australia

Just a short note to let you both know how happy we are having joined Happy House Sitters a couple of years ago. Since joining we have had several "free" holidays in wonderful homes and locations in Melbourne,Sydney, Canberra & Brisbane so far, and along the way we have met some very nice people, we now call friends. We have recommended HHS to several of our friends who have also discovered the delights of free accommodation holidays Australia wide.

Many thanks for your service...it's been great for us!

Maureen & Tom, Traveling in the Van

Thank you for the email. I have already renewed my subscription. Last week I spoke to Ruth and have taken out the Australia wide option as my husband and I are travelling around Australia for 8-10 months.

We're travelling in a campervan and will housesit if something comes up along the way. This has already happened as we have a housesit in Perth for 2 weeks in late April.

John & Karen, Darwin

We have had great success with Happy House Sitters whilst in Darwin!
Living and travelling as we do in a caravan, the site was a must for us because Darwin caravan parks are expensive and very limited with a dog. Without housesits we wouldn’t have stayed here very long. It saves us around $300 a week for a site and power, so the joining fee was excellent value. We’ve enjoyed all sorts of homes both in suburban and rural Darwin.

Robyn, Newcastle

I have only been house sitting for a short time but hope to continue on for some time to come. It suits my circumstances very much in that I can travel and then have time in comfortable surroundings and get to know a new area. I find Happy House Sitters website great.

Katherine, Brisbane

I am now getting a lot of repeat house sits, the owners are really happy with me and ask me to come back instead of advertising again on Happy Housesitters, all of the animals are especially wonderful :) I have loved looking after all of them, no unusual animals just some very spoilt ones, one dog in particular actually walks around with a security blanket in his mouth, I have saved money for sure.