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Home owners talk about:

  • How quickly house-sitters respond to their advertisement
  • The wide choice of keen, quality and experienced sitters listed on our site from available all over Australia
  • How happy they were with their choice of sitter

Jess, Sunshine Coast

Hello Happy Housesitters Team!
Thanks for your great service.
The website is fantastic.

Stacey, Sunshine Coast

Iv never had any one other than friends look after my house & cat. I was super nervous to start, we met a few times & all was well. Still very strange to be leaving a near stranger in your home to look after your favourite creature. When we returned home, I have never been full of so much gratitude towards a 'near stranger'. I can't sing this mans praises enough. He stayed till just before we arrived home, front porch & lounge light left on, oil diffuser on with my favourite oils & music gently playing. And also one very happy cat, he even changed my salt lamp bulb which I didn't get around to doing before I left. & the most sparkling clean house I have ever seen. Such a genuinely thoughtful man.
Thank you so much also for being the connecter to me finding him. So many house sitting websites, I picked the first one that didn't pay for google adds & John was the prize :)) He is house sitting or me again this coming week, so thank you !! Thank you so much :))

Rick & Joanne, Brisbane

We just had one of your sitters Karen sit for us. We were away for 3 days and came home to a spotless house, a content cat and you wouldn't think anyone had stayed in our home. Karen did a fantastic job. She sent us text messages with pics of our cat on her lap, a total shock as our cat doesn't even get on our laps. We thanked Karen several times and we would like to thank Happy House Sitters as well. Rick & Joanne

Wendy, Canberra

Dear House Sitters,

We were very new to this process. After reading your introduction, I wrote an ad and posted it to your site.

Within 24 hours we had received numerous applications. We have since interviewed and appointed the successful candidate.

Your process was easy, straightforward and concise.

I would recommend this site to anybody looking for a house sitter.


Wendy D

Juliane and Gerry, Gold Coast

I have used the Happy House Sitters site twice now and have found it to be very successful.

The people that looked after our home were lovely and just adored our fur babies.

We have another house sit coming up in July and have had about 6 replies and have decided on another retired couple for this sit.

A great outcome for both parties.

A great web site, thank you

Kind regards
Juliane and Garry

Lila, Sydney

I would like to commend Happy Housesitters on the way it is set up and run. very very good. i have been using house sitters for years and years, and i really like your web site its very clear and easy to use. and when i sent a message the other day i had 3 people respond, good communication is everything so keep up the great work. and thank-you

Liz, Perth

Happy House Sitters' website is very easy to use, and ensures that lots of details are given both by the home owner and potential home sitters.

Within four days of putting my details on the site I had over 15 replies. I have used one of the folk who replied and she is everything her applications said. I will use the website again if I need to find another sitter and I thoroughly recommend the site to anyone who loves their dog and values their home.

Meredith, Brisbane

Hi Just wanted to say thanks - great easy to use website and service. We had a good response to our ad and found a great house sitter. Thanks again.

Emma-Jane, Perth

Another amazing experience with you guys; the wonderful couple who looked after our home and cat while we were overseas are unavailable so we reached out to another couple who are also fantastic! Thank you HHS.

Peter and Allana, Melbourne

I have just secured my sixth Happy House Sitter and I cannot thank administration enough for this wonderful service.

As we travel every school holidays it is stressful to ensure that your furry family are well loved.

I believe this service is a gifting experience – we have now extended friends from afar whom will always be welcome into our home and vice versa.

Our last sitters were a gift from the gods, as both their children had joined the Army and our very young son was Kapooka bound. They provided valuable and encouraging information to him and even gave give a leaving home gift. I am thankful for their being.

I would be up the creek without a permit if it wasn’t for Happy House Sitters!